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vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Charlie Sheen Promises Advertisers 'Awesome' Success for 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen Promises Advertisers 'Awesome' Success for 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen promised "awesome" success for his upcoming  FX show “Anger Management,” during a video message to advertisers at the network's upfronts presentation on Thursday.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star also joked that its success would be followed by a “whole lot of credit taking.”

FX will debut Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” in June along with Russell Brand’s late night show “Strangely Uplifting.”

During the presentation, network president John Landgraf told advertisers that FX plans to order two to three more scripted dramas in the next year. They will join a lineup that includes “Justified,” “American Horror Story” and “Sons of Anarchy,” as well as the upcoming “The Americans.”

FX posted its most successful year in history in 2011 and said every returning series was up from the previous year. Landgraf said the network may also add another comedy, but said he did not know what the new comedy or dramas would be yet.

The network said it topped last year’s advertising expectations and gained viewers even as its competitors, including TBS, TNT and USA – the top-rated cable network – slipped.

Landgraf conceded that FX is down in the first quarter of this year – like many cable networks – but said the slide was expected because of lower inventory of new movies.

He said it hadn’t hurt the network with advertisers and that revenue was up 10 percent for the fiscal year ending in June.

FX has greenlit several off-speed high profile comedies following the model established with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

That approach calls for giving show creators an unusual degree of freedom in exchange for less money up front.

The network then rewards them if their shows turn into hits.

Landgraf has had less leeway to use the model with dramas because of their high production costs. But he noted that “The Shield,” which helped establish FX and set the bar for basic cable dramas, debuted a decade ago this month.

“I really care about trying to uphold the legacy of that show,” Landgraf said.

The first of FX’s upcoming dramas, “The Americans,” stars Keri Russell and follows two KGB spies in 1980s America. It is executive produced by Joe Weisberg and “Justified” creator Graham Yost.

Landgraf also said FX was the sole ad-supported network to offer “critically acclaimed comedies and dramas.”

That’s true for now, but USA is in the process of branching off into comedy. Turner, meanwhile, airs its dramas on TNT and comedies on TBS.

'Geordie Shore' heads to Cancun in Spring Break for series three

'Geordie Shore' heads to Cancun in Spring Break for series three

The cast of Geordie Shore are heading to Cancun, Mexico during Spring Break to film the third series.

Eight episodes will be filmed in the famous party-spot and the cast - Jay Gardner, Gaz Beadle, James Tindale, Vicky Pattison, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Ricci Guarnaccio, Rebecca Walker - will be "living it up Geordie-style" in their own luxury villa.

Beach contests, pool parties and super nightclubs will fill up the reality TV stars' time, but they must also pay their way with part-time work during the trip.

The Cancun Spring Break third series will air in the summer.

Last summer, the cast visited Magaluf for a double episode special.

Series two of Geordie Shore is currently airing on Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

Jon Hamm: 'I loved directing Mad Men episode'

Jon Hamm: 'I loved directing Mad Men episode'

Jon Hamm has said he loved directing a fifth season episode of Mad Men.

The actor made his directorial debut and followed in the footsteps of co-star John Slattery by helming season five's second instalment 'Tea Leaves'.

In an interview with On The Red Carpet, Hamm disclosed that he jumped at the chance to take a stronger creative role on the AMC series.

"I directed what will be the second episode of the season. I had a really wonderful time doing it," Hamm commented. "This was an incredible experience to get a whole different perspective on the show that I thought I knew pretty well. It was really, really fun and the crew really helped me out."

Mad Men actress January Jones praised Hamm's directorial talent, telling reporters that she truly enjoyed working with him in this new context.

"For someone that I adore and I've worked with and I trust, it was nice to be in his hands, I guess, just to lean on if I had questions," Jones recalled. "You're not always given that.

"When you do television, you have lots of different directors coming in and out and you don't always have the opportunity to ask them questions because they don't know your character better than you do, so it's kind of difficult.

"It was awesome, he did such an amazing job. I was so proud of him."

Hamm recently described being hired for Mad Men as the most "incredible opportunity" of his professional life.

Mad Men airs on AMC in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey: 'Cersei will confide in Tyrion'

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey: 'Cersei will confide in Tyrion'

Lena Headey has suggested that Cersei and Tyrion will get closer on the second season of Game of Thrones.

The 300 actress, who plays the mother of the evil King Joffrey, revealed that Cersei will confide in her brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) as she begins to feel guilty for being a bad parent.

"You get a real glimpse into her guilt as a mother and her fear of what she's created," Headey told Entertainment Weekly.

"She's just starting to slightly crumble and feel the reality of her world," she continued. "There's a lot of drinking... also massive denial about her son's behaviour.

"There's a moment where she absolutely shows Tyrion her true self. He becomes like a sort of confidante - almost - because she has nobody else."

Game of Thrones returns on April 1 on HBO in the US. It airs on April 2 on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Rosario Dawson to star in 'Occult Crimes Taskforce' series for A&E?

Rosario Dawson to star in 'Occult Crimes Taskforce' series for A&E?

Rosario Dawson is in talks to star in A&E drama O.C.T..

The project is based on comic series O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce - co-created by Dawson, writer David Atchison and illustrator Tony Shasteen.

The Sin City star has now teamed with The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd to produce a TV adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The drama will follow a group of investigators who patrol a district of New York populated by practitioners of black magic.

The central character is Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who has some magical skill. The comic version of Ortiz was based on Dawson's likeness.

O.C.T. will be adapted for television by Jorge Zamacona (Third Watch), who will also produce alongside Dawson and Hurd.

The rights to Occult Crimes Taskforce were previously acquired by Dimension Films in September 2006, but a proposed movie adaptation never materialised.

Looking back at Alcatraz season 1

Looking back at Alcatraz season 1

As soon as Alcatraz, the new show from producer J.J. Abrams and his team, was ordered and, subsequently, aired, it couldn't move for the Lost comparisons. While that previous mystery show had its problems and detractors, it's still a grand legacy to live up to, and there was a worry this new prison drama/sci-fi mystery would fail at the task. Well, like Lost, Alcatraz has its problems, but it's also managed to avoid many of its predecessor's mistakes.

That's not something to scoff at, with so much post-Lost television crashing and burning before it could even reach one season (Flash Forward etc.). Other efforts, like Heroes with its ensemble cast, fared much better of course, but nothing had managed to create and maintain the magic the original show had held. Audiences had never seen anything quite like it before, and it captured the world's imagination almost instantly. First of all, Alcatraz is not that show, and its failure to hit that nerve straight out of the gate could hurt its chances further down the line.

I'd actually rather compare this first run, with thirteen episodes aired on FOX mid-season, with another Abrams mystery show: Fringe. Though still struggling to tempt the ratings lesser shows have consistently achieved, Fringe has developed into a complex mystery show no longer bothering to appease casual viewers. It started, however, much like Alcatraz, with a 'case of the week' format that ran alongside larger mythology. That mythology has grown over time, and all signs point to Alcatraz taking the same path, if and when it's granted more episodes.

That mythology centres around the inmates and guards of Alcatraz prison, who are now popping up all over San Francisco in modern day. Some can remember the moments before they disappeared, others have little idea where they are or how they got there. The world was told that the prison had been shut down and the inmates either died or were moved. The show pitches that this was a cover-up, and experiments done on the prisoners (and possibly the staff) have somehow allowed them to jump forward in time. The trouble is, they're almost all homicidal psychopaths, and putting them back in the world is causing a few casualties.

This is a procedural show, so we need to assemble a crack team of detectives and experts in on the secrets of Alcatraz. First up is Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones), an SFPD detective descended from inmate Tommy Madsen (she's his granddaughter). She's been raised by her beloved uncle Ray, who may or may not know more than he's saying. Jones hits the nail on the head with a role almost designed to be unappealing. Almost every crime show of the new millennium features a hardened and emotional wounded female detective, usually softened by the hunky partner assigned to her in the pilot.

Well, said partner might not be widely considered hunky (though we've got a soft spot for him), as Lost's Jorge Garcia enters the frame as comic book writer, genius, and Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego Soto. Having written various books and profiles on every known aspect of the famous prison, Soto provides useful knowledge and exposition each week, and his role in things comes across as entirely plausible. Leaving memories of loveable Hurley at the door, Garcia has surprised everyone with his strong, likeable performance. With such a distinctive look which, on the surface, hasn't changed too much from his previous role, it's frankly astounding that he's managed to forge an entirely new persona for Alcatraz.

An equally well-known face is Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill, who heads up operations in what the others label the Bat Cave. Surprisingly, given his prominence in both advertising and the show itself, Neill is probably the weakest of the trio, overacting to an almost criminal degree at various points. His character is important in that he was once a guard at Alcatraz before everyone disappeared, and his life's work has been to find out what really happened there that night. British actress Parminder Nagra rounds things off as Dr. Lucy, a former doctor at the prison (also returned) and love interest for Hauser.

The show's simplicity is both its biggest strength and fatal weakness, as procedural fans will be glad of a crime show daring to break the mould, and sci-fi fans will undoubtedly become bored with the strict structure of each instalment. Setting up their task at the beginning of the episode, we then follow the team as they attempt to find and contain the relevant '63'. During the episode, we are also granted flashbacks to life inside Alcatraz in the years leading up to its evacuation, and this provides some prison drama not often done on the small screen.

Each week the returning 63's range from utter creeps to guards and the falsely accused, and we're given an inordinate amount of time to bond with each of them. The difference here is that we don't have to figure out what they've done or why, as they've already been caught and locked up for their crimes, but instead we're asked to ponder on their connection to the central mystery and those shady figures behind it. During the first season for example, we're also introduced to the creepy and sinister Warden, who's been experimenting with the patient's blood.

He also holds the key to a secret room in the basement of the prison. Until the last moments of the finale, we're unclear as to the nature of this room, but it's contents reveal a future director the show's second season could take. With season one only focusing on one mystery - how are the inmates turning up un-aged in 2012? - new revelations point to queries further down the line like: Who is behind it? How and why did they do it? And, what does that mean for those who've already returned? Putting Lucy in the central task force means that we have an invested interest; one we share with Hauser.

Shows focusing on elaborate mysteries like this are often very irritating to watch. With facts revealed to certain characters at certain points, there's a tendency for them to never speak to each other, and this is the fastest way to alienate an audience. In Lost's second season, for example, only half the islanders knew of the hatch for multiple episodes, and viewers lost track of who knew what, or how much, at later points in the story. Alcatraz avoids this as, by the end of episode thirteen, everyone's on the same page. People even ask vital questions of each other, but the trouble is that no one knows the answers to them yet.

While a standard procedural structure like this can be an entertaining escape week on week, watching them as a set (as genre fans are prone to do) could be more than a little tiresome. That's where this first run lets itself down a little, as the writers have taken their time in building up the mystery and drip feeding information to their audience. This can create a better, richer series down the line, but first it has to avoid the cancellation button. I worry that Alcatraz is the sort of show that's discovered later, and in such a restrictive television environment, a slow-building fanbase isn't often tolerated by networks (especially FOX).

But Alcatraz has a mixture of brave and safe ideas that could just prove its saviour. It keeps with the mythology-light, slightly spoon-fed style that was enlisted after Lost and Heroes shed their casual fans, but has a slightly sneaky side that signals a change of pace should it come back. First seasons are hard to pull off for mystery based sci-fi, given that they have to draw people in without giving away the game, and, on the whole, Alcatraz has pulled it off nicely. With strong performances, interesting ideas and an effectively tantalising cliffhanger, I hope it's not another one that meets the chopping block before it can show its full hand.

Tori Spelling 'can't wait to share passion for crafting'

Tori Spelling 'can't wait to share passion for crafting'

Tori Spelling has said that she can't wait to share her passion for crafting with the world.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress will host the upcoming programme Craft Wars for TLC. She opened up about her decision to be a part of the show.

"As a lifelong crafter, I love how crafting gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and show your creativity," Spelling told The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's an amazing outlet and nothing shows love more than something homemade," she continued. "I can't wait to share my passion and be inspired by all the amazing contestants."

TLC General Manager Amy Winter added that the show will appeal to a wide audience.

"Craft Wars continues to redefine crafting as something extremely modern - this is not your grandmother's crocheting," she said. "At its core, the series celebrates the creative spirit, which will resonate with TLC's audience."

Last week, Spelling announced she is pregnant with her fourth child just five months after giving birth to her third.

'X Factor' USA Marcus Canty 'shocked by Paula Abdul, Scherzinger exit'

'X Factor' USA Marcus Canty 'shocked by Paula Abdul, Scherzinger exit'

Marcus Canty has confessed that he was surprised by the axing of Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul from the X Factor USA judges' panel.

Canty, who competed in the first season of the Fox singing competition, said that he enjoyed working with Scherzinger and Abdul and felt that they brought "drama" to the programme.

"I actually was kind of surprised [they left]. I thought it was a lot of drama on the show with Paula and Nicole, but they were so nice," he explained to MTV News.

"I feel like Paula was honest. I feel like Nicole was honest - even in certain situations on the show that they got into, with me and Rachel [Crow] and at one point, me and Drew [Ryniewicz]. If I was in that situation, I probably wouldn't know what to do."

Canty also voiced his support for the possibility of Britney Spears joining the X Factor USA judging panel, adding: "Oh wow, I haven't heard that one. Britney Spears, wow. That should be interesting.

"Britney Spears can be my mentor because, first of all, I was the entertainer. I know she would give me that pop I need. That's definitely a great fit."

In January, Canty signed a recording contract with mentor LA Reid's label, Epic Records.

Quddus to host Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie singing contest 'Duets'

Quddus to host Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie singing contest 'Duets'

Quddus has signed up to host ABC's upcoming music talent show Duets.

The former Total Request Live presenter will head up the new series, which will include Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke as coaches.

Duets sees the four artists searching America for their protégés, before choosing two singers to perform duets with them each week on the show.

The finale will have only one artist and their protégé left standing, with the amateur singer signing a recording contract with Hollywood Records.

"This show is going to take the singing competition genre to the next level and I'm absolutely honoured to be a part of it," Quddus said in a statement.

The Canadian MTV VJ also previously hosted Dance on Sunset on Nickelodeon in 2008, and has appeared as an Access Hollywood correspondent.

Kelly Clarkson has previously said of Duets: "The simple fact that I get to go out and find two people that I believe in, sing with them every week, and help them accomplish their dream is an amazing thing that I can't wait to be a part of!"

Duets will premiere on ABC in the US this summer.

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series

ABC details its 12 drama pilots under consideration for next season - plus their initial logos.


SHOW INFO: If you could make one wish, what would it be? And what would you do to get it? At 666 Park Avenue, all of your dreams and burning desires can come true: wealth, sex, love, power, even revenge. But just be careful what you wish for, because the price you pay... could be your soul. Welcome to The Drake, the premiere apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Owned by the mysterious Gavin Doran (Terry O'Quinn - Lost) and his sexy wife Olivia (Vanessa Williams - Desperate Housewives), The Drake is home to dozens of residents who are unaware they're living in the dark embrace of supernatural forces. They think their dreams are all coming true, only to find they've been lured into making, what feels like, a deal with the Devil. When a young Mid-western couple - Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor - Charlie's Angels, Grey's Anatomy) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable - Brothers & Sisters) - is hired to manage The Drake, they soon discover that evil, obsession, and manipulation has a home. Allow yourself to be seduced by 666 PARK AVENUE, and unravel the mysteries of this devilish new drama from Alloy Entertainment (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars) and executive producers David Wilcox (Fringe, Life on Mars), Leslie Morgenstein (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries) and Gina Girolamo (The Secret Circle, The Lying Game).


SHOW INFO: It turns out clothes really do make the man. Legendary designer Robert Soulter (Anthony LaPaglia - Without a Trace) has transformed his fashion label "Americana" into a remarkable family dynasty. It's not just a billion dollar company, it's the most iconic brand in the world. At Americana, everyone works hard and plays even harder. The Soulter family lives in a modern day Oz and Robert Soulter is the Wizard. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the fashion business has a notorious dark side. This year, you're a genius. Next year, you're out. But one thing's for sure... you have to watch your back. And Robert had better watch his, because a power struggle is just beginning. It's the established powerbrokers versus the young and ambitious. After 30 years of being the king of his industry, someone wants Robert replaced. Shockingly, that someone might be his wife Sierra (Christine Adams - Terra Nova), his ex-wife Wendy (Natalie Mendoza - Hotel Babylon), or one of his own children, Jesse (David Alpay) and Francesca (Emilie De Ravin - Lost). Alice Garano (Ashley Greene - Twilight), an up-and-coming young designer who just graduated from a top New York fashion school, could be the next Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang. Except she just made a deal to work for her father Martin Soulter (Ken Olin - Brothers and Sisters) at his garment factory. That deal becomes impossible to honor when she meets her estranged uncle, Robert Soulter for the first time. Though Alice knows how much her father resents his famous brother, no one has ever talked about their 25 year feud. Alice can't resist Robert's invitation to discuss her work and a potential future at Americana. As Robert lures Alice deeper into his web, she feels like all of her dreams are coming true. Though what she has yet to realize is the dream comes with a cost - a family secret that could shatter everything she wants and everyone she loves, if it's ever revealed. Executive producers Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds) and Michael Seitzman (North Country) and director Phillip Noyce (Revenge) take you inside a glittering world of catwalks and catfights, to reveal the deliciously ugly side of the beautiful people who work in fashion, and explore the lengths people will go to protect their secrets.


SHOW INFO: His eyes. His piercing blue eyes. Before Princess Grace (Ruth Bradley - Titanic mini-series) ever met Shiro (Darius Campbell), she dreamt of his unforgettable eyes and knew that, despite his beastly appearance, he held a powerful connection to her. From the studio that brought you Once Upon a Time, and executive producers Jon Steinberg (Human Target, Jericho) and Gary Fleder (Life Unexpected, Happy Town), comes an epic and achingly romantic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Beauty and The Beast, set in a fantastically mythical and dangerous new world. In the capital city of Kendan, the kingdom is at war, and its leader Lord Dorian is laying on his deathbed. Grace, his beautiful and headstrong young daughter, is quietly ruling with guidance from Council leader Cyril (F. Murray Abraham). Grace soon discovers deceit and betrayal at the highest levels of the realm. A traitor, she learns, has poisoned her father. Leaving her fiancé Garrick (Chris Egan - Letters to Juliet) behind, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey to find a cure and save her father's life. Her adventure takes her across sweeping lands where she is taken captive by Shiro, a mysterious and tragically heroic beast. Shiro is intrigued by Grace, and despite his allegiance to the enemy, eventually allows her to return home to save her father. But their connection cannot be denied, nor can the idea that fate will bring them together again...


SHOW INFO: He thought his future was in an astrophysics lab. His true calling lies somewhere closer to the White House. During a rainy rugby game, undergrad Carter Henderson (Max Thieriot - Foreverland) is struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. At precisely the same moment thousands of miles away, Carter's father, a man he barely knew, is killed while trying to assassinate New York Senator Teras (Linus Roache - Law and Order). Carter will soon discover these two bizarre events are linked in an unimaginable and terrifying way. En route to the funeral, Carter is detained by FBI Agent Meyers (Monique Curnen - The Dark Knight). She wants to know why his dad, a respected neurosurgeon, would attempt to kill a charismatic and influential politician who's in line to become the next President of the United States. Good Question. Carter has no idea what the answer is, but he is determined to find out. Now, Carter's search to learn more about his father will take some dangerous and surprising turns, and ultimately lead him to Mr. Armin (Martin Landau) who represents a secret organization made up of the world's most powerful minds. Their purpose is to unravel one of mankind's darkest conspiracies, and figure out who's pulling the strings behind a plot for power that goes all the way to the Presidency. With the help of his girlfriend Wynter-Lee (Gabriella Wilde), and a beautiful young religious art historian (Yaya DaCosta - Tron: Legacy), Carter uncovers some startling family secrets and learns that his father died in an attempt not just to protect him, but to save all of humanity. From executive producers Roland Emmerich (2012, The Day After Tomorrow, 10000 BC, Independence Day) and Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds) comes this exhilarating thriller that combines chilling mythology, political intrigue, and heart-stopping adventure.


SHOW INFO: They wash clothes they can't afford, polish silver they'll never dine with, and sometimes, they sleep with their employers' husbands. It's all in a days work for a Beverly Hills maid. They're constantly surrounded by wealth and privilege, yet they're never allowed to forget that they're just the help. Meet Rosie (Dania Ramirez - Entourage), Marisol (Ana Ortiz - Ugly Betty), Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez - Without a Trace), Valentina (Edy Ganem - Like Crazy), and Zoila (Judy Reyes - Scrubs). It's their job to clean up the messes left by the rock stars, filthy rich billionaires, and self-centered celebrities they work for. Even, if it means cleaning up a murder. But these ladies are anything but pushovers. They've all got their eyes on a bigger prize: a better life here in America. Whether it's immigrating their child from Mexico, or having a career in music, they'll do whatever it takes, including flirting with the bosses' son, blackmailing a philandering husband, or hiding an addict's drugs. And they're always there for each other. When their friend and fellow maid Flora is found brutally murdered, she took a shocking secret to her grave. Now, the Devious Maids will do anything to protect it. Between the spoiled-rotten "haves" and these beautiful "have not's," there's plenty of upstairs-downstairs intrigue. Marc Cherry, the creator of the Emmy-winning Desperate Housewives, takes you out of the burbs and into a whole new neighborhood: the palm tree-lined streets and mansions of Beverly Hills for a fun, soapy peek inside the sordid lifestyles of the rich and famous.


SHOW INFO: At The Lillian, New York's grandest hotel, forbidden love is checking in. After a year away in Paris, Violet Langton Lily (Sarah Bolger - The Tudors) - a beautiful young socialite from the renowned Lily family - gets blindsided by love on a New York-bound luxury liner. His name is John Kidd (Matt Long - Mad Men, The Deep End), a handsome and mysterious man whom Violet's family definitely wouldn't approve of. Promised to the heir of a very prominent family, Violet was raised to find a man of acceptable class and stature. This sudden yet profound encounter, with working-class John Kidd, makes her question everything including her future. Ultimately, Violet will have to choose between what her heart wants, and what her family expects. Back in New York, Violet returns to discover her father, Edwin Lily (Brian O'Byrne - Prime Suspect, Mildred Pierce), has sunk the family fortune into the construction of the City's first Luxury Hotel, The Lillian. Eager to get in on the action and attention, Edwin's brother, Julius (John Barrowman - Torchwood), offers to become equal partner and financier, much to Edwin's chagrin. Through years of reckless behavior, Julius has earned a reputation for being a playboy and lout. He's the Black Sheep, and this is his chance at familial redemption. And he's willing to get it no matter the cost. Meanwhile, the "downstairs" at The Lillian is awash in its own strife. Struggling against society's class limitations, Abigal, Violet's Maid (Madeline Zima - Californication) and Jasper, Foot Man to Julius (Maury Sterling - Homeland) are trying to break into high society. From Executive Producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal) and creator KJ Steinberg (Executive Producer of Gossip Girl) comes a fresh look at a golden world, full of glamorous galas, sibling rivalry, dangerous liaisons, and murder.


SHOW INFO: Under our very noses exists a world most of us cannot see. A world where magic is behind every door, and danger lurks around every corner. New York City Homicide Detective Anne Travers (Megan Ketch) discovers this world when she's assigned a case that seems unsolvable. No clues, no suspects, no method. But Travers is a cop who refuses to become cynical - and often sees what others can't. Not willing to give up her investigation, she finds herself recruited into a secret magical division of the police force, by the mysterious Alderman and his rugged constable, Boyo (Barry Sloane). With both of them leading the way, Travers will discover a side of Manhattan that is both fascinating and frightening, one where Harry Potter and friends would feel right at home. Here, spells are real, charms can be bought, and unsolvable crimes have complicated solutions. If you can unlock the magic, you can solve the case. We quickly learn that the magical world needs Travers even more than the real one. And not just because her talent for law enforcement... but for reasons she doesn't even know yet. Executive produced by Michael Green (The River, Kings, Heroes), Francis Lawrence (I am Legend, Water for Elephants, Constantine) and Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, The Blindside) Gotham takes us inside a hidden world of magic... where nothing is what it seems... and where the fantastical happens everyday. You just have to be able to see it.


SHOW INFO: 500 feet beneath the ocean's surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receives their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they're told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance, and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home. From executive producer/writer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit, The Chicago Code) and Executive producer/writer Karl Gajdusek comes this dramatic new international action-thriller about treachery, treason, and nuclear brinksmanship. LAST RESORT contemplates establishing of a new society in the modern world, and character becomes everything when unthinkable decisions must be made.


SHOW INFO: What Hollywood is to the movie business, Nashville is to music. This is where today's music is being made and tomorrow's stars are being born. If you're Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood in-the-making, you want to be in Nashville. Chart-topping Rayna James (Connie Britton) is a country legend who's had a career any singer would envy, though lately her popularity is starting to wane. Fans still line-up to get her autograph, but she's not packing the arenas like she used to. Rayna's record label thinks a concert tour, opening for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), the young and sexy future of country music, is just what Rayna needs. And scheming Juliette can't wait to steal Rayna's spotlight. But sharing a stage with that disrespectful, untalented, little vixen is the last thing Rayna wants to do, which sets up a power struggle for popularity. Could the undiscovered songwriting talent of Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) be the key to helping Rayna resurrect her career? Rayna's wealthy, but estranged, father Lamar Hampton (Powers Boothe) is a powerful force in business, Tennessee politics, and the lives of his two grown daughters. His drive for power results in a scheme to back Rayna's handsome husband Teddy, in a run for Mayor of Nashville, against Rayna's wishes. Set against the backdrop of Nashville's thriving contemporary music scene, and political world, executive producers Callie Khouri (writer of Thelma & Louise) and RJ Cutler (The September Issue) take you inside the cutthroat world of country music, family, and politics... from the concert tours to the romantic entanglements, to the halls of power and old demons that threaten to derail a career.


SHOW INFO: Melissa Rosenberg (executive producer and head writer on "Dexter" and screenwriter of the Twilight franchise), Howard Klein (executive producer of "The Office," "Parks & Recreation") and Endemol Studios ("Hell On Wheels") join forces for a riveting new thriller that takes you inside the world of crime and intrigue and shows you just how far one woman will go to protect her family. Meet Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell - Melinda and Melinda) a suburban housewife who's living the good life in Northern California. She has a loving husband, a beautiful home overlooking Sausalito, and three amazing kids. But behind this perfect facade is a family of organized criminals. Marta's father, her brother, and husband Franklin all make their living through illegal means, and up until now, she has turned a blind eye to this fact. But when Franklin is murdered, Marta uncovers a tenacity she never knew she had. She'll do whatever it takes to avenge his death and keep her family alive. Even if it means filling her husband's shoes and joining the family business. As Marta digs into this dark underworld, she'll test her own strength, relying on her resourcefulness, determination and family ties like never before.


SHOW INFO: Wealth, sex, power, and palm trees... mixed with 24/7 sunshine and a carefree attitude. This is Beverly Hills when she was young. A land of beautiful homes and glamorous people, before reality stars and TMZ were ever heard of. Recently widowed socialite Billy Ikehorn - rich, soulful, and beautiful - is beginning a new chapter in her life. Armed with big dreams and a clear vision for her future, she sets about building an empire like nothing Southern California has ever seen. Welcome to Scruples. It's more than just a fashion emporium; it's an entrée to beautiful people, gorgeous models, famous photographers, up-and-coming designers, and the glamorous world of Hollywood. It's also the center of a powerful and compelling romantic drama that will sweep up Billy and her young protégés, Valentine O'Neill (Karinne Vanasse - Pan Am) and Spider Elliot, into a perfect storm of revenge, sex, scandal - even murder - on an international stage. Based on Judith Krantz's best-selling novel comes a deliciously soapy new drama. Executive produced by Oscar winner, Natalie Portman and Annette Savitch of Handsome Charlie Films. They produce alongside Krantz's son, Tony. The show is written and executive produced by Bob Brush (The Wonder Years) and Mel Harris (thirtysomething). The pilot will be directed by Michael Sucsy, whose credits include the hit film "The Vow" and HBO's Emmy Award-winning "Grey Gardens".


SHOW INFO: Hank Foley (Anthony Edwards) is no stranger to adventure. But this one is a little more than he bargained for. As the publisher of Modern Skeptic magazine, Hank has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and solving conspiracies. A confessed paranormal junkie, his motto is "logic is the compass." But when his beautiful young wife (Jacinda Barrett) is abducted from her store, an antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries of human history, stretching around the world and back centuries. Contained in one of his wife's clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. Now it's up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map, while ensuring the answers don't fall into the wrong hands. With his two young associates Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster) in tow, along with Deck a sexy FBI agent (Carmen Ejogo), Hank will lead them on a breathless race against the clock, to find his wife and save humanity. Executive produced by Lorenzo DiBonaventura (the Transformers and GI: Joe franchises, Salt, Red), Paul Scheuring (Prison Break) and Dan McDermott (Human Target) comes this fast-paced thriller that will take you on quest around the globe to reveal one of mankind's most riveting conspiracies, one that powerful forces have kept hidden for too long.

'Are You There, Chelsea?' concludes with 3.1m for NBC

'Are You There, Chelsea?' concludes with 3.1m for NBC

Are You There, Chelsea? went out with a whimper last night (Wednesday), preliminary Nielsen overnight data indicates.

The NBC sitcom's first season ended with a modest 3.1m (1.2) at 8.30pm, falling two demo points and 400k on last week's penultimate edition.

Meanwhile, the 8pm finale of Whitney fared better with 4.2m (1.5), but viewers abandoned the Peacock Network at 9pm as Bent could only muster 2.6m (0.9) and 2.4m (0.8) for its double bill.

Rock Centre with Brian Williams rounded off a disappointing evening with 3.3m (0.8).

America's Next Top Model anchored The CW's schedule with 1.4m (0.7) in the 9pm hour, prior to which 1.3m (0.6) watched One Tree Hill.

American Idol's solid audience of 17.1m (5.0) between 8pm and 10pm kept Fox comfortably in the lead over primetime.

CBS's only new broadcast, Survivor: One World, entertained 9.6m (2.8) at 8pm. Criminal Minds (7.5m/1.7) and CSI (7.8m/1.7) followed.

Happy Endings climbed to 4.2m (1.9) for ABC at 9.30pm, while reruns of The Middle (4.3m/1.2), Suburgatory (3.8m/1.2), Modern Family (5.3m/1.9) and Missing (4.1m/0.9) aired elsewhere.

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series

2012 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series

ABC details its 13 comedy pilots under consideration for next season - plus their initial logs.


SHOW INFO: "I do." When Judy Jennings (Judy Greer) said those two little words, her life went down the rabbit hole. Suddenly Judy became an instant stepmom to two kids. Oh, Judy... be afraid, be very afraid. Judy left the excitement of city life to join her husband Dean in the 'burbs, only to find her world completely turned upside down. Forget the lack of upscale boutiques or cultural events; Judy didn't realize she married into a family with some seriously fuzzy boundaries. Dean's Double-D ex-wife, the tough-talking town Sheriff (Elaine Hendrix), drops in unannounced, to shower after her workouts. Her stepson, Chuck Norris (named by The Sheriff, of course) surprises Judy at the most inopportune moments. And her mother-in-law, Judy "One" (Mimi Kennedy), raids the fridge whenever she feels like it and judges her parenting skills. Judy's clearly out of her element and feels like small town hospitality isn't always hospitable. Finding a friend may take some time, but until then, she's always got her family. From executive producers Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont (Made of Honor, Surviving Christmas, Can't Hardly Wait), Ira Ungerleider (How I Met Your Mother, Friends), and David Gardner, Peter Principato, and Paul Young (Reno 911!), and director Beth McCarthy-Miller (30 Rock, Up All Night), comes this hilariously quirky new comedy about feeling like a fish out of water in your own family.


SHOW INFO: Welcome to the Wagon Wheel Diner. Proudly serving Waverly, Texas since 1952. You could call it a greasy spoon, but the Haynes sisters might make you eat your words, right along with the Blue Plate Special. Here, every order comes with a side of Texas style sass mixed with sibling rivalry, which is why the regulars love this place. Meet Joyce, Nonie, and Billie Haynes, co-owners of the Wagon Wheel. They're opinionated, often inappropriate, and sometimes politically incorrect (hummus = "terrorist food"). They have a habit of letting their family drama get in the way of running the diner. But when they stir up the hornet's nest, it always comes from a place of love. Through the years, between the broken hearts and broken dreams, their family roles haven't changed a bit. Joyce (Emmy Award Winner Margo Martindale) is the oldest sister and always knows what's best. She's about to become a first-time grandma and is pretty darn certain "Corduroy" is a bad name for her grandson. Having survived cancer, Joyce can be tough as nails, and won't hesitate to play the "cancer card" when it suits her. Nonie, the middle child, is a dreamer who still to this day, at the age of 55, wants to fly the coop but just can't quite get up the nerve. And then there's Billie, the baby, who's working on putting her wild ways behind her. After an AA meeting, she used the church baptismal pool to do a little "freshening up," which led to an embarrassing excommunication. Oops! Keeping a watchful eye over everything is Aunt Lee (Doris Roberts), the high-haired Southern Belle who strives to keep the Haynes sisters on the straight and narrow, along with Alonzo the cook. While manning the grille, Alonzo dispenses advice to the sisters in short order, like their own personal philosopher/guru. Executive producers Stephnie Weir (MadTV) and Claudia Lonow (Accidently on Purpose, Cashmere Mafia) create an ensemble comedy that combines southern charm and family values with a heaping helping of down-home humor.


SHOW INFO: How well do you know your neighbors? Meet The Weavers: Debbie (Jami Gertz) and Marty (Lenny Venito). Marty, in hopes of providing a better life for his wife and three kids, recently bought a home in "Hidden Hills," a gated New Jersey townhome community with its own golf course. Hidden Hills is so exclusive that a house hasn't come on the market in 10 years. But one finally did... and the Weavers got it! It's clear from day one that the residents of Hidden Hills are a little... different. For starters, their new neighbors all have pro-athlete names like Larry Bird, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Reggie Jackson, and Dick Butkus. Over dinner, Marty and his family discover that their neighbors receive nourishment through their eyes and mind by reading books, rather than eating. The Weavers soon learn that the entire community is comprised of aliens from Zabvron, where the men bear children and everyone cries green goo... from their ears. The Zabvronians have been stationed on Earth for the past 10 years, disguised as humans, awaiting instructions from home, and the Weavers are the first humans they've had the opportunity to know. As it turns out, the pressures of marriage and parenthood are not exclusive to planet Earth. Two worlds will collide with hilarious consequences as everyone discovers they can "totally relate," and learn a lot from each other. Dan Fogelman (the writer of Cars, Tangled, and Crazy, Stupid, Love), Director Chris Koch (Workaholics, Modern Family), Jeff Morton (Modern Family) and Aaron Kaplan (GCB, Terra Nova) executive produce this new comedy about close encounters of the 3rd kind, in New Jersey.


SHOW INFO: What do you do when you catch the only woman you ever loved cheating on you with another guy? You make tracks for Awesometown. Dusty is a 24-year old Seattle architect who learns the hard way that he married his junior high school sweetheart at least 10 years too soon. After getting an eyeful of his wife in the aforementioned compromising position, he does what any sane young dude would do - he files for divorce and moves in with his buddies. But everything has changed between the sexes, since Dusty walked down the aisle. There used to be dating "rules." Now, there are no rules. It's a free-for-all, like the Wild West... only sweatier, and more complicated, due to social media. Luckily Dusty has some more experienced friends to help him dodge the dating landmines. There's Andrew, the people-pleaser and over-thinker who's in a long-distance relationship; Oliver, a self-confessed sex addict in training; and Sam, the hot, smart girl they'd all love to date. Awesometown is a raw, hilarious peek behind the curtains of what's really happening in 20-something relationships. Executive producers Adam Sztykiel (Due Date, Made of Honor), Josh Bycel (Happy Endings, Scrubs) and Jon Fener (American Dad) take you on a wild ride through the contemporary dating scene in this edgy new ensemble comedy about modern relationships.


SHOW INFO: Annie (Mandy Moore) comes from a completely normal family. They're dysfunctional, needy, high maintenance, self-absorbed, non-confrontational, and have absolutely no regard for boundaries. And now that she's moved back home, Annie's landed herself smack-dab in the middle of all the family chaos. Newlyweds Annie and Ben have just relocated to Southern California to pursue an amazing opportunity - running one of LA's hippest and most talked about new restaurants. But before they can even get the doors open, Annie gets sucked into her family's dramas. Her older sister Kate, who's always perfect, is having a meltdown because she's overwhelmed by her new baby. Sarah, her younger sister, has just gone through a divorce and is reverting to her hard-partying high school ways. Zach, her slacker baby brother has just moved in "temporarily", which is code for permanently. And her meddling mother expects everyone to drop what they're doing to pose for a family portrait. Yep, just a completely normal family, who's pulling Annie in a million different directions. Now, instead of trying to please everybody, Annie's challenge will be learning to say one little word... no. From executive producers Shawn Levy (the Night at the Museum franchise, Real Steel, Date Night, The Pink Panther), Marty Adelstein & Becky Clements (Last Man Standing), and Bob Fisher & Stacy Traub (Notes from the Underbelly, Kitchen Confidential) comes a new comedy about how to survive your family drama without going crazy.


SHOW INFO: When you move in with your parents after your divorce, you tell yourself it's not forever. Even if you're living with crazy, you can survive it. Because, it's only temporary. Polly (Sarah Chalke) is a single mom who's been divorced for almost a year. The transition wasn't easy for her, especially in this economy. So, like a lot of young people living in this new reality, she turned to her parents for a little help. Polly and her daughter Natalie have moved back home with her eccentric parents, Elaine (Elizabeth Perkins) and Max (Brad Garrett), a couple who are full of life, which seems to always collide with hers. And after a year, it kind of feels like a life sentence. Polly's determined to be "the best single working mother in the Universe", the mom she never had, and so far it hasn't been a cakewalk. Polly and her parents look at life through two different lenses. Polly's too uptight. Her parents are too laid back. Polly's conservative when it comes to dating (no action, whatsoever), while her parents are still sexually adventurous. Polly's trying to have perfect parenting skills, while her parents are more relaxed. They think Polly turned out okay, so what's the big deal. Well, they say it takes a village to raise a child... and in Polly's case, this village is on fire. But with help from her best friend Gregg (the one that got away) and her lovable yet irresponsible ex-husband Julian (the one who wants her back), Polly takes her first steps toward getting a life, starting with a social one. From executive producers Claudia Lonow (Less Than Perfect, Accidently on Purpose, Cashmere Mafia), Brian Grazer (Arrested Development, 24, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights), and Francie Calfo (The Playboy Club, Scoundrels), comes a contemporary new comedy about what it takes to start over. Sometimes you need to move home, in order to move on.


SHOW INFO: When Reba Gallagher (Reba McEntire) discovers her husband Russell, a country music legend, has a cheatin' heart... her world blows up, right along with the family fortune. Reba dreamt of becoming a country star herself, but put her career on hold to raise a family with Russell. Now, she's questioning all of that, big-time. With the ink on her divorce barely dry, Reba packs up her sharp-tongued mother Shirley (Lily Tomlin), her three kids, and the U-Haul, and heads for sunny California to begin a new chapter. Leaving Nashville in the rear view, they're moving to Malibu, to the last remaining asset they have left - a little beach house. But liberal LaLa Land is quite an adjustment for this traditional Southern Belle. From the Bentleys to the Malibu Barbies, the West Coast seems like the polar opposite of Music City, and Reba feels like an outsider. But with the support of her family, she sets about finding her voice, jump starting her music career, and embracing this chance to begin again. From country music superstar/executive producer Reba McEntire and executive producer Kevin Abbott (Last Man Standing, My Name Is Earl, Reba) comes Reba's return to series television. Malibu Country is a hilarious new comedy about new beginnings that will make your heart sing.


SHOW INFO: Meet the Trotters, Del (John Leguizamo) and Rodney (Dustin Ybarra), two brothers pursuing the American Dream. But while some folks work in office buildings, the Trotters do things differently, buying and selling discounted, discontinued and slightly damaged items out of the trunk of their '78 Pacer wagon. Most days, you can find them at The Regal Hound, a bar run by Del's ex-wife Ruby Ross (Wendi McLendon-Covey) which the boys often use as an office space. Del's the risk taker, always looking for a sweet deal, whether it's unbreakable pinatas, skinny jeans that are a little burned, or a DeLorean with monster truck wheels. He's got a million big ideas. And he's just one score away from becoming the next great captain of industry. Rodney's the more conservative one, the voice of reason, who acts as Del's conscience. Raised by his brother, Rodney is constantly trying to get out of Del's shadow. And then there's grandpa, Jackie (Christopher Lloyd), a feisty former stunt man in his golden years, who thinks he's still got it. Even though their half-cocked scams and schemes usually leave the Trotter bank account running on empty, they'll be fine as long as they avoid the law and rely on each other. Based on Britain's all time favorite comedy, Steven Cragg & Brian Bradley (Scrubs, MadTV) adapt and executive produce this subversive new comedy about the slightly crooked path two brothers travel on the way to achieving success.


SHOW INFO: At Egg Computer Technology, a leading smartphone company, the programmers are anything but cool. They're the "prairie dogs", the cubicle dwellers, who write software code all day and pop their heads up from time to time to see what's going on. In another era, they'd be wearing pocket protectors. These underdogs do all of the technological grunt work but get none of the glory. Meet Neil (Kal Penn), a programming wiz. At Egg, he's the top dweeb, the guy the other nerds all look up to. But Neil has big dreams beyond programming. He wants to move over to the sexier, higher profile design department to work for Rams (Cary Elwes), a kilt-wearing German eccentric. The only problem is, his boss Imogene needs him too much to let him leave. Enter "Guy", a conman who's just stolen Neil's identity. He's been racking up quite a bill living an exciting life on Neil's credit cards. He may have stolen Neil's identity, but he's having a lot more fun with it than Neil ever has. Fed up with people taking advantage of him, Neil decides to confront the identity thief with the help of his friends Mazi, Roj, and Charlotte. And when they do, it leads to an unlikely friendship with "Guy", and an ingenious plan to get Neil transferred to the design department. From Jackie & Jeff Filgo (That '70s Show, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The New Adventures of Old Christine) comes an ensemble work-place comedy about taking care of business with friends in low places.


SHOW INFO: Jack Shea (Kyle Bornheimer) is the King of Epic Fails. When it comes to his career, he always screws things up. In the Army, he accidently shot someone. In the Police Academy, he accidently shot himself. Seminary school didn't work out much better. He's just flunked out - for the third time. So Jack is headed home to regroup, again. Jack's dad, Tony (JK Simmons), has spent his whole life building a successful hometown handyman business, but is suddenly forced to retire due to a heart condition. He loves his business and doesn't want to abandon his clients, but it's clear the time has come to pass the tool belt on to someone else. Now, armed with big dreams, power tools and a slacker assistant named Darren who calls him "pimp juice", Jack becomes the new Mr. Jiffy-Fix. As in his past job experiences, things don't go smoothly, and Jack soon discovers there's quite a learning curve to this handyman stuff. (Note to self: be careful with the nail gun.) And it doesn't help that his dad's looking over his shoulder every step of the way. But if Jack can find his sea legs, with a little help from his family including his cool Aunt Terry (Leah Remini) and his teenage cousin Mason, he just might finally make his father proud. From Bobby Bowman (Raising Hope, My Name Is Earl, Yes Dear, Family Guy) and Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds) comes a new ensemble comedy about trying to find your true calling, right at home.


SHOW INFO:When a boisterous, volatile Italian Family moves into an idyllic suburban neighborhood, the lives of everyone in the cul-de-sac will never be the same.


SHOW INFO: How can people raised exactly the same see life so differently? Meet two sisters who are total opposites. Jude (Portia de Rossi) is brainy, logical, and intellectual. There's no code she can't crack. Her sister Candy (Malin Akerman) has great people skills and regular-folks appeal. If life were a popularity contest, she'd always win. And if you asked them... each would say, "I'm the smart one." Jude is single, beautiful, driven, and a little prickly (not the warm and fuzzy type). She's also a politically brilliant campaign manager. The candidate she was backing just lost the mayoral race to a former beauty pageant queen and weekend weather reporter - who happens to be Jude's sister Candy. Candy is popular, enthusiastic, a PTA mom with a loving husband - Buddy (David Arquette) - and now she's been elected to the top spot in City Hall... no doubt to her sister Jude's amazement. Their mother Helen (Jean Smart), who's no slouch in the smarts department herself, knows that Mayor Candy can't be successful without Jude's help. So she hatches a plan to get Jude to join Candy's team. Now, who's really the smart one? With Jude's braininess and Candy's connections, this combination could be dynamite - or at least explosive. It won't always be pretty, and the sibling rivalry will get intense, but in the end, these sisters always vote for each other. From Emmy-winning talk show host and executive producer Ellen DeGeneres and executive producers Donald Todd (Hart of Dixie, Samantha Who?, Ugly Betty) and Lauren Corrao (The Job), comes this smart new comedy, set against a political backdrop, about two very different sisters who will put family first, and finally learn to appreciate each other's unique gifts.


SHOW INFO: Hilary Pfeiffer-Dunne (Mary McCormack) is a high-powered, overachieving corporate executive, known for being a hard-working, highly valued model of efficiency. Or so she thought. Instead of getting the expected raise and promotion, Hilary just got handed a pink slip. Now she'll make the most stunning move of her entire career - she's hanging up her smartphone to become a stay-at-home mom. Seriously, how hard can it be? If she can run two corporate offices with 80 employees, running a household with two teenagers and her husband Griffin (Greg Germann) should be easy breezy. Well, after her first week "on the job" Hilary understands why some housewives are driven to drink. She thought she was going to be raising her "children," but her children have turned into teens, and teens are a whole different animal. Their honesty will definitely keep an executive ego in check. On top of her kids not appreciating her Martha Stewart-perfect meals, Hilary can't get the hang of carpool, and instead of making friends with the other moms, she's become persona non grata. What worked in the boardroom isn't working on the home front. Hilary's learning the hard way what it takes to be a great wife and mother. Stripping off the pinstriped suit was only just the beginning. Executive producer Kari Lizer (The New Adventures of Old Christine, Will and Grace) creates a hilariously authentic comedy about losing your job and finding yourself in the process.

'Glee' Sneak Peek: Darren Criss and Matt Bomer Sing Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know'

'Glee' Sneak Peek: Darren Criss and Matt Bomer Sing Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know'

"Glee"'s return on April 10 will be marked by brotherly love -- or at least brotherly harmonizing.

The upcoming episode, titled "Big Brother," will introduce viewers to Blaine Anderson's big brother, TV pitchman Cooper Anderson (played by Matt Bomer of "White Collar.")

Unfortunately, the sibling reunion doesn't go as smoothly as hoped, but as always with "Glee" that's nothing that the healing power of song can't cure -- hence the brothers' duet of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know."

Gordon Ramsay Settles With ex-'News of the World' Editor Over Hacked Emails

Gordon Ramsay Settles With ex-'News of the World' Editor Over Hacked Emails

Gordon Ramsay has one less one less person to be angry at.

The famously crabby "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" celebrity chef has settled his lawsuit with publicist and former "News of the World" editor Phil Hall over leaked images and information that he sold to the Daily Mail.

Though the specific amount of the settlement was undisclosed, according to British newspaper the Guardian, Hall will make a donation to a charity of Ramsay's choosing. Ramsay has picked the Scottish Spina Bifida Association as the recipient of the settlement.

Hall -- founder of public-relations firm Phil Hall Associates -- also publicly apologized to Ramsay, admitting that he obtained the information about Ramsay through "illegitimate means."

According to Hall, in late 2010 and early 2011 he was approached by Ramsay's father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, and asked to pass along the information to the Daily Mail. "In particular, Mr Hutcheson provided me with private information about the Ramsays, including personal family pictures and medical information," said Hall.

He added that, in light of Ramsay's public falling out with Hutcheson, he should have known that the information was ill-gotten.

"I accept that, given the public breakdown of the relationship between Mr Hutcheson and Mr Ramsay, of which I was fully aware at the time, I should have guessed that Mr Hutcheson was not entitled to this information and in all likelihood may have come by it via illegitimate means," Hall continued.

Among the information that Hall sent to the mail was a picture of Ramsay on a trip during which he seemed to catch a shark. The Mail made hay of the photo in a January report, painting him as a hypocrite because he had recently appeared in a documentary and called shark fishing "cruel," "sick" and "barbaric."

The court was also told that Hall sent information about Ramsay's hair transplant.

During proceedings on another matter, it was discovered that Hutcheson had illegally obtained the information. Hall's lawyers said that their client was not aware that the emails were illegally intercepted.

"I would like to offer Gordon, [his wife] Tana and their family a full and unreserved apology for my actions and any distress caused, and, at Mr Ramsay's request, I have made a donation to a charity of his choice," Hall's apology read.

Food Network & Cooking Channel Serve Up A Robust 2012 Menu

Food Network & Cooking Channel Serve Up A Robust 2012 Menu

Food Network and Cooking Channel look to again satiate the audiences' appetite, showcasing a 2012 line-up of returning favorites and new programming faces and formats, including -- 22 new series and 35 returning shows across both networks, as announced today by Brooke Johnson, President, Food Network & Cooking Channel.



Roadtrip with G. Garvin
Series Premiere: Tuesday May 29th at 9pmET/6pmPT
Acclaimed cookbook author, host and larger-than-life personality, Chef Gerry Garvin, aka 'G.', takes viewers on a tour of his native South, to explore the best eats this part of the country has to offer. Travelling to Atlanta and Houston, North Carolina, South Carolina and more, G. visits a different city each episode to discover the hidden gems and the people behind the magic. From traditional ethnic food and urban farms to BBQ pit masters extraordinaire, G.Garvin leaves no stones unturned in his quest to find the hottest, most delicious spots in the country.

The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia
Series Premiere: Friday, June 1st at 10pmET/7pmPT
Baron Ambrosia,the self-proclaimed 'Culinary Ambassador to the Bronx', uses his eccentric cinematic persona to take culinary consciousness to a whole new level. His discerning palate and passion for flavor leads him beyond his backyard, discovering America's unsung heroes of culinary excellence in cities-less-traveled including: Baltimore, Md.; Bridgeport, Conn.; Brighton Beach, Brooklyn; Bethlehem, Pa. Along the way, the Baron finds himself tangled in stories of mystery, comedy and intrigue.

Eden Eats
Series Premiere: August 2012
Eden Grinshpan is a world traveler and culinary adventurer on a mission to eat around the world without using a passport. In each episode, Eden travels to a new American city taking only 24 hours to uncover the global culinary scene. She discovers authentic recipes and incredible stories from the locals who make up the backbone of every city and come together to create some of the most delicious food in the world. Eden makes stops in Baltimore, Charlotte, N.C., Honolulu, Nashville, Tenn., Phoenix, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Tampa, Fla. In every city, Eden's journey will lead to a mouthwatering adventure, but there is no telling who she'll meet or what she'll eat with only a day to conquer the culinary diversity of each city.

Cheap Bites
Series Premiere: August 2012
New York City chef and outspoken food writer, Eddie Huang, takes viewers on a road trip to find America's best food deals. Each week, Eddie tackles a new food category and uncovers the best eats at the best price. Irreverent, candid and up for anything, Eddie's journey will be a funny and surprising guide the best cheap bites. From free pizza in New York to 25-cent donuts in Memphis, Tenn., Eddie shows viewers the cheapest eats around.

Eat the Street
Series Premiere: September 2012
Every city has one - a single street where block after block, restaurant after restaurant, meal after meal, you can experience a magical, mouthwatering tour through cultures and cuisines of every conceivable variety. Join Cooking Channel's own Chuck Hughes as he takes a tour of America's great food streets, tasting his way through cities and learning about the people and history that have made these flavors special.

Man, Fire, Food
Series Premiere: September 2012
Roger Mooking (Everyday Exotic, Heat Seekers) explores cooking at its most basic as he features the cooks who take the fundamental formula of fire and food to make delicious culinary creations. Along the way, he samples fire-cooked favorites from local joints on backroads and byways from coast to coast.

My Grandmother's Ravioli
Series Premiere: FALL 2012
Mo Rocca is a foodie who doesn't know how to cook, so he's set out to learn from the masters: America's Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Join Mo as he visits these warm (and very patient) grandparents in their kitchens to learn treasured recipes, hear their stories and ultimately cook for their families.


Easy Chinese
Season Two Premiere: Saturday, June 2nd at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT
In season two of Easy Chinese, Ching-He Huang is out to find both the traditional and unexpected as she explores New York and Los Angeles in search of mouth-watering Chinese inspiration. Through the culturally diverse neighborhoods on each coast, Ching shows viewers what authentic Chinese food is, how to find it, and how to easily make it at home.

Not My Mama's Meals
Season Two Premiere: August 2012
Bobby Deen takes his mother'srecipes and transforms her Southern comfort food into lighter, leaner, yet still delicious dishes. Each week, Bobby recreates one of his Mama's famous meals with healthy substitutes that cut down on calories and fat, but still deliver on taste.

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen
Season Three Premiere: September 2012
Cooking Channel returns to the wildly popular world of Culinary It-Girl Nadia G with a third season of the comedy-cooking show Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen. Just as skilled in strutting in stilettos as wielding a meat cleaver, Nadia brings her savvy chef know-how and rock star attitude to the series while sharing recipes and cooking tips for both beginner and seasoned at-home cooks.

Symon's Suppers
Season Two Premiere: September 2012
Chef Michael Symon cooks with soul. Growing up in a Greek and Sicilian family, the Cleveland native creates boldly flavored, deeply satisfying dishes at his restaurants and with Symon's Suppers, Michael shares his favorite recipes and culinary stories, while cooking alongside his family and closest friends.

Unique Sweets
Season Three Premiere: October 2012
Unique Sweets is an insider's peek into innovative eateries across America that are creating the most unique and exciting desserts today. Each episode runs the gamut on the sweet spectrum: restaurants with revolutionary pastry chefs; candy shops inventing eye-popping confections; chocolate boutiques with wild artisanal flavors; and bakeries producing one-of-a-kind pastries, cakes and cookies in the middle of the night. Wherever there are gooey, crunchy, sticky and sweet treats that you won't find anywhere else, Unique Sweets goes there.

Extra Virgin
Season Three Premiere: Fall 2012
Actress Debi Mazar and her Tuscan-born husband Gabriele Corcos return for a third season of food, family and friends. Debi, a modern girl from Queens, and Gabriele, a food purist from the hills of Tuscany, invite viewers into their life and home kitchen in the original series - with hilarious and delicious results.


The Perfect Three
Season Two Premiere: Saturday May 12th at 2:30pmET/11:30am PT
Cooking Channel and Food Network's favorite faces spotlight the perfect three dishes in 13 classic categories, from burgers and brownies to sandwiches and salads. As an added bonus, Kelsey Nixon (Kelsey's Essentials) shares her indispensable tips for mastering the recipe, and in each episode, the winner of the online recipe submission contest cooks with Kelsey, showing how to make his or her winning recipe that was voted as category favorite by fans.

Kelsey's Essentials
Season Four Premiere: Fall 2012
Kelsey Nixon inspires a new generation of food lovers with her fresh take on essential cooking basics. In her fourth season, she gives savvy tips on must-have pantry items, the latest gadgets and essential kitchen techniques like roasting, baking, and knife skills. Whether she is sharing unique entertaining tips and food gift ideas or classic yet sophisticated recipes for sauces, stews, and eggs, Kelsey is a master at using the basics to create dishes that are anything but ordinary. She targets the DIY home cook - breaking down the steps, teaching proper technique and making everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Drop 5lbs With Good Housekeeping
Season Two Premiere: January 2013
In partnership with Good Housekeeping magazine, Drop 5 Lbs. is based on the magazine's popular Drop 5 Lbs. column. Packed with cooking and shopping tips, fat burning exercises, dining-out do's and don'ts, the show makes losing weight easy and manageable. Drop 5 Lbs. shows viewers that small changes give big results. We've done all of the legwork so you don't have to put a lot of effort into losing weight. Just pick the strategies that fit into your lifestyle, select the foods you enjoy and you'll be on your way. Whether viewers want to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, this show can help.



Meat Men
Series Premiere: Monday, April 9th at 11pm ET/PT
Famous New York butcher and meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda brings Food Network viewers inside the fascinating and compelling world of Meat Men. Running Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, a third-generation wholesale meat purveyor business, Pat, along with his cousin Mark Pastore, and his dad Pat Sr., supply more than 500 customers, including some of the most prestigious restaurants and bistros in New York City. Expanding from a small corner shop in New York City to a 35,000 square-feet facility in New Jersey, this growth comes with great pressure to maintain the high-quality product for which Pat has become known, and to manage the many hurdles that occur. Whether it's last-minute requests, creating custom blends and menus for new clients, or navigating the personalities of a work staff, Meat Men takes viewers on a high-'steaks' ride with a side of humor, served medium rare.

Cupcake Champions
Series Premiere: Sunday, May 13th at 8pm ET/PT
Cupcake Champions pits 16 of Cupcake Wars' best and most memorable winners against each other in a tournament to name the ultimate cupcake champ. The series features star-studded, themed events including Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, Glee, Madagascar 3, Pixar's Brave and a special Food Network Star-themed finale. These bakers are the best of the best, but only one can fend off the challenges and survive the war to win $50,000.

Invention Hunters
Series Premiere: Monday, May 14th at 9pm ET/PT
Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond are two "invention scouts", scouring America in search of the next great kitchen invention. In each episode, they come across three home inventors who each believe they have a million-dollar kitchen gadget. Steve and Patrick put the inventions to the test ensuring they work as promised and determine whether there is a market for the idea. They will then choose one invention to bring to buyers in the retail manufacturing world to convince them to buy it and make the inventor's dreams a reality.

Mystery Diners
Series Premiere: Friday, May 25th at 10pm ET/PT
What happens in the food world when a bad employee starts to take down an otherwise thriving establishment or when restaurant owners suspect someone of not doing their job appropriately? They call in the Mystery Diners. These undercover operatives go into restaurants, bars and food service establishments with hidden cameras to find out what's really going on when the boss isn't around.

The New Anne Burrell Project (working title)
Series Premiere: June 2012
When top restaurants are in need of an executive chef - the critical employee who can make or break a restaurant - they turn to Anne Burrell. Each week Anne puts four candidates through the toughest job interview of their lives - testing everything from their culinary mettle to business acumen. It all ends with the biggest test of all: running the restaurant. After a grueling "interview" process, only the chef who serves up the most profitable and delicious dinner service lands the dream job as the restaurant's new Executive Chef.

Bobby Flay's Opening Night (working title)
Series Premiere: July 2012
Bobby Flay, critically-acclaimed chef/owner of 14 restaurants, offers his expertise to first-time restaurateurs. Bobby arrives just in time, stepping in to save restaurants from opening without all the crucial elements in place, hoping to prevent an opening night-nightmare. Without Bobby's sage advice, the restaurants would have little chance to succeed, but with less than a week to opening the doors to customers, Bobby works with the restaurateurs to see their business start off on the right foot.

Chopped: Grill Masters
Series Premiere: Sunday, July 22nd at 10pm ET/PT
Fire it up! Food Network blows the roof off Chopped, traveling to the glorious Arizona desert for a breathtaking event. Sixteen grilling professionals face off in an old Western town in this captivating five-part tournament. The stage is set for the ultimate culinary feud, with astonishing mystery ingredients and tremendously talented competitors. Only four chefs can make it to the final fiery showdown, and when the dust clears, the greatest grilling pro of all will walk away with a $50,000 grand prize.

$24 in 24 Hours (working title)
Series Premiere: August 2012
Jeff Mauro (Sandwich King) takes an exciting journey through cities across America to show viewers how to experience great food at a great price spending only $24 in 24 hours.

Undercover Critics
Series Premiere: September 2012
In new series, Undercover Critics, Alex Guarnaschelli (Chopped), Troy Johnson (Crave) and Simon Majumdar (Next Iron Chef) go undercover as restaurant critics armed with hidden cameras to unfold the good, the bad and the ugly of established restaurants. Then, they give the owners new life and a second chance to improve on their violations before the review is actually published. After visiting the restaurant, the Undercover Critics give an anonymous tip to the owner letting them know they visited, but won't write a review just yet. Instead, they give the owners a laundry list of things to fix, and the owners do whatever it takes to turn a bad review into a great one before it hits the press.

Sugar Dome
Series Premiere: October 2012
Welcome to the Sugar Dome, home to the most amazing food displays on earth. Each week, three teams comprised of three artists from different disciplines, battle it out to create never-seen-before, jaw-dropping masterpieces of food art. Renowned cake designers, chocolatiers, engineers, food carvers, window designers, candy makers and special effects experts will enter the Sugar Dome to determine who can create the most mind-blowing displays.

Blind Dinner Party
Series Premiere: October 2012
What happens when seven strangers - who come from completely different backgrounds, beliefs and views on everything - come together to break bread in the most dysfunctional family dinner imaginable? Comedian Margaret Cho headlines this bizarre social experiment to see if people from extremely disparate worlds can come together and find common ground through food.


Trisha's Southern Kitchen
Series Premiere: Saturday April 14th at 10:30am ET/PT
Music superstar and best-selling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood brings her family-inspired recipes and food traditions to Food Network this spring, with the premiere of the new daytime series Trisha's Southern Kitchen. From preparing dishes from her childhood to planning a baby shower and family reunion barbecue, each themed show invites viewers into Trisha's kitchen for her favorite meals, nostalgic stories and visits from family and friends. The six-episode series offers Trisha's unique how-to tips and techniques for down-home dishes.

Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen
Series Premiere: Saturday, June 16th at 10:30am ET/PT
For Jamie Deen, it's all about food and family. As a husband, father, and cook, Jamie puts his personal and professional skills to the test to create great family dinners. Jamie always welcomes a helping hand, whether his son Jack joins to make dessert or Grandma Ginny (aka Paula Deen) comes over to help put the finishing touches on the meal. In the Deen family, there's nothing more fun that being Home for Dinner.

Sunny Travels (working title)
Series Premiere: July 2012
Sunny Anderson travels the country to discover the best home-cooked recipes she can find. From heirloom recipes for apple pie to undefeated family barbecue recipes, Sunny uncovers the secrets and the stories behind every dish.

The New Sandra Lee Project (working title)
Series Premiere: Fall 2012
Best known for her Semi-Homemade & Money Saving Meals, Sandra Lee will offer fans a new take on her cooking and entertaining tips.


Chopped All-Stars
Season Two Premiere: Sunday, April 8th at 9pm ET/PT
Food Network's top-rated hit Chopped All-Stars returns for a second season filled with fan-favorite chefs, unexpected ingredients, and fierce competition for a $50,000 prize for charity. In each of the five themed episodes, hosted by Ted Allen, four specially selected chefs are challenged to create three masterful courses from ingredients in the mystery basket, ranging from beef tendon and crawfish, to black beans with queso fresco and chicken feet. Chopped All-Stars kicks off with Iron Chefs battling in the Chopped kitchen, followed by competitions between Food Network/Cooking Channel show hosts, Food Network Star finalists and Chopped judges. A rotating roster of top-notch judges will decide who gets "chopped" each week, leading up to a final showdown between the four episode winners, where the $50,000 grand prize to the winner's charity of choice will be awarded.

Food Network Star
Season Eight Premiere: Sunday, May 13th at 9pm ET/PT
Food Network Star returns to New York City with a revised format bringing returning favorites Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis from behind the judges table to square off with new regular Alton Brown in a three-way team competition to find the next Food Network Star. Bobby, Giada and Alton, all television producers in addition to being culinary superstars, lead the charge to find and develop the new talent, each picking a team of five finalists, who they will produce and mentor through the 'Star' experience to find one winner who possesses personality and culinary chops. In another fresh twist to the series, the viewing audience will vote before the finale to determine who will receive the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show, to be produced by their 'Star' team leader.

Extreme Chef
Season Two Premiere: August 2012
The new season of Extreme Chef plucks America's seven most fearless chefs out of their kitchens and drops them into the most extreme locations on Earth from the scorching deserts of California to exotic jungles on the other side of the world. With extremely limited supplies and ingredients, the chefs will have to flawlessly adapt as they face the most grueling and seemingly impossible culinary challenges ever devised to earn the title of Extreme Chef and a cash prize.

The Great Food Truck Race
Season Three Premiere: Sunday, August 19th at 9pm ET/PT
The Great Food Truck Race's third outing will have more drama, more twists, more strategy, but most of all, more dreams. Hosted again by Tyler Florence, this season's not a competition between current food truck operators - it's between people who desperately want to be. Eight teams of hopefuls will have their dream truck handed to them before they race from city to city trying to prove they have what it takes to own and operate a successful food truck, with the winning team will get to keep their truck and immediately launch their food empire.

Halloween Wars
Season Two Premiere: Sunday, October 7th at 9pm ET/PT
Food Network puts viewers in the Halloween spirit serving up a deliciously scary series, Halloween Wars, for a second season. The four episode competition places five teams - comprised of cake decorators, candy makers and pumpkin carvers- working in unison to create the ultimate Halloween-themed display. One team is eliminated each week, with the winner taking home $50,000.

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption
Season Five Premiere: Sunday, November 4th at 9pm ET/PT
This year on The Next Iron Chef, it's all about redemption. Ten previous Next Iron Chef competitors with something to prove, compete to become a member of the most elite and exclusive club the culinary world offers, securing his/her spot in Kitchen Stadium.


The Best Thing I Ever Made
Season Two Premiere: Sunday, April 8th at 11:30am ET/PT
Acclaimed chefs, cookbook authors and Food Network personalities - people who have spent their lives obsessing over food - reveal not only what they love to eat, but what they love to make. From personal family recipes to dishes off their own menus, these food experts share their secrets and show viewers how to cook their favorite dishes.

The Pioneer Woman
Season Three Premiere: Fall 2012
Award-winning blogger and best-selling cookbook author Ree Drummond brings her signature wit and down-home recipes to Food Network for a third season. Shot on location at her Oklahoma ranch, The Pioneer Woman serves up a slice of frontier life along with the "accidental country girl's" step-by-step recipes for creating wholesome, hearty family meals and elegant menus for entertaining.


Hunger Hits Home
Saturday, April 14th at 8pm ET/PT
In the wealthiest nation in the world, one in five children live in the shadow of hunger. In Hunger Hits Home, audiences get a first-hand look at the crisis of childhood hunger in America through the eyes of the people on the frontlines of the battle - parents and children, anti-hunger activists, educators and politicians committed to eradicating the problem. Hunger Hits Home examines the causes, complications and misconceptions about childhood hunger in the United States and offers a glimpse at some of the innovative solutions being put into practice today. Narrated by Oscar(R)-winning actor and longtime anti-hunger activist Jeff Bridges, Hunger Hits Home is a heart-wrenching, yet empowering hour-long look at one of our nation's little-known emergencies.

Grilling Live!
Live Premiere: June 2nd at 12pm-2pm ET
Bobby Flay and Alton Brown get together with their Food Network friends to talk about all things grilling. In this two-hour, live-interactive show Food Network favorites answer viewers' toughest grilling and summer entertaining questions.

Thanksgiving Live!
Live Premiere: Saturday, November 18th at 12pm-2pm ET
The experts at Food Network come together to answer viewers toughest questions about holiday meal-making on Thanksgiving Live!, a two-hour, live-interactive show. They address the perennial holiday problems from dry turkey to lumpy gravy, as well as demonstrate helpful tips and delicious recipes.

Matt Edmondson to host BBC Three panel show 'Fake Reaction'

Matt Edmondson to host BBC Three panel show 'Fake Reaction'

Matt Edmondson is to host a new panel show for BBC Three.

Fake Reaction will see six celebrities battle to hide their natural reactions as they face an array of unusual situations, round-by-round.

If each guest can conceal their true feelings and fool the rest of the panel, they win the round.

STV Productions will produce the quiz, which is based partly on a Fuji TV game show format.

T4 host Edmondson will present a full series, following successful run-throughs featuring comedian Chris Ramsey, musician Skepta and Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave.

"Matt is a terrific talent whose rapier sharp wit really brought a funny and inventive format to life," said the BBC's Alan Tyler. "We're delighted to be working with STV on the pilot."

STV Productions developed the Fake Reaction format with LA-based production company Kinetic Content. The series will be filmed next month at Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

'The Price Is Right' Australia relaunch to be dedicated to Ian Turpie

'The Price Is Right' Australia relaunch to be dedicated to Ian Turpie

The relaunch of game show The Price Is Right will be dedicated to Ian Turpie.

Turpie, who presented the television series between 1993 and 2005, passed away after a battle with cancer earlier this month.

The show's new host Larry Emdur told the Herald Sun: "During our first production meeting we all agreed we should dedicate the first episode to Ian Turpie.

"We'll begin with a special tribute to Turps. There's a whole generation of people who grew up watching Turps on The Price Is Right."

Emdur said of his new job: "I've always been madly in love with this show. Its sole purpose in life, the reason it exists, is to have fun and lots of it.

"When I was asked if I wanted to be involved in this new version, I think I was as excited as 20 showcase winners in an inflatable spa bath."

After Turpie died, Emdur wrote on his Twitter page: "So many jokes to tell, so many yarns to spin, so many game shows to host and never enough time.. RIP Ian "TURPS" Turpie, best Price host ever.

"I saw Turps a few years ago, he said people still yell "COME ON DOWN !!" to him every single day & it still made him smile."

'The Vampire Diaries': Former star to return in season finale

'The Vampire Diaries': Former star to return in season finale

Sara Canning will return to The Vampire Diaries in the third season finale.

The actress played Jenna Sommers for the first two seasons of the drama on The CW before she was killed off.

Jenna will appear again through flashbacks in the episode airing May 10 in the US. The flashbacks focus on Elena's life before the beginning of the show, according to Zap2it.

The characters of Miranda and Grayson Gilbert - Elena's adoptive parents - have also been cast. Local Atlanta actors have signed up to briefly appear as them.

Since leaving The Vampire Diaries, Canning has featured in the Supernatural episode 'The Slice Girls' and guest-starred in Primeval: New World.

Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola, who plays Caroline, recently claimed that she cried reading the script for the third season finale.

'Apprentice' Maria O'Connor denies Duane Bryan show romance

'Apprentice' Maria O'Connor denies Duane Bryan show romance

Axed Apprentice candidate Maria O'Connor has ruled out a show romance with Duane Bryan.

A tabloid report today suggested that the pair are talking every day and that O'Connor wants to start dating the 29-year-old Manchester businessman.

However, restaurateur O'Connor insisted to Digital Spy that claims the pair are an item are way off the mark.

"Duane and I get on really well but he's just a friend, there's definitely nothing going on," she said.

"I'm in a steady relationship with someone else and although it's early days I'm very happy."

O'Connor was fired from the BBC One show last night (March 28) after the girls' team lost their second consecutive task in an invention challenge.

Talking about her fellow contestants, she said: "Gabrielle [Omar] and Katie [Wright] were my favourites. They are my favourites. They are my girls. They are so lovely, they are unreal.

"The only person I didn't really get on with was Jane [McEvoy]. She's not my type of person, she comes across as a bit heartless and I just got fed up with it."

The Apprentice continues on Wednesday nights at 9pm on BBC One.

TV Tonight 30th of March 2012

TV Tonight 30th of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    20/20 S34E35: "Season 34, Episode 35"
    60 Minute Makeover S09E05: "Series 9, Episode 5"
    7 Days (NZ) S04E07: "Season 4, Episode 7"
    A.N.T. Farm S01E24: "Ballet dANTser"
    Amagami SS S02E13: "Tachibana Miya: Hot Spring"
    America's Most Wanted S25E18: "Season 25, Episode 18"
    Bellator Fighting Championships S06E04: "Bellator 63"
    Benidorm S05E06: "Series 5, Episode 6"
    Bering Sea Gold S01E10: "After the Dredge (2)"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E36: "Del 36"
    Blue Bloods S02E18: "No Questions Asked"
    Cleverdicks S01E25: "Episode 25"
    Come Dine With Me S18E66: "Series 18, Come Dine With Me"
    Come Dine With Me S18E65: "Series 18, Episode 55"
    Coronation Street S53E65: "Fri Mar 30, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E64: "Fri Mar 30, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    CSI: NY S08E14: "Flash Pop"
    Dateline NBC S21E34: "FR2128"
    Days of our Lives S47E100: "Ep. #11810"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E198: "Episode 1878"
    Degrassi S11E38: "Need You Now (1)"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E84: "Series 8, Episode 84"
    Doctors S13E231: "Dinosaurs"
    EastEnders S28E53: "March 30, 2012"
    Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers S03E05: "Series 3, Episode 5"
    Emmerdale S41E77: "March 30, 2012"
    Fairly Legal S02E03: "Bait and Switch"
    Flikken Maastricht S06E09: "Season 6, Episode 9"
    Four In A Bed S03E15: "Payment Day"
    Fringe S04E16: "Nothing as It Seems"
    Funny As Hell S02E06: "Season 2, Episode 6"
    Gardeners' World S45E04: "March 30, 2012"
    General Hospital (US) S49E254: "#12528"
    Ghost Adventures S06E04: "The National Hotel"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E150: "Season 22, Episode 150"
    Grimm S01E15: "Island of Dreams"
    Hollyoaks S18E65: "March 30, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E50: "Episode 5485"
    House Hunters S48E64
    House Hunters International S25E67
    In Plain Sight S05E03: "Reservations, I've Got a Few"
    Inu x Boku SS S01E12: "The Day We Became a Couple"
    Jeopardy! S28E140: "Show #6345"
    Jessie (2011) S01E15: "The Kid Whisperer"
    Just A Minute (1212) S01E05: "Episode 5"
    Kill Me Baby S01E13: "Kill Me, Baby"
    Killer Trials: Judgment Day S01E16: "Convict Confessions"
    Killer Trials: Judgment Day S01E15: "A Very Dangerous Game"
    Kitchen Nightmares S04E17: "Zocalo"
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E243
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E49
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E154
    Mastermind (UK) S40E27: "Series 40, Show 27"
    Mastermind (UK) S40E26: "Series 40, Show 26"
    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S01E06: "Ruddy Gore"
    Neighbours S28E60: "Episode 6370"
    Nikita S02E18: "Power"
    North Woods Law S01E04: "TBA"
    Nytt På Nytt S26E13: "Season 26, Episode 13"
    On Death Row S01E04: "Hank Skinner"
    One Night S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Persona 4 The Animation S01E25: "We Can Change The World"
    Phineas and Ferb S03E30: "Quietest Day Ever"
    Pointless S06E34: "Series 6, Episode 34"
    Poms in Paradise S02E01: "Series 2, Episode 1"
    Popstokk S02E12
    Primetime S23E10: "What Would You Do? (10)"
    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is S06E05: "Series 6, Episode 5"
    Real Time With Bill Maher S10E11: "Season 10, Episode 11"
    Romanii au Talent S02E07: "Auditii #7"
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta S03E17: "Stealing The Spotlight"
    Senhime Zesshou Symphogear S01E13: "Episode 13"
    Spartacus: Vengeance S02E10: "Wrath of the Gods"
    Supernatural S07E18: "Party on, Garth"
    The Biggest Loser (AU) S07E47: "Season 7, Episode 47"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E06: "Ep. #6290"
    The Chase (2009) S05E44: "Series 5, Episode 44"
    The Dr. Phil Show S10E129: "Extreme Etiquette"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E140
    The Mad Bad Ad Show S01E04: "Episode 4"
    The Million Pound Drop Live S09E03: "Series 9, Episode 3"
    The Real Hustle (UK) S11E10: "Celebrity Chancers Busted"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E55: "Season 1, Episode 55"
    The Rosie Show S01E95
    The Sheriffs are Coming S01E09: "Episode 9"
    The Talk S02E135: "Season 2, Episode 135"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S19E269
    The Ultimate Fighter S15E04: "Season 15, Episode 4"
    The Young and the Restless S40E05: "Ep. #9874"
    Thuis S17E155: "Season 17, Episode 155"
    Twenty Twelve S02E01: "Boycott (Part 1)"
    Undercover Boss S03E08: "Yankee Candle"
    Who Do You Think You Are? (US) S03E07: "Rita Wilson"
    WWE Friday Night SmackDown! S12E79: "Season 12, Episode 79"