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donderdag 19 juli 2012

'The Glee Project': Nellie Veitenheimer Talks Britney Spears, 'Glee' & Being 'Terrible' At Expressing Herself

If you've been tuning into "The Glee Project" this season, then you probably already know that Nellie Veitenheimer isn't the most eloquent when it comes to expressing herself. But then again, not many 19-year-olds are.

This week's "Glee Project" tested the "Glee" hopefuls' theatricality by challenging them to step into the iconic shoes -- or in Shanna's case, Lady Gaga's meat dress -- of superstars, past and present. Tomboy Nellie underwent a head-to-toe Britney Spears transformation, but she just wasn't bringing "Baby One More Time" flirtiness that Ryan Murphy and the mentors wanted.

We chatted with the "Glee Project" castoff -- who recently moved to Los Angeles -- about her elimination, becoming Britney Spears and the bromance between Blake and Michael.

For the past few weeks, you had been getting the same criticism: It didn't seem like you wanted to win the competition. Why do you think it was so hard for you to express yourself in front of Ryan Murphy?
I've always been terrible at expressing myself. I was so intimidated by everyone else and how badly they wanted it. I didn't like the idea of my desires being compared to everyone else's desires. It was a little bit frustrating, but I am happy with my responses. I think they came off as being weak, but I hope everyone did see how much I really did want to be on "Glee."

Robert Ulrich said that felt a lot of teenaged girls would relate to you and root for you on "Glee" because you are so awkward and introverted. Did you take that as a compliment?
I didn't before! But I see it now, especially after seeing everyone's reactions toward me on the show. I realize now that I didn't need to compare myself to everyone else, and that I'm representing a large group of young adults. People have been reaching out to me and telling me that I've helped them get through the day at school. It's amazing and kind of inspiring to be a part of that. And they help me too. I need to keep growing and not be afraid of what's out there.

During "Sexuality Week," you completely broke out of your comfort zone, but then during the next few weeks, you experienced a sort of regression. You didn't feel comfortable being sexy, and it seemed like that was all they wanted you to be on the show. How did you respond to that?
There were so many things that I was trying to focus on. One of my big critiques throughout the competition was that I needed to pop more in the group, and it became frustrating. I was being put in these sexy roles, and they wanted to push me out of my comfort zone, but it only made me get up into my own head. I think I left on a good note, but I do agree that after "Sexuality Week," my confidence took a dip. But I felt great for "Theatricality Week!" I finally felt like I was showing them what they wanted, but I guess they wanted even more.

What was the first thought that popped into your head when they told you that you were going to be Britney Spears?
I about died! The first thing I thought of was her sexiest, most provocative outfit and I was like, "WHY?" I was truly terrified that I was going to be half-naked with a snake around my neck. But the outfit I ended up getting wasn't that bad at all. It ended up being really fun, but initially, all I could imagine was the newer Britney and all of her provocative outfits. Thankfully, I got the younger, cuter, more innocent Britney.

After they announced that you were going to be Britney, the first thing I thought of was "I'm a Slave 4 U" Britney.
I know! That's what everyone was wondering too! I'm so happy that they went with school girl Britney.

That being said, I think everyone can identify with a Britney. I'd like to think that I'm "Sometimes" Britney, while Ryan [Murphy] is definitely "Toxic" Britney and Zach [Woodlee] is "Oops!...I Did It Again" Britney. Which Britney do you think you are?
[Laughs.] That's amazing! You know what? I've never been a fan, and I've never been a hater. I'm just kind of indifferent when it comes to Britney. But I didn't mind being "Baby One More Time" Britney.

If you could have been any other icon, who would you have chosen?
It would have been more fun to play a rocker chick, but the reason that I didn't have an answer for Ryan is because I ended up embracing Britney. She was really fun to play.

Well you didn't have much to work with. They put you in the fruit aisle.
It was definitely an odd situation. There were only two things that I could do: stand there and lean back. I think the problem that they noticed was that I didn't jump into it quickly enough. That was understandable. But yeah, it was awkward.

At least you didn't get the meat dress!
That would have been awful! Shanna did an amazing job. It was terrible. It might have been the most awful thing that I've ever smelled. I can't imagine wearing it. People were trying to spray perfume on her, but it wasn't helping. It was literally nauseating. She's so tough.

You were paired with Blake quite a bit throughout the competition. It seemed like you two worked well together. Were you and Blake close?
Michael and Blake were definitely my best friends in the competition. I think after "Sexuality Week," the mentors realized that I worked really well with him. I just felt so comfortable working with him, and I'm so thankfully for that. He's amazing and such a fantastic actor. We had a lot of similar ideas, so it was very seamless getting to work with him.

Blake and Michael have serious bromance.
Oh yeah! For sure! It was a bromance. I wish the show could showcase more of those behind-the-scenes moments because it really is such a huge part of the "Glee Project" experience. We've all remained so close even after the show.

What sort of character did you see yourself playing on "Glee?"
The ironic thing about that is when I was on "The Glee Project," I never had an answer for that question. That was part of my problem. I wasn't confident on where I would fit on "Glee." But now that the show's over, and after seeing all of these amazing responses, I realize that I could have been that voice for all of the awkward, more introverted girls in school. I think it would have been really fun to play a tomboy character who is kind of in the background, but then she joins the glee club and totally rocks the house and surprises everyone. I feel like a really vulnerable character, like me, could have been great for the show.

Who's your favorite character on the show?
It's probably between Puck and Santana. I love their sarcasm. I would have loved to play a more introverted, female version of Puck. It would have been hilarious to play a quirky girl who thinks she's a badass but she totally isn't at all.

I know you recently moved to L.A., so what are you working on now?
Right now, honestly, I'm playing it by ear. I have no immediate plans. I just want to keep acting and singing. I know everyone thinks that I just want to be a singer-songwriter, but I do have a love for acting, and I'm going to be pursuing that as well.

'Made In Chelsea' given fourth and fifth series by E4

Made In Chelsea will return for a fourth and fifth series, it has been confirmed.

E4 will air at least two more runs of the constructed reality show, which follows the lives and romances of a selection of West London socialites.

Spencer Matthews, Millie Mackintosh and Ollie Locke are all expected to return to the show, but producers are searching for new personalities to join the programme.

Caggie Dunlop and Hugo Taylor have both quit Made In Chelsea, so there is room for expansion in the cast.

Spencer Matthews told Digital Spy that his recent stint on Channel 5's The Bachelor shouldn't affect his position on the show.

Made In Chelsea, which first aired in May 2011, has been a hit for E4 online and was nominated for a BAFTA earlier this year.

Misha B: 'Nicole Scherzinger will add spice to X Factor panel'

Misha B has revealed that she thinks Nicole Scherzinger will add "spice" to The X Factor.

The former Pussycat Doll joined the UK version of the singing competition earlier this year after Kelly Rowland declined an offer to return.

Asked if she was a fan of Scherzinger, Misha B told Digital Spy: "I love Nicole. I actually got the chance to meet her and she was very, very sweet and supportive.

"She's very passionate and you can see she's very genuine. I think she'll add an extra spice [to the UK panel].

"She'll add that US flavour and she emotionally connects. She's had the experience she needs to be a judge."

Scherzinger, along with fellow X Factor judges Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos, are currently in Liverpool filming the boot camp stages of the competition.

Meanwhile, Misha B's debut single 'Home Run' is available to download now.

'Absolutely Fabulous' star Julia Sawalha: 'I was unsure about return'

Absolutely Fabulous star Julia Sawalha has admitted that she was initially unsure about returning to the show.

The actress explained that she had "put to sleep" her character Saffy, the daughter of Jennifer Saunders's Eddie Monsoon, before the BBC series was revived for three specials.

Asked for her thoughts on next week's Olympic Games episode, Sawalha said: "I really had so much fun making this special, especially given I was reticent about the idea of doing more Absolutely Fabulous.

"I had put Saffy to sleep and I know it sounds all actressy to say this, but I wasn't sure if I could climb back into her skin.

"But as soon as I knew everybody was on board and I became aware how excited Jennifer was about it, everything started to click into place."

Sawalha went on to praise her other co-stars Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield for their humility on set.

"What I love about doing Ab Fab is there are no egos to battle with," she told The Mirror.

"We have huge respect for each other and there is so much generosity and support. That is quite rare on a show."

The first pictures from the Absolutely Fabulous London 2012 special - the final of the planned 20th anniversary shows - have now been released.

Ab Fab's 'Olympics' airs on Monday, July 23 at 9.30pm on BBC One.

'SVU' Snags 'Criminal Minds' Star - for Episode Airing Opposite 'Criminal Minds'

Did you vow to stop watching "Criminal Minds" when Paget Brewster left? If so, NBC would like to invite you to watch her on "Law & Order: SVU" when it premieres on Sept. 26 -- opposite the premiere of "Criminal Minds."

The two-hour "Law & Order" episode -- which also looks like a naked grab for the Brewster fans in the "Criminal Minds" audience -- will air opposite the one-hour premiere of the CBS procedural.

Brewster announced her exit from "Criminal Minds" last season, for the second time. She joined the series in its second season, left briefly during season six, and returned for the seventh season. The season premiering Sept. 26 will be the show's eighth. "SVU" is starting its fourteenth season.

Brewster, who played Emily Prentiss on “Criminal Minds,” will guest star on "SVU" as the head of the DA’s Public Integrity Unit. She will handle the case against Captain Cragen (Dann Florek), who is under suspicion of murder.

Several guest stars from last season’s finale will return for the "SVU" premiere, including Laura Benanti (“The Playboy Club”), Pippa Black (“Outsourced”), Peter Jacobson (“House M.D.,” “The Starter Wife”), Ron Rifkin (“Brothers and Sisters,” “Alias”), Brooke Smith (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Weeds”), and Dean Winters (“30 Rock,” “Rescue Me”).

Pete Rose Gets a Reality Show

Pete Rose can't join baseball's Hall of Fame, but he is joining such esteemed company as Jon and Kate Gosselin, the "Sister Wives," and "Cake Boss": He and his fiancée are getting their own TLC reality show.

It will be, unfortunately, one of those relationship shows built around a ginned up conflict: Rose's ladyfriend, Kiana Kim, lives in Los Angeles with her children, while the 71-year-old Rose, banned from baseball for gambling, lives and works in Las Vegas. (Because where else?)

You might think Charlie Hustle would have the stamina to fly from Los Angeles to Vegas every morning, but that wouldn't make for a very exciting show, would it?

Amy Winter, general manager of TLC, says that show will "open the door into a very modern family dynamic of trying to blend families when your kids are no longer children, and when your private life is in the public spotlight." Never mind that Rose's private life was out of the public spotlight until he decided to reclaim it with a reality show.

The show will also focus on whether Rose will appeal to end his permanent ineligibility from baseball, which also makes him ineligible for the Hall of Fame. Rose had admitted to betting on the team he played for and managed, the Cincinnati Reds, which for some reason isn't allowed. (Isn't betting on your own team just confidence?)

Ratings: 'America's Got Talent' on Top, But Gordon Ramsay Is Cooking

NBC's "America's Got Talent" was the night's top-rated and most-watched program Tuesday night despite a slight downturn, but Fox took an overall ratings win on the strength of "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef," according to preliminary numbers.

Fox took first place in the advertiser-friendly 18-49 demographic with an average  2.5 rating/8 share and third in total viewers with 6 million.

Both "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef" showed dramatic growth, with "Hell's Kitchen" at 8 p.m. rising 20 percent in the demo from last week with a 2.4/8 and taking 6 million total viewers. "MasterChef" the following hour rose 25 percent from two weeks ago, posting a 2.5/7 and drawing 6.1 million total viewers.

NBC took second place in the demo and first in total viewers with an average 2.2/6 and 8.2 million. "America's Got Talent" from 8 to 10 was down slightly in the demo but was nonetheless the night's best-rated and most-watched program with a 2.6/8 and 10.1 million total viewers. "Love in the Wild" at 10 showed modest demo growth over last week with a 1.3/4 and drew 4.4 million total viewers.

ABC came in third in ratings and fourth in total viewers with an average 1.2/3 and 4 million. "Wipeout" at 8 dipped slightly to a 1.4/5 and drew 4.6 million total viewers. Back-to-back episodes of "Trust Us With Your Life" the following hour both posted demo decreases, with both episodes posting a 0.9/3. (The 9 p.m. and 9:30 airings attracted 2.7 and 2.6 million total viewers, respectively.) "ABC News: N.Y. Med" was even with two weeks ago, receiving a 1.2/3 and taking 4.7 million total viewers.

CBS, which ran repeats throughout the night, drew fourth place in ratings and second in total viewers with an average 1.0/3 and 6.2 million.

TV Tonight 19th of July 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    Anger Management S01E05: "Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit"
    Art Mann Presents S08E14: "The Redneck Games"
    Auction Kings S03E19: "Chastity Belts / Georgia Land Deed"
    Avondetappe, De S08E20: "Season 8, Episode 20"
    Awkward S02E04: "Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna"
    Bank of Dave S01E02: "Episode 2"
    Behind Mansion Walls S02E07: "A Killer's Smile"
    Bethenny S01E29: "The Guy Panel!"
    Big Brother (UK) S14E48: "BB 13, Episode 48"
    Big Brother (US) S14E04: "Episode 4 - Live Eviction #1 & HoH Comp #2"
    Big Brother After Dark S07E08: "Season 7, Episode 8"
    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S04E45: "Series 4, Show 45"
    Binbo-gami ga! S01E03
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E29: "Series 1, Show 28"
    Border Security S12E20: "Season 12, Episode 20"
    Brand X With Russell Brand S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Builder Boss S01E09: "Heritage House"
    Builder Boss S01E08: "The New England"
    Burn Notice S06E05: "Split Decision"
    Cajun Justice S01E12: "Mardi Gras"
    Cajun Justice S01E11: "Hunt For The Swamp Monster"
    Chelsea Lately S06E114
    Come Dine With Me S19E30: "Series 19, Episode 24"
    Conan S02E116: "Freida Pinto, Chris Hardwick, Sebastian Maniscalco"
    Coronation Street S53E142: "Thu July 19, 2012"
    Country House Rescue S05E06: "Craufurdland"
    Crimewatch UK S29E10: "Series 29, Show 5 (Update)"
    Crimewatch UK S29E09: "Series 29, Show 5"
    Daybreak S02E223: "July 19, 2012"
    Days of our Lives S47E178: "Ep. #11888"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E293: "Episode 1973"
    Degrassi S12E04: "Walking On Broken Glass (2)"
    Doctors S14E60: "If a Tree Falls"
    Dora the Explorer S07E04: "Super Babies to the Rescue"
    Duets S01E09: "The Finale"
    Dynamo: Magician Impossible S02E03: "Series 2, Episode 3"
    EastEnders S28E113: "July 19, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E169: "July 19, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Emmerdale S41E168: "July 19, 2012"
    Eureka Seven: AO S01E14: "Starfire (Another Truth)"
    Figure It Out S04E27: "Featuring Ryan Potter"
    Four In A Bed S03E54: "Tollemache Arms"
    Four Weddings (2010) S04E03: "...and a Hootenanny"
    Four Weddings (2010) S04E02: "...and the King of Rock & Roll"
    General Hospital (US) S50E77: "#12605"
    Hamish & Andys Gap Year S02E06: "Season 2, Episode 6"
    Hollyoaks S18E144: "July 19, 2012"
    Hollywood Heights S01E24: "Max Confronts Chloe"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E129: "Episode 5564"
    House Hunters S50E19
    House Hunters International S34E14: "Content in Willemstad, Curacao"
    Impact Wrestling S08E94: "Season 8, Episode 94"
    Jeopardy! S28E219: "Show #6424"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E282
    LA Hair S01E08: "The Big Blow Out"
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E307: "Matt Lauer, Mike Tyson, Hot Chip"
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E104: "Woody Harrelson, Grafitti6"
    Live at the Electric S01E08: "Episode 8"
    Live with Kelly S29E232: "Heidi Klum, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell"
    Louie S03E04: "Daddy's Girlfriend Part 1"
    Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars S01E07: "Episode 7"
    Masterchef Australia S04E65: "Thursday - Week 11"
    Mock The Week S11E06: "Highlights Special"
    Motorcity S01E11: "Off the Rack"
    Mountain Men S01E08: "This Is the End"
    Naruto: Shippuuden S11E28: "Golden Bonds"
    Neighbours S28E139: "Episode 6449"
    P.O.V. S25E05: "The Light in Her Eyes"
    Polyamory: Married and Dating S01E02: "Poly Rules"
    Project Runway S10E00: "Road to the Runway Season 10"
    Project Runway S10E01: "A Times Square Anniversary Party"
    Property Wars S01E04: "Hold the Phone"
    Property Wars S01E03: "Million Dollar Baby"
    Rock Center with Brian Williams S01E34: "Season 1, Episode 34"
    Rookie Blue S03E07: "Leap of Faith"
    Saving Hope S01E07: "Consenting Adults"
    Secret Dealers S03E09: "Series 3, Episode 9"
    Sket Dance S02E16: "Episode 16"
    Snooki and JWoww vs. The World S01E05: "Sober Party of One"
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    Superstar S01E08: "Live Show 5"
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    The Block (NZ) S01E06: "Season 1, Episode 6"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E84: "Ep. #6368"
    The Colbert Report S08E88: "Lisa Jackson"
    The Daily Show S17E126: "E.J. Dionne"
    The First 48 S12E20: "Massacre in Little Haiti/Exposed"
    The Hotel Inspector S09E03: "The Caspian"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E212: "July 19, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E112
    The Midnight Beast S01E03: "Hardcore"
    The Project S04E171: "Season 4, Episode 171"
    The Real L Word S03E02: "Leap of Faith"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S20E122
    The View S15E206: "Judge Jeanine Pirro, guest co-host Roseanne Barr"
    The Young and the Restless S40E83: "Ep. #9952"
    This Week (2003) S10E35: "July 19, 2012"
    Tipping Point S01E14: "Episode 14"
    truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... S14E07
    Urban Secrets S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Watch What Happens: Live S07E20: "Lorraine Bracco & Ralph Macchio"
    Wilfred (US) S02E05: "Now"
    Wipeout (US) S05E14: "Gorillas in Our Midst"

Karen Gillan at Comic-Con: 'I cried for two weeks after Pond exit'

Karen Gillan has admitted that she "cried for two weeks" after filming her final scenes in Doctor Who.

The TV star, who plays Amy Pond in the BBC sci-fi series, revealed to fans at San Diego's Comic-Con that she struggled to "hold it together" when they shot the last episode.

"I cried for two weeks. Everything set me off," said Gillan. "I couldn't hold it together at all.

"[The show] has changed my life in so many ways. And even thought I don't want to say it, I've made two really good friends."

Gillan and co-star Arthur Darvill will leave Who midway through the upcoming seventh series.

Commenting on the duo's departure, lead star Matt Smith said: "I miss them. I miss these cats. It's been three years on set. You develop a language with these people.

"It's like two older brothers who bully their sister and I miss being able to bully Karen."

Smith also commented on the future of Steven Moffat as Doctor Who's showrunner, joking: "He's going to do the next 150 years.

"He is the most wonderful man to work for. He loves Doctor Who. He doesn't want to give up any time soon."

When asked by a fan whether there was a chance of Rose Tyler ever returning to the show, he commented: "They tell us things very late. We tend not to know. But at the moment, we're focused on the fall of the Ponds.

"They are our guys. They're gone. See you later. But I don't know [about Rose]. That would be a Moffat question."

Smith, Darvill and Gillan were all coy on the role of Alex Kingston in the latest series, only admitting that she was "very important" to all the characters.

"We love Alex Kingston. She's the nicest and most flirtatious woman on the planet," joked Smith. "She could flirt with a fish."

The new series of Doctor Who will air in the US and UK in mid-August. Its first screening will be at the London BFI on August 14.

Simon Cowell 'changing X Factor age ranges'

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to alter the age ranges for this year's X Factor.

The boys and girls categories' upper age limits are said to be rising from 25 to 28, while the older category will now be known as 'Over-28s', reports The Sun.

Simon Cowell arriving at The X Factor USA Texas Auditions at the Frank Erwin Center

The change is intended to give 26 and 27-year-olds a greater chance of making it through after they were overlooked last year.

A source said: "Last year's crop of wannabes was awful, largely because there were too many youngsters.

"Lots of girls and boys in their late twenties auditioned, but there was no room for them because the Over-25s category had to have the quirky older ones in it to make it work.

"The show basically snookered itself, so Simon has decided to make the change. And this year there are again loads of amazing performers who are older than 25 but younger than 28."

The insider added: "There is no way show bosses will make the same mistake again, so the age limits have changed. This year's show is now shaping up to be one of the best ever."

Cowell previously changed the age ranges in the 2010 series, which saw eventual winner Matt Cardle being placed into the boys category from the older group.

Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger will attend the Boot Camp stage of the show this week.

The Boot Camp will take place in Liverpool this year, after it was moved from London due to the Olympics.

What happened at the Comic-Con Firefly reunion?

The team behind Firefly gathered together to mark its tenth birthday. And here's what happened...

With more than enough to geek out about in San Diego over the weekend, and more spoiler-filled panels than you could shake a stick at, ever-faithful Browncoats still turned out in their thousands to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Firefly with its cast a crew. Writer Jose Molina, executive producer Tim Minear, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin and, of course, Joss Whedon himself, all turned up to spend an hour with fans.

All taking pictures of each other, as well as the crowd, fans could see this was a real reunion of friends, and it was an emotional hour for long-time devotees to the seminal sci-fi series callously shoved off the air a decade ago. When asked what it meant to be there, Whedon answered:

“What else could it possibly mean except that we always knew from the very beginning that everything we were doing we were doing for the right reasons in the right way with the right people? We were making something that was more than the sum of its parts and with the best cast I’ll ever work with. It goes beyond vindication; vindication came a long time ago. It goes to a place of transcendence that I can’t even describe without turning into a girly man.”

And Nathan Fillion chipped in himself, thanking Joss for taking a chance on him when parts he was getting were no more glamorous than “‘#5 guy’ or the lead girl’s ex; the other dude who doesn’t come in until later then leaves pretty early.

“‘He’s good but we don’t know if he can carry a show’ is what I got all the time,” he added. “No one would give me a chance, and then Joss Whedon gave me the best character I’ve ever played.”

Asked what the overall mission statement of Firefly and Serenity was, Joss said, “at this point it’s so much in the vernacular that it seems old fashioned but I just wanted to make something that felt as real as a piece of history. I wanted to buck the system of all science-fiction being lit with purple lights... I wanted to tell an American immigrant story - a western story – but I need spaceships or I get cranky.”
“I never once thought of it as science-fiction,” Sean Maher added. “Someone coined the phrase ‘post-apocalyptic western’ and that’s always how I always spoke about the show.”

As well as getting the actors and writers choked up about the past, fans were offered nostalgia-filled clips from the show and a chance to win Jayne’s hat. Though the real hat has already been sold for $5,000 for charity, a replica was given to the fan who knew which planet Stacey had wanted to buried on in The Message. “This is a goldmine,” Baldwin said while recounting the history of his headwear. “It’s a birthday cake in a wasteland.”

“These are honestly the finest meat puppets that I’ve ever controlled,” joked Whedon of his cast. “It’s hard for me because I do remember a time before these people played these parts... yet these were the people before I wrote it. I feel like at some point I was in a hotel in London, reading The Killer Angels, and thinking ‘this is story I want to tell, but with Han Solo in it’, and the moment that happened I feel like all of them [felt it too].”
Referring to missing cast members Gina Torres (Zoe), Morena Baccarin (Inara), Ron Glass (Book) and Jewel Staite (Kaylee), he added, “people that are not here, my heart is breaking that they’re not. Not just to experience this but because I miss them so much.”

And the tears really started flowing when fans asked the panel to relive the days following cancellation, with Adam Baldwin recalling an encounter with Joss in particular. “Upon cancellation, I went up to Joss’s office and I saw him diligently trying to get it back up in the air, and saw the look of termination in his eyes. I never gave up hope and the fan community that was interacting with us at that point never gave up, and so Joss understood that and never did either.

“One of the most heart-warming times of my entire life was watching that show being resurrected as a major motion picture, and we couldn’t have done it without [the fans].”

In reply, recalling the making of Serenity as “one of the finest nervous breakdowns a man could possibly have,” he said, “I was inconsolable, and it changed me. It changed the way I work and the way I operate because there was no way, no reality, where I wouldn’t get these people back together.”

Reiterating the gratitude they felt towards the fans in the room, Minear quipping “remember that time when we were off the air for ten years, but thousands of people came to see us anyway?” Fillion said, “when Firefly died, I thought it was the worst thing that could possibly happen. What I realize now, 10 years later, looking out on this room, is that the worst thing that could have happened was if it had stayed dead. That it died was OK.”

And it’s clear that the show has never full departed, with one fan asking whether an animated Firefly was a possibility. Joss replied with a preference to radio shows, which Fillion and Tudyk subsequently acted out a scene with alarming detail, and revealed plans he had for more graphic novels. “Zack (Whedon) and I just spent some time figuring out how to do the comics moving forward into the future and not just covering stories from the past. When we started talking about it, we came up with all of this amazing, cool sh*t.

“When you're telling a story,” Joss finished with, “you're trying to connect to people in a particular way... The way in which you guys have inhabited this world, this universe, has made you part of it, part of the story. You are living in Firefly. When I see you guys, I don't think the show is off the air. I don't think there's a show; I think that's what the world is like... the story is our lives.”

Game Of Thrones season 3 news round-up

Lots of new casting announcements, a video, and premiere details for Game Of Thrones season 3...

Phew. With the Comic-Con weekend now done and dusted, it's a chance to sit down and take stock of the various Game Of Thrones season 3 announcements that came to light over the past few days. Grab yourself a coffee, and let's get going.

Firstly, then, the next season of the show won't be premiering until the end of March. It's rare to have a date for a TV show teased quite so far in advance, but the next run of Game Of Thrones will kick off on HBO on 31st March 2013. We'd expect Sky in the UK to pick things up the day after.

Next, there's been a lot of casting news arriving, including the inclusion of the wonderful Diana Rigg. Rigg is already confirmed to be appearing in the new series of Doctor Who, but she's also turning in Game Of Thrones season 3 as Lady Olenna Tyrell, the so-called Queen Of Thorns.

Joining her will be Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ellie Kendrick, who will be playing Jojen and Meera Reed, the children of Howland Reed. Then there's Clive Russell (Bryndon Tully), Kerry Ingram (Shireen Baratheon), Tara Fitzgerald (Selyse Baratheon), Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr), Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully), Anton Lesser (Qyburn), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Philip McGinley (Anguy) and last but not least, Mackenzie Crook (Orell).

As for the shoot itself for season three, it'll see the show on location in Iceland, Croatia and Northern Ireland, and production is taking place a little later this year.

Keith Allen to take drugs on TV for Channel 4 documentary

Keith Allen is to take part in an upcoming Channel 4 series about drug taking.

The new series will look at the effects of MDNA on the brain, with Allen and other celebrities being administered the drug.

The study is being undertaken by Imperial College London professors David Nutt and Robin Carhart Harris, reports The Independent.

One celebrity who took part was reportedly turned away after they tested positive for cocaine use.

The documentary - reportedly titled Drugs Live - is scheduled to air in September.

"Keith has a history of drug use and knows very well the highs and lows," a source is quoted as saying in The Sun.

"He's agreed to take part because he thinks Channel 4's show is an important forum for looking at what it means to take drugs - and the effects they have.

"He cannot wait to get stuck in. Who knows what'll happen?"

Channel 4's David Glover said: "This subject is fraught with controversy and confusion. The aim is to bring new clarity to the facts of illegal drug use."

Allen's Princess Diana film Unlawful Killing was recently shelved due to distribution issues.

'Merlin' series five, film trilogy teased, new image released

A new image for series five of Merlin has been released at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International.

The fantasy drama's fifth run - which bears the tagline 'The die is cast' - is currently filming.

The promotional picture - which features stars Angel Coulby (Gwen), Bradley James (Arthur), Colin Morgan (Merlin), Katie McGrath (Morgana) and Richard Wilson (Gaius) - shows Guinevere taking her place upon the throne as queen of Camelot.

Co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps also revealed that Anthony Head will reprise his role as Uther Pendragon as a guest star, and said that the series will potentially be turned into a trio of full-length films after filming on series five has finished.

Capps said: "We're hopefully going to do a trilogy - three movies. We will focus on them when we finish season five.

"One idea we've been playing around with is to reboot the whole series [for the films]. We would go back in time and start the story again and show different parts that you didn't see in the series. The other idea is to do a continuation, but we haven't decided yet."

Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham was confirmed to join the cast back in April, while John Bradley will play a character named Tyr Seward.

'Fringe' movie is 'very possible', say cast at Comic-Con

The cast of Fringe discussed the show's future beyond the show's fifth and final season during a panel event at Comic-Con today (July 15).

John Noble, Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole and executive producer J.H Wyman were at the San Diego fan convention to celebrate the upcoming finale and were all optimistic that Fringe would live on in some form after the finale in 2013.

"The film is very possible down the line," said Noble, which was greeted with cheers from fans in the crowd.

"The show will live on in some form or another," added Jackson. He later added that the show has a comic book writer and artist "at the table" and suggested that fan fiction would also keep the show alive.

Exec Wyman also confirmed to fans that the new season would "pick up exactly where we left off" in season four and revealed that he had decided on the show's ending "two or three months ago".

Fringe's final 13-episode season will start on September 28 on Fox in the US. It will air in the UK on Sky1.

'Doctor Who' to feature dinosaurs, Western episode

Steven Moffat has revealed the titles and details of episodes two and three of the new series of Doctor Who.

Speaking at San Diego's Comic-Con, the sci-fi show's showrunner announced that dinosaurs would provide an obstacle to Matt Smith's Doctor and the Ponds in episode two of series seven. The title of the episode is 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship'.

"'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' - what more do you need? The Doctor will come face to face with some of the most monstrous creatures evolution has ever produced, on some of the most monstrous sets we've ever built," said Moffat.

"We took one look at Chris Chibnall's brilliant script and said to ourselves, 'We're going to need a bigger corridor'."

Fast Show comic Mark Williams and Sherlock actor Rupert Graves will appear in the dino-episode.

Commenting on Toby Whithouse-penned episode three 'A Town Called Mercy', Moffat said: "It takes us into a genre Doctor Who hasn't attempted since the sixties - it's a full-blooded western. We knew from the start we need some serious location shooting for this one, and given the most iconic American setting imaginable, there was only one place to go - Spain."

Moffat also spoke for the first time about the series premiere 'Asylum of the Daleks', commenting: "It's 'wow'. It's lots and lots and lots of Daleks. It's what we all see when we close our eyes in our TARDIS-wallpapered bedrooms.

"More Daleks than you've ever seen in one place."

The new series of Doctor Who will air in the US and UK in mid-August. The first screening of 'Asylum of the Daleks' will be at the London BFI on August 14.