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woensdag 28 maart 2012

Ricky Gervais confirms Karl Pilkington for 'Idiot Abroad' spinoff

Ricky Gervais confirms Karl Pilkington for 'Idiot Abroad' spinoff

Ricky Gervais has revealed that Karl Pilkington has finally committed to An Idiot Abroad spinoff The Short Way Round.

The comedian said at a screening of new Channel 4 comedy pilot Derek, in which Pilkington makes his acting debut, that he had been able to convince his friend to embark on the cycling adventure with dwarf actor Warwick Davis.

"I can persuade him," Gervais said. "I try lots of things and eventually I can see he's interested with something I've said and I work on that... He's finally signed a contract for The Short Way Round, cycling round the world with a dwarf in his basket.

"When I told him that idea, he didn't say 'That's ridiculous', he said 'So I'm doing all the f**king peddling?' That was his first problem with the idea.

"He was worried about it and he signed the contract this week, so he can't back out now. He's in too deep."

Gervais went on to confirm that he will also be working with Davis again on a new instalment of BBC sitcom Life's Too Short.

Referring to his creative partner Stephen Merchant, he said: "We've just started writing this week a special of Life's Too Short, which is at the moment turning into a spinoff series with Les Dennis, Barry from EastEnders (Shaun Williamson) and Cheggers (Keith Chegwin). I couldn't resist it."

Gervais announced last year that Life's Too Short will return for a second series on BBC Two in spring 2013.

Pilkington has already filmed two series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky1.

AMC Debuts New Unscripted Series, "The Pitch," With Sneak Preview

AMC Debuts New Unscripted Series, "The Pitch," With Sneak Preview

AMC launches its newest unscripted series, "The Pitch," with a sneak preview of the premiere episode, featuring SUBWAY(R) restaurants, on Sunday, April 8 at 11pm ET/PT following the network's award-winning series "Mad Men" and "The Killing." The eight-part unscripted series will then return on Monday, April 30 with a new episode, featuring Waste Management, at 9pm ET/PT followed by an encore showing of the premiere in its regular timeslot at 10pm ET/PT. "The Pitch" SUBWAY(R) restaurants episode will also be available on, iTunes and YouTube following its sneak peek.

Executive produced by Eli Holzman, Stephen Lambert, Phil Lott, Brien Meagher and Aaron Saidman, from Studio Lambert ("Undercover Boss," "Project Runway"), "The Pitch" chronicles the incredible lengths, intense stakes and tight deadlines top advertising agencies encounter when they take aim at a major new piece of business. The series follows the best creative shops as they prepare campaigns knowing that in the end, it all comes down to the pitch. Real competition, major stakes and an incredible ticking clock are all elements of this docu-style series.Hi

"The Pitch was born out of a desire to look for non-fiction series that present characters and story in a grounded and authentic way, and take us into inherently dramatic worlds that have yet to be explore," said Joel Stillerman, Executive Vice President of Original Programming for AMC. "Advertising is really the idea business, but with incredibly high stakes; and Studio Lambert has captured, in a very feature doc style, just how hard it is to come up with a great idea, only to walk into a room and have it all ride on The Pitch."

"Stephen and I are thrilled to have 'The Pitch' join the roster of exceptional series on AMC," said Holzman. "The competition to win new business in advertising is incredibly intense and our goal is to provide audiences with a behind-the-scenes look at the compelling and dramatic pitch process. With encouragement from AMC, we fielded one of the finest filmmaking teams we have ever assembled to give this series a unique look and style. It is one of our proudest achievements."

Brands featured in "The Pitch" include SUBWAY(R) restaurants, Waste Management, C. Wonder, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning(R), Benjamin Franklin Plumbing(R), Mister Sparky(R), Frangelico/Campari America, JDRF, Autograph Collection and popchips. Competing for their business are agencies, including The Ad Store, Bandujo, BooneOakley, Bozell, Conversation, DIGO, FKM, Jones Advertising, Kovel/Fuller, McKinney, Muse Communications, SK+G, The Hive, WDCW and WOMENK!ND.

Complementing "The Pitch" will be a host of online activities and extra video scenes at Users will also be able to vote in polls related to the show's content, read blog posts including exclusive cast interviews, and check out episode sneak peeks, extra/extended scenes and photo galleries and participate in a series talk forum.

AMC's Joel Stillerman, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Production and Digital Content, Mary Conlon, Vice President of Non-Scripted Original Programming and Jason Fisher, Vice President of Production and oversee development and production for the series.

Sharon Osbourne: 'X Factor exit was dumb but dignified'

Sharon Osbourne: 'X Factor exit was dumb but dignified'

Sharon Osbourne has admitted that her decision to quit The X Factor was "dumb".

The music manager left the talent competition in 2007 after Dannii Minogue was recruited to the panel for its fourth series.

Explaining her motivation for dropping out, Osbourne confessed that she didn't want to give Simon Cowell the "satisfaction" of firing her for "someone young and perky-t*tted".

"It was a dumb move, but emotionally right," she told The Times. "It was a huge show; it paid so well, so much came from it. But I wasn't happy, so I walked away with dignity.

"Simon always ends up firing everyone. I didn't want to give him that satisfaction. He always wants someone young and perky-t*tted sat next to him."

Osbourne later assisted veteran judge Louis Walsh on the seventh series in 2010, but said that a permanent return was out of the question as Cowell wouldn't allow it to happen

Revealing that ITV bosses had previously called for her to come back, Osbourne continued: "Simon wouldn't let them and I don't give a s**t 'cos I can go, 'F**k you'.

"He's not a friend, but I don't not get on with him. We lead very separate lives: I'm family orientated, he's a mover and shaker."

Osbourne reignited her feud with Minogue last June, claiming that the Australian singer was "f**king thrown" off the show earlier in 2011.

FOX Bumps "Q'Viva! The Chosen" to Late Night

FOX Bumps "Q'Viva! The Chosen" to Late Night

FOX has bumped its struggling talent competition "Q'Viva! The Chosen" to Saturdays at 11:00/10:00c, the network confirmed this afternoon.

The series, which will be condensed from two hours to 90 minutes, had been airing at 8:00/7:00c.

A new "Cops" will lead off this Saturday, March 31 at 8:00/7:00c followed by repeats of "Cops" at 8:30/7:30c and "Bones" at 9:00/8:00c.

The news doesn't come as much of a surprise: FOX has finished last among the broadcast networks on Saturday nights in each of "Q'Viva! The Chosen's" four airings to date. The finale of "Q'Viva!" airs April 7.

Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on 'Glee'

Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on 'Glee'

Lindsay Lohan's acting career appears to be on the rebound.

The "Mean Girls" actress, who's generated more headlines for her personal life than her professional life lately, has landed a guest-starring role in an upcoming episode of "Glee," her spokesman told TheWrap.

Details on her appearance are scarce, but the casting suggests that her career is on an upward trajectory. Lohan, 25, has also signed on to play screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming biopic to air on Lifetime.

The actress has had a contentious relationship with Fox's show -- Lohan was said to be none too thrilled in late 2010, when a "Glee" episode guest-starring Gwyneth Paltrow made light of her troubles and rehab stints.

Lohan is due to appear in court on a probation hearing later this week. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Country District Attorney's Office will not object to Judge Stephanie Sautner terminating the actress' formal probation, after she successfully completed the terms of her probation. This would be the first time that the troubled actress would be off formal probation in more than four years, the site notes.

South Park' Goes to a Republican Debate

South Park' Goes to a Republican Debate

Cartman and his gang at a Republican debate? That can't be good for Newt Gingrich and his fellow debaters, as a preview clip of Wednesday's new "South Park" episode suggests.

The third episode of the Comedy Central series' 16th season is called "Faith Hilling." The clip finds Cartman, Butters and Kyle plotting while the Republican candidates debate.

Comedy Central's official description of the episode: "Mankind’s evolution begins to accelerate at a rapid and disturbing pace. Concurrently, another species on the planet is exhibiting the same drastic development. Eventually the two species will battle to the death and 'Faith Hilling' may be humanity’s only hope."

Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up $2M+ Lawsuit Against Former Partner

Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up $2M+ Lawsuit Against Former Partner

Gordon Ramsay has found yet another restaurateur to lay into -- and this time it's his former business partner.

The "Hell's Kitchen" hothead has files a lawsuit seeking more than $2.5 million from Danny Lavy and Lavy's business 9226-7558 Quebec Inc., claiming that Lavy and the company breached their contract with Ramsay and made several false and defamatory comments about him in relation to a Canadian restaurant that they were involved in.

According to the suit, filed in Quebec Superior Court, Ramsay and the defendants entered into a licensing agreement in July 2011, with Ramsay agreeing to license his name and likeness to the restaurant Laurier Gordon Ramsay. However, in February, the agreement was terminated. Ramsay claims that, not only did the defendants terminate the agreement without proper cause, but they smeared his name in the press following the termination, which has Ramsay boiling-mad.

Ramsay's suit claims that Lavy and 9226 killed the agreement because they felt he hadn't provided significant promotional assistance or assistance with the restaurant and staff.

However, according to Ramsay, the agreement called only for the use of his name and likeness, and he bore no responsibility for the operation and management of the restaurant. In fact, according to Ramsay, the defendants specifically asserted that it was their right, not his, to manage the restaurant.

Furthermore, according to Ramsay, he participated in a promotional blitz for the restaurant's opening, and that he "provided advice and assistance above and beyond the scope of the agreement." This included, according to Ramsay, arranging for chef Andi van Willigan "to provide on-site assistance at the restaurant in the weeks running up to its opening" at no charge to the defendants.

When they decided to terminate the agreement, Ramsay claims that his former partners trashed him in the media, claiming, among other things, that he "was too busy to come to the restaurant," "didn't understand our vision," "just didn't get it" and, perhaps most injurious, he never came up with a "'wow' dish," just "a few tweaks on what we already had."

Ramsay is seeking numerous damages, including licensing fees both from the period of their agreement and fees that would have been due had the agreement not been terminated, plus moral damages, punitive damages, costs of promoting the restaurant, and legal costs.

Ramsay and Lavy already have bad blood between them; Lavy also owns a company that sells a brand of Ramsay kitchenware, and is suing the chef in the U.S. claiming a breach of their sub-licensing agreement, among other allegations. In the suit, Ramsay suggests that Lavy has used his pull at 9226 to get the company to cancel its own agreement with Ramsay to further "the wider fallout" between Lavy and Ramsay, "rather than because of any genuine belief that [Ramsay] is in breach of the agreement."

Ramsay has seen his share of legal action lately; earlier this month, he sued publicist and former News of the World editor Phil Hall, claiming that Hall had sold private information about Ramsay obtained from hacked emails to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

'Britain's Got Talent' winning YouTube battle with 'The Voice' UK

'Britain's Got Talent' winning YouTube battle with 'The Voice' UK

Britain's Got Talent is beating BBC One's The Voice UK on YouTube thanks to the success of opera duo Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli.

Antoine and Jaconelli have already racked up over 550,000 views in the UK alone. The pair's success is also spreading worldwide with more than 250,000 views of their audition outside the UK.

The 17-year-old Jessica Hammond is currently the most-watched Voice UK act. The Belfast teenager has attracted 118,772 views for her cover of Jessie J's 'Price Tag'.

The two Saturday night talent shows have been in fierce competition since it was revealed that they were both launching on the same night.

Got Talent pulled in the highest ratings at the weekend, although The Voice UK was the easy winner when the two shows went head-to-head and overlapped in the schedules.

Britain's Got Talent continues this Saturday at 8pm on ITV1. The Voice UK airs the same night at 7pm and once again the two shows will overlap for 20 minutes.

'Doctor Who' star Jenna-Louise Coleman 'doesn't know character's name'

'Doctor Who' star Jenna-Louise Coleman 'doesn't know character's name'

New Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman has admitted that she knows little about her character.

The 25-year-old actress was unveiled to the public last week and will debut on the sci-fi drama this Christmas.

"I have an idea of the story, of the character and of a few surprises," she told the Radio Times. "But I don't know her name or where she's from.

"I just told Steven [Moffat] and [executive producer] Caroline Skinner, 'Don't tell me anything until I need to know it'."

Doctor Who star Matt Smith recently praised Coleman, claiming that she gave the "most interesting" audition in front of showrunner Moffat.

"Normally you're just reading in front of a camera, but with this, it was so physical," recalled the actress. "We were using props and running around so it felt like playing - and like a partnership straight away."

Current companions Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) will both exit the sci-fi drama in late 2012. Their final episode will be shot in New York and feature the monstrous Weeping Angels.

'Geordie Shore' Holly Hagan over James crush: 'I won't bang him again'

'Geordie Shore' Holly Hagan over James crush: 'I won't bang him again'

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan claims in tonight's (March 27) reunion special that she will not "bang" co-star James Tindale again.

Hagan has been shown lusting after her housemate throughout the course of the series and convinced him to sleep with her on two occasions.

However, the Middlesbrough-born star tells host Russell Kane that she has gotten over her crush.

"Once you get it you don't want it anymore," she explains. "Like I don't want to bang him again."

On why he had sex with Hagan despite constantly declaring that he didn't like her, Tindale says: "Bless her, she tried her hardest. She was grafting for a while.

"So do you know what I thought? She's tried hard, like. I've got to give it to her, haven't I?"

Tindale previously confessed that he thought co-star Charlotte Crosby was being "messed about and hurt" by romantic interest Gaz Beadle.

Glee - Promo for "Big Brother" airing TUE 4/10

Glee - Promo for "Big Brother" airing TUE 4/10

Big Brother is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Glee, and the fifty-ninth episode overall. It is set to air April 10, 2012. The episode is written by Michael Hitchcock and directed by Eric Stoltz.

'Torchwood' revival still possible, says Starz exec

'Torchwood' revival still possible, says Starz exec

A new series of Torchwood is still a possibility, according to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht.

However, Albrecht told Multichannel News that it would be "a while" before any new episodes materialised.

"You know, Russell [T Davies] is so busy," he said. "Obviously, we're in touch with the BBC all the time. They are our partners on [new shows] DaVinci's Demons and Harem.

"We told them, we stand by ready for any news, but I think it would be a while before Russell came back to Torchwood."

Torchwood exec Julie Gardner cast doubt on the show's future in October, while series star John Barrowman (Jack Harkness) later admitted that the series is "in limbo".

Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) also expressed her hope that the sci-fi drama will return to give fans "closure".

"We've got such an outstanding loyal fan base," she said in January. "They deserve Torchwood to go ahead with something else to draw a line under it."

'Skins' series six bows out with 270,000 viewers on E4

'Skins' series six bows out with 270,000 viewers on E4

The series finale of Skins managed nearly 270,000 viewers on E4 last night, according to overnight data.

The third generation concluded with 268k (1.6%) from 10pm, worse than its series premiere, with a further 82k (0.9%) on timeshift.

Elsewhere on the multichannels, the latest episode of US import Grimm had 489k (2%) on Watch from 9pm.

On the terrestrials, the latest Scott & Bailey took 5.79m (24.2%) on ITV1 (+1: 282k/1.7%), winning the 9pm hour. Earlier, The Dales garnered 3.79m (16.4%).

BBC One showed Panorama (1.84m/7.9%) and Empire (2.42m/10.1%).

On BBC Two, Chaplains: Angels of Mersey was watched by 841k (3.6%). The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo grabbed 1.32m (5.7%) from 8.30pm followed by The Tube getting 1.97m (8.2%).

Channel 4 aired China: Triumph and Turmoil (1m/4.3%) from 8pm. It was followed by Embarrassing Bodies, which averaged 2.44m (10.2%) and 422k (2.5%) on +1, and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which had 1.54m (9.3%) and 172k (2%) on timeshift.

Channel 5's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves took 875k (5.3%) from 9pm.

Overall, ITV1 claimed primetime victory with 25.3% (+1: 0.8%) beating BBC One's 17%. Channel 4 ended up with 6.6% (+1: 0.9%) ahead of BBC Two's 5.6% and Channel 5's 4% (+1: 0.3%).

Duchess of Cornwall visits 'The Killing' set

Duchess of Cornwall visits 'The Killing' set

The Duchess of Cornwall has admitted that she is 'addicted' to The Killing during a visit to the show's set in Denmark.

Camilla held up a journalist with a fake gun and was presented with a jumper identical to one worn by lead character Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) in the crime programme.

While watching filming of the third series take place at a scrapyard outside Copenhagen, the wife of Prince Charles reportedly commented: "I'm an addict. I'm so excited by this."

The trip was specially requested by Camilla for the final day of an eight-day tour of Scandinavia with the Prince of Wales, who instead visited a nearby housing estate.

"Royalty is not the kind of audience you would expect," creator Soren Sveistrup told PA. "Prince Charles told me that it was Camilla who introduced him to The Killing. He said it was one of the only things they could agree on seeing together."

The Killing series three is set to premiere in Denmark in September. The first two have aired in the UK on BBC Four, while a US remake will return for a second season Sunday (April 1) on AMC.

'Got Talent' Only Boys Aloud teacher: 'Choir have beaten the bullies'

'Got Talent' Only Boys Aloud teacher: 'Choir have beaten the bullies'

The musical director of Britain's Got Talent choir Only Boys Aloud has claimed that his group got the last laugh over bullies who picked on them for being singers.

Tim Rhys-Evans conducted the Welsh 133-strong group during their audition, which was one of the most tweeted-about moments from Saturday's BGT launch.

Speaking about why he dedicated his time to working with the group, Rhys-Evans claimed that he was inspired to work with the boys because the group gave them opportunities that nobody else could give them.

"One of the things that is central to the ethos of Only Boys Aloud is to provide extraordinary experiences, trying to provide lifetime memories," he told Digital Spy.

"So guys from South Wales Valleys don't have to audition to be in Only Boys Aloud, they just have to be able to get to one of our nine rehearsal venues.

"Just because they come from a part of the world that gets a lot of bad press, it does have its problems of social and unemployment issues, but this group means that they can actually believe in themselves and shows how they can achieve something with their lives."

He added: "I think doing something like Britain's Got Talent is so that when they walk into school, they might have been picked on for singing in a choir, but I bet those people who picked on the boys... well, it's our boys who are laughing now."

Only Boy Aloud singer Corey Greenway, 15, said: "If we didn't have Only Boys Aloud, our lives would be pretty boring to a certain extent.

"We get amazing opportunities to perform in amazing places we never would have dreamed of before. I was literally forced into it by my teacher in school and I thought, 'Oh, I suppose, I'll give it a try', and from there on in I've loved every minute of it and I made the most effort to go to every single rehearsal I possibly can, and made a really big effort to learn all the music and get really good at it.

"It's really boosted my confidence as well."

Britain's Got Talent continues on Saturdays at 8pm on ITV1.

'Arrested Development' Fans Rally for Steve Holt's Return

'Arrested Development' Fans Rally for Steve Holt's Return

"Arrested Development" will be making its return. Whether the relatively minor character Steve Holt will also return is still up in the air. But the famously outspoken and passionate fans of the series are trying to ensure that the the illegitimate son of George Oscar Bluth Jr. and student-body president is brought back into the fold for the revival.

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According to the couch-potato activists of the Save Steve Holt movement, actor Justin Grant Wade -- who played Holt in 10 episodes of the series -- has not yet been invited to take part in the new incarnations of "Arrested Development." So they've launched a grass-roots movement to put Wade among his former castmates David Cross, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, et al.

The method behind the campaign? According to a blog post on the movement, the plan is "to basically mention Steve Holt! as often as possible online until someone in power notices."

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So far, in addition to the web site, fans have set up a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account in pursuit of their goal. (For those wishing to join the revolution, the Twitter hashtag is #savesteveholt.)

Naturally, there's also a T-shirt for sale to commemorate your moment of activism -- and no, it doesn't read, "I Tried to Revive Justin Grant Wade's Acting Career, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt."

As ramshackle as the campaign might seem, it is in keeping with the trajectory of the series, which was canceled by Fox in 2006 after three seasons but experienced a resurgence last year after years of fan anticipation, with Netflix picking up the series for a fourth season that will premiere next year, and plans for a feature-length version of the series reportedly underway.

'Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23,' 'Nurse Jackie,' 'The Big C' and 'The Borgias' Premieres Online

'Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23,' 'Nurse Jackie,' 'The Big C' and 'The Borgias' Premieres Online

Fox did it with "New Girl" and NBC did it with "Smash" and "Awake," and now ABC is trying to create a buzz for its upcoming sitcom "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23" by releasing the series' pilot episode on Hulu.

The pilot of the Krysten Ritter comedy -- which also features "Dawson's Creek" star James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek -- is posted at Hulu now, and premieres on ABC on April 11. On April 2, the new show's second episode will also post on Hulu.

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Showtime, meanwhile, which has posted the season premiere episodes of "Nurse Jackie," "The Big C" and "The Borgias."

The network has previously given fans the chance to watch season premieres of "Dexter" and "Weeds" online before their TV debut. The latest premieres are going online at before the shows debut on TV on April 8.

The fourth season of "Nurse Jackie" finds the titular nurse/addict played by Edie Falco finally dealing with her drug issues just as a new hospital administrator (Bobby Cannavale) takes over. The third season of "The Big C" will reveal the fate of Cathy's (Laura Linney) husband Paul (Oliver Platt).

Ratings: 'The Voice' Grabs Top Demo Win; 'Alcatraz' Finale Down Slightly

Ratings: 'The Voice' Grabs Top Demo Win; 'Alcatraz' Finale Down Slightly

"The Voice" took top honors and propelled NBC to a ratings win on Monday night, while "Dancing With the Stars" was the most-watched network of the evening and the "Alcatraz" finale on Fox took a slight dip, according to preliminary numbers.

NBC took first place in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and a distant second place in total viewers with an average 3.7 rating/10 share and 10 million. "The Voice" at 8 dipped slightly but was still the night's highest-rated program with a 4.4/12 in the demo, and 11.8 million total viewers. "Smash" at 10 performed evenly with last week in the demo, taking a 2.2/6 and 6.4 million total viewers.

ABC took second place in the demo and a decisive win in total viewers, averaging 2.9/8 and 15.8 million. "Dancing With the Stars" at 8 dipped 11 percent in the ratings from last week, receiving the night's second-best number, a 3.1/8 in the demo. It also had 17.6 million total viewers, which made it the most-watched show overall. "Castle" at 10 inched up from last week, drawing a 2.4/6 in the demo and 12.1 million total viewers.

CBS, which took third place in ratings and total viewership with an average 1.9/5 and 6.4 million, aired repeats.

Fox came in fourth in ratings and total viewers with an average 1.5/4 and 4.7 million. The network's primetime roster consisted of a special airing of "Alcatraz" at 8, followed by the season finale at 9, which was down 6 percent from last week with a 1.5/4 and 4.7 million.

eOne Inks Deal with Steven Bochco to Produce "Evolution"

eOne Inks Deal with Steven Bochco to Produce "Evolution"

Entertainment One (eOne) is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with veteran, award-winning writer/producer Steven Bochco to produce the original one-hour television series entitled, Evolution.

Three million years in the future, Social Darwinism is born once more. In the groundbreaking original television drama, Evolution, a discovery by a tribe of Homo sapiens is about to change the world. A Box that offers the whole of human knowledge has been unearthed and the meekest of the group, THE BOY, is first to interpret its lessons. Though having only primitive materials with which to replicate twenty-third century technology, a formidable leader is born.

Evolution is an underdog story of the highest order, which results in a tale of perpetual tension and suspense.

With nearly 30 years in the industry and winner of ten Emmy awards, Bochco has created some of the most innovative and successful drama series in television history. He co-created and executive produced Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and Hooperman. Under the banner of Steven Bochco Productions, he co-created and executive-produced Doogie Howser M.D., Cop Rock, NYPD Blue, Murder One, Total Security, Brooklyn South, City of Angels and Philly. He also served as executive producer on Civil Wars and The Byrds of Paradise. Most recently, Bochco was Executive Producer and co-creator of the TNT drama, "Raising the Bar".

"I look forward to exploring the mysteries of humanity and the secrets of the universe with eOne. John, Michael, Peter and the entire eOne team have become leaders in the independent television community. Their domestic and international expertise makes the company an ideal partner for a bold series like ours. They think outside the box," said Bochco.

The series will be produced by Entertainment One in association with Steven Bochco Productions. Evolution is created and written by Bochco and Bryan Law. Bochco, along with eOne's John Morayniss and Michael Rosenberg will executive produce. Bryan Law will serve as Supervising Producer. eOne will handle worldwide rights to the series in all media.

"Our goal has been to collaborate with the best creative talent in the business and it doesn't get much better than Steven. He is the artistic powerhouse behind some of the most popular and innovative series in the history of television. Evolution will absolutely blow audiences away," said Michael Rosenberg, eOne Television's EVP, US Scripted Television.

"Our sustained momentum in the US, Canada and worldwide, has afforded eOne the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented writers and producers in the business and offer outstanding projects to our partners around the globe. Steven Bochco has an unbelievable track record and this is exactly the kind of project we look for. We couldn't be more excited to take this show to MipTV and secure international broadcast partners on this project," added Peter Emerson, President, eOne Television International.

With a significant global presence in production and distribution of television programming across a wide-range of genres, eOne Television has a successful track record in securing multi-episode, direct to series orders for a number of projects, such as Rookie Blue for ABC and Shaw, Syfy's Haven, The Firm for NBC and Shaw and most recently, Saving Hope for NBC and CTV.

Through strong relationships with broadcasters and content providers, eOne Television International has successfully sold eOne's original and third-party productions to over 500 broadcasters in 150 countries, including key US networks and international pay TV channels.

TV Tonight 28th of March 2012

TV Tonight 28th of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    10 O'Clock Live S02E08: "Series 2, Episode 8"
    112 - på liv och död S05E33: "Del 33 av 36"
    60 Minute Makeover S09E03: "Series 9, Episode 3"
    Amazing Eats S01E12: "Spectacular Sandwiches"
    America's Next Top Model S18E05: "Beverly Johnson"
    American Digger S01E03: "Motor City Money"
    American Idol S11E23: "Finalists Compete"
    American Restoration S02E17: "TBA"
    American Restoration S02E16: "50th Episode: TBA"
    American Weed S01E06: "Marijuana Under Fire"
    Are You There, Chelsea? S01E12: "Surprise"
    Auction Hunters S03E02: "Ton's Driller Instinct"
    Auction Hunters S03E01: "Cold Hard Cash"
    Bent S01E03: "HD"
    Bent S01E04: "A-Game"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E34: "Del 34"
    Car Warriors S02E06: "Ford Mustang"
    Chihayafuru S01E25: "Episode 25"
    Cleverdicks S01E23: "Episode 23"
    Come Dine With Me S18E63: "Series 18, Episode 53"
    Conan S02E69: "Episode 69"
    Dance Academy S02E11: "Self Sabotage"
    Days of our Lives S47E98: "Ep. #11808"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E196: "Episode 1876"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E82: "Series 8, Episode 82"
    Doctors S13E229: "The Promise"
    Dog the Bounty Hunter S08E15: "Short Handed"
    Dog the Bounty Hunter S08E16: "Photo Op"
    Duck Dynasty S01E04: "Frog in One"
    Duck Dynasty S01E03: "High Tech Redneck"
    Dumbest Stuff on Wheels S02E11
    Éden Hotel S02E15: "Season 2, Episode 15"
    Emmerdale S41E74: "March 28, 2012"
    Four In A Bed S03E13: "The Saba Hotel"
    Four Rooms S02E02: "Series 2, Episode 2"
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Celebrity Big Brother: Extra series ordered by Channel 5 for 2012

Celebrity Big Brother: Extra series ordered by Channel 5 for 2012

Celebrity Big Brother will return for another series this year on Channel 5.

Following the ratings and critical success of the January series, which was won by Denise Welch, the broadcaster has ordered another run to air before the end of 2012.

Winner Denise Welch leaves the Celebrity Big Brother House during the live final

Channel 5's original two-year Big Brother deal with Endemol included one celeb edition and one non-celeb edition of the show each year.

Amy Childs, Jedward, Kerry Katona, Frankie Cocozza and Bobby Sabel have been among the contestants on the reality show since it moved away from its original broadcaster Channel 4.

According to The Guardian, the non-celeb Big Brother has been cut back to ten weeks to accommodate the second celebrity series. However, the ten-week non-celeb run is still longer than last year's Big Brother.

The purchase of Celebrity Big Brother has generally been regarded as a smart move by Channel 5 as it has secured it some of its highest ratings in its history and helped the broadcaster regularly beat Channel 4 and even on occasions ITV1 and BBC Two in the 10pm timeslot.

Rumours about the new celeb series lineup have already begun circulating, with the Daily Star recently suggesting that footballer Freddie Ljungberg may be taking part in the show.