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woensdag 30 mei 2012

KFC television advert named most offensive of all time

A television advert for fast food chain KFC featuring call centre workers scoffing chicken while singing is the most complained-about advert in British history, according to a report by the UK's advertising regulator.

Marking its 50th anniversary, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has issued a report revealing that it has dealt with a total 431,000 complaints about advertising over the past five decades.

The ASA also published a list of the most complained-about UK campaigns of all time, headed by KFC's 2005 ad, which generated a record 1,671 complaints.

Despite parents objecting that the ad could encourage bad manners among children, the ASA ruled that it was unlikely to undermine parental authority.

Other entrants on the list included Paddy Power's 2010 commercial showing a cat being kicked into a tree by a blind footballer, which attracted 1,313 complaints, along with the UK's first abortion service advice advert (1,088 complaints) and an Opium perfume poster that featured model Sophie Dahl wearing noting but a pair of high heels and jewellery as she reclined on a fur rug (948 complaints).

"Our top ten most complained-about ads of all time certainly reveal what gets the public talking, but even more important is the less glamorous day to day action we take to protect consumers from misleading advertising," said ASA chairman, the Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury.

"Our commitment for the next 50 years will be the same as for the last: to keep UK ads legal, decent, honest and truthful. We're up for the task."

Culture minister Ed Vaizey added: "I congratulate the Advertising Standards Authority as it celebrates its 50th year as the UK's advertising watchdog.

"The advertising industry in the UK is world renowned for its creativity and innovation, but also for abiding by the rules that are designed to protect consumers. As an effective and well respected regulator, the ASA plays a crucial role in enabling responsible advertising to flourish."

The all time most complained-about ads top ten in full:

1. KFC (2005): Call centre workers singing while eating chicken - 1,671 complaints (not upheld)
2. Auction World (2004): Shopping channel - 1,360 complaints (referred to Ofcom)
3. Paddy Power (2010): Cat being kicked into tree by blind footballer - 1,313 complaints (not upheld)
4. The Christian Party (2009): Poster saying 'there definitely is a god' annoys atheists - 1,204 complaints (not upheld)
5. British Safety Council (1995): Condom advert featuring the Pope - 1,192 complaints (upheld)
6. Marie Stopes International (2010): Britain's first TV ad offering advice on sexual health - 1,088 complaints (not upheld)
7. Volkswagen (2008): Showed engineer fighting different versions of himself - 1,070 complaints (partially upheld)
8. Yves St Laurent Beaute (2000): Model Sophie Dahl reclines in the nude - 948 complaints (upheld)
9. Department of Energy and Climate Change (2010): TV and press campaign about climate change - 939 complaints (upheld in part)
10. Barnardo's (2008): TV ads about domestic child abuse - 840 complaints (not upheld)

Also today, the ASA said that in 2011, "we experienced a record year in terms of our workload".

An advertising campaign for Phones 4U, featuring a demonic, ghost-like girl, attracted the most complaints last year.

The campaign, which ran in September and October, took inspiration from classic Japanese horror movie The Ring, as the girl stalked a woman in an underground car park.

Shown on various TV channels and also by Channel 4's 4oD service, the ad attracted 659 complaints to the ASA.

Despite various objections that the ads were "offensive, irresponsible, unduly distressing and inappropriately scheduled at a time when children might see them", the ASA cleared the campaign in December 2011.

In second place on the list was a Littlewoods Christmas television ad, which racked up 585 complaints for seemingly suggesting that Santa Claus did not bring people's presents.

Even though parents complained about the ad being shown when children could be watching, the ASA was again unmoved and cleared the campaign.

Phones 4U got the dubious honour of having two more ads in the complaints list, including an Easter press campaign featuring a cartoon image of Jesus winking and offering customers "miraculous deals" on mobile phones.

Almost 100 complaints were submitted against the ads, which were duly banned by the ASA. The third campaign involved TV ads featuring a strange, zombie-like character in various household scenarios, but the ASA opted to dismiss the 79 complaints against it.

'The Voice' UK Max Milner dismisses John Lydon 'humiliation' comments

Former The Voice UK contestant Max Milner has responded to John Lydon's claim that TV talent shows humiliate contestants, saying that he "felt [at] home" on the BBC format.

Lydon has been quoted as saying that shows like The Voice and The X Factor have a "painful tone of... smirking at who gets voted off" and are "utterly corrupting".

Speaking to Digital Spy, Milner rejected the punk icon's suggestion and said that, aside from some questionable editing in the Battle Rounds, he had not felt taken advantage of by The Voice.

"I never felt humiliated, no," he said. "I think I came across as slightly cocky in the Battle Rounds, which I'm really not. But that's the way it was edited and it's done now.

"And then we got into the live rounds, so I could only be me. I think maybe they can [humiliate], but in my experience, absolutely not. I almost felt [at] home."

Milner, who was voted out in The Voice semi-final this weekend, agreed that his "amazing" fellow contestant Bo Bruce and their mentor Danny O'Donoghue were a big part of why he enjoyed the experience.

"[Danny] just believed in me, which is just so beautiful and so lovely," he said. "I owe everything to him, I really do. I look up to him so much, and that's not just because he's 6ft 4.

"You can see from somebody's body language and how they speak to you whether they actually like you, and I feel like he really does. I could just chill with him, and I have chilled with him in the pub. I'd like to think that he'd be happy in my company, as happy as I am in his."

However, the 21-year-old from London admitted that he was somewhat disappointed that he could not sing original songs on The Voice.

"I wanna get my music out there because I feel like I'm almost destined to sing my own words," he explained. "Obviously I haven't been able to do that on The Voice, it's all been covers.

"I suppose I was [disappointed] to an extent. I can understand that some people are instantly on board by hearing the song choice, but I would have loved to show my sound and really get that across. But hopefully that's not a pipe dream and I can do that now."

Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans, NFL on 'Socialism'

Jon Stewart responded to Fox News president Roger Ailes' contention that Stewart once called himself a socialist by pointing out that some of the country's most popular policies are socialist, too.

And so is the National Football League.

Stewart defended himself -- and President Obama, who Republicans often denounce as a socialist -- just before a visit by first lady Michelle Obama to Monday's "Daily Show."

Stewart didn't contest that he may have told Ailes, in a bar, that he was something of a socialist while in Philadelphia for the 2000 Republican National Convention. He remembered it a bit differently than Ailes probably does, however: As an "Eyes Wide Shut"-style masked orgy.

Stewart then played a "Larry King Live" interview in which he said he did indeed have some socialist beliefs. But then pointed out that some conservative luminaries as Mitt Romney -- a supporter of Social Security -- and Sarah Palin -- a supporter of Medicare -- harbored some socialist ideas, too.

But the biggest socialists of all? That close-knit, secretive group many Americans reverently follow, even dressing up in their unforms watching their broadcasts on Sunday and Monday nights.

TV Predictions for 2011-12: What We Got Right and Oh-So Wrong

We were right about NBC ending up in third-place this season, and about ABC playing it too safe. We were also right that "2 Broke Girls" and "Person of Interest" would be at least modest hits for CBS. And that "The New Girl" would be a bigger hit for Fox than "Terra Nova."

But we went too far when we said "New Girl" could also be more successful than "X Factor," with which it went neck-and-neck in the ratings. We were completely wrong to say the now-canceled "Ringer" could become the CW's biggest hit. And we underestimated viewers' interest in fairy tales.

Also read: NBC Beats ABC to 3rd in Ratings; 'Sunday Night Football' Ousts 'Idol' as Top Show

We made lots of predictions about the 2011-12 TV season before it started. And now that it's wound down, it's time to hold ourselves accountable. (If you want to read our full prediction stories from September, here they are for Fox, the CW, NBC, CBS and ABC.)

Here's our network-by-network rundown of what we thought would happen, and what actually did.


In our first prediction story, we said "Terra Nova" and "X Factor" couldn't live up to their hype. And they didn't. "Terra Nova" was canceled, and "X Factor" fired half its judging panel and brought in Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for its second season, airing this fall.

"X Factor" failed to top "American Idol" in the ratings, as Simon Cowell said he hoped it would. Instead, NBC's "Sunday Night Football" toppled "Idol" after eight seasons of "Idol" dominance, and NBC's singing competition "The Voice" has been in a close race with "Idol" for number two. (Final numbers for the season are not yet available for the shows.)

We predicted "The New Girl" could be a bigger hit than "Terra Nova" or "X Factor," and we were right about the first part. "New Girl" and "X Factor" ended up very close in the ratings: The Wednesday "X Factor" averaged a 4.4 in the 18-49 demographic most important to advertisers, and the Thursday edition a 4.2. "The New Girl" averaged a 4.2 rating.

Also: We were wrong to say the animated "Allen Gregory" looked likely to succeed based on the star power of Jonah Hill. It's canceled. We were iffy on "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," and so was Fox. It's gone.


We got some specifics wrong – we were much too generous about the prospects of the fast-canceled "Free Agents" and "The Playboy Club" – but we generally got NBC right.

We said the network didn't appear to have any new breakout hits – and it didn't – but still had a good shot at breaking into third place in the key demo. (We even headlined the story "How NBC Can Break Into 3rd Without Breakout Hits.")

How did NBC do it? Pretty much just as we said it would: On the strength of "Sunday Night Football," and by using the Super Bowl to launch the second season of the hit "The Voice." ("Sunday Night Football" and "The Voice" were NBC's biggest ratings earners.) NBC had the biggest gains this season of any network, percentage-wise, in both the demo and total viewers.

We were also overly pessimistic about "Grimm," which turned out to be a success in an unenviable Friday time slot. We're sorry.


We were very wrong to have written in September that the Sarah Michelle Gellar drama "Ringer" could "easily" become "the CW's biggest hit."

We were also wrong to say it could help the network gain traction beyond the 18-34 demographic it has targeted in its first five years.

In fact, CW ratings were down 22 percent this past season in the 18-49 demographic most important to advertisers and 15 percent in total viewers. (Click on chart, left, to enlarge)

No other network was hit as hard as the fifth-place CW.

We had low expectations for "Hart of Dixie," the only new show from this season that the CW has renewed for the next one.

And we were wrong to predict the now-canceled "Secret Circle" looked likely to survive. We said we could go either way on the reality show "H8R," and the CW went the negative way, quickly pulling it.


As we predicted, "2 Broke Girls" and "Person of Interest" both did well for CBS. Not that it was a tough prediction: CBS said the shows were their highest-testing pilots of the season.

"2 Broke Girls" did especially well: It and "X Factor" are the highest-rated new shows of the past season.

We were right that the canceled "Unforgettable" wouldn't live up to its name, and overly optimistic about the now-canceled "How to Be a Gentleman" and "A Gifted Man." 

We said CBS was taking a gamble by recasting "Two and a Half Men" to continue without Charlie Sheen, but noted that the only other option was cancellation. The show continued to thrive -- even though "Big Bang Theory" replaced it as CBS top-rated comedy -- and "Men" gave a great boost to "2 Broke Girls." In the fall, "Girls" will anchor Monday nights for CBS, while "Bang" and "Men" will team up on Thursdays.


We said ABC was playing it "safe – too safe" with a mix of shows featuring "hot women [and] dumb dudes." We would submit that we were right.

ABC lost third-place to NBC as it canceled two of those "hot women" shows, a humorless "Charlie's Angels" reboot and an adrift "Pan Am."

We were right to recognize the fairly successful "Revenge" as a "potential breakout." The Tim Allen vehicle "Last Man Standing," which we also called a potential breakout, merely survived. Its second season will air on Fridays in the fall.

We said "Once Upon a Time" seemed "too complicated" to be a hit, underestimating the public's interest in fairy tales, as we did with "Grimm." Oops.

We overestimated "Suburgatory," meanwhile, by calling it ABC's "best chance for a hit." In fact, "Once Upon a Time" was easily ABC's biggest new show, followed by "Revenge." "Suburgatory" scored strong enough ratings to come back for a second season, but our expectations were too high.

'Mrs Brown's Boys' to be made into movie?

BBC One sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys is to be made into a feature film.

However, series star and creator Brendan O'Carroll is yet to begin work on a script, according to The Sun.

"I haven't written it yet," confirmed the comic. "That's what success does, they give you money and say 'Whatever you think'. So I've taken the money!"

Mrs Brown's Boys was recently named best 'Situation Comedy' at the 2012 BAFTA Television Awards, beating off competition from Fresh Meat, Friday Night Dinner and Rev.

The series, which first aired in January 2011, started life as a radio show on Irish station RTÉ 2fm.

A second run of TV episodes came to an end on February 4 this year, with a third series to air on BBC One in late 2012.

DJ Fresh: 'I'd be a judge on Simon Cowell's new DJ show'

DJ Fresh has revealed that he would appear on Simon Cowell's new DJ show.

The music mogul's Syco production company has teamed up with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Overbrook Entertainment to search for the "world's greatest DJs".

Asked if he would be a judge on the show if approached, DJ Fresh told Digital Spy: "Yeah, if it meant I could carry across the scepticism of where I'm from - which is something they probably need.

"If I didn't really think about it my answer would probably be no, but the more I've thought about it I think I would have a different perspective than the other people on the panel."

Speaking about whether a respected DJ could come out of a talent show, the star added: "I think everybody assumes the answer to that is no, but I think the one thing X Factor has really highlighted is the way music promotion is changing.

"It's becoming more about people interacting with something they think they should want. Although you can be sceptical about The X Factor and the people that come out of it, ultimately it's the public who determines who's popular and who wins."

He added: "I think it will be interesting and I'm sure there will be plenty of talented people who come through it. Because dance music is an important part of British culture, it's great that it's getting that kind of spotlight."

DJ Fresh has teamed up with Dizzee Rascal for his new single 'The Power', which is available to download from June 3.

'The Only Way Is Essex' Marbella special airdate announced

The Only Way Is Essex Marbella special has been given an airdate.

The summer edition of the reality show, which will see cast members travel to the Spanish holiday destination, will air on ITV2 on Wednesday, June 13 at 10pm.

Titled The Only Way Is Marbs, the episode has been promoted as the "sexiest" ever in five series of TOWIE.

"Those who have been chosen to go to Marbella can't wait," a source said of the special. "The girls have pledged it will [have] lots of bikinis and bare flesh on show.

"There will be a lot of boozy partying and cameras will follow them 24/7 for a week."

However, Lauren Goodger is not expected to make an appearance, as she was suspended from TOWIE over a row with producers when the episode was planned.

The beautician has since been invited back onto the show and has featured in later episodes of series five, which concluded last Sunday (May 27).

Jade Goody cancer documentary to air on Sky Living

Sky Living has announced a one-off documentary in tribute to Jade Goody.

Jade's Legacy: The Fight Goes On will focus on the battle against cervical cancer in memory of the late Big Brother star, who died from the disease in 2009.

The documentary will show how the number of women taking smear tests has fallen sharply in the past two years, despite an initial rise shortly after the death of Goody in 2009.

Jane Johnson, director of Sky Living said of the programme: "It is saddening to see that the cervical cancer statistics have gone up again since Jade's death.

"After breast cancer, it's the second most common cancer in women aged 35 and under. We hope this moving documentary will continue Jade's legacy and help raise awareness once again of this cruel disease."

Jade's Legacy: The Fight Goes On is directed by Cat Lawson. It will air on the channel on Thursday, June 7.

Last year it was claimed that Goody's phone was hacked by journalists during her cancer battle in 2009.

'Hatfields & McCoys' Earns Record 13.9M Total Viewers for History

The first installment of History's "Hatfields & McCoys" had 13.9 million total viewers, setting a new record for non-sports, ad-supported cable programs.

The first installment of the miniseries, starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the patriarchs of the infamously feuding families, beat the previous scripted ad-supported basic cable record set in 2001 by TNT's "Crossfire Trail," which had 12.5 million total viewers. A CNN election night telecast in 2008 drew 13.2 million total viewers.

The first "Hatfields& McCoys" installment had 4.8 million viewers in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, and 17 million total viewers watched it in either its premiere or encore airing.

The strong viewership represents a big success for the channel after it abandoned plans to air "The Kennedys" among complaints from the family's supporters.

“With all the success we have had at History, we felt strongly for some time that we should own historical drama, and in true History fashion, we have done it, with – pardon the pun – guns ablazin!," said Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of the network.

'Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh wants to move on from co-star row

Millie Mackintosh has said that she wants to move on from her spat with Made in Chelsea co-star Rosie Fortescue and Victoria Baker-Harber.

The trio had a falling-out on screen at a spa weekend organised by Mackintosh when Fortescue and Baker-Harber turned up.

Mackintosh's boyfriend Professor Green tweeted insults directed at Baker-Harber when the show was aired on E4.

"I just want to move on," the make-up artist told Closer.

"Stephen [Manderson, Professor Green] stuck up for me on Twitter because he's a caring and protective boyfriend, but I don't want to involve myself in drama like that."

Of her rivalry with Fortescue, who had apparently got together with Mackintosh's ex Hugo Taylor while they were still together, Mackintosh added: "Hugo intervened and made me and Rosie sit down to air our issues.

"It's hard because we have mutual friends, so we agreed to be civil. But we're not friends anymore."

Asked about filming her break-up scenes with Taylor for the reality show, she said: "I felt like I wanted to quit.

"I had to allow the cameras there, when all I wanted to do was run and hide. That's why I'm so protective of my privacy with Stephen. I want it to just be about me and him."

TV Tonight 30th of May 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    24 Hours in A&E S02E03: "Series 2, Episode 3"
    America's Next Top Model S18E13: "America's Next Top Model Is…"
    American Digger S01E11: "Spoils of War"
    Arga snickaren S07E09: "Glenn och Maria"
    Around the World In 80 Plates S01E04: "In and Out of Africa"
    Auction Hunters S03E12: "Mr. Haff Goes to Washington"
    Australia's Got Talent S06E13: "Semi-Finals 4"
    Baggage Battles S01E07: "Scotland"
    BBQ Pitmasters S03E01: "Try, Try, Tri-Tip Again"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E88: "Del 88"
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E13: "Series 1, Show 13"
    Chelsea Lately S06E90
    Days of our Lives S47E143: "Ep. #11853"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E250: "Episode 1930"
    DIY SOS S23E05: "The Big Build - Dudley"
    Doctors S14E40: "Redemption"
    Dogs in the City S01E01: "I Speak Dog"
    Emergency Bikers S04E03: "Series 4, Episode 3"
    Emmerdale S41E128: "May 30, 2012"
    Fake Britain S03E08: "Series 3, Episode 8"
    FBI: Criminal Pursuit S03E13: "Trap, Kill, Repeat"
    General Hospital (US) S50E42: "#12570"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E193: "Season 22, Episode 193"
    Great British Menu S07E38: "The Olympic Feast - 38"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E63: "Norrköping - Johan"
    Happily Divorced S02E11: "Cesar's Wife"
    Hatfields & McCoys S01E03: "Part 3 of 3"
    Hollyoaks S18E108: "May 30, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E93: "Episode 5528"
    Hot In Cleveland S03E23: "When You Open a Door"
    Hotel cæsar S29E23: "Season 29, Episode 23"
    House Hunters S48E107
    House Hunters International S25E110: "Back Home to Puerto Rico"
    I Almost Got Away with It S05E08: "Got to Prey on Tourists"
    Jeopardy! S28E183: "Show #6388"
    Jormungand S01E08: "TBA"
    Laid S02E05: "Episode 205"
    Lewis S06E03: "Fearful Symmetry"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E196
    Locked Up Abroad S06E06: "Cocaine Mule Mom"
    Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna S01E09: "TBA"
    Masterchef Australia S04E22: "Offsite Challenge: Leftovers"
    Melissa & Joey S02E02: "If You Can’t Stand the Heat"
    Melissa & Joey S02E01: "I Can Manage"
    Neighbours S28E103: "Episode 6413"
    Offspring S03E07: "Season 3, Episode 7"
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    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E181: "May 30, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E91: "Howie Mandel"
    The Listener S03E01: "Season 3, Episode 1"
    The Only Way Is Essex S05E10: "Series 5, Episode 10"
    The Project S04E128: "Season 4, Episode 128"
    The Real Housewives of Vancouver S01E10: "Sour Grapes"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E86: "Season 1, Episode 86"
    The Soup S09E21: "May 30"
    The View S15E171: "Carmen Wong Ulrich, Rebecca Ferguson"
    The Young and the Restless S40E47: "Ep. #9916"
    Thuis S17E198: "Season 17, Episode 198"
    Toddlers and Tiaras S05E13: "Mississippi Sweet Pea Pageant"
    Total Blackout (US) S01E08: "Jump Around"
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E90: "Steve Guttenberg & Joey Lawrence"

DirecTV's EVP of Content Strategy to Step Down; Ex-AT&T Exec to Replace Him

DirecTV's executive vice president of content strategy and development Derek Chang is stepping down from his position, and will be replaced by ex-AT&T executive Dan York, the company said Tuesday.

Chang, who had been with DirecTV for more than six years, will depart at the end of the year. York, who formerly served as president of content and advertising sales for AT&T, will step in to begin the transition in early July, under the title of executive vice president of programming and chief content officer.

Also read: DirecTV, Tribune Reach Agreement to Restore Stations

In his new position, Chang will initially be responsible for DirecTV's programming and content rights, eventually overseeing content and Root Sports, the company's group of regional sports networks, as Chang is phased out.

"We understand Derek's desire to take his career in a different direction but I personally appreciate his advice and guidance during my own entry into the industry and his willingness to work with me on a thoughtful transition over the course of this year," DirecTV chairman, president and CEO Mike White -- to whom York will report -- said of Chang.

White added that York brings "brings an extraordinary breadth of experience to DirecTV," noting his help in creating AT&T's U-verse video platform.

Prior to his run at AT&T, York worked as head of programming and development for In Demand Networks, and had a 12-year stint at HBO.

'Jonathan Creek' to return for Christmas special?

Jonathan Creek will reportedly return to BBC One this Christmas.

A one-off episode of the Alan Davies detective series has been commissioned for the channel's festive line-up, according to The British Comedy Guide.

"It's definitely going ahead, and everyone here is very grateful to David Renwick for bringing back such a loved character for such an important time of year," a BBC insider said.

"We're very excited to see Jonathan back on screen with a new mystery to unravel."

Davies plays magician trick deviser Creek in the crime series, who helps solve cases which are seemingly impossible to crack.

Caroline Quentin starred as Creek's sidekick for three series from 1997-99, and was later replaced by Julia Sawalha.

Sheridan Smith portrayed sceptic Joey Ross for the 2009 and 2010 Jonathan Creek specials.

The insider added that Smith's character has been included for a return, but that the actress has yet to officially confirm her involvement.

Filming for the special is scheduled for September.

Ratings: 'America's Got Talent' and NBC Tops in Memorial Day Slump

With Memorial Day cutting into viewership Monday, "America's Got Talent" was the top-rated show and pushed NBC to an overall win, according to preliminary numbers.

NBC averaged a 1.9 rating/5 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and 6.2 million total viewers. "America's  Got Talent" at 8 slipped 16 percent from last week's rating but was the night's best-rated and most-watched program with an average 2.7/8 and 10 million total viewers. "American Ninja Warrior" the following hour was down 17 percent with a 2.0/5, and took 5.7 million total viewers. A "Grimm" repeat followed.

ABC was second in total viewers with an average 1.9/5 and 5.2 million total viewers. "The Bachelorette" at 8 took a 25 percent tumble for a 1.8/5, and attracted 5.7 million total viewers. A "Castle" repeat followed.

CBS shared third place in ratings with Univision, averaging a 1.2/3, and took third place in total viewers with an average 5 million. The network ran repeats throughout the night.

Univision took fourth place in total viewers with an average 3 million.

Fox, which ran repeats throughout the night, took fifth place in ratings and total viewers with an average 0.8/2 and 2.4 million.

Jessie J: 'I thought BBC made a mistake asking me to do The Voice'

Jessie J has said that she initally thought the BBC may have made a mistake asking her to be a coach on The Voice UK.

The singer told Grazia that she feared she was not famous enough for the panel of the reality talent show.

"I thought the BBC was making a mistake asking me to do it in the first place," Jessie J admitted.

"I kept saying, 'People might not know who I am!'."

She added of this weekend's final: "It's been an honour to be part of a TV show that celebrates the voice. It will be a massive night for the artists, coaches and crew."

Of claims that she has acted like a diva, Jessie J said: "There isn't anything flash in my dressing room. No champagne. No yoga mats or anything. That was meant to be one of my diva demands.

"I did ask for a scented candle. I don't think it's too much to ask for a nice, relaxing smell in the room. I also asked for a lava lamp."

She continued: "When I was a kid, they used to have a room at Great Ormond Street Hospital where you'd go and chill out. It was full of lava lamps and water lamps and since then it's always been a way to help me wind down. I never got one, and that's okay.

"But is there anything wrong with asking for what you know is good for you? Does that make you a diva, a pain? Or does it make you someone who knows what they want?"

Jaguar's Mixed Emotions About 'Mad Men'

Jeez, what does an advertising company have to do to make Jaguar happy?

On Sunday's "Mad Men," the ad firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce pulled out all the stops to win the luxury automaker's business -- even enlisting Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) to sleep with a sleazy Jaguar dealer. The company finally won Jaguar over with the tagline, "At last, something beautiful you can truly own."

But now that its fictional employee has gotten his jollies, the real-life Jaguar is feeling a bit icky.

"Loved the pitch, didn't love the process," Jaguar cheekily tweeted in response to the episode. "We applaud Peggy leaving SCDP."

The latter part of the tweet referred to Peggy Olson, the copywriter who decided to leave the ad firm after yet another dismissive outburst from mentor Don Draper. The realization that Holloway had earned a 5 percent partnership by playing by the old boys' rules only validated her decision to walk out the door.

As an aside, your humble correspondent didn't particularly like the pitch or the process. The pitch is wordy. And the process felt rushed and sloppy. Joan seems like the last person to sleep with someone she doesn't want to for material gain, the show's but-her-fridge-is-broken foreshadowing aside.

"Mad Men" is still beautiful, but this wasn't a storyline I could truly buy.

Anthony Bourdain Joins CNN for New Show

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain will join CNN as the host of a new weekend show that will cover trends from the rise of celebrity chefs and the rise of fast food chains to the popularity of vegetarianism and veganism, the network said.

Bourdain will appear exclusively on CNN once the as-of-yet unnamed show begins early next year, leaving his Travel Channel series, "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations."

“Examining the world through the prism of Tony’s unique expertise and passions continues CNN’s long-standing commitment to international reporting and to promoting global understanding," said Mark Whitaker, CNN's worldwide executive vice president and managing editor.

The show comes as CNN struggles for more viewership after earlier this month posting its lowest-rated week in primetime in 20 years.

The addition of Bourdain brings a popular personality and a splash of lifestyle news to CNN's typically serious coverage. CNN said it would be a "further step in broadening and distinguishing CNN’s weekend programming from its traditional weekday news coverage."

The show will air on Sundays in primetime on CNN and will examine cultures around the world.

It will be produced by Zero Point Zero Production, which has worked with Bourdain for more than a decade on shows including "No Reservations."

“I’m really looking forward to coming over to CNN. I think the world is going to get a whole lot bigger for me,” said Bourdain. “I hope that old fans and new ones will be excited about what’s coming down the road.”