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donderdag 17 januari 2013

Murder Mystery From Steven Bochco Picked Up To Pilot At TNT

TNT has given the green light to Murder In The First, a drama from NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco. Co-created by Bochco and Eric Lodal, Murder In The First is a murder mystery set in contemporary San Francisco, which the produces say “will provide a window into the soul of modern justice in an increasingly complex world.”

It centers on two SFPD homicide inspectors as they investigate murders, a Silicon Valley wunderkind who is a celebrated CEO of a cutting edge tech firm and prime suspect, and the defense attorney and prosecutors engaged in the high profile murder case. The project was first announced as part of TNT’s development slate in May.

It marks Bochco’s return to TNT where he co-created and executive produced the legal drama series Raising The Bar. Bochco is executive producing Murder In The First, with Lodal co-executive producing.

'Utopia': The new Channel 4 drama everyone is talking about

If you saw lots of tweets about "spoons" and the question "Where is Jessica Hyde?" last night and didn't understand why, you clearly weren't watching Channel 4's new dark drama series Utopia.

A mixture of conspiracies, comic book geekery and gruesomeness on a sick scale (it involves a spoon, I'll say no more), the show was thoroughly confusing, but utterly hypnotic.

Like forum geeks and central protagonists Ian (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Wilson Wilson (Adeel Akhtar) and Becky (Alexandra Roach), it feels like we're caught up in a dark, unimaginable and impenetrable new world.

Alongside scallywag youth Grant, the oddball characters are drawn together by a shared interest in The Utopia Experiments, a mysterious graphic novel. When comic collector Bejan claims to have found a rare manuscript of the second part of Utopia, the foursome's lives begin spiralling.

A gloomy-faced and lurid Neil Maskell and the chillingly cold Paul Ready were the cartoonish villains of the piece, gassing staff in a comic shop, hunting down the Utopia manuscript and dealing in eye-twitchingly horrific punishments to anyone who couldn't answer their one simple query, "Where is Jessica Hyde?"

Nobody has a clue who the hell Jessica Hyde is, but she did reveal herself in the episode's closing scenes. Her significance and importance? We'll have to wait a week to find out. Maybe she just hasn't paid her library fines.

Behind the spoon-bending, menacing heavies, there is a shady group known only as The Network (featuring James Fox and Stephen Rea) who are up to no good with Russian flu vaccines. The scale of The Network and their sinister aims, for now, remain unclear.

If you've got the stomach for it - trust me, this is no Midsomer Murders - Utopia is the first Must-Watch British TV show of 2013. This first episode was utterly compelling and original, shot with style and will have you hooked from the opening scene.

However, I will be eating my breakfast cereal with a fork from now on.

Syfy Cancels 'Alphas'

Syfy is not moving forward with Alphas after two seasons.

The cable network has canceled the one-hour drama created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow, which centered on an unlikely team of ordinary people with superhuman physical and mental abilities that took on mysterious cases the CIA, FBI and Pentagon were unable to solve.

"We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives as well as our partners at BermanBraun Television," Syfy said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "We’d like to thank the show’s dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support."

"Sad to say that ALPHAS will not be returning. What an honor to get to play Rachel for 2years & to work w/ & for the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER," wrote cast member Azita Ghanizada on Twitter on Wednesday.
This comes months after Alphas wrapped its sophomore season in October with just a little more than 1 million viewers tuning in to the finale. Alphas, starring David Strathairn, began with more than double that viewership in July 2011 with 2.5 million viewers for its series launch.

For its part, Syfy is banking on projects from M. Night Shyamalan (Proof), Ronald D. Moore (Helix) and Bryan Fuller (High Noon) in the works for series consideration to add to its slate, which includes scripted fare Being Human, Continuum and Lost Girl. Syfy will roll out Defiance in April.

News of Alphas' cancellation comes one day after Lifetime closed the books on Drop Dead Diva after four seasons.

'Merlin' star Colin Morgan joins Gabriel Byrne in BBC drama 'Quirke'

Merlin star Colin Morgan is to appear in a new BBC One drama series.

The Irish actor will appear opposite Gabriel Byrne in forthcoming detective serial Quirke later in 2013.

The role will mark Morgan's first television appearance since popular fantasy drama Merlin concluded on December 24, pulling in 7.8 million viewers.

The three-part Quirke will star award-winning Byrne as the title character - a sombre Dublin pathologist who solves crimes in the 1950s.

Morgan will appear in the third episode - titled 'Elegy' - as the character Jimmy Minor. In addition to his Merlin stint, the 27-year-old has previously appeared in an episode of Doctor Who and in the 2010 film Parked.

Quirke has been filming on location in Ireland since November.

Lacey Banghard evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Lacey Banghard has become the third person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

The glamour model left the house after receiving the fewest votes from the public.

Steps singer Claire Richards, The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt and X Factor star Rylan Clark survived the eviction.

Lacey left the house to a mainly positive reaction after the crowd spent most of the evening chanting for Speidi to leave.

She recently clashed with Heidi after stripping naked in front of her to shower.

Former Coronation Street actor Sam Robertson and model Paula Hamilton were the first two housemates to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Notre Dame Official: Player Snared in 'Catfish' Scam

Manti Te’o’s relationship with a young woman -– revealed to be part of a hoax -- resembles elements of the 2010 documentary and MTV series.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said football star Manti Te’o has been the victim of an online hoax similar to that perpetrated in the 2010 film Catfish and the MTV series of the same name.

Te’o’s relationship with a 22-year-old woman, who died of cancer last year, was revealed Wednesday to be a hoax. First reported by Deadspin, it was unclear if the celebrated linebacker was a participant in the hoax, which played out in the pages of Sports Illustrated and on national news broadcasts. Swarbrick insisted the football player was an unwitting victim of a cruel hoax.

“I would refer all of you to the documentary called Catfish and the MTV show that is a derivative of that documentary,” Swarbrick said during a press conference Wednesday.
Catfish, from directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, centers on a young man who is tricked into falling for a fictitious young woman on Facebook.

Swarbrick described Te'o relationship as a textbook Catfish, “a scam" involving a new relationship online, a subsequent trauma (such as a car accident) and then a death. He said Te’o became ensnared in an ever-enlarging drama that involved a growing cast of characters, including friends and family members of the girlfriend.

“The pain was real. The grief was real. The affection was real. That’s the nature of this sad, cruel game,” Swarbrick said.

Te’o’s girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, was said to be injured in a car accident about six months prior to her death and was hospital-ridden in a coma for some time. She recovered, but then died Sept. 11, hours after his grandmother. The same day, Te’o lead the Fighting Irish to an upset victory over Michigan State – his inspiring story making national headlines.

But in December, Te’o received a phone call from his dead girlfriend’s phone number – with the woman’s voice he recognized as Kekua’s on the other line. Swarbrick said she tried to re-establish the relationship, making an excuse for why she'd faked her death.

On Dec. 26, the football star told his team’s coaches about the situation, and the university hired a private investigating firm to look into the case. The firm presented its findings to Te’o and his family Jan. 4, and the family planned to go public with the story next week, Swarbrick said.

According to Deadspin, a woman who was accused online of portraying Kekua’s sister on Twitter had once contacted Nev Schulman, star of Catfish and executive producer of the MTV show.
Swarbrick said it was unclear how many individuals were involved in the hoax, because people may have have been playing multiple parts. He told reporters there was never a face-to-face meeting between Te’o and his girlfriend.

“As part of the hoax, several meetings were set up where Lennay never showed,” he said. “It goes to the sophistication of this. There were all these sort of independent pieces that reinforce parts of the story all the way through."
Prior to the press conference, Te'o released a statement.

“To realize that I was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was, and is, painful and humiliating," he wrote.

'Homeland' to "reset" for third season, says exec Howard Gordon

Homeland will undergo a "reset" for its third season, exec Howard Gordon has revealed.

The Showtime drama's writing team are currently working on new episodes, producer Gordon confirmed to Entertainment Weekly.

"It is a little bit of a reset," he said of the new season. "But it is really promising at the same time."

Gordon explained that he is keen to introduce new characters and plot points in season three, citing the character of Quinn (Rupert Friend) as a successful addition to Homeland's second run.

"Quinn is an amazing character that had a really slow ramp-up but a strong, amazing finish," he suggested.

Homeland exec Alex Gansa recently claimed that season three will likely be "smaller" in scale, comparing future episodes to the work of spy author John le Carré.

Showtime's President of Entertainment David Nevins has defended the show's divisive second season, claiming that he "really liked" the latest run.

'Glee': Romance for Finn, a Valentine's Wedding, Sam and Brittany Backlash and More Teasers

During a Q&A with critics to help close out the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, the cast and EP confirmed the Valentine's Day wedding, defended new couple Brittany and Sam and teased that the Class of 2013 could follow in the footsteps of some of their former classmates. Here are 11 teasers from the cast:

1. Setting examples: Darren Criss still wants Blaine and Kurt to wind up together, despite the recent addition of Kurt's new love interest, Oliver, in the Jan. 24 return episode. "The fact that they've been working hard to stay in each other's lives is a good thing to show, but of course I want to see them together in the end!" he told reporters Wednesday during the set visit. Criss added that showing the former duo's friendship and acknowledging that they're still in each other's lives is "a good example to set."

2. Wedding bells: Exec producer Di Loreto confirmed Wednesday what THR reported in October: The Valentine's Day episode will feature a wedding. "It's fair to say that there is romance in the air. There is a wedding in the air, and what is exciting about the show is there's certain things about the show that are undeniable. … There are also some things that are going to shock the heck out of you. That's a the really fun part and that's what's coming down the pike."

3. Class of 2013: Brittany, Tina, Artie and Blaine are among the seniors who will be marching toward graduation this season, with Di Loreto expressing confidence in the Fox musical's ability to capture its characters' evolution. He teased that New York could be in the cards for some of the Class of 2013. "I wouldn't be surprised if you find a few other castmembers in New York," he told reporters. "That story is yet to reveal itself, but it seems like one of those natural conclusions. They're all going in different places, just like we all do in high school, and hopefully those are stories that we can blossom."

4. Finn's future: Finn discovered his passion and gift for teaching (despite New Directions' recent loss), but Di Loreto said it was important to show the journey of someone besides McKinley's students. "Revealing what the challenge is of being a teacher was really important to [Finn's] storyline," he said. "Romance is going to play a part in his future, too, and where that takes us has yet to be determined." Criss, meanwhile, said as of the Valentine's Day episode, Finn is "still going strong" at the helm of New Directions. "It's cool seeing him thrive and inspire," he told THR

5. Milestones and touring, oh my! After taking a year off, Di Loreto said the cast is open to touring again. "We had an amazing time during the last tour, and we'd all love the opportunity to do it again; it's really about finding time to fit it into our lives," he said. "There's a milestone coming up that you're all going to hear about very soon." Color us interested.

6. Minefield! Asked about Santana and Brittany's relationship, Heather Morris called the subject a "minefield." "It's like we were just best friends," she said of the former couple's romantic relationship. "I don't think they were great for each other even though they're best friends. Sam gives her more room to just be herself, and that's a lot of fun." Morris also said Sam allows the ditzy Cheerio more room to really be "weird." As for hope for the former lesbian couple, Morris told THR: "They're friends, but they won't get back together, I don't think." Sad face.

7. Life after McKinley: Morris has hilarious plans for Brittany following her graduation -- that is if the second-year senior graduates. "I want my character to go to jail," she said to laughter. "There should be an episode where she raises her hand to go to the bathroom and never shows back up. Then you show her later and she's in jail." Hope her cellmate is equally amusing!

8. Backlash: Chord Overstreet says he understands the backlash to Sam's romantic pairing with Brittany. "People care about a lot of things because it speaks to them, and I feel like that kind of relationship a lot of people are invested in, so they hate to see it go away," he told THR of Brittany and Santana's split. "But I also think there has to be a little separation to have that kind of tension to, 'Are they going to get back together, or are they not?' It adds the drama you need. I don't know who's going to end up together, but I think Sam and Brittany is funny because it gives a bit of comic relief. At the same time, the story she has with Santana is super sweet. I don't think the fans should be as upset -- they should be more excited for what's to come for both scenarios."

9. "Tough" times: As for how Santana will take the news that her bisexual ex-girlfriend has not only moved on with a guy but with someone she knows: "The first person you really love sticks with you the most, so I think it's going to be tough for her," he told THR.

10. Back in business: New Directions lost its choir room in the winter finale, but Criss teased that their eviction won't last long. "There was some foul play going on with the Warblers, so that might have something to do with how they come back," he said, adding there's a great potential for growth in defeat. "I like the idea of these guys when they lose: Who are they, and what does a glee club do when they can't perform? What's really the story -- the glee club or the people in the glee club? It's cool to focus on what that's going to do for them, but they will continue to perform."

11. As for Blaine's new connection with Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) Criss said their friendship "takes an interesting turn." "Blaine and Tina take a new step in their relationship -- for better or worse."

Matthew Macfadyen defends 'Ripper Street': 'It's colourful and grimy'

Matthew Macfadyen has defended BBC One's new drama Ripper Street.

The period crime drama drew viewer complaints for its violence and sexual content, but Macfadyen - who plays Detective Inspector Edmund Reid - told The Sun that "going back to seedy Whitechapel" is part of the show's appeal.

"People are fascinated by Victorian attitudes towards sex and society," the actor suggested. "And back then in the East End there was enormous poverty.

"Actually, it was the Ripper murders that brought to light the dire poverty in the East End. They showed them up to a greater audience."

The former Spooks star went on to praise the scripts for Ripper Street, calling the series "bombastic, big and colourful, and grimy as well".

"Ripper Street is a very original thing, really - there's lots of stuff in there," he said.

Ripper Street continues this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

Ending 'The Office': No Steve Carell, and Someone's Getting Fired

"The Office" is likely to close without a return appearance by Steve Carell's Michael Scott, creator Greg Daniels says. But Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are expected back for the end of the show, and the final episodes will include someone in the Dunder Mifflin office getting fired.

"Steve is very much of the opinion that the 'goodbye Michael' episode and the story arc that we did leading up to it was his goodbye to the fans and to the show, and that the stuff we're doing this season is the goodbye that the rest of the show gets to have," Daniels said at a Television Critics Association panel on Wednesday.

"So at the moment we don't have any plans for him to come back," Daniels added. "There's still a lot of good things that we have planned for the rest of the goodbyes."

Not all of those goodbyes will take place in the two-part finale of the show. Daniels said the series will resolve with a story involving the documentary crew that has been chronicling life at a typical Scranton, Pa., office for the last nine seasons.

"If you look at how many characters there are here, and you think that it'll be our 200th half hour when we do the finale, I don't think we're planning on packing everything into the last episode. I would encourage people, if you are waiting for the end of "The Office" to re-tune in, I would start doing it right away," Daniels said.

Daniels adapted "The Office" from the U.K. series of the same name, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. He said the British series was ripe for adaptation because it felt like a toy that "still had some play in it" when it ended after just two short seasons and a Christmas special.

Now he is putting the toy away.

"There's an episode tomorrow night that is very good, and then the one after that is really what I would say is the beginning of the end, where we start to break down what's going on with this documentary and see behind the scenes and who's involved," he said.

Daniels said eighteen of the show's final 24 episodes are written. In the fifteenth episode, he said, someone will be fired. He declined to say whether the person being fired is a longtime cast member or a new one.

"Someone is fired. I will hint at that," he said. "There's drama and someone has to get fired."

The firing episode is expected to air Feb. 14.

Daniels declined to give any hints about how the series could end, but told TheWrap his favorite TV show ending is the conclusion of "Newhart."

"Newhart" famously ended with Bob Newhart's character from his previous series, "The Bob Newhart Show," waking up with his wife from that series, played by Suzanne Pleshette, and saying he had a strange dream. It turns out he has dreamed the events of "Newhart."

So... no chance "The Office" will end with Carell waking up from a dream?

"No, it's been done," he said. "You've got to figure out another thing."

'Britain's Got Talent' Pudsey to dance 'Gangnam Style' at NTAs

Britain's Got Talent champion Pudsey the dog will perform a special 'Gangnam Style' routine at next week's National TV Awards.

The reality TV canine, who has travelled on Simon Cowell's private jet and done the conga with Kim Kardashian since winning the talent show last year, will take to the stage at the O2 to perform Psy's world famous dance craze.

It was previously reported that NTAs host Dermot O'Leary will perform a routine with Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell at the awards show.

Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor and Dancing on Ice will battle against the BBC's The Voice and Strictly for gongs at the ceremony.

Fans can still vote for their favourite shortlisted shows on the NTAs website.

The National Television Awards, celebrating their 18th year, take place on Wednesday, January 23 and air live on ITV.

Jodie Marsh fronts Channel 5 bullying documentary

Jodie Marsh is fronting a new Channel 5 documentary about bullying.

The glamour model's show Can We Beat The Bullies? will explore the story of the thousands of children who suffer physical and mental abuse at school, on the street and online.

Marsh discussed her own issues with bullying in previous documentary My Secret Past. The new film will attempt to examine what can be done about the nationwide issue.

She will visit the US to find out what procedures are taking place Stateside to protect children, following a spate of suicides and school shootings.

The lads' mag favourite will meet American families, who've lost their children to bullying and learn new ground-breaking anti-bullying techniques being used in US schools.

Channel 5's head of factual news and current affairs Andrew O'Connell said: "This series gives viewers a fascinating insight into the issues and the progress done in the US to tackle bullying, which affects nearly 13 million kids a year.

Dominic Cooper to play James Bond author Ian Fleming for Sky Atlantic

Dominic Cooper has been cast as Ian Fleming in a four-part biopic for Sky Atlantic.

The Mamma Mia! and Devil's Double actor will play the James Bond creator and former naval intelligence officer in Fleming, which will be produced by Ecosse Films.

"Stepping into the shoes of the spy who not only created the enigmatic character of 007, but who fantasized about being him, has to be every actor's dream," said Cooper in a statement.

Douglas Rae, executive producer for Ecosse Films, added: "Ian Fleming's story is as dramatic and entertaining as any of the Bond films."

Cooper was originally linked with the role of Fleming last year, but it was then reported that Duncan Jones (Moon) was in contention to direct the project.

The biopic will be filmed in the UK and Budapest, and is set during the Second World War when Fleming was heavily involved in planning naval strategy against the Nazis.

Mat Whitecross (The Road to Guantanamo) will direct Fleming from a script by John Brownlow and Don Macpherson. The miniseries will air on Sky Atlantic later in 2013.

Kylie Minogue, 'Doctor Who's Matt Smith for Sky's 'Playhouse Presents'

Kylie Minogue and Doctor Who star Matt Smith are among those confirmed for Sky Arts' latest Playhouse Presents series.

Minogue will appear alongside comedian Peter Serafinowicz, Mathew Horne and Homeland's David Harewood in Hey Diddly Dee, a dark comedy centred around a play about Andy Warhol.

Minogue's character is said to be inspired by Edie Sedgwick, with Serafinowicz playing the Warhol character. Hey Diddly Dee will be directed by Hustle actor Marc Warren.

Meanwhile, Smith will make his directorial debut with Cargese, described by the broadcaster as a drama which "mines the tragic seam of adolescent love and loss".

Set in south London, Cargese will star Submarine actor Craig Roberts and is written by Olivier Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens (On the Shore of the Wide World). Filming begins later this month.

"Sky Arts offers creative opportunities that many other channels don't," said Smith in a statement. "To collaborate with Simon Stephens in this capacity was a thrilling and rare opportunity, and one we both were keen to embrace."

Luther and The Wire actor Idris Elba will also direct former Brookside actress Anna Friel in The Pavement Psychologist.

Elba, who also wrote the drama, said: "This was a tremendous opportunity that allowed me to showcase creativity that I don't always have a chance to share with the public."

Suranne Jones, Ricky Tomlinson and Vanessa Redgrave will also be involved in the new series of Playhouse Presents, which gets underway in March.

Fox News' Latest Contributor: Dennis Kucinich?!

Fox News Channel's newest contributor might raise a few eyebrows -- on both sides of the political spectrum.

Former congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has signed a multi-year deal with the network to serve as a contributor, the network said Wednesday.

Kucinich will make his debut on Thursday's edition of "The O'Reilly Factor," before branching out and appearing on other Fox News programs.

It's an attention-grabbing union; Kucinich, a former mayor of Cleveland who went on to serve as a congressman in Ohio, was regarded as one of the more liberal members of the Democratic party during his time in office.

During the George W. Bush Administration years, Kucinich voted against the USA PATRIOT Act and the invasion of Iraq, and pushed for the impeachment of Dick Cheney -- making him an interesting choice, for an network that's regarded by some as having a conservative slant.

But in a statement announcing the hire, Kucinich characterized the network as a dependable venue for airing his viewpoint.

“Through 16 years in Congress and two presidential campaigns, Fox News always provided me with an opportunity to share my perspective with its enormous viewership,” he said.

Also read: Adam Carolla Joins Fox News Channel as a Contributor

Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, meanwhile, championed Kucinich's convictions.

“I’ve always been impressed with Rep. Kucinich’s fearlessness and thoughtfulness about important issues,” Ailes added. “His willingness to take a stand from his point of view makes him a valuable voice in our country’s debate.”

Late last year, the network signed radio personality and former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Adam Carolla as a contributor.

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What Not To Wear (US) S10E03: "TBA"
Wie is... de Mol? S13E03: "Season 13, Episode 3"