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maandag 19 maart 2012

Dancing with the Star's Tom Bergeron: "It's a Very Feel-Good Season"

Dancing with the Star's Tom Bergeron: "It's a Very Feel-Good Season"

There's something different about Dancing with the Stars this season — and it's not just the stage.

"There's no lightning rod! No one [is] controversial, so everyone can stop freaking out!" Tom Bergeron tells

After nabbing such divisive figures as Kate Gosselin, Bristol Palin, Chaz Bono and even perceived ringers like Nicole Scherzinger in the past few seasons, executive producer Conrad Green and casting director Deena Katz went with a low-key approach for Season 14. They also had a theme: nostalgia. The new crop includes the old-school likes of Little House on the Prairie's Melissa Gilbert, Jaleel White (aka Urkel), soap star Jack Wagner, the Empress of Soul Gladys Knight, and 18-time Grand Slam champ and tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

"There was a real effort to evoke in our fans a feeling of nostalgia. It's a very feel-good season," Bergeron says. "There's a lot of charisma in this group, and I really like them. Within the office, I think there's a sense that it's gonna be a lot of fun. It's important to mix it up. Having a controversial cast member is another arrow in your quiver and you can always use that when you think it's a good idea. I think coming off a season or two where we had used that arrow ... that it's smart to take a breather, take a detour that in some ways harkens back to the earlier seasons."

But that warm and fuzzy feeling isn't echoed by a lot of fans. Instead, they are complaining about the lack of star power this season. Others hitting the parquet are Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, Disney star Roshon Fegan, The View's Sherri Shepherd, musician Gavin DeGraw, Extra's Maria Menounos, telenovela actor William Levy and opera singer Katherine Jenkins, who has performed on the show. Bergeron, however, pays no mind to the chatter.

"There's a certain drumbeat that I hear every season," he says. "I often say that a Dancing season consists of three distinct points. The first is: I wonder who's gonna be on Dancing with the Stars. The second is: Oh, they're gonna be on Dancing with the Stars?! And the third is: I love so-and-so on Dancing with the Stars! So when I hear [complaints about the cast], I'm like, 'Yeah, OK.' I'll hear it next season too. It's the same ol', same ol'."

Once fans see everyone's "infectious" personalities, Bergeron is certain they'll be singing a different tune. "I think they're gonna respond really well," he says. "I gotta tell you, all the women on staff are very excited about William Levy. I think he's about to pull a Gilles Marini and break out. ... Maria Menounos is not only good, but she has a laugh that sounds like she mugged Fran Drescher. You'll hear it! I think we might turn it into a drinking game, but we may not survive. Martina's very funny and she's good. Roshon has a great energy. You're gonna really warm to a lot of people."

That confidence doesn't mean Bergeron's not concerned about how fans' current frosty sentiments toward the so-called bland cast might affect ratings. The logic, for any reality show, is that controversy will pique viewer interest. So does that mean the opposite is also true?

"I would think anyone who does anything is always concerned about their customers," Bergeron says. "When you take a different approach, there's always a curiosity of how it's going to be received. But the playing field is different this year. NBC has The Voice and they're opposite us, so that'll be interesting. I like it. I think there's room enough for a bunch of us to be successful. I tend to be the cockeyed optimist, but we'll see."

The stiff new competition from The Voice, which has been dominating Monday nights, is also why Dancing is going the throwback route. In that vein — and much to Bergeron's delight — the show will revert to its old stage, just one season after redesigning the set.

"They had raised it last season and we lost a little intimacy with the audience. I'm a happier host now. Sometimes it's the aesthetics that make me the happiest!" he says. "We also did a raised, circular stage for Acoustic Week, and we had what I call the decapi-cam, which was on a cable that swooped down. I'm not a big raised stage fan. I think there's something cool about the couples dancing by the audience's knees. It makes for a more exciting environment, so I'm really thrilled to have that back."

One thing Bergeron's not thrilled about returning? Maksim Chmerkovskiy's long-standing tradition of pinching his butt, usually with an assist from his partners.

"If Maks had perceived it as a good luck charm, the fact that he has yet to win the Mirrorball should've dissuaded him from that belief," he says. "You can bring this up in print. It's better if you're our conduit and he can see this. Knowing Melissa, my butt is going to get more of a workout. Some of his partners have been more willing, some have been more reticent. ... I think with Melissa, I'm gonna go back to the Kevlar underwear."

Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

How I Met Your Mother's Becki Newton: Quinn Has Gotten to Barney's Heart

How I Met Your Mother's Becki Newton: Quinn Has Gotten to Barney's Heart

When Becki Newton wants something, she makes it happen herself.

The Ugly Betty alum and lifelong Neil Patrick Harris admirer has wanted to work with the How I Met Your Mother star for "as long as I can remember," she says. So, six months ago, she met with Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

"I was watching the show and I thought to myself, 'I would love to play a female version of Barney.  And more than that, I would love to play off Neil Patrick Harris,'" she tells "I think they'd been toying with the idea of a love interest for Barney, so it was a great coincidence that I went in and pitched myself for it. I told them my dream and I'm so grateful that they didn't think I was totally insane! And a few months later, it all came true and now I'm Quinn."

Or is that Karma? As we learned last month, Quinn is not your average Barney conquest, let alone girlfriend. For one, she works as a stripper, Karma, at the Lusty Leopard. Secondly, the blonde spitfire can hang tough — and mess — with Barney, having duped him out of money and played with his lovesick heart before they started anew over an impromptu coffee date. On Monday's episode, Quinn will do what no other Barney love interest has done before: move in with him.

"We're moving quickly! I can say from experience that when you know, you know. I think that even Barney and Quinn are surprised by this development, but they feel pretty confident and really happy together, so why not give it a shot?" Newton says. "They're both on the same page, which is why it's working out so well for them. They complete each other's thoughts pretty easily. I have the feeling that the idea came up at the same time and they both said, 'Sure, let's do it!'"

But not everyone is thrilled with the new living arrangement. After Ted (Josh Radnor) breaks Barney's "broath" (aka a bro oath) and tells the rest of the gang that Quinn is a stripper, they immediately stage what Marshall (Jason Segel) calls a "Quinn-tervention"  to break them up. Given how Quinn's manipulated Barney in the past, the group has the right to be concerned, Newton says. But she believes Quinn truly cares for him, and his pals will soon see that they're a "great pairing."

"They think a fling with a stripper makes sense, but when they all find out that they're becoming more involved, it's a surprising situation," she says. "Underneath [Quinn's] conniving exterior, Barney has gotten to her heart and she has done the same to Barney. They both have a sense of adventure and a sense of fun. They're a perfect match. You might think Quinn, being a stripper, is a con artist, but she's actually a pretty smart stripper/con artist! And you'll see how she really feels about being a stripper. ... [Barney's] been with a lot of strippers before, but none that were this able to keep up with him. It's karma and karma's a bitch!"

Newton is signed up for eight episodes, a selection that could include the season finale, which will flash forward again to Barney's future wedding. After such a serious step forward in their relationship, could Quinn be the future Mrs. Stinson? "I think she's a very good contender," Newton teases. "They have not told me anything. But if I got to wear a wedding dress and marry Neil Patrick Harris — I mean, I would die."

While exchanging "I do's" with NPH would be a "childhood dream come true" for Newton, she knows that the Barney-Robin (Cobie Smulders) die-hards might take issue with it. That brings up the question: Is Barney really done with Robin like he says he is, or is Quinn just a rebound? "I think we won't know if he's truly over Robin. Maybe we'll never know. I think he's trying to be over Robin," Newton says. "I don't think either [Barney or Quinn] were looking for anything, and now they're surprised at how it's developed into more than that."

And could Newton's eight-episode arc develop into a longer stay? Possibly, Newton says. But she could have her own show by next season: She's joined Bays and Thomas' Fox comedy pilot The Goodwin Games — a "happy coincidence" that happened after she started shooting Mother.

"I would totally come back if they want me to. I would love to see Quinn and Barney going strong," she says. "And two jobs? That's an excellent problem that I hope I have!"

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

Walking Dead Postmortem: Which New Character Holds the Key to the Group's Future?

Walking Dead Postmortem: Which New Character Holds the Key to the Group's Future?

While Shane's death in The Walking Dead's penultimate Season 2 episode was the worst-kept TV secret of the year, the AMC drama made up for it with an awesome surprise in the finale: Fan-favorite comic book character Michonne finally made her debut.

The episode saw the group chaotically driven away from the farm by hordes of zombies. Two characters met their demise — R.I.P Jimmy and Patricia! — but most of the survivors were able to reunite on the highway where the group rallied earlier this season when Sophia disappeared. That group didn't include Andrea (Laurie Holden), who fell behind and seemed poised to meet her end when a zombie attacked. Enter Michonne, the hooded figure trailed by two armless and jawless walkers, who quickly saved Andrea from certain death.

Meanwhile, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) faced the scrutiny of the group after revealing that not only did he murder Shane (Jon Bernthal), but also that everyone is infected with whatever turns people into zombies. (And thus, he revealed the long-awaited answer to what Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered to Rick at the CDC). Plus: The group ended up camped out only a few miles away from the prison, another fan-favorite location in the comics.

So what does this all mean? turned to executive producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman to get the scoop on what's ahead:

Rick finally took control of the group, but he now seems to be no better than Shane. Will that be the journey we'll now see him on?
Robert Kirkman: Exactly. This whole season has been about Rick emerging as a leader and taking that role. He was very reluctant at first, and he had to prove himself worthy of that role over the course of the season. But now that we have Rick taking charge and saying, "These are going to be my rules [and] by the way, I've killed Shane, this is who I am. If you do not like this you are welcome to go." The fact that the characters don't leave and they stay there huddled by that fire with him is very important. I don't think that all of them are there because of loyalty. A good number of them are there because of fear. I don't think that's necessarily where Rick wanted things to end up, but that's certainly where we are leaving things.

Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) backed away from Rick when he told her he killed Shane, yet she essentially dared Rick to take out Shane a few weeks back. Why the big turnaround?
Kirkman: She was terrified of the situation that was coming up with Shane. She wanted it to be dealt with, [but] I don't think she knew where things were going. I don't think she knew that Shane was going to sink to the depths that he sunk to... [or] that she could have ever conceived of Rick handling the situation in the way that he did. So, this is a modern American woman learning that her husband is a murderer. That's very terrifying to her. And also [she] sees that her son has been thrown into the mix — that he witnessed this, and actually shot a zombie version of Shane. That's something that's going to be weighing on her for the foreseeable future.

But Carl (Chandler Riggs) cried about killing Shane in that final scene. Perhaps he hasn't lost all his innocence?
Kirkman: This is a kid that is going to be growing up in a world that none of us could ever imagine. So, he is definitely going to grow up fast and be capable of things that we wouldn't expect a child to be capable of. That is something that we are going to be exploring a lot in Season 3. We are going to continue to toe that line. Yes, he is capable of murdering someone who is a friend of his and a father figure if they are a walker. But he is also still capable of being upset by that. And learning that his father turned that guy into a walker is going to be upsetting to him.

Michonne's appearance in the finale was the best-kept secret ever. Will she be similar or different from what we've seen in the comics?
Kirkman: I can say that personality-wise, she's the Michonne you know and love from the comic. You can definitely see, just in that one scene, pretty much everything that makes her cool is intact. She is definitely on her own. She is definitely a capable fighter. We will be dealing with her personality and her back story and all that kind of stuff in Season 3, but ... this is going to be the character that people have been clamoring to see in the show.

The finale hinted that the third season would take place at the prison.
Kirkman: When we ended the first season, there were a lot of questions. In the off-season before we launched the second season, there was a lot of speculation as to what story we were going to follow. It was just a complete unknown as to what was coming next, and Season 2 doesn't end that way. We've seen the show, we know the Governor (David Morrissey) is on the horizon, we know the prison is there. We get a sense as to what is coming next and that's really exciting, especially if you've read the comic book series.

What can you say about The Governor?
Kirkman: The Governor in the show is definitely going to be The Governor in the comic. While I think that people are going to like the character, I don't think it will be because he is doing likable things. I don't think it will be because he appears heroic. I think that he's definitely going to be a character that people love to hate and are absolutely entertained by, but also somewhat terrified of. He's definitely going to be a very important character and a very nuanced character. We are not going to be watering him down.

Now that the group knows that everyone is infected with whatever turns people into zombies, how will that change the dynamic of the show and their outlook on life?
Kirkman: It makes things somewhat more bleak, somewhat more hopeless. I think that that's why Rick, even when he started to fear that Jenner's warning was actually true, he kept that information to himself until he had to reveal it. So, it's going to put everybody in somewhat of a dark place and that is definitely something that we will be exploring in the third season.

Shane turned into a zombie very quickly. Can you comment on the speed with which people become walkers after death?
Kirkman: It's not exactly scientific, but it varies. It varies on the age and health of the person when they're dead and it also varies on the suddenness [with which] they die. I think that Shane was stabbed in the heart, so I imagine he would bleed out very quickly. That's a fairly sudden death, which would bring about the change somewhat more quickly than if someone were just to die a less-violent death. It is variable. Amy (Emma Bell) is also a very good example of that. Her whole neck was ripped out. We are not exactly pinning down how long Rick was sitting in that field.

The Walking Dead: Creator weighs in on Season 1's biggest mystery

Did you spend the whole season building toward Andrea having to survive on her own?
Kirkman: That was her arc. It was taking Andrea from this person who wanted to die in the CDC to this person who refuses to die and is capable of surviving pretty much against all odds. It was really about making her an awesome character and somebody that people could really root for. Having her and Michonne together is going to be a really cool thing, and we're going to be exploring that quite a bit in Season 3.

Was burning down the barn cathartic for you?
Kirkman: It really upset me because Greg Melton, who is our production designer, oversaw the construction and the design of that barn. That barn looked absolutely amazing. It was built for the show. It wasn't there before, and it looked like it was about 100 years old. It kind of broke my heart that we ended up burning it down. There is a wide shot of the barn collapsing, and the way [director] Ernest Dickerson got that shot with the zombies lumbering at you is they were just shooting over and over and over. Every time the zombies would get closer, he'd go, "Back to your mark!" and the zombies would just run back to their marks. They just kept the film rolling. [He] kept filming the zombies coming to you and then running back... because we had no way of knowing when the barn was actually going to collapse. It was a fun process.

Holly Willoughby: 'Voice UK judges are all badasses'

Holly Willoughby: 'Voice UK judges are all badasses'

The Voice UK host Holly Willoughby has described the four coaches on the new BBC reality series as "badass" and has billed the chemistry between the stars as "magical"., Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue will act as coaches and mentors on the Saturday night entertainment show and host Willoughby promised that the foursome would make great television.

US Adaptation Of Braquo Heading To Reelz?

US Adaptation Of Braquo Heading To Reelz?

Details on this one are a little sketchy, but I’m hearing rumblings that a US adaptation of Braquo, which is being developed by Asylum Entertainment, may wind up landing at ReelzChannel.

Created by Olivier Marchal, Braquo is a French police drama series that follows a team of police officers within Paris’ SDPJ 92 (Hauts-de-Seine Police Department) who often use borderline tactics, such as violence and intimidation, to do their jobs. It’s not long before Internal Affairs catches wind of the situation and starts an investigation, which leads to the team leader being wrongly accused of corruption and committing suicide. The team then decides to do whatever is necessary to clear the man’s name.

The North American remake rights to the French police drama series were snapped up by Asylum Entertainment back in October and at the time it was reported that Jonathan Koch, Asylum Entertainment’s President of Entertainment and CCO, had stated that they would be in a better place to adapt the series for American television once they knew where the project would land.

If correct, this would be the first project that Asylum has created for Reelz since they signed a production deal back in May 2011. That deal came on the back of the success of mini-series The Kennedys, from 24 co-creator Joel Surnow and Asylum Entertainment, which was picked up by Reelz after History dropped it, despite shepherding the miniseries through development and production.

Given ReelzChannel’s stated desire to move into original scripted programming, following the successes of miniseries The Kennedys and Pillars of the Earth, a US remake of Braquo would certianly be a good fit for the network. Reelz has already ramped up its commitment to fully fledged series, with Steven Seagal’s True Justice set to premiere on the network on March 30th.

A&E’s New Drama Series Longmire To Premiere June 3rd

A&E’s New Drama Series Longmire To Premiere June 3rd

I have just learned that A&E is preparing to announce that their new drama series Longmire will premiere on Sunday June 3rd at 9/8c.

I’m being told that the plan is to pair the series with A&E’s longest running scripted series The Glades and create a power-block on Sunday nights from 9-11pm, so as to take advantage of the lack of competition from the broadcast networks in the summer.

Longmire is based on the series of novels written by Craig Johnson and was developed for television by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin . The series stars Robert Taylor (The Matrix), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Lou Diamond Phillips (Stargate: Universe), Bailey Chase (Damages), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and newcomer Adam Bartley and follows Walt Longmire, the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Longmire is a widower who, following his wife’s death, lost interest in his job as Sheriff. But with the help of one of his deputies he re-commits to his job and decides to run for re-election, only to find that one of his own men is running against him.

Channel 4 Has UK Rights To The Killing Season 2

Channel 4 Has UK Rights To The Killing Season 2

Channel 4 does have the UK broadcast rights to the second season of AMC’s The Killing, sources at the channel confirm exclusively to TVWise.

I’m being told that no firm premiere date has been set at this time, but Channel 4 is looking at April as the likely month when they will premiere the show’s second season.

The Killing is based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen and was deveoped for American television by Veena Sud. Set in Seattle, the drama series follows a police investigation into the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen. The Killing stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell, Joel Kinnaman, Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton, Kristin Lehman, Eric Ladin, Brendan Sexton and Jamie Anne Allman.

The second season of the series is due to premiere in the United States on AMC on April 1st at 9/8c. TVWise will bring you the UK Premiere Date for Season 2 of The Killing just as soon as it is announced by Channel 4.

Danny O'Donoghue: 'Voice UK auditions talent better than any X Factor'

Danny O'Donoghue: 'Voice UK auditions talent better than any X Factor'

Danny O'Donoghue has said he was blown away by the quality of singers at The Voice UK's first day of auditions.

The Script singer suggested that the new BBC talent show's acts would be superior to anything ever seen on shows such as X Factor or Pop Idol.

"The talent on show after the first auditions on the first day beat out any talent in any finals I've ever seen on television," the Irish star told Digital Spy.

"The hair on the back of my neck and arms was standing up. 16 and 17-year-olds were up there killing it."

Speaking about comparisons between The Voice and The X Factor, he added: "We are our entity. We look after ourselves. We've produced some of the best talent you've seen in the UK ever.

"There was a moment last night in filming when all four coaches stood and remained stood up for the rest of the performance. We were so blown away by the level of the talent. I'm excited to just be part of this. I feel this is a game-changer in the UK scene.

"This is really, really going to give the UK music scene a kick up the backside."

The Voice UK launches on Saturday, March 24 at 7pm on BBC One.

TV Tonight 19th of March 2012

TV Tonight 19th of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    1000 Ways to Die S03E43: "Think Globally, Die Locally"
    112 - på liv och död S05E28: "Del 28 av 36"
    2 Broke Girls S01E19: "And The Spring Break"
    30 grader i februari S01E07: "Season 1, Episode 7"
    71 Grader Nord: Norges Tøffeste Kjendis S03E04: "Season 3, Episode 4"
    A Question of Sport S43E14: "March 19, 2012"
    Alcatraz S01E11: "Webb Porter"
    American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior S03E06: "Drastic Step"
    Antiques Road Trip S04E26: "Series 4, Episode 26"
    Bang Goes The Theory S06E02: "Is Life Too Loud?"
    Basketball Wives S04E05: "Season 4, Episode 5"
    Being Human (US) S02E10: "Dream Reaper"
    Belga Sport S06E07: "Jos Verbeeck, De rebel van de renbaan"
    Bethenny Ever After S03E05: "Adrift"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E26: "Del 26"
    Blade Anime S01E10: "Sins of the Father"
    Canada's Got Talent S01E06: "Vancouver Auditions (2)"
    Canadian Pickers S02E10: "Hockey in Habs’ Country"
    Castle (2009) S04E18: "A Dance with Death"
    Check It Out (US) S02E01: "Boats"
    Cleverdicks S01E16: "Episode 16"
    Come Dine With Me S18E55: "Series 18, Episode 46"
    Comic Relief Does Glee Club! S02E05: "Series 2, Episode 5"
    Conan S02E64: "Episode 64"
    Coronation Street S53E56: "Mon Mar 19, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Coronation Street S53E57: "Mon Mar 19, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Dance Academy S02E05: "Showcase"
    Dancing With the Stars (US) S14E01: "Season 14, Episode 1"
    Danger 5 S01E04: "Hitler's Golden Murder Palace"
    Danni Lowinski S03E07: "Knast"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E188: "Episode 1868"
    Der Letzte Bulle S03E07: "Ohne Moos nix los"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E75: "Series 8, Episode 75"
    Dirk Gently S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Disappeared S04E21: "The Vortex"
    Doctors S13E222: "Nothing Ventured"
    Dokter Deen S01E08: "Maybe Baby"
    EastEnders S28E46: "March 19, 2012"
    Éden Hotel S02E09: "Season 2, Episode 9"
    Embarrassing Bodies S06E03: "Ibiza"
    Emmerdale S41E66: "March 19, 2012"
    Empire S01E04: "Making A Fortune"
    Escape To The Country S12E40: "Kent"
    Exotische Liefde S02E04: "Season 2, Episode 4"
    Får vi följa med? S01E07: "Del 7"
    Four Corners (AU) S52E07: "Egypt: Children of the Revolution"
    Four In A Bed S03E06: "Les Chimeres"
    Gadget Geeks S01E10: "Series 1, Episode 10"
    General Hospital (US) S49E245: "#12519"
    Gintama S05E50
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E141: "Season 22, Episode 141"
    Hacktion S02E06: "Titkolt bűnök"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E33: "Södertälje - Mats"
    Hawaii Five-0 (2010) S02E19: "Kalele (Faith)"
    Helt Perfekt S02E04: "Season 2, Episode 4"
    Hollyoaks S18E56: "March 19, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E41: "Episode 5476"
    Hotel cæsar S28E170: "Season 28, Episode 170"
    House S08E14: "Love is Blind"
    House Hunters S48E55
    House Hunters International S25E58
    How I Met Your Mother S07E19: "The Broath"
    Jeopardy! S28E131: "Show #6336"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E221
    Karatefylla S02E05: "Season 2, Episode 5"
    La La's Full Court Life S02E01: "Miss Trust"
    Lab Rats (2012) S01E04: "Rats on a Train"
    Last Call with Carson Daly S10E25
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E234
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E42
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E145
    Lizard Lick Towing S02E13: "Season 2, Episode 13"
    Mary Shelley's Frankenhole S02E09: "Hyralius, Mutant Monster!"
    Mike & Molly S02E18: "Peggy Goes To Branson"
    Ministry of Curious Stuff S01E11: "Episode 11"
    Mr. D S01E10: "Field Trip"
    Neighbours S28E51: "Episode 6361"
    Only Connect S05E25: "Sport Relief Special"
    Pair of Kings S02E20: "Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer"
    Panorama S60E10: "Britain's Crimes of Honour"
    Pasila S05E09: "Obama. Yhdysvaltain 44. presidentti Barack"
    Pointless S06E26: "Series 6, Episode 26"
    Pretty Little Liars S02E25: "UnmAsked"
    Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory S05E02: "We're in the Burrito Game!"
    Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory S05E01: "Super Sonic Rob"
    RuPaul's Drag Race S04E08: "Frenemies"
    RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked S03E08: "Frenemies"
    Scott and Bailey S02E02: "Series 2, Episode 2"
    Shortland Street S21E46: "Season 21, Episode 46"
    Skins S06E09: "Mini & Franky"
    Smash S01E07: "The Workshop"
    Sousei no Aquarion S02E12: "The Skies of Aquaria"
    The Bad Girls Club S08E09: "Evil Pair"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E251: "Ep. #6281"
    The Chase (2009) S05E35: "Series 5, Episode 35"
    The Dales S02E04: "Series 2, Episode 4"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E124: "Ed Helms, Kathy Freston"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E131
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E51
    The Revolution (2012) S01E46: "Season 1, Episode 46"
    The Rosie Show S01E86: "Lily Tomlin"
    The Talk S02E89: "Season 2, Episode 89"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S19E260
    The Tube (2012) S01E05: "Episode 5"
    The Voice (US) S02E08: "The Battles, Week 3"
    The Young and the Restless S39E250: "Ep. #9865"
    Thuis S17E146: "Season 17, Episode 146"
    Two and a Half Men S09E19: "Palmdale, Ech"
    Ultimate Police Interceptors S02E02: "Series 2, Episode 2"
    University Challenge (1994) S18E45: "Series 18, Final"
    Watson & Oliver S01E05: "Episode 5"
    WWE Raw S20E12: "Episode #982"
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal S01E48: "Astral, Dead...!?"
    Zeke and Luther S03E23: "Kojo Loses His Mojo"
    Zone stad S07E04: "Season 7, Episode 4"

Amanda Holden to host Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 'Superstar'?

Amanda Holden to host Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 'Superstar'?

Amanda Holden is reportedly being lined up to host new ITV1 show Superstar.

The Britain's Got Talent judge was personally ­approached by Lord Andrew Lloyd ­Webber to front the search for a new musical star, the Sunday Mirror reports.

Holden, who returns to ITV1 with Britain's Got Talent on Saturday, will begin filming the series in summer if all goes to plan.

"Amanda is the perfect lady for the Jesus Christ Superstar role as she has first-hand experience of what it is like to be on the West End stage from Shrek and Thoroughly Modern ­Millie," a source said.

"She has taken the job in principle and now contracts need to be worked out."

Mel C and Jason Donovan recently served as guest judges for the callback stage of the auditions.

Nicole Scherzinger has been tipped to become a judge on Jesus Christ Superstar following her axe from The X Factor USA.

MegaUpload Asset Seizure “Null And Void”

MegaUpload Asset Seizure “Null And Void”

New Zealand authorities may be forced to return millions of dollars in personal property of MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom that was seized in connection with his January arrest because of a procedural error in court documents, according to the New Zealand Herald. Luxury cars, cash and other property were seized under a specific type of court order which should never have been granted, a judge ruled late last week, declaring the order “null and void” and having “no legal effect.”

Police arrested DotCom on January 19 at his mansion outside Auckland at the request of the United States government. U.S officials allege he is the mastermind of a criminal enterprise designed to facilitate massive theft of movies, TV shows and music. Police and government officials acknowledge making the embarrassing “procedural error” in documents filed to authorize seizure of DotCom’s assets. Unless his attorneys can prove authorities acted in bad faith, however, Dotcom isn’t necessarily guaranteed to get his property back.

Seizure of those assets have crippled DotCom’s financial ability to fight the charges and his extradition to the U.S., but he was released on bail about a month after his arrest.

Rowland Rivron's 'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' victory seen by 6m

Rowland Rivron's 'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' victory seen by 6m

The Let's Dance for Sport Relief 2012 final dazzled over six million viewers at its peak on Saturday night, overnight data reveals.

Comedian Rowland Rivron's victory in the BBC One charity show, which had US superstar Katy Perry as special guest performer, was seen by an average of 5.7m (25.8%) between 7.15pm and 8.50pm.

Let's Dance for Sport Relief, despite being TV's most-watched show yesterday, is down on 2010's finale by 1.4m.

In general, BBC One's evening panned out similarly to last week, with Dale Winton's In It To Win It (5.64m/25%) and Casualty (5.03m/24.1%) both winning their slots.

Tabloid controversy boosted Take Me Out to over 5m, with 4.79m (21%) and 331k (1.5%) on ITV1 +1, overall growing an impressive 560k week-on-week, despite clashing with the last 50 minutes of Let's Dance.

666k (3%) then switched over to ITV2 for Take Me Out: The Gossip, which grabbed an extra 113k (0.6%) an hour later on timeshift.

The Jonathan Ross Show ended on a whimper with just 2.81m (12.9%) tuning in on ITV1 from 9.15pm (+1: 257k/1.5%). Graham Norton's BBC One chat show has been consistently rating better in Ross's old late Friday Night slot.

The Harry Hill hour made its penultimate outing, attracting almost identical audiences of 4.64m (22.2%) for You've Been Framed at 7pm (+1: 255k/1.1%) and 4.7m (22.6%) at 7.30pm (+1: 251k/1.1%) for TV Burp.

On the other terrestrials, CSI: NY (1.46m/6.6%) and Law & Order: SVU (1m/5.2%) helped Channel 5 claim victory over BBC Two and Channel 4, both of which underperformed.

Overall, BBC One led primetime with 25.2%, beating ITV1's 17.4% (+1: 1.2%). Channel 5 was third with 5.2% (+1: 0.2%), pipping BBC Two's 5.2% and Channel 4's 4.1% (+1: 0.8%).

Fox’s ‘Fringe’ Rallies Fans At WonderCon As Renewal Talks Continue

Fox’s ‘Fringe’ Rallies Fans At WonderCon As Renewal Talks Continue

With Fox’s Fringe once again facing cancellation, the show’s stars Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown and Seth Gabel and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman are rallying the fans of the sci-fi drama today with a session at WonderCon. Talks between the network and Fringe producer Warner Bros. TV are ongoing.

I hear the two sides are hopeful about clinching a shorter, possibly 13-episode, pickup if the license fee and thus the budget could be reduced to reflect the show’s soft ratings. Here is a fun video of Walter-isms, things Noble’s character says on the show, which just premiered at the WonderCom panel. Fringe returns from hiatus this coming Friday to air the remaining episodes of Season 4.

‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Michonne Role

‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Michonne Role

AMC’s The Walking Dead is introducing another fan favorite character from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, on which the hit series is based. Danai Gurira (Treme) has been cast as Michonne on the AMC zombie drama. The character, a mysterious, sword-wielding woman, was first featured in the Walking Dead Season 2 finale tonight and will return in Season 3.

The casting comes a month after the series tapped David Morrissey to play another iconic character from the comics, The Governor. The Walking Dead is executive produced by Glen Mazzara, Gale Anne Hurd, Kirkman and Dave Alpert.

David Walliams flirts with Simon Cowell on 'Got Talent', say Ant & Dec

David Walliams flirts with Simon Cowell on 'Got Talent', say Ant & Dec

David Walliams has been flirting towards Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent.

Show hosts Ant and Dec revealed that the pair have a "weird" rapport while filming.

"David is inappropriate towards Simon," Ant McPartlin told The Sun. "He flirts with him every day.

"He's constantly stroking him and giving him little massages. There's this weird Simon-David relationship going on since the auditions.

"Simon gets completely wound up by it but it's great. He enjoys it secretly."

Walliams recently revealed that he felt he has "really gelled" with Cowell since joining the panel.

Brian Lamb, C-SPAN Founder, Steps Down After 34 Years

Brian Lamb, C-SPAN Founder, Steps Down After 34 Years

Brian Lamb, who helped found the public-affairs cable network C-SPAN in 1978 and has been its CEO ever since, will step down at the end of the month, C-SPAN said Sunday.

Lamb, 70, will turn the operation over to two co-CEOs, Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain. He will remain chairman of the board and take on the new title of executive chairman, C-SPAN said.

C-SPAN said the leadership transition has been years in the making. Kennedy, 55, and Swain, 57, have been co-presidents of the company since 2006. Swain joined C-SPAN in 1982, and Kennedy joined in 1987.

Washington-based C-SPAN is a nonprofit created and funded by cable and satellite TV companies. It employs 275 people.

'Josie and the Pussycats' Inspiration Josie DeCarlo Dies

'Josie and the Pussycats' Inspiration Josie DeCarlo Dies

Josie DeCarlo, the inspi­ra­tion for singer-guitarist Josie McCoy of the 1970 Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon series "Josie and the Pussy­cats" and its suc­ces­sors, has died in her sleep.

The blog Big Cartoon News filed the first report on her death, quoting car­toon and comics his­to­rian Mark Evanier. He said that Josie was drawn to resem­ble her by her hus­band, comic book leg­end Dan DeCarlo, who died in 2001 at 82.

DeCarlo recalled how she became the inspi­ra­tion for the cartoon Josie in a New York Times inter­view shortly after her husband’s death, .

“We went on a Caribbean cruise, and I had a cos­tume for the cruise, and that’s the way it started,” Josie DeCarlo said of her cat suit.

“The hairdo came after,” Josie DeCarlo said. “One day, I came in with a new hairdo with a lit­tle bow in my hair, and he said, ‘That’s it!’”

Dan DeCarlo sketched her wife in that out­fit, and he gave her first name to the “star” when he went shop­ping to sev­eral syn­di­cates for a pro­posed news­pa­per strip, said Evanier.

Josie Dumont met her hus­band in Bel­gium on  a blind date shortly after the Bat­tle of the Bulge; he spoke lit­tle French, she spoke no English.

“We com­mu­ni­cated with draw­ing, ” she said. “He would draw things for me to make me under­stand what he had in mind. He was really so amus­ing. Instead of just using words, he would use car­toons to express him­self. Right away, we knew that we were meant for each other.”

Evanier said she remained active in the comic book field and continued to promote her husband's work following his death.

“She was a lovely lady, and every one of Dan’s many friends and fans loved her just as much as they loved Dan,” he added.

Funeral ser­vices will be held Mon­day in Scars­dale, New York.

Jennifer Ellison voted out of 'Dancing on Ice'

Jennifer Ellison voted out of 'Dancing on Ice'

Jennifer Ellison has become the latest celebrity to be voted out of Dancing on Ice.

The Brookside actress missed out on a place in next week's grand finale after landing in the bottom two when public votes and judges' scores were combined.

Following the skate-off, Louie Spence, Robin Cousins and Katarina Witt were all unanimous in saving fellow soap star Jorgie Porter.

Tearful upon hearing of her departure, the Liverpudlian told hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley: "I've loved every single minute of it.

"I just want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity. Good luck to the other guys - this is the best year ever. It's going to be a cracking final."

Matthew Wolfenden, Chico and Porter are left to compete in next week's final, performing their favourite routines.

After one act is eliminated, the final two will give their versions of Torvill and Dean's famous Bolero.

The Dancing on Ice final airs Sunday (March 25) from 6.50pm on ITV1.

Kiefer Sutherland on '24' Movie: If We Have to Wait, We Will

Kiefer Sutherland on '24' Movie: If We Have to Wait, We Will

Kiefer Sutherland isn't giving up on the movie adaptation of his hit series "24."

The "Touch" actor appeared on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" to discuss, among other things, the planned "24" movie that has been put on ice by Fox.

Blaming the kibosh on scheduling conflicts, Sutherland said that the movie will go forward, even if it's not this year.

"We're trying to fit a lot of moving parts," Sutherland said of the scheduling woes. "We're still trying, and if we don't get it into this slot, we'll do it next year."

Sutherland -- who told Leno that the script has evolved into "a really amazing place" -- added that rushing the film before everyone's in a place to give the project their all would be a mistake.

"Our job is to make sure to make the best possible movie, and if we have to wait a little longer, we will," Sutherland said. "But we're still trying."

However, the movie is more than a couple of scheduling tweaks away from fruition. As TheWrap reported exclusively on Wednesday, Sutherland -- who's starring in Fox's new television drama "Touch" -- is furious with 20th Century Fox over budget and salary issues. Fox will only approve a budget of no more than $30 million, whereas Sutherland and producer Brian Grazer believe that the movie will require a budget in the low-$40 millions range, at least.

He's also not happy that Fox offered him a paltry $1 million, rather than the $5 million he wanted. (Sutherland is also serving as the producer of the movie.)

A Fox insider told TheWrap that the $1 million was a preliminary number thrown out during negotiations and would have been balanced by a back-end reward. The insider added that a $2 million offer was also made -- which is still considerably shy of $5 million.

The "24" movie was due to begin filming when "Touch" goes on hiatus in April.