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vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

25 in-development US geek TV shows to look out for

We preview the Stateside sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows that may be coming to our screens over the next couple of years…

Some are pilots, some are scripts, some are little more at this point than a twinkle in their creators’ eye. At whichever stage of the commissioning process they are, these are the in-development US sci-fi and fantasy series that have tickled our fancy. Who knows, your next favourite geek show could be amongst them…


Last year’s Wonder Woman TV revival may have been nixed by NBC, but another network, The CW, has stepped up to develop a small-screen vehicle for the character.

The CW’s plan is for a Smallville-style origins story under the working title Amazon, from a script by Young Avengers scribe Allan Heinberg. “Unlike past TV incarnations, it will focus on Wonder Woman as a young budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty” reports Vulture. So a kind of Diana Of Themyscira: The High School Years?

So far, the pilot is still only at the script phase, so there’s no guarantee that this latest attempt to bring the crown ‘n’ bracelets superhero to TV will actually make onto our screens, though with Smallville and Arrow in their repertoire, The CW certainly has form...

American Gods

A film version of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 fantasy novel American Gods was announced a couple of years ago, before the idea shifted and HBO announced its plans to turn the tome into not one but a six-series TV adaptation.

Gaiman’s story follows the fate of Shadow, a recently released convict who becomes tangled up in a mystical battle between Gods old and new. The novel takes as its basis the now-forgotten and largely unworshipped Gods introduced to the United States by different nationalities and religions over the centuries.

If all has gone according to plan, Gaiman should be working on the pilot screenplay as we speak, and Gods willing, the hope is that HBO may have another Game Of Thrones-scale adaptation on its hands in years to come.


Theology, fate, and Roland Emmerich. What’s er, not to like about potential new drama series Antichrist? The Independence Day writer-director is behind the pilot for a show that, according to Deadline,  “…centres on a young astrophysics student who learns his destiny lies not in science but somewhere between Heaven and Hell.”

Antichrist, which is to be set in New York City against the backdrop of the 2012 Presidential Election has so far received a pilot pick-up, and filmed one earlier this year starring House At The End Of The Street’s Max Thieriot. We’ll keep you posted  on its progress.


Athena comes adapted from Lisa Joy’s graphic novel Headache, about a young modern-day woman who finds out she’s actually the titular Greek Goddess (hence the name change, something of an improvement, no?). Athena’s story comes complete with wicked stepmother Hera, bad boy love interest Hades and, of course, unreliable father Zeus.

From Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies writer, the in-development Fox series is being pitched as a coming-of-age story in the Buffy mould. If this one goes ahead, it seems as if Diana of Themyscira may have some competition on her braceleted hands in the kickass teen girl stakes…

Beautiful People

Now, this seems like a decent high concept premise, and early signs from those who’ve seen the script tend to agree. Described as an I Robot-style look at Asimovian notions of sentience in artificial intelligence, the Beautiful People pilot stars Frances Conroy, James Murray and Patrick Heusinger.

Set in the near future at a time when humans live alongside ‘Mechanicals’, and treat them as second-class citizens, Beautiful People was created for NBC by actor Michael McDonald, and the pilot is to be directed by 24’s Stephen Hopkins. “Blade Runner meets The Stepford Wives” is the pitch for this promising sounding dystopian sci-fi drama. Sign us up.


Not a huge amount is known yet about Chosen (not to be confused with the Jennifer Lopez dance show, just in case you thought we’d finally handed in our Geek badge and gone revealed our latent obsession with steamy salsa dancing).

The ABC drama is to revolve around a fifteen year old girl believed to be the reincarnated goddess of a South American religion, who becomes swept into a complex story of “family struggle, teen romance and California evil”. We'll keep an eye out for more.

Copeland Prep

Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke, Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz and Twitter’s Bret Easton Ellis (also a novelist) are the demonic trio behind Copeland Prep, The CW’s new monsters-in-high-school show.

The Hollywood reporter brings news that the show will be set in a “…secondary school so fiercely competitive that it’s turning its students into monsters – literally.” Sounds like another one to add to the Buffy-alike list possibly?


This is one on Syfy’s ever-growing slate of in-development original projects, and as such is very much in its infancy. Darkfall has been announced as a mini-series rather than a full-blown season run at this point.

Written by Kung Fu Panda and Sleeper Cell’s Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, Darkfall takes place in a world not dissimilar to that of NBC’s Revolution in that all modern forms of power and tech have become things of the past. Where Darkfall differs to Revolution (and hopefully not the only way for anyone following the NBC show) is that magic has replaced technology. Apparently The Jim Henson Company is involved too, which all sounds fairly promising. It's probably folly to hope for an Elmo cameo...


Another of Syfy’s original developments, Defender takes its name from the spaceship aboard which it’s set, during the aftermath of an intergalactic war between humans and ‘transhumans’. It’s already sounding a little Battlestar-y, which, after Blood And Chrome was nixed last year, may not bode well for its chances of being picked up.

The Defender is populated by a crew of former enemies sent on a goodwill mission that goes spectacularly wrong according to Syfy’s press release. Alphas’ Robert Hewitt Wolfe is to write and executive-produce.


The third on this list from the Syfy network, and the one that has travelled the furthest in terms of getting on our screens, Defiance went into production in Toronto this August and its thirteen-episode first season is due to air in April 2013.

Dexter and Buffy/Angel alumnus Julie Benz numbers amongst the case in this post-alien invasion drama, as does Ugly Betty’s Grant Bowler, Jaime Murray, and Tony Curran. The set-up sees Bowler playing Jeb Nolan, the Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance, St Louis, who attempts to protect the town from human/alien clashes and more.

In an example of synergy that would make 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy proud, Defiance will be rolled out as a third-person shooter MMO as well as a TV series. Read more about the Syfy show, here.

Eyes Of The Dragon

Adapted from a Stephen King fantasy novel reported to have originally been titled ‘Napkins’ (sage change there, Steve), Eyes Of The Dragon was a rare non-horror outing for the king of Maine spookiness.

Syfy plans Eyes Of The Dragon to be a miniseries adaptation from writers Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Voyager) and Jeff Vintar (I, Robot). For those hoping to see it, fingers crossed that the recent travails of Ron Howard’s Dark Tower project, which was turned down by both Universal and Warner Bros., haven’t set a precedent for King fantasy adaptations.


Anyone fancy a “…lavish soap opera of passion, greed and hope set in a present-day Steampunk World in which three rival families battle for power and redemption in a re-imagined San Francisco”? Then you may be in luck with ABC’s Gaslight, which promises just that.

From the makers of Identity and The Ghost Whisperer, the Gaslight pilot is expected to go into production in early 2013, after which point, we’ll know whether this ‘Dallas in an airship and crazy goggles’ high-concept premise will have been thought worth a season commission.

Grave Sight

Considering the success and longevity of True Blood (which had its sixth season confirmed earlier this year), the notion of adapting another Charlaine Harris series for TV must seem like a winner to Syfy.

Harris herself is working on the screenplay adaptation of her The Harper Connolly Mystery books, about a young woman who gained the power to sense the locations and last memories of dead people after she's struck by lightning, and who teams up with her step-brother to solve a series of murders. Grave Sight already exists in comic book form, which may be what differentiates it from the similar-sounding premises of Tru Calling, The Ghost Whisperer, Medium et al.

Hemlock Grove

A forthcoming horror series for Netflix, Hemlock Grove comes adapted from the novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy, and boasts Eli Roth as executive producer.

Thirteen episodes of the horror-thriller have been ordered for the reported budget of around $45 million, and are due on Netflix in early 2013. The show tells the story of a young girl’s murder, and the two locals who set out to find her killer. X-Men’s Famke Janssen stars alongside Eric Northman’s little brother, Bill Skarsgard, and 6ft 8” model Amazon (probably not her real name) Eve.


In the system for a potential NBC season order next year, Hench is one of many graphic novel adaptations currently being planned by US networks. It’s the story of a regular Joe (or Mike in this case), who finds temp work as a henchman for a supervillain and who unexpectedly becomes responsible for the fate of the world. Warner Bros. had the option for a film adaptation starring Danny McBride in the lead role a few years back but things have since gone quiet on that front.

Created by Adam Beechen and Manny Bello, the graphic novel has gained modern cult status since its publication in 2004. The pilot script has been written by Desperate Housewives and Prime Suspect: USA’s Alexandra Cunningham, and if all goes to plan, the Hench pilot should be seen by NBC in the spring.


Currently on the shelf, Guillermo Del Toro’s Hulk TV series for ABC has been in development for some years now, and despite this year’s Marvel-fever following the release of The Avengers, still seems no closer to moving forward.

The sticking point? According to Del Toro, it’s the availability of a certain anonymous writer that Marvel is holding out for. In a recent interview with Shocktillyoudrop, the prolific producer-director revealed, “The official word is we are holding, but I don’t know...  After The Avengers having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change. Right now officially what I know – and I’m not hiding anything off the record or anything – is that we were told we were waiting for this writer and we were going to do it with him." As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.


Fans of teen sci-fi fiction won’t fail to recognise the name Scott Westerfeld, author of the Uglies series of novels set in a future world where it’s become the norm for human beings to dramatically alter their appearance and capabilities using surgery that makes the majority of them into gorgeous superficial airheads. We like Scott Westerfeld.

News then, that an adaptation of 2004’s Midnighters is back on the cards comes very welcome indeed. The WB was behind a now-defunct push to adapt the series before its merger with UPN, but now it’s Fox backing the small screen Midnighters, with help from the makers of Chuck. The show has only received a script commitment as yet, so it’s very early days.

The series focuses on Jessica, a teenager who discovers she can enter the “Blue Time”, a sort of  witching hour concealed from the rest of humanity, during which she has to use her superhuman powers to protect the world from dangerous supernatural foes.


If you’ve been following the development of FX’s Powers adaptation, based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s comics about a pair of homicide detectives who investigate cases involving superheroes, you’ll know it’s been a bumpy ride. A pilot was produced early last year that the network were dissatisfied with, and after recasting and reshoots were ordered, it seemed Powers was dead in the water.

Not so, according to the comics’ creators, though things are certainly moving slowly. The difficulty in this particular adaptation, it’s been suggested, is balancing the dark tone of a 10pm slot superhero/police procedural. Let’s hope they find a way to make it work, as this one’s very much on our ‘yes please’ list.


Another from the fine people over at Syfy, Rewind has been on our radars for some time now. A two-hour pilot was ordered for the time-travel action show last year, and has been produced in Toronto, directed by Lost and Alphas’ Jack Bender, from a script by Justin Marks. Whether the TV movie will be it, or if there’s a series future for Rewind, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Shane McRae, Whale Rider’s Keisha Castle-Hughes, The Cape’s Jennifer Ferrin and more star in the action thriller. In addition to its main cast, Syfy has confirmed that director David Cronenberg is to appear as a guest in the two-hour special, which sets up the story of a group of military operatives travelling through time to stop a terrorist attack from happening in the future.


Do we even need to introduce S.H.I.E.L.D.? The ABC pilot that’s had Whedon fans all aflutter since it was announced earlier this year, S.H.I.E.L.D. is set in the same universe as Marvel’s The Avengers, featuring the same secret military espionage agency as employ Agents Coulson and Hill.

Whedon is set to write S.H.I.E.L.D with long-time Dollhouse and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog collaborators Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. He’ll also direct the pilot (which has already gone into production) schedule permitting. That all sounds like rather good news wouldn't you say?

Seeing Things

Yet another Syfy-announced project (those chaps don't lack for ideas, do they?), Seeing Things is a proposed adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s Grey Legion Platinum Dunes comic. In the source material, a police officer is violently killed, but forced to return as a ghost and carry out covert ops for a shady government agency, something he (and other unwilling spooks) does in order to regain his soul and be reunited with his one true love.

Person Of Interest and Lie To Me’s David Slack is on scriptwriting duties for the supernatural cop show alongside The Vampire Diaries and Haven’s Gabrielle Stanton.

The Selection

One from The CW this, and a project that, the last we heard about it, was having something of a difficult time. Based on the dystopian novel by Keira Cass set in a world where society is strictly stratified and very few paths exist for social mobility, The Selection follows teenager America Singer, who is selected by lottery to participate in an elite competition to marry a prince.

If The Hunger Games is suddenly ringing in your ears, then you’re not alone. The Selection is rarely mentioned without the Suzanne Collins series following on the next breath, or indeed, the early-stage development of a Battle Royale TV series mooted by The CW earlier this year.

Network President Mark Pedowitz announced in April that the show is still very much a possibility, and the pilot is being redeveloped for a push next year, explaining that he wanted to get on the teen dystopia bandwagon because, “If you're not an angel, werewolf or vampire, you're a female heroine who's 16 years old who fights in the future dystopian world."

Untitled Booster Gold Project

A live-action TV show is still on the cards for 1980s comic-book character Booster Gold, created by Dan Jurgens. A 25th century character who travels back to the present-day DC Universe, fame-hungry Booster Gold uses future technology to evolve into a hero as his story progresses. Smallville fans will be familiar with the character after his season ten cameo appearance.

Life-long Booster fan Andrew Kreisberg (The Justice League, Fringe, Arrow) revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con this year that he was due to hand in the pilot script in August, and that the project had the support of Booster’s creator, so now it's wait-and-see time…


After this year’s very decent Chronicle turned screenwriter Max Landis into hot property, Fox didn’t waste any time tasking him with a potential new series. That show? Vigilant, which has been described in some quarters as a police drama/superhero origin series, a description that Landis refuted on Twitter, saying, “No spoilers, but calling Vigilant a “super hero show” is a lot like calling Taxi Driver a pre-cursor to Spider-Man 3”.

Vigilant’s protagonist is a twenty-year old female crime-fighting vigilante seeking to bring down crims and corruption. According to Landis, the show has more in common with The Wire than Smallville, not that he’s setting the bar high or anything…


And finally, our twenty-fifth interesting-sounding sci-fi/fantasy in-development show comes from The CW. Announced last month, Wunderland is the brainchild of The Playboy Club creator’s Chad Hodge, and centres on a young female detective in modern-day LA who, Alice-like, discovers another world that exists underneath the city.

TV-land, it seems, has an penchant for combining police procedurals with fantasy elements in the style of Angel, Grimm, and Beauty And The Beast. Some press outlets have so far seized upon the notion of Wunderland being a “sexy Alice in Wonderland”, but here’s hoping it aims much, much higher than that.

Kylie Minogue denies 'The Voice' Australia rumours

Kylie Minogue has dismissed rumours linking her with a judging role on The Voice Australia.

The 'Wow' singer has been touted as a possible replacement for Keith Urban on the show, who recently joined the panel of American Idol.

Kylie Minogue arriving at the 2012 GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House, London

Since the country star swapped talent shows, producers have been looking for a big name replacement, with Minogue said to be top of their list.

However, Minogue stated that she currently has no plans on joining the show, as it would mean competing against her sister Dannii Minogue, who is a judge on Australia's Got Talent.

"To my knowledge, no, I'm not doing The Voice next year," she is quoted as saying in the Daily Star.

"Unless my management haven't told me about it. I know nothing about it. Maybe it's in the junk email box."

However, Minogue added that she is not ruling out a possible reality TV role in the future, saying: "It just hasn't felt like the right thing for me to do yet. It may only be a matter of time, who knows?

"Those shows are going to keep happening every year for the foreseeable future. I'm a fan of those shows."

Kylie Minogue will mark her 25th year in music by releasing a special Abbey Road Sessions album on October 29.

Adele backs Sid Owen to win 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Adele is reportedly backing Sid Owen to win Strictly Come Dancing.

The singer apparently sent flowers to the EastEnders star last weekend to wish him luck ahead of his debut performance on the show.

"Adele sent Sid a huge bouquet of flowers before his first performance last weekend. It came with a good luck card telling him he was going to 'sweep the board'," a source told the Daily Star.

"She also sent him a string of text messages saying she was glued to the show. Adele thought his waltz was amazing, and honestly reckons Sid can go all the way and win the competition.

"Adele and Sid have a really jokey relationship. She wasn't expecting him to be such a whizz on the dance floor."

Adele's fiancé Simon Konecki is best friends with Owen, who supports his Drop4Drop fresh water charity.

'X Factor' Housing Crisis: Show Admits Home Visits 'Not Necessarily' As They Seem

The phrase "Mi casa es su casa" may not mean much to "The X Factor" judges.

Representatives for the show admitted Thursday that the residences presented as the homes of "X Factor" judges Simon Cowell and Britney Spears are "not necessarily" their actual residences.

"The 'Judges Homes' part of the show is filmed in a house of the judges' choice, not necessarily the judges' own homes," reps for "The X Factor" told TheWrap.

The statement comes on the heels of a report from TMZ that "Cowell's" house is actually the Miami home of New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, while Spears actually lives in Calabasas, Calif., and not Malibu, as the segment suggested.

This wouldn't be the first time that "The X Factor" has been accused of distorting the facts. As reported last year, the show strongly implied that contestant Geo Godley had dropped his pants and exposed himself to the audience. But an audience member said he was actually wearing a thong. (As the episode was aired, a big red "X" appeared over Godley's groin.)

'X Factor' Rylan Clark is a serious contender, say Jahmene and Kye

X Factor stars Jahmene Douglas and Kye Sones have tipped controversial contestant Rylan Clark to go far in this year's series.

Clark has faced a viewer backlash throughout the competition and sparked a scandal when he was saved over Carolynne Poole last week, but the pair told journalists including Digital Spy that they see the model as "a serious contender".

"People [think] Rylan is really eccentric, but he's really down to earth," Douglas stressed. "He's actually quite a serious contender.

"I think Rylan can switch it up. I've heard some of his stuff on YouTube and he's great. He's fooling all of you, he can sing. I think it's good to hold back in the first few weeks, then build up [support]."

When Sones was asked who he saw as his biggest competition, the former chimney sweep replied: "Probably Rylan. I though Rylan did wicked last week.

"I was shocked to see him in the bottom two. I thought his performance was wicked, I thought he smashed it."

Sones also insisted that Poole's elimination had not affected their mentor Gary Barlow, who stormed out of the studio when Clark was saved.

"I think [the walk-out] just shows how much he actually cares," Sones said. "It's not just a Saturday, Sunday job for him.

"All the contestants in the Overs he's very passionate about, so I think that just shows how passionate he was."

'X Factor' James Arthur 'flirts with Jodie Marsh'

X Factor star James Arthur has reportedly been chatting online all week with Jodie Marsh.

The singer is said to have befriended the model after she admitted having a crash on him earlier this week.

Arthur had allegedly tried to keep his celebrity friendship a secret from his fellow finalists but was caught chatting to her at 4am on his computer, reports The Sun.

A show source said: "James came into the contest thinking he was this big ogre that girls would never fancy.

"But now he's been caught red-handed flirting with one of Britain's most famous glamour girls — and she has been coming on to him.

"It's not easy to see what they both have in common, apart from a love of tattoos, but they seem to be getting on like a house on fire."

The insider added: "He's been trying to keep it quiet but was busted and looked all red-faced."

James Arthur was previously linked with Take Me Out star Chanelle McCleary, after dumping his dancer girlfriend Lucie Poole.

Harry Derbidge wants 'TOWIE' return as Bobby Cole's boyfriend?

Harry Derbidge has reportedly requested a return to The Only Way is Essex.

The reality star left the ITV2 series last year, but is said to have asked producers for a comeback after failing to find regular TV work, The Sun reports.

Derbidge has allegedly told friends that he is dating the show's Bobby Cole Norris, and could make a return as his boyfriend.

An insider said: "Harry left TOWIE thinking he could become a big star but things never really took off for him.

"He has now been back in touch with producers saying he'd love to return after they relaxed their policy about old stars returning.

"He has also been telling people he is seeing Bobby and thinks they could be the next big TOWIE couple."

However, a friend of Cole Norris has since denied that he has been dating Derbidge, while producers have dismissed chances of a return for the star.

A show spokesman said: "There are no plans for Harry to return to TOWIE."

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs recently stated she would be interested in a movie version if Mark Wright was involved.

TV Tonight 12th of October 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

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    A Haunting S05E01: "Blood Visions"
    Alan Carr: Chatty Man S09E05
    America's Most Wanted S25E43
    America's Most Wanted S25E42
    Anderson Live S02E25
    Antiques Road Trip S05E10: "Series 5, Episode 10"
    Are We There Yet? S03E20: "The Quarantine Episode"
    Astrid in Wonderland S03E04: "Season 3, Episode 4"
    Bargain Hunt S32E21: "Series 32, Episode 21"
    Behzat Ç. S03E04: "Son Düzlük"
    Bellator Fighting Championships S07E03: "Bellator 76"
    Better Homes and Gardens S14E37: "Best of Oz Special"
    Big Brother (AU) S09E53: "Daily Show 35"
    Blue Bloods S03E03: "Old Wounds"
    Boss S02E09: "Clinch"
    Busou Shinki S01E02
    Cheer S01E06: "Greatness is Built On the Fight"
    College Tour S07E06: "Willem Holleeder"
    CSI: NY S09E03: "2,918 Miles"
    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team S07E06
    Dateline NBC S22E04: "Season 22, Episode 4"
    Daybreak S03E30: "October 12, 2012"
    Days of our Lives S47E228: "Ep. #11938"
    Deadly Women S06E09: "Teen Terror"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S08E53: "Episode 2046"
    Degrassi S12E21: "Building a Mystery (1)"
    Doctors S14E109: "Treason's Tell"
    EastEnders S28E162: "October 12, 2012"
    Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers S04E05
    Emmerdale S41E242: "October 12, 2012"
    Fashion Police S07E40: "Season 7, Episode 40"
    Fringe S05E03: "The Recordist"
    Gardeners' World S45E27: "October 12, 2012"
    General Hospital (US) S50E137: "#12665"
    Ghost Adventures S07E05: "Black Moon Manor"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S23E30
    Golden Goal S13E05: "Season 13, Episode 5"
    Grimm S02E07: "The Bottle Imp"
    Have I Got News for You S44E01
    Haven S03E04: "Over My Head"
    Helicopter Heroes S06E10: "Series 6, Episode 10"
    Hollyoaks S18E205: "October 12, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E190: "Episode 5625"
    House Hunters S50E80
    House Hunters International S34E76
    Judge Judy S17E35: "Love/Hate Triangle"
    K S01E02: "Kitten"
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E351
    Late Show with David Letterman S20E22
    Later... with Jools Holland S41E03
    Lightning Point S01E17: "Alien Attraction"
    Live with Kelly and Michael S30E25
    Loose Women S17E30: "Series 17, Episode 30"
    Mastermind (UK) S41E09: "Series 41, Show 9"
    Me and Mrs. Jones S01E01: "Episode 1"
    Monsters Inside Me S03E02
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    Neighbours S28E200: "Episode 6510"
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    Nytt På Nytt S27E06
    Oh Oh Europa S01E35: "Season 1, Episode 35"
    Oniichan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne! S01E02
    Paranormal Paparazzi S01E04: "Amityville Gun Found"
    Pastewka S06E04: "Die SMS"
    Pointless S07E33: "Series 7, Episode 33"
    Primetime S24E04: "What Would You Do? (21)"
    QI S10E05: "J-Places"
    Real Time With Bill Maher S10E30: "Season 10, Episode 30"
    Robotics;Notes S01E01: "Episode 1" S03E12: "Tydzień all inslusive" S03E11: "Bal maturalny"
    Salatut elämät S15E30: "Seppo maistaa viimeisen pisaran"
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S04E16
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S04E15: "Dream Dress or Bust"
    Secret Princes S01E04: "The Royal Invitation"
    Senkveld S22E06: "Season 22, Episode 6"
    Servants - The True Story Of Life Below Stairs S01E03
    Shark Tank S04E05: "Season 4, Episode 5"
    Strictly Come Dancing S10E04: "Series 10, Week 2"
    Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two S09E05
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E143: "Ep. #6427"
    The Chase (2009) S05E115: "Series 5, Episode 109"
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    The Dead Files S03E05: "A Widow's Rage & Death Sentence"
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    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S20E167
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    The View S16E29: "Michael Strahan, Jewel, Lara Spencer"
    The Voice of Holland S03E08: "The battles 1"
    The Young and the Restless S40E142: "Ep. #10011"
    Thuis S18E35: "Season 18, Episode 35"
    Transformers: Prime S02E23: "Inside Job"
    Trollied S02E08: "Series 2, Episode 8"
    Van Der Vorst Ziet Sterren S06E03: "Season 6, Episode 3"
    Wereld draait door, De S08E30: "Season 8, Episode 30"
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown! S12E107: "Season 12, Episode 107"
    Yukon Men S01E08: "Wheel of Misfortune"
    Zetsuen no Tempest S01E02

Comedy Based On Tumblr Blog ‘F*ck! I’m In My Twenties’ In Development At NBC

NBC has put in development F*ck I’m In My Twenties, a half-hour comedy project based on the Tumblr blog of 24-year-old Emma Koenig, which also has spawned a book. The project, from BermanBraun and Universal Television, chronicles a woman’s experience as a twentysomething living in the big city. It will reflect the reality today’s generation is facing post-graduation as does Koenig’s blog, which consists of hand-drawn musings (like the one on left) about the plight of today’s millennials. It has drawn comparisons to the TV show of another twentysomething female creator, Lena Dunham’s Girls.

Koenig, repped by CAA, Circle Of Confusion and Hansen Jacobsen, will co-write the script with Jeff Lowell (Common Law). Lowell and BermanBraun’s Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein are executive producing. Koenig, a college graduate, started the blog while working odd jobs as she was trying to make it in New York, auditioning for a string of web series. Her book of the same name came out in August.

This is the second Tumblr blog by a twentysomething female writer to get a TV adaptation, joining Lauren Bachelis’ Hollywood Assistants blog, which inspired a comedy set up at CBS. Tumblr is proving to be as popular source material for broadcast comedy series this season as Twitter once was.

Lawyer Cost Steven Tyler A Big Pay Raise For ‘American Idol’, Suit Claims

The Aerosmith lead singer’s former manager says lawyer Dina LaPolt poisoned Steven Tyler’s contract renegotiations with American Idol, costing him a multimillion-dollar raise. Kovac Media Group/Tenth Street Entertainment today filed an $8 million lawsuit (read it here) against the entertainment lawyer and her West Hollywood firm. American Idol and its former judge are not named as defendants in the breach of fiduciary duty complaint. In fact Tyler is not named at all.

Instead he is referred to as “The Artist” throughout the filing, though it is pretty clear from the players, his membership in a band and his role as judge for two seasons on the Fox show exactly who he is. The suit claims that in 2011 LaPolt lost “hot commodity” Tyler a $6 million to $8 million raise in his Idol contract for a second season on the show.

“LaPolt undercut TSE’s strategy to leverage the Artist’s popularity for a more lucrative deal. She told American Idol’s agent that Kovac “overplayed his hand with his aggressive behavior” and that American Idol could get the Artist for cheap, thereby undermining and negating Kovac’s/the Artist’s position in the negotiations,” says the 19-page suit. The suit also alleges that LaPolt cut Kovac/TSE out of their commission from Tyler. Besides the $8 million, the plaintiffs are seeking interest, punitive and exemplary damages, legal fees and other costs.

They have requested a five-day jury trial. The plaintiffs are represented by Louise “Skip” Miller of Los Angeles firm Miller Barondess.

Ewan McGregor To Star In Aussie Crime Thriller ‘Son Of A Gun’

Ewan McGregor Joins Julius Avery's 'Son Of A Gun'Ewan McGregor, currently working with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in August: Osage County, will shoot heist pic Son Of A Gun in Australia early next year. The film centers on the complex relationship between McGregor’s public enemy number one character and his young protégé. Oz director Julius Avery is best known for the Cannes and Sundance award winning short Jerrycan. He also wrote Son Of A Gun and will make his feature helming debut with the film. Altitude Film Sales, a division of Optimum founder Will Clarke’s Altitude Film Entertainment, is handling global rights.

UTA Independent Film Group has North America. Hopscotch/eOne has already taken Australia and New Zealand. Timothy White is producing via Oz-based Southern Light Films with Media House Capital’s Aaron L. Gilbert exec producing. McGregor is repped by UTA, UK-based United Agents and attorney Robert Offer. He’ll next be seen in Juan Antonio Bayona’s tsunami drama The Impossible which releases in December. Avery is repped by UTA, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and attorney Bryce Menzies.

Eddie Murphy Salute Draws Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Arsenio Hall, Martin Lawrence

Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Arsenio Hall, Brett Ratner, Charlie Murphy, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Martin Lawrence have signed on to “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” a salute to the comedian and actor that will air on Spike.

The special, produced with Don Mischer Productions, will include short films, musical performances and sketch comedy -- as well as an appearance by Murphy. It will chart his rise from a 15-year-old standup to a star of "Saturday Night Live" and such films as "Raw," "Coming to America," and the "Beverly Hills Cop" franchise.

The special will tape on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, and will air on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Plum TV Goes National With Titan Broadcast Partnership

Plum TV, home of "Yoga With a View" and "Keeping Up With Ramona" in affluent areas like the Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard, has relaunched as a national lifestyle network, after striking an agreement with Titan Broadcast Management, the network said Thursday.

The agreement with Titan will bring Plum TV to Titan station WMFP-TV in Boston and WTVE in Philadelphia. The pact now makes Plum available on cable and satellite in those markets, and makes the network available in more than 6 million households.

Presided over by former MTV executives Morgan Hertzan and Joseph Varet, Plum targets a "mass affluent" audience with coverage of home and real estate, décor, food and wine, style, travel and destinations.

It can be viewed on cable and satellite in select markets such as the Hamptons, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, as well as online platforms such as, Hulu and Hulu Plus and YouTube.

“Launching Plum TV in Boston and Philadelphia is a huge step for us as we create a new multi-platform lifestyle network," Plum co-president Hertzan said. "We are all about living the ‘good life’ -- and we are hoping our new viewers in Boston and Philly will love the ‘good life,’ too."

The network's expansion also comes with the news that the network has pulled in $4.4 million in financing to date from a variety of investors including Baroda Ventures and Double M Partners.

'X Factor' Louis Walsh: 'Nobody has ever told me how to vote'

Louis Walsh has responded to allegations that last weekend's X Factor elimination of Carolynne Poole was a fix.

Poole lost out to Rylan Clark after Walsh opted at the last minute to take the bottom two vote to deadlock.

Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger enjoy a night out at the Arts Club in Mayfair London, England

Fans complained about Walsh's actions and were annoyed that he was seen talking to exec-producer Richard Holloway during Poole's sing-off performance. Holloway and Walsh have insisted that they were talking about the running order for the judges' vote, but he only spoke with Walsh.

Writing a diary piece for the Daily Mail about the incident, Walsh said: "I feel totally torn after Carolynne and Rylan's performances. I like them both. With Rylan I thought the production was so amazing that this is something we'll want to see again.

"Carolynne is a great singer. My first instinct is to save her and that's what I say. I think she's good, but I don't think there's a market for her. I want to do the right thing. I feel like I am looking stupid, like a rabbit in the headlights, but that's the thing about The X Factor, it's live, it's real, anything can happen."

Walsh argued that Barlow had no right to criticise pantomime acts on the show after selecting Frankie Cocozza last year and rubbished suggestions that Holloway told him how to vote.

His second diary entry reads: "I wake up to find a huge fuss brewing. People are Tweeting that last night was a fix, and a picture is published showing Richard talking to me. The story is that he's telling me how to vote - but that's not true. Not only has no one ever told any of us what to do, but that picture was taken before the artists sang, so no one could have known how their performance was going to be judged."

Walsh's comments appear to suggest that the reason it couldn't have been a fix is because the producers hadn't heard the sing-off songs. His comments don't appear to take into consideration the possibility that the producers may have made a decision regardless of the sing-off.

He also claims that Holloway spoke to him "before" the sing-off, but video and picture evidence proves that it was during Poole's routine.

However, Walsh said that he wasn't concerned about the outcry from his actions, describing The X Factor as the Manchester United of TV.

"Other shows are just jealous. We are the biggest. We're the Manchester United of television. People are always trying to knock us," he adds.

'Arrow' Is CW's Most-Watched Show in 3 Years; 'Nashville' Solid

The premiere of the DC Comics-inspired "Arrow" was the most-watched show on the CW in three years Wednesday, while ABC's "Nashville" premiered to a solid number and NBC's "Chicago Fire" had a soft debut. Fox won the night overall on the strength of "X Factor."

The CW, which has spent most of its half-decade of existence targeting women 18-34, is trying to branch out this season after ratings were down in 2011-12. With "Arrow," an adaptation of the comic book "Green Arrow," that plan seems to be working. No CW show has earned such a large audience since the debut of "The Vampire Diaries" in September 2009.

Its 1.3 rating/4 share in the 18-49 would have been a letdown to other networks, but was great for the smaller CW. It had 4 million total viewers.

"Nashville," meanwhile, a country music drama starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as musical rivals, scored a 2.8/8 and 9 million total viewers. "Chicago Fire," an ensemble drama from "Law & Order" mastermind Dick Wolf, had a disappointing 1.9/5 and 6.4 million.

Fox, meanwhile, took the night's top ratings spot overall with a 3.4/9 and drew third in total viewers with 9.4 million. The network's primetime slate consisted of "The X Factor" from 8 to 10, which ran even in the demo from last week and saw a marginal bump in total viewers.

ABC came in second in ratings and total viewers with a 3.2/9 and 9.4 million. Aside from the "Nashville" premiere at 10, the network ran "The Middle" at 8, which was up slightly from last week for a 2.4/7 and drew 7.8 million total viewers, while the new offering "The Neighbors" ran even with last week for a 1.9/5 and took 6.3 million total viewers. "Modern Family" at 9 posted a 4.7/13, down 15 percent from its season premiere two weeks ago, and attracted 12 million total viewers. A special airing of "Modern Family" at 9:30 was the night's top-rated and most-watched program of the night, racking up a 4.9/12 and amassing 12.2 million total viewers.

CBS took third in ratings and first in total viewers with a 2.8/8 and 10.5 million. "Survivor" at 8 slipped 13 percent from last week for a 2.6/8 and picked up 9.6 million total viewers. "Criminal Minds" the following hour posted a 3.0/8 and grabbed 11.4 million total viewers, while "CSI" at 10 inched up from it last original airing two weeks ago for a 3.0/8 and attracted 10.6 million total viewers.

NBC drew fourth place in ratings and total viewers with a 1.6/5 and 5.6 million. The "Chicago Fire" premiere was preceded by a series of declines for the network's offerings, starting with "Animal Practice" at 8, which slipped 15 percent from last week to a 1.1/3 and 3.9 million total viewers. "Guys With Kids" at 8:30 fell 13 percent from last week, taking a 1.4/4 and posting 4.2 million total viewers.

"Law & Order" dropped 14 percent from its season premiere two weeks ago for a 1.8/5 and taking 6.2 million total viewers.