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zaterdag 7 januari 2012

First Look: Glee Welcomes Ricky Martin!

First Look: Glee Welcomes Ricky Martin!

Hottest. Spanish teacher. Ever.

Glee is up and running again after the holiday break, and the proof is in the Twitter picture. Lea Michele got twitpic-happy as Ricky Martin filmed his guest role, and god bless her for it…

"So much fun on the set with Ricky!" the star tweeted along with the above photo. The whole gang is here! "He's seriously the sweetest and such a great fit for our show!" she gushed about the singer.
Ricky Martin, Glee, Twitter Twitter

And we also learned that Michele and Martin go wayyy back. Like childhood-style. She tweeted: "I've known Ricky since I'm 8 years old! He was in Les Mis on Broadway with me in 1996! Crazy huh?!"

You might say it's "livin' la vida loca," right? Yes, that was a lame Ricky Martin joke. Just let it happen.

Martin will be guest starring on Glee as the gang's Spanish teacher, and yes, he'll be shaking his bon bon and singing.

Glee returns (hooray!) Jan. 17 on Fox with the big proposal episode, "Yes/No."

What do you make of this first look at Ricky Martin's guest role? And here's a dumb question: are you excited for Glee to come back?!

'Blockbusters' presenter Bob Holness dies, aged 83

'Blockbusters' presenter Bob Holness dies, aged 83

Blockbusters presenter Bob Holness has died at the age of 83.

Holness passed away on Friday morning (January 6) peacefully in his sleep, according to his family.

The TV icon, who has previously suffered from a series of strokes, was living in a nursing home.

Born Robert Wentworth John Holness in Natal, South Africa, Holness moved to the UK with his family as a child, before briefly returning to South Africa to work for a printing company.

He began his distinguished broadcasting career in 1955, the same year he also married his wife Mary. Bob and Mary returned to the UK together in 1961, where his career blossomed.

Holness landed his first job with the BBC on Late Night Extra and worked for Radio 1 and 2 with broadcasters including Terry Wogan and Michael Parkinson. His impressive radio credits included further stints with Radio 2 fronting Bob Holness Requests the Pleasure and Bob Holness and Friends, and the World Service's Anything Goes. He also had a popular and successful partnership with Douglas Cameron at LBC, which made him a two-time Variety Club 'Radio Personality of the Year' winner.

Gameshow Blockbusters launched Holness to mainstream fame and made him a much-loved TV presenter for all ages. The quiz had a strong cult audience and was particularly popular with students during its 11-year run between 1983 and 1994.

The show also spawned the famous humourous catchphrase, 'Can I have a P please, Bob?' and had its own hand-jive dance routine, which accompanied its closing credits. Holness always appeared happy to embrace the light-hearted and sillier elements of the quiz.

Holness's sense of humour was also highlighted when he regularly played along with the urban myth that he was the saxophonist on Gerry Rafferty's 1978 hit 'Baker Street', a made-up story created by journalist Stuart Maconie at NME magazine. Other myths associated with Bob Holness include that he was the lead guitarist on Derek and the Dominos' 'Layla' and that he was the person making Elvis Presley laugh during the recording of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'

Holness was famously the second actor to portray James Bond, following US actor Barry Nelson. He starred in a radio adaptation of Moonraker in 1956.

Post-Blockbusters, Holness remained a family TV favourite with presenting roles on Yorkshire Television's Raise the Roof and as chairman on a revived Call My Bluff. He also hosted Take A Letter on ITV between 1962 and 1964.

One of Holness's last major TV appearances came with a comedy cameo on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway in 2004, when he hosted a special edition of Blockbusters.

Holness is survived by his wife Mary, three children and seven grandchildren.

Hugh Hefner "proud" of Playboy twins on Celebrity Big Brother

Hugh Hefner "proud" of Playboy twins on Celebrity Big Brother

Hugh Hefner has revealed that he is "proud" of Kristina and Karissa Shannon's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Playboy entrepreneur dated the twins between 2008 and 2010, but asked them to leave the Playboy mansion when his relationship with Crystal Harris became more serious.

He was also said to be unhappy that both Kristina and Karissa had found new boyfriends, but invited them back to the mansion in June 2011.

"I'm hearing good things about the twins on Big Brother UK. Makes me proud," Hefner wrote on Twitter.

The twins entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday alongside X Factor's Frankie Cocozza and TOWIE star Kirk Norcross.

Cocozza has already admitted that he would like to get the former Playboy bunnies into the hot tub.

'Bent' EP pitches show as 'romantic comedy,' but should he?

'Bent' EP pitches show as 'romantic comedy,' but should he?

Perhaps the biggest news about the forthcoming NBC series "Bent" is how EP Tad Quill is promoting it. The show, which features comic heavyweights like Jeffrey Tambor and J.B. Smoove in addition to Amanda Peet and David Walton, is being sold as "romantic comedy" rather than just a "comedy." This may seem like an subtle distinction to many, but when it comes to grabbing potential viewers, it could be a larger problem.

The series focuses on Peet, a woman who is getting back into the dating scene after a nasty divorce. This is where the David Walton enters as a pot-smoking, womanizing contractor who is there to rebuild Peet's kitchen. They are surrounded by a group of misfits who each have their own problems including Tambor, Smoove and Margo Harshman, who plays Peet's sister Screwsie (a name Harshman says her character earned "after many years of 'hard work'").

While there's a "Will They or Won't They" romance brewing between the two, the well-written pilot risks alienating potential male viewers with the "romantic comedy" label. These males might normally immediately gravitate toward a show featuring talent like Tambor and Smoove.

"It's romantic comedy absolutely which I think has a more female orientation," Quill says at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour. "But David Walton is fantastic...that character is something I hope guys relate to and want to watch."

Quill admits the single-camera show is a bit different from the usual, saying, "I hope people will give it a chance and hook into the tone of it. I do think the tone is a little bit different."

The series doesn't debut until mid-Spring, Quill says. So here's hoping by then they'll reconsider their marketing messaging, allowing them to secure a bigger audience for what is a quality comedy.

'Parks and Recreation' rocks the vote with comedy legend Carl Reiner

'Parks and Recreation' rocks the vote with comedy legend Carl Reiner

Leslie Knope's campaign for the Pawnee City Council on "Parks and Recreation" will meet a power broker later this season: none other than Carl Reiner.

The eight-time Emmy winner and comedy legend will guest-star in the season's 17th episode as a Pawnee resident who potentially holds a lot of sway with his fellow senior citizen voters.

"Leslie [Amy Poehler] does an event at a senior center in hopes of winning the senior vote and he is this sort of Godfather type figure," "Parks and Rec" co-creator Mike Schur tells TV Guide, which broke the news. "He's really the main guy whose endorsement you need to lock down. It's super cool. We are really excited."

Reiner, who created "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and teamed with Mel Brooks on "The Two Thousand Year Old Man," most recently appeared on "Hot in Cleveland." Look for his "Parks and Rec" appearance sometime in February.

'Fashion Star': A clothing store with a story line?

'Fashion Star': A clothing store with a story line?

While head of NBC, Ben Silverman frequently looked for ways to tie in brands as a way to offset a show's production costs. He did it with "The Biggest Loser," "Knight Rider" and "The Office" among other programs. Since his ousting from the network in 2009, that focus hasn't changed much as evident in his new show "Fashion Star."

The basic gist of the program is to find an up-and-coming fashion designer much in the same way as "Project Runway," but it does so with buyers from major clothing chains Macy's, Saks and H&M serving as judges. And the cozy business relationship furthers as apparel from surviving contestants will be immediately available at the retailers.

Silverman compares his new venture, which features supermodel Elle Macpherson as EP and host, to the ABC show "Shark Tank."

At the Television Critics Association Winter press tour, Silverman says the show is like "if ['Shark Tank'] met an accessible show...Here we're doing huge runway shows with amazing fashion, with music. It's visually so much more dynamic than 'Shark Tank' and then you see that finished product and it's available to wear and acquire."

Silverman further explains the show's business component. "Unlike other shows, you're voting with your pocketbook and you can wear the winner...For the buyers in the stores, it's a way to clearly drive traffic to their locations...We've set up an 'R&D department' basically for the shops."

The show also features Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos as mentors. Each have an extensive experience in clothing design an are all veterans of reality TV.

As for the contestants, the overall winner at the end of the show's 10-week run will receive $6 million in clothing orders from each of the three retailers.

Now the only question is, "Will viewers buy it?"

The series debuts on March 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

'Smash': Will you be Team Ivy or Team Karen?

'Smash': Will you be Team Ivy or Team Karen?

The pilot of "Smash" sets up a competition between two actresses -- ingenue Karen (Katharine McPhee) and dues-paying Ivy (Megan Hilty) -- for the role of a lifetime: the lead in a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

The buzzed-about show, which premieres Feb. 6 on NBC, is likely to generate a good amount of talk among fans about who should get the part. In fact, creator and executive producer Theresa Rebeck says, the show's crew even took sides.

"We didn't know [during production of the pilot] where we were thinking of going," Rebeck said Friday (Jan. 6) at the TV critics winter press tour. "I really tossed it into the air and wasn't thinking about it. I thought, I need to make this pilot, and then if we're lucky enough to get on the air, we'll think about the rest of it later."

That didn't stop people on set from peppering Rebeck with opinions, though. "While we were making the pilot, on set there was actually Team Ivy and Team Karen. People would come to me and say, 'I think Ivy should get it,' or 'I think Karen should get it. Who's going to get it?' I was like, 'I don't know -- life is long.'"

"Smash" will reveal who gets the part in episode 2, but Rebeck says that won't necessarily be the last word on the subject.

"What we're finding as we proceed deeper and deeper into the story is that these questions are not answered that simply," Rebeck says. "What everyone talks about around these two characters is ... each of them creates a different Marilyn, and why that different Marilyn is appropriate in these situations and these other situations. It's been very fertile soil."

'Awake' Creator 'Hopeful' That it Won't be 'Lone Star' All Over Again

'Awake' Creator 'Hopeful' That it Won't be 'Lone Star' All Over Again

"You couldn’t decide if you liked or hated of him," Kyle Killen says of his canceled protagonist. "With Britten’s character [on 'Awake'], we’re all behind him. You want him to win."

Challenging. Complicated. High Concept.

The number of times such descriptors were employed by the cast and crew of NBC’s not-yet-scheduled dual-life drama Awake during its Friday press panel should be cause for concern.

Already, the critical darling from the creator of similarly complex and ultimately short-lived drama Lone Star, has been forced to take a three-week hiatus for its writers to get a handle on the story’s many facets. And now NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt is using words like "tricky" to explain why the hotly anticipated series has yet to be granted an air date.

Among the challenges: how do you distill a complex that involves a man living in several different realities into a 30-second ad?

The show's executive producer Howard Gordon, an expert in making hits out of complex fare (see 24, Homeland), gave it a shot during the series' stop on the Television Critics Association press tour. "He’s a guy who goes to sleep, wakes up, he’s with his wife; he goes to sleep, wakes up, he’s with his son," Gordon said of star Jason Isaac's character. "And he’s a cop who sees clues and details that cross over from one world to the next, and he uses that insight to solve crimes."

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is -- increasingly a trademark of creator Kyle Killen's work. So much so that the roomful of reporters wondered aloud why he would return to broadcast television after Lone Star, a beloved series that always felt more cable than it ever did broadcast.

"Lone Star didn’t ultimately find an audience, but the fact that a studio and a network were so enthusiastic about backing it and putting it out there made me sort of bullish on network," Killen responded. "And then literally to go from that being canceled to them saying, ‘Well, do you have anything else you can try?’ I actually feel fairly hopeful about the whole network process."

And to hear him tell it, Awake has several things going for it that Lone Star did not. Among them: a procedural style and a likeable protagonist.

“I think there were aspects of Lone Star that were more difficult to get a wider, broader audience interested. The main character was an anti-hero... you couldn’t decide if you liked or hated of him,” Killen said of his first effort, before adding of his upcoming one: “With Britten’s character, we’re all behind him. You want him to win.”

NBC TV chief says fall season "worse than I hoped for"

NBC TV chief says fall season "worse than I hoped for"

NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt admitted on Friday that the struggling TV network got off to a "really bad" start last fall, after low ratings and cancellations of several high-profile new shows.

But Greenblatt said he had high hopes for upcoming new shows including musical drama series "Smash" and the return of surprise 2011 summer talent show "The Voice."

"We've had a really bad fall, worse than what I hoped for, but about what I expected," Greenblatt told reporters at the Television Critics Association.

"We have a long road ahead of us, but bear with us," he said.

NBC has been struggling for years to climb from its bottom place among the four major U.S. TV networks. But it was forced to cancel its much-hyped but controversial drama "The Playboy Club" after three episodes in October. New comedy "Free Agents" met the same fate and NBC stopped production of crime drama "Prime Suspect".

Greenblatt joined NBC just a year ago after cable giant Comcast bought a majority stake in parent company NBCUniversal and shook-up the top management.

"Was the 'Playboy Club' too dark? I think it was just a rejected concept," said Greenblatt. "I don't think people were as fascinated by that milieu and that period and I think it was a bit obscure."

Greenblatt called "Prime Suspect" "a disappointment" saying he thought star Maria Bello was "incredible."

But he added; "I learned it's going to take a while, there was no great revelation or epiphany about fall except how hard it is to break through...Audiences seem to be entertained by comedy and escapist, and they love fairytales now. But we keep trying to figure out what's going to work and break through."


Low-rated comedy series "Community," was pushed off NBC's schedule, leading to speculation that it too had been dropped.

Greenblatt said the show will be back but he did not confirm a timeslot, saying he was "curious to see what something else would do".

In light of fall's failures, Greenblatt said the network was eager to hold onto Ryan Seacrest, who produces the popular "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality show on NBCUniversal's E! channel, along with other programs.

He said rumors regarding Seacrest replacing Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show were "premature" as the network was eager to keep Lauer and find a bigger role for Seacrest, including producing more of his shows on NBC as well as E!.

"We would love to keep Ryan Seacrest in the family primarily because of E!. He has a huge presence on that network and in the time that he began the E! News franchise, he's become an incredible star," said Greenblatt.

Greenblatt also welcomed the hiring of shock jock Howard Stern to the judging panel for "America's Got Talent," calling him a "very thoughtful, very intelligent person".

NBC said singer Harry Connick Jr. would join long-running crime series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" as a guest star.

Mariska Hargitay will be remaining with the show as Detective Olivia Benson and will find a new love interest with Connick's character as a straight-shooting prosecutor. Connick, who is currently starring on Broadway, will first appear on January 18.

Done Deal: Alec Baldwin Re-Signs With 30 Rock

Done Deal: Alec Baldwin Re-Signs With 30 Rock

Reports of Alec Baldwin’s exit from 30 Rock have not only been greatly exaggerated, they’re false.

“We have Alec for next season,” NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt confirmed to reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour on Friday. “We quietly did [his deal] in the fall.”

Less certain is the future of 30 Rock itself. Greenblatt acknowledged that the show has yet to be formally renewed for another season. “We have not decided [if the show will be back],” he said. “I’ll decide at the Upfront [in May].”

'Doctor Who': Karen Gillan talks about leaving the show

'Doctor Who': Karen Gillan talks about leaving the show

Which version of the Doctor in the re-imagined version of "Doctor Who" is the best is always a pretty heated debate. But if you ask who the best companion is, you're pretty likely to get the answer, Amy Pond. Even a brief glimpse of her at the end of the recent Christmas special was enough to make fans tear up.

Why are we Whovians so sad? It's because we know that Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, is leaving the series. The girl who waited is leaving us. On Saturday's (Jan. 7th) "The Graham Norton Show" on BBC America, Gillan speaks out about her departure from the beloved series.

"I have known for ages that I am leaving," she said. "It's such a massive relief that it is out and I can speak freely about it. I'm back next year for a few episodes but it's not actually confirmed when I go." When she was asked if she knows how she'll be written out and if Amy Pond could die, she said, "I don't know, it could be possible."

Amy dead? We're not sure if we'd ever recover from a blow like that. Also on Saturday's show is Martin Freeman, the star of a little film called, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." Perhaps you've heard of it? Forget partying on Saturday night. Genre fans are going to be planted on their couches, geeking out. We'll be right there with you. Order us some pizza.

Martin Sheen, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe Among 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Season 3 Cast

Martin Sheen, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe Among 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Season 3 Cast

The NBC genealogy series returns Feb. 3 with a new group of celebrities exploring their family history.

When NBC's genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? returns with its third season Feb. 3, a new crop of celebrities will explore their family history.

Martin Sheen, Marisa Tomei, Blair Underwood, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe, Helen Hunt, Rita Wilson, Edie Falco, Rashida Jones, former NFL running back Jerome Bettis, Jason Sudeikis and Paula Deen will be featured on the series executive produced by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky.

“We're very excited about the stories we have this season," Kudrow and Bucatinsky said in a statement announcing the news. "This fantastic group of people we have will take us to countries we haven't visited before which is thrilling and gives us glimpses into crucial details of history that not only shaped their families, but our world. This is what we love about this series; it's so enriching for us the viewer, as well as the participants and their families.”

Who Do You Think You Arefeatures a different celebrity tracing their family history each week with assistance from in researching participants' family roots. Previous contestants have included Sarah Jessica Parker, Kudrow, Rosie O'Donnell and Steve Buscemi.

Season 3 of Who Do You Think You Are premieres Friday, Feb. 3 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

'Community' Returning, But NBC Won't Commit to Fourth Season

'Community' Returning, But NBC Won't Commit to Fourth Season

NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt says "Community" will be back in the spring, making official for the first time that the show will return. But he wouldn't say whether the show will be back for a fourth season.

Until now, NBC has only said the network expected the show to return. Though critically praised and boasting a fervent fan base, the show has drawn very low ratings. It was pulled for midseason to make room for "30 Rock" on Thursday nights.

Greenblatt spoke at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

"Community" has struggled for viewers this season even as it attempted increasingly bizarre storylines, including one where the show fractured into multiple realities.

It's return this season gives it another chance -- and its obsessed fans to rally their friends to watch it.

'The Voice' Adds Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, 6 More Guest-Mentors

'The Voice' Adds Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, 6 More Guest-Mentors

Country star Miranda Lambert, Lionel Richie, Kelly Clarkson and five other big-name musical artists have signed on as guest mentors for the second season of NBC's "The Voice," the network said Friday.

Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Robin Thicke and Ne-Yo have also agreed to provide their expertise on the series, which returns with a special premiere following Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5. (The season will begin in its regular time slot on Monday, Feb. 6 from 8 to 10 p.m.

Thicke and Morissette will mentor for members of Adam Levine's team, while Clarkson and Lambert will offer their services to Blake Shelton's team. Singers coached by Cee Lo Green will have Edmonds and Ne-Yo dispensing their wisdom, and Christina Aguilera's team will have Jewel and Richie on their side.

The guests will offer their services during the "battle rounds" of the series, which pits two artists from each team against each other to sing a duet.

The timing of Clarkson's inclusion on the series is particularly interesting. The "Breakaway" singer recently gained headlines (and probably a few enemies) with her endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. Clarkson, who's gearing up to tour in support of her most recent album "Stronger," will also serve as musical guest on the year's first new episode of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.

“These renowned musicians will bring their unique and recognizable musical styles to the teams. They are well-respected singers whose invaluable experience will be a tremendous asset to Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s artists,” Paul Telegdy, NBC's president, late night and alternative programming, said of the upcoming guests.

Reba McEntire, Sia, Adam Blackstone and Monica served as guest mentors on the show's inaugural season.

Javier Colon, from Adam Levine's team, won the first season of the series, which was adapted from the Dutch TV program "The Voice of Holland."

TV Tonight 7th of January 2012

TV Tonight 7th of January 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    48 Hours Mystery S25E11: "Family Affair"
    Austin City Limits S37E12: "The Head and the Heart / Gomez"
    Bakugan Battle Brawlers S04E43: "Doom Dimension Throwdown"
    Bakuman. S02E14: "Episode 14"
    Behind The Music S12E31: "Weird Al Yankovic"
    Bleach (US) S13E08: "Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō"
    Cardfight!! Vanguard S02E01: "Episode 1"
    Casualty S26E17: "Duty of Care"
    Celebrity Big Brother S09E03: "Series 9, Episode 3"
    Color Splash S10E07
    Cops S24E12: "Odd Arrests #4"
    Detective Conan S18E41: "A Critical Moment from the Karuta Cards (Part 1)"
    Durch die Nacht mit... S00E91: "Casper & Lena Meyer-Landrut"
    Fairy Tail S03E17: "The Words I Couldn`t Say"
    Harry Hill's TV Burp S11E11: "Series 11, Episode 11"
    House of Anubis S02E02: "House of Dolls"
    House of Anubis S02E01: "House of Hello"
    iCarly S05E07: "iStill Psycho (Part 1)"
    Last Exile (JP) S02E12: "Block"
    Metal Evolution S01E07: "Grunge"
    Minute to Win It (NL) S02E01: "Season 2, Episode 1"
    My Cat From Hell S02E01: "Terrorizing My Clients"
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S02E12: "Family Appreciation Day"
    Pit Bulls and Parolees S03E07: "Burn Out"
    Pokémon S14E48: "Battle For The Underground!"
    Putous S03E01: "Season 3, Episode 1"
    R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour S02E14: "The Most Evil Sorcerer, Part 1"
    R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour S02E15: "The Most Evil Sorcerer, Part 2"
    Saturday Kitchen S10E28: "January 7, 2012"
    Saturday Night Live S37E11: "Charles Barkley/Kelly Clarkson"
    Shakugan no Shana S03E13: "Episode 13"
    Sunday Night Football S06E21
    Take Me Out (UK) S03E01: "Series 3, Episode 1"
    That Metal Show S09E08: "Paul Rodgers / Buckcherry"
    The Dog Whisperer S08E01: "Why Dogs Fight"
    The Dog Whisperer S08E02: "Bull-Whipped"
    The Jonathan Ross Show S02E01: "John Bishop, Brian Cox, Lana Del Ray"
    The Magicians (2011) S02E01: "Series 2, Episode 1"
    The Voice of Holland S02E30: "Kwart Finale: The Sing Offs"
    Total Wipeout S05E06: "Winter Wipeout (4)"
    Ultimate Factories S04E09: "Porsche Panamera"
    You've Been Framed S19E17: "January 7, 2012"
    Zero no Tsukaima S04E01: "Episode 1"

'Deadliest Catch' Star Charged With Assault for Alleged Bathroom Brawl

'Deadliest Catch' Star Charged With Assault for Alleged Bathroom Brawl

Feleti "Freddy" Maugatai might want to limit his battles to the ocean.

The "Deadliest Catch" star has been charged with misdemeanor assault following an alleged fight in a hotel bathroom last month, TMZ reports.

The alleged melee occurred on Dec. 16 at Alaska's Grand Aleutian Hotel, when Maugatai supposedly got into an argument with a man that eventually moved to the hotel's bathroom. In a criminal complaint, the wife of Maugatai's adversary claims that the Discovery Channel star put her husband in a headlock -- and "forcefully'' pushed her across the restroom when she tried to break up the fight.

According to a report obtained by TMZ, police observed that the woman had bruises on her arm, which was also swollen.

Maugatai told police that he was only acting in self-defense after the other man punched him in the face. Nonetheless, a judge told Maugatai -- who works aboard the fishing vessel Wizard -- to stay away from the couple, as well as the hotel. He's expected back in court later in January.

This wouldn't be the first time that a member of the "Deadliest Catch" crew has found himself in hot water. In February 2010, Jake Harris was arrested for DUI a week after his father, Captain Phil Harris, died after suffering a stroke at age 53.

'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Premiere Drops vs. Last Season's Kickoff

'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Premiere Drops vs. Last Season's Kickoff

Is the public -- gasp! -- growing weary of Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the orange-hued "Jersey Shore" gang?

The numbers are in for Thursday's Season 5 premiere of MTV's hit reality show, and while they're nothing to sneeze at, they're nothing to fist-pump about, either -- at least compared to the Season 4 premiere.

Thursday's show at 10 p.m. drew in 7.6 million total viewers, with a 7.2 rating in the show's target persons 18-34 demographic. By comparison, Season 4 kicked off in August with 8.8 million total viewers and an 8.2 rating in the target demo.

Granted, the Season 4 premiere numbers were a record-shattering ratings bonanza for the network, with the public eager to see how the "Shore" crew would fare in Italy. This season sees Snooki and her cohorts returning to Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The good news for "Shore"? Thursday night's numbers were a decided improvement on the Season 4 finale in October -- which drew 6.6 million total viewers and a 6.36 in the target demo -- and edged out last season's average of 7.3 million total viewers.