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maandag 8 oktober 2012

I'm A Celebrity 2012: Brian Dowling dismisses jungle stint

Celebrity Big Brother host Brian Dowling has revealed he turned down I’m A Celebrity 2012.

Brian claimed he would never take part in the ITV1 series because he’d be too annoying!

And the camp telly host suggested that most celebs would prefer to do Celebrity Big Brother over any other series.

“I think people like Big Brother, even Holly Willoughby told me it’s the one show she would love to do, she said she wouldn’t, though! But it’s the one show she’d love to do,” Brian told us. “You’ve got I’m A Celebrity, the ice skating [Dancing On Ice] but the one you can be yourself and just relax is Big Brother.”

Brian – who has won Big Brother twice – continued: “I could never imagine myself doing I’m A Celebrity, i got offered to do it but I think for me, personally, I couldn’t be myself, in those situations.”

He told us: “I would be so annoying!

“You’re wet, you have got nature, there are rats, snakes, you’re not eating, you’ve got all of that… oh, that wouldn’t be in good.

He added: “I’d rather sit in and a house and do nothing, that would be good for me.”

Celebrity Big Brother housemates want you to apply for Big Brother 2013!

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 may have only just finished, but auditions for the new series are already gearing up.

The show will be back on Channel 5 next summer, and the search for housemates has already begun.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, and want to win a big cash prize, then be sure to try out at the open auditions soon.

For more information on becoming one of the next Big Brother housemates, head over to to register for the latest news and updates.

The most recent batch of Celebrity Big Brother housemates have put together a video to encourage viewers to try out.

Cheryl Ferigson said: “It’s going to be one of the most amazing experiences you’re ever going to have.”

While Julian quipped: “Why not audition for Big Brother if you have a nice personality, or even if you haven’t, they let anyone in.”

And Prince Lorenzo claimed: “If you want to be in the public eye it’s a great way to do so.”

'Downton Abbey,' 'X Factor' U.K. Each Draw 9.6 Million Average Viewers for U.K.'s ITV

ITV1 reached its second-highest peak audience for the music competition this season with 11.4 million with its first live results episode.

Downton Abbey and X Factor each drew 9.6 million average viewers for U.K. commercial broadcaster ITV1 Sunday night.

The data included people viewing with an hour delay on catch-up network ITV1+1.

The season's first X Factor live results show drew a peak audience of 11.4 million viewers Sunday night, up week-over-week. That marked the second-highest peak audience of the season so far for the music competition created by Simon Cowell.

The costume drama, meanwhile, reached a peak audience of 10.2 million viewers.

Last Sunday, Downton Abbey had averaged 10 million viewers in the U.K. That marked the show's third-highest ever ratings in the U.K.

Canal Plus and Warner Bros. Ink Exclusive French Pay TV Deal

Canal Plus subscribers will get Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit," Ben Affleck's "Argo" and Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" from 2013.

Warner Bros. Entertainment France has inked an exclusive pay TV deal with French pay TV giant Canal Plus for the studio's output from September 2013.

The deal will give Canal Plus subscribers access to Warner Bros. new releases and catalogue titles on IP TV, tablet computers, smart phones, game consoles.

GALLERY: Fall Movie Preview 2012: Major New Releases From Spielberg, Jackson, Tarantino, the Wachowskis, Burton and More

It covers all pay-for channels of the Canal Plus group - flag bearer CANAL+ but also CINE+, Comedie+ and Jimmy - and their respective catch-up TV services.

French legislation guarantees an exclusive windowof distribution for pay TV networks, 10 months after the theatrical release date for movies.

Canal Plus deputy general director Rodolphe Belmer said the deal will contribute to building the largest and "most attractive offer" on French TV.

"We are proud to give our subscribers access to the films of one of the most prestigious American studios," Belmer said.

Warner Bros. International Television President Jeffrey R. Schlesinger noted that "Canal Plus has always had a deep appreciation of Warner's productions and successful cinematographic legacy. We are delighted with our return to Canal Plus in 2013."

Warner Bros. will benefit from premium access to Canal Plus' customer base - close to 13 million subscribers - for upcoming releases such as Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, Ben Affleck's Argo, Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby and the third installment of The Hangover.

The deal marks a change for Warner Bros.' output carriage deal in France

In 2008, as France Telecom launched the pay TV channels Orange Cinema Series (OCS), the telecommunication giant corralled the exclusive contract with Warner Bros. from Canal Plus. Four years on and France Telecom has largely withdrawn from the pay TV market and Canal Plus has won the partnership back from Orange.

90210 Bosses on Dixon's Accident, Adriana's Hookup and a Milestone Episode

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Or at least 90210's Adriana hopes it does.

When the CW series ended last season, Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) boarded a plane for Sin City after her ex-lover Dixon (Tristan Wilds) didn't show up to rekindle their relationship. Little did she know that Dixon was actually en route when his car was side-swiped by a massive truck. How will she handle the guilt when she meets a new man and then learns about Dixon's crash? Executive producers Patti Carr and Lara Olsen spoke about Dixon's fate, the return of Lori Loughlin, the show's milestone 100th episode and more.

The season left off with Dixon getting side-swiped by a truck. How will that be resolved when the show returns?
Patti Carr: We won't give away the outcome of Dixon's car crash, but it has a ripple effect and blows up everyone's lives in different ways.

Lori Loughlin, who plays Dixon's mom, comes back, which can't be a great sign.
Carr: It's really a very emotional and touching moment when she returns. [It's] one of my favorite moments in the premiere.

Will she be around for more than one episode?
Lara Olsen: Currently she's only in the premiere.

When we last saw Adriana, she thought Dixon was a no-show. How does she react to the truth?
Carr: Adriana was getting on a plane to Vegas with Austin to perform. ... The episode comes back about 15 minutes after we left, and you see how [everyone] finds out. They don't all find out right away. Their actions before they know and after shape their lives for the rest of the season.

Are you saying something happens between Adriana and her new love interest Taylor (Wes Brown) before she hears about Dixon?
Carr: Some things happen, as they do in Vegas.

What about Max (Josh Zuckerman) and Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord)? Last we saw them they were running off into the sunset.
Carr: They make a big decision about how they want to proceed with their future, and it also sparks more things than they expect. They make a pretty bold choice, and it's something we follow the whole season. We also get to meet Max's best friend and business partner played by Trai Byers.

Can Annie (Shenae Grimes) please be single this season? Girl needs a break from men!
Olsen: The arc for her this season is trying to figure out what she does want and then how to go after that.

Carr: She's coming into this season with the intention of focusing on herself and who she is, but she does wind up meeting somebody who's an interesting love interest [Riley Smith]. He appears in the second episode and Annie first starts conflicting with him. She has had some pretty bad luck, but this is something to look forward to for her.

Will Teddy (Trevor Donovan) be around more now that he and Silver (Jessica Stroup) are having a baby?
Olsen: We see Teddy on a recurring basis, but it's a major storyline and one of the biggest we wanted to wrap the whole season around. It'll go through the end of the season.

Carr: In terms of them having a baby, once you decide to do it, there are usually not a lot of complications that arise. [But] there are with them.

This season marks the 100th episode. What do you have planned besides cameos from Carmen Electra and Denise Richards?
Olsen: I don't know that there's anything else we could fit into the 100th episode. They're going back to their high school homecoming as alumni so they're running into a lot of characters from the past. But it's not a "put your life on pause" episode. Everything continues to move forward in a pretty dramatic way against a backdrop of probably the biggest episode we've done production-wise. Going back to their high school reunion also brings back a lot of old things to the present and also causes everyone to examine who they are and reveal things about themselves in different ways.

Mila Kunis Named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Now here's an award to put on the mantel.

Mila Kunis has been named the 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine. Kunis, 29, follows in the footsteps of recent title holders including Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, Minka Kelly and Rihanna

Kunis, who starred on That '70s Show and voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy, will next be seen on the big screen next year in Oz: The Great and Powerful.

The Voice Team Sounds Off on the Steal: "This a Second Chance for People"

American Idol singer Frenchie Davis. Mickey Mouse Club member Tony Lucca. The Voice has always been about giving talented singers a second chance at fame. Now, the show is giving its singers another second chance with a twist that could shake the game up in a big way: the Steal.

In the battle rounds, which kick off Monday at 8/7c on NBC, the coaches will have the opportunity to press their buttons once again — this time to steal a singer from another coach after that singer has lost their battle. "I have to say as a naturalized American, what the country is all about is second chances. And this is a second chance for people," executive producer Mark Burnett tells "When they hit those buttons and the lights come on, it's like, 'Wow!' I've been doing this long enough that I know when I see something magical happen."

The Steal comes after the early eliminations of front-runners -- most memorably, Niki Dawson in the Season 1 battles. "As Niki Dawson walked out of the room, I think we all went, 'She has such a great talent. Wouldn't it be interesting if there would be a way to keep her?'" host Carson Daly says. "Cut to Season 3, and the Steal enables us to offer a second shot if another coach is so inclined."

Each coach will be allowed two steals throughout the battle rounds and — much like the blind auditions — the coaches will be forced to duke it out if more than one coach tries to steal a singer. "Like fantasy football, the Steal enables all of the coaches to be incentivized, to keep their eye on all of the teams, all the contestants," Daly says. "I think you'll see the Steals added a level of intensity. ... When we shot it, it was like Gladiator."

Burnett says that extra level of competition will give new weight to how each coach thinks about the battle rounds altogether.  "Those battle choices become all the more important for the coach because they realize as they send someone home, that person may end up winning on someone else's team," he says.

The Steal not only allows fallen singers to redeem themselves, but also serves as redemption of sorts for the coaches if they are able to claim a singer they couldn't get on their team during the blind auditions. "That's when some of that friendly competition does kick in," coach Cee Lo Green says. "Because it's like, 'Great, now I get a chance to work with someone I thought, initially, that I could do a better job with them anyway."

The Steal will expand each coach's team to as many as 10 singers at the end of the battle rounds, which also means the introduction of an entirely new Knockout Round before the live shows begin. Although contestants will again have to battle another singer to make it through to the live shows, this time, each will get to perform their own song. "They're literally sitting there on the set watching the other person sing and then they switch places," Burnett says. "It's so tense because we're watching their face on that stage as they are watching the other person perform."

But is Burnett worried about changing the format too much and confusing the show's fans? "I think the viewers are very smart," he says. "Because of social media, we understand how extremely smart The Voice viewers are and how they get it." Burnett also highlights the importance of adding changes to his other reality hit, Survivor, which is now in its 25th season. "It's about evolving and having little shifts, but never losing the care value of a show," he says. "I'm sure this Steal format shift will become permanent. It's great."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC. What do you think of the Steal? Are you excited to see the new Knockout Round?

'Made in Chelsea' to air in the US on Style Network

Made in Chelsea will air in the US next month, cast member Cheska Hull has revealed.

The Style Network will begin showing the E4 reality show from its pilot episode on November 12, in what Hull admitted was a "surreal" development.

"We've also just been bought by the Style Network in the US so Made in Chelsea is going to be shown in America," she told Closer.

"It's so surreal, we couldn't have predicted this success."

In a statement, Style confidently predicted that US viewers will "fall in love" with Caggie Dunlop, Spencer Matthews, Millie Mackintosh and their Made in Chelsea co-stars.

"With a keen on eye on fashion and trends, we are confident our viewers will gravitate towards Made in Chelsea and fall in love with these fashion-obsessed, upscale, sexy twenty-somethings," said Katie Buchanan, Style's Senior Vice President, Programming and Acquisitions.

Made in Chelsea's fourth series, which features Matthews's ex and a "spoiled" and "opinionated" fashion student among its new additions, airs in the UK this autumn on E4.

TV Tonight 8th of October 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    112 - på liv och död S06E21: "Del 21 av 36"
    2 Broke Girls S02E03: "And the Hold-Up"
    8 out of 10 cats S14E01: "TBA"
    90210 S05E01: "Til Death Do Us Part"
    999: What's Your Emergency? S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Adventure Time with Finn and Jake S04E24: "Reign of Gunthers"
    All on the Line S03E05: "Brooke Rod"
    Alphas S02E11: "If Memory Serves"
    American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior S04E06: "Junior's Surprise"
    Anderson Live S02E21
    Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations S08E14: "Seven Deadly Sins"
    Antiques Road Trip S05E06: "Series 5, Episode 6"
    Are We There Yet? S03E16: "The Ghost Dog Episode"
    Asbjørn Brekke Show S01E05: "Season 1, Episode 5"
    Bargain Hunt S32E19: "Series 32, Episode 19"
    Basketball Wives LA S02E05: "Season 2, Episode 5"
    Be Good Johnny Weir S02E07: "Season 2, Episode 7"
    Be Good Johnny Weir S02E08: "Season 2, Episode 8"
    Big Brother (AU) S09E49: "Live Nomination 8"
    Boer Zkt. Vrouw S08E06: "Season 8, Episode 6"
    Bomb Hunters S01E07: "Episode 7"
    Bones S08E04: "The Tiger in the Tale"
    Britain's Next Top Model S08E00: "Where Are They Now?"
    Can Of Worms S02E08: "Season 2, Episode 8"
    Canadian Pickers S03E07: "Mystery Map"
    Castle (2009) S05E03: "Secret's Safe With Me"
    Chelsea Lately S06E158
    Chitose Get You!! S01E15: "Episode 15"
    Chrissy & Mr. Jones S01E03: "Scent of a Woman"
    Clan S01E06: "In de knoop"
    Classic Car Rescue S01E03: "MGB"
    Coronation Street S53E200: "Mon Oct 8, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E199: "Mon Oct 8, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Crimi Clowns S01E02: "Moederskindje"
    Dancing With the Stars (US) S15E05: "Season 15, Episode 5"
    Daybreak S03E26: "October 8, 2012"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S08E49: "Episode 2042"
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives S15E08: "Burgers, Noodles and Quahogs"
    Dispatches S26E20: "Secrets of Your Boss's Pay"
    Doctors S14E105: "A Parent Thing"
    EastEnders S28E159: "October 8, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E237: "October 8, 2012"
    Engrenages S04E11: "Season 4, Episode 11"
    Engrenages S04E12: "Season 4, Episode 12"
    Färjan S04E08: "TBA"
    Farmen S08E01: "Season 8, Episode 1"
    Fast N' Loud S01E12: "Holy Grail Hot Rod"
    Fifth Gear S21E06: "Series 21, Episode 6"
    Food Unwrapped S01E05: "Episode 5"
    Gary: Tank Commander S03E03: "Bad Cammy"
    General Hospital (US) S50E133: "#12661"
    Girlfriend Confidential: LA S01E06: "Not So Fast"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S23E26: "Season 23, Episode 26"
    Gossip Girl S06E01: "Gone Maybe Gone"
    Halv åtta hos mig S09E29: "Stockholm - Gun"
    Hawaii Five-0 (2010) S03E03: "Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)"
    Helicopter Heroes S06E06: "Series 6, Episode 6"
    Hoarders S06E04: "Shanna & Lynda"
    Hollyoaks S18E201: "October 8, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E186: "Episode 5621"
    Hotel cæsar S29E61: "Season 29, Episode 61"
    House Crashers S07E02: "Hidden Garage Room"
    House Hunters S50E76
    House Hunters International S34E72: "Returning to Europe"
    How I Met Your Mother S08E03: "Nannies"
    Hunderby S01E07: "Episode 7"
    Independent Lens S14E01: "As Goes Janesville"
    Intervention S13E08: "Susie & Miriam"
    Isabel S01E05: "TBA"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E315: "Ben Affleck, Ben Howard"
    Kami-sama Hajimemashita S01E02: "The god is targeted"
    Kickin' It S02E16: "Wedding Crashers"
    La que se avecina S06E02
    Lab Rats (2012) S01E16: "Air Leo"
    Last Call with Carson Daly S10E71
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E347
    Late Show with David Letterman S20E18: "Jack Hanna, Max Greenfield"
    Lekarze S01E06: "Ziarnko prawdy"
    Leyla ile Mecnun S03E06: "Season 3, Episode 6"
    Live with Kelly S30E21: "Ben Affleck, John Cena"
    Major Crimes S01E09: "Cheaters Never Prosper"
    Market Warriors S01E07: "Antiquing in Pasadena, CA"
    Mike & Molly S03E03: "Mike Likes Cake"
    Monday Night Football S43E10: "Houston Texans at New York Jets"
    Monroe S02E02: "Series 2, Episode 2"
    Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse S01E15: "Episode 15"
    Neighbours S28E196: "Episode 6506"
    Never Mind the Buzzcocks (UK) S26E03
    New Tricks S09E07: "Dead Poets"
    Nigelissima S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Oh Oh Europa S01E31: "Season 1, Episode 31"
    Only Connect S06E07: "Scribes v Ciphers"
    Pair of Kings S03E12: "Bond of Brothers"
    Panorama S60E37: "Return of the Supergrass"
    Partners (2012) S01E03: "The Jeter Exception"
    Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs S01E06: "Episode 6"
    Pointless S07E29: "Series 7, Episode 29"
    Regular Show S04E03: "Starter Pack"
    Revolution (2012) S01E04: "The Plague Dogs"
    Ridiculousness S02E16: "The Bella Twins"
    Ross Kemp: Extreme World S02E06: "Kenya and Tanzania"
    Salatut elämät S15E26: "Paula on nuoren miehen muusa"
    Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two S09E01: "Series 9, Episode 1"
    Superjail! S03E02: "Superfail"
    Switched at Birth S01E28
    The Bad Girls Club S09E12: "Match Made in Mexico"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E139: "Ep. #6423"
    The Chase (2009) S05E111: "Series 5, Episode 105"
    The Chew S02E21: "Episode 259"
    The Colbert Report S08E124: "Mark Kelly"
    The Daily Show S17E162: "Pete Townshend"
    The Dr. Phil Show S11E25
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S10E21: "Colin Farrell"
    The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange S01E14
    The Inbetweeners (US) S01E08: "TBA"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S08E26: "October 8, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E156
    The Mob Doctor S01E04: "Change of Heart"
    The Project S04E240: "Season 4, Episode 240"
    The Real Housewives of New York City S05E19: "Reunion, Part 1"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S20E163
    The View S16E25: "Pete Townshend"
    The Voice (US) S03E10: "The Battles Premiere, Part 1"
    The X Factor (AU) S04E20: "Season 4, Live Finals 4"
    The Young and the Restless S40E138: "Ep. #10007"
    Threesome S02E02: "Vacuum"
    Thuis S18E31: "Season 18, Episode 31"
    TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle S02E07
    University Challenge (1994) S19E11
    Watch What Happens: Live S08E22: "TBA"
    Wereld draait door, De S08E26: "Season 8, Episode 26"
    Wolfblood S01E09: "Episode 9"
    Wonderland (UK) S05E08: "I Was Once a Beauty Queen"
    WWE Raw S20E41: "Episode 1011"

Gossip Girl's Final Season: Where We Left Off and What's Next

OMG! Gossip Girl is ending! That's right, the CW's Upper East Side drama will soon leave the air for good. But before Gossip Girl signs her last "XOXO," there are plenty of loose ends to tie up. Will Chuck and Blair finally get their act together? Will Lonely Boy really take down all of his friends? Will Nate finally become interesting? And most importantly, who is Gossip Girl?! Catch up with where we left our favorite Upper East Siders and see what's coming up this season.

Blair (Leighton Meester)
Where We Left Off: After B's life history was splashed across the pages of Gossip Girl (thanks partly to Serena) Blair had to do major damage control. She told Serena she never wanted to see her again and then admitted she loved Chuck and not Dan. (Duh!) Although Chuck rebuffed her advances, she followed him to Monte Carlo and went all in on his future.
What's Next: Don't expect a lengthy "Chair" reunion, as Blair will put her focus squarely on running Waldorf Designs. The job will prove harder than it seems thanks to a ghost from Blair's past, but Blair's still's got a few surprises up her sleeve — or should we say, around her neck.

Serena (Blake Lively)
Where We Left Off: After losing her job as heir to the Gossip Girl throne, Serena pushed away the people that mattered to her, both accidentally (the real Gossip Girl published Blair's diary) and purposefully (she manipulated Dan into cheating on Blair with her). When last we saw S, she was on a train headed for a return to her drug-using ways.
What's Next: After hitting rock bottom, Serena Sabrina will try to start fresh with an older man (7th Heaven's Barry Watson), who has a big secret of his own. When Serena's time off the grid begins to alarm her family, an apologetic Blair blows her cover, forcing her to return to NYC — where a new enemy is waiting to take Serena down.

Dan (Penn Badgley)
Where We Left Off: Lonely Boy was just that: Blair chose Chuck over him and he rebuffed Serena's manipulations to get him back. The silver lining? Dan found new determination to write a juicy and revealing sequel to Infamous. Only this time he's using real names — and working with new writing partner Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg).
What's Next: Dan will have trouble finding a publisher for his delicious novel, but he will find a helping hand from an old friend from the Upper East Side who also stands to benefit from the book's publication.

Chuck (Ed Westwick)
Where We Left Off: Bart's resurrection from the dead was bad news for Chuck, who was ousted from Bass Industries. Chuck turned his energies to taking his father down and taking back the company with the help of his uncle, who also helped Chuck reunite with Blair.
What's Next: In order to take back Bass Industries, Chuck must first figure out why his dad played dead all these years. The task will prove difficult considering his father's deep secrets — and even deeper pockets.

Nate (Chace Crawford)
Where We Left Off: Nate was left high and dry after Serena's cousin/half-sister Lola ditched him to tour with Wicked. However, Nate's old fling Diana gave him a juicy video showing a hooded individual stealing Serena's Gossip Girl laptop.
What's Next: While Nate hopes to expose Gossip Girl once and for all and put The Spectator on the map, but he may not be able to hold on to the damning footage. Also look for Nate's love life to heat up with a new flame who has surprising connection to Serena.

Lily (Kelly Rutherford)
Where We Left Off: Lily annulled her marriage to Rufus in favor of rekindling her relationship with her believed-to-be-deceased husband Bart Bass (Robert John Burke).
What's Next: When Lily returns from a romantic summer getaway with Bart, her main concern will be finding Serena. However, she should really be concerned about Ivy (Kaylee Defer), who took Lola's portion of CeCe's estate and promised to ruin the woman that put Lola's mom in jail for fraud.

Rufus (Matthew Settle)
Where We Left Off: Rufus tried to save his marriage to Lily and trick Bart into signing annulment papers.
What's Next: Dan, and the world, will be completely freaked out to see just who Rufus is shacking up with — both literally and figuratively.

Homeland Boss: Latest Twist "Turns the Whole Series on Its Head"

Well we certainly weren't expecting that.

Homeland continued its second season with an episode that focused mostly on the attempted killing of terrorist Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) as both disgraced CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Marine-turned-U.S. Congressman — and Nazir disciple — Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) watched and listened from their respective corners of the world. For Carrie, the operation was a test to see if Carrie and her informant was still viable. For Brody, who watched the scene play out alongside Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan), it was an exercise in loyalty, as Brody quickly and secretly text-messaged Nazir a coded warning just before the bullets began to fly.

But it turned out the ultimately unsuccessful assassination plot was just setting the stage for the episode's biggest moment. After sending Carrie and her informant back to the States, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) found an SD card hidden in the lining of a bag that Carrie recovered from her informant's home. And on that SD card? Oh, just the confession video that Brody filmed hours before his planned attempt to kill the vice president and his Cabinet in a suicide mission.

"It turns the whole series on its head," co-creator and executive producer Alex Gansa tells That's not just hyperbole. The tape, which mysteriously went missing in the Season 1 finale after Brody decided not to go through with his suicide mission, proves not only that Brody was/is a sleeper agent for Nazir, but also that Carrie was never as crazy as her CIA colleagues may have believed.

So, um, what happens now? "Does Saul withhold it from [Carrie]? Does he share it with her? You will know the answer at the end of Episode 3," Gansa says. "That's a huge decision to make on his part and it changes the series."

It's exactly that type of internal conflict that helped Gansa & Co. choose to reveal Brody's tape now. But is it too soon? While Gansa acknowledges it's a big piece of the puzzle to solve early in the season, he also feels it's important not to lead on the audience.

"One of the lessons we learned last season was not to hold these muscular plot twists too long," Gansa says. "One of the things the audience knew at the end of the first season is that that tape is going to surface. Brody put it in the hiding place, and when he came back to look for it... he couldn't find it. So, if the audience is expecting it to come to light somehow ...  and you postpone it for too long, the audience gets restless and gets upset at the storytelling.

"It is shocking that it falls into the good guys' hands so early into the process," Gansa continues. "But it sets off a course of events that feels unexpected, even though the audience was expecting it. One of our little secret weapons is just dramatizing these things earlier than you might ordinarily."

Development Update: The 8th of October

THE ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE (CBS, New!) - "Homeland" co-creators Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa have landed a pilot production commitment from the Eye for a new drama about "a female FBI agent who starts working with a mysterious psychiatrist with whom she shares a past connection." Said hour, set up at Gordon's 20th Century Fox Television-based Teakwood Lane, is inspired by Adrian Raine's upcoming book of the same name, subtitled "The Biological Roots of Crime." Gordon and Gansa will co-write the hour and executive produce with Teakwood's Hugh Fitzpatrick serving as a co-executive producer. (

THE CLUB (CBS, New!) - Chris Case ("Retired at 35") has set up a new comedy at the Eye about "a down-on-his-luck golf pro who tries to find his mojo in the midst of the inner workings of a country club." The presumably multi-camera half-hour comes from the CBS Television Studios-based Tannenbaum Co. with the company's Eric and Kim Tannenbaum executive producing alongside Case. (

I GUESS I DO (NBC, New!) - mainstay Lauryn Kahn has sold a single-camera comedy to the Peacock about "a sham green card marriage between a womanizing British celebrity trainer and a psychology grad student who is using her new husband as the subject for her dissertation on the modern male." Universal Television is behind the half-hour with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay of Gary Sanchez Productions also serving as executive producers. (

THE HUNDRED (The CW, New!) - Kass Morgan's upcoming post-apocalyptic book - about "100 juvenile delinquents that are released to the surface of a wildly changed Earth, with the survival of the human race entirely in their hands" - is being developed as a drama series at the netlet and Warner Bros. Television. Jason Rothenberg ("Body Politic") is set to pen the adaptation with Alloy Entertainment's Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo also serving as executive producers. (

KILLER WOMEN (ABC, New!) - Hannah Shakespeare ("The Raven") is set to pen a domestic take on the Argentine series "Mujeres Asesinas." ABC Studios and POL-KA Productiones are behind the hour, which follows the exploits of a female Texas Ranger. Actress Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") and director Martin Campbell ("Last Resort") are also on board to executive produce the project alongside Shakespeare, Electus' Ben Silverman and Latin World Entertainment's Luis Balaguer. (

LEISURE CLUB (NBC, New!) - Stephnie Weir (ABC's "Counter Culture") has sold a new comedy to the Peacock about "a group of younger Baby Boomers living in a 55+ retirement community who revert back to the archetypes they were in high school." Sony Pictures Television-based Original Film is behind the half-hour, which has a penalty attached. Neil Moritz and Vivian Cannon are executive producing alongside Weir with Weir's manager Meghan Schumacher also receiving a producing credit. (

SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES (NBC) - Martin Henderson ("Off the Map") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, based on Josie Brown's book about three suburban couples affected by a murder. He's set as Kyle Dunn, "a former flight surgeon and astronaut who returns home after a prolonged absence and finds life with his family isn't what it seems." Perrey Reeves and Nicole Ari Parker also star in the Warner Bros. Television-based hour, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television, director Mark Pellington and writer Sascha Penn. (

SOCIO (ABC Family) - Avan Jogia ("Victorious") has booked the title role on the Gavin Polone-produced drama pilot, about a charismatic 16-year-old alleged sociopath who recently reconnected with his two female best friends from childhood, and who becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is murdered. He'll play said fellow, Danny, alongside the previously cast Maddie Hasson and Kylie Bunbury. Adam Milch penned the hour and serves as a co-executive producer. (

UNTITLED CHRIS CASE/KATE WALSH PROJECT (NBC, New!) - "Retired at 35" creator Chris Case has sold a multi-camera comedy to the Peacock about "a recently divorced father of two pre-teen boys that quickly falls in love with a freewheeling woman cop who has little experience with children, while dealing with his ex-wife, who is now living with his best friend." The 20th Century Fox Television-based half-hour is loosely based on his relationship with "Private Practice" star Kate Walsh. Walsh and Case will executive produce alongside Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment. (

UNTITLED DIANE WARREN PROJECT (NBC) - The long-in-the-works drama, inspired by the music of songwriter Diane Warren, has found a third home. Krista Vernoff ("Private Practice") is penning the revised take, about "a 30-something songwriter who has written the most epic love songs of our time, despite, or perhaps due to the fact that she is painfully unlucky in love." Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein spearheaded the original ABC incarnation in 2005 while Toni Kalem took a stab the following year at Lifetime. Craig Zadan and Neil Meron of Storyline Entertainment are executive producing the now Universal Television-based hour alongside Vernoff with Warren serving as a consulting producer. (

UNTITLED PETER MURRIETA PROJECT (NBC, New!) - Peter Murrieta ("Level Up") has landed a new comedy at the Peacock billed as a "multi-generational family show based on his own family - juxtaposing the immigrant generation, the assimilation generation and the modern one." No studio was indicated. Murrieta will write and executive produce alongside 3 Arts Entertainment. (

UNTITLED VANESSA MCCARTHY PROJECT (CBS, New!) - Vanessa McCarthy ("Rules of Engagement") has sold a semi-autobiographical comedy to the Eye about her experience as "a working mother and the bond she forms with her naïve younger nanny." The Sony Pictures Television-based Happy Madison is behind the multi-camera project with the company's Doug Robinson executive producing alongside McCarthy. (

THE ANNA NICOLE STORY (Lifetime) - Martin Landau and Virginia Madsen have both joined the cast of the Anna Nicole Smith biopic, while Mary Harron ("American Psycho") has signed on to direct. Agnes Bruckner stars as Vickie Lynn Hogan, a pretty but plain girl growing up in a small Texas town who transforms herself into Playboy pin-up Anna Nicole Smith. Madsen will play Vickie's mom Virgie with Landau as oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, whom Smith infamously married when he was 89 and she was 26. John Rice and Joe Batteer penned the script while Craig Zadan, Neil Meron and Judith Verno are the executive producers for Sony Pictures Television. (

BAD TEACHER (CBS, New!) - Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are looking to bring their 2011 feature to the small screen, which starred Cameron Diaz as a foul-mouthed, gold-digging junior high school teacher. Hilary Winston ("Happy Endings") will pen the TV take, a single-camera comedy, for Sony Pictures Television and the Mosaic Media Group. Stupnitsky and Eisenberg are executive producing via their Quantity Entertainment banner alongside Winston. (

- The Alphabet has ordered a new reality competition series in which "celebrities perform dives from dizzying heights, which increase in difficulty each week, including backflips, somersaults and other gymnastic feats." In addition, a professional diving instructor gives each celebrity weeks of training. The Eyeworks USA-based project is based on a Dutch format with J.D. Roth, Todd A. Nelson and Brant Pinvidic among the executive producers. (

GIRLS IN FILM (NBC, New!) - Hilary Winston ("Happy Endings") has booked a potential comedy at the Peacock about "three college best friends, who all find themselves single at 30 but with very different levels of dating experience." The project, from Sony Pictures Television, has a penalty attached. FanFare's Jamie Tarses is executive producing alongside Winston. (

MIDNIGHTERS (FOX) - Scott Westerfeld's trilogy of books - about a group of people born at the stroke of midnight who have access to the 25th hour of each day, which they use to stop crime - is once again being developed for the small screen, this time at FOX. Chris Fedak ("Chuck") is penning the hour, which comes from Warner Bros. Television. Previous incarnations were set up at The WB in 2005, written by Darren Lemke; and NBC in 2009, written by Chad Hodge. Alloy Entertainment's Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo are also executive producing alongside Fake Empire's Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Len Goldstein. (

MY BOSS IS MY ROOMMATE (FOX, New!) - Michael Showalter and Christina Lee have booked a single-camera comedy at the network about "a new kind of odd couple: Robert, a brash and entitled boss, moves in with Kate, his reluctant but loyal employee, at a time when both of their lives are falling apart." Warner Bros. Television is behind the project with Showalter and Lee presumably writing and executive producing alongside Principato-Young Entertainment. (

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Netflix) - Natasha Lyonne, Pablo Schreiber, Michael Harney and Lin Tucci have all landed roles on the upcoming drama, about Piper (Taylor Schilling), an engaged Brooklyn resident whose decade-ago relationship with a drug runner (Laura Prepon) in college results in her arrest and multiyear detention in a federal penitentiary. Lyonne will recur as Nicky, "a lesbian hipster and one of Piper's cellmates"; with Schreiber as Pornstache, a correction officer; Harney as Mr. Butorsky, "Piper's persnickety counselor at the prison"; and Tucci as Anita DeMarco, "an outspoken Jersey-Italian inmate who helps show Piper the ropes." Jason Biggs also stars in the Lionsgate Television-based hour, from executive producer Jenji Kohan. (

SECOND SIGHT (CBS, New!) - Director Michael Cuesta ("Homeland") has sold a new drama to the Eye based on the 2000-01 U.K. series of the same name, which starred Clive Owen as "a homicide detective going blind who turns his affliction into an advantage - using his heightened senses and intuition to solve crimes." Cuesta will co-write the hour alongside his brother Gerald - as well as direct should it move forward - for CBS Television Studios. Also serving as executive producers alongside Michael Cuesta: Carol Mendelsohn and Julie Weitz of Carol Mendelsohn Productions, U.K. creator Paula Milne and agent-turned-producer Nick Reed. Gerald Cuesta and Phil Goldfine are co-executive producing. (

THE SLAP (NBC, New!) - "Brothers & Sisters" creator Jon Robin Baitz is looking to bring the book-turned-Australian drama - which traces the shattering repercussions of a single event, a man slapping a child who is not his own, on a group of family and friends - to the U.S. Said effort, from Universal Television, is being eyed as an eight-episode limited series with Ted Gold, Tony Ayres of Matchbox Pictures and Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald of Parkes-MacDonald Productions executive producing alongside Baitz. Melissa George, Sophie Okonedo , Essie Davis, Jonathan LaPaglia, Alex Dimitriades and Sophie Lowe starred in the original version, which aired earlier this year on DirecTV's Audience Network. (

TERESA (ABC, New!) - Nancy Miller ("Against the Wall") is set to pen a domestic take on the Mexican telenovela of the same name, about "an ambitious law student who is living a double life - one as an ambitious and smart law student who pretends to be like all the other wealthy kids at UCLA and another as an illegal immigrant living on the wrong side of the tracks." Said hour is set up at Lionsgate Television and Grupo Televisa with Miller writing and executive producing. (

UNTITLED BOB DAILY/PIERCE GARDNER PROJECT (ABC, New!) - Bob Daily ("Desperate Housewives") and Pierce Gardner ("Dan in Real Life") are set to team for a potential drama at the Alphabet about "three diverse families whose lives get gloriously messy when they discover that they share a biological father, a successful bachelor in his 40s who's completely unprepared to embrace the family he never knew he wanted." Said duo will write and executive produce for the ABC Studios-based Mark Gordon Co. with the company's Gordon and Nicholas Pepper also serving as executive producers. (

UNTITLED CHRIS MCKENNA PROJECT (NBC, New!) - Chris McKenna ("The Mindy Project") has sold a new comedy to the Peacock about the black sheep of a large family who moves back home to be the guardian of his youngest brother after their father passes away. Said effort, which has a penalty attached, is set up at Universal Television-based TBD Productions. Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplain will executive produce alongside McKenna. (

UNTITLED ELIZABETH WRIGHT SHAPIRO PROJECT (CBS, New!) - Elizabeth Wright Shapiro ("Movie 43") has booked a new comedy at the Eye about "an Ivy League feminist who comes to L.A to become an assistant professor and ends up moving in with two Playboy Bunny type females." Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are on board to executive produce the 20th Century Fox Television-based half-hour, with Shapiro serving as a co-executive producer. (

- Tommy Johnagin ("Last Comic Standing") is set to star in a potential comedy at the Peacock about a couple who decides to take the next step and move in together only to learn that they're pregnant. Johnagin will likewise co-write the script with Mike Pennie ("My Name Is Earl") for Universal Television. Avalon Television's David Martin, Kara Baker and Jon Thoday will executive produce alongside Pennie with Johnagin serving as a co-executive producer. (

Sheridan Smith, Johnny Vegas join David Walliams's 'Mr Stink'

Sheridan Smith and Johnny Vegas have been added to the cast of BBC One's adaptation of David Walliams's children's novel Mr Stink.

The comic duo join Hugh Bonneville in the show, which is being shot in SD and 3D.

Smith and Vegas will play the mum and dad of lonely 12-year-old Chloe (Nell Tiger Free), who becomes close friends with tramp Mr Stink (Bonneville).

Mrs Biggs star Smith said: "David is such a brilliant writer, and the character just jumped off the page when I read it. I can't wait to work with Hugh and Johnny."

Harish Patel (Coronation Street, Run Fat Boy Run) will play Chloe's newsagent friend Raj.

Britain's Got Talent judge Walliams will also appear as the Prime Minister.

Mr Stink is Walliams's second children's novel. It was first published in 2009 and has since sold over 250,000 copies.

'The Great British Bake Off' heads to France

The BBC has licensed the format of The Great British Bake Off to a French TV channel.

The Love Productions show will be renamed The Great Bake Off and will be shown on commercial station M6.

The Great Bake Off will be produced by BBC Worldwide's production base in France and is due to air later this year.

"Having crossed the English Channel to the spiritual home of the sweet tooth, this warm and authentic format... has all the crucial elements to be a showstopper," said Jean Louis Blot, Creative Director at BBC Worldwide Productions France.

He added: "When it comes to The Great Bake Off, the proof is in the pudding!"

So far, the amateur baking contest - featuring Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood - has been licensed to and aired in six countries, including Australia (Nine Network), Poland (TLC), Belgium (VTM) and Ireland (TV3).

The Great Bake Off also airs in Scandinavia on TV4, where it is the highest rating show in the channel's history. The Danish version, Den Store Bagedyst, is the most successful of all the new formats that have premiered this season on any Danish channel.

The Great British Bake Off - hosted by Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc - recently recorded an all time high of 4.8 million viewers for BBC Two, and registered 19.9% of the market share.

The third series of The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesday (October 9) at 8pm.

Dermot O'Leary defends 'X Factor' results show actions

Dermot O'Leary has defended his actions at the end of last night's (October 7) The X Factor, when he refused to accept Louis Walsh's first answer on the ITV1 results show.

Walsh was the final judge to select who he wanted to send home out of the bottom two - Carolynne Poole and Rylan Clark. After much deliberation, Walsh stated clearly that he wanted to save Poole.

However, O'Leary insisted that Walsh had to state who he wanted to "send home" and not just who he wanted to stay in the competition.

O'Leary's probing seemingly caused Walsh to change his mind and the Irish judge stated that he wanted to send the show "to deadlock" and the public vote. Walsh never actually stated who he wanted to "send home", but O'Leary was willing to accept his answer of taking it to deadlock.

Commenting on his changed stance on the show's rules during the finale, O'Leary said on Twitter: "Weird show. For those asking I have ask who the judges are sending home, not save. Straight question. Been like that's for 9 years (sic)!"

He later described the incident to fellow TV presenter Phillip Schofield as an "utter nightmare".

Schofield commented: "Well done [Dermot]. I'd have thumped Louis! What a fiasco!"

Poole's mentor Gary Barlow stormed off the ITV1 show after the final result was announced.

'X Factor': Ella Henderson dating Union J singer George Shelley?

X Factor singer Ella Henderson is reportedly dating Union J's George Shelley.

The 16-year-old finalist is said to be "inseparable" from her rival hopeful, after they had been flirting for weeks, The Sun reports.

The pair were allegedly dared to kiss by the other contestants at a London hotel last week, and have now been seen regularly holding hands and texting each other.

"It's such a cute romance - they're playing it down but they're absolutely inseparable," a source said.

"They are holding hands when they think no one is looking and since they were dared to kiss, they haven't been apart."

Both Henderson and Union J were voted into the second round of the competition in last night's show.

Henderson was voted as the first round's top singer by Digital Spy readers, while Union J were voted the worst.