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zaterdag 14 april 2012

Jesse Eisenberg Re-Teaming With Aaron Sorkin for HBO's 'Newsroom' Pilot

Jesse Eisenberg Re-Teaming With Aaron Sorkin for HBO's 'Newsroom' Pilot

Jesse Eisenberg and Aaron Sorkin are having a little bit of a reunion.

Eisenberg, star of "The Social Network," will appear in the pilot episode of Sorkin's HBO series "The Newsroom." (Sorkin, of course, wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for the 2010 film about the gestational era of Facebook.)

Alas, Eisenberg's participation will be fairly minimal -- he has a small voiceover part, and only for the pilot episode, which airs June 24 at 10 p.m.

"The Newsroom" stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston, and revolves around a cable news anchor (played by Daniels) and his new executive producer, newsroom staff and boss as they attempt to do honest reporting in an atmosphere of corporate-controlled media.

Les Moonves' $69.9M Makes Him Highest-Paid Media CEO of 2011 -- So Far

Les Moonves' $69.9M Makes Him Highest-Paid Media CEO of 2011 -- So Far

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves received $69.9 million in compensation last year, making him the highest-paid media CEO of companies that have so far disclosed their executives' 2011 pay.

His compensation was up 21 percent from the $57.7 million he received in 2010, which was up 34 percent from the year before. His compensation was included in a Security Exchange Commission filing Friday.

CBS stock was up more than 40 percent last year.

"In fact, the company is the second best performing stock in the entire S&P 500 since March of 2009, up 11-fold in that time frame," CBS said in a statement. "The vast majority of this year’s pay is once again keyed to performance-based measures, closely aligning the overall value of the compensation with that of the Company’s shareholders."

CBS executive chairman Sumner Redstone received $20.3 million in 2011, almost exactly the same amount he received in 2010.

Moonves' compensation included a base salary of $3.5 million, plus a $27.5 million bonus, $8.5 million in stock awards, and $27.3 million in option awards. Redstone's included a $1.75 million base, a $10 million bonus, $5.5 million in stock awards, and $3 million in option awards.

In 2010, Moonves was the second-highest paid media executive behind Viacom president and CEO Philippe P. Dauman, whose $84.5 million in compensation also made him the highest-paid U.S. CEO overall. For the latest fiscal year, Dauman received a mere (irony intended) $43.1 million.

The highest-paid CEO overall for 2011 depends on how you count. The New York Times says Apple CEO Tim Cook's $378 million makes him the best compensated. But a Fortune report argues that the $378 million figure is misleading because Cook will only receive the money if he remains with the company over 10 years.

The Times' list of highest-paid executives, compiled with help from executive-pay tracking firm Equilar, found that Oracle's Lawrence J. Ellison followed Cook last year with $77.6 million in compensation, and that he was followed by J.C. Penny's Ronald B. Johnson at $53.3 million.

Moonves would appear to have bumped Johnson for the third-place spot -- if you accept that Cook is indeed No. 1.

Adele, Barack Obama spoofed in new Channel 4 show 'VIP'

Adele, Barack Obama spoofed in new Channel 4 show 'VIP'

Channel 4's new comedy series VIP is hoping to revolutionise impression shows, bringing them into the 21st century and skewering our favourite (and most hated) celebs at the same time.

Everyone from Natalie Cassidy to Adele and Liam Gallagher to President Obama are ripe for a comedy kicking by cheeky duo Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott.

"VIP's hugely talented cast of new faces have managed to capture the quirks of dozens of modern celebrities. Filming a topical section each week also means we'll be perfectly placed to keep up with the pace of the celebrity merry-go-round and no-one will escape our gaze," said Fiona McDermott, commissioning editor at Channel 4.

"The results make for a brilliantly original and most importantly very funny show indeed. Celebrities beware!"

Very Important People starts on Friday, April 27 on Channel 4.

'Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham to appear in 'Merlin'?

'Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham to appear in 'Merlin'?

Liam Cunningham has hinted that he may appear in the next series of Merlin.

The Irish actor currently plays Ser Davos Seaworth in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

"Flew from Dublin to Cardiff yesterday to be a corpse today," he wrote on Twitter. "I rehearsed the scene after a few pints last night."

Cunningham added that his tweet was "definitely not" related to his role in Game of Thrones.

"[It's related to] a different job," he insisted.

He later wrote: "Been filming with the wonderful Richard Wilson. Can you believe it?"

Wilson plays Gaius in the BBC series, which concluded its fourth run on Christmas Eve 2011.

Cunningham has previously appeared in episodes of Strike Back, Outcasts and Murphy's Law. His film credits include 2001's Dog Soldiers and 2011's War Horse.

Merlin creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy previously told Digital Spy that the series could continue beyond the upcoming fifth run.

"We've always planned five series, but it depends on how popular the show is," said the pair. "There's every possibility it could continue."

'The Voice' Australia judges shocked at Delta Goodrem's tough manner

'The Voice' Australia judges shocked at Delta Goodrem's tough manner

Delta Goodrem has reportedly shocked her fellow The Voice Australia judges with her tough exterior.

The Aussie singer, who sits on the panel of the new reality TV show alongside Joel Madden, Seal and Keith Urban, said that people expect her to be sweet and shy but added that she would never be as successful as she is if that were true.

Goodrem told The Telegraph: "Maybe it's just that people have known me since I was so young and I was really shy when I first stepped on the scene. I was always this fun, jokey, relaxed [person] with that fighting spirit, outside of music.

"This show has been great to just be me up on stage and have all these sides [to my personality]. I'm really glad after ten years that people are still being surprised by me."

When questioned about her aggressive ambition, the 27-year-old said: "How do you think I've stayed around so long? How do you think I'm still here?"

Goodrem's friend and fellow coach Madden added: "To me, Delta is a great example of what I love about Australian women.

"She is strong, she's been through a lot. She knows who she is and she's first and foremost a writer and musician. At the same time she can take the punches, can laugh and doesn't take it so seriously. It's a quality I love about Australian people."

After rumours of a romance between Goodrem and Madden surfaced last month, the Good Charlotte singer insisted that he is still with Nicole Richie and that he views Goodrem as "my little sister, who's taller than me".

The Voice airs on Sundays at 6.30pm on the Nine Network.

Ian Hislop: 'Ricky Gervais makes me turn off my TV'

Ian Hislop: 'Ricky Gervais makes me turn off my TV'

Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has said that Ricky Gervais is one of his least favourite comics.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the Have I Got News For You satirist singled out the Derek star as the man most likely to persuade him to switch his TV set off.

Of comedy he enjoys, the 51-year-old highlighted Jack Whitehall's Channel 4 sitcom Fresh Meat, adding: "I was watching Raw Meat - er, Fresh Meat - with Jack Whitehall.

"He is very funny in it but I think, 'Is student life really like that now?'. I mean, it's terrifying, isn't it?

"It's one of those comedies that is both sort of deeply worrying and, of course, very funny. I've been watching some very odd things."

'Misfits' star Joe Gilgun: 'Series four will be completely outrageous'

'Misfits' star Joe Gilgun: 'Series four will be completely outrageous'

Misfits star Joe Gilgun has insisted that the fourth series will be "disgusting and completely outrageous".

The actor - who plays Rudy on the E4 drama - told SFX that he is yet to see scripts for the new episodes.

"I'm properly looking forward to it this year and the storyline is always f**king hilarious," he said. "[Series creator] Howard [Overman] is just a fricking genius."

He added: "[I don't know] b*llocks. Literally, they don't trust me. I don't blame them neither. It's a case of wait and see, really.

"I'm sure it'll be disgusting and completely outrageous. And it'll have an effect on the people that watch it."

Misfits will introduce three new regular characters, following the departures of Iwan Rheon (Simon) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha).

"I don't know who's playing them," said Gilgun. "I've no doubt they'll be exceptional people.

"The casting people... do know what they're doing and they don't want to f**k up and let the the audience down because it's got a massive following."

Misfits was officially picked up for a fourth year in December.

The series will return to E4 in late 2012.

Roger Ailes' Soledad O'Brien Dig: She Was 'Named After a Prison'

Roger Ailes' Soledad O'Brien Dig: She Was 'Named After a Prison'

Roger Ailes probably should probably hire a new joke writer.

The Fox News president made headlines Friday after taking an inexplicable -- and not particularly witty -- dig at CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien.

The comment came during an appearance at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Thursday. Ailes was on campus as part of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Roy H. Park Distinguished Lecture Series, but one particular comment from Ailes wasn't particularly distinguished at all.

During an after-lecture interview with student journalists Eliza Kern and Steve Norton, Ailes referred to O'Brien -- who anchors the CNN morning news show "Starting Point" -- as "that girl that's named after a prison."

Presumably, Ailes was referring to the Soledad Correctional Training Facility in Monterey County, Calif. It's not yet clear why Ailes would believe that O'Brien was named after the facility -- or why he would think that students at the University of North Carolina would be particularly familiar with the California prison system.

At any rate, O'Brien cleared the air on the matter via her Twitter account Friday morning. Replying to a tweet asking if she was, in fact, named after a prison, O'Brien replied, "Of course not. Maria de la Soledad means the Virgin Mary."

During his lecture, Ailes discussed myriad topics that didn't involve the supposed origins of O'Brien's moniker. He also addressed the Fox employee who had been serving as a "mole" to the web site Gawker (" there are some real, ethical, serious questions about it,” Ailes offered) and GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who has recently been critical of Fox News, for which he served as commentator before throwing his hat into the 2012 campaign.

Gingrich took a dig at his former employer, Ailes offered, because he's 'trying to get a job at CNN because he knows he isn’t going to get to come back to Fox News.”'

Somehow, Ailes managed to avoid referring to Gingrich as "that guy who salamanders are named after."

Disney Channel Orders Live Action Comedy Series "Dog With A Blog"

Disney Channel Orders Live Action Comedy Series "Dog With A Blog"

The series, due this fall, stars G. Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Beth Littleford, Regan Burns and Stephen Full as the voice of Stan the dog.

Disney Channel, the leading TV network for kids and families, has ordered "Dog With A Blog," a live action comedy series from Emmy-winning producer Michael B. Kaplan. A family sitcom from the pet's point-of-view, it centers on step-siblings whose parents buy them a dog to encourage them to get along. That happens - to some extent - as brother and sister discover a big secret about their family's latest addition... that the dog can talk AND blog. The series will introduce a talented cast, among them, Disney Channel's next big star: a four year-old, mixed breed named Kuma in the role of Stan, the talking dog with a blog. The announcement was made today by Adam Bonnett, Senior Vice President, Original Programming, Disney Channel.

Production on the multi-camera series will begin this June in Hollywood for premiere in fall 2012 on Disney Channel U.S. and soon thereafter on Disney Channels around the world.

Starring are: G. Hannelius ("Den Brother," "Good Luck Charlie"), Blake Michael ("Lemonade Mouth"), Francesca Capaldi ("A.N.T. Farm"), Beth Littleford ("I'm in the Band," "Crazy, Stupid Love," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"), Regan Burns ("Wizards of Waverly Place") and Stephen Full ("I'm in the Band") as the voice of Stan the dog. Kuma is a Husky/Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix who was rescued from a shelter. He is trained by Guin Dill and Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals, an animal company with over 40 years combined experience in the motion picture and TV industry.

Bonnett said, "With our track record of discovering young talent who are 'triple threats,' we launched a nationwide search and our reward is that we found the one dog who could talk, blog and do his own stunts. Working with kids and animals has never been more fun!"

In "Dog With A Blog," Tyler and Avery are new step-siblings. Tyler is popular, charismatic and seems to get by solely on his looks, and Avery is smart, socially responsible and despises guys like Tyler. However, the biggest adjustment for the newly blended family comes with their new dog Stan - who talks and blogs. He's smart, a bit of a trouble maker and loves his new family, who must keep his marvelous ability a secret. Stan's canine point of view, whether in the home, in the yard or on his blog, helps the kids navigate both their new sibling situation and ultimately, becomes the tie that binds the family of six (Tyler, Avery, little sister Chloe, Mom, Dad and Stan). Even though he talks and likes a lot of "human" things, Stan is still pure dog. He chases his tail, barks at mailmen, ardently approaches poodles and is not so wild about cats.

"Dog With A Blog" was created and executive-produced by Michael B. Kaplan who most recently created and executive-produced Disney XD's "I'm in the Band." His credits also include "Frasier" for which he received an Emmy Award, "Roseanne," "Girlfriends" for which he received a BET Comedy Award, and "Doogie Howser, M.D." The pilot was directed by Neal Israel ("Kickin' It," "Zeke and Luther," "Even Stevens") and produced by Leo Clarke ("Pair of Kings").

AMC Confirms July Return for "Breaking Bad"

AMC Confirms July Return for "Breaking Bad"

An exact premiere date however has yet to be announced.

The fifth and final season of the critically acclaimed original drama series "Breaking Bad" premieres this summer on AMC. From acclaimed writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan, the series follows the story of a Walter White, a milquetoast high school chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and with a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to gain financial security for his family, chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world.

The series stars Bryan Cranston who won three consecutive Emmy(R) Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor for his portrayal of Walter White and Aaron Paul, who won the 2010 Emmy(R) winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman. The rest of the cast includes Anna Gunn as Skyler White; Dean Norris as Hank Schrader; Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader; RJ Mitte as Walter, Jr; Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman; and Jonathan Banks as Mike.

Katie Price, Leandro Penna 'to appear on X-rated Strictly-style show'

Katie Price, Leandro Penna 'to appear on X-rated Strictly-style show'

Katie Price has reportedly signed up to appear on Argentina's adult spin on Strictly Come Dancing, Bailando Por Un Sueno.

Price revealed that she would be joining her partner Leandro Penna on the show during an appearance on Argentinian TV via webcam yesterday.

Penna said that his glamour model girlfriend insisted on taking part because of the raunchy nature of the show.

"The truth is she's very jealous and won't let me dance with anyone unless it's her. It seems I'm going to have to bring her to Argentina. She'll dance with me," he said.

Bailando Por Un Sueno, which translates to "dancing for a dream", has been investigated by the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communications Services in the past because of the explicit nature of some of its routines.

A routine on last year's show featuring Cinthia Fernández caused controversy when it featured her dancing in a G-string, before having her partner pour red wine over her breasts as part of the finale.

Price is currently filming another run of her Sky Living reality show Katie.

Julian Assange TV Show to Premiere Next Week

Julian Assange TV Show to Premiere Next Week

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's TV show "The World Tomorrow" will premiere Tuesday, April 17, WikiLeaks said via TwitLonger on Friday.

The 12-episode series will feature Assange, who's currently under house arrest in the English countryside, interviewing subjects "who are stamping their mark on the future: politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries," according to WikiLeaks. "The World Tomorrow" will be broadcast by RT (formerly Russia Today), a global, multi-lingual news network.

The show, which was announced in January, was originally scheduled to premiere in mid-March.

According to Assange, the goal of "The World Tomorrow" is “to capture and present some of this revolutionary spirit to a global audience. My own work with WikiLeaks hasn't exactly made my life easier, but it has given us a platform to broadcast world-shifting ideas.”

Assange, who also serves Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, has been both reviled and hailed for his disclosure of government secrets, and also made headlines with allegations of sexual misconduct.

The internet whistle-blower promised that "The World Tomorrow" will boast a "frank and irreverent tone." The show's original music is composed by "Paper Planes" singer M.I.A. -- who's been known to exhibit some frank and irreverent behavior herself.

'The Big Bang Theory', 'Celebrity Juice' dominate multichannels

'The Big Bang Theory', 'Celebrity Juice' dominate multichannels

The Big Bang Theory and Celebrity Juice both pulled in large numbers last night, according to overnight data.

The E4 sitcom starring Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons took a hefty 1.11m (4.8%) and 365k (1.6%) on +1, despite being slightly down on last week's 100th episode, with Celebrity Juice grabbing 1.75m (9%) on ITV2 from 10pm (+1: 303k/2.8%).

Elsewhere on E4, a brand new episode of Happy Endings entertained 261k (1.1%).

On the terrestrials, Long Lost Family won the 9pm hour with 4.86m (21.2%). An additional 289k (1.6%) saw it on timeshift.

On BBC One, Watchdog drew 4.38m (18.5%) from 8pm, with Out of Africa: Ivory Wars managing 2.26m (9.9%) afterwards.

Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Albert Halls appealed to 3.04m (13.3%) on Channel 4 (+1: 407k/2.3%). Earlier, Get Your House in Order was seen by 955k (4%) with 294k (1.3%) on +1.

From 10pm, Ricky Gervais's Derek was watched by 1.86m (9.2%) and 246k (2.1%) on timeshift.

BBC Two showed Natural World (1.67m/7%) and White Heat (1.16m/5.1%).

Channel 5's airing of The Perfect Storm attracted 721k (3.8%).

Overall, ITV1 won primetime with 21.9% (+1: 0.7%) ahead of BBC One's 18.1%. Channel 4's 7.2% (+1: 1.2%) beat BBC Two's 6.6%, while Channel 5's 2.9% (+1: 0.1%) staved off ITV2's 2.6% (+1: 0.3%) to hold on to fifth place.

'EastEnders' star Cheryl Fergison signs for Celebrity Big Brother?

'EastEnders' star Cheryl Fergison signs for Celebrity Big Brother?

Cheryl Fergison has reportedly signed up for this year's second series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Channel 5 will air a second run of the reality show at the end of the summer and the former EastEnders star is rumoured to have landed a big money deal to appear on the show.

Fergison played Heather Trott in the BBC soap for five years, but was killed off last month. According to The Sun, she will pocket £175,000 for the deal.

Ex-News of the World journalist Paul McMullen, Swedish footballer Freddie Ljungberg, Bachelor star Carianne Barrow and controversial journalist and TV producer Samantha Brick are also among the rumoured lineup.

Model and DJ Jakki Degg is also reportedly taking part.

The January edition of Celebrity Big Brother was a ratings hit for Channel 5 and was won by Loose Women star and actress Denise Welch.

TV Tonight 14th of April 2012

TV Tonight 14th of April 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    24/7 S16E01: "Mayweather/Cotto (1)"
    48 Hours Mystery S25E23: "The Stranger Beside Me"
    Area no Kishi S01E15: "Strong Opponent!? Tsujido"
    Beyblade: Metal Fusion S02E36: "The Plot Begins to Move"
    Bleach (US) S13E20
    Britain's Got More Talent S06E04: "Series 6, Episode 4"
    Britain's Got Talent S06E04: "Series 6 - Auditions 4"
    Casualty S26E31: "Fools For Love"
    Dan vs. S02E12: "Stupidity"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E211: "Episode 1891"
    Escape Routes S01E03: "Season 1, Episode 3"
    Fairy Tail S03E31: "The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang"
    Fate/Zero S02E02: "Golden Shine"
    Formula 1 S04E05: "Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying"
    Green Lantern: The Animated Series S01E07: "Reckoning"
    How to Rock S01E11: "How to Rock a Birthday Party"
    Iedereen is gek op Jack S02E06: "Gebruiksaanwijzing"
    Ik hou van Holland S09E07: "Season 9, Episode 7"
    Keith Lemon's Lemon Aid S01E02: "Episode 2"
    Match of The Day S47E50: "Season 47, Show 50"
    Mesternes Mester S04E08: "Season 4, Episode 8"
    Must Love Cats S02E06: "Apps for Cats and Prison Kitties"
    Nazo no Kanojo X S01E02: "Mysterious Bond"
    Ozuma S01E05: "Episode 5"
    Parking Wars S06E11: "Season 6, Episode 11"
    Parking Wars S06E10: "Season 6, Episode 10"
    Pokémon S15E09: "The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!"
    Power Rangers S19E09: "Runaway Spike"
    Saturday Kitchen S10E42: "April 14, 2012"
    Saturday Night Live S37E19: "Josh Brolin/Gotye"
    Schlag den Raab S06E05: "Season 6, Episode 5"
    Southern Nights S01E02: "Jones Street"
    Tanked S02E01: "Fish Out of Water"
    Texas Women S02E02: "Take the Bull by the Horns"
    That Metal Show S10E03: "T&N (George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown)"
    The Aquabats Super Show S01E07: "Haunted Battletram!"
    The Cube S05E01: "Series 5, Episode 1"
    The Firm S01E13: "Chapter Thirteen"
    The Football League Show S03E34: "Series 3, Episode 34"
    The Legend of Korra S01E02: "A Leaf in the Wind"
    The Legend of Korra S01E01: "Welcome to Republic City"
    The Million Pound Drop Live S09E08: "Series 9, Episode 8"
    The Voice (UK) S01E04: "Blind Auditions 4"
    Thundercats (2011) S01E17: "Native Son"
    Transformers: Prime S02E09: "Grill"
    UFC on Fuel TV S01E02: "UFC on Fuel TV 2: Gustafsson vs. Silva"
    Victorious S03E08: "Driving Tori Crazy"
    Young Justice S01E25: "Usual Suspects"

Ratings: 'Scandal' Grows as Fox Wins With 'American Idol'

Ratings: 'Scandal' Grows as Fox Wins With 'American Idol'

"American Idol" grew from last week to push Fox to an overall win Thursday night, while ABC's "Scandal" ticked up from its so-so premiere numners in its second week, according to preliminary numbers.

Fox came in first in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers, with an average 3.2 rating/9 share in the demo and 11.8 million. "American Idol" at 8 was up 8 percent from last week with a 4.2/12 in the demo and 15.3 million total viewers -- making it the highest-rated and most-watched program of the night. "Touch" at 9 stayed even in the demo compared to last week with a 2.3/6, but enjoyed a 14 percent boost in total viewers with 8.2 million.

CBS took second place in the demo and total viewers with an average 2.4/7 and 8.8 million, despite running mostly repeats. The network's sole original programming for the night, "Rules of Engagement" at 8:30, was flat in the demo with last week's season low, receiving a 2.7/8, with 8.5 million total viewers.

ABC was third in ratings and total viewers with an average 2.1/6 in the demo and 8 million. The network saw minor growth over last week with the exception of "Missing" at 8, which dipped 7 percent in the demo to a series low of 1.4/4, with 7.9 million total viewers. "Grey's Anatomy" the following hour received a 2.9/8 and 8.8 million total viewers. "Scandal" at 10 grew 5 percent in the demo over last week's modest premiere, earning a 2.1/6 and 7.5 million total viewers.

Univision took fourth place in ratings and total viewers with an average 1.5/4 and 3.7 million. "Una Familia Con Suerte" at 8 received a 1.6/5 in the demo and 3.7 million total viewers, while "Un Abismo de Passion" at 9 drew a 1.5/4 and 3.7 million total viewers. "La Que No Podia Amar" at 10 pulled a 1.5/4 in the demo and 3.6 million total viewers.

NBC took fifth place in ratings and total viewers with an average 1.3/4 in the demo and 3.2 million. "Community" at 8 ticked up 8 percent from last week for a 1.4/5, with 3.2 million total viewers. "30 Rock" at 8:30 grew 17 percent in the demo compared to last week, receiving a 1.4/4 with 3 million total viewers. "The Office" at 9, meanwhile, dropped 13 percent from its last original airing four weeks ago, hitting a series low of 2.1/6 in the demo and 4.4 million total viewers. The season finale of "Up All Night" grew 25 percent over last week for a 1.5/4 and 3.2 million total viewers. "Awake" at 10 remained static with last week, tying a series low of 0.9/2 in the demo. It had 2.6 million total viewers.

'Doctor Who's Karen Gillan joins Twitter

'Doctor Who's Karen Gillan joins Twitter

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has signed up for Twitter.

The actress posted her first tweet on the social networking site last night (April 12), and has already amassed over 45,000 followers.

Gillan posted a photo of herself with Doctor Who co-star Matt Smith in New York City, while they are filming her final episode of the sci-fi series with Arthur Darvill.

"Thanks to everyone following me!!! Argh this is really exciting. Oh, and by the way...WE ARE IN NEW YORK!!!! (sic)," she wrote.

She later joked: "Someone could have told me to turn off my email notifications when i joined twitter today. Plus side? That many cyber friends."

Gillan and Darvill's final episode will occur in the fifth instalment of the upcoming seventh series.

The actress recently said that leaving the show will be a "strange shock to the system".

Madonna for 'Daybreak', 'Lorraine' interview next week

Madonna for 'Daybreak', 'Lorraine' interview next week

Madonna will have a special morning dedicated to her on ITV1 next week.

The 'Gimme All Your Luvin'' singer will be interviewed by Dan Wootton, to be spread across both Daybreak and Lorraine on Friday (April 20).

Wootton revealed that it will be Madonna's only UK interview this summer as she promotes her latest album MDNA.

In a short clip ahead of next week's broadcast, Madonna revealed what she does and doesn't miss about living in the UK.

"I miss riding my bike everywhere, I miss the British sense of humour," she said. "What [do] I miss the least? The congestion charge."

Madonna will talk about a range of subjects including her thoughts on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Adele and motherhood.

The entertainer is rumoured to be releasing 'Turn Up the Radio' as her next single from MDNA.

Neil Morrissey, Sarah Alexander for BBC One comedy 'Me & Mrs Jones'

Neil Morrissey, Sarah Alexander for BBC One comedy 'Me & Mrs Jones'

Neil Morrissey and Sarah Alexander have signed up to star in a new BBC One sitcom.

Me & Mrs Jones is written by Green Wing's Oriane Messina and Fay Rusling, and directed by Doctor Who's Nick Hurran. Rules of Love's Serena Cullen will produce.

The comedy centres around Mrs Jones (Alexander) as she juggles motherhood and her love life. She has an ex-husband, a grown-up son, two young daughters and many young male admirers.

Merlin actor Nathaniel Parker and Misfits star Robert Sheehan will also star in the show.

BBC One's Controller of Comedy Cheryl Taylor said: "If there has been any anxiety recently about the number of funny women working in comedy here we have the perfect antidote with the wonderful Sarah Alexander starring in a highly entertaining series written by Fay and Oriane and produced by Beryl [Vertue] and Serena. Perfick."

Executive producer Vertue added: "Producing comedy for the BBC is something we have done with great pride for many years and I am delighted we are back on BBC One with a new series.

"Hartswood Films has long been a creative hub for comedy, and it is a genuine pleasure to be working with the talented team behind Me & Mrs. Jones."

Production for the sitcom will begin at Teddington Studios from May 21.

Neil Morrissey accepted "substantial" damages from the Daily Mail over a libellous article in January.

The actor last appeared on BBC screens on Waterloo Road as Eddie Lawson until 2009.

Danny O'Donoghue: 'I'm surprised I was offered Voice UK role'

Danny O'Donoghue: 'I'm surprised I was offered Voice UK role'

Danny O'Donoghue has admitted he is still shocked the BBC offered him a coaching role on The Voice UK.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter, famous for being the frontman in Irish band The Script, won his seat on the BBC talent show over Will Young.

"I have absolutely no idea how I managed to talk my way into it," he told Fabulous magazine.

"I'd interviewed for the position and been called back, but I heard that people like Mary J Blige were also in the running. I knew Will Young was the favourite.

"As far as I was aware there was a lot of hearsay and rumour and I didn't know anything for sure. But I was so thrilled to get the job."

The 'For The First Time' singer, who judges alongside Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and, also revealed that The Voice's success has increased his popularity.

"After the show went out I had 200 marriage proposals in two days," he recalled. "Crazy stuff. And I get a lot of girls tweeting the same message over and over asking me to follow them, which is a bit like someone constantly ringing your doorbell.

"I'm loving it though. I see it as a bit of fun unless it starts getting stalkerish. My mother checks my Twitter, and I wouldn't like her to see what people have said they'd like to do to me."

However, O'Donoghue insisted: "I never wanted to be famous for being famous. I wanted to be known for my music.

"But we've been looking for a project that would help get our personalities across for quite a while and this was the best way forward. Now's the time to go balls to the wall."

A&E Renews 'Storage Wars,' 'Storage Wars: Texas' and 'Shipping Wars'

A&E Renews 'Storage Wars,' 'Storage Wars: Texas' and 'Shipping Wars'

A lot of junk will be purchased and hauled across the country on A&E this summer, as the network has ordered new, 26-episode seasons of its hit reality shows "Storage Wars," "Storage Wars: Texas" and "Shipping Wars."

All three shows will premiere their latest seasons this summer.

"Storage Wars," which debuted in 2010 and has become the cable network's highest-rated series, follows the adventures of a group of auction hunters. The new season will be the show's fourth.

Meanwhile, a spin-off series, "Storage Wars: Texas," premiered in December. Another spin-off, based in New York, is in development at the network.

A&E's latest "Wars" franchise -- "Shipping Wars" -- debuted on the network in January to three million viewers.

"America is at a crossroads where people are finding new ways to make money and earn a living," said David McKillop, executive vice president of programming for A&E. "We're holding a mirror up to this trend in our programming, and it's proven to be incredibly relatable to our viewers, yet remain highly entertaining."

'Community' Star Donald Glover Guesting on '30 Rock' Live Episode - as Tracy Jordan

'Community' Star Donald Glover Guesting on '30 Rock' Live Episode - as Tracy Jordan

"Community" star and former "30 Rock" writer Donald Glover will return to his former show to play a younger version of Tracy Morgan's Tracy Jordan character.

A "30 Rock" representative confirms to TheWrap that Glover will guest star in the April 26 live episode. The episode features Kabletown deciding that the "30 Rock" show-within-a-show, "TGS," should be taped instead of airing live.

In addition to working as a writer and executive story editor on "30 Rock," Glover also made cameo appearances on the series.

And he does a solid Tracy Morgan impression. "30 Rock" executive producer Robert Carlock told, which first reported Glover's guest spot, that Glover filled in for Morgan on some of the vocals for an extended version of "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah," Tracy Jordan's novelty song. The multi-talented Glover records hip-hop under the name Childish Gambino.

Glover is also co-starring in the 2013 movie "The To-Do List," written by Maggie Carey. It also stars Carey's husband, "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Hader, as well as "Parks and Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza, Andy Samberg, Rachel Bilson, Adam Pally and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Glover's upcoming appearances as Childish Gambino include a performance at Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago in August.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Describes Fire Rescue on CNN

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Describes Fire Rescue on CNN

Add saving a woman from a fire to Cory Booker's long list of accomplishments: The second-term mayor of Newark, N.J. rescued one of his constituents from a house fire Thursday, suffering smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on his hand.

Booker, one of the main subjects of the Sundance Channel's excellent "Brick City," shook off members of his security detail who tried to keep him from entering the building. They had been helping rescue people before Booker arrived.

When a woman said her adult daughter was still inside, Booker ran inside and found her in a back bedroom.

Good press? Well, yeah. CNN's caption for its interview with Booker about the rescue was "Super Mayor to the Rescue."

Booker is one of the country's more hands-on mayors. He has personally joined police on late-night street patrols in Newark, where crime has dropped significantly since he took office. He has chosen to live in some of the city's worst neighborhoods. And while New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was roundly criticized for mishandling the city's response to a 2010 snowstorm, Booker, across the Hudson River, used Twitter to stay in touch with snowed-in residents. He sent plows to their homes, or he and his staff dug them out themselves.

Glee - The songs from "Saturday Night Glee-ver"

Glee - The songs from "Saturday Night Glee-ver"

"Saturday Night Glee-ver" is the upcoming sixteenth episode of the third season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 60th overall. The episode is set to air on Fox in the United States on April 17, 2012, and features a tribute to the '70s movie Saturday Night Fever

Will (Matthew Morrison) becomes concerned that several of his students do not have a certain direction for their future, so he attempts to motivate them through the '70s movie Saturday Night Fever and its Bee Gees–infused soundtrack. While some of the glee club members put the lesson to use in order to see their future clearer, it influences others to help their significant others' future. Meanwhile, Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) returns with a goal of stealing control of the Cheerios away from Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), and a student from Vocal Adrenaline (Alex Newell) seeks words of wisdom from Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Mercedes (Amber Riley).