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zondag 6 januari 2013

David E. Kelley discusses failed 'Wonder Woman' pilot: "We made mistakes"

While promoting his new TNT medical drama Monday Mornings at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour in Pasadena, California, producer extraordinaire David Kelley broached the subject of his much talked about 2011 pilot for a Wonder Woman series at NBC and commented on the chances of the CW's potential new Wonder Woman project getting off the ground.

Entitled Amazon, the CW project is in development and currently in the early stages of casting, although the network has yet to grant it a proper pilot order. Kelley's attempt to reboot Wonder Woman at the Peacock network completely missed the mark and the pilot has been almost universally derided by those who have seen it as an embarrassing failure, for both the producer and the venerable comic book character. For his part, Kelley admits that mistakes were made and acknowledges that the CW series could be successful if they can avoid the same pitfalls.

"I still believe it's viable for a television series. I think it's ripe to do it. We made mistakes with ours. My only regret is we were never given a chance to correct them," says the Emmy-winning producer. "We had a lot that was right about it and a great cast. In time, we could have fixed what we had done wrong, we just didn't get that chance. All my series have been a work in progress to a certain extent where you figure them out by episodes three, four or five. This one actually gelled sooner than any that I have had in the past. We would have gotten there and I wish we were afforded a little more time. I do believe in the potential of the series and I wish them well with it. I think it could be a great success."

As for what he would have done differently, Kelley notes that time was of the essence and that he wasn't as familiar with the superhero genre as he should have been when he embarked on the project. "We produced it at warp speed and it's a special effects show and it took more time than we were able to give it. We were able to give it more time and extended it had we been picked up," he explained. "Just learning the storytelling – the genre was very different for me and I had a lot to learn; my learning curve probably would have gotten better. I'm sad we didn't get to do it but I do believe it can work for the CW. They're smart to try it."

The early image that was officially released of star Adrianne Palicki in full Wonder Woman regalia was heaped with scorn by critics across the internet and seemed to kill the project before it ever really had a chance. Kelley is adamant that his series would have eventually found its footing, but would he attempt to mount the project again if the opportunity presented itself? "I would. It's different for me, it's a genre that I have a lot to learn about. At this point in your life, everybody should do something that they're scared of; I was a little scared of it, I remain a little scared of it and be happy to wade into the fear again," Kelley asserts, adding that if he were going to pursue another superhero franchise, he would beg Avengers director Joss Whedon to guide him. "He's pretty good at it."

E! Entertainment Programming President Lisa Berger Steps Down

Lisa Berger, the president of entertainment programming for E! Entertainment, has resigned, a spokeswoman for the network told TheWrap on Friday.

Berger, who had been with E! for nine years, was responsible for massive hits as "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," "Chelsea Lately" and "The Girls Next Door."

“After nine wonderful years at E!, I have made the difficult decision to leave my post as President, Entertainment Programming," Berger said of her resignation. "My time at E! has been an amazing experience both professionally and personally, and it is hard to sum up nearly a decade of show launches, milestone moments and incredible friendships."

Berger added that she is "extremely proud of all of our accomplishments taking the network to record heights and forever grateful to my team whose talent and dedication knows no bounds.  Although it won't be easy for me to say goodbye, I look forward to sharing the news of my next challenge in the months ahead.”

E! President Suzanne Kolb said that Berger will "be dearly missed," noting that her "talent and creative vision have been invaluable to the success of E! over the past nine years."

Prior to E!, Berger worked at Fox Television Studios Productions, where she was instrumental in bringing the hit drama "The Shield" to FX.

Sarah Michelle Gellar contemplating return to television in new comedy project

Although her television comeback last year didn't pan out, Sarah Michelle Gellar may be returning to the small screen next fall as the star of a new half-hour comedy being developed at 20th Century Fox Television, home of her previous hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Forever remembered as the titular executioner of the undead on the popular series that ran from 1997 until 2003 on The WB and UPN, Gellar's interest in the new project was sparked after reading a spec script penned by Men at Work staff writer Shepard Boucher. Currently untitled, the potential series will document what parents do while their kids aren't at home, with the 35-year-old actress circling the role of the wife and mother. David Hemingson (Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23) and Margaret Riley (Love and Other Drugs) are serving as executive producers on the project, which will be offered to the major networks in the coming weeks.

In her first regular TV role since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gellar starred last fall on The CW drama Ringer, in which she played a woman on the run who managed to hide by assuming the identity of her wealthy twin sister. Despite winning a plethora of awards and finishing fifth overall on the network, Ringer was canceled at the end of the season. The new project represents Gellar's second attempt at the comedy genre, following her turn in The Wonderful Maladys, a 2009 pilot for HBO that the premium cable network declined to pick up.

Discovery green-lights two new reality series: "Extreme Smuggling" and "Shipwreck Men"

Discovery Channel is hitting the high-seas and bringing two brand new wave-crashing, swashbuckling reality series to your living room. This week, Discovery Channel has given the green light to “Shipwreck Men” and “Extreme Smuggling” which although they are only just being announced, premiere on Monday, January 14th.

“Shipwreck Men” will be somewhat of a cross between “Deadliest Catch” and “Operation Repo”. The show will cover four rival companies that are in the business of salvage off the coast of southern Florida. These companies race each other to the scene of sinking vessels and other maritime accidents to look for opportunities to make money off of others ocean failures. Discovery Channel has had former success with shows of a similar format with both “Deadliest Catch” and “Gold Rush Alaska”, and so “Shipwreck Men” will likely perform well.

The second show, “Extreme Smuggling”, is a documentary that takes a look unto the dangerous world of drug smuggling, animal trafficking and illegal gun trading. Each episode will focus on a technique or method that criminals use to move their illegal smuggled goods on land and in the water. The series will incorporate video footage collected by undercover agents and by producers who gained the trust of some of the criminals.

'Twin Peaks' revival rumor untrue, says co-creator Mark Frost

Following the news that the Twilight Zone would be making its return to television, the rumor mills started a'churning. One of the more prevalent resultant rumors was that Twin Peaks, the weird CBS mystery series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, was being revived by the network. Nobody's sure where the rumor came from (probably a giant in a dream), but it was confirmed on Friday that there's no truth to it.

That confirmation came from none other than Mark Frost himself, who took to Twitter to quash the rumors. "Dear Internet: You are very good at spreading rumors. Truth is more valuable and much harder to come by. Sincerely yours, @mfrost11," he wrote.

Well, it looks like that solves it, I guess -- unless you want to read into the tweet that there is a "more valuable" truth about a Twin Peaks revival.

I personally would have liked to see Twin Peaks return -- I've recently started watching the series, and though I'm aware of the apparently disappointing ending, the show is such surrealist fun that's rarely seen on television anymore. In fact, I've only seen such surrealism on the FX series Louie -- which featured a guest arc from Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch.

Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears condemns Azealia Banks 'f*ggot' comment

Scissor Sisters band member Jake Shears has commented on Azealia Banks's recent Twitter tirade against Perez Hilton.

Banks aimed a homophobic slur at Hilton after he criticised her feud with rapper Angel Haze, calling him a "f*ggot".

The '212' rapper later defended her use of the word, explaining: "A f*ggot is not a homosexual male. A f*ggot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference."

Shears, who is openly gay, has now condemned Banks's use of the word in a new series of tweets, writing: "Oh yeah. 'F*ggot.' Totally cool. Give me a f**king break."

He added: "It all about context. And right now, I'm sorry, but context is not on your side... Donna Summer was ostracized for a decade from words she used about her gay fans. Too bad she didn't have twitter to recant them immediately."

Shears and Banks collaborated last year on the Scissor Sisters track 'Shady Love'.

'Made in Chelsea' with Jon Snow, Amy Childs

Jon Snow and Amy Childs have filmed guest appearances for tonight's (January 4) Made in Chelsea.

Made in Chelsea Celebrity Mash Up sees the Channel 4 News presenter attend a toga party as Cheska Hull's 'new man'.

Cheska proudly shows off her date to Binky Felstead and Ollie Locke, but the romance quickly crumbles when Jamie Laing declares his love for Cheska, causing her to run from the party in tears.

Former TOWIE star Childs makes an equally unexpected appearance at the event, as Laing's 'little sister'.

Introduced as an Oxford student who was a member of Mensa at 12 and sat 18 A-levels at 14, Oliver Proudlock and Spencer Matthews are surprised to have never met her before.

"Best-looking book worm I've ever seen. What happened to the family genes? She's tall and attractive and you're you," Matthews comments.

Other celebrities in tonight's episode include Rick Edwards fitting Locke with his first measured suit, and Francis Boulle finally landing an intern worthy of Boulle Enterprises - Nick Hewer of The Apprentice and Countdown fame.

Amelia Lily: 'I would take part in Celebrity Big Brother'

Amelia Lily has revealed that she would be interested in taking part in Celebrity Big Brother.

The former X Factor contestant said that she would "love" to be involved in the Channel 5 reality show, adding that it would be "mental".

"I think I would [take part], you know I'm always up for trying new things. I make friends with everyone - I'll talk to a random stranger," she told TellyMix.

"I think being on [Celebrity Big Brother] would be mental, I'd love it."

Jedward and Frankie Cocozza are two fellow X Factor acts who have taken part in previous Celebrity Big Brother series.

Rylan Clark is heavily rumoured to be one of the new crop of housemates that will enter the house tonight (January 3).

When asked who her ideal housemates would be, Lily added: "I'd like to see Russell Brand in there. I think he's hilarious. And Zac Efron, I've loved him since forever.

"And Snoop Dogg - he'd be an absolute legend."

Celebrity Big Brother launches tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

OWN Announces Tyler Perry's Answer to 'Downton Abbey'

Oprah Winfrey's OWN announced last year that the filmmaker and "Madea" actor would make the first two scripted shows for the network. Saturday, it provided details. One of the shows, a drama called "The Haves and the Have Nots," will follow the lives of a rich family, the Cryers, and their impoverished maid, Hanna.  

It's a familiar setup -- one that worked for "Upstairs Downstairs" long before "Abbey" borrowed it -- and fits perfectly into Perry's series of morality plays, in which righteousness trumps wealth. Besides a string of hit films, he has previously produced sitcoms for TBS.

Perry's other series for OWN, "Love Thy Neighbor," is a comedy set at a neighborhood restaurant called Love’s Diner. Both shows will premiere Monday, May 29.

OWN detailed the Perry shows at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, where it also announced four new reality shows.

The Perry shows are a big step for OWN, which has aired only interview and reality shows since its debut in January 2011.

Here are details on OWN's new shows, provided by OWN.

“Blackboard Wars” (Premieres in March)

“Blackboard Wars” centers on the dramatic transformation of New Orleans’ John McDonogh High School, one of the most dangerous and under-performing high schools in the country, where more than half of its students fail to graduate.  Granted unprecedented access, the docu-series goes behind the scenes following education maverick Steve Barr and no-nonsense principal Dr. Marvin Thompson as they embark together on an unpredictable mission to reinvent and revive the struggling school.  The series is produced by Discovery Studios.

“Golden Sisters” (Premieres 2013)

“Golden Sisters” is a real-life comedy following the hilarious adventures of Mary, Josie & Teresa, three sisters who shot to fame after a web video of the ladies watching a celebrity sex tape went viral.  With Mary in her eighties and her twin sisters not far behind, these three raucous women are not your average seniors.  Between running a successful salon and giving colorful advice to their growing online fan base, these spirited, lovable ladies share their outrageous opinions on everything from sex and dating, to celebrities and pop culture.  One minute they are at each other’s throats, and the next they're best friends sharing a lifetime of memories and providing an endless supply of laughs.  Produced by LMNO Productions.

“Raising Whitley” (Premieres 2013)

“Raising Whitley” (working title) is a humorous and poignant new docu-series following actress and comedienne Kym Whitley and her chaotic collective of friends -- whom she calls "The Village” -- as they attempt to do something none of them have ever done before: raise a baby…together.  When Kym signed up for the Big Sister program to mentor a troubled young girl, she never imagined she'd get a call from the hospital saying, "Your baby is ready for collection." After learning that her mentee exited the maternity ward leaving only Kym’s contact information, Kym experienced a cataclysmic moment.With less than an hour to make a life-changing decision -- and to do a lifetime of soul-searching -- Kym chose to become a mother.  The Village banded together to help Kym bring up baby Joshua Whitley the best they know how, but sometimes it's hard to tell who is more mature – baby Joshua or the adults tasked with raising him.  Produced by Pilgrim Studios.

“Dogfellas” (Premieres 2013)

“Dogfellas” (working title) follows James “Head” Guiliani, a former street enforcer for the mafia and one of John Gotti’s most trusted men, whose life-changing encounter with a stray pup inspired him to open Brooklyn’s top dog grooming parlor.  In addition to pampering pooches, Head rescues dogs, and his life is as complicated now as it was with the mob.  With a constant battle to pay the bills, a fiery wife who doesn’t always share his love for canines, and a staff who spend more time primping themselves than the pets, Head has his hands full.  From old "associates," to thrilling rescue missions, to his wife, Head tries to maintain some semblance of normalcy in his bizarre, heartfelt, and hilarious new life.  Produced by NERD TV.

“The Haves And The Have Nots” (Premieres Wednesday, May 29)

Written, directed and produced by TylerPerry, “The Haves and the Have Nots” is a one-hour drama series following the dynamics of the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, their housekeeper, and the obstacles and secrets that exist within both families.  Produced by Tyler Perry Studios.

“Love Thy Neighbor” (Premieres Wednesday, May 29)

Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, “Love Thy Neighbor” is a half-hour comedy set at Love’s Diner, where every day the menu serves up good food, great laughs, valuable life lessons and a whole lot of love for its zany neighbors.  Produced by Tyler Perry Studios.

Jack Whitehall accidentally shows real phone number on Big Fat Quiz

Jack Whitehall is once again embroiled in controversy after inadvertently broadcasting a student's phone number.

The comedian and co-panellist James Corden hit headlines last week for their appearance on Big Fat Quiz of the Year with their off-colour jokes about The Queen, Susan Boyle and Barack Obama, which resulted in a number of complaints to Ofcom after extensive press coverage.

The Daily Telegraph now reports that 27-year-old Rakesh Sagar has complained to Ofcom that his number was broadcast on the show, leading to his phone being bombarded with between 200 to 300 calls and texts. Sagar claims many of the calls were abusive and made in the middle of the night.

Whitehall had written the number down as the answer to a question, claiming it belonged to Jonathan Ross, before inviting viewers to "call him whenever you want".

Depite the number being blurred on screen viewers and extra digits being added to the end, Sagar was still inundated with calls. He said: "I didn't even bother going to work on Monday because I knew my phone wouldn't stop ringing and I couldn't switch it off because a relative is ill and I needed to be contactable.

"Ofcom said they would look into it and suggested I changed my number, but I paid a lot of money for it because it is a very easy number to remember so I'm not doing that. I'll just have to wait for things to die down."

A Channel 4 spokesman said: "An illegible and non-functional number which contained more digits than a standard mobile number was shown very briefly on the contestant's panel on Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

"Whilst it was obscured and only shown briefly, some viewers have attempted to guess the number and this appears to have led to calls being made to this phone. We have apologised and have further obscured the digits on repeats of the show."

In 2013 Whitehall will appear on Channel 4 in a third series of student comedy Fresh Meat, written by Peep Show scribes Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain.

Celebrity Big Brother basement nominee revealed

Frankie Dettori has been revealed as the first housemate to be nominated for eviction in Celebrity Big Brother.

The disgraced jockey put himself forward to face the public vote as Big Brother revealed the shock twist to the basement housemates yesterday (January 5).

The news was broken as the celebrities sat around the table, with Big Brother saying: "To leave behind the squalor of the basement and ascend to the comfort of the main house, one of you must sacrifice yourself.

"You now have one minute to decide, as a group, which one of you will face the public vote."

While the housemates debated amongst themselves as to which one would likely survive if up for eviction, Frankie remarked: "I'll go - I don't mind going."

Neil replied: "But you ain't gonna go, you're the most popular."

However, Frankie insisted, saying: "I don't mind giving it a go."

He then high-fived his fellow celebrities, before the group told Big Brother that Frankie would be the housemate that would be up for eviction.

Big Brother then asked Frankie how he felt about the prospect of facing the public vote, to which he answered: "A little bit scared, but hopefully the British audience will vote for me to stay. And there was a unanimous decision, and I'm ready for the challenge."

Frankie was then allowed to leave the basement and go upstairs to join the celebrities in the main house.

The first round of nominations in which all housemates will take part will take place later today (January 6).

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Jim Davidson: 'It's a shame I missed Celebrity Big Brother'

Jim Davidson has expressed his regret at missing out on Celebrity Big Brother.

Davidson was arrested by Jimmy Savile police just hours before he was due to enter the Big Brother house.

The comic was replaced by former Liverpool defender Neil 'Razor' Ruddock.

Davidson wrote on his blog: "Shame I missed it - maybe next time. It looks a fun show."

The 59-year-old predicted that The X Factor's Rylan Clark or jockey Frankie Dettori will win the Channel 5 series.

Davidson has been in hiding since he was arrested four days ago. He was later released on bail.

He denies the charges that he historically sexually assaulted two women who were then in their 20s.

Why Al Pacino Didn't Want to Meet Phil Spector

Al Pacino says he didn't want to meet Phil Spector before playing him in an upcoming David Mamet film for HBO, because the record producer is no longer the same man Pacino was portraying.

"Phil Spector" focuses on Spector's first trial in the death of actress Lana Clarkson, which ended in a hung jury. Helen Mirren plays his attorney, Linda Kenney Baden. Spector was retried, convicted of second-degree murder, and sentenced to 19 years to life.

Pacino told the Television Critics Association on Friday that he was surprised to recently come across a photo of him and Spector, taken about two decades ago. Though they were captured in the same shot, they had never met -- and Pacino had no desire to change that before taking on the role.

"I didn't meet him because he's in prison and he's already been convicted. This person I'm playing is the guy who was there before he was convicted," Pacino said.

"So I thought -- not that Phil Spector would have seen me," he added. "I didn't try, simply because I thought, 'Well, you know. It's a different Phil Spector now.'"

Another reason a meeting may not have helped: Pacino said he didn't feel that he was playing Spector, the man. Rather, he said, he played Mamet's conception of Spector.

"When I did Roy Cohn [in "Angels in America"], I don't think that Tony Kushner was writing about Roy Cohn. I think he was writing about this idea of the mythical Roy Cohn, in the same way  Shakespeare wrote about Richard III. As has been proven, you know, this is not what probably was the real Richard III."

"Phil Spector" premieres next month.

David S. Goyer: How Batman and Leonardo Da Vinci Are Alike

"Dark Knight" trilogy cowriter David S. Goyer turns his imagination to Leonardo Da Vinci in the upcoming Starz series "Da Vinci's Demons." But Goyer says the guardian of Gotham and genius of the Italian Renaissance have quite a bit in common.

"He's kind of superhero-y," Goyer said of the artist and inventor at the Television Critics Association on Saturday. "There are so many tall tales about him. People have said that aside from Christ he's the most recognzied historical figure in the world. So in that regard my approach was not dissimilar to adapting Batman or Superman. Obviously we did a lot more historical research."

Goyer (pictured), who also wrote the upcoming Superman adaptation "Man of Steel," says Da Vinci and Bruce Wayne have several specific traits in common.

"There are some parallells to Batman. He had big father issues -- missing parent," Goyer said. "Both had these kind of formative, horrific incidents where they were trapped in caves, or in Batman's case a well. There's one Da Vinci wrote about in some journals, when he was 13, where something happened in a cave. We don't know what exactly happened. He sketched it and he said sort of that something horridic happened to him in a cave and that's something that we explore in this show."

The Starz series portrays Da Vinci, whose birth out of wedlock limits his career prospects, using his art to gain royal family recognitition. But he also demonstrates a superheroic gift for designing ahead-of-their-time gliders and machine guns.

"I also thought it was interesting that Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, originally based... Batman's cape on da Vinci's glider. So the two figures have always been kind of inextricably linked," Goyer said.

Comedy Central Orders 'Drunk History' Series, More 'Workaholics'

Comedy Central has ordered a fourth and fifth season of "Workahollics" and will make the web show "Drunk History" a series, the network announced Saturday.

“Drunk History” is a weekly, half-hour series in which A-list talent act out historical reenactments described by inebriated storytellers. The series is produced by Gary Sanchez Productions and executive produced by creator and star Derek Waters, writer-director Jeremy Konner, and Gary Sanchez Productions’ Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy and Owen Burke.

Past episodes have aired on McKay and Ferrell's site Funny or Die, and a “Drunk History” short produced for the HBO series “Funny or Die Presents,” starring Ferrell as Abraham Lincoln and Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass (pictured) won the Jury Prize for Best American Short Film at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

The Comedy Central series is set to premiere eight episodes this summer.  

Comedy Central also ordered 13 episodes for each new season of "Workaholics," the hit series from Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck.

Over its third season summer run, “Workaholics” averaged 2 million total viewers. New episodes will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 10/9c.

Comedy Central made the announcement at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Development Update: The 6th of January

BOOK CLUB (The CW, New!) - Nina Colman ("Gigantic") has sold a potential drama to the netlet inspired by Hope Hartman's recent documentary about "eight women who have been members of a book club in Washington, D.C., that has lasted more than 60 years." Said effort will revolve around "a young woman in New York who starts a book club with three friends, her mother and grandmother." The "book of the week" framework then will be used to examine the lives of club members. Warner Bros. Television is behind the hour with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz of Lin Pictures executive producing. (

BRIDGE, THE (FX) - Oscar-nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno ("Maria Full Of Grace") is the latest to board the drama pilot, about two detectives from the United States (Diane Kruger) and Mexico (Demián Bichir) who must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the American-Mexican border. She'll play the latter's second wife "who is at home to tend to the kids while Marco works long hours." Annabeth Gish, Emily Rios, Matthew Lillard, Ted Levine and Thomas M. Wright also star in the project, which Gerardo Naranjo is helming off a script by Elwood Reid and Meredith Stiehm. (

HOT MESS (MTV, New!) - Annabelle Stephenson, Matthew Atkinson, Mathew Botuchis and Shoshana Bush are the first to be cast in the comedy pilot, about Amanda Marshall (Stephenson), "who is caught between her current and former boyfriend, and her close circle of friends from college." Atkinson plays Nick, "a member of Amanda's crew"; with Botuchis as "his partner in crime Todd"; and Bush as Vivi, "Amanda's closest girlfriend." Lauren Iungerich is writing and directing the half-hour - a redeveloped version of her previous effort "Dumb Girls" - as well as executive producing alongside Robyn Meisinger and Kim Fleary. (

HUNTED (Cinemax) - The pay channel reportedly is looking to renew the freshman drama despite its production partner BBC opting against a second season. "We are making plans with creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz and star Melissa George to present a new chapter in the Sam Hunter mythology," Cinemax's Kary Antholis said in a statement. "We are very pleased with what Hunted has done for Cinemax's brand and are very excited about what lies ahead." No other details were given. (

KING & MAXWELL (TNT) - Chris Butler ("The Good Wife") has joined the cast of the drama pilot, about two former secret service agents (Jon Tenney, Rebecca Romijn) whose unique skill set often gives them a leg up on suspects and conventional law enforcement. He's on board as "the street smart and tough partner to FBI Agent Brandon Murdock (Michael O'Keefe)." Ryan Hurst also stars in the CBS Television Studios-based hour, which is adapted from characters created by bestselling author David Baldacci. Michael Katleman is directing from a script by Shane Brennan. (

MISSIONARY, THE (HBO) - Jesse Plemons ("Friday Night Lights") has joined the cast of the drama pilot, about Roy (Benjamin Walker), a young American missionary who gets caught up in Cold War intrigue while helping a young woman escape East Berlin in the late 1960s. He's set as Sherwood Elbridge, "a young Coca-Cola executive who helps smuggle defectors out of the Eastern Bloc." Baltasar Kormakur is directing the project from a script by Charles Randolph and Malcolm Gladwell. (

OUR FATHER (HBO, New!) - Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ("Zombieland") and director Jay Roach ("Game Change") are set to team for a new drama about "one of America's most powerful pastors who fights to rediscover faith, reconnect with family, and return to dominance in the face of unlikely enemies." Roach will direct the potential hour should it move forward as well as executive produce alongside said duo via his two-year overall deal with the pay channel. (

SUPER FUN NIGHT (ABC) - Lauren Ash ("Scare Tactics") has booked the remaining lead role on the single-camera comedy pilot, about three nerdy female friends on a quest to have "super fun" every Friday night. She'll play Marika ("a classic grenade who always wears ill-fitting sports attire"), a role played by Edi Patterson in the original CBS multi-camera version. Rebel Wilson and Liza Lapira also star in the project, which the former penned for the Warner Bros. Television-based Conaco Productions. (

UNSUPERVISED (FX) - Co-creator David Hornsby took to Twitter to confirm the animated series has indeed been canceled by the cable channel. The show's three remaining episodes will turn up on Thursday nights at 11:30/10:30c beginning December 6. "Unsupervised's" previous 10-episode run averaged 611,000 viewers and a 0.4 rating among adults 18-49, well short of its lead-in "Archer" (1.177 million viewers, 0.7 adults 18-49 rating). (@HornsbyDavid)

BLACKWOOD (MTV, New!) - Gwenda Bond's young adult novel - about "19-year-old Miranda Blackwood who, when 114 people, including her father, suddenly vanish off Roanoke Island, begins to investigate the mass disappearance, teaming with her high school sweetheart" - is being developed as a drama at the cable channel. Peter Calloway ("Brothers & Sisters") is on board to pen the adaptation with Kelsey Grammer, Stella Bulochnikov and Brian Sher also executive producing via their Lionsgate Television-based Grammnet Productions. (

PARANORMAL HOUSEWIVES (Lifetime, New!) - Katie Ford ("Chaos") has sold a potential drama to the cable channel inspired by a real-life group of female professional paranormal investigators in Southern California. Said members - Erin Potter, Kirsten Thorne and Marsha Covert-Garcia - will serve as consultants on the project, to be executive produced by Ford, Red Om Films' Julia Roberts, 3 Arts Entertainment's Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Madhouse Entertainment's Robyn Meisinger for ABC Studios. Red Om's Lisa Gillan and Marissa Yeres Gill are also set as producers as are German Michael Torres of GMT Films and Rick Telles. (

UNTITLED BOSTON WOMEN PROJECT (A&E, New!) - Mark Wahlberg ("Teamsters") has scored a pilot order from the network for a half-hour reality series featuring "the day-to-day life of four of tough, hard-as-nails women who juggle family, work, and relationships all while remaining true to their way of life" in Boston. Leverage Management's Stephen Levinson, Bill Thompson Productions' Bill Thompson and 44 Blue Productions' Stephanie Drachkovitch will executive produce the project alongside Wahlberg via his Closest to the Hole Productions. (

BASTARDS (ABC, New!) - "Ugly Betty" alums Silvio Horta and Salma Hayek are set to re-team for a new drama at the Alphabet about "a colorful Cuban-American family who have their lives turned upside down when it's revealed that the family patriarch had a child with the family maid over 25 years ago." ABC Studios is behind the hour, which Horta will write and executive produce alongside Ventanarosa's Jose Tamez as well as The Mark Gordon Company's Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper. (

LEVERAGE (TNT) - Executive producer Dean Devlin has released a letter indicating the show's upcoming December 25 season finale was written as a series finale due to uncertainty over if there will be a sixth season. "The episode that will air on Christmas is, in fact, the series finale we had always envisioned," he wrote. "This is not to say we would not do a season six should we get the opportunity." (

UNTITLED HANNIBAL BURESS PROJECT (ABC, New!) - Comedian Hannibal Buress is set to star in a potential comedy at the Alphabet "inspired by Buress' standup and has him starring as a cop in a small town." Buress will co-write and serving as a co-executive producer on the half-hour alongside Rob Sheridan ("18 to Life") with 3 Arts Entertainment's Dave Becky also executive producing for ABC Studios. (

BABES ON A BUS (FOX, New!) - The network has ordered a pilot for a potential dating series in which 10 single women from the big city board a bus that takes them from small town to small town in search of love. At each stop, "the town's finest bachelors will be on hand to impress them with romantic scenery and delicious local food" with the ladies ultimately tasked with choosing to stay or move onto the next town. Endemol USA is behind the project, which is based on a Norwegian format. No auspices were given. (

GATES, THE (NBC) - Marc Buckland ("My Name Is Earl") is set to helm the comedy pilot, about the hijinks that ensue when parents drop off and pick up their kids at school each day. He'll work from a script by Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith, who are executive producing alongside Kapital Entertainment's Aaron Kaplan and Feelgood Fiction's Laurence Bowen and Philip Clarke for 20th Century Fox Television. (

JENNI (ABC, New!) - Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera is set to topline a multi-camera family comedy at the Alphabet about "a strong, middle-class, single Latina woman working to raise a family using unique parenting skills, while struggling to run a family business and navigate her extended, co-dependent relatives - all while fighting the cultural perception that she needs a man to do it." Robert L. Boyett ("Family Matters") and Robert Horn ("Designing Women") are behind the half-hour with Rivera and her manager Pete Saldago serving as producers for ABC Studios. (

MRS. G'S BIGGER LOVE (Lifetime, New!) - Julie Golden has landed a new drama at the cable channel about a bored Seattle housewife who gains fame from her fictional day-in-the-the-life-of-a-female-polygamist blog who goes on to cover up her "normal" life to perpetuate the myth. Said hour is based on an entry in Heather Gatticio's blog Derfwad Manor, which espoused a polygamist scenario involving George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jeanie Bradley of Fedora Films, which has a first-look deal with the network, are the executive producers. (

SILICON VALLEY (HBO, New!) - "King of the Hill" alums Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky are set to team for a live-action comedy at the pay channel "set in the high tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success." Said trio will co-write the half-hour, which has a pilot order, with Judge attached to direct. Also executive producing are Scott Rudin and 3 Arts Entertainment's Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally. (

UNTITLED DEBORAH KAPLAN/HARRY ELFONT PROJECT (E!, New!) - Screenwriters Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont ("Leap Year") have sold a potential drama to the cable channel about "a young entertainment lawyer who dies but is determined to pursue a romance with a woman who's still alive - while he exists in limbo in New York City, working for the department that judges the recently departed." They'll write and executive produce for Universal Cable Productions and Aaron Kaplan's Kapital Entertainment. (

WEIRD DESK (ABC, New!) - Carl Binder ("Stargate Universe") and David N. Titcher ("The Librarian") have booked a 13-episode straight-to-series order from the Alphabet for a new drama about a clandestine organization "tasked with investigating and solving occurrences of the paranormal, supernatural and sometimes extra-terrestrial" using mysterious intelligence rerouted from the CIA and NSA. Said effort will track Morgan, "an obstinate, socially inept and brilliant man who would now be dead if it weren't for his special forces trained partner, Rosetta." ABC Studios and Christina Jennings's Shaftesbury Films are behind the hour, targeted for this summer, with the latter's Tom Mazza and Maggie Murphy executive producing alongside Binder and Titcher. (

HERE IF YOU NEED ME (CBS, New!) - Kate Braestrup's novel - about "a female state trooper who, after her husband is killed, takes over his life and finds spirituality in the process" - is being developed as a drama at the Eye. Neil Tolkin ("The Emperor's Club") is set to pen the hour with Jeffrey Kramer, Carol Mendelsohn and Julie Weitz executive producing via the latter duo's CBS Television Studios-based Carol Mendelsohn Productions. Jody Hotchkiss will also serve as a co-executive producer with Braestrup herself serving as an executive consultant. (

HOT MESS (MTV) - Johnny Pacar ("Make It or Break It") is the latest addition to the comedy pilot, about Amanda Marshall (Annabelle Stephenson), "who is caught between her current and former boyfriend, and her close circle of friends from college." He's on board as Ben, Amanda's ex-boyfriend, in the project, which also stars Matthew Atkinson, Mathew Botuchis and Shoshana Bush. Lauren Iungerich is writing and directing the half-hour. (

LOCO (CBS, New!) - Ayelet Waldman ("Applebaum") has scored a script commitment from the Eye for a new drama about "a couple whose best friends are killed and are tasked with integrating four unusual and gifted kids into their family." Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly of the CBS Television Studios-based Timberman-Beverly Productions will executive produce the hour alongside Waldman, who will pen the script. (

MESSED UPTONS, THE (NBC, New!) - Newcomers Jessie Miller and Bennett Wolin have sold a potential comedy to the Peacock about 33-year-old Jenn Upton, who "after hitting rock bottom, discovers she's actually the crazy glue that holds her broken family together and learns that life isn't so embarrassing if your family is as big of a mess as you are." They'll serve as co-executive producers on the half-hour with Stacy Traub executive producing for the 20th Century Fox Television-based Imagine Television. (

STALKERS (Lifetime) - Lela Loren ("H+") has joined the cast of the backdoor pilot movie, based on Rhonda Saunders's book about Diane Harper (Drea de Matteo), "a hot-headed cop with a troubled past, and a polished, ambitious DA (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) who team up to bring a stalker (Mena Suvari), obsessed with her former lover, to justice." She'll play said lover in the project, which also stars Henry Simmons. Mark Tonderai is directing from a script by David Wiener. (

UNTITLED KENAN THOMPSON PROJECT (NBC, New!) - "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kenan Thompson is set to star in a multi-generational family comedy at the Peacock about a man who moves in with his in-laws. Bryan Tucker is penning the script with Thompson, Andrew Singer and Lorne Michaels also executive producing via the latter's Universal Television-based Broadway Video. No other specifics were given. (

TV Tonight 6th of January 2013

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

60 Minutes (US) S45E15: "Season 45, Episode 15"
Alaska State Troopers S04E13: "Drunk and Dangerous"
American Dad! S08E08: "Finger Lenting Good"
Antiques Roadshow S35E13: "Stowe House"
AX Men S06E05: "Cage Match"
Bamazon S01E05: "Divided We Fall"
BBQ Pitmasters S04E04: "Royal Ribs & Burnt Ends"
Be the Boss S01E06: "Signal 88 Security"
Big Brother's Bit on the Side S06E04: "Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side - 4"
Bob's Burgers S03E10: "Mother Daughter Laser Razor"
Borgen S03E02: "Afsnit 22"
Celebrity Big Brother S11E05: "Series 11 - Day 3 Highlights"
Chopped S14E01: "Leftovers Overload"
Come Dine With Me S20E78: "Series 20, Come Dine With Me"
Dancing on Ice S08E01: "Series 8, Show 1"
Dancing on Ice S08E02: "Series 8, Show 1 (Result)"
Dateline NBC S22E16: "SU2215"
Deal Or No Deal (UK) S08E126: "Episode 2119"
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 S02E08: "Paris"
Dragons' Den (CA) S07E11: "Season 7, Episode 11"
Drugs, Inc. S03E10: "Coke Kings and Queens"
Family Guy S11E09: "Space Cadet"
Finding Bigfoot S03E09: "Squatch Spies"
Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi-Banashi S01E40: "TBA"
Gator Boys S02E01: "Mississippi or Bust"
Got to Dance S04E03: "Series 4, Episode 3"
Got to Dance S04E02: "Series 4, Episode 2"
Happy Endings S03E08: "Fowl Play/Date"
Heartland (CA) S06E10: "The Road Ahead"
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo S01E11: "A Very Boo Halloween"
Hunter X Hunter Remake S02E13: "Season 2, Episode 13"
Ice Loves Coco S03E10: "Baby Got Stage Presence"
Iron Chef America S10E31: "200th Episode - Flay vs. Pham"
Lost Girl S03E01: "Caged Fae"
Lost Girl S03E00: "Confaedential"
Love Live! S01E01: "Episode 1"
Magi S01E13: "Prince of the Revolution"
Masterpiece S43E01: "Downton Abbey III: (Episode 1)"
Million Dollar Contractor S02E11: "5th Avenue Duplex (Part I)"
Mob Wives S03E01: "Mob Knives"
Mr. Selfridge S01E01: "Episode 1"
On The Case With Paula Zahn S07E04: "Final Words"
Once Upon a Time S02E10: "The Cricket Game"
One Piece (JP) S06E63: "Landing! Punk Hazard, The Burning Island!"
Oprah's Next Chapter S02E16: "David Letterman"
Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook Off S02E01: "The Show Must Go On"
Racing Legends S01E03: "Episode 3"
Republic of Doyle S04E01: "From Dublin with Love"
Revenge S02E10: "Power"
Ripper Street S01E02: "In My Protection"
Robot Chicken S06E14: "Papercut to Aorta"
Saint Seiya Omega S01E39: "Reunion in Libra! Clash, Gold vs. Gold!"
Salamander S01E02: "Aflevering 2"
School 2013 S01E10: "Season 1, Episode 10"
Shahs of Sunset S02E06: "You Took an Ambien"
The Biggest Loser S14E01: "We're Back...And So Is Jillian"
The Good Wife S04E11: "Boom De Yah Da"
The Hotel S03E02: "Series 3, Episode 2"
The Mentalist S05E11: "Days of Wine & Roses"
The Project S05E05: "Season 5, Episode 5"
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta S05E11: "Off the Hook"
The Simpsons S24E09: "Homer Goes to Prep School"
Time Team S20E01: "Brancaster"
Twee tot de zesde macht S01E10: "Aflevering 10"
Uchuu Kyoudai S01E39: "Lunar Illusions"
Unique Sweets S03E08: "Sweet Peanut"
United States of Bacon S01E03: "Chicken Fried Bacon"
Watch What Happens: Live S09E01: "TBA"