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maandag 27 februari 2012

‘Mad Men’ Now Playing a Union Tune

‘Mad Men’ Now Playing a Union Tune

Lionsgate and the American Federation of Musicians reach an agreement; it doesn’t cover other properties such as ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, but the union is working on it.

Looks like the musicians aren’t as mad at Lionsgate any more: the American Federation of Musicians has reached an agreement with Lionsgate, producers of AMC’s Mad Men.

“We are pleased to have begun a relationship with Lionsgate that will bring fairness to musicians in its television production of Mad Men,” AFM president Ray Hair told The Hollywood Reporter.

The deal will see the musicians receiving union wages, residuals and pension and health benefits. “And,” said union official Marc Sazer, “(they’ll) be getting something else that was overdue – respect, and an acknowledgement of the dignity accorded to professional musicians.”

Sazer’s the president of the Recording Musicians Association, an AFM subgroup focusing on the interests of musicians who work in movies, TV, sound recordings and commercials. He said that the agreement resulted from “calm private discussions, informational picketing (and) gathering the support of a variety of AFM Locals and other entertainment industry unions and guilds.”

The deal applies only to Mad Men, not company-wide or to such other Lionsgate properties as the March 23 opener The Hunger Games, which set a record earlier this week for first-day advance ticket sales and is the first installment in a planned franchise. However, said Hair, “we are working toward broadening our coverage in the company's other TV and film projects.”

A Lionsgate spokesman declined to comment.

The AFM agreement isn’t Lionsgate’s only recent activity on the deal front: last month, the company reached an agreement to purchase Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the hit Twilight franchise.

Janet Montgomery Gets The Lead In CBS’ Drama Pilot ‘Baby Big Shot’

Janet Montgomery Gets The Lead In CBS’ Drama Pilot ‘Baby Big Shot’

British actress Janet Montgomery (Black Swan, Our Idiot Brother) has landed the lead in CBS’ drama pilot Baby Big Shot.

The project, from writer Dana Calvo, showrunner Kevin Falls, Sony TV and Julia Franz’s Fanfare, is a legal drama centered on Martina (Montgomery), a working-class woman who uses her street smarts to compete with her more polished colleagues at a top New York law firm.

Baby Big Shot is a rare drama pilot with a 20something female lead this season that sparked competition among young actresses.

Montgomery, repped by UTA, Anonymous and UK’s Hamilton/Hoddell, played E’s assistant Jennie in HBO’s Entourage for the last few seasons and also was a regular on Season 2 of Fox’s Human Target.

She is now filming the BBC miniseries Dancing On The Edge.

'Real Housewives' Marlo Hampton Clears the Air on Fights, Her Money, and the Gay Slur

'Real Housewives' Marlo Hampton Clears the Air on Fights, Her Money, and the Gay Slur

The Atlanta socialite addresses the many controversies and burning questions that arose from her short time on the Bravo series and its epic three-part Africa trip.

In her short time on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton has made quite the impression on her cast mates and the show’s fans. According to the socialite, her time on the show ends soon after they return from the epic Africa trip. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot more to say.

While the source of her wealth is in constant debate on the show, there’s much to look up to Marlo for. She was a foster child who we all know had some tough times with the law – including a rap sheet with at least eight charges. But now, she has made herself a comfortable life, become a well-known figure in Atlanta, and founded Glam It Up, her organization that mentors girls growing up in the foster care system.

“The main part is that I invested my money,” Hampton tells The Hollywood Reporter about her money. “I wasn't crazy, I didn't have to spend on everything. My home is paid for, my vehicles are paid for… I came from nothing to where I never want to go back to being a foster child, being homeless, or being in the projects, and just struggling, and not knowing where my next meal was going to come from. I don't want to go back to that.”

At any rate, she caused quite a stir on the Bravo show with the housewives and spoke to THR about what went down including her on-air fights, her money, and her controversial use of a gay slur during her argument with Sheree Whitfield.

I’m impressed by the fact that you and Nene Leakes dated the same guy, but you guys get along and got over it. How did you do that?
Marlo Hampton: I really didn't care from when I first heard about it, them dating or whatever. I didn't know him then. Why the hell do I care who he dated before me or talked to before me? I didn't know Nene, I didn't know him. So, the only thing I did want to know though, like “Hey, if I am going to be working with or around her, I want to know what happened, is it over with?” And once it was all confirmed it was like "OK, move over, get over it." And when she cleared the air, he cleared the air, it was done. But the girls wanted it to be something major.

How would you characterize the experience of the Africa trip?
Hampton: Oh my God, that was just a life experience. I just loved that experience, it changed my life. It was wonderful, the bad part definitely being Sheree's argument, I hate that that happened. But then the orphanage and the children, I loved that part, it touched me like no other. It reminded me of my dad, which you don't know, well you should know. I grew up in a foster home also, so just being in there just kind of reminded me of my childhood and it was just really sad. I wish I could've grabbed them and brought them back here to the U.S. with me.

What was the real cause of your fight with Sheree?
Hampton: I would not have cared about her inviting me to the party, because I know that Sheree doesn't really care for me too much, whatever. But, after we sat on the boat and we're all like "Hey, we're going to bond, at least when we see each other we're going to speak, we're going to be cordial," I'm like, OK, we're starting off on a new foot, we're connecting. So as soon as we get back to the room, you call Cynthia over and invite Cynthia and not me, really? Sheree, seriously? Where we just left 30 minutes ago saying "Oh, we're going to try to get along," so that really just shocked me. And then we started the argument, I guess the part that blew me was when she was like, "Oh don't go there, you're dating an 80-year-old white man." I just lost it.

The source of your money was an ongoing drama among the women. Why do you think Kandi Burruss is so interested in where you got your money?
Hampton: I don't even know, to tell you the truth, it took me by surprise. Like, say if I meet someone, I'm assuming I'm going to say, "What do you do for a living?," not "Where do you get your money from?" So, it took me by surprise. Like, I don't get it, I don't get it. That one puzzled me, I want to ask her too, why was she so concerned about that?

You still don’t know why?
Hampton: Oh I just got it. It's jealousy and envy, that's what it was. I mean, it's got to be jealousy and envy, something, Lord -- women with low self-esteem only. The gay men love me, men love me, and strong-minded women love me, who have high self-esteem. Only the low self-esteem women have a problem with me, and it's like, "Why? What is your problem?" Just because I love fashion, my story is different from yours, my occupation is different from yours, what is the problem?

So, where did you get you your money?
Hampton: I mean, from work, and I did own and found the Red Carpet Boutique at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta for three years, which I just closed when I started taping with Bravo. And people always ask about my clothing, they love my advice, my style, and it made more sense to go global, so I did the Simply Marlo, Marlo's Closet online, and I invested my money. I mean, I did have a boutique for three years, and of course, I have been spoiled by my boyfriends. The main part is that I invested my money.

You mentioned gay men tend to be cool with you. How did you explain your use of the gay slur during the fight with Sheree?
Hampton: I feel absolutely awful. When I said the "f-word," this wasn't on camera, but I was crying, I was so pissed off and frustrated. I called home to Daniel, my assistant who's gay. I just told him about the whole thing about Sheree, I mean, I just felt awful, I mean, I was upset like that whole night. Daniel's gay, my sister's gay, you know, my whole circle is. It's like, wow, but the only thing about it, when I talked to Lawrence about it, he told me a “faggot” was a gay messy male. And I did know that guy was being messy, but he's like "Marlo, you cannot say that, though, you're not gay. It's like a man calling you the B-word.”

So, I mean, when it really, really hit me also is when I saw Twitter and the people going off at me. Some people were like, "How can you dare do this? What I went through..." It just touched me, like it really messed me up, seriously. I'm like, “Wow, keep your big mouth closed and think before you speak Marlo.” But it really did hurt me, and I did apologize, my friends love me and they know I was just talking, and I'm just trying to build that relationship back with the gay community, because, I mean that was awful, I really feel bad about that.

And earlier in the season, did you mean to make a jab at Kim Zolciak by referring to your “Big Poppa”?
Hampton: No, I wasn't trying to give a jab to her, because Kim, when I originally met Kim, she was so nice and sweet and talking to me, but I wasn't trying to pull a jab. It came off like one though, but I really wasn't. I said I had a Big Poppa. But no, I wasn't trying to give a jab at her at all. I feel like, it wasn't even about you Kim. And she has a past herself, and her comments about me have been inappropriate, but it is what it is. But it wasn't targeted towards her. But her comments about me are inappropriate, that's what's crazy.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Sam Nixon voted out of 'Dancing on Ice'

Sam Nixon voted out of 'Dancing on Ice'

Sam Nixon has become the latest celebrity to leave Dancing on Ice.

The CBBC host was voted out of the ITV skating competition after landing in the bottom two with Chico when viewer votes and judges' scores for their 'rock' routines were combined.

In the judges' vote, Louie Spence, Robin Cousins and Katarina Witt all praised the pair for their improved skate-off performances, but unanimously elected to eliminate Nixon.

In registering his verdict, Spence told Chico: "You really took on board what we said about that finesse", while Cousins said that Chico managed to "step up that little bit more".

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley, Nixon said that he had an "absolutely awesome" time on Dancing on Ice.

"This experience has been absolutely awesome, what a privilege to be taught how to skate by Torvill and Dean," he said, before turning to pro partner Alexandra Schauman and saying: "This woman here has been absolutely awesome."

In return, Torvill and Dean described Nixon as "such a joy to work with" and congratulated him on his progress.

Nixon's hosting partner Mark Rhodes was eliminated from the show five weeks ago.

Dancing on Ice returns with a special team challenge next Sunday (March 4) on ITV1.

'The Voice' UK Holly Willoughby: 'Jessie J is incredible'

'The Voice' UK Holly Willoughby: 'Jessie J is incredible'

The Voice UK presenter Holly Willoughby has stated that Jessie J is doing an "incredible" job on the show.

Willoughby, who co-hosts the BBC competition with Reggie Yates, explained that the 'Who You Are' singer pushes contestants and fellow coaches, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue to "raise their game".

"I like how Simon Cowell says exactly what he thinks, whether people like it or not," she explained. "I don't care if people don't like me and I'm prepared for that.

"Even if they are on my team, that doesn't mean I'm going to say it was good if it wasn't. I'm not a robot. I sing out of tune sometimes so I'm not scared to tell someone else if they have. I'm going to be honest. That's what the industry needs more of right now."

The Voice UK will reportedly launch on BBC One on Saturday, March 24.

'Downton Abbey' movie denied by Hugh Bonneville

'Downton Abbey' movie denied by Hugh Bonneville

Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville has denied rumours that a film adaptation is being planned.

The actor, who plays Earl Robert Crawley in the ITV drama, said that fans had jumped to the wrong conclusion after creator Julian Fellowes spoke to Hollywood producers at last month's Golden Globes.

"Everyone thinks we're making a film because our writer spoke to some producers at the Golden Globes," he told the Daily Star. "But that is what happens at film awards - it doesn't mean we're doing a film."

He added: "I understand why people think we should though - the cast is incredible."

Downton Abbey won 'Best Miniseries or Television Film' at the Golden Globes, while Bonneville himself was nominated for 'Best Performance in a Miniseries or Television Film'.

It was announced this weekend that Downton Abbey will compete for the 'Outstanding Drama Series' award at this year's Emmys, having picked up the 'Outstanding Miniseries' gong at the 2011 ceremony.

'The Voice' UK Danny O'Donoghue: 'We won't mock singers like X Factor'

'The Voice' UK Danny O'Donoghue: 'We won't mock singers like X Factor'

The Voice UK coach Danny O'Donoghue has said that the show will not ridicule contestants like The X Factor.

The Script frontman said that the panel of himself, Jessie J, and Tom Jones are not looking for novelty acts to make fun of.

"I'm so excited about it, I'm like a giddy kid," he told the Daily Star. "The quality of talent on the show is unbelievable.

"There aren't any novelty acts. And there are lots of people who have auditioned who've said they wouldn't audition for X Factor for fear of being ridiculed."

O'Donoghue's comments echo that of The Voice UK host Reggie Yates, who described the contest as a "cool, credible" alternative to The X Factor.

"I love The X Factor - I follow it every week. But this is a different beast," he said. "The Voice is more to do with finding musical talent rather than pop stars.

"We want credible people and they'll be getting constructive criticism, not catchphrases."

The Voice will reportedly launch on Saturday, March 24 on BBC One.

'Dancing on Ice' Jorgie Porter slashes partner's face with skate

'Dancing on Ice' Jorgie Porter slashes partner's face with skate

Dancing on Ice star Jorgie Porter has been left horrified after accidentally slashing her professional partner's face with a skate.

Matt Evers was rushed to hospital and required several stitches after the mishap occurred during training for the ITV contest last night (February 25).

He sustained the injury when they were practising the neck spin, which involves Porter wrapping her legs around Evers's throat.

"They'd rehearsed once without mishap, but Matt warned Jorgie her blade was getting too close," an insider told The Sun On Sunday. "When they tried again she caught him and he cried out in pain. He's expected to be well enough for the show."

Evers later praised those who helped him in the immediate aftermath of the accident, writing on Twitter: "I am so blessed to be surrounded by the best, most professional and caring people in the world. U all know who u r and THANK YOU."

He added to his followers: "Thanks for the messages. WE WON'T LET'S (sic) THESE THINGS STOP US!"

The pair are expected to perform on tonight's Dancing on Ice show.

Evers's injury comes less than two weeks after Jennifer Ellison stabbed her head with her own skate during a live routine.

Ethan Peck joins 'Hunger Games' style pilot 'The Selection'

Ethan Peck joins 'Hunger Games' style pilot 'The Selection'

Ethan Peck has been chosen to star in a new CW pilot called The Selection.

The 25-year-old will be playing a prince in a futuristic drama that is similar in tone to The Hunger Games, Deadline reports.

Peck, who is the grandson of actor Gregory Peck, recently took part in a short arc on another CW show, Gossip Girl, and he was also the lead on ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You.

The new show is based on an upcoming book series by author Kiera Cass, set 300 years in the future. It's about a poor girl named America Singer, chosen by a special lottery to compete to marry a prince of a war-torn country.

Aimee Teegarden has signed on to play the romantic lead opposite Peck.

The Selection is one of many new teen-friendly pilots the CW has commissioned for their fall schedule, another being their reimagining of Beauty and the Beast, starring Kristin Kreuk.

The Hunger Games, with which the new pilot shares similarities, opens in cinemas in the US and the UK on March 23.

'TOWIE' Sam Faiers splits from boyfriend

'TOWIE' Sam Faiers splits from boyfriend

The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers has reportedly split from her boyfriend TJ following a series of rows.

TJ was meant to be joining the cast of the ITV2 series but was told by producers this week that he won't be starring in the show.

Faiers "really wanted TJ to get a part on the show" but producers were put off by his behaviour when they filmed at the pair's house, the Daily Star Sunday reports.

The couple apparently split following numerous arguments. Faiers was quick to point out that the relationship breakdown wasn't due to TJ losing his part in TOWIE.

"Story saying me and tj broke up because he didn't come on Towie? A load of rubbish AGAIN. Write the story if u must but get it right," she wrote on Twitter.

A spokesman said: "They decided to split earlier this week. They remained friends and getting back together in the future when their work commitments are less strenuous hasn't been ruled out."

The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight (February 26) at 10pm on ITV2.

'Sons of Anarchy' video game under discussion

'Sons of Anarchy' video game under discussion

Sons of Anarchy could be adapted as a video game in the near future, according to the show's creator.

Kurt Sutter confirmed via Twitter that he is in talks with a "major gaming studio" about turning the FX drama into a casual title.

"Soon to be taking meetings about an SOA game," he tweeted. "Have a major gaming company interested. Trying to figure out costs, platform and timing.

"To do a quality platform-based game costs tens of millions and takes years. We're toying with the idea of a high-end browser-based game."

Sons of Anarchy was recently picked up for a sixth season, after being recommissioned for a fifth run back in October 2011. A seventh series is said to be under consideration.

The fourth season of Sons of Anarchy concluded on December 6 last year. Thirteen new episodes are expected to air in late 2012.

'Pointless Celebrities' makes decent start, beats 'Family Fortunes'

'Pointless Celebrities' makes decent start, beats 'Family Fortunes'

Pointless Celebrities made a winning start to Saturday nights, early overnight data indicates.

The BBC One teatime quiz show entertained 4.68m (21.6%) at 6.15pm, overpowering All Star Family Fortunes which entertained 4.05m (17.1%) for ITV1 (+1: 161k/0.7%).

You've Been Framed climbed to to 4.37m (19.7%) at 7.05pm (+1: 115k/0.5%), then Harry Hill's TV Burp soared to 4.62m (20.4%) from 7.35pm (+1: 140/0.6%).

But neither was able to make much ground on Let's Dance for Sport Relief, which continued with 5.56m (24.7%) for BBC One.

The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins (5.22m/22.6%) and Casualty (5.12m/23.7%) followed with solid ratings for the channel.

Dating hit Take Me Out mustered 4.99m (21.7%) from 8pm (+1: 271k/1.2%), and managed 735k (3.4%) for ITV2's The Gossip at 9.15pm.

Back on ITV1, 2.91m (13.6%) watched The Jonathan Ross Show (+1: 279k/1.7%) for guests Amir Khan, Sean Bean and JLS.

Drama imports helped Channel 5 to a good night, with impressive ratings from NCIS (1.53m/6.6%), CSI (1.29m/5.6%) and CSI: NY (1.6m/9%).

Meanwhile, BBC Two's Story of Light Entertainment kicked off with 1.64m (7.3%) at 7.20pm, then 1.43m (6.2%) tuned in for The Story of Musicals, and I'm in a Boyband premiered with 1.12m (5.2%) at 9.20pm.

Channel 4's Big Fat Gypsy Weddings catch-up appealed to 1.17m (5.1%) at 8.20pm (+1: 1.6%), after which George Lamb's The Bank Job logged 1.09m (5.1%) until 10.20pm (+1: 155k/0.6%).

Overall, BBC One brushed aside ITV1 in primetime with 23.4% against 17.1% (+1: 1%). BBC Two edged Channel 5 into third place with 6.3% versus 6.2%, while Channel 4 trailed with 5.4% (+1: 1.1%).

'Shark Tank' circles around 'Undercover Boss' in ratings

'Shark Tank' circles around 'Undercover Boss' in ratings

Undercover Boss's Friday 8pm dominance is under threat, according to Nielsen overnight data.

The CBS reality show fell to 8.6m, down 2.1m week-on-week and falling 21% to a rating of 1.9 in the adult 18-49 demos.

Meanwhile, ABC's Shark Tank climbed to 5.9m (1.8), Fox's Kitchen Nightmares had 3.5m (1.5) and Who Do You Think You Are? grabbed 5m (1.0) for NBC.

The Peacock Network led the 9pm hour with Grimm (4.8m/1.5), beating ABC's Primetime (4.6m/1.4), CBS's A Gifted Man (9.1m/1.3) and Fringe (3.1m/1.2) on Fox.

At 10pm, Blue Bloods led the way with 11.2m (1.7), also retaining its title as most-watched broadcast in primetime. Current affairs rivals, NBC's Dateline (5m/1.3) and ABC's 20/20 (4.7m/1.3), both achieved respectable audiences.

Elsewhere, Nikita (1.2m/0.4) and Supernatural (1.1m/0.4) on The CW were repeats.

TV Tonight 27th of February 2012

TV Tonight 27th of February 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    112 - på liv och död S05E19: "Del 19 av 36"
    2 Broke Girls S01E18: "And the One-Night Stands"
    30 grader i februari S01E04: "Season 1, Episode 4"
    A Question of Sport S43E11: "February 27, 2012"
    Alcatraz S01E08: "Clarence Montgomery"
    Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask S02E04: "Series 2, Episode 4"
    American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior S03E03: "Operation Reconciliation"
    American Masters S25E02: "Cab Calloway: Sketches"
    American Pickers S04E12: "Knuckleheads"
    Antiques Road Trip S04E11: "Series 4, Episode 11"
    Antiques Roadshow (US) S16E09: "Pittsburgh (Hour Three)"
    Basketball Wives S04E02: "Season 4, Episode 2"
    Being Human (US) S02E07: "The Ties That Blind"
    Belga Sport S06E04: "Jan Ceulemans, De inspanning van het jaar"
    Bethenny Ever After S03E02: "Alias Benjamin Frankelin"
    Caged S01E08: "Season 1, Episode 8"
    Cajun Pawn Stars S01E10: "TBA"
    Cajun Pawn Stars S01E09: "TBA"
    Canadian Pickers S02E07: "Mining for Gold"
    Castle (2009) S04E17: "Once Upon A Crime"
    Coach Trip S09E21: "Series 9, Day 21"
    Come Dine With Me S18E37: "Series 18, Series 31"
    Conan S02E56: "Artie Lange, Nick DiPaulo, Kathyrn Hahn, Chiddy Bang"
    Coronation Street S53E41: "Mon Feb 27, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Coronation Street S53E42: "Mon Feb 27, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Danni Lowinski S03E04: "Sperrbezirk"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E170: "Episode 1850"
    Der Letzte Bulle S03E04: "Vater Mutter Kind"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E60: "Series 8, Episode 60"
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives S13E12: "TBA"
    Disappeared S04E18: "A Soldier's Story"
    Doctors S13E207: "Paradise Lost"
    Dokter Deen S01E05: "Over de rug van dokter Deen"
    EastEnders S28E34: "February 27, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E48: "February 27, 2012"
    Får vi följa med? S01E04: "Del 4"
    Feuten S02E05: "Heil Prins Alex!"
    First Week In S01E09: "TBA"
    Gadget Geeks S01E07: "Series 1, Episode 7"
    General Hospital (US) S49E230: "#12504"
    Gintama S05E47: "Episode 47"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E126: "Season 22, Episode 126"
    Gokujo S01E05: "Episode 5"
    Gossip Girl S05E17: "The Princess Dowry"
    Got to Dance S03E56: "Series 3, Episode 56"
    Hacktion S02E03: "Farkas a bárányok közt"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E21: "Malmö - Andreas"
    Hart Of Dixie S01E16: "Tributes & Triangles"
    Hawaii Five-0 (2010) S02E18: "Lekio (Radio)"
    Heat Seekers S02E07: "TBA"
    Hollyoaks S18E41: "February 27, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E26: "Episode 5461"
    Hotel cæsar S28E158: "Season 28, Episode 158"
    House S08E14: "Love is Blind"
    House Hunters S48E40
    House Hunters International S25E43
    House of Anubis S02E70: "House of Nine Lives"
    House of Anubis S02E69: "House of Sabotage"
    How I Met Your Mother S07E18: "Karma"
    Intervention S12E09: "TBA"
    It's a Brad Brad World S01E08: "The Big Day"
    Jeopardy! S28E116: "Show #6321"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E213: "Melanie Fiona"
    Kaboul Kitchen S01E09: "Martine à Kaboul"
    Kaboul Kitchen S01E08: "Petits mensonges entre amis"
    Kaboul Kitchen S01E07: "Le départ de Sophie"
    Kickin' It S01E18: "Reality Fights"
    Last Call with Carson Daly S10E21
    Late Kick Off S03E07: "Series 3, Episode 7"
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E229
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E35:
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E130
    Lizard Lick Towing S02E11: "Season 2, Episode 11"
    Mad S02E20
    Mary Shelley's Frankenhole S02E06: "Victor Hugo's Identity!"
    Mike & Molly S02E17: "Mike Likes Lasagna"
    Ministry of Curious Stuff S01E08: "Episode 8"
    Neighbours S28E36: "Episode 6346"
    Panorama S60E07: "The Cost of Raising Britain"
    Pasila S05E06: "Anonyymit kyynikot"
    Pawn Star$ S04E80: "TBA"
    Pawn Star$ S04E79: "TBA"
    Playing It Straight (UK) S02E08: "Series 2, Episode 8"
    Pointless S05E125: "Series 5, Episode 125"
    Police Interceptors S04E15: "Series 4, Episode 15"
    Pretty Little Liars S02E22: "Father Knows Best"
    Redemption Inc. S01E08: "Season 1, Episode 8"
    Regular Show S03E18: "Gut Model"
    Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan S01E05: "Episode 5"
    RuPaul's Drag Race S04E05: "Snatch Game"
    RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked S03E05: "TBA"
    Skins S06E06: "Nick"
    Smash S01E04: "The Cost of Art"
    Sousei no Aquarion S02E09: "Anagram of Man and Woman"
    Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets S02E13: "Man Down"
    Talking Dead S01E10: "18 Miles Out"
    The 7pm Project S04E40: "Season 4, Episode 40"
    The Bachelor S16E09: "Week 9 (S16)"
    The Bad Girls Club S08E06: "TBA"
    The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff S01E02: "Series 1, Episode 2"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E239: "Ep. #6269"
    The Chase (2009) S05E40: "Series 5, Episode 40"
    The Colbert Report S08E28: "Peggielene Bartels"
    The Culture Show S16E04: "David Hockney: The Art of Seeing"
    The Daily Show S17E64: "Neil DeGrasse Tyson"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E109: "Meredith Vieira, Emily VanCamp"
    The Indian Doctor S02E01: "Foreign Bodies"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E116: "February 27, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E36
    The Lying Game S01E19: "Weekend Of Living Dangerously"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E31: "Season 1, Episode 31"
    The Rosie Show S01E71: "TBA"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S19E250
    The Tube (2012) S01E02: "Episode 2"
    The View S15E114
    The Voice (US) S02E05: "Week 4"
    The Young and the Restless S39E237: "Ep. #9852"
    Thuis S17E131: "Season 17, Episode 131"
    TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle S01E12: "TBA"
    Two and a Half Men S09E18: "The War Against Gingivitis"
    University Challenge (1994) S18E42
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E35: "Megan Hilty"
    Watson & Oliver S01E02: "Episode 2"
    Whitechapel S03E05: "Series 3, Episode 5"
    WWE Raw S20E09: "Episode #979"
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal S01E45: "A Nemesis Shows Up Late! Robin VS Gauche"

'The Voice's Karla Davis: 'I've learned who I am as an artist'

'The Voice's Karla Davis: 'I've learned who I am as an artist'

The Voice contestant Karla Davis has said she has grown as an artist since she turned down the opportunity to sign for a major label.

The acoustic country star told reporters on a conference call that she had secured meetings with several major labels in Nashville after taking part in a singing competition called the Colgate Country Showdown in 2009, but she didn't feel ready to go any further.

"The judges for that competition were all from major labels that were based out of Nashville and I basically got a meeting with every major in Nashville with their A&R guys," she recounted.

Davis added: "I literally had just started playing music, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was scared to death! I went into these meetings and honestly I didn't know enough about what I was doing to be able to commit to anything... Honestly, I think I just knew that I wasn't really to step into anything that big."

The singer continued to say that she knows now that was the right decision: "Looking back I know I wasn't ready to because Lord it scares me to death even now!"

As for why she thinks she is ready now, she said: "I think when you're kind of thrown into this industry you have to learn a lot really fast and I've learned who I am as an artist at this point.

"Back then, I don't think I knew; I think I was just trying to get my foot in the door any way that I could. Now I've kind of learned a little bit more about guitar even though I have no idea what I'm doing! I still just play by ear and thank God that it works!

"I know who I am as an artist now and I know what I want and what I want to be. Every day I'm getting a little more confident."

Davis became a member of Adam Levine's team on Monday night (February 20) following her blind audition performance of 'If I Die Young' by The Band Perry.

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Billy Crystal in Blackface at Oscars: Whaaaa?

Billy Crystal in Blackface at Oscars: Whaaaa?

Raise your hand if you expected a blackface controversy at this year's Oscars.

Host Billy Crystal's opening montage featured the bizarre inclusion of his Sammy Davis Jr. character during a "Midnight in Paris" tribute that also featured Justin Bieber. Bieber announced that he was going back in time to hang out with Hemingway -- like the mysterious characters who pick up Owen Wilson's character in "Paris."

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"And then we're gonna go kill Hitler," added Crystal-as-Davis, pulling a switchblade.

The moment got a huge laugh. But Davis' inclusion made not a lot of sense since:

1. Davis died two decades ago

2. Davis was a child in the 1920s.

Oh, right, and 3: No one really does blackface anymore. Crystal did it when he played Davis on "Saturday Night Live" in the '80s, but what somehow airs on a late night show nearly three decades ago doesn't necessarily fly during on of the most-watched shows of the year.

Tweeters were fairly unanimous in responding: "Whaaaa?"

"If you had 3 minutes for First Blackface of the Night in your #Oscars pool, congratulations!," tweeted the New York Times' Dave Itzkoff.

"Hey, Billy Crystal in blackface!" opined another tweeter, Morgan Carroll. "Good thing the Oscars went with the safe choice!" (He was referring to Eddie Murphy passing on the hosting gig after Brent Ratner lost the job following comments widely perceived as homophobic.)

A great many other noted that blackface is just never okay, which Crystal should know: Ted Danson received serious criticism when he appeared at a Friars Club roast with Whoopi Goldberg, Crystal's longtime "Comic Relief" co-host, in 1993.

Adding to the awkwardness of the moment: The montage segued from "Midnight in Paris" to "The Help," a film about black maids persevering during the Jim Crow era. In "The Help" scene, Crystal was seen eating the feces-laced pie Octavia Spencer's character serves up to her racist former employer.

The only person still doing blackface on American television is Chris Lille, on his HBO show "Angry Boys." While he's been criticized for it, he has received nowhere near the attention Danson did because Lille is Australian and presumably underaware of how much blackface offends people in the states. Also, very few people watch "Angry Boys."