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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

'Dexter' Answers Criticism That Last Season Was the Worst

Television Critics Association panels often feel like softball games, where actors and producers swing at softly lobbed questions along the lines of, "How do you balance so many great projects?"

Monday's "Dexter" panel was a rare exception.

Things took their first turn for the awkward when one reporter asked co-stars and former spouses Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter to describe what they liked about each other's acting. (They paid each other some lovely compliments, with Hall calling Capenter "the best scene partner I've ever had.")

And then things got less comfortable. The show's previous season, it's sixth, was criticized for a widely spoiled reveal involving Edward James Olmos' character. The season was also denied an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series after "Dexter" was nominated for four years straight.

One reporter noted -- with tactful phrasing -- that the show's sixth season is also often considered its "sixth best," and asked the writers if they had any changes in mind.


"That's a very loaded question," said executive producer Sara Colleton. "We have the same writers and we are going to do what we do every year, which is to reach down and find something unique and original and true about these characters to advance them."

Added Hall: "Whatever your opinion about ranking the seasons, I will say that for my money 'Dexter' is never more compelling than when he is in trouble. And he's never been in deeper trouble than he is now."

That's because the show is making a change that can't help but heighten the drama: Season 6 ended with Dexter's sister, Deb (Carpenter) catching him in the act of committing a murder. Until now, Dexter (Hall) has been able to conceal his murdering ways from those closest to him.

Several questions later, Carpenter asked if she could return to the "sixth best" question.

"If you had asked that question before we'd shot a single frame this year, that might have hurt my feelings," she told the reporter who asked it. "But because I know what we're doing this year, I'm really excited."

The panelists were also asked what they would do if they, like Deb, discovered their sibling was a serial killer.

"Call the police," said Carpenter.

"I would think it was ironic," said Hall. "Given my day job."

Fred Willard's Comedy Series Canceled by ABC

Fred Willard has a lot more time to enjoy the theater now.

ABC has canceled Willard's improv comedy series "Trust Us With Your Life," less than two weeks after Willard was arrested for allegedly committing a lewd act in a Hollywood adult theater.

An individual familiar with the situation told that the cancelation was unrelated to Willard's arrest. Indeed, the series' ratings suggest that no other rationale was needed to ax the show. After inauspicious premiere numbers, the series eventually dropped to a 0.6 rating/2 share in the 18-49 demo most important to advertisers, the week after Willard's arrest.

The two remaining episodes have been pulled from the network's schedule.

Shortly after his arrest, which occurred during a routine inspection by LAPD vice officers, Willard was dropped as the host from the PBS antiques show "Market Warriors," which had premiered just two days prior to the arrest.

Last week Willard crowed about his continued involvement with "Trust Us With Your Life" while promoting the latest episode, writing, "I was not fired from TUWYL so B sure 2 watch Trust Us With your life Tues, ABC 9" in a tweet.

Willard has maintained his innocence in the matter.

When Does Obama Have Time to Watch 'Homeland'? Its Star Explains

President Obama has called "Homeland" one of his favorite shows, and the show's male lead, Damian Lewis, got to ask the commander in chief exactly when he finds time to watch.

Lewis was invited to the White House in March during a state dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

How did he score the invitation? "I'm a Brit playing an American," he said. "I kind of ticked a lot of boxes."

He said he had a moment to talk with Obama and Cameron about the show.

"I did ask... when you guys get to watch TV, aren't you supposed to be running the free world together? ... He said, yes, Saturday afternoons, Michelle and the two girls go play tennis, and I go in the Oval Office, I pretend I'm gonna work, and I switch on 'Homeland.'"

Obama golfs sometimes, too. Draw up the articles of impeachment.

'Celebrity MasterChef's Gregg Wallace: 'Victoria Hervey was the worst'

Gregg Wallace has claimed that Victoria Hervey was the worst ever Celebrity MasterChef contestant.

Wallace told Heat that the model and socialite wanted to use a shop-bought jar of pesto in her pasta dish.

Asked who was the best cook, Wallace said: "Since they won it? Lisa Faulkner. At the time of winning? Phil Vickery, closely followed by Nadia Sawalha."

"The worst was that model, Victoria Hervey. She wanted to make spaghetti and pesto using a jar of pesto."

He added: "From the series you can expect to see us break down the fa├žade of celeb and turn these people into normal contestants. That, for me, is the thrill of Celebrity MasterChef.

"If they get through the early stages, they just want it so badly. They stop being celebs and start being MasterChef contestants."

Co-host John Torode said: "At times we see the best cooking we've ever had, and at other times we see the worst. It's real extremes."

Big Brother Adam Kelly confesses to 'lusting' after housemates

Adam Kelly has confessed to Big Brother about lusting after his female co-stars.

The former LA gang member revealed in this week's Confessions challenge that he had inappropriate thoughts about Deana Uppal, Sara McLean and Lauren Carre during his stint on the show.

"I have lusted over housemates, talked in a more sexual way than I should have," said Adam.

Scott Mason also confessed to having sexual thoughts about a housemate - Luke Scrase - mentioning a dream he had about the club promoter.

"It's not recurring, it will never recur, it was just the devil," he joked.

Meanwhile, Luke Anderson confessed to being envious of Luke Scrase, Arron Lowe and Benedict Garrett's physiques and Adam's penis size.

Big Brother continues daily on Channel 5.

Dannii Minogue denies 'Strictly Come Dancing' link

Dannii Minogue has denied reports linking her with a spot on this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

The former X Factor judge was alleged to be deciding on whether or not to take part in the BBC One show, according to The Mirror.

However, her spokesperson later denied the link, confirming that Minogue will not join this year's lineup.

"Dannii is definitely not taking part in Strictly Come Dancing this year," her PR stated.

The insider had originally claimed: "The Strictly team would love to have Dannii as a contestant. She would be a huge attraction.

"There has been a series of talks with her and her team, and the ball was very much left in her court."

Minogue was previously rumoured to be making a return as a judge on The X Factor.

However, she allegedly rejected a deal to come back to the ITV1 talent show, which is said to have been in the region of £1 million.

Chris Evans, snooker star Ronnie O'Sullivan and Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan have also been tipped to feature in the next series.

'TOWIE' stars 'threatened with sack after walkouts'

The Only Way is Essex stars are reportedly facing the sack following recent walkouts.

Several cast members of the ITV2 series were recently said to have walked out of filming after complaining about low pay and long working hours.

However, producers have now allegedly sent out a warning letter to cast members telling them that they may be axed if they keep halting production.

"Bosses aren't prepared to take any nonsense," an insider told The Sun.

"They know some cast members have been complaining about long hours and low pay, but have told them to stop whingeing and get on with it.

"Producers are particularly annoyed about time-keeping and the way some of them treat production staff. The stars have been told they have to start arriving on time and must be respectful to the crew."

The source added: "They have been told nobody is bigger than the show - and if they don't like it they should leave as there are loads of people who'd replace them in a heartbeat.

"Even though the cast only get paid £80 a day, they earn thousands from personal appearances and deals they wouldn't get if they weren't on the show, so producers feel in a strong position."

James Corden denies 'Gavin & Stacey' revival rumours

James Corden has denied reports that he is planning more episodes of Gavin & Stacey.

The comic and writer was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that he "definitely" plans to revive the popular BBC comedy.

However, Corden wrote on his official Twitter account: "Getting loads of messages about a Gavin and Stacey special. I'm sorry to say there are no plans right now I'm afraid, but maybe one day!"

Joanna Page (Stacey) previously told Digital Spy that she doesn't expect Gavin & Stacey to return as its stars are now too busy.

"It would be a nightmare trying to get everyone back together again," she suggested. "So I don't think there will be another one."

Mary-Louise Parker Seeking New Show After 'Weeds'

Mary-Louise Parker wants to return to television after the finale of "Weeds," an episode so "beautiful" that she wept upon reading it.

Parker says she will appear in an as-yet-untitled movie that begins shooting Saturday, and will then shoot a sequel to "Red." Then she hopes to return to television, which she said she prefers to film.

The actress, a three-time Emmy nominee for "Weeds," spoke at a Television Critics Association panel for the show's final season.

"I just cried when I read it," she said of the final script. ""I think it's beautiful."

In the film before the "Red" sequel, Parker said, she will play two roles: a suicidal, alcoholic mother, and a "patron saint of teenage boys" who is both sexy and motherly.

'Real Housewives' Star Adrienne Maloof and Husband Split

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Adrienne Maloof might not be a housewife much longer.

Maloof's husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, filed for separation from the reality TV personality on Monday, according to court papers obtained by TheWrap.

The papers, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the separation.

Nassif and businesswoman Maloof have been married since May 2002. They have three sons: Gavin, 9, and six-year-old twins Christian and Collin.

The papers make note of a prenuptial agreement. (Maloof is one of the owners of Maloof Companies, whose holdings include the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team.)

Separate and community property held by the couple will be determined in an amended petition. According to the filing, Nassif is asking that the court not be allowed to award spousal support to Maloof.

A representative for Maloof has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

Season 3 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" will premiere in September.

Showtime Ending 'Big C' With Shortened Season 4

Showtime will end "The Big C" with four one-hour episodes, the network announced. The abbreviated season will be the fourth for the Laura Linney cancer dramedy.

The network also announced plans for a documentary about music executive Tommy Mottola by director Brett Ratner. It joins a slate of previously announced documentaries, including one about former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The announcements came during Showtime President David Nevins' panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. He said he "wouldn't assume anything" about how the Emmy-nominated series would end.

"We've been having a lot of really interesting creative conversations. It's really important with a premium network that shows be able to plan their ending and do it the right way," he said. "They've got a very interesting and novel, and I think sort of form-breaking way to handle where the show is going."

He also showed clips of the upcoming "Masters of Sex" and "Ray Donovan" and found himself answering a slew of questions about the lifespans of his current shows.

He said "Episodes" was expected to return and that "The Borgias," now shooting its third season, would likely go for four seasons as originally planned. He also repeated his expectation that "Dexter" -- which returns with "Homeland" on Sept. 30 -- will probably go for two more seasons. But said he wouldn't rule out more.

"I would be stupid if I didn't leave the door open," he said.

He also said no end is in sight for "Homeland," which is beginning its second season. And he said the show was open to killing off major characters if it would help the show maintain credibility.

"Anybody could go at any time," he said.

He also said David Steinbrenner's interview series "Inside Comedy" will be back for a second season.

Nevins also said the network has tried to keep viewers engaged by altering the normal pacing of its plots. On "Homeland," for example, the lead characters slept together at the midpoint of the season instead of saving that for the finale. In the finale, he noted, the Brody character has to decide whether to detonate himself and a slew of government officials fairly early in the episode.

"You keep the audience off balance by making unpredictable choices," he said.

Nevins also said the network changed some of its programming the weekend after the Colorado shootings during a "Dark Knight" screening to avoid upsetting viewers.

Steven Moffat denies 'Doctor Who' movie reports: 'It was a fantasy'

Steven Moffat has denied reports that a Doctor Who movie is in development.

Last year, Harry Potter's David Yates claimed that he was working on a film spinoff from the BBC sci-fi drama, but Moffat described the film project as "some weird fantasy".

"I don't think [Yates] was ever signed to it," the showrunner told Entertainment Weekly. "I never signed him, so he's not.

"I think he's [expressed] an interest in doing it and he's a very fine director, and I think he'd certainly be someone that would be on the list for directing such a project. I'm a big fan of his. But the project as he describes it would not happen."

Moffat added that he hopes to produce a Doctor Who movie "someday", but insisted that a proposal for a film reboot - unrelated to the BBC show's continuity - "did not happen".

"That whole proposal was not true," he said. "I can say that with authority because, as far as the BBC is concerned, I'm the voice of Doctor Who. So if I say it, it's true.

"The BBC own Doctor Who and, for the moment, I run it for them. So I can assure you definitively that was all nonsense - not the idea of making a film, we'd love to make a film, but the idea of a rebooted continuity, a different Doctor."

The writer claimed that rebooting Who for the big screen would be "writing the book on how to destroy a franchise".

"[Any future film] will be absolutely run by the Doctor Who production office in Cardiff," he explained. "It will feature the same Doctor as on television. It will not be a rebooted continuity. All of that would be insane."

Doctor Who will return to BBC One with a new series in August.

TV Tonight 31th of July 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

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    BBC Olympic Games 2012 S01E48: "Olympic Games - 48"
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    BBC Olympic Games 2012 S01E56: "Olympic Sportsday"
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    BBC Olympic Games 2012 S01E54: "Olympic Games - 54"
    Beauty and the Beast: The Ugly Face of Prejudice S02E04: "Corinne and Simon"
    Being Lara Bingle S01E08: "Episode 8"
    Big Brother (UK) S14E61: "BB 13, Episode 61"
    Big Brother After Dark S07E20: "Season 7, Episode 20"
    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S04E57: "Series 4, Show 57"
    Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp S01E14: "The Ring Bear-Er"
    Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp S01E13: "The Bet (Mom's the Word)"
    Chelsea Lately S06E120
    Chopped S12E11: "Belly Dance"
    Come Dine With Me S19E40: "Series 19, Episode 32"
    Conan S02E122: "Jeff Daniels, Chantal Sutherland, the Fray"
    Covert Affairs S03E04: "Speed Of Life"
    Craft Wars S01E06: "Bedknobs & Gluesticks"
    Daybreak S02E231: "July 31, 2012"
    Deadliest Catch S08E17: "Deadliest Catch Revelations"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E303: "Episode 1983"
    Degrassi S12E10: "Closer to Free (2)"
    Destination Truth S05E05: "Spirits of Tikal/Creature from the Black Lagoon"
    EastEnders S28E119: "July 31, 2012"
    Eat St. S03E10: "Cackalack"
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    What Not To Wear (US) S09E25: "Vanessa"
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    Workaholics S03E10: "Flashback in the Day"
    World Series of Poker S44E02: "The Big One For One Drop"
    World's Strictest Parents (AU) S04E03: "New Jersey"
    World's Worst Tenants S01E08: "Too Hot Tub"
    Yuru Yuri S02E05: "A Japanese Summer is an Easygoing Summer"

Tom Daley's Olympics diving effort seen by 6.2m

Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield compete during the Men's Synchronised 10m Platform final

Team GB's valiant attempt to win a medal in the synchronised diving was seen by at least 6.2m yesterday (Monday, July 30).

Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield, who topped the table after the first few dives, eventually finished in fourth place.

BBC One attracted an average audience of 3.82m (37.3%) between 1.45pm and 4pm, while the channel managed a peak share of 52%.

Then from 4pm, Britain's unexpected bronze in the mens' gymnastics was witnessed by 4.83m (35.1%), before 6.37m (27%) watched swimming from the Aquatics Centre.

Zara Phillips's involvement in the cross-country stage of the equestrian competition pulled in 1.7m (21.8%) between 11.45am and 1pm. Some 2.17m (32.1%) tuned in for rowing from 9am.

Olympic Breakfast (1.54m/39.4%) and Olympics Tonight (2.34m/20.8%) continued to pick up solid figures at 6am and 10.35pm respectively.

BBC Three's wall-to-wall coverage mustered a strong set of ratings, with 1.03m (7.7%) from 2pm and 1.15m (5.2%) between 7pm and 11pm.

More people watched the BBC's coverage online, with the corporation posting record figures for its website and iPlayer yesterday.

'The Voice' UK: Danny O'Donoghue wants Elton John, Adele for panel

Danny O'Donoghue has said that he wants Elton John to replace Tom Jones on The Voice UK.

Speaking to James Merritt for Free Radio, the Script frontman also suggested that Adele could replace Jessie J, who he previously admitted will probably leave the programme.

Asked who could take Jones's place as a coach, O'Donoghue said: "Elton John. I've thought about this long and hard. I think Elton John needs to take over Tom's position.

"And I'm still open - I think possibly Adele, because she'd come on for Jessie. I think that would be one hell of a line-up.

"Then you'd have to probably rethink me, and have someone better than me on. But I think that would be a really, really great line-up."

Tracks by Elton John and Adele have both featured on the songlist for the show.

Of whether he wants to return to the show, O'Donoghue said: "I'd love to, yeah, if they'd have me back I'd love to go.

"Me and will[] were chatting last week and we'd both love to come back and do it because we had the most fun we've had in a long time."

'Boardwalk Empire' Season 3: Nucky Thompson Goes Great Guns

Looks like the third season of "Boardwalk Empire" will start off with a bang. At least, if the new trailer for the upcoming season of the HBO historical drama is any indication.

In the new snippet from the series, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson (Steve Buscemi) -- who shocked viewers by killing off his associate Jimmy Darmody at the end of season two -- once again goes into life-snuffing mode, gunning down a shadowy stranger as the rain pours down in a no-doubt symbolic indication of his existential situation.

After he puts a second bullet in his target -- this time, as he lies on the ground -- yet more symbolism follows. The pistol drops from his hand, what appears to be an engagement ring slips from his finger and onto the rain-soaked ground, and a flower falls from his lapel.

"You can't be half a gangster," a message that flashes on the screen declares.