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vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Mark Wahlberg on ‘Entourage’ Movie: We’re Going to Lose the Ladies & Go Crazy

Mark Wahlberg on ‘Entourage’ Movie: We’re Going to Lose the Ladies & Go Crazy

Mark Wahlberg has a busy 2012 ahead. His latest film Contraband hits theaters this weekend and he just finished filming the Seth MacFarlene film Ted with Mila Kunis, which is due out this summer.

His hit HBO show Entourage just wrapped last September and now people want to know, will there be a movie? Mark sets the rumors straight with GQ magazine.

“Oh, no, that’s definitely something that we’re actively trying to put together. We’re just waiting for [series creator] Doug [Ellin] to write the script.” the man formerly known as Marky Mark confirmed,  also going on to share that the idea had always been a part of the plan. “People were complaining that episodes were too short.”

Mark, 40, is the executive producer of the Emmy nominated series, and it’s always been thought that the show mirrored the actor’s actual life.

So what would a movie about the life of Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) and the crew revolve around? “I think a 90-minute movie of sheer craziness—the guys getting back to just being about the guys, you know? Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want.”

'Glee's' Grant Gustin Previews Warblers vs. New Directions Michael Jackson Episode

'Glee's' Grant Gustin Previews Warblers vs. New Directions Michael Jackson Episode

The glee clubs face off over who has the right to perform the King of Pop's music at Regionals, with Sebastian taking a "turn for the mean" in Tuesday's tribute hour.

Led by Dalton Academy's newest Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin), the dueling glee clubs will go head-to-head when both schools want to perform a Jackson song at Regionals, re-creating the video for "Bad," and covering "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," "I Want You Back," "Scream" and "Smooth Criminal."

Gustin tells The Hollywood Reporter that Sebastian will ditch the charming attitude and "take a turn for the mean" as he works hard to ensure the Warblers win the right to feature Jackson.

"It becomes everyone versus Sebastian," Gustin says. "Everyone turns on him by the end of the episode, including the Warblers."

After rebuffing Sebastian's romantic advances, Blaine (Darren Criss) will become a target for the former flirt, who takes things a bit too far and winds up making an enemy out of Santana (Naya Rivera) in the process.

"Sebastian is more offensive in this episode and I say some things to Santana at the beginning of the episode," he says. "She's pissed at what Sebastian has done to one of her friends -- the slushie to Blaine -- and there's a little extra there and Blaine has to go to the hospital."

Sebastian and Santana will have their confrontation via Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," a number which Gustin says the duo were allowed to improvise a bit with after choreographer Zach Woodlee gave them a pattern to guide the song. "From there, we got to do what we wanted with the number, it was my most fu n day filming so far," he says.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Warblers will perform their biggest number yet when they cover "I Want You Back," a routine Gustin says features more dancing than the guys have ever done that will take place at Dalton with a pair of New Directions members in attendance. He notes the Warblers aren't trying to lure Blaine back but instead more of a "look how good we are" performance.

Meanwhile, look for Gustin to guest star Sunday on CBS' CSI: Miami 10 p.m., where he'll play twins. As for when he'll return to Glee, the young actor is unsure but optimistic that Sebastian could be back for Regionals.

CBS Orders Drama Pilots from Chris Columbus, Nicholas Pileggi and Ilene Chaiken

CBS Orders Drama Pilots from Chris Columbus, Nicholas Pileggi and Ilene Chaiken

CBS greenlights projects centered on cops, private investigators and other crime-solvers.

CBS has ordered to pilot dramas from Nicholas Pileggi, Chris Columbus and Ilene Chaiken.

The first, the untitled Ralph Lamb project, is a period piece set in the 1960s revolving around the true story of the former cowboy turned longtime Las Vegas sheriff.

Lamb, who served as sheriff from 1961 to 1979 helped form the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. He’s known for confronting the Mafia and Hell’s Angels, who in his 18-year legal career, never shot anyone. While often engaging in fistfights with crime personalities, Lamb grew up working on ranches.

From CBS Television Studios, GoodFellas scribe Pileggi and Without a Trace writer Greg Walker will pen the pilot and executive produce alongside Walk the Line's James Mangold, who will also direct. Cathy Konrad and Arthur Sarkissian will exec produce.

Second, the network will produce a pilot for Applebaum, an hourlong drama based on Ayelet Waldman's Mommy Track Mysteries series of books in which a former public defender becomes a private investigator to keep from being bored to death as a stay-at-home mom.

Columbus will executive produce and direct the project, alongside Jennifer Levin, Sherri Cooper and Waldlman, who will pen the script for the CBS Television Studios project.

Columbus (Stepmom, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone), who recently inked a three for one deal with CBS, is also involved with the network's Rifleman.

Third, The L Word creator Chaiken will write and executive produce Quean, which revolves around an edgy and independent millennial hacker girl who teams with an Oakland police detective to solve crimes.

Joel Silver will executive produce the Warner Bros. Television project, which is one of two Chaiken has this development season. She had the female PI drama Hail Mary in contention at the network last pilot season. 

Levin, Cooper and Columbus are all repped by WME.

The projects join dramas Baby Big Shot, Elementary, Golden Boy, Trooper and Widow Detective in contention at the network this pilot season.

Simon Cowell: 'Britain's Got Talent will be controversy-free'

Simon Cowell: 'Britain's Got Talent will be controversy-free'

Simon Cowell has vowed that the next series of Britain's Got Talent will be scandal-free following Red Or Black contestant Nathan Hageman's controversial win.

The media mogul claimed that he was in disbelief after discovering that Hageman, the first of four millionaires made by his game show last year, was previously jailed for assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

Hageman was allowed to keep the £1m prize and ignored Cowell's appeal to compensate his victim or donate to charity.

"I regret the Red Or Black situation," Cowell told The Sun. "Watching the show I was thinking, 'Wouldn't it be great if someone wins a million.' Then the phone rings and it's like, 'I can't believe this'."

On how the incident would affect the new series of Britain's Got Talent, he explained: "I can't [background] check everybody, but all those on the live shows will be checked."

Cowell claimed last September that ITV were "delighted" with how Red Or Black had performed, though the channel's director Peter Fincham stated afterwards that the format would need to be changed for any future series.

National Television Awards 2012 seen by 6.4m on ITV1

National Television Awards 2012 seen by 6.4m on ITV1

The National Television Awards helped ITV1 to an easy victory over BBC One last night, overnight data reveals.

Hosted by Dermot O'Leary, the annual ceremony attracted 6.18m (26.2%) between 7.30pm and 10pm (+1:198k/0.9%), roughly even on last year.

Meanwhile, DIY SOS: The Big Build interested 3.61m (15.3%), after which 3.87m (15.1%) watched MasterChef.

For Celebrity Big Brother's double eviction on Channel 5, 1.85m (7.2%) watched Nicola McLean's exit at 9pm, and 1.83m (16.4%) tuned in for Romeo Dunn's departure at 11pm. Bit on the Side had 669k (9.4%) from 11.30pm.

Sandwiched between the reality show instalments, Jodie Marsh Bullied: My Secret Past drew 1.05m (5.9%).

One Born Every Minute was Channel 4's best-rated show of the night, with 2.31m (9%) and an impressive timeshifted audience of 595k (3.3%).

Hairy Bikers' Best of British shone for BBC Two with 1.96m (9.2%) in the 7pm hour.

Overall, ITV1 topped primetime with 23.8% (+1: 0.7%), ahead of BBC One's 16.3%. BBC Two claimed third with 7.5%, followed by Channel 4's 5.3% (+1: 1.1%), and Channel 5's 4.6%.

Tracy Morgan returns to '30 Rock' following hospitalisation

Tracy Morgan returns to '30 Rock' following hospitalisation

Tracy Morgan has returned to work on 30 Rock following his collapse at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend.

The star fell ill while promoting his new film Predisposed at the Park City, Utah event.

Morgan's rep later said his hospitalisation was caused by a combination of exhaustion and altitude sickness, while the actor himself jokingly tweeted that "Superman ran into a little kryptonite".

The star has since flown home to New York City and has begun filming 30 Rock once again.

Morgan's spokesperson told The AP: "He appreciates everyone's support and concern."

The comedian became embroiled in controversy in 2011 when he engaged in an anti-gay rant during a Nashville, TN stand-up show.

Morgan has since apologised for his comments and insisted that his first priority is always to "heal the world, not to hurt anyone".

'Dance Moms' gets figure skating spinoff 'Ice Moms'

'Dance Moms' gets figure skating spinoff 'Ice Moms'

Lifetime has announced a Dance Moms spinoff set in the world of figure skating.

The network previously revealed that a Miami-based spinoff of the hit dancing series is in the works.

On Thursday, Lifetime unveiled plans to expand the franchise into figure skating with the new series Ice Moms.

"We've conquered the world of competitive dance with our hit Dance Moms and have great plans to expand the franchise to Miami," said Network executive vice president Rob Sharenow.

"Now, we're bringing the format to the intensely competitive world of figure skating and revealing the explosive dynamic between the kids, parents and coaches who all want to be the best."

Dance Moms was renewed for a second season in September 2011.

Celebrity Big Brother Brian Dowling: 'I felt sorry for Nicola McLean'

Celebrity Big Brother Brian Dowling: 'I felt sorry for Nicola McLean'

Celebrity Big Brother host Brian Dowling has admitted that he pitied Nicola McLean as she left the house last night.

Glamour model McLean was evicted to a chorus of boos, before taking part in an emotional interview with the Irish presenter.

"I felt really, slightly sorry for Nicola," he said. "When you're sat there, the girl is shaking, the girl is crying, and everyone's chanting."

On last Sunday's Pantsgate incident, Dowling added: "I think Denise knows what she did was wrong. I didn't expect it to escalate the way that it did.

"In those situations it's very difficult when you're in that house - you're very stressed, you're missing your friends and family.

"I was more surprised at Nicola and Denise going head-to-head, and I think that overshadowed the pyjama-pulling incident."

Channel 4's 'Gypsy Blood' documentary attracts complaints

Channel 4's 'Gypsy Blood' documentary attracts complaints

A Channel 4 documentary about travellers featuring animal cruelty and alleged child abuse has prompted almost 300 complaints, and has been criticised by animal protection groups.

Gypsy Blood, part of the acclaimed True Stories strand, was watched by just over 2m viewers when it aired on July 19.

However, the documentary has resulted in 289 complaints being submitted to Ofcom. The media regulator said that it is assessing the complaints to see whether it should launch an investigation.

Channel 4 said that scenes of bare-knuckle fighting, cock-fighting and dog attacks on deer were intended to "accurately reflect the experiences of the filmmaker".

However, animal welfare charity, the RSPCA, confirmed that it would also be making an official complaint about the programme.

In a statement issued to BBC News, the charity said: "The RSPCA has now begun an investigation into activities shown in the programme.

"We would urge anyone who shares our concern at the programme's content to also contact Channel 4 and Ofcom to register their disapproval."

Channel 4, which last year faced criticism over its hit Big Fat Gypsy Weddings series, said that all footage included in the programme was justified by its context.

"To accurately reflect the experiences of the filmmaker who spent years documenting the culture of two gypsy families, including hunting and fighting, some scenes were included that viewers may have found difficult to watch but were justified in context," said a spokesperson for the broadcaster.

"The programme was preceded by on-air warnings and appropriately scheduled."

Photographer-turned-director Leo Maguire created Gypsy Blood as an honest and truthful look at the lives of travellers in the UK.

It was originally commissioned for digital channel More4, but Channel 4 opted to shift the programme to its main network after seeing the footage.

In an interview with the British Journal of Photography, Maguire said that he attempted to show the passage of a traveller child becoming a "gypsy man".

"When I originally set out to make the film, I was attracted by the violence of my two main characters, who are strong macho men. Their kids were kind of too young to make much of an impression on me, two or three years ago," he said.

"That's when I started to see that the kids are the real characters. Their fathers tell their kids these stories about fights. And the kids are just in awe of this. They soak it up like a sponge."

Maguire added: "The film effectively takes you on this journey with him and you hope that he will be able to stay a child a bit longer. But, by the end of the film, you see him die as a child metaphorically and become a gypsy man."

CNN behind on TV ratings, ahead of rivals online

CNN behind on TV ratings, ahead of rivals online

CNN may lag behind most of its competitors in the television ratings department, but digital is another story.

Citing comScore Media Metrix, CNN said in a blog post that it drew more than 73 million unique visitors across all platforms in 2011, while more than 100 million videos were started on its website.

And what would those numbers mean without a little dig at the competition?

According to CNN, those 73 million unique visitors outpace its main rivals in the TV news space, "beating MSNBC by 38 percent, Fox News by 187 percent, ABC News Digital by 217 percent and CBS Interactive by 260 percent."

If one goes by page views, those percentages balloon even more.

Oddly enough, those numbers might be inversely proportional to television ratings as MSNBC topped CNN in 2011, Fox beat both and the networks outpaced cable.

CNN also claims to be the top destination for mobile news, with 19.5 million unique visitors per month, and the most popular on both Facebook and Twitter.

On mobile and Facebook, Fox News is its closest competitor. On Twitter, it's the New York Times.

Natalie Cassidy: 'Big Brother Playboy twins got Nicola McLean evicted'

Natalie Cassidy: 'Big Brother Playboy twins got Nicola McLean evicted'

Natalie Cassidy has claimed that the public evicted Nicola McLean from Celebrity Big Brother due to her close relationship with the Playboy twins.

Speaking to Emma Willis on last night's Bit on the Side, the former EastEnders actress admitted that she "hates" the Shannon twins, and described them as "poison".

She said: "I believe when Nicola watches back she will see what [the twins] pulled her into, and I feel they pulled her into going tonight."

The star went on: "I want the twins out, but if the twins didn't stay, the show wouldn't be as fun. They're good telly, but I hate them."

Kirk Norcross, also a guest on the Channel 5 spinoff show, backed up her claims by saying: "The twins dragged her into something - they are vile."

Defending McLean's integrity, Cassidy added: "I experienced 16 days with the girl and [Nicola's] amazing, so it's very hard to stomach. But I saw the change - when you're in the house, you have to spend time with [everyone] - unfortunately the twins are poison."

Charlie Sheen: 'Two and a Half Men needs to end'

Charlie Sheen: 'Two and a Half Men needs to end'

Charlie Sheen has insisted that Two and a Half Men should end after this season.

The actor was famously fired from Two and a Half Men last year after insulting the series' creator Chuck Lorre in a series of volatile television interviews.

Sheen later endorsed Ashton Kutcher when the actor was cast as his replacement on the CBS sitcom.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the NAPTE convention in Miami, Sheen suggested that Two and Half Men's quality has dropped significantly since he left the series.

"I don't think [Two and a Half Men] should go on past this year. I just think that people are there because there's nowhere else to go," the star commented.

Sheen also said he empathises with Kutcher because he famously replaced Michael J Fox on Spin City in 2000.

"I've done what he's done. I've replaced a guy. It's so f**king hard, you can't believe it. It's all you're thinking about and you're surrounded by these ghosts," he explained.

Sheen continued: "They physically changed the set [on Men] so that there's not this subconscious thing of it's Charlie's piano or it's Charlie's stuff.

"So hats off to [Ashton] for doing the best job that he can. I don't think that he's working with the best writing because [Lorre is] doing too many shows. He and Jon [Cryer] and Angus [T Jones] deserve better material."

Kutcher recently revealed that he wants to return to Two and a Half Men for another season.

Two and a Half Men airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

Glee the Music from the Michael Episode

Glee the Music from the Michael Episode

"Michael" is the upcoming eleventh episode of the third season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 55th overall. Set to air on Fox in the United States on January 31, 2012, the episode is a special tribute episode to Michael Jackson, and will feature ten of his songs.

Here are some of the songs featured in this episode, including a preview of all the songs:

Preview of all Songs

Wanna be startin Something


Never can say Goodbye

Comedy From John Wells, 'Glee' Duo Moving Forward at Fox

Comedy From John Wells, 'Glee' Duo Moving Forward at Fox

"Prodigy Bully," based on the one-minute movies from Hank Perlman, revolves around a boy genius who uses his brains and brawn to get what ever he wants.

Fox is opening its door for more Mike O'Malley.

The network has given pilot orders to a comedy to be written by the Glee guest star based on Hank Perlman's one-minute movies Prodigy Bully.

The half-hour single-camera project would also reteam O'Malley -- who received an Emmy nomination for his turn as father of the year on Fox's musical dramedy -- with frequent Glee director Paris Barclay, John Wells and Andrew Stearn on board to executive produce. O'Malley will co-exec produce.

Prodigy Bully, from Warner Bros. Television, revolves around a young boy genius who uses his brains and brawn to get what ever he wants. The project reteams Wells and O'Malley, who also doubles as a writer on Showtime's Emmy Rossum drama Shameless.

The project joins Fox comedy pilots including Ben Fox is My Manny, Bill Lawrence's Like Father, Mike Royce's Little Brother, and Living Loaded from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell.

Jonathan Ross: 'I'd be a reality TV judge for Simon Cowell'

Jonathan Ross: 'I'd be a reality TV judge for Simon Cowell'

Jonathan Ross revealed at the National Television Awards that he would like to work on a TV talent show.

Ross said that he would accept an offer to work with Simon Cowell on either Britain's Got Talent or The X Factor, if he could find the time in his schedule.

"If Cowell asked me, I would definitely do it if I had the time," said Ross. "But I know how much time it takes and I wouldn't have the time right now. It's an incredible commitment."

The chatshow host picked up the 'Special Recognition' award at last night's NTAs. He confessed that he was touched to be given the gong by Sir Bruce Forsyth and have TV rival Graham Norton paying tribute to him in VT footage.

Ross said: "He was an inspiration. When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Sir Bruce. Now that I know him, I don't want to be like him, but I admire him just as much as I did.

"The other real touching thing was for Graham to come out and be so nice about me. We're often pitched as rivals and we do the same sort of show on either side, so for him to be so nice about me was really touching."

TV Tonight 27th of January 2012

TV Tonight 27th of January 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    20/20 S34E21: "Season 34, Episode 21"
    A.N.T. Farm S01E22: "PerformANTs"
    Alaska Wing Men S02E04: "Grizzly 911"
    Amagami SS S02E04: "Episode 6"
    America's Most Wanted S25E09: "Season 25, Episode 9"
    Bargain Hunt S31E20: "Series 31, Episode 20"
    Bering Sea Gold S01E01: "Pilot"
    Blade Anime S01E03: "Dead on Arrival"
    Celebrity Big Brother S09E25: "Series 9, Episode 25"
    Celebrity Coach Trip S03E10: "Series 3, Day 10"
    Chris Moyles Quiz Night S05E08: "Amir Khan, Gok Wan, Dappy"
    Chuck S05E12: "Chuck Versus Sarah"
    Chuck S05E13: "Chuck Versus the Goodbye"
    Come Dine With Me S18E12: "Series 18, Come Dine With Me"
    Come Dine With Me S18E11: "Series 18, Episode 10"
    Confessions: Animal Hoarding S03E10: "Thank God for (My) Pitbulls!"
    Coronation Street S53E20: "Fri Jan 27, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E19: "Fri Jan 27, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann S10E18: "Season 10, Episode 18"
    Dateline NBC S21E20: "FR2119"
    Days of our Lives S47E56: "Ep. #11766"
    Deadly Women S05E20: "Killer Kids"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E144: "Episode 1824"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E39: "Series 8, Episode 39"
    Doctors S13E186: "Completion Day (Part 2)"
    Dr. G: Medical Examiner S06E34: "Fatal Feud"
    EastEnders S28E17: "January 27, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E24: "January 27, 2012"
    Escape To The Country S12E19: "Norfolk"
    Fish Hooks S02E10: "Spoiler Alert"
    Fish Hooks S02E09: "Rock Lobster Yeti"
    Fort Boyard - Ultimate Challenge S02E10: "Season 2, Episode 10"
    Four Weddings (2010) S03E25: "...and a School Bus"
    Fringe S04E10: "Forced Perspective"
    General Hospital (US) S49E209: "#12483"
    Generator Rex S03E10: "Assault on Abysus"
    Gold Rush: Alaska S02E12: "Bedrock Gold"
    Got to Dance S03E30: "Series 3, Episode 30"
    Great British Railway Journeys S03E20: "Heysham to Sneafell"
    Guilty Crown S01E14: "Election"
    High School DxD S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Hollyoaks S18E20: "January 27, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E05: "Episode 5440"
    Homes Under the Hammer S14E179: "Series 14, Show 179"
    House of Anubis S02E30: "House of Phobias"
    House of Anubis S02E29: "House of Help"
    Hustle S08E03: "Series 8, Episode 3"
    Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus! S06E15: "Folge 15"
    Infested S02E05: "Night Terrors"
    Inu x Boku SS S01E03: "The Real Contract"
    Jeopardy! S28E95: "Show #6300"
    Jessie (2011) S01E11: "Take the A-Train... I Think?"
    Kill Me Baby S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Kitchen Nightmares S04E11: "Revisited #2"
    Last Exile (JP) S02E14: "Episode 14"
    Law & Order: UK S06E04: "Trial"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E109
    Mastermind (UK) S40E11: "Series 40, Show 11"
    Neighbours S28E15: "Episode 6325"
    On Freddie Roach S01E02: "The Wild Card"
    Persona 4 The Animation S01E16: "Although the Case was Closed"
    Pointless S05E104: "Series 5, Episode 104"
    Popstokk S02E04
    Portlandia S02E04
    Primetime S23E02: "What Would You Do? (2)"
    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is S05E20: "Series 5, Episode 20"
    Real Time With Bill Maher S10E03: "Season 10, Episode 3"
    Room 101 S12E02: "Gregg Wallace, Sarah Millican, Gabby Logan"
    Safari Vet School S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Saints and Scroungers S03E20: "Series 3, Episode 20"
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S03E07: "Modern Bay Scarlett"
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S03E08: "Fresh Start"
    Senhime Zesshou Symphogear S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Shark Tank S03E02: "Season 3, Episode 2"
    Spartacus: Blood and Sand S02E01: "Fugitivus"
    Spartacus: Vengeance S01E01: "Fugitivus"
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) S04E16: "Friends and Enemies"
    Stella (UK) S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Sweet Home Alabama S03E03: "Around the Campfire"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E219: "Ep. #6248"
    The Chase (2009) S05E19: "Series 5, Episode 19"
    The Culture Show S15E21: "Cash in China's Attic"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E88
    The Graham Norton Show S10E13
    The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret S02E04
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E95: "January 27, 2012"
    The Life and Times of Tim S03E07
    The Million Pound Drop Live S08E05: "Series 8, Episode 5"
    The Real Hustle (UK) S11E01: "Celebrity Chancers: Episode 1"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E10: "Season 1, Episode 10"
    The Rosie Show S01E59
    The View S15E93
    The Young and the Restless S39E216: "Ep. #9831"
    Thuis S17E110: "Season 17, Episode 110"
    Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07E44: "Payneful Recovery"
    Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07E43: "Payne-ful Survival"
    Voetbal International S04E44: "Season 4, Episode 44"
    Wanted Down Under S06E20: "Series 6, Episode 20"
    Wereld draait door, De S07E101: "Season 7, Episode 101"
    World's Toughest Trucker S01E04: "Episode 4"
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown! S12E70: "Season 12, Episode 70"
    X Factor (NL) S05E01: "Season 5, Episode 1"

American Idol: Randy Jackson walks out on "joke" Magic Cyclops

American Idol: Randy Jackson walks out on "joke" Magic Cyclops

Randy Jackson decided he needed a bathroom break during Magic Cyclops's audition on American Idol's latest episode.

Magic Cyclops, an apparent air guitar specialist from Davenport, Iowa, started his audition by declining to reveal his age, saying only: "It's not polite to ask a lady her age... A bearded lady, yes. It's a weird city."

He then explained his accent by saying: "This is an Iowan accent. I grew up extremely poor and we only got the local PBS station which mostly aired BBC programming."

After giving the judges a choice of songs he could perform, Magic Cyclops went for 'Cracklin' Rosie' by Neil Diamond, but not before Jackson said: "This is really silly."

He then switched to 'Margaritaville' by Jimmy Buffett at Jennifer Lopez's request, but before delivering a verdict, Jackson said: "I have to go to the bathroom, I think I'm going to go. I'm going to let you guys [Lopez and Steven Tyler] do this... This is a whole joke."

Cyclops then let off some form of confetti, causing Tyler and Lopez to jump, before they delivered a joined 'no' and followed Jackson in leaving the room.

"I have no clue what has just gone on," said Cyclops as the judges left. "I don't know what happened. No, really, I literally don't. If someone could explain to me what has just happened..."

American Idol airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox.

National Television Awards UK 2012 Winners

National Television Awards UK 2012 Winners

Well, it's all over for another year and Doctor Who is the biggest winner with two awards. One for each of the main stars, conveniently. No real surprises elsewhere. Come on, This Morning is a factual(ish) juggernaut, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding didn't stand a chance.

Anyway, here are the winners!

Talk Show
The Jonathan Ross Show
The Graham Norton Show
Alan Carr: Chatty Man - WINNER
Loose Women

Downton Abbey  - WINNER
Doctor Who
Waterloo Road

Reality TV
The Only Way Is Essex
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!  - WINNER
Come Dine With Me
The Apprentice

Talent Show
The X Factor  - WINNER
Strictly Come Dancing
Dancing on Ice
Britain's Got Talent

Entertainment Presenter
Michael McIntyre
Dermot O'Leary
Ant & Dec  - WINNER
Keith Lemon

Entertainment Programme
Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow   - WINNER
Dynamo: Magician Impossible
Harry Hill's TV Burp
Take Me Out

Panel Gameshow
Celebrity Juice  - WINNER
Mock The Week
Have I Got News For You

Situation Comedy
Outnumbered  - WINNER

Serial Drama
Coronation Street  - WINNER

Drama Performance - Male
Matt Smith - Doctor Who  - WINNER
John Barrowman - Torchwood
Martin Clunes - Doc Martin
David Threlfall - Shameless

Drama Performance - Female
Karen Gillan - Doctor Who  - WINNER
Eve Myles - Torchwood
Jaye Jacobs - Waterloo Road
Suranne Jones - Scott & Bailey

Serial Drama Performance
Katherine Kelly - Coronation Street  - WINNER
Alison King - Coronation Street
Danny Miller - Emmerdale
Jessie Wallace - EastEnders

Chris Fountain - Coronation Street
Chelsea Halfpenny - Emmerdale
Jacqueline Jossa - EastEnders  - WINNER

An Idiot Abroad
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
This Morning  - WINNER
Top Gear

Special Recognition Award
Johnathan Ross

Outstanding Contribution Award
Gary Barlow

'SWAGS': ITV plans military wives drama

'SWAGS': ITV plans military wives drama

ITV has picked up a new drama about the wives and girlfriends of soldiers.

The six-part series, which is currently called SWAGS, will focus on the lives of four women living in Army quarters in Leysham while their partners serve in Afghanistan.

Debbie's husband Howard has left the army but she is worried about her two sons in Helmand, while her daughter-in-law Gemma is feeling positive about the future.

Army nurse Louise met her husband in Afghanistan but did not return to the frontline after maternity leave, while Claire met her partner after signing up to a dating website.

The show is expected to focus on the women's everyday struggles and problems, but is also said to be "upbeat" and have an "ever present streetwise sense of humour".

The programme's executive producer Kieran Roberts described SWAGS as an "emotional and heart-wrenching drama", adding: "Seeing how these remarkable women cope with survival, triumph, love and loss will make compelling viewing."

Meanwhile, ITV's director of drama commissioning Laura Mackie claimed that the show is "about real women in an all too real world", explaining that the drama will give viewers "an insight into the lives behind the headlines".

Former Coronation Street producer Kim Crowther is involved in the project with Roberts, who has also worked on the soap. The show has been created by Birds of a Feather scribe Sue Teddern, who will collaborate with Coronation Street and Clocking Off writer Jan McVerry.

Casting for SWAGS will take place in the next few months.

ITV also recently announced that it is working on a drama about Ronnie Biggs's wife, while Public Enemies writer Tony Marchant is penning a show about an unlikely friendship called Leaving.

Julia Davis to write, star in Sky Atlantic comedy 'Hunderby'

Julia Davis to write, star in Sky Atlantic comedy 'Hunderby'

Sky Atlantic has commissioned a new show from writer and actress Julia Davis.

Hunderby - an 1800s-set black comedy - will tell the story of Helene, a shipwreck survivor who is washed ashore near a small English village.

After marrying widowed pastor Edmund, Helene falls under the watchful eye of his housekeeper, the obsessive and interfering Dorothy (Davis).

"I'm so excited to be making a series for Sky Atlantic HD, a channel that has so many of my favourite shows from around the world," said Nighty Night star Davis.

Sky's head of comedy Lucy Lumsden added: "The genius of Julia Davis comes to Sky Atlantic HD. Her sick and twisted sense of humour has found its natural home and we can't wait to unleash it on to our customers later this year."

Hunderby is a Baby Cow Production for Sky Atlantic, and will be executive produced by Armando Ianucci, Henry Normal and Lindsay Hughes. The Royle Family's John Rushton will produce, with Nighty Night's Tony Dow directing.

The seven-part series is expected to enter production soon and will air on Sky Atlantic HD in summer 2012.

'The Walking Dead' to launch zombie kills predictor app

'The Walking Dead' to launch zombie kills predictor app

TV series The Walking Dead is to get a companion iOS app for its forthcoming second season, enabling users to predict the number of zombie kills in each episode.

Created by British media management company Red Bee Media, The Walking Dead app is the first companion service developed for a FX UK television show.

Launching in time for the UK premiere of the The Walking Dead's second season on February 17, the app is also the first ever use of "digital audio watermarking" technology in a UK TV app.

Designed as a 'second screen' experience, the app for iPhone and iPad will offer audiences "a new, social and immersive way to engage with one of FX UK's top rated TV series".

Users will be able to predict the number of zombies that will be killed in each episode of The Walking Dead, and then share their results on Facebook and Twitter.

As the series unfurls, they can re-watch favourite zombie kills from previous episodes according to character and weapon used, as well as view trailers of forthcoming episodes.

In-built links to Twitter mean that users can keep up with what is being said about The Walking Dead on the microblogging site, and interact with the Twittersphere.

The Walking Dead app will be available free of charge from February 3 for iPhones and iPads.

"The Walking Dead is such a fertile property online already that developing that discussion further on to the next level of engagement without compromising the viewing experience was a natural next step for us," said FX UK general manager Cecelia Parker.

"Red Bee Media were the ideal partners given their wealth of experience in second screen activity. We are incredibly excited to launch the channel's first ever IOS app on February 3, just in time for the airing of the second part of season two on Friday, February 17. We hope the fans take part."

Red Bee Media has utilised digital audio watermarking technology from Civolution for the app, allowing audiences to sync their 'second screen' experience to the TV show, both live and on-demand.

Digital audio watermarking works by embedding metadata information about TV shows, such as timecodes, which can then be extracted on the iPad or iPhone.

Typically used to increase security around content, or for audience measurement, this is the first time that the technology has been deployed commercially on a TV companion app in the UK

"We are proud to work with FX UK to deliver this cutting-edge, first of its kind, second screen experience to consumers across the UK," said Bill Patrizio, chief executive of Red Bee Media.

"The convergence of mobile and social technological innovation and consumer adoption is effecting dramatic changes to nearly every aspect of the industry

"It is now widely acknowledged that multi-tasking in front of the TV is increasingly commonplace and research tells us that 60% of people in the UK concurrently watch TV and go online at least two or three times a week.

"This provides us with an opportunity to help our partners to build lasting relationships between their content and consumers by offering a new dimension in engagement that fuels excitement, deepens experiences and extends consumers' enjoyment without detracting from the main screen."

The Walking Dead companion app has also been developed using Red Bee Media's new RedDiscover technology, which was officially announced yesterday.

Launching with Time Out and Dutch publishing house Veronica as its partners, RedDiscover brings social media and interactive features to the TV discovery experience.

Amy Childs reality show 'It's All About Amy' axed by Channel 5

Amy Childs reality show 'It's All About Amy' axed by Channel 5

Amy Childs's new reality show has reportedly been axed by Channel 5 after one series.

The former Only Way Is Essex star fronted fly-on-the-wall series It's All About Amy following her stint in the broadcaster's inaugural series of Celebrity Big Brother last year.

The show's December premiere attracted a disappointing 506,000 viewers and ratings dipped to just 300,000 by the end of the series, with Channel 5 insiders putting the slump down to a lack of engaging content.

"The fly-on-the-wall format didn't really work because there wasn't a lot going on," a source told The Mirror. "TOWIE at least has a few different cast members, but watching Amy drive to TV studios and train her dogs was just tedious."

A Channel 5 spokesperson said that the broadcaster is discussing "other opportunities on the channel" with Childs, while the glamour model's team claimed that a major project is being lined up for the summer.

Childs, who has long been linked to dating competition The Bachelorette, recently said that leaving TOWIE was "the best thing [she'd] ever done".

Rihanna, Nicola Roberts for Sky fashion designer show

Rihanna, Nicola Roberts for Sky fashion designer show

Rihanna and Nicola Roberts have teamed up for a new fashion design reality show.

The 'We Found Love' singer will executive produce the competition for Sky Living and appear alongside Roberts as the Girls Aloud star searches for talented designers hoping to break into the industry.

Contestants will be challenged to create outfits for a number of celebrities over the course of ten weeks, with the winner getting to dress Rihanna in a unique and original stage outfit for her performance at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park this July.

"I've always had a great love of fashion. It's a constant source of inspiration in my life, and is a big reason why I've grown into the person and artist I am today," Rihanna stated.

"I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage.

"I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show."

Roberts said that she was "excited" and "flattered" to be approached for the project by the Bajan star.

"There are talented people, undiscovered because they don't have the means or their circumstances are too far away from the fashion world," she explained. "This show is here to discover those people and give them a shot.

"I'm looking for someone who can think outside the box while using their imagination, someone who isn't going to give up at the first hurdle and ultimately someone who can't be undiscovered anymore."

Roberts added: "I love both Rihanna's music and her style. I love that she isn't afraid to try new things. Her style is personal and that's something I'm a fan of. You can see a genuine love for fashion in her. She is definitely one of my style icons."

In addition to serving as executive producer on the show, Rihanna will also be involved in the casting process and editing in post-production.

The programme is due to debut in the summer of 2012 on Sky Living.

McIntyre, Walliams congratulate 'wonderful' Holden on baby

McIntyre, Walliams congratulate 'wonderful' Holden on baby

Michael McIntyre and David Walliams have sent their best wishes to new mum Amanda Holden backstage at the National Television Awards.

Holden gave birth to her second daughter Hollie Rose earlier this week, but has remained in hospital after being in a "critical condition".

McIntyre and Walliams, who have both worked with Holden on Britain's Got Talent, paid tribute to their co-star while celebrating their NTA victories.

"She gave birth on Monday," said Walliams. "It's fantastic news. We're all really excited for her on the show.

"We arrived into Blackpool and all I heard was Amanda was unwell. I just hoped she was alright and assumed she was having the baby."

McIntyre said: "It's been a very tough year. I don't know what's gone on over the last few days, but I'm glad that the baby is born - Hollie! - and I love [Amanda], she's a wonderful person."

The stand-up joked: "She will be thrilled on a night like this to be stealing the show. I was going down the red carpet and it was like a Royal birth. Everyone was asking, 'what do you think of the name Hollie, it's Hollie with an ie and not a y, what do you think of that?' She'll love it."

Longtime Oprah Associate Lisa Erspamer Exits OWN

Longtime Oprah Associate Lisa Erspamer Exits OWN

Another day, another shakeup for Oprah Winfrey's struggling network OWN.

Lisa Erspamer, the network's executive vice president of production and development, left on Wednesday. An Own spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement that Erspamer is leaving "by mutual agreement to pursue other opportunities."

Erspamer was no casual employee of Winfrey's. She came aboard the network in January 2010 as a 15-year veteran of Winfrey's Harpo Productions, Inc., and had been the co-executive producer of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" since 2006. During her tenure at "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Erspamer oversaw key events such as Winfrey's two-part interview with Whitney Houston, and the now-infamous car giveaway.

Rita Mullin, senior vice president of content strategy for Discovery Fit & Health, will step into Erspamer's position in the interim. In addition to Discovery, Mullin has also served as vice president of development at TLC, where she developed such hits as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "18 Kids and Counting."

Erspamer's exit is the latest in a string of departures, voluntary and otherwise, for the fledgling network. Last May, CEO Christina Norman was replaced by Discovery Communications COO Peter Liguori. (Winfrey herself assumed the title of "permanent CEO" of the network in July.) More recently, longtime Winfrey pal Gayle King left to take a seat at CBS' morning offering "Early Show," while OWN's programming boss Rod Aissa jumped ship to Oxygen Media earlier this month.

Despite the tumult, there have been signs of life for OWN lately. Its new offering "Oprah's Next Chapter" premiered on Jan. 1 to the network's biggest numbers since its January 2011 launch, with the second installment of the interview series growing 45 percent over the premiere, with 1.6 million total viewers.

'Spartacus' Creator Defends the Show's Sex Addiction -- Both Straight and Gay

'Spartacus' Creator Defends the Show's Sex Addiction -- Both Straight and Gay

Heard about the television show "Spartacus" and wonder what all the fuss is about? Let me warn you there will be plenty of mayhem in the upcoming third season of this show to talk about -- the primal sort of bedlam that was commonplace in ancient Rome.

In advance of Friday night's Starz season premiere of "Spartacus: Vengeance," creator and head writer Steven S. DeKnight ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," "Smallville, "Viva Laughlin" and "Dollhouse") took part in a special conference call to discuss the increasingly popular franchise.

The most obvious questions about the show centered around what some see as a brutally violent and highly sexually explicit show.

DeKnight made no excuses for the uncensored and graphic battle and brothel scenes that have become the hallmark of this show: "Every now and then somebody will say something about oh it's too violent, oh there's too much sex, but that's the show it is. Thankfully Starz is very supportive, and we get to tell the story we want to tell."

As for the homosexual scenes in the show, he dismisses those critics, too. When people ask him to tone this content down he flat out refuses to do it.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's barely in there to start with. And it was part and parcel of this world and it's part and parcel of our world now. If people want to stop watching the show because two guys kiss, well, I shrug my shoulders. You know, that that will always be in there," said DeKnight.

Other things the show's critics have pointed out are the fit Gladiators walking around with shaved, glowing bodies, which DeKnight says is part of the show's appeal today.

"The men have it rougher than the women because the men are often practically naked all the time, you know, with just a little bit of strategic covering. So they have to watch what they eat and train like crazy for the entire shoot of the show, which is incredibly difficult."

And apparently fans of "Spartacus" might see more of these Ancient Romans' chiseled bodies at Comic-Con this summer.

I asked DeKnight if the show would be making a return visit to the pop-culture convention. "It's always a little trickier since we shoot in New Zealand and we have to actually shut down for a week to be able to get the actors here." He also said that the large dollar amount connected with shutting down production for a week makes this decision a "nail biter."

While he wouldn't confirm if the "Spartacus" cast would make it to the convention this year, he did reassure me he would be here.

"You'll find me floating around the convention floor, if nothing else. But I suspect we'll be there. It's such a great event and we always love coming there," he said.

In the new season Liam McIntyre (Ektopos, Radev, “Neighbours,” “The Pacific”) takes the title role of Spartacus after Andy Whitfield died of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year. Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica”) returns as Lucretia; Peter Mensah ("Avatar,"" 300," "The Incredible Hulk") as Oenomaus – once known as Doctore; Manu Bennett ("The Marine," "30 Days of Night"), as Crixus; Dustin Clare (“Underbelly,” “Satisfaction”) as Gannicus; Nick E. Tarabay (“Crash,” “CSI: Miami”) as Ashur; and Katrina Law (“Third Watch”) as Mira.

"Spartacus: Vengeance" premiers with the episode "Fugitivius" and picks up where the final season left off: After Spartacus' wife is murdered, the raging leader is ready to avenge his wife's murder but chooses to control his beastly instinct to direct his growing army of freed slaves instead.

The first 15 minutes of this episode will take you from bloody battlefield, to gory fighting, to the main arena for more butchering. If you've got a week stomach for violence then you might want to change the channel. The camera stays continuously on the savage pugilists giving viewers just enough time to look away or dare to stare straight into the eyes of the mortally wounded without cutting away from the carnage.

Wanted: The Next Great Man-on-the-Run Series

Wanted: The Next Great Man-on-the-Run Series

From the sixties through the nineties, TV series built around the viscerally appealing concept of the person on the run from authority while in pursuit of a just cause (all the while helping others along the way) has been a staple of television.

Yet for some reason, since about 2000 the genre has largely disappeared as mysteriously as the one-armed man following the murder of Helen Kimble.

David Janssen, in fact, set the standard for the program category with his portrayal of Dr. Richard Kimble, “an innocent victim of blind justice” who in 1963 began a four-ordeal in search of his wife’s real killer, the mysterious one-armed man. The show, of course, was ABC’s “The Fugitive” and it’s success led to several imitators over though the sixties, seventies and nineties.

Some of the more notable examples included:

>>“Run for Your Life” (NBC/1965-1968): Ben Gazzara wasn’t on the run from authority per se, but death itself as he portrayed terminally-ill attorney Paul Bryan who as he traveled from town to town and city

>>“The Invaders” (ABC/1967-1968): Roy Thinnes played architect David Vincent who, after witnessing an alien landing, found himself on the run from the beings while trying to prove their existence to the rest of the world.

>>“Alias Smith and Jones” (ABC/1971-1973): Pete Duel and Ben Murphy were Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry (aka Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones), two western-era outlaws promised amnesty by the governor of an unnamed state if they stayed out of trouble until it became politically feasible for him to grant them amnesty. Their only problem was they’d still be wanted in the meantime. Roger Davis took over the Hayes role after Duel’s apparent suicide in 1971.

>>“Kung Fu” (ABC/1972-1975): David Carradine was a half-American/half-Chinese Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin monk/martial arts expert traveling across 19th century America in search of his half brother while being pursued by Chinese assassins who hold him responsible for the death of the emperor’s nephew.

>>"“The Incredible Hulk” (CBS/1978-1982): Bill Bixby was Dr. David Banner, a scientist whose experimentation with human adrenalin caused him (when angry) to transform into a not-so-jolly green giant (portrayed by Lou Ferrigno). Following an explosion, Banner is believed dead and goes underground in search of a cure. The creature, meanwhile, becomes a tabloid sensation pursued by reporter Jack McGee (Jack Colvin).

>>“The A-Team” (NBC/1983-1987): The iconic show starred George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz and Mr. T as a team of former soldiers on the run from the Army after being framed for a crime they didn’t commit in Vietnam.

>>“Renegade” (Syndicated/1992-1997): Lorenzo Lamas was Reno Raines, a good cop framed by bad cops for a murder he didn't commit. While on the run to clear his name, he accepts work as a bounty hunter.

>>“The Pretender” (NBC/1996-2000): Michael T. Weiss played Jarod, a former child prodigy with the ability to learn new skills incredibly quickly and, therefore, assume any job while on the run from The Centre, an organization that sought to use his talents for its own nefarious interests.

DirecTV Settles Dispute With Sunbeam Over Blackout

DirecTV Settles Dispute With Sunbeam Over Blackout

DirecTV and Sunbeam Entertainment have broken bread and ended the carriage dispute that caused customers in Boston and Miami to miss both the Packers-Giants NFL playoff game and the Golden Globes earlier this month.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement to end the Sunbeam blackout, and regret that any of our customers were forced into the middle of a business dispute where they should never have been in the first place," DirecTV said in a statement Thursday. "We believe, like many, the public interest is best served by allowing customers to keep their local broadcast stations as we negotiate future agreements, rather than being denied access by broadcast stations and used as leverage in what should be a private business matter."

The statement added, "The Sunbeam-owned stations — WHDH and WLVI in Boston and WSVN in Miami — are now available for DIRECTV customers in those cities."

The disagreement between the two companies came to a head on Jan. 13 when, unable to reach a deal with DirecTV, Sunbeam pulled its programming from the service. That left customers of Fox affiliate WSVN in Miami and viewers of CW affiliate WLVI and NBC affiliate WHDH, both in Boston, in the dark. In all, approximately 450,000 customers were affected.

Things got ugly on Jan. 15, as both the Golden Globes and the playoff game prepared to air. Customers engaged in a mass Twitter protest throughout the Globes protest. Meanwhile, Sunbeam rejected a request from DirecTV to air the football game despite the lack of a contract just prior to kickoff.

During the blackout, DirecTV issued a statement to its subscribers saying it was "working hard to bring back your local channel as quickly as possible" -- while adding that Sunbeam was trying to "extort a more than 300 percent fee increase to carry WSVN in Miami, and WHDH and WLVI in Boston."

Steve-O Sued Over Alleged Karaoke Injury -- Yes, Karaoke Injury

Steve-O Sued Over Alleged Karaoke Injury -- Yes, Karaoke Injury

Steve-O has moved on from doing nasty bodily harm to his own body on camera, to doing nasty bodily harm to other people's bodies on camera. At least, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

The "Jackass" star has been slapped with a negligence suit by a woman who claims that she was injured during a taping of his upcoming reality series, "Killer Karaoke."

Susanne Ohman says that she participated in a taping of the show -- which features contestants singing karaoke while they're distracted by various diversion -- in October 2011, and that she suffered a host of serious boo-boos that necessitated medical care.

According to Ohman, contestants on the day of her taping were challenged to sing while being doused with liquid and, over the course of the 12-hour day, the floor of the studio became dangerously wet. When she finished her performance, Ohman says, she attempted to descend the stage but, without any mats, grips or any other method of steadying herself, she fell on the stairs, leading to numerous injuries.

"As a direct result of said negligence, Plaintiff fractured and damaged her tibia, patella, ligaments, knee, leg, bones, and injured her muscles, bone, circulatory system and body,"

Claiming premises liability, willful failure to warn, negligence per se, gross negligence and fraudulent concealment, Ohman is seeking general damages; medical costs for the past, present and future; damages for emotional distress, mental suffering and anguish; compensation for loss of earnings; and for the cost of the suit, among other damages. Ouch!

Leave it to Steve-O to turn karaoke into an event capable of injuring something other than one's ears. Allegedly.

Zodiak USA and Argyle Productions, which are producing "Killer Karaoke," are also named in the suit.

LMFAO To Join Madonna at Super Bowl, Says

LMFAO To Join Madonna at Super Bowl, Says

The Black Eyed Peas member, who performed at last year’s half-time show, revealed that he will be among the attendees at the Feb. 5 matchup.

During the Super Bowl XLV halftime show last February, and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas brought out special guests like Usher and Slash to pump up their pop anthems. One year later, has taken it upon himself to reveal one of the performers expected to spice up Madonna's upcoming halftime extravaganza: those lovable party rockers, LMFAO.

Speaking to Capital FM about Madge's halftime show, says, "I'm going to the Super Bowl this year to see my group LMFAO perform with Madonna." LMFAO, who scored a pair of Hot 100 chart-toppers last year with "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It," are signed to Music Group through Cherrytree/Interscope.

The Peas star continued, "Check that out, Music Group is pretty freaking two for two…. One year the Super Bowl, the next year another group part of the Super Bowl in collaboration with Madonna. That's still happening."

Madonna, a recent Golden Globe winner whose 12th studio album M.D.N.A. is expected for a March release, was announced as the Super Bowl halftime show performer in December after months of speculation. Nicki Minaj is also rumored to show up at the Super Bowl performance, after the hip-hop star and pop legend collaborated on Madonna's forthcoming single, "Give Me All Your Love."

Meanwhile, is gearing up for a new album himself: #willpower, his fourth studio album, was previewed by the single "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger in November. and LMFAO both performed at the 2011 American Music Awards that month.

Kim Kardashian scores recurring role on 'Drop Dead Diva'

Kim Kardashian scores recurring role on 'Drop Dead Diva'

If the E! star has her way, we'll know her for much more than her reality shows (and, uh, extracurricular video activities) soon.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has booked a recurring role on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" as a new love interest for Fred. The show follows the adventures of a shallow model who wakes up in the body of a plus-size lawyer after a fatal accident. (It's complicated.)

Kardashian will play Nikki, the business partner of Fred's ex, Stacy. She'll debut in the show's fourth season premiere this summer, Lifetime announced.

"I'm ecstatic to welcome Kim to the 'Diva' family," creator Josh Berman says in a statement. "In discussing the role of Nikki with her, I'm blown away by her smarts, sense of humor and passion. This series is all about reinvention and I'm so excited to see Kim 'reinvented' in the world of 'Drop Dead Diva."

Thus far, Kardashian's acting experience has been limited to small roles on shows like "CSI" and "Beyond The Break," or playing herself in shows like "90210," "How I Met Your Mother" and coming soon, "Last Man Standing."