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zaterdag 31 maart 2012

This TV Week in Review

This TV Week in Review

There's music that sticks with you — like Megan's can't-get-it-out-of-your-head "Zou Bisou Bisou" birthday party bump and grind from Mad Men — and music you can't wait to forget: as in whatever the hell Katharine McPhee was screaming on that revolving mattress-prison during the ambush production number on Smash's worst episode to date.

Which seems an appropriate way to begin our medley of some of the week's notable hits and misses.

MAD ABOUT MEN: I had the good fortune to be asked to co-host a live screening of Mad Men's two-hour premiere Sunday night at New York's Paley Center, and it was a gas. Much of the audience in the overflow crowd came dressed for the occasion — I even broke out my one skinny tie — with bouffanted hair and psychedelic prints (how very Megan!) as the guests posed next to posters of the iconic characters from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. It was a perfect episode to screen in front of an audience, brimming as it was with wry, sometimes bitter humor in a comedy of bad manners, reaching its apex in Megan's raucous surprise party for a mortified Don. ("I saw his soul leave his body," Lane later gossiped to Joan, as he mimicked the dance — an instant GIF — to which Joan echoed everyone's thoughts: "I can't even imagine how handsome that man must be blushing.") If only Megan had listened to Peggy: "Men hate surprises. Didn't you have Lucy in Canada?"

How smart of Matthew Weiner to ease us back into the lives of these characters after such a long absence, with a light touch that nevertheless manages to illuminate the darker side of '60s metropolitan life. The laughter rang out with satisfying consistency from beginning to end, including the bookends dealing with the civil-rights protesters being water-bombed by Y&R hooligans, and then showing up at SCDP for job interviews when the satirical "equal opportunity" ad backfires. "Is it just me, or is the lobby full of Negroes?" quips Roger, who was on fire throughout the episode. High point: "There's my baby!" he shouts when Joan brings their infant into the office. "Now move that brat out of the way so I can see her." Said brat ends up being held by a most reluctant Peggy ("My hands are dirty!" Ahem) while Joan has her debriefing with Lane. But it's the Don-Megan relationship that gets most of the scrutiny, the "dirty old man" turning 40 and the toothsome embodiment of his midlife crisis who tags along awkwardly at work, a source of relentless titillation among the young Turks, especially after her exhibitionistic show-stopper. "What is wrong with you people?" Megan eventually cries to a chastened Peggy. "You're all so cynical. You don't smile, you smirk." You just noticed?

So much to enjoy: Power player Pete Campbell finally whining so loudly (after bloodying his nose on the intrusive support beam: another big slapstick laugh) that he takes over Harry's office, and he's still not satisfied, because he'll never be as well-liked as Roger. Harry being so petrified at his racy gaffe in front of Mrs. Draper that he thinks Roger is about to fire him as they negotiate over office space. Don with his kids, telling little Bobby (now being played by Mason Vale Cotton, better known as Susan and Mike's "M.J." on Desperate Housewives) that he's turning 40. "When you're 40, how old will I be?" Bobby: "You'll be dead." Time to send the kids off to Morticia and Lurch (nice Addams Family shout-out). The poignant interlude, nearly approaching phone sex, as Lane bonds with Dolores, the woman whose fetching snapshot is the real treasure in the wallet he finds in a cab.

Mad Men is off to such a promising start, I don't even mind watching this Sunday's episode at home.

SUCH A GREAT WIFE: "How many Florricks are there?" wonders the real-estate agent when Alicia's house is sold from under her on another fabulous episode of The Good Wife (which is to network drama what Mad Men is to basic cable: a peerless class act). Alicia blames Peter, forgetting there's a third Florrick: ice-queen mother-in-law Jackie. "Where are you going?" Peter asks when Alicia realizes her mistake. "To buy a gun." Last we see, Alicia is confronting the smug old lady at the beauty parlor. Don't stop there! (But the hour is up. Cliffhanger alert!)

The rest of this marvelously entertaining episode, titled "Blue Ribbon Panel" (and deserving a blue ribbon of its own), finds Alicia sitting as the "token female" (in lieu of Diane) on an exclusive panel of power brokers, chaired by an excellent and unexpectedly sinister Matthew Perry, examining a police-involved shooting case that screams of cover-up — Alicia going all 12 Angry (Wo)Men to see that justice is done — which gets sticky when it seems that Peter and Eli had something to do with not pursuing the case. Alicia ultimately recuses herself, but not before making a new enemy in our former favorite Friend. Because she isn't busy enough, Alicia also represents Kalinda at her IRS hearing, which is being monitored via laptop by someone — who turns out to be Alicia's admirer Dana from the FBI. Not the best way to rekindle a romance with this vixen, gotta say. And what about the power struggle back at the firm over Will's vacated seat? Will pulls a fast one on Eli, David Lee and Julius by nominating doddering old Howard (Jerry Adler, better known as The Sopranos' Hesh).

If it weren't for cable, The Good Wife would have won several Best Drama Emmys by now. Why can't more network TV aim this high?

SOUR NOTES: From the Smush pile-on: Even with all the ups and downs of its freshman season, it's pretty clear this week's Smash hit rock bottom. Written by outgoing show-runner/creator Theresa Rebeck, this episode ("The Coup") should have been titled "Last Nail in the Coffin." Hard to imagine more subplots being of less interest: Karen's boyfriend Dev scheming against a rival to become the mayor's press secretary. Yawn. Julia's son Leo taken to court, where Julia insults the judge. Huh? Eileen's daughter (Meryl Streep spawn and lookalike Grace Gummer), a trust-fund do-gooder, lecturing her squabbling parents, and then ranting about Eileen and Derek's ambush of Julia and Tom: "It's this kind of crap that made me want to flee to Micronesia." (A line that made Twitter explode, by the way.) The chorus kids, plus Ivy, blowing off post-workshop steam and anxiety with a group sing (cut-rate Glee ripoff) at a bowling alley. And horrible Ellis, Ellis everywhere.

"How did he get here?" Julia erupts, speaking for all of us, when the creep shows up in the warehouse after the aforementioned McPhee "Touch Me" number lays a goose egg. And yet he's rewarded with a gig as Eileen's assistant, before Tom can actually fire this snooping little Franken-weenie. Wake up, lady. Send the twerp to Micronesia, or better yet, Siberia. A dinner theater in Harlan County, Ky., is too good for this twerp.

Only the blow-up between Tom and Derek (Jack Davenport, still somehow managing to rise above the material every week) had the Smash vibe we crave for: a blistering, theatrically heightened moment of arising from actual creative conflict. More of that, I beg of Smash.

JUST BRILLIANT: FX's Justified hurtles toward this season's end game with Neal McDonough (the unhinged Quarles) and Jeremy Davies (deranged, disheveled Dickie) duking it out for top honors as the most pathetically desperate villain in all of Harlan County. Quarles is on a murderous rampage, slaughtering two of Boyd's drug mules, while hit men from Detroit seek to bring him down. Nice cameo by Adam Arkin as Quarles' vengeful boss, Theo Tonin, and I sure do hope we get to see him talk into the ear he carries around with him before it's over. Favorite line, as Raylan takes down the Detroit thugs, coming up empty on the Quarles hunt: "Ever get the feeling God's laughin' at ya?" To which Art, along for the ride, responds: "Why? Just 'cause we shot the guy that's looking to kill they guy that you're just dyin' to see dead?" Yeah, something like that.

We leave the twisty story with Quarles as Boyd's prisoner, tasered and chained to a bed in the whore-trailer. With a bounty on his head — $100,000 dead, double that if he's brought in alive — Duffy advises Boyd to snuff the psycho now. But do they ever listen?

TWISTS AND TURNS: As our Watercooler rightly noted, excellent game-changer on The Vampire Diaries, as the season-long hunt to kill those dastardly Originals (most especially Klaus) took an unexpected turn. And not just because Klaus had Bonnie cast a spell (using a threat against Jeremy as leverage) to break the curse linking the Original family, meaning that killing one — in this case, Finn — won't kill all the others. Good thing, too, because after our heroes took down Finn, all those he turned, including the feisty Sage, expired. Which means (cue Elena exposition): "If the Originals die, so do all of you. The entire vampire species would just be dead." No more Salvatores? No more show. Time to round up the rest of those white-oak stakes — except Alaric's is missing. Damn his psycho alter ego! If/when he snaps, he could do some serious damage to eons of bloodsuckers.

Things aren't nearly as satisfying on The CW's dreary Ringer, where another tease that twins Bridget and Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) would finally meet again turns out to be just another fake: "Shiv" imagining an encounter with the sis who stole her husband and life — "What do you have that I don't?" — ending in murder. Sadly, nothing that exciting actually happens, though we do discover that Andrew's greedy witch of an ex (Andrea Roth) is the one who sent the hit man after Shiv/Bridge in the first place. Like we even care at this point.

From the "shipper" corner, yet another wrinkle in Castle's Castle-Beckett will-they-or-won't-they dance marathon. After a public bombing that makes them realize "nobody's tomorrows are guaranteed," Castle comes thisclose to revealing his true feelings to Beckett, then overhears her telling a suspect who was at the bombing site: "Do you want to know about trauma? I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it!" (Including Castle's "I love you" declaration over her body?) Castle spends the rest of the hour sulking: "Come to find out it's all a big joke. She knew the whole time. ... She was embarrassed. She doesn't feel the same way. I'm such a fool." So he pulls away, refusing to go for a drink after they close the case. Can't these two just get along? Ever?

From last Friday: Loved Fringe's manifesto on the power of love — with the guest mutant trying to concoct a chemical formula for love (much like Once Upon a Time's Rumplestiltskin), but going about it in all the worst macabre ways — which takes on new meaning as the resurrected Observer known as September tells Peter, "You have been home all along." Take that, one-too-many-timelines. Just like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, only not. What gives? "You could not be fully erased because the people who care about you the most would not let them go. I believe you call it love." Even if you believe we should call that schmaltzy, as Peter and (no longer faux) Olivia finally go in for the rapturous kiss-and-embrace, we're reminded how deeply grounded Fringe is in the emotional ties of its main characters (including this week, Olivia and Nina).

REALITY CHECK: Kind of hard to empathize with Cee Lo Green's tears as he made two tough calls on the final "battle round" of The Voice, given that he pitted his two worst singers (Erin Martin and the Shields Brothers) against each other a week ago, ensuring one of them would get through. The Tony Vincent-Justin Hopkins sing-off to "Faithfully" was especially rough. They should both be finalists. ... Note to American Idol judges: Sit down, you're rockin' the ego. Way too many standing O's in this week's show, rewarding the likes of DeAndre and Heejun (who was sent home anyway, and it's about time). ... Yes, Martina Navratilova served into the net (paraphrasing Bruno) with her clumsy jive on Dancing With the Stars, but would she have been the first one out if she hadn't been wearing those horrific fringed pants?

LAUGHING MATTERS: "The bread is stale!" With those words, the "corpo-humanoid" known as "Subway" (the human embodiment of a thriving sandwich business) is removed, leaving Britta bereft on another inspired Community: "Corporate America has destroyed love," she cries. ("Again?" muses Annie.) This Orwellian love story between the anti-establishment babe and the dude forced to "live within the rules" of his corporate Subway overlord — the most twisted product placement I can remember — was destined to end badly. But we're confident Troy and Abed will eventually heal their blanket-vs-pillow fort-war rift.

"How can we be passé? We're only in 4th grade!" On the funniest episode to date this spring of South Park, Kyle and the gang learn just how hard it is to keep up with mindless Internet memes, from Faith Hill-ing (pulling your shirt out to look like breasts) to Taylor Swift-ing (dragging your behind on the ground like a dog). When cats get in on the act, "proving to be about as intelligent as we are," as everyone apes the "Oh Long Johnson" drawling cat of YouTube infamy, the satire on this pandering trend is just about purr-fect.

I could watch a whole hour of Jim Parsons' Sheldon mixing it up with "Tiny Spock" (the voice of Leonard Nimoy), as they did on The Big Bang Theory, with Spock convincing Sheldon of the logic of playing with a Star Trek transporter toy, despite it being "mint in box." When it breaks, and Sheldon switches his broke toy for Leonard's, Tiny Spock acts as Sheldon's conscience: "You're a green-blooded buzzkill." One of Parsons' best moments in a while as he attempts, clumsily, to confess the truth to Leonard and Penny: "I regret my actions towards the two of you. That's a lie."

AS HEARD ON TV: "I'll do you a favor. I'll choose David Letterman... [to] help us both out." — Mitt Romney with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, ducking the "running mate" question and leaving the host temporarily speechless. ... "No one in the entire world can explain that." — New Girl's Winston, discovering to his horror that Schmidt and CeCe are huddled together in the back of his car. It's enough to make you stop singing along to Wicked. ... "We got a Jeers in Corporate Blimps Weekly." — 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy, lamenting the state of things at Kabletown. Hey, I thought those Jeers were copyrighted!

'Breaking Bad': Vince Gilligan talks the final episodes

'Breaking Bad': Vince Gilligan talks the final episodes

A few journalists spoke to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan - via video conference call - about his plans for the show's final 16 episodes, the possibility of more flashbacks and dealing with fan reaction...

How is work going on the final two seasons of Breaking Bad?
"Work is going very well. We are working away on the last 16 episodes and we just finished breaking episode five yesterday. We're starting today on episode six. And we started shooting the first of the episodes two days ago, in Albuquerque, and I was there for the first day - that was a lot of fun. It's just very frantic and very exciting and we're looking forward to doing the best job we can do on the last 16 and ending the series in a satisfying manner, in the right way."

Do you know how the show will end, and if so how long have you had that ending in mind?
"I have had, for a couple of seasons now, hopes and dreams for the characters. I've had very broad-stroke ideas of how I want individual characters to end up. Having said that, I've had no hard and fast ideas about how things should end until this season, with the help of my six excellent writers.

"The seven of us, putting our heads together for the past several months, have indeed come up with how we think the show's gonna end. That's what we're working towards, but we're still somewhat in the early days - we've outlined about the first third of the last 16 episodes.

"As such, these ideas that we have for the endgame of our series become more and more defined, and more and more a reality. But there's still room at this point to change things up if we get a better idea of how to end things! But as it stands, we have a pretty good idea of where it's all going to end up."

The show's featured flashback scenes in the past - can we expect more of those?
"I'm trying very hard not to give anything away, but I can tell you for sure that we have talked for many hours about doing just that. Looking back at Walt's 'Grey Matter' days - when he helped found the company 'Grey Matter' - and worked with Gretchen and Elliott.

"At the risk of sounding a bit coy, I don't want to say whether or not we did much more than talk about it. But we try to never forget about characters' pasts on the show. We try to remember details, no matter how small, and bring them back in current episodes.

"We have a great deal of fun doing that, so we do indeed love those flashback scenes. We use 'every bit of the Buffalo' on this show - we mine those moments from the past as much as we can, because they make the show feel more real and have a resonance. So yeah, look for more of those kind of moments as the series progresses."

As Walt grows darker, do you think it's still possible - or even necessary - for the audience to sympathise with him?
"That's a very good question, one that I think about a lot. In the early days, I worried very much about Walt being sympathetic. As the show has progressed, I have relaxed a bit and not worried as much about that. We had a great stroke of luck in casting Bryan Cranston to play Walt.

"I recognised from the beginning... his great range of talent, and also his humanity. He can play a very nasty, mean character who nonetheless you sympathise with. Bryan Cranston has that ability - it's like magic. I don't know quite how he maintains a likeability to the extent that he does in playing Walter White, who as the series progresses becomes a very unpleasant character at times!

"That was a concern in the early days, but I guess at this point, if we continue to understand that he has flaws as a human being and makes decisions out of pride and ego, as long as we understand why he does it, it is my hope that he'll remain interesting to the audience. At the end of the day, interesting will hopefully be enough."

As the show delves more into Walt's criminal life, is it important for you to keep including the more domestic scenes with his family?
"It is, for a couple of reasons. As you indicated, it's a bit of a tricky balance. The criminal life that he leads, that's only one part of his personality - he's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character, I suppose. And if you have a Jekyll and Hyde story, you need both sides of that story - you need the more domestic side and the more outrageous, living-on-the-edge side. For that reason, we do our best to balance those two aspects of the story.

"And there's another more pragmatic reason - we love Anna Gunn, who plays Walter's wife Skyler. She's a wonderful actress, we enjoy working with her immensely and we like coming up with scenes for her to play. Sometimes we have episodes in which Skyler's somewhat light. A few of them along the way don't bother us too much, but if too much time goes by and we're somewhat light on Skyler, we feel bad about it because we like her so much! She's a pleasure to work with."

Are you ever worried about the show becoming too dark?
"Indeed I am. It occurred to me when I was writing the pilot episode that this is a very dark show indeed - a middle-aged man finds out he's dying of cancer before the first act break! It occurred to me that I'd better leaven it with as much humour as I could get away with, otherwise people would want to slit their wrists watching this thing!

"The show is not a funny show, but there are moments of humour and we try to milk them for as much as we can get out of them! Characters are never intentionally funny. From time to time, not often, they're in situations that the writers and myself find humour in, and hopefully the audience does as well. But we do indeed look for humour wherever we can find it, because otherwise it would be a very grim show indeed."

Do you pay attention to fan reaction or do you write Breaking Bad in a 'bubble'?
"Well, I learned a long time ago working on The X-Files to basically not go on the internet. I live in a bit of a bubble, though you don't have to and a lot of my writers do not. A lot of my writers and editors will indeed get on the internet and on the various chat rooms to pile through various fan reactions after a show airs.

"I know anecdotally people love our show and I feel very blessed for that. But human nature being what it is, you can read a thousand posts that tell you how wonderful whatever you've done is, and all you'll remember is the one that didn't like it so much. I'm particularly neurotic that way so I just stay away from it."

Which is more important to you - critical acclaim or audience numbers?
"Well, since we have critical acclaim and not audience, I would say critical acclaim! They're both important, certainly, and without audience, all the critical acclaim in the world would not help, as we witnessed here in the States with wonderful shows like Freaks & Geeks and Arrested Development - shows of that sort have had critical acclaim, but not quite enough viewership to stay on the air.

"They're both important, and I love what audience we do have - God bless every one of them for watching and enjoying the show. But I have to say the critical acclaim has been marvellous and has gotten us through some rough times in the early days of our series when we had even fewer viewers than we have now.

"It's very heartening to see that the viewership has indeed grown here in the States from year to year, as more people hear about the show. So both are important, but we have been so very lucky to have the critical acclaim. We appreciate it very much and we don't take it for granted."

Development Update: the 31st of March

Development Update: the 31st of March

BANSHEE (Cinemax) - Ryann Shane ("Lights Out") and Ben Cross ("Star Trek") are the latest additions to the ever-expanding cast of the original drama, about Lucas (Antony Starr), an ex-convict and master thief who assumes the identity of a small town sheriff and continues to carry out his criminal activities even as shadowy gangsters hunt him. Shane will play Deva Hopewell, "the goth-rebel teenage daughter of Lucas' old flame Carrie (Ivana Milicevic) and her DA husband Gordon (Rus Blackwell)"; while Cross is set as Mr. Rabbit, "a ruthless Ukrainian gangster who's been hunting Lucas and Carrie for 15 years." Director Greg Yaitanes and co-creators Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler are behind the Alan Ball-produced hour, which also features Daniel Ross, Demetrius Grosse, Frankie Faison, Hoon Lee, Matt Servitto, Trieste Dunn and Ulrich Thomsen. (

ECHO CHAMBER (HBO, New!) - Feature helmer Rupert Wyatt ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes") is developing a potential mini-series at the pay channel about a British soldier who is sent undercover in the Irish Republican Army by British intelligence in the 1980s. Wyatt is penning the script to the project - envisioned as three 90-minute telecasts - and is likewise attached to direct. Alan Moloney ("Albert Hobbs") is set to produce with Sky Atlantic on board as a co-producer. (

GUYS WITH KIDS (A.K.A. DILFS) (NBC) - Sara Rue ("Rules of Engagement") has joined the cast of the comedy pilot, about a trio of thirtysomething guys who live in the same high-rise - Nick (Zach Cregger), Chris (Jesse Bradford) and Gary (Anthony Anderson) - dealing with parenthood despite the fact they haven't grown up themselves. She's on board as Sheila - Chris's ex-wife, who's now dating former NBA star Patrick Ewing - where she'll take over for the previously cast Courtney Henggeler. Said role is in second position to her duties on the ABC comedy pilot "Malibu Country." Tempestt Bledsoe and Jamie-Lynn Sigler also star in the Universal Television-based half-hour, which Scott Ellis is helming off a script by Charlie Grandy. (

HANNIBAL (NBC) - David Slade ("Awake") has been tapped to direct the premiere installment of the upcoming drama, about the early days of Thomas Harris's signature characters FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and his mentor Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Bryan Fuller is behind the Gaumont-based project, which is also executive produced by Katie O'Connell and Martha De Laurentiis. (

INSIDE (FX, New!) - Kyle Jarrow ("Armless") has booked a new drama at the cable channel about "a San Francisco homicide detective who discovers his real father is a convicted serial killer who claims to be innocent of murdering the cop's mother." Philip Seymour Hoffman and Emily Ziff Cooper are on board to executive produce the hour via their Town Productions banner alongside Jarrow with Sara Murphy also producing. No other specifics were given. (

MOCKINGBIRD LANE (NBC) - British actress Charity Wakefield is the latest to board the drama pilot, an imaginative reinvention of "The Munsters" as a visually spectacular one-hour drama. She'll play Marilyn, the only "normal" Munster, "a college student who believes in good manners and congeniality toward the new neighbors." Beverly Owen and Pat Priest both played the role in the franchise's original incarnation. Wakefield joins the previously cast Eddie Izzard as Grandpa. Bryan Singer is helming the Universal Television-based hour from a script by Bryan Fuller. (

SHELTER (The CW) - Zachary Abel ("Make It or Break It") and Malese Jow ("The Vampire Diaries") have both been cast in the Mark Schwahn-penned drama pilot, about the staff and guests at Shelter Bay, a historic New England summer resort. Abel will play the "hopelessly romantic Mitchell Taylor, a 23-year-old former local baseball hero who now works the concierge desk at the Shelter Bay Inn"; with Jow as Morgan, "Shelter Bay's resident party girl." Eka Darville, Elizabeth Henstridge, Hannah New and Trent Ford also star in the project, from the Warner Bros. Television-based Bad Robot Productions and to be directed by Liz Friedlander. (

TALHOTBLOND (Lifetime, New!) - Ashley Hinshaw ("Chronicle") has booked the title role on the Courteney Cox-helmed original movie, about "a married, blue-collar father who finds himself caught up in the fantasy of his online romance with a beautiful teenager." Garret Dillahunt and Laura San Giacomo also star in the project, which was penned by Trent Haaga and is based on Barbara Schroeder's 2009 documentary. Hinshaw is also set to guest star on HBO's "Enlightened" as Danielle, a flirtatious friend of Levi (Luke Wilson) who he meets in rehab. (

New Doctor Who series 7 pictures tease Daleks

New Doctor Who series 7 pictures tease Daleks

Some new pictures from behind the scenes of Doctor Who series 7 have popped up, and we've got them here...

Appreciating that the return of the Daleks has already been announced and widely publicised, we've left the spoiler tag off this story. But if you don't want to know more - not that there's much to know yet - then it's probably best we part company here, temporarily of course.

To business, then. A new update at the official Doctor Who Facebook page has been teasing the previously-announced return of the Daleks. At first glance, you might think there’s nothing too much to the images that have been released. But look closer, and it appears that Daleks of all flavours are set to appear in the new series, both classic, and the multi-coloured variants.

As the accompanying text reads: “Here are some sneaky pictures fresh from the set of Doctor Who where the Daleks are being wheeled before the cameras once again. But which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!”

'Glee' Cory Monteith has "positive effect" on girlfriend Lea Michele

'Glee' Cory Monteith has "positive effect" on girlfriend Lea Michele

Cory Monteith has reportedly been having a positive impact on girlfriend Lea Michele's happiness.

The Glee stars, who play couple Finn and Rachel on the Fox musical drama, have apparently taken their relationship off-screen and begun dating in real life following Michele's split from former boyfriend and Broadway star Theo Stockman in September 2011.

According to Us Weekly, Monteith and Michele recently took a weekend trip to New York City together, as the actress "didn't want to be away from him for just those few days".

A source told the publication: "Cory is definitely having a positive effect on Lea. She's much less miserable these days.

"Even when she was with Theo, she was always depressed being so far away from him and not getting to see him. She likes having someone with her that's actually there. Long-distance is not her thing."

Michele said in October 2011 that she was happy to be single after ending her relationship with Stockman.

New Mad Man Joins AMC Period Drama

New Mad Man Joins AMC Period Drama

Ben Feldman (Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva) has quietly joined the cast of AMC’s hot drama series Mad Men for its current Season 5. Like everything related to Mad Man, Feldman’s character is shrouded in secrecy but I hear he is playing a new employee at ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. He will make his debut on the show on Sunday.

Anjelica Huston on 'Smash' finale: 'It's epic'

Anjelica Huston on 'Smash' finale: 'It's epic'

Anjelica Huston has promised that Smash fans will love the show's upcoming season finale.

The actress – who plays a cunning Broadway producer on Smash - said she was very impressed by talented cast who perform The Marilyn Musical in the season-ending episode.

Anjelica Huston receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood Los Angeles, California.

"The dancers are so great. And getting to watch Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty do what they do so well has been a delight. It's really something," she disclosed to ET Online. "I get a bit jealous [laughs] and then I see how tired they are."

Huston went on to reveal that she will sing for the first time on Smash very soon.

"We have [the] big full cast musical number coming up that I get to sing in, so that's fun," the star said. "I look forward to more next season, that's for sure!"

It was reported last week that Theresa Rebeck will be stepping down as Smash's showrunner prior to the second season.

Smash airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

Dermot Mulroney Joins HBO’s ‘Enlightened’, Bobbi Kristina Cast In ‘For Better Or Worse’

Dermot Mulroney Joins HBO’s ‘Enlightened’, Bobbi Kristina Cast In ‘For Better Or Worse’

Dermot Mulroney has been tapped for a major recurring role on the upcoming second season of Mike White’s HBO series Enlightened. The single-camera comedy stars Laura Dern as Amy, a self-destructive woman who has a spiritual awakening and decides to live an enlightened life, which creates havoc at home and work. Mulroney will play Jeff Flender, an investigative reporter Amy enlists to help her bring down Abaddonn, who eventually becomes her love interest. Additionally, ICM-repped Mulroney has been been offered the title role in the Calvin Reeder-directed feature The Rambler, distributed by Anchor Bay/Starz. In addition to Mulroney, Enlightened also recently enlisted Molly Shannon for a major arc on Season 2.

Tyler Perry, who lent his private jet to transport Whitney Houston’s body after her shocking death and delivered an eulogy at her funeral, is now giving Houston’s daughter her acting break. Perry has tapped Bobbi Kristina for a recurring role on his TBS comedy series For Better Or Worse. A rep for the mogul confirmed the casting, declining details about her role. This marks the first acting gig for the 19-year-old daughter of Houston and Bobby Brown.

'Cougar Town' Ian Gomez for 'Touch' guest role

'Cougar Town' Ian Gomez for 'Touch' guest role

Cougar Town star Ian Gomez has landed a guest role in Touch.

The actor is set to appear in a May episode of the Kiefer Sutherland series, according to Vulture.

His character Wade will apparently be a tsunami survivor obsessed with returning items from the debris to their rightful owners

Gomez currently stars as Andy, the husband of Christa Miller's character Ellie Torres, on ABC comedy Cougar Town.

Speaking ahead of Touch's UK launch, Sutherland said his character Martin Bohm is as courageous as 24 protagonist Jack Bauer.

Touch airs in the US Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox. UK viewers can catch it Tuesdays at 8pm on Sky1.

'30 Rock' live episode storyline details revealed

'30 Rock' live episode storyline details revealed

Details about the upcoming 30 Rock live episode have been revealed.

The April 26 episode will see Kabletown refuse to allow Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) to air her sketch comedy series TGS live due to the expensive cost.

Liz and Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) at first appear content to pre-tape TGS, but Kenneth the Page (Jack McBrayer) raises objections and leads the pair on a madcap journey through the history of live television.

Beth McCarthy-Miller will direct the instalment, just as she did with 30 Rock's first live episode in October 2010.

Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Judah Friedlander will all perform the episode twice on April 26, once for the East Coast and then a second time for the West Coast.

That 2010 live show featured cameos from Matt Damon and Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader. Julia Louis Dreyfus also guest-starred as Liz Lemon in flashback sequences.

30 Rock airs Thursdays at 8.30/7.30c on NBC.

Stewart Lee's 'Comedy Vehicle' third series to air in 2014, says BBC

Stewart Lee's 'Comedy Vehicle' third series to air in 2014, says BBC

The BBC has announced that the third series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle will not air until 2014.

BBC Two's BAFTA-nominated series, which began in 2009, is expected to then broadcast its fourth run a year later in 2015.

Armando Iannucci revealed on Twitter last week that the corporation had recommissioned Comedy Vehicle for two series.

British Comedy Award-winning stand-up Lee said in a statement: "I am delighted to be returning to BBC Two, TV's historic home of smart-ass comedy, for two more series, with the same multi-gong-grabbing team as before. I can't really believe this opportunity has been presented to me, and I certainly wasn't expecting it.

"I hope to repay this unprecedented act of blind faith by donning my too-tight jacket to hone another six hours of densely irritating stand-up over the next four years, spliced with aggressive Armando grillings and obtuse filmic codas.

"It will be amazing to be able to move forward and experiment in this unprecedentedly secure position. Thanks to everyone out there who watched the series, wrote about them, or lobbied for their return. I will make you proud. Peace! I'm outta here! You shoulda killed me last year!"

Mark Freeland (Mrs Brown's Boys) has replaced Iannucci as executive producer, while Richard Webb and Tim Kirkby both continue as director and producer.

It is not yet known whether Chris Morris, who acted as script editor for last year's shows, will contribute again.

'Panorama' Honeymoon Murder special wins 9pm slot for BBC One

'Panorama' Honeymoon Murder special wins 9pm slot for BBC One

Last night's Panorama pulled in one of its biggest audiences in recent years, overnight data reveals.

The 'Honeymoon Murder', examining the mysterious death of Anni Dewani, intrigued 4.62m (21%) in the 9pm hour, topping BBC One's slot average for the past 12 months.

Panorama, normally watched by around 2 million on Monday nights, built to a peak of 5.1m (23.1%) as Jeremy Vine's investigation came to a close.

ITV1's three-part Love Life concluded with a modest 3.22m (14.6%), adding 193k (1.2%) on +1, while Mary's Bottom Line held a steady 1.51m (6.9%) for Channel 4 (+1: 244k/1.5%), and 902k (1.4%) watched BBC Two's White Heat.

Sarah Millican's Television Programme amused 1.33m (7%) for BBC Two at 10pm.

The BBC was solid against ITV's soaps in the 8pm hour, with One's Watchdog drawing 3.87m (17.2%), and Two's Natural World interesting 1.4m (6.2%). Get Your House in Order had 949k (4.2%) and 242k (1.1%) on timeshift.

Elsewhere, Channel 5's Europa League football coverage scored 937k (4.2%) between 8pm and 10pm.

Overall, BBC One retained its lead over ITV1 with 22.3% against 21% (+1: 0.7%). BBC Two claimed third place with 5.3%, ahead of Channel 4's 4.6% (+1: 1%) and Channel 5's 3.4% (+1: 0.1%).

Celebrity Juice soared to 1.56m (8.7%) for ITV2 at 10pm, appealing to a further 254k (2.6%) an hour later, to cement its place as the most-watched multichannel of the night.

Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory grabbed a decent 677k (3.1%) at 8pm (+1: 261k/1.2%), and Glee continued with 313k (1.4%) on Sky1.

Nicki Minaj on 'feud' with Jennifer Lopez: 'I love and respect Jennifer'

Nicki Minaj on 'feud' with Jennifer Lopez: 'I love and respect Jennifer'

Nicki Minaj has said that she "loves and respects" Jennifer Lopez after their short playful banter on American Idol.

Minaj was the musical guest at American Idol during its elimination episode on Thursday (March 29), to promote her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Nicki Minaj the MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Party at Stage 37 New York City, USA - 15.02.12

Minaj expressed her desire to appear on the show again but this time as a guest judge.

"I was hoping maybe I could come back and be a guest judge," Minaj said. "J-Lo, can you scoot over a little bit?"

Jennifer Lopez shot back: "I don't know if there's enough room for both of us."

"She didn't seem to be having it but she gonna have it!" Minaj told The Hollywood Reporter.

"No, actually, I love J-Lo. I love what she's done for pop culture, I have nothing but respect for her, and we were just joking around. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun with them when I'm guest judging."

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will be released on April 2 in the UK and April 3 in the US.

'Game of Thrones' Kit Harington: 'People on street call me bastard'

'Game of Thrones' Kit Harington: 'People on street call me bastard'

Game of Thrones's Kit Harington has revealed that people outside the show call him "bastard".

Harington stars in the HBO series as Jon Snow, an illegitimate son of Eddard Stark (Sean Bean).

"They do say it with affection, but yeah, people come up and go, 'You bastard!'," the actor told Vulture.

"It's always interesting when one person does that, and the other person who might be there doesn't know why. It's really a weird thing."

Harington also revealed that the new season will be more explicit in its sex scenes "because sex is being used as a weapon".

Downton Abbey's Rose Leslie will appear in the second season as a love interest for Harington's Snow.

Game of Thrones returns for a second season this Sunday, April 1 on HBO.

JJ Abrams' CW pilot 'Shelter' casts Zachary Abel for lead role

JJ Abrams' CW pilot 'Shelter' casts Zachary Abel for lead role

Zachary Abel has been cast in the lead role for JJ Abrams and Mark Schwahn's new drama pilot Shelter.

The CW pilot follows the lives of the staff and guests of the historic New England summer resort Shelter Bay.

Abel will play Mitchell Taylor, a hopelessly romantic 23-year-old who was once his hometown's baseball hero, reports Deadline. Taylor now works at the Shelter Bay Inn at the concierge desk.

Shelter will also feature Malese Jow as the party girl Morgan.

Jow will be joined by her The Vampire Diaries co-star Trent Ford, who was previously announced to play British rock star Tyler Green in Shelter.

Abel appeared in ABC Family's Make It or Break It, a drama series about teen gymnasts who hope to make it to the Olympics.

Good Riddance, Keith Olbermann

Good Riddance, Keith Olbermann

Current TV just made itself more credible.

When Keith Olbermann joined Current TV less than a year ago, he brought a high-profile name and little else of value. Sure, he brought his powers of self-promotion. But he didn't seize on the vast potential of the network's already capable news department.

His new position made him the network's head of news, and his performances night after night suggested that he was more interested in being a talking head than in breaking stories. Like a fleeting reality star, looking for a shortcut to the spotlight, he made an impression with feuds and insults rather than through lasting contributions.

Olbermann placed the blame for the failings of his news report on Current's founders, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, saying on Twitter that they had not made good on their promises to invest "in a quality news program." Rather, he said, they "thought it was more economical to try to get out of my contract."

If that's the case, they have an even richer opportunity now to make Current into the news organization it could be.

Olbermann said when he joined Current that he would finally have a forum for truly independent news. The implication seemed to be that the corporate interests that ruled past employers like ESPN, Fox News and MSNBC, the network he helped build with "Countdown," had somehow compromised his ability to expose hard truths.

With his newfound freedom, Olbermann didn't delve into the kind of gritty, street-level reporting practiced by PBS' Frontline and Current's own Vanguard. Instead, he kept doing what he did on MSNBC: Delivering petty attacks on people he didn't like, while occasionally feuding with his bosses at yet another network.

His replacement is Eliot Spitzer, who was dull on CNN. It should be former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who brings a reassuring sobriety to her political analysis on "The War Room." She takes a measured, logical approach, avoiding silly attacks -- while never hiding her Democratic leanings.

She comes off like someone dedicated to a cause, rather than her own self-aggrandizement.

What does it say about Olbermann's devotion to the liberalism he espouses that he can't even get along with Gore, a boss who praised him up and down and promised him the freedom to do whatever he wanted?

If you have a string of failed relationships, you have to consider, at some point, that perhaps you are the problem -- and not all of your your exes.

Olbermann tapped an attorney to "determine his rights" in his five-year contract with Current during a rift over Iowa caucuses coverage, an person close to Olbermann told TheWrap in January.

Current TV president David Bohrman later said Olbermann was offered the chance to lead election coverage months ahead of time, but turned it down. Olbermann later changed his mind, Bohrman said.

Even after that, Gore, Current's co-founder, had a one-word answer when asked in January if he anticipated Olbermann staying with the network. "Yes," he told TheWrap.

But everyone has their limits. Distancing itself from its high-profile rhetorical bomb-thrower will allow Current to go back to doing what it does best: patient, in-depth explaining that may not win rubberneckers, but does build a reputation over time.

Assuming, of course, they're willing to make the investments Olbermann says they weren't. They would be much better off investing in serious news than they were investing in him.

TV Tonight 31th of March 2012

TV Tonight 31th of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    20/20 S34E36: "My Strange Affliction (5)"
    America's Book of Secrets S01E11: "The Pentagon"
    Area no Kishi S01E13: "Raising the Curtain! Inter-High Qualifiers"
    Bayou Billionaires S01E11: "The Getaways"
    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien S02E32: "The Ultimate Enemy (2)"
    Beyblade: Metal Fusion S02E34: "My Friend's Name is Zeo"
    Bleach (US) S13E18: "Deceived Shinigami! The World Collapse Crisis"
    Britain's Got More Talent S06E02: "Series 6, Episode 2"
    Britain's Got Talent S06E02: "Series 6 - Auditions 2"
    Cardfight!! Vanguard S01E65: "Awakening of Twin Blades"
    Casualty S26E29: "Saturday Night Fever"
    Dan vs. S02E10: "Dan Vs. The Catburglar"
    Fairy Tail S03E29: "The Seven-Year Gap"
    Fred: The Show S01E11: "Six Degrees of Kevin's Bacon"
    Fred: The Show S01E12: "The Tutor"
    Green Lantern: The Animated Series S01E05: "Heir Apparent"
    Harry Hill's TV Burp S14E09: "Very Best of TV Burp"
    Kid's Choice Awards S24E01: "25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 2012"
    Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness S01E22: "Has-Been Hero"
    Match of The Day S47E45: "Season 47, Show 45"
    Match of The Day S47E44: "Blackpool v Southampton Live"
    Mesternes Mester S04E07: "Season 4, Episode 7"
    Must Love Cats S02E04: "Kitty Kidney Transplants and the Cat Who Jogs"
    My Big Redneck Vacation S02E01: "Going Back To Shreveport"
    Ozuma S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Pokémon S15E07: "Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!"
    Power Rangers S19E07: "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother"
    Q'Viva! The Chosen S01E05: "Season 1, Episode 5"
    Saturday Kitchen S10E40: "March 31, 2012"
    Soccer AM S16E34: "Series 16, Episode 34"
    T.U.F.F. Puppy S02E02: "Mission: Really Big Mission"
    Take Me Out (UK) S03E13: "Series 3, Episode 13"
    Take Me Out: The Gossip S01E13: "Episode 13"
    The Aquabats Super Show S01E05: "Ladyfingers!"
    The Bronson Pinchot Project S01E08: "Last But Not Least"
    The Firm S01E12: "Chapter Twelve"
    The Football League Show S03E31: "Series 3, Episode 31"
    The Million Pound Drop Live S09E04: "Series 9, Episode 4"
    The Penguins of Madagascar S02E67: "Alienated"
    The Voice (UK) S01E02: "Blind Auditions 2"
    Thundercats (2011) S01E15: "The Trials of Lion-O Pt. 1"
    Total Wipeout S05E14: "Winter Wipeout (12)"
    Transformers: Prime S02E07: "Crossfire"
    Vanilla Ice Project S02E13: "Boom-Boom Screening Room"
    You've Been Framed S19E26: "March 31, 2012"
    Young Justice S01E23: "Insecurity"

Nick Cannon, Bam Margera and More Join Hip-Hop Version of 'Hollywood Squares'

Nick Cannon, Bam Margera and More Join Hip-Hop Version of 'Hollywood Squares'

Nick Cannon and Bam Margera are about to find out if it truly is hip to be square.

Actor-musician Cannon, "Jackass" prankster Margera and singer-songwriter Kat Graham are among those participating in the new MTV2 offering "Hip Hop Squares," a revamp of the iconic game show "Hollywood Squares" that places the competition in a hip-hop context.

The original series was essentially a tic-tac-toe game, with contestants attempting to win by determining if celebrities, who occupied squares on the game grid, had answered trivia questions correctly.

MTV2 said the new offering "stays true to the tic-tac-toe format of the original game show, while infusing it with some of the biggest and most charismatic personalities in Hip Hop culture today."

And Paul Ricci, MTV2's head of programming, promised "a fun, dynamic series that’s unpredictable, heavy on personality and much more ‘party’ than ‘game show’.”

Also taking part in the sure-to-be raucous proceedings: record producer DJ Khaled, rappers Fat Joe, Biz Markie, Ghostface Killah, Mac Miller and MGK, and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley. Further guests will be announced.

Peter Rosenberg, a DJ on New York hip-hop radio station Hot 97, will host the proceedings.

"Hip Hop Squares" will premiere on Tuesday, May 22 at 11 p.m.

"Punk'd" and "Pauly D" Are a Winning Combination on Thursday Night for MTV

"Punk'd" and "Pauly D" Are a Winning Combination on Thursday Night for MTV

Last Night's Premieres Ranked as the Top Social Series of the Night, With "Punk'd" And "Pauly D" Trending on Twitter, Along with Multiple Related Topics From Each Show

MTV's new night of "Punk'd" and "The Pauly D Project" is off to a stellar start, with "Punk'd" earning a 2.7 P12-34 rating and 3.2 million total viewers in its premiere at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, and "Pauly D" garnering a 2.72 P12-34 rating and 2.9 million total viewers at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, making them the top two cable series of the day among P12-34.

Last night's premieres also dominated the social conversation, ranking as the most social series - with "Punk'd" #1 and "Pauly D" #2 - on the night, according to In addition, both series not only trended on Twitter, but multiple related topics from each show trended as well.

Next week's all-new episode of "Punk'd" at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT will feature celebrity host Bam Margera, punking "Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey, "Jersey Shore's" Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Tyler, The Creator. Click here for a special sneak peek.

MTV's pop culture phenomenon series "Punk'd" is back for an all-new season, featuring the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, and the most hilarious and crazy moments in "Punk'd" history. This time Ashton Kutcher has handed over the hosting reins to a new celebrity each week, including Justin Bieber, Nick Cannon, Miley Cyrus, Lucy Hale, Kellan Lutz, Bam Margera, Mac Miller, Heather Morris, Hayden Panettiere, "Punk'd" alumni Dax Shepard, and Tyler, The Creator. Rounding out the ranks of unsuspecting celebrity marks are Dianna Agron, Ron Artest, Lauren Conrad, "Fantasy Factory's" Rob Dyrdek, Zac Efron, Shenae Grimes, Ian Harding, Liam Hemsworth, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, Khloe Kardashian Odom, Sean Kingston, Demi Lovato, "Jersey Shore's" Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Chloe Moretz, New Boyz, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, "Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey, Darrelle Revis, Emma Roberts, Cody Simpson, Taylor Swift and The Wanted.

"Punk'd" is executive produced by Katalyst's Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher. Lauren Dolgen, Colin Nash, Kristina Edwards and Jennifer Russakoff are the Executives in Charge for MTV.

On next week's all-new episode of "The Pauly D Project" at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, Ryan's fight at Ultra makes everyone tense, as the crew says goodbye to Rhode Island and moves into their Las Vegas suite. While enjoying their first night out at the clubs, Ryan has another meltdown, possibly putting Pauly's residency in jeopardy. Click here for a special sneak peek.

"The Pauly D Project" is produced by 495 Productions, the production company behind "Jersey Shore." SallyAnn Salsano serves as executive producer of the series for 495 Productions, and Jacquelyn French executive produces for MTV. Janay Dutton is Executive in Charge of Production for MTV. Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber serve as executive producers of the "The Pauly D Project" for ReignDeer Entertainment.

"The Pauly D Project" will also air internationally on MTV channels around the world starting in June 2012.

'30 Rock': Elizabeth Banks' Avery Lives, But 'TGS' May Not Live as a Live Show

'30 Rock': Elizabeth Banks' Avery Lives, But 'TGS' May Not Live as a Live Show

At last, Jack Donaghy may get Avery Jessup back from North Korea: TheWrap has confirmed that "Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks will return to "30 Rock" in May.

But while Banks' Avery lives, "TGS" -- the "Saturday Night Live"-ish sketch comedy show-within-the-show -- is in danger of becoming a taped series.

In the April 26 live episode of "30 Rock," Kabletown bosses decide to save some cash and film "TGS." Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) realize taping the show would make their lives easier, but TV-loving Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) rallies his co-workers to try to save the show's live format.

The April 26 episode will be the series' second live installment. "30 Rock" aired a live episode on Oct. 14, 2010, and the episode's director, Beth McCarthy-Miller, will return to direct the season six live show.

As the network did with the 2010 live episode, NBC will air two versions of the April 26 episode, one of the East Coast and one for the West Coast.

When last viewers saw Avery, she had been kidnapped to become the bride of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.

A recurring season six storyline has revolved around Jack's efforts to secure her release and return her home to him and their infant daughter, Liddy, while Jack and Avery's mother (guest star Mary Steenburgen) have fought a mutual attraction.

Production Powers Up on Season 2 of Syfy's "Alphas" from Universal Cable Productions and BermanBraun Television

Production Powers Up on Season 2 of Syfy's "Alphas" from Universal Cable Productions and BermanBraun Television

Production begins this week in Toronto on the second season of Syfy's super-powered original drama series Alphas starring David Strathairn, Malik Yoba, Warren Christie, Azita Ghanizada, Ryan Cartwright and Laura Mennell. Joining the cast this season is Erin Way (Detroit 187, Private Practice) as "Kat" the newest addition to the team of quirky superhuman investigators. Alphas is produced by Universal Cable Productions and BermanBraun Television. The season will consist of 13 episodes and is slated to premiere on Syfy in July 2012.

Alphas follows a clandestine group of ordinary people whose unique neurological condition equips them with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Led by preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn) this unlikely team takes on cases the CIA, FBI and Pentagon are unwilling or unable to solve and go head-to-head with many of the criminal Alphas released from the Binghamton facility in last season's finale episode. When the series debuted last summer, it became Syfy's most-watched original scripted series premiere in two years. Overall the show averaged 3.3 million total viewers during its first season.

Erin Way joins the ensemble as "Kat," a mysterious, free-spirited young loner whose Alpha ability allows her to pick up any skill at a glance. The downside to her condition, which has plagued her for her entire life, is that her memories are short-lived and her experiences fade away after a short amount of time. Becoming a member of the team provides a purpose and direction for Kat and working with Dr. Rosen may help her reclaim her lost past.

Way became familiar to television audiences playing the offbeat "Wendy Chapin-Lowmeister" on the ABC drama Detroit 187. Her previous television credits include Hawaii Five-0, Private Practice and Girlfriends. In film, she has worked with directors Joe Dante, Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas-Howard and Mark Ruffalo and can be seen this summer in the features The Collection, Not That Funny and Donnby.

Erin Way is represented by Gloria Hinojosa at Amsel, Eisenstadt and Frazier and managed by Kay Liberman of Liberman-Zerman Management.

Bruce Miller (Eureka) joins Alphas this season as Executive Producer and Showrunner. Executive Producers are Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein for BermanBraun and Zak Penn. The series was created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow.

Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' Down But Still Tops; Fox Wins Night With 'American Idol'

Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' Down But Still Tops; Fox Wins Night With 'American Idol'

Despite tying a season low Thursday night, CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" drew the night's top ratings, while Fox took an overall ratings win for the night on the strength of "American Idol," according to preliminary numbers.

Fox came in first in ratings and second in total viewership with an average 3.5 rating/10 share in the advertiser-cherished 18-49 demographic and 12.2 million total viewers. "American Idol" at 8 inched up from last Thursday's airing with a 4.2/13 in the demo and 15.3 million total viewers. "Touch" at 9 was down 15 percent from last week's premiere, posting a 2.8/7 in the demo and 9.1 million total viewers.

CBS came in second in the demo and first in total viewers with an average 3.2/9 and 13 million. "The Big Bang Theory" at 8 dropped 13 percent in the demo to tie a season low of 4.5/15 with 13.6 million total viewers. "Rules of Engagement" at 8:30 posted a 2.8/8 in the demo and 8.8 million total viewers. "Person of Interest" at 9 drew a 3.3/9 in the demo and 14.4 million total viewers, while "The Mentalist" the following hour received a 2.7/8 in the demo and 13.5 million total viewers.

NBC took third place in the demo and fourth in total viewership with an average 1.3/4 and 3.1 million. "Community" at 8 was flat with last week for a 1.7/6 in the demo and 3.6 million total viewers. "30 Rock" at 8:30 also drew even with last week with a 1.5/4 in the demo and 3.2 million total viewers. Following a repeat of "The Office" at 9, "Up All Night" at 9:30 took a 13 percent hit for a series low in the demo for a 1.3/4, with 2.9 million total viewers. "Awake" also hit a low in the demo, dropping 17 percent to a 1.0/3 with 3.1 million total viewers.

ABC was fourth in the demo and third in total viewers with an average 1.2/3 and 4.9 million. With the exception of "Missing" at 8 -- which was down 13 percent in the demo for a 1.4/4, with 7.7 million total viewers -- the network aired repeats.

Hugh Bonneville: 'Boris Johnson wanted Twenty Twelve cameo'

Hugh Bonneville: 'Boris Johnson wanted Twenty Twelve cameo'

Hugh Bonneville has revealed that Boris Johnson was set to cameo in Twenty Twelve.

The Downtown Abbey star claimed the London mayor had been "pencilled in" for an appearance on the BBC Olympic Games mockumentary.

"I know Boris wanted to," he told the Radio Times. "But when it came to the day, or the day before, something came up - like London had to be organised.

"So Boris was pencilled in, but couldn't turn up. It would be nice to think that he could come on, he'd be a good sport."

Bonneville added that he couldn't cope with being "judged" by the media like his Twenty Twelve character Ian Fletcher, Head of Deliverance at the Olympic Deliverance Commission.

"Everyone in politics, and the public eye, these days is desperately in that duck-paddling syndrome of giving the sense that everything is calm when, in fact, chaos reigns underneath," he argued.

"In this world of spin and soundbites, you can't even say 'Calm down, dear' without it becoming a sort of 'sexist, fascist pig' headline.

"I wouldn't like to be in my character's shoes - he's in the PR spotlight the whole time and anything he says will be judged not only by Seb Coe and Boris Johnson, but by the nation."

Twenty Twelve returns for a second series tonight (March 30) at 10pm on BBC Two. A third series will air before the Olympics begin in July.

'Doctor Who' casts 'White Heat' actor David Gyasi

'Doctor Who' casts 'White Heat' actor David Gyasi

David Gyasi has reportedly won a role in the next series of Doctor Who.

The White Heat actor will appear in the sci-fi drama's seventh run, according to the Evening Standard.

Gyasi's past credits include episodes of Waking the Dead, Silent Witness and Law & Order: UK.

He also played a minor role in a 2006 episode of Who spinoff Torchwood.

Other guest stars confirmed for the next series of Doctor Who include Ben Browder (Farscape), Rupert Graves (Sherlock), David Bradley (Harry Potter) and Mark Williams (Being Human).

It was recently confirmed that the Daleks will reappear in the new episodes, as well as the monstrous Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One and BBC America in the autumn.

'My Kitchen Rules' filmed two alternative endings

'My Kitchen Rules' filmed two alternative endings

My Kitchen Rules bosses filmed two different endings to the final of the show, it has been revealed.

Leigh Sexton and Jennifer Evans were crowned the winners of this year's season of the reality cooking show, but in another unaired sequence, runners-up Nic Mazzone and Rocco La Bella won.

According to TV Tonight, the Seven Network filmed two alternate endings for My Kitchen Rules in order to keep the result a secret from viewers, and none of the four finalists knew who had won until they watched it on air on Tuesday night (March 27).

A Seven spokesperson said: "Until the final moments of the grand final edition of MKR, only a handful of people knew the actual, final result.

"It was important to let the magic of television and storytelling carry the day. Two endings were recorded in order to preserve the actual result, which is not unusual in the business of television production."

The past two seasons of My Kitchen Rules have not had two alternative sequences filmed. Reality shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice Australia have also previously filmed two outcomes.

'Home and Away' is a factory, says former cast member Jordan Rodrigues

'Home and Away' is a factory, says former cast member Jordan Rodrigues

Former Home and Away actor Jordan Rodrigues has described the show as a "factory".

The 19-year-old, who played Jai Fernandez in the soap, said that he prefers being in the cast of ABC show Dance Academy because they "care" about their scenes more.

Rodrigues told TV Tonight: "Home and Away is a factory. It's exactly like a factory. It's nonstop, three shots, boom, boom, boom.

"Coming on this show it's a lot better, because you get to workshop ideas and the shots are really quite unique, so they take quite a while to set up. We take a lot more care into our scenes."

Rodrigues added that he is starting to discover the pitfalls of fame, saying: "On Twitter, I'm getting really good responses from [fans] saying that they love the show and they want us to come over [to their country].

"But I've got a couple of fake people pretending to be me online and stuff. Yeah, it's a serious issue. Some are being me, some are the character, but mainly me. I'm learning to live with it, definitely."

Rodrigues also said that acting out a gay crush storyline in season one of Dance Academy was "not hard at all", adding: "We're both mates and we have gay friends, so [we] didn't make too much of a deal with it.

"It was a very risky move... but still that's what I like about the show. It takes a lot of risks."

Dance Academy airs on weeknights at 6:30pm on ABC3.

'The Voice' UK 'banned from being mentioned on ITV'

'The Voice' UK 'banned from being mentioned on ITV'

ITV bosses have reportedly banned its shows from mentioning rival BBC One series The Voice UK.

Various interviews and features on programmes including Daybreak, Loose Women and This Morning have been axed, The Mirror claims.

The Voice UK coach Danny O'Donoghue was due to appear on Daybreak this morning (March 30), but his interview was allegedly cancelled.

This Morning host Holly Willoughby has also reportedly been told to not discuss her other presenting gig on The Voice UK.

An ITV source said: "Instructions have come from the very top at ITV - nothing on the network is allowed to promote The Voice in any way.

"The bosses have gone ballistic that shows on our channels have been plugging a rival. ITV are doing everything they possibly can to make sure The Voice isn't the huge hit the BBC hopes for."

Another insider at the channel also alleged: "The BBC regularly bans our stars from promoting ITV shows on their channel."

Britain's Got Talent and The Voice UK launched on Saturday (March 24) to huge ratings.

The Voice UK has beaten its ITV rival in terms of online searches since its launch on Saturday.

'Got Talent' Sugar Dandies: 'Strictly should have same-sex dancers'

'Got Talent' Sugar Dandies: 'Strictly should have same-sex dancers'

Britain's Got Talent ballroom dancing duo the Sugar Dandies have called for Strictly Come Dancing to include same-sex pairings this year.

The gay couple, Soren and Bradley, were one of the most memorable acts on last weekend's Got Talent launch, when they danced to Westlife's 'You Raise Me Up'.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the pair said that they hope they can inspire the BBC to attempt same-sex pairings on their flagship reality series in the future, citing instances where it has happened elsewhere in Europe on Dancing with the Stars.

"Absolutely we think it's time that Strictly had a same-sex couple. It is something that they haven't really showcased yet," said the dancers.

"If we can even play a small part in making it possible and showing that it is possible to impress a large audience with same-sex couples that would be brilliant. They have done it on some of the other shows in Israel and Croatia, so let's just hope the BBC get on to it."

Teasing a possible semi-final routine for Britain's Got Talent, they added: "We have the technique of ballroom, but we always try to bring it some Sugar Dandies flair.

"There is more. That is one of the wonderful things about dance. There is always more."

Britain's Got Talent airs on Saturdays at 8pm on ITV1.

vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Charlie Sheen Promises Advertisers 'Awesome' Success for 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen Promises Advertisers 'Awesome' Success for 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen promised "awesome" success for his upcoming  FX show “Anger Management,” during a video message to advertisers at the network's upfronts presentation on Thursday.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star also joked that its success would be followed by a “whole lot of credit taking.”

FX will debut Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” in June along with Russell Brand’s late night show “Strangely Uplifting.”

During the presentation, network president John Landgraf told advertisers that FX plans to order two to three more scripted dramas in the next year. They will join a lineup that includes “Justified,” “American Horror Story” and “Sons of Anarchy,” as well as the upcoming “The Americans.”

FX posted its most successful year in history in 2011 and said every returning series was up from the previous year. Landgraf said the network may also add another comedy, but said he did not know what the new comedy or dramas would be yet.

The network said it topped last year’s advertising expectations and gained viewers even as its competitors, including TBS, TNT and USA – the top-rated cable network – slipped.

Landgraf conceded that FX is down in the first quarter of this year – like many cable networks – but said the slide was expected because of lower inventory of new movies.

He said it hadn’t hurt the network with advertisers and that revenue was up 10 percent for the fiscal year ending in June.

FX has greenlit several off-speed high profile comedies following the model established with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

That approach calls for giving show creators an unusual degree of freedom in exchange for less money up front.

The network then rewards them if their shows turn into hits.

Landgraf has had less leeway to use the model with dramas because of their high production costs. But he noted that “The Shield,” which helped establish FX and set the bar for basic cable dramas, debuted a decade ago this month.

“I really care about trying to uphold the legacy of that show,” Landgraf said.

The first of FX’s upcoming dramas, “The Americans,” stars Keri Russell and follows two KGB spies in 1980s America. It is executive produced by Joe Weisberg and “Justified” creator Graham Yost.

Landgraf also said FX was the sole ad-supported network to offer “critically acclaimed comedies and dramas.”

That’s true for now, but USA is in the process of branching off into comedy. Turner, meanwhile, airs its dramas on TNT and comedies on TBS.

'Geordie Shore' heads to Cancun in Spring Break for series three

'Geordie Shore' heads to Cancun in Spring Break for series three

The cast of Geordie Shore are heading to Cancun, Mexico during Spring Break to film the third series.

Eight episodes will be filmed in the famous party-spot and the cast - Jay Gardner, Gaz Beadle, James Tindale, Vicky Pattison, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Ricci Guarnaccio, Rebecca Walker - will be "living it up Geordie-style" in their own luxury villa.

Beach contests, pool parties and super nightclubs will fill up the reality TV stars' time, but they must also pay their way with part-time work during the trip.

The Cancun Spring Break third series will air in the summer.

Last summer, the cast visited Magaluf for a double episode special.

Series two of Geordie Shore is currently airing on Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

Jon Hamm: 'I loved directing Mad Men episode'

Jon Hamm: 'I loved directing Mad Men episode'

Jon Hamm has said he loved directing a fifth season episode of Mad Men.

The actor made his directorial debut and followed in the footsteps of co-star John Slattery by helming season five's second instalment 'Tea Leaves'.

In an interview with On The Red Carpet, Hamm disclosed that he jumped at the chance to take a stronger creative role on the AMC series.

"I directed what will be the second episode of the season. I had a really wonderful time doing it," Hamm commented. "This was an incredible experience to get a whole different perspective on the show that I thought I knew pretty well. It was really, really fun and the crew really helped me out."

Mad Men actress January Jones praised Hamm's directorial talent, telling reporters that she truly enjoyed working with him in this new context.

"For someone that I adore and I've worked with and I trust, it was nice to be in his hands, I guess, just to lean on if I had questions," Jones recalled. "You're not always given that.

"When you do television, you have lots of different directors coming in and out and you don't always have the opportunity to ask them questions because they don't know your character better than you do, so it's kind of difficult.

"It was awesome, he did such an amazing job. I was so proud of him."

Hamm recently described being hired for Mad Men as the most "incredible opportunity" of his professional life.

Mad Men airs on AMC in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey: 'Cersei will confide in Tyrion'

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey: 'Cersei will confide in Tyrion'

Lena Headey has suggested that Cersei and Tyrion will get closer on the second season of Game of Thrones.

The 300 actress, who plays the mother of the evil King Joffrey, revealed that Cersei will confide in her brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) as she begins to feel guilty for being a bad parent.

"You get a real glimpse into her guilt as a mother and her fear of what she's created," Headey told Entertainment Weekly.

"She's just starting to slightly crumble and feel the reality of her world," she continued. "There's a lot of drinking... also massive denial about her son's behaviour.

"There's a moment where she absolutely shows Tyrion her true self. He becomes like a sort of confidante - almost - because she has nobody else."

Game of Thrones returns on April 1 on HBO in the US. It airs on April 2 on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Rosario Dawson to star in 'Occult Crimes Taskforce' series for A&E?

Rosario Dawson to star in 'Occult Crimes Taskforce' series for A&E?

Rosario Dawson is in talks to star in A&E drama O.C.T..

The project is based on comic series O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce - co-created by Dawson, writer David Atchison and illustrator Tony Shasteen.

The Sin City star has now teamed with The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd to produce a TV adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The drama will follow a group of investigators who patrol a district of New York populated by practitioners of black magic.

The central character is Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who has some magical skill. The comic version of Ortiz was based on Dawson's likeness.

O.C.T. will be adapted for television by Jorge Zamacona (Third Watch), who will also produce alongside Dawson and Hurd.

The rights to Occult Crimes Taskforce were previously acquired by Dimension Films in September 2006, but a proposed movie adaptation never materialised.

Looking back at Alcatraz season 1

Looking back at Alcatraz season 1

As soon as Alcatraz, the new show from producer J.J. Abrams and his team, was ordered and, subsequently, aired, it couldn't move for the Lost comparisons. While that previous mystery show had its problems and detractors, it's still a grand legacy to live up to, and there was a worry this new prison drama/sci-fi mystery would fail at the task. Well, like Lost, Alcatraz has its problems, but it's also managed to avoid many of its predecessor's mistakes.

That's not something to scoff at, with so much post-Lost television crashing and burning before it could even reach one season (Flash Forward etc.). Other efforts, like Heroes with its ensemble cast, fared much better of course, but nothing had managed to create and maintain the magic the original show had held. Audiences had never seen anything quite like it before, and it captured the world's imagination almost instantly. First of all, Alcatraz is not that show, and its failure to hit that nerve straight out of the gate could hurt its chances further down the line.

I'd actually rather compare this first run, with thirteen episodes aired on FOX mid-season, with another Abrams mystery show: Fringe. Though still struggling to tempt the ratings lesser shows have consistently achieved, Fringe has developed into a complex mystery show no longer bothering to appease casual viewers. It started, however, much like Alcatraz, with a 'case of the week' format that ran alongside larger mythology. That mythology has grown over time, and all signs point to Alcatraz taking the same path, if and when it's granted more episodes.

That mythology centres around the inmates and guards of Alcatraz prison, who are now popping up all over San Francisco in modern day. Some can remember the moments before they disappeared, others have little idea where they are or how they got there. The world was told that the prison had been shut down and the inmates either died or were moved. The show pitches that this was a cover-up, and experiments done on the prisoners (and possibly the staff) have somehow allowed them to jump forward in time. The trouble is, they're almost all homicidal psychopaths, and putting them back in the world is causing a few casualties.

This is a procedural show, so we need to assemble a crack team of detectives and experts in on the secrets of Alcatraz. First up is Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones), an SFPD detective descended from inmate Tommy Madsen (she's his granddaughter). She's been raised by her beloved uncle Ray, who may or may not know more than he's saying. Jones hits the nail on the head with a role almost designed to be unappealing. Almost every crime show of the new millennium features a hardened and emotional wounded female detective, usually softened by the hunky partner assigned to her in the pilot.

Well, said partner might not be widely considered hunky (though we've got a soft spot for him), as Lost's Jorge Garcia enters the frame as comic book writer, genius, and Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego Soto. Having written various books and profiles on every known aspect of the famous prison, Soto provides useful knowledge and exposition each week, and his role in things comes across as entirely plausible. Leaving memories of loveable Hurley at the door, Garcia has surprised everyone with his strong, likeable performance. With such a distinctive look which, on the surface, hasn't changed too much from his previous role, it's frankly astounding that he's managed to forge an entirely new persona for Alcatraz.

An equally well-known face is Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill, who heads up operations in what the others label the Bat Cave. Surprisingly, given his prominence in both advertising and the show itself, Neill is probably the weakest of the trio, overacting to an almost criminal degree at various points. His character is important in that he was once a guard at Alcatraz before everyone disappeared, and his life's work has been to find out what really happened there that night. British actress Parminder Nagra rounds things off as Dr. Lucy, a former doctor at the prison (also returned) and love interest for Hauser.

The show's simplicity is both its biggest strength and fatal weakness, as procedural fans will be glad of a crime show daring to break the mould, and sci-fi fans will undoubtedly become bored with the strict structure of each instalment. Setting up their task at the beginning of the episode, we then follow the team as they attempt to find and contain the relevant '63'. During the episode, we are also granted flashbacks to life inside Alcatraz in the years leading up to its evacuation, and this provides some prison drama not often done on the small screen.

Each week the returning 63's range from utter creeps to guards and the falsely accused, and we're given an inordinate amount of time to bond with each of them. The difference here is that we don't have to figure out what they've done or why, as they've already been caught and locked up for their crimes, but instead we're asked to ponder on their connection to the central mystery and those shady figures behind it. During the first season for example, we're also introduced to the creepy and sinister Warden, who's been experimenting with the patient's blood.

He also holds the key to a secret room in the basement of the prison. Until the last moments of the finale, we're unclear as to the nature of this room, but it's contents reveal a future director the show's second season could take. With season one only focusing on one mystery - how are the inmates turning up un-aged in 2012? - new revelations point to queries further down the line like: Who is behind it? How and why did they do it? And, what does that mean for those who've already returned? Putting Lucy in the central task force means that we have an invested interest; one we share with Hauser.

Shows focusing on elaborate mysteries like this are often very irritating to watch. With facts revealed to certain characters at certain points, there's a tendency for them to never speak to each other, and this is the fastest way to alienate an audience. In Lost's second season, for example, only half the islanders knew of the hatch for multiple episodes, and viewers lost track of who knew what, or how much, at later points in the story. Alcatraz avoids this as, by the end of episode thirteen, everyone's on the same page. People even ask vital questions of each other, but the trouble is that no one knows the answers to them yet.

While a standard procedural structure like this can be an entertaining escape week on week, watching them as a set (as genre fans are prone to do) could be more than a little tiresome. That's where this first run lets itself down a little, as the writers have taken their time in building up the mystery and drip feeding information to their audience. This can create a better, richer series down the line, but first it has to avoid the cancellation button. I worry that Alcatraz is the sort of show that's discovered later, and in such a restrictive television environment, a slow-building fanbase isn't often tolerated by networks (especially FOX).

But Alcatraz has a mixture of brave and safe ideas that could just prove its saviour. It keeps with the mythology-light, slightly spoon-fed style that was enlisted after Lost and Heroes shed their casual fans, but has a slightly sneaky side that signals a change of pace should it come back. First seasons are hard to pull off for mystery based sci-fi, given that they have to draw people in without giving away the game, and, on the whole, Alcatraz has pulled it off nicely. With strong performances, interesting ideas and an effectively tantalising cliffhanger, I hope it's not another one that meets the chopping block before it can show its full hand.

Tori Spelling 'can't wait to share passion for crafting'

Tori Spelling 'can't wait to share passion for crafting'

Tori Spelling has said that she can't wait to share her passion for crafting with the world.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress will host the upcoming programme Craft Wars for TLC. She opened up about her decision to be a part of the show.

"As a lifelong crafter, I love how crafting gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and show your creativity," Spelling told The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's an amazing outlet and nothing shows love more than something homemade," she continued. "I can't wait to share my passion and be inspired by all the amazing contestants."

TLC General Manager Amy Winter added that the show will appeal to a wide audience.

"Craft Wars continues to redefine crafting as something extremely modern - this is not your grandmother's crocheting," she said. "At its core, the series celebrates the creative spirit, which will resonate with TLC's audience."

Last week, Spelling announced she is pregnant with her fourth child just five months after giving birth to her third.

'X Factor' USA Marcus Canty 'shocked by Paula Abdul, Scherzinger exit'

'X Factor' USA Marcus Canty 'shocked by Paula Abdul, Scherzinger exit'

Marcus Canty has confessed that he was surprised by the axing of Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul from the X Factor USA judges' panel.

Canty, who competed in the first season of the Fox singing competition, said that he enjoyed working with Scherzinger and Abdul and felt that they brought "drama" to the programme.

"I actually was kind of surprised [they left]. I thought it was a lot of drama on the show with Paula and Nicole, but they were so nice," he explained to MTV News.

"I feel like Paula was honest. I feel like Nicole was honest - even in certain situations on the show that they got into, with me and Rachel [Crow] and at one point, me and Drew [Ryniewicz]. If I was in that situation, I probably wouldn't know what to do."

Canty also voiced his support for the possibility of Britney Spears joining the X Factor USA judging panel, adding: "Oh wow, I haven't heard that one. Britney Spears, wow. That should be interesting.

"Britney Spears can be my mentor because, first of all, I was the entertainer. I know she would give me that pop I need. That's definitely a great fit."

In January, Canty signed a recording contract with mentor LA Reid's label, Epic Records.

Quddus to host Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie singing contest 'Duets'

Quddus to host Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie singing contest 'Duets'

Quddus has signed up to host ABC's upcoming music talent show Duets.

The former Total Request Live presenter will head up the new series, which will include Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke as coaches.

Duets sees the four artists searching America for their protégés, before choosing two singers to perform duets with them each week on the show.

The finale will have only one artist and their protégé left standing, with the amateur singer signing a recording contract with Hollywood Records.

"This show is going to take the singing competition genre to the next level and I'm absolutely honoured to be a part of it," Quddus said in a statement.

The Canadian MTV VJ also previously hosted Dance on Sunset on Nickelodeon in 2008, and has appeared as an Access Hollywood correspondent.

Kelly Clarkson has previously said of Duets: "The simple fact that I get to go out and find two people that I believe in, sing with them every week, and help them accomplish their dream is an amazing thing that I can't wait to be a part of!"

Duets will premiere on ABC in the US this summer.

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series

ABC details its 12 drama pilots under consideration for next season - plus their initial logos.


SHOW INFO: If you could make one wish, what would it be? And what would you do to get it? At 666 Park Avenue, all of your dreams and burning desires can come true: wealth, sex, love, power, even revenge. But just be careful what you wish for, because the price you pay... could be your soul. Welcome to The Drake, the premiere apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Owned by the mysterious Gavin Doran (Terry O'Quinn - Lost) and his sexy wife Olivia (Vanessa Williams - Desperate Housewives), The Drake is home to dozens of residents who are unaware they're living in the dark embrace of supernatural forces. They think their dreams are all coming true, only to find they've been lured into making, what feels like, a deal with the Devil. When a young Mid-western couple - Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor - Charlie's Angels, Grey's Anatomy) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable - Brothers & Sisters) - is hired to manage The Drake, they soon discover that evil, obsession, and manipulation has a home. Allow yourself to be seduced by 666 PARK AVENUE, and unravel the mysteries of this devilish new drama from Alloy Entertainment (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars) and executive producers David Wilcox (Fringe, Life on Mars), Leslie Morgenstein (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries) and Gina Girolamo (The Secret Circle, The Lying Game).


SHOW INFO: It turns out clothes really do make the man. Legendary designer Robert Soulter (Anthony LaPaglia - Without a Trace) has transformed his fashion label "Americana" into a remarkable family dynasty. It's not just a billion dollar company, it's the most iconic brand in the world. At Americana, everyone works hard and plays even harder. The Soulter family lives in a modern day Oz and Robert Soulter is the Wizard. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the fashion business has a notorious dark side. This year, you're a genius. Next year, you're out. But one thing's for sure... you have to watch your back. And Robert had better watch his, because a power struggle is just beginning. It's the established powerbrokers versus the young and ambitious. After 30 years of being the king of his industry, someone wants Robert replaced. Shockingly, that someone might be his wife Sierra (Christine Adams - Terra Nova), his ex-wife Wendy (Natalie Mendoza - Hotel Babylon), or one of his own children, Jesse (David Alpay) and Francesca (Emilie De Ravin - Lost). Alice Garano (Ashley Greene - Twilight), an up-and-coming young designer who just graduated from a top New York fashion school, could be the next Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang. Except she just made a deal to work for her father Martin Soulter (Ken Olin - Brothers and Sisters) at his garment factory. That deal becomes impossible to honor when she meets her estranged uncle, Robert Soulter for the first time. Though Alice knows how much her father resents his famous brother, no one has ever talked about their 25 year feud. Alice can't resist Robert's invitation to discuss her work and a potential future at Americana. As Robert lures Alice deeper into his web, she feels like all of her dreams are coming true. Though what she has yet to realize is the dream comes with a cost - a family secret that could shatter everything she wants and everyone she loves, if it's ever revealed. Executive producers Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds) and Michael Seitzman (North Country) and director Phillip Noyce (Revenge) take you inside a glittering world of catwalks and catfights, to reveal the deliciously ugly side of the beautiful people who work in fashion, and explore the lengths people will go to protect their secrets.


SHOW INFO: His eyes. His piercing blue eyes. Before Princess Grace (Ruth Bradley - Titanic mini-series) ever met Shiro (Darius Campbell), she dreamt of his unforgettable eyes and knew that, despite his beastly appearance, he held a powerful connection to her. From the studio that brought you Once Upon a Time, and executive producers Jon Steinberg (Human Target, Jericho) and Gary Fleder (Life Unexpected, Happy Town), comes an epic and achingly romantic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Beauty and The Beast, set in a fantastically mythical and dangerous new world. In the capital city of Kendan, the kingdom is at war, and its leader Lord Dorian is laying on his deathbed. Grace, his beautiful and headstrong young daughter, is quietly ruling with guidance from Council leader Cyril (F. Murray Abraham). Grace soon discovers deceit and betrayal at the highest levels of the realm. A traitor, she learns, has poisoned her father. Leaving her fiancé Garrick (Chris Egan - Letters to Juliet) behind, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey to find a cure and save her father's life. Her adventure takes her across sweeping lands where she is taken captive by Shiro, a mysterious and tragically heroic beast. Shiro is intrigued by Grace, and despite his allegiance to the enemy, eventually allows her to return home to save her father. But their connection cannot be denied, nor can the idea that fate will bring them together again...


SHOW INFO: He thought his future was in an astrophysics lab. His true calling lies somewhere closer to the White House. During a rainy rugby game, undergrad Carter Henderson (Max Thieriot - Foreverland) is struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. At precisely the same moment thousands of miles away, Carter's father, a man he barely knew, is killed while trying to assassinate New York Senator Teras (Linus Roache - Law and Order). Carter will soon discover these two bizarre events are linked in an unimaginable and terrifying way. En route to the funeral, Carter is detained by FBI Agent Meyers (Monique Curnen - The Dark Knight). She wants to know why his dad, a respected neurosurgeon, would attempt to kill a charismatic and influential politician who's in line to become the next President of the United States. Good Question. Carter has no idea what the answer is, but he is determined to find out. Now, Carter's search to learn more about his father will take some dangerous and surprising turns, and ultimately lead him to Mr. Armin (Martin Landau) who represents a secret organization made up of the world's most powerful minds. Their purpose is to unravel one of mankind's darkest conspiracies, and figure out who's pulling the strings behind a plot for power that goes all the way to the Presidency. With the help of his girlfriend Wynter-Lee (Gabriella Wilde), and a beautiful young religious art historian (Yaya DaCosta - Tron: Legacy), Carter uncovers some startling family secrets and learns that his father died in an attempt not just to protect him, but to save all of humanity. From executive producers Roland Emmerich (2012, The Day After Tomorrow, 10000 BC, Independence Day) and Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds) comes this exhilarating thriller that combines chilling mythology, political intrigue, and heart-stopping adventure.


SHOW INFO: They wash clothes they can't afford, polish silver they'll never dine with, and sometimes, they sleep with their employers' husbands. It's all in a days work for a Beverly Hills maid. They're constantly surrounded by wealth and privilege, yet they're never allowed to forget that they're just the help. Meet Rosie (Dania Ramirez - Entourage), Marisol (Ana Ortiz - Ugly Betty), Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez - Without a Trace), Valentina (Edy Ganem - Like Crazy), and Zoila (Judy Reyes - Scrubs). It's their job to clean up the messes left by the rock stars, filthy rich billionaires, and self-centered celebrities they work for. Even, if it means cleaning up a murder. But these ladies are anything but pushovers. They've all got their eyes on a bigger prize: a better life here in America. Whether it's immigrating their child from Mexico, or having a career in music, they'll do whatever it takes, including flirting with the bosses' son, blackmailing a philandering husband, or hiding an addict's drugs. And they're always there for each other. When their friend and fellow maid Flora is found brutally murdered, she took a shocking secret to her grave. Now, the Devious Maids will do anything to protect it. Between the spoiled-rotten "haves" and these beautiful "have not's," there's plenty of upstairs-downstairs intrigue. Marc Cherry, the creator of the Emmy-winning Desperate Housewives, takes you out of the burbs and into a whole new neighborhood: the palm tree-lined streets and mansions of Beverly Hills for a fun, soapy peek inside the sordid lifestyles of the rich and famous.


SHOW INFO: At The Lillian, New York's grandest hotel, forbidden love is checking in. After a year away in Paris, Violet Langton Lily (Sarah Bolger - The Tudors) - a beautiful young socialite from the renowned Lily family - gets blindsided by love on a New York-bound luxury liner. His name is John Kidd (Matt Long - Mad Men, The Deep End), a handsome and mysterious man whom Violet's family definitely wouldn't approve of. Promised to the heir of a very prominent family, Violet was raised to find a man of acceptable class and stature. This sudden yet profound encounter, with working-class John Kidd, makes her question everything including her future. Ultimately, Violet will have to choose between what her heart wants, and what her family expects. Back in New York, Violet returns to discover her father, Edwin Lily (Brian O'Byrne - Prime Suspect, Mildred Pierce), has sunk the family fortune into the construction of the City's first Luxury Hotel, The Lillian. Eager to get in on the action and attention, Edwin's brother, Julius (John Barrowman - Torchwood), offers to become equal partner and financier, much to Edwin's chagrin. Through years of reckless behavior, Julius has earned a reputation for being a playboy and lout. He's the Black Sheep, and this is his chance at familial redemption. And he's willing to get it no matter the cost. Meanwhile, the "downstairs" at The Lillian is awash in its own strife. Struggling against society's class limitations, Abigal, Violet's Maid (Madeline Zima - Californication) and Jasper, Foot Man to Julius (Maury Sterling - Homeland) are trying to break into high society. From Executive Producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal) and creator KJ Steinberg (Executive Producer of Gossip Girl) comes a fresh look at a golden world, full of glamorous galas, sibling rivalry, dangerous liaisons, and murder.


SHOW INFO: Under our very noses exists a world most of us cannot see. A world where magic is behind every door, and danger lurks around every corner. New York City Homicide Detective Anne Travers (Megan Ketch) discovers this world when she's assigned a case that seems unsolvable. No clues, no suspects, no method. But Travers is a cop who refuses to become cynical - and often sees what others can't. Not willing to give up her investigation, she finds herself recruited into a secret magical division of the police force, by the mysterious Alderman and his rugged constable, Boyo (Barry Sloane). With both of them leading the way, Travers will discover a side of Manhattan that is both fascinating and frightening, one where Harry Potter and friends would feel right at home. Here, spells are real, charms can be bought, and unsolvable crimes have complicated solutions. If you can unlock the magic, you can solve the case. We quickly learn that the magical world needs Travers even more than the real one. And not just because her talent for law enforcement... but for reasons she doesn't even know yet. Executive produced by Michael Green (The River, Kings, Heroes), Francis Lawrence (I am Legend, Water for Elephants, Constantine) and Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, The Blindside) Gotham takes us inside a hidden world of magic... where nothing is what it seems... and where the fantastical happens everyday. You just have to be able to see it.


SHOW INFO: 500 feet beneath the ocean's surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receives their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they're told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance, and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home. From executive producer/writer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit, The Chicago Code) and Executive producer/writer Karl Gajdusek comes this dramatic new international action-thriller about treachery, treason, and nuclear brinksmanship. LAST RESORT contemplates establishing of a new society in the modern world, and character becomes everything when unthinkable decisions must be made.


SHOW INFO: What Hollywood is to the movie business, Nashville is to music. This is where today's music is being made and tomorrow's stars are being born. If you're Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood in-the-making, you want to be in Nashville. Chart-topping Rayna James (Connie Britton) is a country legend who's had a career any singer would envy, though lately her popularity is starting to wane. Fans still line-up to get her autograph, but she's not packing the arenas like she used to. Rayna's record label thinks a concert tour, opening for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), the young and sexy future of country music, is just what Rayna needs. And scheming Juliette can't wait to steal Rayna's spotlight. But sharing a stage with that disrespectful, untalented, little vixen is the last thing Rayna wants to do, which sets up a power struggle for popularity. Could the undiscovered songwriting talent of Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) be the key to helping Rayna resurrect her career? Rayna's wealthy, but estranged, father Lamar Hampton (Powers Boothe) is a powerful force in business, Tennessee politics, and the lives of his two grown daughters. His drive for power results in a scheme to back Rayna's handsome husband Teddy, in a run for Mayor of Nashville, against Rayna's wishes. Set against the backdrop of Nashville's thriving contemporary music scene, and political world, executive producers Callie Khouri (writer of Thelma & Louise) and RJ Cutler (The September Issue) take you inside the cutthroat world of country music, family, and politics... from the concert tours to the romantic entanglements, to the halls of power and old demons that threaten to derail a career.


SHOW INFO: Melissa Rosenberg (executive producer and head writer on "Dexter" and screenwriter of the Twilight franchise), Howard Klein (executive producer of "The Office," "Parks & Recreation") and Endemol Studios ("Hell On Wheels") join forces for a riveting new thriller that takes you inside the world of crime and intrigue and shows you just how far one woman will go to protect her family. Meet Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell - Melinda and Melinda) a suburban housewife who's living the good life in Northern California. She has a loving husband, a beautiful home overlooking Sausalito, and three amazing kids. But behind this perfect facade is a family of organized criminals. Marta's father, her brother, and husband Franklin all make their living through illegal means, and up until now, she has turned a blind eye to this fact. But when Franklin is murdered, Marta uncovers a tenacity she never knew she had. She'll do whatever it takes to avenge his death and keep her family alive. Even if it means filling her husband's shoes and joining the family business. As Marta digs into this dark underworld, she'll test her own strength, relying on her resourcefulness, determination and family ties like never before.


SHOW INFO: Wealth, sex, power, and palm trees... mixed with 24/7 sunshine and a carefree attitude. This is Beverly Hills when she was young. A land of beautiful homes and glamorous people, before reality stars and TMZ were ever heard of. Recently widowed socialite Billy Ikehorn - rich, soulful, and beautiful - is beginning a new chapter in her life. Armed with big dreams and a clear vision for her future, she sets about building an empire like nothing Southern California has ever seen. Welcome to Scruples. It's more than just a fashion emporium; it's an entrée to beautiful people, gorgeous models, famous photographers, up-and-coming designers, and the glamorous world of Hollywood. It's also the center of a powerful and compelling romantic drama that will sweep up Billy and her young protégés, Valentine O'Neill (Karinne Vanasse - Pan Am) and Spider Elliot, into a perfect storm of revenge, sex, scandal - even murder - on an international stage. Based on Judith Krantz's best-selling novel comes a deliciously soapy new drama. Executive produced by Oscar winner, Natalie Portman and Annette Savitch of Handsome Charlie Films. They produce alongside Krantz's son, Tony. The show is written and executive produced by Bob Brush (The Wonder Years) and Mel Harris (thirtysomething). The pilot will be directed by Michael Sucsy, whose credits include the hit film "The Vow" and HBO's Emmy Award-winning "Grey Gardens".


SHOW INFO: Hank Foley (Anthony Edwards) is no stranger to adventure. But this one is a little more than he bargained for. As the publisher of Modern Skeptic magazine, Hank has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and solving conspiracies. A confessed paranormal junkie, his motto is "logic is the compass." But when his beautiful young wife (Jacinda Barrett) is abducted from her store, an antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries of human history, stretching around the world and back centuries. Contained in one of his wife's clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. Now it's up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map, while ensuring the answers don't fall into the wrong hands. With his two young associates Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster) in tow, along with Deck a sexy FBI agent (Carmen Ejogo), Hank will lead them on a breathless race against the clock, to find his wife and save humanity. Executive produced by Lorenzo DiBonaventura (the Transformers and GI: Joe franchises, Salt, Red), Paul Scheuring (Prison Break) and Dan McDermott (Human Target) comes this fast-paced thriller that will take you on quest around the globe to reveal one of mankind's most riveting conspiracies, one that powerful forces have kept hidden for too long.