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vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Ratings: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Gives Fox a Win

Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" inched up slightly to give the network an overall win for the night, while Game 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup series dropped considerably from last year, according to preliminary numbers.

Airing "So You Think You Can Dance" from 8 to 10 p.m., Fox took first place in the advertiser-cherished 18-49 demographic and total viewers with an average 2.6 rating/8 share and 7 million. Wednesday night's "So You Think You Can Dance" inched up 8 percent in the demo from last week's premiere.

CBS took second place in ratings and total viewers with an average 1.3/4 and 6.5 million. The network ran repeats with the exception of the premiere of "Dogs in the City," which posted a 1.3/4 in the demo with 6.7 million total viewers.

ABC shared third place in the ratings with Univision with an average 1.2/4, and took third in total viewers with an average 3.6 million. The network aired reruns throughout the night.

Univision took fourth place in total viewers with an average 3.1 million total viewers.

NBC came in fourth in ratings and fifth in total viewers with an average 1.0/3 and 2.7 million. The network aired Game 1 of the Stanley Cup hockey face-off. Though the nature of live sports render the network's numbers approximate, early numbers indicate that the game dropped 44 percent in the demo from last year's Game 1, which drew a 1.8/6.

The Thick Of It series four “should be ready for Autumn”

Armando Iannucci has confirmed that series four of BBC political satire The Thick of It is in the can and ready to be edited in time for an autumn air date

Finally, some news to celebrate from the BBC drama and comedy section. Cameras have been rolling (do camera still roll? Whirring perhaps?) on the new series of The Thick of It since March, and this morning creator Armando Iannucci confirmed on Twitter that they’ve just wrapped.

Eight brand new Coalition-themed episodes of the political satire are now waiting to be edited, starring the returning cast of Peter Capaldi, Chris Addison, James Smith, Joanna Scanlan and Rebecca Front. A broadcast date is yet to be confirmed, though Iannucci sent the following tweet, intimating that we should expect to see the new series on the BBC later this year:

“In answer to all your queries, though Thick of It filming is over, editing will take a few months. But all should be ready for Autumn x”

Chris Addison has also been updating his Twitter followers on the new show’s progress, though went about it in with his tongue firmly positioned in his cheek, spilling news on the new, explosive 3D CGI direction the series has taken, and announcing a Brian Eno cover of Bring Me Sunshine performed by Trent Reznor to be the show’s new theme tune. Sounds pretty good, if you ask us…

Damon Lindelof on the Lost finale: A fan's response

A week ago, Damon Lindelof gave us his long-awaited take on the controversial Lost finale, and here's what one fan has to say in response...

It's now been over two years since Lost aired its final episode, and it's safe to say that whether you loved it, hated it or thought it was pretty mediocre, you've had enough time to come to terms with it. As someone who found the eventual conclusion quite a weak one, I was happy to just consign Lost to the pile of topics that I try not to discuss for health reasons, alongside The Matrix sequels and any posthumous adaptation of Douglas Adams' writing.

It was with some measure of trepidation, then, that I watched the 30-minute interview where Damon Lindelof finally gave his extensive, authoritative take on Lost's final moments. This was, in many ways, the holy grail of the disaffected Lost fan: Someone with authorial insight giving an explanation of exactly what the show's ending was supposed to be about. No ambiguity, no guesswork, just Lindelof's undiluted ideas about what, in a nutshell, Lost was about.

And after watching the video, the only question I've got left to ask is whether Damon Lindelof was actually watching his own show.

For those who haven't sat through the interview, the explanation Lindelof gives is that the central purpose of the show, over its six year period, was to take a group characters who were "lost" (in a spiritual/metaphorical sense) and get them to a point where they could forgive themselves and move on. Fair enough. The subtext of the show's title was not lost on us.

But if that was supposed to be the point of the series, a disparity arises when you look at the difference between Lindelof's description of the show's subject matter ("Lost was about the characters") and the show's presentation of its subject matter. Lost, quite famously, trained its audience to spot the tiny details. It encouraged, even rewarded them for caring about the show's internal mythology. It inspired wikis and articles and frame-by-frame analyses the likes of which David Lynch could've only dreamt about getting for Twin Peaks. Somewhere in my house, I still have an Apollo chocolate bar that I got for free as part of a Lost AR game. Nowhere on that chocolate bar does it invite me to consider Jack Shephard's role in all this.

It's no surprise, then, that we viewers felt led to believe that these lost characters would "find" themselves not in some nebulous concept of personal forgiveness (as Lindelof asserts) but by discovering their place in island's grander scheme. And we felt that like them, we would one day discover what that was, and that it would be a carefully constructed mystery that built on the past while revealing the answers to the biggest secrets.

Clearly, we were wrong. Lindelof is quite clear about his feelings on the matter, saying: "It’s not that I didn’t care about the mythology of the show, [but] there is no worse scene in the history of genre than the Architect explaining to Neo everything that happened in The Matrix, and I wasn’t going to fucking touch that with a ten foot pole."

Now, without wanting to combine two of the subjects that get me worked up, I feel it necessary to point out that the problem with The Architect's scene in The Matrix Reloaded wasn't the fact that we were being handed the answers on a platter. It was that it wasn't done in an interesting and emotionally engaging way. The dialogue was excruciating, the scene lasted too long, and it was delivered by a character that reminded us too much of Colonel Sanders.

The big idea delivered in that scene – that Zion is a part of the Matrix system intentionally created to hold people who reject the computer reality, thus invisibly maintaining the machine's control over humanity even when they think they've escaped – is actually a good one. It turned the Matrix concept on its head in an interesting and complicated way. Had they been properly delivered, the revelations could easily have been successful.

And for better or worse, Lost needed a moment like that. Something that made us re-think what we'd seen. Something that gave its characters a narrative resolution to coincide with their thematic closure. It didn't even have to be great. Tell us that the island was a time-loop designed to keep the species alive forever. That it was built as a petting zoo by aliens. Tell us that it was an elaborate reality TV show. As long as it mostly fit with what we had seen, it could have been anything. Anything other than nothing. Battlestar Galactica may have had a terrible ending, but at least it was one that (mostly) answered the questions the series raised.

Because when you watch Lost, the questions you're left with aren't about the characters, but the mysteries that engaged you in the first place: What was the island? What was DHARMA trying to do there? Why did Jacob need a new steward? Those in charge can point at interviews from back then and reiterate that "we never said we'd give you the answers" - but the show's yearly progression flatly contradicts this position.

Lost, at least as we saw it, was driven by questions, and the answers to those questions. What's in the hatch? What happens if you don't push the button? How did the Oceanic Six escape? As it is, we don't even know why, in the most basic material sense, it would have been bad for the Man in Black to have left the island. That's not a small matter, either – keeping him from leaving is, as far as we got an explanation, the purpose of for every event in the entire series! To end the show without giving us the biggest answers wasn't just a bad idea, it was out of step with everything we'd been watching.

It doesn't help that in his interview, Lindelof calls Across the Sea (the origin story of Jacob and the Man in Black) "one of the most unsuccessful episodes" negatively assessing it as "rife with fundamental explanations" and "as close to the Architect scene as we got." Now, I recognise that I may be in the minority here, but that episode, in my opinion, was one of the best of the series.  Lindelof wanted ambiguity. He wanted things left to interpretation. We wanted answers. In that episode, Lost came closer than ever to getting it right. We saw the apparent origins of so much of the show, tacked onto a story that put character first - and yet the episodes that followed managed to simultaneously undermine it, ignore it and hand wave away what major questions it introduced so close to the end of the series.

Now, in fairness, there are parts of Lindelof's explanation that make a lot of sense. At one point in the interview, he says "At the very least, no matter what your interpretation is, you do know that everyone that you ever cared about died, and that you got treated to some version of an epilogue." Which is true. And it's probably one of the better things about Lost's ending: the fate of the characters was never in dispute. The thing that upset people is that the fate of the island didn't get the same resolution.

Of course, perhaps the only way we can really come to terms with the ending of Lost isn't by learning the answers, but by submitting to Lindelof's ultimate explanation: "What did these people get out of this plane crash? The answer, as corny as it sounds, is each other. That’s what they got. They were all fucked up, sad individuals who were lost in their own lives and hated themselves, and somehow they found some fundamental community with each other." As someone who has found fundamental community with hordes of other disappointed Lost fans, maybe Lindelof's explanation of the ending is more insightful than even he realises. And maybe next time a show built on mysteries and mythology captures the public imagination, we'll at least know to wait until the complete DVD box set comes out before deciding whether to watch it

'American Idol' Parent Company CKx Relaunched as CORE Media Group

CKx, the parent company of "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance," was relaunched as CORE Media Group on Thursday.

The new company, which includes Elvis Presley Enterprises and Muhammad Ali Enterprises among its assets, also added four members to its senior management team Thursday. Martha Stewart Omnimedia alum Peter Hurwitz has signed on as executive vice president, general counsel of CORE, while Kay Straky, formerly of Relativity Media, will serve as executive vice president, human resources. Matt Apfel, the company's new chief digital officer, and Jason Morey, who will serve as executive vice president and worldwide head of music for 19 Entertainment, round out the new additions.

CORE Media Group president Marc Graboff, the former head of NBC's West Coast business operations who joined CKx earlier this year, announced the relaunch and new additions.

“Our focus now is to take CORE to the next level. This means everything from creative content and new means of distribution to changing the way we partner with sponsors, producers and artists to grow our business,” Graboff said. “These executives have the broad institutional knowledge combined with a deep understanding of how to accomplish all of our goals, and I am thrilled to welcome them to CORE.”

Ratings: History's 'Hatfields & McCoys' Breaks Its Own Record

The third and final installment of the History Channel miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys" shattered another ratings record Wednesday night, becoming the most-watched non-sports telecast on ad-supported cable -- a record that the miniseries broke with its maiden installment on Monday.

The "Hatfields & McCoys" finale raked in 14.3 million total viewers, compared to Monday's 13.9 million total viewers.

Wednesday's installment also pulled in 6.3 million viewers in the 24-54 demographic, the highest numbers for a non-sports telecast on ad-supported cable in 14 years.

Overall, the miniseries averaged 13.8 total viewers, 6 million viewers in the 25-54 demo and 4.9 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic during its three-night run.

"Hatfields & McCoys" starred Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the patriarchs behind one of the most infamous feuds in American history.

Katherine Kelly: 'Corrie cast want me to return already'

Katherine Kelly has revealed that her former Coronation Street co-stars have already been asking her to return.

The actress, whose character Becky McDonald only left Weatherfield in January, admitted that she does "miss" the show.

"When I left the show I made it clear that I wanted the door to remain open so I'd be able to return," she told The Mirror.

"They're always asking me to go back and I think that, one day, I will. I have so many happy memories from working on the Street and I do miss those on the show."

The 32-year-old has also today (May 31) been confirmed for a role on This Morning, following in the footsteps of EastEnders legend Pam St Clement.

From Monday, June 11, Kelly will front a four-part weekly segment in the programme entitled Kelly's Heroes, which sees the star tour the country to meet charity campaigners and other unsung heroes.

"I'm really excited about the This Morning project, although I had no idea just how difficult presenting actually is," Kelly said.

"I got to meet all these ordinary people doing extraordinary things - all oblivious to how inspirational they all are. It was very humbling."

According to a source, ITV is keen to establish Kelly as one of its "golden girls", claiming she has a "big future" with the broadcaster.

The insider added: "Kate was immensely popular with Coronation Street viewers, and ITV bosses thought she'd be a natural in front of the camera, if given her own format. The hope is that [Kelly's Heroes] will lead to other things."

'Walking Dead' to Premiere Black & White Version of Pilot

"The Walking Dead" is about to look more like "Night of the Living Dead."

AMC is devoting the weekend of July 7-8 to a "Walking Dead" marathon that will include a special black-and-white version of the series pilot, created for fans of "The Walking Dead" comic book.

The marathon, a week before Comic-Con in San Diego, begins at 11:30 a.m. each day and includes all 19 episodes of the zombie drama's first two seasons. It will also include a special primetime episode of the series' aftershow, the Chris Hardwick-hosted "Talking Dead," and a look at the upcoming third season of "The Walking Dead."

Hardwick will introduce each installment from the set of season three in Atlanta.

The weekend will also feature cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The hour-long "Talking Dead" special on July 8 was shot live in Los Angeles, and will include a scene from season three, interviews with the cast, a tour of the new sets (the prison?) and a look at the props and wardrobe from the new season.

Labrinth: 'I won't write songs for X Factor stars'

Labrinth has insisted that he will not write songs for X Factor stars, despite being signed to Simon Cowell's record label.

The singer revealed that the Syco boss asked him to work with contestants from the talent show on his label, but he rejected the offer.

"Simon Cowell may be my manager but I'm not going to work with any of the musicians from The X Factor," Labrinth told the Daily Star.

"Simon did say a few things to me about working with some of the artists but he knows I'm not into the idea. I'm fine about always being linked to Simon because that's the way the music industry works."

Labrinth's new single 'Express Yourself' will be officially released in the UK on June 3.

The track is the fourth to be lifted from his debut album Electronic Earth.

'Primeval' series five to air on ITV1 a year after Watch broadcast

The fifth series of Primeval is to finally air on ITV1.

The sci-fi drama's most recent run will premiere on June 16, producers Impossible Pictures have confirmed.

The show was renewed for two more series by ITV and digital channel Watch in 2009.

Under the joint agreement, ITV had first broadcast rights on Primeval's fourth series, with Watch then being able to air the episodes at a later date.

Watch would then air the fifth series first - which it did between May and June 2011 - with ITV having second run rights.

The six latest episodes - starring Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt and Ciarán McMenamin - will now air on ITV1 over a year after their first digital broadcast.

The future of the original Primeval is currently unclear with no further episodes being commissioned since the 2009 revival. However, in May 2011, Potts (Connor) told Digital Spy that he and co-star Spearritt (Abby) were unsure of their future with the programme.

"Primeval deserves to carry on, and I hope it does," he said. "As for mine and Hannah's involvement in that, we're not entirely sure."

A new Primeval spinoff - subtitled New World - was officially announced in February 2012. The "older, darker and scarier" series has filmed in Vancouver and will be broadcast on Watch in late 2012.

Justin Bieber Starring in NBC Special 'All Around the World'

Justin Bieber will star in his first broadcast network TV special on NBC: "Justin Bieber: All Around the World" will feature performances and a look at his life on tour.

"We're thrilled to air Justin Bieber's first network special," said Doug Vaughan, NBC's senior vice president of special programs and late night. "We'll have unprecedented access to Justin as our cameras film not only his performances, but his every move on this global tour --- giving our viewers an all access pass to his life over a 12-day period, something rarely seen on TV today."

The 12-day tour includes stops in seven countries, and will end with a June 15 Bieber performance in New York City (part of the "Today" show summer concert series). He is promoting the June 19 release of his new album, "Believe."

Bieber previously starred in an ITV British holiday TV special, "This Is Justin Bieber," which re-aired on TLC.

Nicole Scherzinger "so grateful" for 'The X Factor'

X Factor guest judge Nicole Scherzinger has said that she feels "grateful" to be returning to the show.

The 'Don't Hold Your Breath' singer appeared as a temporary panellist on the 2010 series of The X Factor, filling in for then-judge Dannii Minogue while she was on maternity leave.

She was then awarded a permanent position on The X Factor USA after Cheryl Cole was axed, but left the show upon the completion of its first season.

Tweeting ahead of the latest X Factor auditions in London this week, Scherzinger declared: "Super excited to be back in London for @TheXFactor! Can't wait to find more unique and interesting talent.

"Looking forward to seeing my UK fans in London at the 02. I'm so grateful and blessed to have them!!! #secondhome."

After completing her stint with Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh today (May 31), she wrote: "Great day w/ @theXfactor @officialtulisa @gbarlowofficial @walshlife! We saw some amazing talent! Thanks UK for always being so kind to me! #grateful."

Prior to Scherzinger, Geri Halliwell, Leona Lewis and Rita Ora had all completed guest stints on the panel.

A permanent fourth judge is still to be found, with the latest rumours suggesting that Minogue is once again in the running after allegedly rejecting a £1m offer to return.

'Dexter' Showrunner Joins 'Nurse Jackie' as Showtime Renews It for 5th Season

Showtime has ordered a fifth season of "Nurse Jackie" with former "Dexter" showrunner Clyde Phillips taking over as its showrunner.

Phillips worked on the first four seasons of "Dexter." "Nurse Jackie" stars Emmy winner Edie Falco as a brilliant but flawed emergency room nurse.

Phillips will join Richie Jackson and Caryn Mandabach as executive producers on "Nurse Jackie." The fifth season of the show, a co-production of Showtime and Lionsgate, will begin production late this year.

“Clyde brings a unique combination of skills in both comedy and drama, and he is a master at making entertaining and compelling television,” said Showtime entertainment president David Nevins. “We are so thrilled with the series’ performance this year, and we know that with the incomparable Edie Falco in front of the camera, the fifth season of 'Nurse Jackie' will be even better.”

Currently in its fourth season, the series also stars Eve Best, Merritt Wever, Paul Schulze, Dominic Fumusa, Anna Deavere Smith and Peter Facinelli. Arjun Gupta and Stephen Wallem are guest stars, and Lenny Jacobson co-stars.

The show's season four premiere earned 1.1 million viewers for the night, up 30 percent over its prior season’s premiere night.

Grammys Returning to Staples Center for Feb. 10 Show

The Grammy Awards will return to Los Angeles' Staples Center next year and will air on Sunday, Feb. 10.

The Grammys and CBS, which airs the awards, also announced that "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live," where nominees in several categories are announced, will air Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012.

The ceremony is one of television's biggest draws, earning 39.9 million viewers this year. That was the largest Grammy audience since 1984 and the second largest in history. The ceremony came a day after Whitney Houston's death, and many tuned in to see how it would honor her.

Next year's Emmys will be the 55th annual awards.

'BGT' Jonathan & Charlotte's Simon Cowell record deal confirmed

Britain's Got Talent operatic duo Jonathan & Charlotte have been signed by Simon Cowell's record label.

The teenage singers, who finished runners-up in the 2012 competition earlier in the month, will release an album in September as originally claimed this morning.

Jonathan Antoine said: "Appearing on the show has been a huge confidence boost and I'm still pinching myself that we are actually making our album."

"Thank you to everyone for making this happen for us," the 17-year-old added.

Cowell, head of Syco Music, commented: "This show is designed to give people like Jonathan & Charlotte an opportunity."

Emmy Predictions in May: Who Will Win, and Who Should

Yes, it's hilariously early to guess this year's Emmy winners. Nominations ballots won't be posted until June 7, and nominations won't be announced until July 19. But we're offering our Emmy predictions now – nearly four months before the Emmy ceremony.

Why? Because with the broadcast networks' season drawing to a close, our memories are fresh. And because we love this stuff.

We're predicting a mix of safe choices and bold changes this year, with the top male acting awards going to the usual suspects and the female ones going to the anchors of celebrated new shows.

We think "Mad Men" will miss out on a fifth consecutive drama award – and will have to cede it to a fellow AMC show. And we expect the best comedy prize to go to "Modern Family," though voters would really impress us by recognizing "Louie."

Here's our very, very preliminary look at who would and should win the major awards this year.



Will Win: "Modern Family"

The ABC hit has won for the last two consecutive years, and Emmy voters will rightly remember that if it ain’t broke…

Voters will probably re-nominate the inoffensive "The Big Bang Theory" and "Parks and Recreation," which is only getting better. "30 Rock" will probably return again, too, based on its strength in past seasons. But they may abandon "The Office" or "Glee," which no longer generate the heat they once did. Daring replacements would be HBO’s "Girls" or FX’s "Louie."

Should Win: "Louie" or "Modern Family"

"Louie" is one of the most brilliant shows on television. But it also defies genre and is sometimes boldly serious—and even disturbing. "Modern Family" is a more straightforward comedy but still takes funny and exciting risks. And it’s an easier show to like. It would be hard to complain about a third consecutive win.


Will Win: "Breaking Bad"

The shift of "Downton Abbey" (last year’s Emmy winner for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie) to this category certainly heightens the drama in drama. Voters could go for the British series, or make the safe and very defensible decision to award "Mad Men" for the fifth consecutive time.

But we think the voters will recognize that nothing on television was as flat-out dramatic – and insanely addictive — as "Breaking Bad." AMC’s methamphetamine epic, which came roaring back after missing a year because it was off the air during the eligibility period, asked serious philosophical questions even as it spun as intense a crime story as you’ll ever see. (Well, except for "The Wire," which was shamefully and absurdly denied a single Emmy.)

As for other nominees, "Boardwalk Empire" should score a return to the category, given a second season that ended with a bang after some slow moments. Showtime’s "Homeland"  could easily bump out "Dexter," and "Game of Thrones" will almost certainly gain another nod, since its buzz has only increased since last season.

Look for the ever-reliable "The Good Wife" to score another nomination as well.

Should Win: "Breaking Bad"

Voters may prefer to wait until the end of the show’s next season—its last—to recognize its entire run. But they shouldn’t. This is the rare case in which a win for any other show would make the voters look silly.


Will Win: Claire Danes, "Homeland"

The "Homeland" star will join a formidable category that will likely include last year’s winner, Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"), as well as previous nominees Mireille Enos ("The Killing"), Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: SVU") and Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men").

Look for "Smash" star Debra Messing, a six-time Emmy nominee and winner for "Will & Grace," to score a nomination as well.

But Danes will win for a big performance that anchored the splashiest new drama of the year.

Should Win: Danes


Will Win: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad"

No one else came close to Cranston this year, and the only reason he didn’t win a fourth consecutive Emmy last year was that "Breaking Bad" didn’t air during the eligibility period.

Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire"), Jon Hamm ("Mad Men"), Hugh Laurie ("House") and Timothy Olyphant ("Justified") will all likely be back in the category. A strong case could be made that Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") should join them after winning the supporting dramatic actor category last year – his role has only gotten more essential to the show -- but he opted to submit in the supporting category again.

Hamm deserves an Emmy and will surely get one by the seventh and final season of "Mad Men," when Cranston will be out of the picture. It would also be defensible for voters to recognize Laurie, who has been nominated six times before, given that "House" is in its last season. But it would be a little dishonest not to recognize Cranston for his best season, after recognizing him in three previous ones.

Should Win: Cranston


Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "Veep"

We’re going out on a limb here, in an extremely tough category, but bear with us. Edie Falco has already won once in this category for "Nurse Jackie" and three times as lead dramatic actress for "The Sopranos." Melissa McCarthy, last year’s winner, is hilarious — but she won as much for "Bridesmaids" as for her show. Past "30 Rock" winner Tina Fey has had stronger years than this one. Three-time Emmy winner Laura Linney is always a threat for blending comedy and drama in "The Big C." And past nominees Martha Plimpton and Amy Poehler are very strong on "Raising Hope" and "Parks and Recreation," respectively.

But we think a couple of these extremely deserving actresses will be bumped this year —we wouldn’t dream of guessing which ones — in favor of Louis-Dreyfus and Lena Dunham, the auteur behind "Girls."

Brace yourself for a non-shock: People sometimes get nominations and awards because of things they’ve done outside the show or category in which they’re nominated. (See: McCarthy, last year.) Dunham not only proves herself a very capable comic actress in "Girls" but also writes, directs and created the show. And she’s a new, fresh face. The uncompromising, sometimes deliberately abrasive humor of the show will keep her from winning, but voters should recognize her with a nomination.

Zooey Deschanel could easily join this category as well, based on the popularity of "The New Girl," but we don’t expect her to win in her first year.

Should Win: Louis-Dreyfus or Amy Poehler, "Parks and Recreation"

Louis-Dreyfus is a known quantity to voter, and has been a dynamo in the scant bit of "Veep" we’ve seen so far. This seems like a dream match of actress and role: She gets to be smart, self-deprecating, torn, vulnerable and darkly funny. The thing is, so does Poehler, and she’s been at it for four seasons.


Will Win: Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory"

"The Big Bang Theory" has had a huge year, climbing in the ratings and shooting its 100th episode, which could mean a third consecutive win for Jim Parsons or a first one for Johnny Galecki, who was nominated last year. We also won’t be surprised to see Louis C.K. back for "Louie," or perennial nominee (and two-time winner) Alec Baldwin return for "30 Rock," despite one of his less-remarkable years. Jon Cryer may also score a nod for "Two and a Half Men," and Ed Helms may take over Steve Carrell’s old slot for "The Office."

Should Win: Louis C.K., "Louie"

Louis C.K. writes, directs and stars in the brilliant show he also created. Last year’s "Duckling” was one of the best hours of television ever made. Recognizing him with an acting prize would be a good consolation prize for giving "Modern Family" the Outstanding Comedy Series award.


Will Win: "The Amazing Race"

Because it almost always wins.

Should Win: "The Amazing Race"

Because it almost always deserves to win.

Fox Suit Against Dish Over Ad-Skipping Delayed by Judge

A New York judge on Wednesday dealt the networks a blow in their battle to stop Dish Networks and its ad-skipping AutoHop technology.

A suit filed by Fox, which seeks to ban the feature Dish debuted May 10, was delayed until July 2 by U.S. District Judge Laura T. Swain.

She granted Dish's request for a temporary restraining order, ruling that Fox, along with NBC and CBS, must show cause on that date why their suits should proceed while Dish's request for a declaratory judgment that its AutoHop feature does not violate copyright laws is heard.

Dish filed its suit last Thursday in New York, hours before Fox filed its suit in Los Angeles. NBC and CBS then followed with their own suits against Dish hours later in Los Angeles.

Dish evp and general counsel R.Stanton Dodge issued a statement applauding the ruling.

“We’re pleased that the New York federal court has entered a TRO against Fox until the NewYork court decides whether the suits filed by Foxs, CBS and NBC in California should be enjoined in favor of Dish's suit in New York. Dish looks forward to presenting its case and prevailing on the merits.”

In its suit, Dish said it was suing because "the major television networks have threatened it with litigation" intended to stifle AutoHop.

Dish, the nation's third-largest pay-television provider, contends that the AutoHop technology is like a more advanced form of fast-forwarding. With the touch of a button, viewers can decide not to watch the ads on recorded shows that aired the day before.

But the networks say AutoHop is a threat to ad-supported television.

In its lawsuit, Fox said Dish's "PrimeTime Anytime" service -- which includes the AutoHop feature -- is a "bootleg broadcast video-on-demand service" that "makes an unauthorized copy of the entire primetime broadcast for all four major networks every night."

Alan Partridge isn't based on anyone, says Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan has insisted that his popular character of Alan Partridge isn't based on any broadcaster.

Mid-Morning Matters presenter Partridge was previously rumoured to have been inspired by the likes of Richard Madeley, Tony Blackburn and ITN newsreader-come-Police Camera Action! host Alastair Stewart.

However, appearing at a launch for Partridge's new Sky Atlantic show, Coogan told journalists: "He wasn't based on anyone. He really isn't.

"The Richard Madeley thing, bizarrely, I actually think things he says are too ridiculous for Alan. He's almost like old-school Alan. I find him quite fascinating, but he's not the basis for it. He does say things that are quite Alan-like."

Delving into the character's personality, writer Armando Iannucci commented: "Alan has always had the on-air confidence, but inner crisis of confidence.

"He is up against genuine journalists and presenters who look down on him. He has always wanted to move into warmer directions and obviously he has this love/hate relationship with people from London."

Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life airs on Sky Atlantic on Monday, June 25.

Development Update: The 1st of June

UNTITLED CLARICE STARLING PROJECT (Lifetime, New!) - The cable channel is developing a prequel series to Thomas Harris's "The Silence of the Lambs" which "would follow the exploits of a young Clarice Starling soon after she graduates from the FBI academy." MGM Television is behind the hour, which isn't tied to NBC's upcoming series "Hannibal," about the early relationship between Hannibal Lecter and FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). Jodie Foster originated the role of Clarice Starling in the 1991 feature with Julianne Moore taking over for the 2001's "Hannibal." (

- Jennifer Cecil and Barbie Kligman have been upped to executive producers on the veteran drama while co-star Tim Daly won't be returning for the show's sixth season. "Wonderful fans of PPP. Shonda informed my agent today that Pete wont be returning for season 6," the actor announced via his Twitter account. "It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder." As for Cecil and Kligman, said duo will succeed Steve Blackman and Craig Turk as co-head writers, reporting to showrunner Shonda Rhimes. (, @TimmyDaly)

- Feature writer Jeff Nathanson ("Tower Heist") is developing a new dramedy at the pay channel "described as an unflinching behind-the-scenes look at a professional basketball team - and the money, sex, power and temptation that consumes the wild lives of millionaire players and billionaire owners." He'll write, direct and executive produce the hour alongside Gavin Polone. No other details were given. (

TV Tonight 1st of June 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    20/20 S34E46: "Season 34, Episode 46"
    7 Days (NZ) S04E12: "Season 4, Episode 12"
    8 out of 10 cats S13E06: "Series 13, Episode 6"
    A League of Their Own (UK) S05E07: "Series 5, Episode 7"
    A.N.T. Farm S02E01: "Creative ConsultANT"
    A.N.T. Farm S02E02: "InfANT"
    Acayip Hikayeler S01E08: "Dört Dakika / Four Minutes"
    Accel World S01E09: "Escalation"
    Alan Carr: Chatty Man S08E06
    America's Most Wanted S25E26: "Season 25, Episode 26"
    Bargain Hunt S32E03: "Series 32, Episode 3"
    Best Friends Forever S01E06: "Fatal Blow Out"
    Best Friends Forever S01E05: "Hey Nonny Nonny"
    Better Homes and Gardens S14E18: "Series 14, Episode 18"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E90: "Del 90"
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E15: "Series 1, Show 15"
    College Tour S07E05: "Eric Schmidt"
    Come Dine With Me S18E91: "Series 18, Come Dine With Me"
    Coming Home (US) S02E05: "We'll Be Here for You"
    Common Law (2012) S01E03: "Soul Mates"
    Coronation Street S53E111: "Fri Jun 1, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E110: "Fri Jun 1, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Dateline NBC S21E52: "FR2137"
    Days of our Lives S47E145: "Ep. #11855"
    De Zonen van Van As S01E11: "Season 1, Episode 11"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E252: "Episode 1932"
    Doctors S14E42: "Jerusalem"
    EastEnders S28E89: "June 1, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E131: "June 1, 2012"
    Euro 2012 S01E08: "Preview Show - 8"
    Fairly Legal S02E11: "Borderline"
    Fake Britain S03E10: "Series 3, Episode 10"
    Fashion Police S07E22: "Season 7, Episode 22"
    Fish Hooks S02E19: "So-fish-ticated"
    Gardeners' World S45E11: "June 1, 2012"
    General Hospital (US) S50E44: "#12572"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E195: "Season 22, Episode 195"
    Goldfathers S01E05: "Mined Over Matter"
    Great British Menu S07E40: "The Olympic Feast - 40"
    Have I Got News for You S43E08
    Hollyoaks S18E110: "June 1, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E95: "Episode 5530"
    Horrible Histories S04E12: "Series 4, Episode 12"
    House Hunters S48E109
    House Hunters International S25E112
    House Hunters on Vacation S02E01
    Insane or Inspired? S01E02: "25 Craziest Backyard Inventions"
    Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country S01E07
    Jeopardy! S28E185: "Show #6390"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E198
    Magic City S01E08: "Time and Tide"
    Masterchef Australia S04E24: "Masterclass 4"
    Melissa & Tye S01E06: "Sleep, Please?"
    My Yard Goes Disney S02E01
    Neighbours S28E105: "Episode 6415"
    Phineas and Ferb S03E40: "What a Croc!"
    Pointless S06E58: "Series 6, Episode 58"
    Poms in Paradise S02E10: "Series 2, Episode 10"
    Sakamichi no Apollon S01E08: "Mood Indigo: These Foolish Things"
    Salatut elämät S14E175
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S03E00
    Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids S02E16
    Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids S02E15
    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan S01E08
    Stand Up for the Week S04E06: "Series 4, Episode 6"
    The Block S05E42: "The Block Unlocked"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E50: "Ep. #6334"
    The Chase (2009) S05E84: "Series 5, Episode 84"
    The Dead Files S02E08: "Pandora's Box"
    The Graham Norton Show S11E08
    The Great British Story: A People's History S01E02
    The Half Hour S01E08: "Maronzio Vance"
    The Half Hour S01E07: "Theo Von"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E183: "June 1, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E93
    The Link S01E02: "From Aqueducts to Oil Rigs"
    The Project S04E130: "Season 4, Episode 130"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E90: "Season 1, Episode 90"
    The Ricky Gervais Show S03E07: "Law & Order"
    The Singing Bee S05E07: "Season 5, Episode 7"
    The Ultimate Fighter S15E13: "The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale"
    The View S15E172
    The Young and the Restless S40E49: "Ep. #9918"
    Thuis S17E200: "Season 17, Episode 200"
    True Justice S01E09: "Yakuza"
    Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07E63: "Right Turn"
    Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07E64: "The Loan Ranger"
    Van Der Vorst Ziet Sterren S05E06: "Season 5, Episode 6"
    Very Important People S01E06: "Episode 6"
    VH1's Storytellers S12E08: "Jason Mraz"
    Whale Wars S05E01: "Setting the Trap"
    Whale Wars S05E00: "Battle Scars"
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown! S12E88: "Season 12, Episode 88"

Marc Cherry's 'Devious Maids' Could End Up at Lifetime

Marc Cherry's "Devious Maids" hasn't been relegated to the dustbin of TV history just yet.

The hour-long drama, which was passed over by ABC in the recent pilot season, might find a home at Lifetime, an individual with knowledge of the situation confirms to TheWrap.

ABC Studios, which produced the pilot, is in preliminary talks with Lifetime about picking up the project, a soapy drama based on a Mexican format that follows the lives of five ambitious maids while they work for wealthy Beverly Hills residents.

The pilot had cast "Ugly Betty" alum Ana Ortiz and "All My Children" star Susan Lucci. Cherry wrote and executive-produced the pilot.

Lifetime had no comment on the talks.

The network is also developing a drama about "Silence of the Lambs" character Clarice Starling, following the early days of the FBI agent's career.

'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation Gets Some Comic Relief

For the few who don't think that "Jersey Shore"'s Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is two-dimensional enough already, this might be right up your alley.

Sorrentino will be the subject of a new comic book produced by Wizard World and Sorrentino's company, MPS Entertainment, and the company has revealed a first look at the effort, depicting Sorrentino in all his ab-tastic glory.

The comic, which is being drawn by Greg Horn ("X-Men," "Elektra"), will premiere at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, which tales place Aug. 9-12.

Sorrentino will be on hand at the convention, to promote the title (and hopefully teach the comic-book geeks in attendance a thing or two about the GTL philosophy).

“I was confident that an amazing artist like Greg Horn would come up with a great look, but I was still blown away by his painting,” Sorrentino said of the first look. “It has me more excited than ever to see what’s coming next.”

Along with Horn, writer Paul Jenkins, pencil-and-ink artist Talent Caldwell and colorist Paul Mounts are involved with the effort.

Now they just need to find just the right shade of orange to capture Sorrentino's skin tone.

'The Apprentice' remains steady for BBC One

The latest episode of The Apprentice drew similar numbers week-on-week last night (May 30), according to overnight data.

An average of 6.15m (25.7%) tuned in to see the semi-final firing on BBC One, with 2.32m (11.9%) catching BBC Two spinoff You're Fired!.

Earlier on BBC One, DIY SOS: The Big Build grabbed 4.41m (20.8%).

The third two-hour instalment of ITV1's Lewis continued with 4.85m (21.4%) and 320k (1.6%) on timeshift. It was preceded by The Unforgettable which had 3.4m (17.7%).

Prior to You're Fired! on BBC Two, Springwatch attracted 1.66m (7.8%) and Afghanistan: The Great Game managed 954k (4%).

Channel 4's Secret Eaters got 1.33m (6.3%) in the 8pm hour (+1: 141k/0.6%), and 24 Hours in A&E was watched by 2.13m (8.9%) afterwards (+1: 443k/2.6%).

NCIS entertained 1.32m (5.5%) on Channel 5 (+1: 133k/0.8%). It was preceded by Emergency Bikers, which grabbed 663k (3.1%) and 101k on +1, and followed by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (932k/5.3%).

Overall, BBC One secured primetime victory with 21.9% ahead of ITV1's 19.9% (+1: 1.1%). BBC Two came third with 7.2% beating Channel 4's 5.7% and Channel 5's 4% (+1: 0.4%).

On the multichannels, Peter Andre: My Life took 639k (2.7%) on ITV2 (+1: 230k/1.3%).

Steven Moffat: 'No chance of BBC giving up on Doctor Who'

Doctor Who exec Steven Moffat has insisted that the BBC still backs the show.

The writer said that there was "no chance" of the broadcaster "giving up" on the sci-fi drama, in an interview on BBC Radio 5's Richard Bacon Show.

"It's a huge money-spinner," Moffat explained. "It's doing better than ever abroad - the global number of people watching Doctor Who has just gone up and up and up.

"It was the most downloaded show on American iTunes last year - [there's] not a chance of the BBC giving up on Doctor Who, not at all."

Moffat also dismissed the suggestion that viewers were getting "shorter and shorter seasons" of the programme.

"We're just splitting it over Christmas, we're making the same number of episodes as usual," he said. "We delayed it a few months to start it later in the year, that's all that's happened."

The seventh series of Doctor Who will introduce a new companion, with Moffat describing the arrival of actress Jenna-Louise Coleman as "very exciting".

"When a new companion comes in it sort of reboots the show a little bit, it makes you look at the Doctor differently, it makes the show feel different," he suggested.

"It's literally a new beginning, you're back to chapter one - in a way [the show is] always a story of someone getting to know the Doctor, and now it's Jenna's character."

The showrunner went on to praise Coleman, calling the 26-year-old "wonderful and spiky and salty and clever".

"I'm thrilled with her - everyone's going to be," he said.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in the autumn, with the series seven premiere debuting at this year's Edinburgh International Television Festival.

'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke to Direct 'Hell on Wheels' Episode

Catherine Hardwicke is moving from Forks, Washington to the Old West.

"Twilight" director Hardwicke has signed on to direct an episode of the upcoming second season of "Hell on Wheels," AMC confirmed to TheWrap.

Hardwicke directs the fourth episode of the second season, which finds foreman Cullen Bohannan going to extremes in order to end a strike by the railroad employees.

Set in post-Civil War America, "Hell on Wheels" chronicles the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, with Anson Mount starring as Bohannan, a former Confederate soldier who attempts to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who killed his wife.

The second season of "Hell on Wheels" premieres Aug. 12 at 9 p.m.

CNN Skids to 20-Year Monthly Ratings Low in Primetime

CNN hit a 20-year primetime ratings low in May, an expected dive for the cable news network after it posted its worst weekly ratings in two decades earlier in the month.

CNN had its lowest month primetime total viewers since October 1991. It also had its second lowest-rated month in more than 20 years in the 25-to-54 demographic most important to news advertisers.

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC were all down from May 2011, partly because this May was a slow news month, while last May included such big stories as the death of Osama bin Laden. But CNN was down much more than its rivals, falling 51 percent in total primetime viewers compared to 9 percent for top-rated Fox News and 19 percent for MSNBC. Fox averaged 1.7 million total primetime viewers, MSNBC 674,000, and CNN 389,000.

CNN brought in reinforcements this week, announcing Wednesday morning that ABC News' John Berman would join its 5 a.m. show "Early Start." On Tuesday, it announced that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain would leave the Travel Channel to join CNN's lineup with a new cooking and travel show in early 2013.

Bourdain's addition represents another move out of CNN's hard-news comfort zone. The network has also upped its celebrity coverage on the ratings-challenged primetime show "Piers Morgan Tonight."

In May, Morgan delivered the lowest 9 p.m. numbers for CNN in 20 years in both total viewers and viewers 25-54.

Here are ratings for CNN, Fox and MSNBC in May vs. May 2011.


FNC: 1,011,000 total viewers – down 6%; (248,000 in 25-54 – down 12%)

MSNBC: 385,000 total viewers – down 19%; (124,000 in 25-54 – down 26%)

CNN: 288,000 total viewers – down 52%; (84,000 in 25-54 – down 61%)


FNC: 1,692,000 total viewers – down 9%; (326,000 in 25-54 – down 23%)

MSNBC: 674,000 total viewers – down 19%; (216,000 in 25-54 – down 21%)

CNN: 389,000 total viewers – down 51%; (114,000 in 25-54 – down 57%)

'Doctor Who': 'Luther' creator Neil Cross to write new episode

Luther creator Neil Cross is to write an episode of Doctor Who.

The instalment, which will air in 2013, is currently filming in Cardiff and will star new Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, Doctor Who Magazine reports.

Cross created hit Idris Elba crime drama Luther in 2010 and also served as head writer on Spooks between 2006 and 2008. He is also developing ten-part pirate series Crossbones for NBC.

Mark Gatiss has also confirmed to Digital Spy that he will write a 2013 episode of Doctor Who.

"It's for the new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman - that's all I can tell you or I will actually be shot!" he joked.

Coleman will first appear in the show's 2012 Christmas special, which will start filming later in the year.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat recently told DS that he is keen to keep the identity of Coleman's character a secret until Christmas.

"We can't really contain everything, because people will crawl all over us with cameras and sneak views of scripts and call-sheets," he admitted. "Something will get out. But we've been fairly sly, so let's wait and see."

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in the autumn, with the series seven premiere debuting at this year's Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Issue 448 of Doctor Who Magazine is on sale from Thursday, priced £4.50.

Big Brother 2012 housemate has 'shocking sex secret'

One of the Big Brother 2012 housemates has a ‘shocking sex secret’, it has been claimed.

Big Brother host Brian Dowling confirmed to us that all of the housemates have been chosen for weeks, and are now in hiding away from TV, newspapers and the internet.

One of the wannabes in the line up is said to have a big secret about their sexuality, which none of the other housemates will know about.

The Daily Star (who else?) claim that the secret, together with the new house’s luxury bedroom, will lead to some saucy scenes on the telly when the show airs.

“It’s got to be Channel 5′s most daring and shocking stunt,” a source told the newspaper this week. “It’s never been done before. The moral crusaders will be screaming to have the plug pulled on the show.”

It’s understood that sixteen housemates will enter the house on launch night next Tuesday.

They’ll spend up to nine and a half weeks inside, when a series of Celebrity Big Brother will take over.

Stick with us for all the Big Brother action from launch night on June 5.

Steven Moffat on 'Elementary': 'CBS has behaved pretty remarkably'

Sherlock exec Steven Moffat has admitted that he is not "impressed" by CBS series Elementary.

Moffat previously revealed that the US network had approached him about remaking the BBC's Sherlock, before pressing on with their own Sherlock Holmes update.

"We weren't ready to do [a US remake] yet," the writer explained to IGN. "[CBS] said, 'We're great people to come to, we're full of integrity', - a few weeks later, we discovered they were just going ahead and doing it anyway.

"So that was another example of what happens in LA television, I suppose. I wasn't very impressed by it. I haven't had good experiences in general with that lot."

Moffat criticised the network's conduct, calling it "pretty remarkable behaviour".

"It's tough," he explained. "If [Elementary is] bad, it debases the coinage of our show [or] if it's too like our show, we'll have to take action."

Moffat recently told Digital Spy that he has not seen any clips from Elementary, insisting that his previous quotes about the show have been "rather exaggerated".

"I haven't seen it, so I can't really comment," he said. "I think everyone's very anxious for me to have a go at it, and I'm really not."

Elementary will air on Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS this fall.

'Sherlock' episode with naked Lara Pulver tops BBC iPlayer chart

Sherlock is currently the most-watched show on the BBC iPlayer for 2012.

The Benedict Cumberbatch drama took the top three spots between January and April, new figures released by the BBC reveal.

Series two premiere 'A Scandal in Belgravia' starring actress Lara Pulver in much-publicised nude scenes was the most-watched episode overall, with 2.5m viewers.

Finale 'The Reichenbach Fall' managed 1.9m.

'The Hounds of Baskerville' took the third spot with 1.6m, ahead of the Top Gear India Special which attracted 1.1m.

Other shows to make the top ten include the New Year's Day instalment of EastEnders (1.09m), the Hustle series eight premiere (967,000), the first part of the BBC's Birdsong adaptation (866,000) and the first episode of hit drama Call the Midwife (800,000).

Sherlock's Steven Moffat recently confirmed to Digital Spy that new episodes will begin filming in January, while series co-creator Mark Gatiss also revealed to DS that he will write the show's third series premiere.

Robbie Savage turned down Celebrity Big Brother 2012

Footie star and pundit Robbie Savage has revealed he’s turned down Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

In an interview with Female First, the long haired former footballer revealed he sees the show as “just desperate”.

“I was offered Big Brother, yeah, but I said no,” he told the magazine. “Big Brother to me is just desperate. Even if I was skint I still wouldn’t do it. It’s not me at all.”

Despite the comments, Robbie hasn’t been shy from taking part in other reality shows, including last year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

But the 37-year-old confessed: “To be honest my confidence [in dancing] hasn’t gone up at all.

“I can’t dance. I can learn a routine but if someone asked me to go and do a foxtrot right now I couldn’t do it.”

But he added: “I’m glad I did it, I have no regrets but I still can’t dance!”

'EastEnders' Cheryl Fergison signs up for new Derren Litten sitcom

Ex-EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison has signed up for a new sitcom on Sky Living.

The Heather Trott actress, who was written out of the Albert Square soap in March, will star in a comedy penned by Benidorm's Derren Litten.

Fergison told her followers on Twitter: "Fab derrin litten yes he of benidorm is writing a new series and i am lucky enough to be playing a character in it ..gonna be fab (sic).

"It is a new series called The Spa. derrin has already tweeted about it and i play a character in it ..rehursals tomorrow and costume fits.

"He is a genious and i love him and his work it makes me laugh out loud always and cant wait."

Sky Living's The Spa, produced by Tiger Aspect, will also feature Rebecca Front of Grandma's House fame and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet's Tim Healy, as well as Debbie Chazen and Nadine Marshall.

The 48-year-old appeared on Celebrity Come Dine with Me alongside Kerry Katona, Lionel Blair and Keith Harris on Sunday night (May 27).

She has also reportedly signed up for this year's second series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Litten's The Spa, which will contain eight episodes, is expected to be broadcast later this year.

Big Brother 2012: Brian Dowling wants to see a gay romance

Big Brother 2012 host Brian Dowling has said he wants to see a gay romance on the show this year.

We caught up with the BB presenter ahead of the new series, which launches on June 5 on Channel 5.

Asked about what he wants from this year’s bunch of housemates, Brian told us: “I want people who are going to stand their ground and don’t shy away from argumentative situations

“But you want that one person that annoys every one but that the public like. It’d be great to have someone the public love but the housemates detest.”

Brian also called for some “eye candy” and “romance” in the house this year.

He explained: “We’ve never had a gay romance. I’m not sure the nation are ready for that. I’d like a gay romance.

“Or if we had a couple that went in but broke up and got it on with someone else, that’d be really amazing, I think that would be ah-may-zing.”

Dina Lohan Hanging Out With Hollywood Ex-Wives on VH1 Reality Show

She's a famous Hollywood mom and ex-wife, so Dina Lohan should have plenty to talk about when she spends time with other famous exes on VH1's new reality series "Hollywood Exes," premiering on the network on June 27.

Lohan is not a regular cast member of the show, but she will appear in one or two episodes at midseason, a VH1 rep confirms to TheWrap, as she is friends with some of the cast members. first reported Lohan's guest appearances on the show, which will air in 10 one-hour episodes.

The regular cast includes Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole; Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith's first wife; Jose Canseco's ex-wife Jessica; Andrea Kelly, ex of R. Kelly; and Mayte Garcia, Prince's ex-wife.

Lohan, mother of Lindsay Lohan, starred in her own reality series, "Living Lohan," on E! in 2008. Her ex, Michael Lohan, also starred in the fifth season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew."