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maandag 20 februari 2012

Glee - The Music from the On My Way Episode

Glee - The Music from the On My Way Episode

"On My Way" is the upcoming fourteenth episode and winter finale of the third season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 58th overall.

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the episode is set to air on Fox in the United States on February 21, 2012, and features New Direction competing against the Dalton Academy Warblers at the Regionals show choir competition

Listen to the music here:

Cough Syrup


Glad You Came

Fly / I Believe I Can Fly


Here's To Us

Glad You Came Full Performance

The A Team, Methods of Movement through to 'Got to Dance' final

The A Team, Methods of Movement through to 'Got to Dance' final

The A Team and Methods of Movement have both won a place in the Got to Dance live final.

The two dance troupes both progressed in the competition after triumphing in the public vote over fellow hopefuls Hippy Joe, The Future, Rikoshay and Lloyd and Rebecca.

After opening the semi-final, The A Team were praised by judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia as being "amazing" and "as close to perfection as you can possibly get", with Garcia adding: "The words 'jaw dropping' don't encapsulate what I saw. I didn't dare blink. You've got to be in the final."

Southend crew Methods of Movement also wowed the panel, with former Pussycat Doll Wyatt remarking: "I have goosebumps! So exciting and entertaining, you take risks and I have mad respect for that. You are entertainment and it's gold."

The A Team and Methods of Movement will join Prodijig, Tayluer & Elliott, Boadicea, Fear of the Unknown, Sweet Surprise and Antics in the series final, which will be shown live from London's Olympia on March 4.

The remaining semi-final will take place next Sunday (February 26) at 6pm on Sky1.

Idology: Who Are the New Season 11 Front-Runners? And Who Should've Stayed in Vegas?

Idology: Who Are the New Season 11 Front-Runners? And Who Should've Stayed in Vegas?

If American Idol‘s Season 11 Vegas Week was a slot machine, then the Idoloonie nation pulled the lever and came up with a trio of sevens during the show’s Las Vegas callbacks telecast last week. The jackpot? Producers treated us to more than 50 contestants singing — and a few of ‘em showed enough talent that it’s not inconceivable to think they might come close to “a moment like this” by the end of May.

On this week’s Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I talk about the pros and cons of the season’s latest crop of buzz-worthy contestants. Is Jen Hirsh thisclose to flawlessness, or is she a potential Idol scream queen? Could Joshua Ledet be an R&B dream, or are Lusky Stank spores taking root in his vocal cords, ready to bloom in full-blown disease? And what to make of Deandre Brackensick and His Hypnotic Golden Mane?

Melinda and I also discuss the casual dismissal of Imani “fainting girl” Handy, the return of a chilling J.Lo code word, the unjust ouster of the mighty Candice Glover, and the handful of Top 42 contestants we feel should’ve been shipped directly to the Idol scrap heap — including the Season 11 equivalent of a fresh-scrubbed baby seal.

Writers Guild Awards: Breaking Bad, Homeland and Modern Family Win Big

Writers Guild Awards: Breaking Bad, Homeland and Modern Family Win Big

AMC’s Breaking Bad, Showtime’s Homeland and ABC’s Modern Family each came away with two wins at this year’s Writers Guild Awards, which were handed out on Sunday night.

Breaking Bad won for Best Drama Series — besting Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife and Homeland — as well as for the individual drama episode, “Box Cutter” (aka the season opener).

Homeland was honored in the New Series categories — winning over Game of Thrones, The Killing, Episodes and New Girl — and tied Breaking Bad in the episodic contest (with “The Good Soldier,” in which Brody beats the polygraph after hooking up with Carrie).

Modern Family won for Best Comedy (beating 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie and Parks and Recreation), and in the episodic comedy race (with the installment in which Phil and Claire are “Caught in the Act” by their kids).

Other TV winners include HBO’s Cinema Verite and Too Big To Fail (in the longform original and adapted categories), The Simpsons, The Colbert Report and General Hospital (over All My Children and The Young and the Restless)

'The Runaways' Co-Star Joins CBS' Ryan Phillippe Cop Drama

'The Runaways' Co-Star Joins CBS' Ryan Phillippe Cop Drama

Stella Maeve will play his young, rebellious sister in the pilot from Nicholas Wootton and Greg Berlanti.

The Runaways co-star Stella Maeve has joined CBS' Ryan Phillippe cop drama.

In the project, Phillippe will play Detective Clark, the cop at the center of the story, who rises quickly through the ranks from officer to detective to police commissioner in the project, previously known as Golden Boy.

Maeve will play Agnes, Clark's younger sister who's described as being punky and awful skinny. After being raised by Clark for years, she's ready to break free from his smothering, judgmental supervision but doesn't always make the best choices.

Chi McBride and Kevin Alejandro co-star in the untitled project. Nicholas Wootton is penning the pilot and will executive produce alongside Berlanti and Richard Shepard, who will direct the Warner Bros. TV drama.

In addition to playing Runaways drummer Sandy West in the 2010 feature about the 1970s punk rock band, Maeve has guest starred in a number of series including Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Bones and House. She filmed the Fox pilot Lovelives for Chris Sheridan and Peter Chernin last development season.

Maeve is repped by Principato-Young Entertainment, Abrams Artists and Ginsburg Daniels.

All Hail 'The Simpsons' No Matter What Season

All Hail 'The Simpsons' No Matter What Season

So the 500th episode wasn't better than the 50th? Who cares? This icon transcends seasons.

It was telling that at the end of the The Simpsons 500th episode, the writers put in a title card thanking viewers and saying they should go outside for some fresh air before logging on to the internet to say the episode sucked. For years now, one of the interweb’s most enduring memes – more so than the Hitler reworkings – is complaining about how The Simpsons isn’t as funny as it used to be.

In fact, what’s most interesting these days about fans who continue to watch and then bitch, is asking them what season the laughs eroded. Eighth? 10th? Sixth? Everybody has an opinion.

And yes – this just in – The Simpsons isn’t as funny as it once was. I think when you make 500 episodes and turn your writing staff over as often as The Simpsons did, not to mention running out of or repeating ideas, then yes, a general creative slide might be anticipated. But every time there’s a landmark – and 500 episodes is a whopper of one – a little perspective is handy.

So what if The Simpsons isn’t as minute-to-minute brilliant as it once was? This show was Hall of Fame first ballot generations ago. It didn’t have to prove anything more. What’s impressive beyond the fact it still gets surprisingly good ratings for a show you can find pretty much anywhere in reruns while most die-hards have all the DVD boxed sets piled up on their shelves, is that it keeps getting up and going to work and we keep watching. (Or, in the case of a lot of former fans, not watching –though that automatically excludes them from complaining. You have to watch to participate.) But that notion – clocking in and getting it done – is admirable.

I like to think of The Simpsons as a great sports hero that keeps playing because it/he/she still loves the game and still understands that it/he/she can still get it done sometimes. Hey, we wouldn’t have had that lovely couch montage without this episode. And there were some laughs to be had in The Outlands portion. And the secret town meeting was mostly good, plus the references to how their voices changed. The rest, well, whatever. I got a few laughs and that’s all I ever look for in The Simpsons these days. I just like knowing it’s still there. It still runs out on to the field. It doesn’t have the spring (see what I did there?) in the legs quite like it used to. It’s not going to dazzle at the same spectacular rate. But even after 500 episodes, it still has a little something left. And, come on, it’s not like Fox has found any other animated series that work and there’s probably a clause that people with Family Guy pedigree can only get so many time slots. So it’s not like The Simpsons is keeping Archer, let’s say, on the bench. Just because The Simpsons is on every Sunday doesn’t take away a slot from The Life & Times of Tim and doesn’t cut into anything Adult Swim is doing.

So it’s kind of pointless to bitch about The Simpsons not being as funny as before. Not to mention it’s annoying. Like, off-the-charts annoying.

What we’re all witnessing is a television series like no other, one that has redefined the culture several times over and owned the zeitgeist longer than anything else of its kind. In short, The Simpsons is an institution, a television show that is well beyond description of its merits and successes anymore. Right now it just exists, and when it finally doesn’t, the same interwebs ablaze with “that really sucked” will be flip-flopping to bleating about how much they miss it. Even further out, there will be a generation that, with some distance, will view The Simpsons as a whole, a remarkably brilliant pop culture creation, and they won’t spend as much time nitpicking the late season quality decline.

I just don’t find any point or joy in bashing on quality degradation when it comes to The Simpsons. I take what they give me, just like I did in Season 1, episode 1. In Season 8, episode 1, and so on. After a while, having made enough points about why the show got away from what made it great, moved in directions that didn’t do justice to the early years, etc. etc., I just found the rant to be of little use. I began to take what they offered and felt good about the laughs I got. Some weeks, more than others. But what has kept me going just as it has for some many others, is the characters. For a long time now it hasn’t been about the main ones. I like the fringe characters and when I see them, I still laugh, sometimes before they say anything. And if they say anything funny, even better. A bonus.

The Simpsons is now, and has been for decades, a pop culture institution, an animated legend. That it has gone on for 500 episodes – and more coming – can only be seen as a gift. I can find funnier shows elsewhere, but when I want The Simpsons, not only can I pull the DVDs off the shelves and laugh, but I can watch the 500th episode and get a couple more as well. Why would anyone want that to end?

'Apprentice' winner Stella English suing Lord Sugar

'Apprentice' winner Stella English suing Lord Sugar

Former Apprentice winner Stella English is reportedly suing Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal.

English, who won the BBC One show in 2010, has filed papers with an employment tribunal claiming she was forced to quit her job when her £100,000-a-year contract wasn't renewed.

The pair's relationship is now "extremely bitter" and English has been warned she's "playing with fire" by taking legal action, sources have told the Daily Mail.

English was given a job at Viglen when she won the show, but later claimed she was performing a junior role and reporting to a manager on a fraction of her salary.

"The cameras have stopped rolling, welcome to the real world, there is no job," she was apparently told.

She was later handed a job at YouView, but left two months before her contract ended after being told it wouldn't be renewed.

"Lord Sugar had tried to help Stella. When she was unhappy in one job he moved her. But it was Stella who left just two months before the contract ended, she was desperate to go," the source added.

Both parties declined to comment on the situation yesterday (February 17).

The Apprentice 2009 winner Yasmina Siadatan, currently on maternity leave, is the only successful candidate still working for Lord Sugar.

'Glee' concert tour cancelled for 2012

'Glee' concert tour cancelled for 2012

The Glee 'Live! In Concert!' tour has been cancelled for 2012.

The cast - who often work 16-hour days when filming a season of the show - will instead have the summer months off.

A Glee spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter: "We currently have no plans of touring the cast this summer."

However, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera and the show's other stars may do one concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

According to the website, Glee producers are hoping to have a one-night benefit concert to raise money for Give a Note, an arts education charity.

Last year, the Glee concert tour grossed more than $40 million after stopping in the US, Canada, England and Ireland, making it the 16th most successful tour of 2011.

Jessie J on 'The Voice': "I'm not scared of being critical"

Jessie J on 'The Voice': "I'm not scared of being critical"

Jessie J has declared that she isn't afraid of being critical towards contestants on The Voice.

The singer, who started filming the BBC One show last month alongside Tom Jones, and The Script's Danny O'Donoghue, told the Daily Star Sunday that it is important to offer constructive advice in the music industry.

She said: "I may be young but I'm not scared of being critical. I like how Simon Cowell says exactly what he thinks, whether people like it or not. I don't care if people don't like me and I'm prepared for that.

"Even if they are on my team, that doesn't mean I'm going to say it was good if it wasn't. I'm not a robot. I sing out of tune sometimes so I'm not scared to tell someone else if they have. I'm going to be honest. That's what the industry needs more of right now."

Speaking about her debut on the show, she added: "I'm not going to lie. I'm sh**ting myself, but in a good way. And I'm really happy that I'm the only girl on the panel."

Jessie J teamed up with her fellow Voice coaches to perform a cover of the Black Eyed Peas song 'I Gotta Feeling' while filming the auditions.

Cheryl Cole has been tipped to debut her new single on the show when it starts in the spring.

'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' dents 'Harry Hill's TV Burp' in ratings

'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' dents 'Harry Hill's TV Burp' in ratings

Let's Dance for Sport Relief's return boosted BBC One on Saturday (February 18) night, early overnight data reveals.

The show opened with a solid 6.54m (28.9%), up slightly on the launch of the last series, and much higher than its 7pm predecessor, The Magicians.

ITV1's early evening suffered as a result, with You've Been Framed nabbing 3.7m (16.4%) at 7.15pm (+1: 206k/0.9%), and Harry Hill's TV Burp slumping to 4.21m (17.5%) at 7.45pm (+1: 190k/0.8%).

Both Who Dares Wins (5.3m/22.5%) and Casualty (5.35m/23.1%) rounded off BBC One's evening with decent audiences.

Meanwhile, Take Me Out dipped to 4.85m (19.6%) at 8.15pm (+1: 151k/0.7%), then 571k (2.5%) switched over to ITV2 for Take Me Out: The Gossip. Back on ITV1, The Jonathan Ross Show entertained 3.23m (14.7%) at 9.15pm (+1: 306k/1.8%).

Live late-night boxing gave Channel 5 a helping hand, scoring 1.1m (6.9%) from 10pm, prior to which drama imports NCIS (1.26m/5.4%) and CSI: NY (1.49m/6.4%) also performed well.

Channel 4's The Bank Job, hosted by George Lamb, rallied to 1.06m (4.7%) at 9.15pm (+1: 145k/0.8%) after a decent lead-in from movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, which had 1.21m (5.2%) from 7.30pm (+1: 379k/1.6%).

A BBC Two documentary on artist Lucian Freud, Painted Life, interested 871k (3.9%) at 9pm. Cycling coverage averaged 1.15m (5%) at 7pm.

Overall, BBC One topped primetime with 23.1%, beating ITV1's 17.2% (+1: 0.7%). Channel 5 claimed third place with 5.6%, followed by Channel 4's 5% (+1: 1.2%) and BBC Two's 4.6%.

Drama channel ITV3 (4.2%) fared well also, with Doc Martin (988k/4.2%) and Poirot (885k/4.2%) leading its charge.

Sebastien Foucan, Heidi Range leave 'Dancing on Ice'

Sebastien Foucan, Heidi Range leave 'Dancing on Ice'

Sebastien Foucan and Heidi Range have been eliminated from Dancing on Ice.

The pair fell in the bottom three along with Chemmy Alcott when viewers' votes and judges' scores for their ultimate skills tests earlier were combined.

All three were then challenge to perform a solo skills test in the skate-off, with head judge Robin Cousins making the sole decision as to who would be saved.

Foucan's fate appeared to be sealed when he forgot a large portion of his sequence and was forced to skate aimlessly around the ice. He broke down in tears upon stepping out of the rink and was comforted by professional partner Brainne Delcourt, as well as skate-off rival Alcott.

"I am so sorry because this is heartbreaking," judge Katarina Witt told him. "We've seen you performing so well."

Louie Spence concurred: "You've been so incredible up until this point, when you just lost it. It is just the nature of compeitions sometimes and it is very sad for somebody with such potential and who is such a good performer."

Range fared better, with Spence branding her routine as "the cleaner of the three" and his co-judges both noting that she had skated to the best of her abilities.

However, Cousins ultimately favoured Alcott's performance, which was variously described by the panel as rhythmic, "fluid" and "constant" despite a clear stumble near the beginning.

The eliminated duo then went to meet with hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley, where Foucan again cried onto Range's shoulder.

Though Foucan was still too emotional to speak, the Sugababes singer declared that she was leaving "sooner than [she'd] like to have done" and assured all that she "had the time of [her] life".

Dancing on Ice continues next Sunday (February 26) at 6.50pm on ITV1.

`Undercover Boss' return boosts CBS on Friday night

`Undercover Boss' return boosts CBS on Friday night

Undercover Boss made a strong Friday debut last night, Nielsen overnight ratings data indicates.

New to the 8pm hour, the CBS reality show picked up a strong 10.7m and a 2.4 adult 18-49 rating.

The Tiffany Network is likely to be pleased by the audience despite being down on its last Sunday instalment, due to the lower amount of viewers watching TV on Friday nights.

Moving to 9pm, A Gifted Man benefitted from an Undercover Boss lead-in, climbing to 9.5m (1.5). But Blue Bloods fell to a still-decent 10.6m (1.6) at 10pm.

A Whitney Houston 20/20 special, appealing to 7.9m (2.0) between 9pm and 11pm, ensured ABC a primetime victory. With Undercover Boss as competition, 8pm reality show Shark Tank dipped to 5.7m (1.5).

Elsewhere, NBC's two-hour coverage of the NAACP Image Awards averaged 3m (0.8) from 8pm, then 4.4m (1.1) watched Dateline.

On Fox, Kitchen Nightmares (3.1m/1.3) and Fringe (3m/1.1) got the better of The CW's combination of Nikita (1.6m/0.6) and Supernatural (1.7m/0.7).

'Dragons' Den' £230k conman jailed

'Dragons' Den' £230k conman jailed

A conman who appeared on Dragons' Den was jailed yesterday.

Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis invested £230,000 in Jean-Claude Baumgartner's 'satnav for skiers' concept, but his claim of owning a successful company was fake, supported by forged emails and letters.

Baumgartner instead spent the investment on a luxury lifestyle, renting a house in London's Hampstead and giving thousands to his girlfriend, The Sun reports.

He admitted fraud at London's Blackfriars Crown Court, confessing that he lied about owning the sole rights to the Satski. He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Judge Aidan Marron QC said: "You lied about the ownership of equipment which was pivotal to your pitch on TV. You created a false trail of documents to deceive well-intentioned people."

Jones and Paphitis were originally due to give evidence after Baumgartner claimed his business had failed because they hadn't sufficiently advised him, but he later changed his plea.

Mark Wright lands prime-time ITV1 show 'My Man Can'

Mark Wright lands prime-time ITV1 show 'My Man Can'

Mark Wright has reportedly landed a job on a new prime-time ITV1 show.

The former Only Way Is Essex star has impressed bosses during his stint on ITV2's Take Me Out: The Gossip and will now present My Man Can alongside Melanie Sykes.

The new show, which features women testing how useful their men are in a series of "offbeat" challenges, is currently being filmed in Cologne, Germany, where the format is already a big hit, The Sun reports.

Males will be set challenges including eating a plate of raw chillies and limbo-dancing, with their partners predicting the outcome.

"Mark is thrilled ITV are taking a chance on him. He's wanted to be a presenter for years. If this works, he'll be exactly that," a source said.

"It's a non-broadcast pilot at the moment but it's pretty much guaranteed a decent slot. My Man Can is big in Germany and is on TV across the world. It's one of the biggest shows in China."

Sykes will be the main host while Wright, who has been teasing his new role on Twitter, will cover the challenges.

Wright is also pitching a "a high-energy, fun-packed entertainment" format to ITV with fellow I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star Dougie Poynter.

TV Tonight 20th of February 2012

TV Tonight 20th of February 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    112 - på liv och död S05E16: "Del 16 av 36"
    2 Broke Girls S01E17: "And the Kosher Cupcaks"
    A Question of Sport S43E10: "February 20, 2012"
    Alcatraz S01E07: "Johnny McKee"
    Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask S02E03: "Series 2, Episode 3"
    American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior S03E02: "The Apprentice Bike"
    American Experience S24E03: "Clinton (1)"
    American Pickers S04E11: "When Horses Fly"
    Antiques Road Trip S04E06: "Series 4, Episode 6"
    Antiques Roadshow (US) S16E08: "Pittsburgh (Hour Two)"
    Basketball Wives S04E01: "Season 4, Episode 1"
    Being Human (US) S02E06: "Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These"
    Belga Sport S06E03: "Jean-Michel Saive, Eindelijk winnaar"
    Bethenny Ever After S03E01: "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"
    Bizarre Foods S07E05: "Detroit"
    Brille S01E06: "Season 1, Episode 6"
    Caged S01E07: "Season 1, Episode 7"
    Castle (2009) S04E16: "Linchpin"
    Coach Trip S09E16: "Series 9, Day 16"
    Come Dine With Me S18E31: "Series 18, Series 26"
    Cornwall S01E08: "Series 1, Episode 8"
    Coronation Street S53E37: "Mon Feb 20, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E36: "Mon Feb 20, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Danni Lowinski S03E03: "Ungeheuerlich"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E164: "Episode 1844"
    Der Letzte Bulle S03E03: "Aller guten Dinge sind drei"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E55: "Series 8, Episode 55"
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives S13E11: "Long Standing Legacies"
    Disappeared S04E17: "Hometown Hero"
    Doctors S13E202: "The Well Spoken Man"
    Dokter Deen S01E04: "De weddenschap"
    EastEnders S28E30: "February 20, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E42: "February 20, 2012"
    Escape To The Country S12E35: "Monmouthshire"
    Får vi följa med? S01E03: "Del 3"
    Feuten S02E04: "Welkom @ Ithaka?"
    First Week In S01E08: "TBA"
    Gadget Geeks S01E06: "Series 1, Episode 6"
    General Hospital (US) S49E225: "#12499"
    Gintama S05E46: "Episode 46"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E121: "Season 22, Episode 121"
    Gossip Girl S05E16: "Cross Rhodes"
    Got to Dance S03E50: "Series 3, Episode 50"
    Hacktion S02E02: "Ember tervez"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E17: "Umeå - Ingrid"
    Hart Of Dixie S01E15: "Snowflakes & Soulmates"
    Hawaii Five-0 (2010) S02E17: "Kupale (Defender)"
    Heat Seekers S02E06: "Kansas City"
    Hoarders S05E08: "Dee/Jan"
    Hollyoaks S18E36: "February 20, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E21: "Episode 5456"
    Homes Under the Hammer S14E175: "Series 14, Show 175"
    Hotel cæsar S28E154: "Season 28, Episode 154"
    House S08E13: "Man of the House"
    House Hunters S48E35: "Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family"
    House Hunters International S25E38: "Adventurous Couple in Naples"
    How I Met Your Mother S07E17: "No Pressure"
    Ice Loves Coco S02E02: "Baby Got Besties"
    Intervention S12E08: "Skyler & Jessa"
    It's a Brad Brad World S01E07: "I Wore It Best"
    Jeopardy! S28E111: "Show #6316"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E208: "TBA"
    Khloe & Lamar S02E02: "Rock-a-Bye Lam Lam"
    Last Call with Carson Daly S10E17
    Late Kick Off S03E06: "Series 3, Episode 6"
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E30: "Jack Hanna, Jesse Tyler Ferguson"
    Level Up S01E06: "Leroy"
    Little Mosque on the Prairie S06E07: "Mosque of Dreams"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E125
    Lizard Lick Towing S02E10: "Season 2, Episode 10"
    Mary Shelley's Frankenhole S02E05: "Jules Verne's Monster Rally Run!"
    Mike & Molly S02E16: "Surprise"
    Ministry of Curious Stuff S01E07: "Episode 7"
    Mr. D S01E07: "Job Opportunity"
    Neighbours S28E31: "Episode 6341"
    Panorama S60E06: "Britain's Hidden Alcoholics"
    Pasila S05E05: "Neposen polttarit"
    Pawn Star$ S04E78: "Guns Blazing"
    Pawn Star$ S04E77: "Pawnocchio"
    Playing It Straight (UK) S02E07: "Series 2, Episode 7"
    Pointless S05E120: "Series 5, Episode 120"
    Police Interceptors S04E14: "Series 4, Episode 14"
    Pretty Little Liars S02E21: "Breaking the Code"
    Redemption Inc. S01E07: "Season 1, Episode 7"
    Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan S01E04: "Episode 4"
    RuPaul's Drag Race S04E04: "Queens Behind Bars"
    RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked S03E04: "Season 3, Episode 4"
    Skins S06E05: "Mini"
    Smash S01E03: "Enter Mr. DiMaggio"
    Sousei no Aquarion S02E08: "Episode 8"
    Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets S02E12: "Fatal Crossroads"
    The Bachelor S16E08: "Week 8 (S16)"
    The Bad Girls Club S08E05: "A New Elease on Life"
    The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff S01E01: "Series 1, Episode 1"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E234: "Ep. #6264"
    The Chase (2009) S05E35: "Series 5, Episode 35"
    The Colbert Report S08E24: "Ann Patchett"
    The Daily Show S17E60: "Alan Huffman & Michael Rejebian"
    The Diamond Queen S01E03: "Episode 3"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E104: "Amanda Seyfried"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E111: "February 20, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E31
    The Lying Game S01E18: "Not Guilty As Charged"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S19E245
    The View S15E109: "William Shatner, M. William Phelps"
    The Voice (US) S02E04: "The Blind Auditions, Part 4"
    The Young and the Restless S39E232: "Ep. #9847"
    Thuis S17E126: "Season 17, Episode 126"
    TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle S01E11: "Baby Girl"
    Two and a Half Men S09E17: "Not In My Mouth"
    University Challenge (1994) S18E41:
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E31: "Bethenny Frankel"
    Watson & Oliver S01E01: "Episode 1"
    Whitechapel S03E04: "Series 3, Episode 4"
    WWE Raw S20E08: "Episode #978"
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal S01E44

Development Update.....

Development Update.....

AMERICANA (ABC) - Anthony LaPaglia ("Without a Trace") has booked the lead role on the drama pilot, about a legendary fashion designer, his family and his business. He'll play said man, Robert Soulter, creator of the most iconic fashion brand in the world - Americana - which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Among the roles yet to be cast are his supermodel wife Sierra, his daughter Francesca and son Jesse. Phillip Noyce is helming the ABC Studios-based hour from a script by Michael Seitzman. (

BAD GIRLS (NBC) - Jurnee Smollett ("The Defenders") is the first to be cast in the drama pilot, which follows the ins and outs of a group of unlikely women in a federal prison. She'll play Gwen Delfino, "a famous rap star who lives the high life on the local club scene until she gets busted by the DEA and finds herself tossed into a women's prison without bail." Nancy Pimental is behind the Warner Bros. Television-based project, which is based on the long-running U.K. series of the same name. (

DEVIOUS MAIDS (ABC) - Ana Ortiz ("Ugly Betty") has booked a lead role on the drama pilot, about four maids with ambition and dreams of their own while they work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. She'll play one of them, Marisol ("intelligent and dignified"), who goes to work in the upscale neighborhood to try and acquit her son, who was recently convicted of murder. Dania Ramirez also stars in the ABC Studios-based hour, to be directed by Paul McGuigan from a script by Marc Cherry. (

THE DOVER AGENDA (Syfy, New!) - Brett Conrad ("Covert Affairs") has booked a potential drama at the cable channel about "a young man who is recruited by a future version of himself to work for a secret branch of Military Intelligence specializing in parapsychology and future tech." Barry Josephson ("Bones") is on board to executive produce the FremantleMedia-based project, the pilot for which would run 90 minutes, alongside Conrad. (

THE FRONTIER (NBC) - Erik Jensen ("Gravity") has been cast in the pilot, a period drama about a diverse group of people who set out from Missouri on an incredible adventure across the western landscape to Oregon in the 1840. He'll play Doctor Strong, a deeply religious member of the group who's traveling with his wife Hannah (Bridget Regan). Al Weaver, Ethan Embry, Gina Bramhill, Jake McLaughlin and Megan Ferguson also star in the Sony Pictures Television-based hour, which Thomas Schlamme is directing off a script by Shaun Cassidy. (

GO ON (NBC) - Julie White ("Transformers") is the first to board the single-camera comedy pilot, about an irreverent yet charming sportscaster who tries to move on from loss and finds solace from the members of his mandatory group therapy sessions. She'll play Laura (""recently widowed woman, not interested in all the stages of grief; anger and anger alone is working for her"), a member of the group. Scott Silveri penned the Universal Television-based half-hour, to be directed by Todd Holland. (

LAST RESORT (ABC) - Scott Speedman, Camille de Pazzis and Sahr Ngaujah have all joined the cast of the drama pilot, about the crew of a nuclear submarine, who, after disobeying a suspicious order become fugitives, take over the NATO listening array and declare themselves an independent nuclear nation. Speedman will play the ship's second-in-command, XO Sam Kendal ("sees all sides"), with Pazzis as Sophie Girard ("brilliant, a good heart; empathetic"), a European scientist in charge of the NATO listening array on the island of Sainte Marina. Ngaujah's role wasn't specified. Martin Campbell is directing the Sony Pictures Television-based hour from a script by Karl Gajdusek and Shawn Ryan. Andre Braugher, Autumn Reeser, Daisy Betts and Daniel Lissing also star. (,

LITTLE BROTHER (FOX) - Izabela Vidovic will round out the cast of the comedy pilot, about Tim (John Stamos), a man that finds out that he has a half-brother (T.J. Miller) he never knew about, who also happens to be an ex-con. She'll play Tim's daughter Sam ("a pint-sized ten-year-old girl") in the project, which comes from 20th Century Fox Television, director Shawn Levy and writer Mike Royce. Gillian Vigman and Rosa Salazar also star. (

LIVING LOADED (FOX) - Donald Sutherland has been cast in the single-camera comedy pilot, about Dan (Mike Vogel), a loose partying blogger who is forced to change his career plans when he becomes an NPR radio host. He'll play Dan's father Grant ("a refined but incredibly strong older gentleman; a serious presence"), the general manager of said station. Michael Marc Friedman also stars in the FX Productions-based half-hour, which comes from Dan Dunn, Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell. (

MASH UP (Comedy Central, New!) - T.J. Miller is set to host a new half-hour stand-up series which "features performance by both established comics as well as up-and-comers as they act out their own material in hilarious, stylized recreations and sketches." Said effort is based on Miller's own special for the network of the same name, which bowed on March 11 and featured Matt Braunger, Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane and Kumail Nanjiani. The cable channel has ordered eight episodes of the project, which Miller will executive produce alongside Jordan Vogt-Roberts and 3 Arts Entertainment's David Miner and Dave Becky. (

NASHVILLE (ABC) - Australian actress Clare Bowen is the latest addition to the pilot, an ensemble drama about the Nashville music scene and its rising and fading stars. She'll play Scarlett O'Conner, "a fresh-faced new arrival in town" and the niece of Deacon Claybourne, lead guitar player for reigning Nashville queen Rayna James. Sam Palladio also stars in the hour, from ABC Studios and Lionsgate Television. Callie Khouri penned the script, to be directed by R.J. Cutler. (

ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES (ABC) - John Leguizamo, fresh from inking a development deal with the network, has signed on to star in the multi-camera comedy pilot, about two streetwise brothers and their aging grandfather as they concoct outrageous, morally questionable get-rich-quick schemes in their quest to become millionaires. He'll play older brother Del Trotter ("a short, overly confident bon vivant and scam artist") in the project, based on the U.K. series of the same name. In addition, Leguizamo's manager Jeff Golenberg - and presumably Leguizamo himself - will receive executive producer credits alongside co-creators Brian Bradley and Steven Cragg. (

SAVE ME (NBC) - Madison Davenport ("Shameless") has scored a role on the comedy pilot, about Beth Harper (Anne Heche), a woman who lets herself go while in a broken marriage goes through a transformation where she becomes the best version of herself and creates miracles along the way. She's on board as Emily ("well pierced, too much eyeliner, clearly nine miles of bad road"), Beth's rebellions teen daughter. Writer John Scott Shepherd and director Scott Winant are behind the Sony Pictures Television-based half-hour, which also stars Alexandra Breckenridge, Heather Burns, Lamon Rucker and Michael Landes. (

- Comedian Ed Weeks has scored a role on the comedy pilot, about Mira (Mindy Kaling), a young doctor trying to navigate both her personal and professional lives. He's set as Jeremy Reed ("30, super hot and pretty, and total bad news in a Bradley Cooper kind of way"), a fellow doctor. Universal Television is behind the single-camera project, which was penned by Kaling. (

- Scott Michael Foster ("Greek") is the first to be cast in the drama pilot, about Hank, a skeptical everyman who gets swept up in one of history's greatest conspiracies. The actor, who recently signed a talent holding deal with the network, will play Arron ("a 6-foot, man-shaped carnival"), a staffer at Hank's magazine, Modern Skeptic. Paul Scheuring penned the hour, which is set up at ABC Studios. (

Lindsay Lohan Will Host 'SNL' on March 3

Lindsay Lohan Will Host 'SNL' on March 3

Lindsay Lohan will be making a high-profile appearance on Saturday, March 3, and this one isn't court-ordered.

"SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!" the 25-year-old Lohan tweeted after the NBC's "Saturday Night Live" revealed in an on-air promo and Twitter posting that she would host its March 3 episode.

"That's right: March 3rd, @lindsaylohan with musical guest Jack White!! See you then! #SNL #March3rd," the show tweeted.

Lohan publicist Steve Honig also confirmed she would host the show.

The gig will be the first on-screen gig in months for Lohan, who has been in the news for legal problems that began back in 2007 after two drunk driving convictions. She could be free to work again next month if she concludes her public service assignments, following stints in jail, court-ordered rehab and probation,

Lohan was reportedly paid nearly $1 million to pose for Playboy magazine's December issue in photos taken in a style reminiscent of the nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe that graced the debut issue of Playboy in 1953.

Stephen Colbert to Resume Taping 'Colbert Report' Monday

Stephen Colbert to Resume Taping 'Colbert Report' Monday

Stephen Colbert and "The Colbert Report” will return on Monday, Comedy Central said Sunday.

The Comedy Central show last week substituted repeats for scheduled shows on Wednesday and Thursday. At the time, the network said only that the cancellations were because of "unforeseen circumstances."

Colbert is expected to address his absence on Monday. His 91-year-old mother, Lorna Colbert, is ill.

Colbert responded to fans’ well wishes on Twitter on Friday night:

“My family and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers,” Mr. Colbert wrote. “We are grateful and touched by your concern.”

“The Colbert Report” Web site indicated on Sunday that new episodes would be shown all week. Novelist Ann Patchett, also the owner of an independent bookstore, is Monday's guest.

Whitney Houston Funeral: Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly Perform; Kevin Costner Speaks

Whitney Houston Funeral: Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly Perform; Kevin Costner Speaks

At an emotional funeral filled with music and tears, pop star Whitney Houston was celebrated at New Hope Baptist Church in her hometown of Newark, NJ on Saturday.

The event drew a star-studded assemblage that included Kevin Costner, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Clive Davis and many others, who offered their remembrances and delivered powerful musical performances as they said their final farewell to the singer, who died Feb. 11 at the age of 48.

Costner, Whitney's co-star in her breakthrough 1992 film "The Bodyguard," offered a particularly stirring eluogy that recalled Houston's insecurity in her talents, and her ultimately triumphant performance in the film.

Costner began his often-humorous speech by thanking the family for inviting him, and encouraging the assemblage to "dry our tears" and "suspend our sorrow just long enough to remember the sweet miracle that is Whitney."

Recalling their conversations about their religious upbringing -- both were raised in the Baptist faith -- Costner revealed that the church brought faith as well as the opportunity for mischief for them as children.

"The church was the center of our social life, and Whitney and I would laugh remembering how it was also the place where you could get in big trouble," Costner said.

The actor also recalled how, prior to filming "The Bodyguard," there were concerns that casting a white actress might have been a safer bet.

"I told everybody that I had taken notice that Whitney was black; the only problem was that she was perfect for what I was trying to do," Costner recalled. 

Addressing Houston's uncertainty about her abilities --  " the burden that made her great and the part that caused her to stumble," according to the actor -- Costner said, "Whitney, if you could hear me now, I would tell you that you weren't just good enough; you were great ... a lot of guys could have played [Costner's] part, but you were the only person who could have played Rachel Marron at that time."

Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown left the funeral after his entourage was turned away from the church as too numerous to accomodate.

The funeral on Saturday began with a few words from Newark mayor Cory Booker, who welcomed guests to the city and praised the "I Will Always Love You" singer.

"God is in our heaven, and with him is one of our angels, Whitney Houston," Booker said. "We love you, Whitney; thank you."

Pastor Joe Carter, of New Hope Baptist Church, encouraged the crowd to remember that they had gathered to celebrate the fallen singer, even as they mourned her death.

'Breaking Bad' Star Giancarlo Esposito Visits 'Community'

'Breaking Bad' Star Giancarlo Esposito Visits 'Community'

Is Giancarlo Esposito channeling the dearly departed Gus Fring for his upcoming role on "Community"? An NBC rep tells TheWrap that Esposito will play a "tough customer" in an upcoming guest spot.

The "Breaking Bad" star, who played drug lord Fring, will appear on "Community" as Gilbert Lawson, the right-hand man to the dead, racist and homophobic father of Chevy Chase's Pierce.

Pierce and his study group run into Gilbert when they pay a visit to Hawthorne Wipes, the company founded by the late Cornelius Hawthorne, in an episode Esposito filmed this week.

No air date has been set yet for the installment, as "Community" still hasn't secured a return date to NBC's lineup. It was pulled from the network's schedule amid low ratings, but NBC says it will be back this season.

Matthew Perry Lands Recurring 'Good Wife' Role

Matthew Perry Lands Recurring 'Good Wife' Role

Matthew Perry has scored a recurring role on the CBS drama "The Good Wife," playing "an extremely charming Chicago attorney" with possible shady motives.

The former "Friends" star's guest run will begin on March 25.

Perry's character, Mike, is "tasked with heading up a blue-ribbon panel that's investigating a suspicious police shooting." Series star Julianna Margulies' character, Alicia, "begins to question the actions he is taking as the chairman" after being assigned to the panel.

Perry's most recent regular TV gigs were the short-lived ABC sitcom "Mr. Sunshine," which ran from February to April 2011, and the Aaron Sorkin-penned "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," which ran from September 2006 to June 2007.

'Growing Up Gotti' Boys Returning for New Reality TV Series

'Growing Up Gotti' Boys Returning for New Reality TV Series

The "Growing Up Gotti" boys are back.

Fiore Films and producer Ted Field are partnering to bring Victoria Gotti's brood back for a new reality television series. Field would co-produce the project through his Compelling Entertainment and Radar Pictures banners.

For the uninitiated, "Growing Up Gotti" ran on A&E from 2004 to 2005, with its 41 episodes serving up a cornucopia of conspicuous consumption, hair product and thick accents.

Critics hated it, but it initially was a huge ratings hit for the network before tapering off in its subsequent seasons.

The new series will center on John, Carmine and Frank Agnello, the three sons of Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello and grandsons of John Gotti.

“The boys have that special something that appeals to a very wide audience,” said Marc Fiore, president and CEO of Fiore Films. “We will be working with them to create a series that brings out each of their unique personalities as well as give an insider’s look into the lives of the latest generation of Gottis.”

Fiore Films and Radar Pictures are also producing “Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father,” and upcoming feature film that is slated to begin filming on location in New York in early fall.

The biopic of John Gotti, the legendary "Dapper Don," is set to star John Travolta.

My Big Brother 2012 Auditions....

My Big Brother 2012 Auditions....

This past Saturday the Big Brother 2012 auditions hit Wembley Stadium in London.

After leaving home quite late, we found out that the circle line was closed so we needed to walk all across London to get to the subway line taking us to Wembley.

Because of this we arrived quite late, but that just mend there wasn´t a long line left.

I walked in to the line, and immediately started chatting with some people, one guy who was there for the 5th time, hoping to get past round 1 for the first time.

Ten of us were selected to be in the same group for round one, and the ass. producer took us in to a hallway and introduced us to big brothers little sister.

She told us to tell interesting facts about our self and then tried to divide us by letting us take sides on certain subjects.

She then decided who would go on to the second round, six of us got on and four were told it was the end of the line, including the guy who tried out for the fifth time.

After having our picture taken and filling out forms, including the all-important quit claim, ten of us had to go in to a room in front of producers and answer questions, this felt so much like standing in front of a class room.

Then another waiting game began, till we got told wich people had to go on to the next round.

Again a new room and a new round of filling in 30 pages of questions and a one on one interview with a producer.

So, did I make it in to the house.....