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donderdag 22 maart 2012

Frankie Cocozza 'paid £1k to kiss Geordie Shore star'

Frankie Cocozza 'paid £1k to kiss Geordie Shore star'

We can't imagine why anyone would PAY to kiss Frankie, but there's a lot we don't understand in Celebland...

Frankie Cocozza likes to make sure he’s never far away from the limelight. The evicted X Factor contestant has made a name for himself over recent months by getting drunk, bragging about sleeping around and basically being a bit of a Jack-the-lad. With ridiculous hair.

Frankie Cocozza - paid for a kissHis latest 'star' turn has come from revealing that he was paid £1,000 to make up a relationship between himself and Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan.

Frankie was linked to Holly in October and later admitted on The Xtra Factor to Caroline Flack and Olly Murs that he “met her and banged her”. Nice.

But now the 18-year-old troublemaker has gone back on himself, telling the Daily Star Sunday that he was paid a grand to kiss in front of the paparazzi.

"I got a grand off Holly's agent for kissing her in the street. They gave me the money that night for doing it. I just did it because I was pissed, to be honest," he said.

"The next day I regretted doing it. I know a lot of celebs set up pap shots on a regular basis and make money from it but I'm not normally into that. I just did it the once."

Holly HaganA TV insider added that “it’s no surprise a reality star like Holly would want to cash in on [Frankie’s fame] by being seen with him”.

“A grand was a small price to pay for publicity. Anyone who watches Georgie Shore knows how much Holly likes sex.”

Charming. Isn’t anything sacred anymore?!

Frankie recently revealed that he’d had sex with 93 women, but was going to stop at 100 as he wants a girlfriend. We can’t help but feel sorry for Frankie’s 101st conquest.

Ex-Wives of Eddie Murphy, Prince and Will Smith Join VH1's Hollywood Exes

Ex-Wives of Eddie Murphy, Prince and Will Smith Join VH1's Hollywood Exes

Hollywood's starter wives aren't finished yet.

VH1 will debut its new series Hollywood Exes this summer. The show will follow the ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, Prince, Will Smith, Jose Canseco and R. Kelly, the network announced Wednesday.

Apparently, Nicole Murphy, Mayte Garcia (Prince's ex), Sheree Fletcher (Smith's ex), Jessica Canseco and Andrea Kelly have been friends for years, and the series will focus on how they've picked up their lives and prospered after having lost their former Cinderella fairy tale existence.

"These extraordinarily strong women adjusted to and endured a lot while their ex-spouses won fame and fortune defining pop culture for that moment," said VH1's Jeff Olde. "Now these women must re-invent themselves again, stepping out of the long shadows cast by their famous husbands and supporting each other as they define the next stage of their lives -- this time on their own terms."

Hollywood Exes will premiere this summer with 10 one-hour episodes.

The Vampire Diaries Bite: Will Caroline and Tyler Be Reunited?

The Vampire Diaries Bite: Will Caroline and Tyler Be Reunited?

Caroline Forbes was absent from last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, but Candice Accola says she'll be back this week with more than one objective.

"Caroline and Bonnie were gone to help Abby with her transition — it's taking a toll on Abby," Accola explains to "We're going to learn about what happens when a witch transitions and how that differs emotionally. I love that Caroline's taken a note from Stefan last season and has become a mentor for others throughout their transition."

Vampire Diaries boss on Alaric's ring: It has dangerous implications for Jeremy and Elena

In addition to helping out Abby, Caroline will continue to lay the groundwork for Klaus to free Tyler of his sire bond.

"Caroline and Tyler will be reunited," Accola promises. "Caroline is playing into Klaus' games so much at this point because she has her own game going. She's saying, 'Well if you really care, let him go, release him.' She's been doing her own work to release the bond back in Mystic Falls so we're going to see if that pays off."

'Apprentice': Lord Alan Sugar's first fired candidate revealed

'Apprentice': Lord Alan Sugar's first fired candidate revealed

Bilyana Apostolova became the first candidate to be fired from Lord Alan Sugar's Apprentice in tonight's (March 21) opening episode.

Sugar tired of Apostolova's sob stories in the boardroom and axed the Bulgarian following a disastrous printing task for the girls' team.

The opening challenge of the series involved the two teams buying £500 of blank materials, creating designs and printing them, and then selling them to the public for the largest profit.

Apostolova was part of the girls' sub-team, who were sent to London Zoo to flog their merchandise. However, the sub-team's bickering, aggressive sales approach and Apostolova's poor North London geography skills appeared to cost them time and money in the task.

When the important numbers were added up in the boardroom, Nick Holzherr's Team Phoenix triumph with a £616.20 profit. The girls' Team Sterling, who were project managed by Gabrielle Omar, only collected £214.80. The boys were rewarded for their efforts with canapés and cocktails at the house.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar was quick to pick up on the failings of the sub-team and Nick Hewer cornered the girls on their behaviour with a local shopkeeper.

"The shopkeeper was so affronted by their sales approach that she wouldn't buy anything; she couldn't stand being cornered by a pack of baying hyenas," said Hewer.

Apostolova and Omar were joined in the final boardroom showdown by Katie Wright, who Hewer accused of "going missing" on the task.

Wright defended her minimal work on the challenge, insisting: "I absolutely swear I was not hiding, there's no way I would do that."

‘The Office’ Showrunner Paul Lieberstein Preps His Exit As Return Of Key Cast Members Still In Limbo

‘The Office’ Showrunner Paul Lieberstein Preps His Exit As Return Of Key Cast Members Still In Limbo

The Office will have a new behind-the-scenes boss next season as Paul Lieberstein is stepping down as executive producer-showrunner. He is expected to land a hand while he preps the potential spinoff series starring Rainn Wilson, The Farm, which he co-created, but search is under way for a new showrunner to take the reins of the veteran comedy series next season.

Meanwhile, conversations with key Office cast members John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak, who have no deals beyond this season, continue, though I hear that they have stalled for the moment. Locking in as many actors of the core quartet as possible is critical for the future of the series in light of the potential departures of Wilson, who would segue onto the spinoff series sometime next season, and Mindy Kaling, who has a pilot in the running at Fox. Additionally, this season’s addition James Spader recently announced that he will be leaving in May.

Meagan Good Lands The Lead In NBC Drama Pilot ‘Notorious’

Meagan Good Lands The Lead In NBC Drama Pilot ‘Notorious’

In her first series regular gig, Meagan Good has been tapped as the lead of NBC’s drama pilot Notorious, from Universal TV and BermanBraun. Written by Liz Heldens, Notorious is described as an opulent soap in which detective Joanna Locasto (Good) returns undercover to the wealthy and troubled Lawson family she grew up in — as the housekeeper’s daughter — to solve the murder of celebutante Vivian Lawson, who was once her closest friend. Good, reppped by Gersh and Untitled, is doing a season-long arc on Showtime’s Californication and has movie Think Like A Man coming out April 20.

It has been a strong season for diversity in casting the leads of drama pilots. In addition to Notorious, two other hourlong pilots, Fox’s Guilty and ABC’s Last Resort, are toplined by Black actors, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Andre Braugher, respectively. Additionally, Amber Stevens plays the lead in the CW’s Joey Dakota, Jessica Lucas is the star of the CW’s Cult, and ABC’s Devious Maids has four Latina actresses as its leads. Meanwhile, Kerry Washington is the star of ABC’s upcoming midseason drama series Scandal.

MTV Adds 'Epic Fail,' 3 Other Shows to Roster

MTV Adds 'Epic Fail,' 3 Other Shows to Roster

MTV is about to experience some epic fail -- on purpose.

The network announced Wednesday that it is adding four new series to its lineup, including the half-hour panel show "Epic Fail," to its lineup.

The network also announced the special "Dev," which will follow up-and-coming "Like a G6" singer Dev as she navigates her musical career and young motherhood.

"Epic Fail" will embrace the awkward and embarrassing moments of viewers' lives, according to MTV. "With re-enactments, text messages, status updates and photos all submitted by our audience, the series will share their most cringe-worthy moments," the network said of the new venture.

The one-hour offering "The Heights," meanwhile, sounds much like the previous MTV hit "The Hills," though set in a far less sunnier climes. The show will follow "a group of best friends living, working and playing in the gritty, diverse New York neighborhood of Washington Heights. Though fiercely proud of where they come from, the show charts the triumphs and pitfalls as the cast struggle to push past the confines of their upbringing in order to carve out bright futures for themselves."

"Totally Clueless" will follow "Punk'd" into MTV's hidden-camera programming -- with the difference being that, in the new offering, people will win cash for figuring out that they are on television. "Our team of improv actors puts people into escalating rounds of uncomfortable situations," the network said of the show. "The sooner they figure out they are on a game show the more money they win."

Finally, there's "MTV's This Is How I Made It," a half-hour aspirational offering that will feature celebrities revealing their own recipes for success, along with direct advice to viewers on how to find success in their own lives.

Budget boost for British animation, TV and games studios

Budget boost for British animation, TV and games studios

Chancellor George Osborne has today announced plans to introduce tax relief for three UK creative industries - TV production, animation and video games.

In his Budget 2012 statement, Osborne said that tax breaks for animation and TV would 'reverse a trend of UK productions being made overseas and attract foreign companies to make their programmes in the UK'.

He said that tax relief for the UK video games industry could help increase the sector's contribution to the UK economy by £280 million over the next five years.

The tax credits for the three creative industries, joining the existing tax relief for the UK film industry, will come into force from April 2013.

The exact level of relief will be confirmed in due course, but it is expected to be similar to current levels of a 20-25% discount on corporation tax for UK productions.

"The film tax credit, protected in our spending review, helps generate more than £1bn of film production investment in the UK in the last year alone," the chancellor said.

"Today I am announcing our intention to introduce similar schemes for the video games animation and high-end TV production industry."

The UK is the second biggest exporter of television content in the world, with exports of programmes worth more than £1.3 billion per year.

Independent production studios in Britain contribute £4.3 billion per year to the UK economy and employ 20,950 people, more than the television divisions of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 combined.

Major new productions include ITV's Titanic series, written by Julian Fellowes, which has already been pre-sold to more than 80 countries.

There are currently around 600 UK animation companies employing over 4,700 people. In 2009, the industry produced 191 hours of content worth £102m, and studios such as the multi-Oscar-winning Bristol studio Aardman Animations have gained global renown.

UK children's TV shows were worth £150m in 2009, including perennial favourites such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

Andrew Ledger, the relationship director at Barclays technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) division, said that both the TV and animation industries have long called for tax relief, meaning today's announcement will be welcome news.

"We will have to wait and see what budget level the government set the bar in terms of eligibility for the credits, but hopefully this will be the first step in putting Britain back on the map as a cost-effective destination for drama production," he said.

"That should tempt more overseas production companies to shoot dramas here in the UK, just as we've seen happen in film. That potential influx of foreign investment could also filter through to local, British communities, who will reap the benefits of an increased industry presence across a wide array of new filming and production locations.

"The key to the success of the scheme will be how well the government can publicise the credits but we hope that Britain will start taking spend from other countries."

Ledger said that UK animation has arguably suffered more than others due to the lack of tax relief, largely due to stiff competition from more "cost-effective" countries, such as Ireland.

"Given Barclays has funded circa £4.5m of animation in the past two years that was done overseas because of tax credit, today's announcement couldn't have come soon enough," he said.

"Perhaps now we'll see more foreign investment in the sector which will protect the industry and wealth of talent we have in this country."

UK games industry body TIGA has long called for the games industry tax relief, as British studios generated £1.7bn in sales worldwide in 2009, but have faced tough competition from countries that offer state supported financial aid, such as Canada and France.

As of November 2011, there were 9,000 creative staff working in almost 300 UK games studios, and over five years it is estimated that the tax relief could protect 1,650 studio jobs and increase the games development sector's contribution to UK GDP by £280 million

Paul Durrant, the director of business development at Abertay University, which teaches many courses in computer games production, said that today's announcement is a "breakthrough" for the industry.

"By explicitly stating that our computer games industry has the same status as the animation, film and TV sectors, the UK government has shown it is serious about making Britain an international leader in games production once again.

"What the UK economy needs is a better environment for early stage, start-up businesses, and the proper support for companies to then grow and expand.

"The tax relief measure offers a more stable business environment for later stage, growth companies to thrive and stay in Britain, boosting the nation's creative and economic output."

‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ Not Moving Forward As TV Series On Syfy, May Become Digital Series

‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ Not Moving Forward As TV Series On Syfy, May Become Digital Series

Battlestar Galactica Blood And Chrome CancelledIt’s a case of bad news/good news for Battlestar Galactica fans who have been flocking to the Web to watch an unauthorized trailer for the long-in-the-works offshoot Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome over the past 36 hours. After lengthy deliberations, Syfy has decided not to go forward with the project, about the young years of William Adama, as a regular TV series. Blood & Chrome, initially envisioned as a Web series, was greenlighted as a two-hour TV pilot in October 2010.

Because of intensive post-production, including special effects, the pilot was not delivered to Syfy until last November. As of January, Syfy president original programming Mark Stern was quoted as saying that he the network brass were “trying to figure out the economics right now” and that he hoped those would be figured out. Now, the network has passed on the project as a regular series but is looking to do it as a digital one, while airing the already produced pilot on the network as a movie. “Though the vision for “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome” has evolved over the course of the past year, our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned,” Stern said in a statement today. “We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen. The 90-minute pilot movie will air on Syfy in its entirety at a future date.”

Despite the lengthy production and decision-making, the buzz about Blood & Chrome never died among Battlestar fans. It went into overdrive over the past couple of days following a WonderCom panel over the weekend with Kevin Grazier, the scientific adviser for Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica series, where he screened what was described as a trailer for Blood & Chrome.

That trailer, to Trent Reznor and Karen O’s cover of “Immigrant Song” for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, found its way to the Web on Monday night and has gone viral — garnering some 100,000 views in 24 hours. The problem was that this was not an official trailer but a demo reel not intended for public consumption and thus not put through the process of clearing music and other rights. It is still unclear how the video made its way to WonderCon, but NBCUniversal today moved swiftly to take down the multiple copies that had popped up on YouTube. Universal Cable Prods, which produces Blood & Chrome, may still shop the project to other networks. Michael Taylor wrote the teleplay from a story by Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick, Taylor and Bradley Thompson & David Weddle.

Oprah Network Likely to Lose $142.9M This Year, SNL Kagan Says

Oprah Network Likely to Lose $142.9M This Year, SNL Kagan Says

The Oprah Winfrey Network could lose an estimated $142.9 million this year, research and investment firm SNL Kagan said Wednesday, suggesting this might "tempt" co-owner Discovery to pull the plug on the venture.

SNL Kagan noted that the cancellation of Rosie O'Donnell's show last week ended hopes that it could boost the network's low ratings. OWN laid off 30 employees on Monday in another sign of problems for the network.

The firm said there could be a "significant write-down" at OWN for the first quarter of this year for programming costs for failed shows and severence costs.

Discovery spokesman David Leavy told TheWrap that SNL Kagan's report was "riddled with inaccuracies and bad information."

"The venture is on more solid ground with more business momentum than ever before," Leavy said. "Last Sunday, OWN was the number network on cable for women and people at 10 p.m. We remain confident in the future of OWN, and the long-term value we are building."

SNL Kagan focused on less hopeful numbers, saying the network was forced to pay out $15 million of what was to be a $40 million, two-year contract for O'Donnell.

"The problems the network faces are many," the firm said, including bad press that may discourage advertisers and carriage agreements that will expire in late 2012 and 2013.

"That means Discovery could end up negotiating carriage agreements for OWN again starting at the end of this year. Its hope for license fees of 20 cents to 25 cents per sub may now be unrealistic," the firm added.

A person close to OWN told TheWrap those numbers were inaccurate.

SNL Kagan also noted -- as TheWrap reported earlier this week -- that Discovery is taking on a greater role in the management of OWN, including installing Discovery chief financial officer Neal Kirsch as the chief operating officer position at OWN.

SNL Kagan also said it would "not be surprised to see Discovery ask Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions to finance some of the network's losses going forward." Discovery has already invested heavily in OWN, agreeing in August 2010 to boost its initial $100 million commitment by $89 million. In February 2011, it committed another $50 million, mostly toward programming.

The firm said OWN could still bounce back, noting recent ratings improvements. But if it doesn't, it could be doomed.

"Stay tuned, the story at OWN is far from over. Ratings for OWN in January were up 10% to a 0.13, after Oprah's new show, "Oprah's Next Chapter," aired, but it's still a miniscule rating compared to the programming investment," the firm said. "Without a significant ratings boost by year-end, this could be Oprah Winfrey's last chapter in the cable network industry."

’30 Rock’ To Do Another Live Episode

’30 Rock’ To Do Another Live Episode

After doing a live episode in October 2010, NBC’s 30 Rock will do it again next month. Co-star Alec Baldwin revealed the plan in an interview with Extra. “So watch Thursday night, April 26,” he told the entertainment newsmagazine. The 2010 live episode, done in part because 30 Rock was behind schedule in its production, was well received and earned two Emmy nominations, including one for director Beth McCarthy-Miller.

Aly Michalka Exits Fox Comedy Pilot ‘Rebounding’ As Role Is Reconceived

Aly Michalka Exits Fox Comedy Pilot ‘Rebounding’ As Role Is Reconceived

Hellcats star Aly Michalka has departed Fox’s single-camera comedy pilot Rebounding after her character has been reworked post-table read. The 20th TV project, written/executive produced by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, executive produced by Steve Levitan and directed by Jason Winer, is an uplifting comedy about Danny (Will Forte), a man recovering from the death of his fiancé with the help of the idiots on his pickup basketball team.

Michalka was cast as Taryn, the smoking-hot younger girlfriend of one of Danny’s friends, Dave, played by Hayes MacArthur. The Taryn character has now been reconceived, with the revamp including aging her up by a decade to Dave’s age. This is the third comedy pilot where recasting was done when characters were reworked after the table read, following similar moves on CBS’ Partners and ABC’s Mandy Moore project.

TV Tonight 22nd of March 2012

TV Tonight 22nd of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    30 Rock S06E13: "Grandmentor"
    30 Rock S06E14: "Kidnapped By Danger"
    All Star Dealers S01E10: "Koufax and Gretzky"
    American Idol S11E22: "1 of 10 Voted Off"
    Antiques Road Trip S04E29: "Series 4, Episode 29"
    Archer (2009) S03E10: "Space Race (2)"
    Awake S01E04: "Kate is Enough"
    Behind The Music S13E02: "Game"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E29: "Del 29"
    Biggest loser Sverige S01E12: "Avsnitt 12"
    Bikini Barbershop S01E06: "Date Breaker"
    Blik op de weg S27E06: "Season 27, Episode 6"
    Braxton Family Values S02E19: "TBA"
    Burlacul S03E04: "Season 3, Episode 1"
    Celebrity Juice S07E07: "Corrie vs. Eastenders Special"
    Chelsea Lately S06E56
    Cleverdicks S01E19: "Episode 19"
    Come Dine With Me S18E58: "Series 18, Episode 49"
    Comic Relief Does Glee Club! S02E09: "Series 2, Episode 9"
    Comic Relief Does Glee Club! S02E08: "Series 2, Episode 8"
    Community S03E12: "Contemporary Impressionists"
    Coronation Street S53E58: "Thu Mar 22, 2012"
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann S10E56: "Season 10, Episode 56"
    Dance Academy S02E08: "Connectivity"
    Days of our Lives S47E94: "Ep. #11804"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E191: "Episode 1871"
    Delocated S03E08: "TB's Mom"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E78: "Series 8, Episode 78"
    Doctors S13E225: "Puff"
    EastEnders S28E49: "March 22, 2012"
    Éden Hotel S02E12: "Season 2, Episode 12"
    Emmerdale S41E70: "March 22, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Emmerdale S41E69: "March 22, 2012"
    Four In A Bed S03E09: "Moulin de la Civiere"
    General Hospital (US) S49E248: "#12522"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E144: "Season 22, Episode 144"
    Golden Goal S12E07: "Season 12, Episode 7"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E36: "Södertälje - Nina"
    Holiday Heaven on Earth S01E06: "Episode 6"
    Hollyoaks S18E59: "March 22, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E44: "Episode 5479"
    Hotel cæsar S28E173: "Season 28, Episode 173"
    House Hunters S48E58: "Sisters With Opinions Search Atlanta"
    House Hunters International S25E61: "Picking Back Up in Pisa, Italy"
    I Just Want My Pants Back S01E10: "Sextipated"
    Impact Wrestling S08E77: "Season 8, Episode 77"
    Inside Comedy S01E09: "Kathy Griffin / Steven Wright"
    Jeopardy! S28E134: "Show #6339"
    Jersey Shore S05E12: "Reunion"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E224
    Last Call with Carson Daly S10E28
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E237
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E148
    Love Life S01E02: "Episode 2"
    Missing (2012) S01E02: "The Hard Drive"
    My First Place S22E03: "No Closing Costs, No Deal"
    Naruto: Shippuuden S11E13: "The Artist Returns"
    Natural World S32E05: "Zambezi"
    Neighbours S28E54: "Episode 6364"
    New Prince of Tennis S01E12: "The Start of a Revolution"
    Pointless S06E29: "Series 6, Episode 29"
    Pramface S01E05: "Knocked Up and Homeless"
    Project Runway All-Stars S01E12: "Finale, Part 2"
    Question Time S32E25: "March 22, 2012"
    Reguły gry S01E06: "Kołderka wspomnień"
    Selling New York S04E22: "Strategic Marketing"
    Shortland Street S21E49: "Season 21, Episode 49"
    Sket Dance S01E50: "Episode 50"
    Swamp People S03E07: "TBA"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E254: "Ep. #6284"
    The Chase (2009) S05E38: "Series 5, Episode 38"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E127
    The First 48 S12E07: "Down in Overtown/Breaking Point"
    The First 48: Missing Persons S02E02: "Desperate Measures/The Big City"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E134
    The Office (US) S08E20: "Welcome Party"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E49: "Season 1, Episode 49"
    The Rosie Show S01E89: "Mike Tyson"
    The Sarah Millican Television Programme S01E03: "Food & Survival"
    The Secret Circle S01E17: "Curse"
    The Sheriffs are Coming S01E03: "Episode 3"
    The Straits S01E09: "Dead Reckoning"
    The Talk S02E92: "Season 2, Episode 92"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S19E263
    The Vampire Diaries S03E17: "Break On Through"
    The Young and the Restless S39E253: "Ep. #9868"
    This Week (2003) S10E24: "March 22, 2012"
    Thuis S17E149: "Season 17, Episode 149"
    Tonight with Trevor McDonald S14E11
    Touch S01E02: "1+1=3"
    Undercover Boss (CA) S01E08: "GoodLife Fitness"
    Unsupervised S01E10: "Youngbloods"
    Up All Night (2011) S01E21: "Daddy Daughter Time"
    Watchdog S30E02: "Series 30, Episode 2"
    White Heat S01E03: "The Dark Side Of The Moon"
    White Van Man S02E05: "They Think It's All Over"

Kiefer Sutherland's 'Touch' opens with 760,000 viewers on Sky1

Kiefer Sutherland's 'Touch' opens with 760,000 viewers on Sky1

Touch, the new drama starring 24's Kiefer Sutherland, began its first season on Sky1 with nearly 760,000 viewers, according to overnight data.

The US import averaged 757k (3.3%) in the 8pm hour, becoming the highest-rated non-soap multichannel show of the night.

Elsewhere, the latest instalment of Alcatraz took 479k (2%) on Watch, The Vampire Diaries improved to 394k (1.7%) on ITV2 (+1: 102k/0.6%) and MTV's Geordie Shore appealed to 334k (2%).

On the terrestrials, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings beat its 9pm competition. The Channel 4 show averaged 4.23m (18%) in the timeslot, overpowering Crimewatch on BBC One (3.48m/14.8%).

Gypsy Weddings also had an additional 678k (4.1%) on timeshift, while Supersize v Superskinny preceded it with 1.9m (8.3%) from 8pm (+1: 221k/0.9%).

ITV1 had a disappointing night as Homes from Hell managed 1.83m (8%) from 8pm (+1: 100k/0.4%) and Return to the Falklands mustered 1.83m (7.8%) from 9pm (+1: 161k/1%).

BBC Two showed Hairy Bikers' Bakeathon (2.57m/11.2%) and Horizon (2.18m/9.3%).

Lastly, on Channel 5, CSI averaged 1.97m (8.4%) from 9pm (+1: 147k/0.9%) with Revealed taking 1.03m (4.5%) earlier.

BBC One won primetime with 22.2%, far ahead of ITV1's 11.3% (+1: 0.5%). Channel 4 came third with 9% (+1: 1.4%) beating BBC Two's 8.6% and Channel 5's 5.5% (+1: 0.3%).

Amanda Holden confirms she will host 'Jesus Christ Superstar' show

Amanda Holden confirms she will host 'Jesus Christ Superstar' show

Amanda Holden has revealed that she is to host Andrew Lloyd Webber's new Jesus Christ Superstar talent show.

There had previously been rumours that the Britain's Got Talent judge was being lined up for the programme, but her involvement was only confirmed today (March 21) on ITV's This Morning.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she said: "I am [hosting] - it's terrifying. We haven't signed on the dotted line yet, but I am and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about it!"

Holden made light of her recent near-death experience during the birth of her child, saying: "As I have a West End background, and I nearly met Jesus the other week, I'm the best qualified."

Talking about what stage the competition had reached, she commented: "They've gone all over the country and Andrew said they've even had some girls auditioning as well... And I'm not sure they've sorted out the judging panel yet, but it's going to be a huge arena tour and it'll go worldwide."

It was recently announced that Melanie C and Jason Donovan will be judges on part of the show.

"The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet" to Begin on Lifetime on April 26

"The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet" to Begin on Lifetime on April 26

Let The Conversation begin... Lifetime's all-new series The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, a refreshing and intimate take on celebrity interviews hosted by British television personality and renowned photographer Amanda de Cadenet and executive produced by Demi Moore and de Cadenet, will premiere on Thursday, April 26, at 11:00pm ET/PT. The hour-long program created by de Cadenet marks her U.S. television debut.

Presenting an honest, authentic and raw view of the shared issues affecting women today, each episode of The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet will feature de Cadenet having powerful and in-depth interviews with some of the world's most famous and influential women, including, among others, Jane Fonda, Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria, Kelly Preston, Alicia Keys, NewYork Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Donna Karan, Ivanka Trump, Olivia Wilde and Gabby Sidibe. Together with de Cadenet in the comfort of her or their own homes, they -- many for the first time publicly -- will tackle a wide variety of topics universal to all females, including sexuality, body image, career and finances, relationships, love and loss, politics, human rights, transformation, breakthrough and perseverance. The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet will also feature "Women on the Street" segments in which women from all walks of life also reveal their personal feelings about their lives and the world today.

de Cadenet began her career at age of 14 as the host of the U.K. television shows, The Word and The Big Breakfast. After becoming one of the U.K.'s best known personalities, she eventually decided that her true place was behind the camera, telling stories through images, and began taking pictures, launching a photography career that already spans nearly 20 years. She is the youngest woman to shoot a Vogue magazine cover and has photographed many of the most influential figures inpopular culture for a portfolio of magazines as diverse as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar and The New York TimesMagazine. In 2005, she released her first book of photographs, Rare Birds, a ten-year retrospective that truly captured contemporary lifestyle on the cutting edge. She returns to television after a 15-year hiatuswith The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet.

As one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses, Moore's acting career took off in the 1980s, when she starred on the long-running daytime drama GeneralHospital. Moore went on to star in such iconic films as St. Elmo's Fire, A Few Good Men, Ghost, Indecent Proposal, Disclosure and G.I. Jane, to name a few. ShePicture Made for Television for her role as a single woman seeking a back-alley abortion in the 1950s set miniseries If These Walls Could Talk. The miniseries, which she also produced, also received an Emmy(R) Award nomination for Outstanding Made for Television Movie. Following a brief hiatus away from Hollywood to raise her three daughters, Moore returned to the screen and starred in Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle, Bobby, Flawless Happy Tears, and The Joneses amongst others. She was most recently seen in the financial thriller, Margin Call which received the Robert Altman Independent Spirit Award for Best Ensemble Cast and what New York Magazine calls "the performance of her life." The film went on to earn a 2012 Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Moore made her directorial debut in the acclaimed Lifetime Original Movie "Five," an anthology of five short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people'slives. The film landed her a 2012 Director's Guild Nomination.

Lifetime ordered eight episodes of the series created by Amanda de Cadenet and produced by decadenet, Inc. The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet is executive produced by Moore and de Cadenet, with Rob Sharenow, Gena McCarthy and David Hillman of Lifetime. Andrew Fried (Iconoclasts) is co-executive producer.

'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' Pulled From Fox Schedule Early

'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' Pulled From Fox Schedule Early

"I Hate My Teenage Daughter" isn't getting a lot of love from Fox.

The network has pulled the comedy from its schedule two weeks earlier than expected after it posted disappointing ratings. Fox said the show would air its six remaining episodes in the summer, including the two that were to air March 27 and April 3.

The series, which stars Jaime Presssly and Katie Finneran as a pair of lifelong friends and single moms who fear that their daughters are growing up to be just like the girls who picked on them in school, ran Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. and was expected to go into hiatus following its April 3 episode to make room for the return of "Glee" on April 10.

"Raising Hope" repeats will fill the slot March 27 and April 3, and "Glee" will return from 8 to 9 the following week, as previously planned.

"Daughter" premiered on Nov. 30, posting a so-so 2.8/7 in the 18-49 demo. This week, it fell 14 percent from its previous airing to a disheartening 1.2 rating/4 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic.

'Doctor Who' Steven Moffat: 'Matt Smith hasn't decided when he'll go'

'Doctor Who' Steven Moffat: 'Matt Smith hasn't decided when he'll go'

Doctor Who's Steven Moffat has confirmed that Matt Smith's future with the show is still unclear.

At a press conference this morning (March 21), the showrunner told journalists that the 29-year-old actor "hasn't made up his mind" about how long he will stay with the sci-fi drama.

"Honestly we don't know [how long he'll stay]," said Moffat. "We take it a year at a time and that's the only sensible way you can go with it."

He added: "It takes a huge amount of time, filming a series of Doctor Who and towards the end of that, you have to consider whether you're going to push on to another one."

Moffat added that he is keen to have Smith remain with the series for the foreseeable future.

"The honest answer is, we don't know," he admitted. "We'll keep him as long as we can, that's the absolute truth."

Jenna-Louise Coleman (Emmerdale) was today unveiled as the new companion to Smith's Time Lord.

The 25-year-old actress will debut in the show's 2012 Christmas special, replacing outgoing stars Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams).

Kendra Wilkinson and Cyndi Lauper Land Reality Shows on WE tv

Kendra Wilkinson and Cyndi Lauper Land Reality Shows on WE tv

Wilkinson, who rose to prominence with the E! reality offerings "The Girls Next Door" and "Kendra," has landed a new reality series, "Kendra on Top," along with "Time After Time" singer Cyndi Lauper, who has also scored a series with the network.

"Kendra on Top," which comes to WE via Prometheus Entertainment, will chronicle Wilkinson's continuing transition from sex symbol to wife and mother, as well as her husband Hank Baskett III's efforts to adjust to life outside the NFL following his departure from the Minnesota Vikings.

"Viewers will see a side of Kendra they’ve never seen before as she works to reinvent herself and does so through the all-important filter of being a wife and mom—her top priorities," WE said of the series in a release.

The 14-episode series, which includes a one-hour premiere and finale in addition to 12 half-hour episodes, begins production this month for a summer debut.

"Celebrity Apprentice" alum Lauper's series, which bears the working title "Cyndi," will present a similar juggling act.

"'Cyndi' takes viewers on an all-access journey into the personal and professional life of one of pop culture’s most beloved and influential icons as she juggles her roles as rock star, mother, wife, Broadway composer, and philanthropist," WE said of the upcoming project. "With her hectic touring schedule, awards appearances, and recording sessions, Cyndi’s family life with her husband of 20 years, actor David Thornton ('My Sister’s Keeper,' 'The Notebook'), and the couple’s 13-year-old son, Declyn, is anything but 'normal.'"

The 12-episode show, which is being produced by Mark Burnett's One Three Inc., begins production in New York in April, also for a summer debut. Lauper is serving as executive producer with Burnett.

BBC secures Challenge Cup TV rights up to 2016

BBC secures Challenge Cup TV rights up to 2016

The BBC has agreed a new television rights deal that will see it continue as the principle broadcaster of the Carnegie Challenge Cup for the next five years.

Under the new agreement, rugby league's oldest and most prestigious knockout competition will remain on the BBC until 2016.

The BBC will also broadcast live matches in the fourth and fifth rounds of the competition, along with the quarter-finals and semi-finals for the duration of the contract.

RFL chairman Richard Lewis said: "The Challenge Cup has a rich heritage and I am delighted that the competition's long association with the BBC is to continue.

"The visibility and profile afforded by the sport's presence on the BBC and the BBC iPlayer is hugely important and we look forward to working with the BBC as they showcase all the excitement and drama from the Carnegie Challenge Cup and Stobart Super League."

BBC coverage of the 2011 Challenge Cup final between Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos was watched by an average television audience of 1.61m last year, up 19% on the 2010 final.

Viewing figures for the new-look BBC Super League Show on BBC Two are also said to be already double this year on the 2011 stats.

The new Challenge Cup deal is a boon for the BBC after it lost the rights to major horse racing events including the Grand National and Ascot to Channel 4. The BBC has struggled to compete following a 15% cut to its budget for sports rights bidding.

BBC director of sport Barbara Slater said: "The BBC has been the proud broadcast partner of the Challenge Cup for over half a century so we're delighted to be continuing our long and successful relationship with the RFL.

"Rugby League forms a key part of the BBC's rights portfolio and through our new four-year deal we're look forward to ensuring this prestigious and fiercely contested tournament reaches an ever growing audience."

Ratings: CBS Wins Slow Night With 'NCIS'

Ratings: CBS Wins Slow Night With 'NCIS'

CBS scored an overall win on a Tuesday night when ratings were down almost across the board and several shows, including the night's top-rated show, "NCIS," hit season lows, according to preliminary numbers.

CBS was first in ratings and total viewers, averaging a 2.7 rating/8 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and 15.3 million. "NCIS" at 8 p.m. took the evening's highest ratings and total viewership, scoring a 3.3/10 in the demo and 18.6 million total viewers, despite the season low in the demo. At 9, "NCIS: LA" tied a season low, receiving a 2.8/7 in the demo and 16 million total viewers. "Unforgettable" at 10 grew 11 percent from its last original airing three weeks ago, taking a 2.1/6 in the demo and 11.3 million total viewers.

NBC came in second in ratings and total viewers with an average 2.1/6 in the demo and 6 million. It was the only network not to suffer declines. "The Biggest Loser" at 8 inched up to a 2.2/6 in the demo and 6.5 million total viewers, while "Fashion Star" at 10 climbed 13 percent from its disappointing premiere last week, receiving a 1.8/5 in the demo and 4.9 million total viewers.

Fox took third place in ratings and fourth in total viewers with an average 1.7/5 in the demo and 3.7 million total viewers. Ratings for all of its shows were down. "Raising Hope" at 8 dropped 11 percent in the demo to a 1.6/5, with 3.8 million total viewers. "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" at 8:30 dropped 14 percent in the demo to a 1.2/4, and had 3 million total viewers. "The New Girl" at 9 was also down slightly, receiving a 2.6/7 in the demo and 5.1 million total viewers. "Breaking In" closed the night at 9:30 with a 13 percent drop in the demo, posting a 1.3/3. It had 3 million total viewers.

ABC came in fourth in the demo and third in total viewers with an average 1.3/4 and 4.8 million total viewers. "Last Man Standing" at 8 dropped 14 percent from its last original three weeks ago, hitting a season low in the demo of 1.9/6 with 7 million total viewers. "Cougar Town" bounced back from last week's series low, growing 14 percent in the demo for a 1.6/5 and 4.6 million total viewers. "The River" at 9 grew slightly for a 1.4/4 in the demo and 4 million total viewers. A "Body of Proof" repeat closed the night.

The Situation Admits Prescription Pill Problem

The Situation Admits Prescription Pill Problem

"Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino says he is seeking help for a problem with prescription pills.

"I want to set the record straight," he said on his website. "I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion. I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans' support and love you guys."

The statement Wednesday came hours after Sorrentino and his publicist denied a TMZ report that he was in rehab for substance abuse.

Sorrentino is still expected to appear on the just-announced sixth season of the MTV reality hit.

“We have no comment about Mike but fully expect and are looking forward to the entire cast returning for a sixth season,” a network spokeswoman said in a statement to TheWrap.

After TMZ reported Tuesday that Sorrentino had checked into an "inpatient treatment program" for substance abuse, Sorrentino said in another post on his website: "You can't believe everything you hear about 'the situation' with The Situation, especially when it comes to some of the ridiculous embellishments TMZ has been spreading."