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maandag 23 januari 2012

'Take Me Out' couple getting married

'Take Me Out' couple getting married

A couple who met on Take Me Out are getting married, it has been revealed.

Dan Nash chose Dawn Edwards on the ITV1 dating show in November 2010 and the pair want host Paddy ­McGuinness to be guest of honour at their upcoming nuptials.

"Paddy would have to come on the condition that he doesn't take all the attention away from me," Edwards told the Sunday Mirror.

Speaking of Nash's proposal, she added: "I didn't have any doubt. I said yes straight away."

The couple, who went on a romantic break to Cyprus as part of the show, are said to have hit it off instantly and moved in together in June.

"I'd better get writing the best man's speech then," McGuinness joked.

The show recently caused controversy after it emerged that both Wen-Jing Mo and date Aaron Withers had worked as escorts in the past. The latter had also been convicted of assault.

Mark Rhodes has become the third celebrity to leave Dancing on Ice.

Mark Rhodes third out of 'Dancing on Ice'

Mark Rhodes has become the third celebrity to leave Dancing on Ice.

The children's TV host was eliminated over Charlene Tilton after judges' scores and viewer votes for their 'Movie Week' performances were combined.

After a last chance skate-off, in which Rhodes reprised his Blues Brothers-themed performance, judges Robin Cousins, Louie Spence and Katarina Witt unanimously voted to send him home.

Cousins said to the former Pop Idol contestant before casting his vote: "It's been fun having you around", while Spence complimented Rhodes on his "spirit and fun attitude".

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley following his exit, Rhodes said: "Obviously I'm absolutely gutted, but to be at the bottom in the first week and to be next to the bottom in the second week, it makes sense for me to be in the skate-off.

"Charlene... she skated her second [performance] absolutely brilliantly and I messed up. [I'm] absolutely fine with it."

Turning to his professional partner Frankie Poultney, the 30-year-old jested: "You've been working with limited resources. You are absolutely brilliant."

Rhodes's presenting partner Sam Nixon remains in the running.

Schofield also teased at the end of the show that the remaining 12 contestants will soon face "one of the biggest challenges ever seen".

Dancing on Ice continues next Sunday (January 29) at 6.45pm on ITV1.

Heidi Range 'thinking about solo album'

Heidi Range 'thinking about solo album'

Heidi Range has said that she is "thinking about a solo album".

The Sugababes star said that Dancing On Ice has given her a "new lease of life" following her painful split from Dave Berry, and that she is currently considering different career avenues.

The singer announced in December last year that she'd ended her eight-year relationship with the Capital FM DJ, with both insisting the split was amicable.

"The end of last year was ­awful. Splitting with Dave was horrible and I'm not over it. We're still great friends and I saw him last week, but it's hard," Range told the Sunday Mirror.

"Dancing On Ice has got me through it. It's given me a new lease of life. My life's been turned upside down and I don't know what is going to happen. This show has been brilliant. It's given me confidence and I've got my groove back.

"I'm thinking about a solo album, I'm ­thinking about TV ­presenting, I'm thinking the world is my oyster right now. For ten years every part of my life has been planned. It's been in the ­diary. It's exciting to be making a fresh start."

Range recently confessed that she was "terrified" of competing on Dancing On Ice.

She has also told Digital Spy that although the current Sugababes lineup have not split up, they aren't concentrating on music at the moment.

Simon Cowell wants Gareth Malone, Dawn French for future shows

Simon Cowell wants Gareth Malone, Dawn French for future shows

Simon Cowell has revealed that he wants Military Wives choirmaster Gareth Malone to join one of his shows.

The Britain's Got Talent boss confessed that the music expert, who led the choir to victory against X Factor winners Little Mix in the 2011 Christmas number one race, has become his latest "target".

"Yes, he should be a Syco target. He is like a stealth missile, he has sort of crept up on everyone," Cowell told the Daily Mail. "He would be good for us.

"I wasn't furious about the Army Wives single beating us, I had two copies of it on pre-order."

Cowell teased that he has also been developing a new cooking competition to rival the likes of MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off, where the winner will have their dish manufactured by Marks & Spencer.

On who could host such a contest, the media mogul suggested: "I would love Dawn French to do it. I know she has lost a lot of weight, but I am hoping to persuade her to put a tiny bit back on with me. I like home food, I love it. My mum's roast potatoes. Shepherd's pie. Cornish pasties. I want stuff like that on the show."

Cowell has admitted that he lured Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon to Britain's Got Talent to anger the BBC.

Big Brother: Denise Welch loved ones 'concerned for her health'

Big Brother: Denise Welch loved ones 'concerned for her health'

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Denise Welch has sparked fears for her wellbeing after repeatedly breaking down on the show.

Friends and family of the Loose Women star - who has suffered from severe depression, alcoholism and drug addiction throughout her life - are allegedly concerned that her constant feuding with housemate Michael Madsen is starting to take its toll.

"To say Denise is struggling would be an understatement," a source noted to the Daily Star. "She's in tears every night - it only takes something small to set her off. Michael only has to comment and she flips. The other housemates don't know what to do."

A close friend added: "Denise has had depression in the past and everyone is worried a pressurised environment like Big Brother could cause her serious problems.

"It's obvious every day is a struggle for her. It's touch and go if she'll make it to the end of the week."

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Georgia Salpa said while in the house that she believed Welch was "crumbling" under pressure.

Welch also shocked her co-stars by stripping off for a jacuzzi session with 19-year-old Frankie Cocozza.

'The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal wanted for TNT 'L.A. Noir' pilot

'The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal wanted for TNT 'L.A. Noir' pilot

The Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal is reportedly having discussions to join TNT pilot L.A. Noir.

The drama series is the latest project from former Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont, and will chart the war between Los Angeles police chief William Parker and his mobster nemesis Mickey Cohen.

Sources have told Variety that Bernthal is in very early negotiations to reunite with Darabont for the pilot.

If he were to join the cast, Bernthal will play Los Angeles cop Joe Teague, one of the central characters of the series.

Darabont departed The Walking Dead in July, following rumours that he had been fired after a budget dispute with AMC.

The second series of The Walking Dead will return to AMC in the US on February 12, and in the UK on FX later in February.

Daniel Radcliffe's Jonathan Ross interview pulls in 2.4m

Daniel Radcliffe's Jonathan Ross interview pulls in 2.4m

Daniel Radcliffe and Noel Fielding appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show last night, pulling in 2.4m viewers and a 10.7% audience share for ITV1.

The show, which also featured Sir David Attenborough and a pair of hungry penguins, added an extra 281k (1.5%) on timeshift.

Earlier on the same channel, Take Me Out held on to 4.56m (20.1%) at 7pm (+1: 253k, 1.1%), and Take Me Out: The Gossip followed on ITV2 with 583k (2.5%). The Talent Show Story appealed to 2.05m (8.7%) at 8.15pm.

ITV3 scored the biggest multichannel audience of the evening, with 1.35m (6.3%) for Foyle's War.

On BBC One, The Magicians conjured 3.95m (18%), The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins saw 5.89m (25.5%) await their lucky numbers and 5.67m (24%) tuned in for Casualty. Comedy show Live at the Apollo entertained 3.02m (13.5%) at 9.30pm.

BBC Two's evening was dominated by Masters Snooker coverage, which averaged 1.62m (7%).

The Million Pound Drop attracted 1.49m (6.4%) to Channel 4 from 8.15pm, and a screening of Transporter 2 followed with 1.17m (6.1%).

Celebrity Big Brother brought in 1.59m (6.8%) for Channel 5 at 8.15pm, while Made of Honour dipped just under the million mark with 968k (4.6%) an hour later.

BBC One dominated the primetime schedule with a 21.5% average. ITV1 and BBC Two followed with 12.7% and 7.5%. Channel 4 and Channel 5 both scored 5.2%, but the former was marginally ahead.

'Got To Dance': Top 30 revealed

'Got To Dance': Top 30 revealed

The 30 semi-finalists for this year's series of Got To Dance have been revealed.

Judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia confirmed which acts will progress to the show's live stages and continue competing for the £250,000 prize.

Among the 30 are 14-year-old Hippy-Jo, whose costumes cost her parents as much as £1,500, pole dancer Bendy Kate and modern Irish dance troupe Prodijig.

Other notable entries include self-professed womanisers Kazzum, dancing twins Reflection and tap dance act A Hoofer's Song, who at 35 years old is the eldest semi-finalist.

Davina McCall will host the first live edition of Got To Dance 2012 next Sunday (January 29) on Sky1.

The Got To Dance semi-finalists in full:

• Unity UK
• Project G
• Sam
• A Hoofer's Song
• Hippy-Jo
• Fear Of The Unknown
• Urban Jokers
• Lindsey & Ryan
• Luke
• Sapnay
• Methods Of Movement
• Boadicea
• Lil Hustlers
• Chuck
• Supermalcom
• Brosena
• Tayluer & Elliott
• Antics
• Bendy Kate
• Olivia
• Sweet Surprise
• The Future
• Rikoshay
• Lloyd & Rebecca
• A Team
• Kazzum
• Belle
• Prodijig
• Dharmz
• Reflection

Celebrity Big Brother Natalie Cassidy: 'Get the twins out'

Celebrity Big Brother Natalie Cassidy: 'Get the twins out'

Celebrity Big Brother star Natalie Cassidy has revealed that she wants the Shannon twins to be evicted.

The former EastEnders actress left the house on Friday and subsequently admitted that she was on a mission to outlast Kristina and Karissa, branding them arrogant and vicious.

Cassidy has since repeated her disdain for the Playboy models, claiming that they mocked her weight while in the house.

"Have just done an interview and have only just found out the twins said - 'someone thinner should do the shopping list'.. Get em OUT!!!" she wrote on Twitter.

She then went on to retweet a number of insulting tweets regarding the twins, which referred to them as "fake", "annoying", "up their own arse" and "nothing special".

Cassidy added: "Had the most amazing experience. Thank you so much for your support, I love you all. Everything happens for a reason! #watchthisspace xx.

"So weird not waking up in the house but amazing to wake up with my little girl. Thank u for all your amazing tweets xx."

'Downton Abbey': If you were the only girl in the world

'Downton Abbey': If you were the only girl in the world

"Downton Abbey" is in full swing as a convalescent home in this fourth episode. Just to clear something up - this is the fourth episode. The Season 2 premiere broadcast in the U.S. was two hours and it was episodes one and two. They aired separately in Britain and will be two separate episodes on the DVD set. Also, since some of you may have seen past what is new in the U.S., please keep spoilers out of the comments. Thank you.


The Granthams put on a concert for the men to keep their spirits raised. In fact, Edith and Mary team up for a double act, which is nice to see. Theirs is one of the most complicated relationships on the show and while it would be boring and out of character if they were suddenly best friends, it's wonderful to see them working together. We also really enjoyed the scene where Edith tells Mary the news about Matthew - just another nice instance of the ice thawing.

Speaking of the news - William and Matthew went out on patrol and are missing. It puts the whole house on edge and while we never thought they'd kill Matthew off, we were a little worried they'd kill off William.

When the men return at the end of the episode amidst all the singing, we were a little torn on that scene. Part of us wanted to gag at the cheesiness (we expect better from "Downton" and also, where were they coming from? They told no one they were safe, they just showed up?), but the other part of us couldn't help but tear up at Mary's palpable relief at seeing Matthew come home.

Plus, Maggie Smith steals another scene by her hilarious reaction to everyone singing and then her reluctantly joining in.

In other Upstairs news, Cousin Isobel tries to bluff her way into taking over more responsibilities from Lady Grantham, but she should know better than to try that with Cora. Cora calls her bluff and Isobel leaves for a place where she will feel needed. We had to feel a bit sorry for Isobel, but why couldn't she just go on managing the village hospital and leave Cora in charge of Downton?

As for romantic entanglements, Mary has to keep insisting to Lady Violet that Lavinia did not have an affair with Sir Richard, though Lady Violet astutely observes that this man still lent Lavinia's father money and then used the debt to blackmail her - is that the kind of man Mary wants to be with? But Richard asks for her hand officially and she tells Lord Grantham she thinks she should take him. Robert is visibly disappointed, but lets Mary make up her own mind, only telling her that she must tell Matthew herself.

And Branson finally gets Sybil to refer to them as an "us" and we could not be more delighted. They're a wonderful couple. We also love it that Lady Violet is once again so astute - she zeroes right in on the heart of the matter with Sybil not mentioning a beau because perhaps he's not one she can mention. Lady Violet's comments get Mary's radar humming and she reveals to Sybil she knows, but insists she's on Sybil's side.


In the wake of Isobel's departure and Matthew being at the front, Mrs. Bird and Molesley have nothing to do at Crawley house. When a poor enlisted officer comes looking for food, it snowballs into a once-a-week soup kitchen for enlisted men. Mrs. Patmore and Daisy start helping out and of course nosy O'Brien thinks they're all up to no good, so she rats on them to Lady Cora.

But in a wonderful turn of events, Lady Cora discovers them and she not only insists they use Downton's food for the men, but she rolls up her sleeves and helps. Maybe we're just a sucker, but that got us a lil' misty too. Probably our favorite Cora moment of the series so far.

Meanwhile, Thomas gets a report from a friend that Mr. Bates is working in a pub nearby. Daisy overhears him telling O'Brien and she tells Mrs. Hughes and Carson, who goes straight to Lord Grantham. He turns around to tell Anna, but she already knows. She tells Robert why Bates hasn't returned, one of which is that he parted with Robert on bad terms.

But Lord Grantham takes full responsibility for that parting and goes to get Bates from the pub. Theirs is another relationship we really like on this show (among, you know, many, many relationships that are also wonderful).

So Bates is back and he is going to give Vera everything so she'll divorce him. And he and Anna are finally reunited, which is lovely.

Finally, Ethel gets caught in flagrante with Major Mustache, so Mrs. Hughes fires her. Until she turns up at the end of the episode pregnant and looking for help. *sigh*

TV Tonight 23rd of January 2012

TV Tonight 23rd of January 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    112 - på liv och död S05E04: "Del 4 av 36"
    A Question of Sport S43E06: "January 23, 2012"
    Above Suspicion S04E03: "Silent Scream (3)"
    Adventure Time with Finn and Jake S03E23: "Another Way"
    Aguila Roja S04E12: "Capítulo 51"
    Alaska Wing Men S02E04: "Grizzly 911"
    Alcatraz S01E03: "Kit Nelson"
    American Masters S25E01: "Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune"
    American Pickers S04E09: "Frank's Dog Days"
    Antiques Roadshow (US) S16E04: "Eugene (Hour One)"
    Bargain Hunt S31E16: "Series 31, Episode 16"
    Being Human (US) S02E02: "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"
    Bizarre Foods S07E01: "Twin Cities"
    Caged S01E03: "Season 1, Episode 3"
    Cake Boss S05E01: "Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony"
    Cake Boss: Next Great Baker S02E09: "Crown-Winning Cakes"
    Canadian Pickers S02E03: "Big Things Happening"
    Castle (2009) S04E13: "An Embarrassment of Bitches"
    Celebrity Big Brother S09E20: "Series 9, Episode 20"
    Celebrity Coach Trip S03E06: "Series 3, Day 6"
    Celebrity Wedding Planner S01E04: "Series 1, Episode 4"
    Come Dine With Me S18E07: "Series 18, Episode 6"
    Conan S02E37: "Casey Anderson, Wilco"
    Coppers S02E03: "Beat Officers"
    Cornwall S01E04: "Series 1, Episode 4"
    Coronation Street S53E17: "Mon Jan 23, 2012 [Episode 2]"
    Coronation Street S53E16: "Mon Jan 23, 2012 [Episode 1]"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E140: "Episode 1820"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E35: "Series 8, Episode 35"
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives S13E07: "Global Traditions"
    Disappeared S04E13: "Crime & Punishment"
    Doctors S13E182: "Children of the Night"
    EastEnders S28E14: "January 23, 2012"
    Emmerdale S41E19: "January 23, 2012"
    Escape To The Country S12E15: "South Wales"
    Extreme Clutter S02E06: "My Secret Clutter"
    Fear Factor (US) S07E07
    First Week In S01E02: "Once a Lawyer, Now An Inmate"
    Fort Boyard - Ultimate Challenge S02E06: "Season 2, Episode 6"
    Gadget Geeks S01E02: "Series 1, Episode 2"
    General Hospital (US) S49E205: "#12479"
    Gintama S05E42: "Episode 42"
    Gossip Girl S05E12: "Father and the Bride"
    Got to Dance S03E26: "Series 3, Episode 26"
    Great British Railway Journeys S03E16: "Berwick-Upon-Tweed to Morpeth"
    Hacktion S01E14: "A fordulat"
    Halv åtta hos mig S08E01: "Göteborg - Inga-Lill"
    Hart Of Dixie S01E11: "Hell's Belles"
    Heat Seekers S02E02: "Las Vegas"
    Hoarders S05E04: "Carrie/James"
    Hollyoaks S18E16: "January 23, 2012"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E01: "Episode 5436"
    Homes Under the Hammer S14E175: "Series 14, Show 175"
    Hotel cæsar S28E138: "Season 28, Episode 138"
    House S08E09: "Better Half"
    House of Anubis S02E21: "House of Pressure"
    House of Anubis S02E22: "House of Deja Vu"
    How Sex Works S01E03: "Relationships"
    Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus! S06E11: "Folge 11"
    Intervention S12E04: "Kimberly"
    It's a Brad Brad World S01E04: "Sweat Home Alabama"
    Jeopardy! S28E91: "Show #6296"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E192
    Late Kick Off S03E02: "Series 3, Episode 2"
    Little Mosque on the Prairie S06E03: "Short Fuse"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E105
    Love & Hip Hop S02E10: "At The End Of The Day"
    Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too S03E08: "Happily Ever After"
    Mad S02E16: "WWE Bought a Zoo / Cookie Blue"
    Ministry of Curious Stuff S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Modern Marvels S17E04: "Stink"
    Mr. D S01E03: "Grade the Teacher"
    Mrs Brown's Boys S02E04: "Super Mammy"
    Neighbours S28E11: "Episode 6321"
    Pair of Kings S02E17: "No Rhyme or Treason"
    Pasila S05E01: "Koala vs. valkohai"
    Pawn Star$ S04E70: "Les Is More"
    Pawn Star$ S04E69: "Over the Moon"
    Philly Undercover S01E04: "Stash House Stakeout"
    Pointless S05E100: "Series 5, Episode 100"
    Police Interceptors S04E10: "Series 4, Episode 10"
    Pretty Little Liars S02E17: "Blond Leading the Blind"
    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is S05E16: "Series 5, Episode 16"
    RAW comedy club S05E08
    Red Sonja (BE) S01E08: "Blind date"
    Redemption Inc. S01E03: "Season 1, Episode 3"
    Regular Show S03E14: "Fortune Cookie"
    Saints and Scroungers S03E16: "Series 3, Episode 16"
    Skins S06E01: "Everyone"
    Sousei no Aquarion S02E04: "Wall ~conquer oneself~"
    Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets S02E08: "Written in Blood"
    The Bachelor S16E04: "Week 4 (S16)"
    The Bad Girls Club S08E01: "Throw-Up Throw-Down"
    The Biggest Loser (AU) S07E01: "Season 7, Episode 1"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S25E215: "Ep. #6244"
    The Chase (2009) S05E15: "Series 5, Episode 15"
    The Colbert Report S08E12: "Bruce Bueno De Mesquita"
    The Daily Show S17E48: "Kathleen Sebelius"
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show S09E84: "Shemar Moore, Kym Douglas"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E91: "January 23, 2012"
    The Layover S01E10: "Los Angeles"
    The Lying Game S01E14: "Black And White And Green All Over"
    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S02E20
    The Revolution (2012) S01E06: "Season 1, Episode 6"
    The Rosie Show S01E55: "What You Don't Know About Kathy Griffin"
    The Royal Bodyguard S01E05: "The Perils of Attraction"
    The View S15E89
    The Young and the Restless S39E212: "Ep. #9827"
    Thuis S17E106: "Season 17, Episode 106"
    University Challenge (1994) S18E37
    Voetbal International S04E43: "Season 4, Episode 43"
    Wanted Down Under S06E16: "Series 6, Episode 16"
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E12: "Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville"
    Wereld draait door, De S07E97: "Season 7, Episode 97"
    Who's Still Standing S01E08: "Ready Freddie"
    Wonderland (UK) S04E07: "Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"
    WWE Raw S20E04: "Episode #974"
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal S01E40: "Visitor from Heartland: Haruto"

Exclusive: How Big Bang Theory Got the OK to Mock Spock – Plus, Boss Reacts to Besting Idol

Exclusive: How Big Bang Theory Got the OK to Mock Spock – Plus, Boss Reacts to Besting Idol

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory took aim at two lofty targets this week: J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster Star Trek movie franchise, and American Idol. TVLine spoke with series cocreator Bill Prady about boldly going so far as to tell Spock to “Suck it” and how it felt to play David to reality-TV’s Goliath in the ratings.

Bookending Big Bang‘s 100th episode was a scene in which Sheldon receives in the mail a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mr. Spock — except instead of the Leonard Nimoy version he ordered, he was wrongly sent the new, Zachary Quinto incarnation. And as the persnickety geek will do, he was quite verbal with his displeasure. Prady, speaking with us on the red carpet at Saturday night’s Producers Guild Awards, shared the legal trek he braved to make that moment happen:

In order to use that prop, which is a cardboard cutout of Spock [as seen] in the new movie series, you needed three approvals. You needed Paramount [Pictures], and you had to get Zach to approve it and you had to get J.J. Abrams to approve it…. The problem is we wanted to say, “Suck it. Zachary Quinto.” Normally when you send something out [for approval] you send the pages, and we’re going, “Are they going to like this?” So we called Zachary’s agent, we called Paramount, and we call J.J.’s office. I [told them], “We need to, at some point, let Sheldon begin accepting there is a new Spock in the world, and we’re going to have him start by not liking it at all. So if you’re game, and you let us use it, we will begin the process of him coming to grips with Zachary Quinto as Spock.” And we got a message back immediately from Zach and J.J. saying they loved the idea.

Might Quinto have loved the idea enough to one day cameo as himself à la Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Wil Wheaton, who in the Big Bang universe draws similar disapproval from Sheldon? Says Prady: “We would love for all famous people that we like to be on the show. Always.”

Turning to the memorable episode’s Nielsen numbers — Big Bang this Thursday drew a 5.3 in the coveted 18-to-49 demo, versus Idol‘s 5.2 in primetime’s opening half hour — Prady said, “The job is about going to work and making a really good TV show…. But you do get like a little team pride. It’s a little ‘Detroit Tigers-in-the-World Series,’ you know? You cheer on your team, and what you are really cheering is an amazing fan base that has been coming to the show strong this year, and that’s a really good feeling.”

So, were any high-fives traded at Big Bang HQ? “We did not high-five, because we’re nerds and we don’t do that,” Prady reported. “But I think at one point someone went, ‘Oh, yeah.’ I think there was a soft-spoken, ‘Oh, yeah.’”

Fringe Update: Season 5 Discussions Underway, J.J. Abrams 'Hopeful' Show Will Be Back

Fringe Update: Season 5 Discussions Underway, J.J. Abrams 'Hopeful' Show Will Be Back

When Fox president Kevin Reilly told journalists earlier this month that he’s essentially losing money on Fringe, he wasn’t just putting the show’s rabid fans on notice that a fifth season is far from a slam dunk, he was sending the following message to Warner Bros. Television: The ball’s in your court.

Basically, in order for Fox to justify renewing the low-rated cult fave, Warner Bros. would have to agree to drastically reduce the show’s license fee (i.e. the amount the studio charges the network for each episode).

But what’s that magic number? Sources confirm that both sides are currently trying to hash that out. “We remain hopeful that Fringe will be able to continue,” co-creator J.J. Abrams tells.

Warner Bros. no doubt remains even more hopeful. A fifth season would put Fringe at or very close to 100 episodes, a milestone that would enhance the show’s syndication prospects. (A studio rep declined to comment.)

The clock is ticking, but not as quickly as one might think. If this does turn out to be Fringe‘s final season, it wouldn’t actually impact producers’ Season 4 end game.

“Worst case scenario, if this were the last aired season of Fringe… we know what the end of this season is going to be,” EP Jeff Pinkner recently told, ”and it can function as a series finale.”

Biggest Star Absent for China's Greatest Show

Biggest Star Absent for China's Greatest Show

Veteran actor Zhao Benshan cites health reasons for missing CCTV's annual Chinese New Year show.

Hundreds of millions of viewers tuned in Sunday evening for the annual Chinese New Year television gala presented by China Central Television (CCTV), despite the show missing one of its mainstays and top stars.

Veteran actor Zhao Benshan, 53, whose comedy pieces with actress Song Dandan were an annual and anticipated part of China's biggest TV event, announced earlier this week he would not participate due to health reasons.

Even without Zhao, the show went on, and featured local star power including singers Faye Wong, American-born Wang Lee-hom and Chinese piano virtuoso Yundi Li.

Part Super Bowl, part Yule Log and part nationalist rally, the four-hour variety program provides the backdrop and entertainment for the Chinese New Year -- called Spring Festival locally -- traditional dinner, eaten during the final hours of the lunar year. The show is statecaster CCTV's most watched annual program, with advertising preceding the show -- the gala is aired live and commercial-free -- racking up millions of yuan in revenue.

Frankie Cocozza wins booze in Celebrity Big Brother bee task

Frankie Cocozza wins booze in Celebrity Big Brother bee task

Frankie Cocozza has won alcohol for the Celebrity Big Brother housemates in a bee-themed spelling competition.

The former X Factor star became the 'Queen Bee' after answering Big Brother's call and was given 15 words related to the insects that he would have to correctly repeat back.

If he succeeded in spelling ten, Cocozza would win a luxury party for the house, while five correct answers would see Big Brother supply them with alcohol.

However, for every word spelt incorrectly, the housemates would be punished with a 'celebrity sting'.

Cocozza successfully managed to spell seven of the given words, but stumbled over terms such as chrysanthemum, chlorophyll and dandelion.

Housemates also passed their 'Big In Japan' task this weekend and were rewarded with a sushi party.

Gareth Thomas previously won back his letter from home after passing a pep talk challenge before Friday's double eviction.

'Britain's Got Talent': 'Brilliant' Manchester singer impresses judges

'Britain's Got Talent': 'Brilliant' Manchester singer impresses judges

The Britain's Got Talent judges have been wowed by a 20-year-old auditionee in Manchester already tipped to progress deep into the show.

Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden gave their backing to Norfolk-based singer Sam Kelly, who performed a cover of Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love' on Friday (January 20).

Insiders say that Holden was moved to tears by the rendition, while Cowell gushed that the young star had been "brilliant".

"I think you have got something really unique," he told the guitar player. "I really like you Sam, brilliant."

Potentially referring to Kelly's performance, Cowell later wrote on Twitter: "First day of auditions, think we found a star but won't give it away."

New panellist Dixon added after auditions that she had been impressed by the high quality of contestants in the city.

"Manchester was excellent," she declared. "There are already so many acts that I could see in the semi-final, and I really didn't expect to see that in the first city."

Alex Désert to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot 'Isabel'

Alex Désert to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot 'Isabel'

The "Boy Meets World" co-star is reuniting with Howard Busgang, the co-writer of the adaptation of a Quebec sitcom along with Tom Nursall.

Alex Désert (Becker) is to co-star in NBC’s single-camera comedy pilot Isabel, which also stars Marcia Gay Harden and Sophia Schloss in the title role.

Désert’s credits include Boy Meets World, a 1990s comedy worked on by Howard Busgang, who co-wrote the Isabel pilot with Tom Nursall (Single White Spenny).

Isabel is based on the Quebec comedy Le Monde de Charlotte from indie Sphère Média Plus, whose adaptation rights were picked up by NBC last Fall.

Sphère Média Plus president Jocelyn Deschênes and Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment are executive producing the NBC comedy pilot, along with Busgang and Nursall.

Le Monde de Charlotte aired on the Radio-Canada network from 2000 to 2004.

Steven Tyler Sings National Anthem at AFC Championship Game

Steven Tyler Sings National Anthem at AFC Championship Game

The "American Idol" judged received some criticism after his performance at the Patriots vs. Ravens game.

The New England Patriots may have won their spot in the Super Bowl on Sunday by winning the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens 23-20, but singer Steven Tyler may have also won something – a spot on the list of failed Nation Anthem performances.

The American Idol judge, sporting his signature scarf -- this time with a sequined Patriots theme -- sung “The Star Spangled Banner” before the game. While fans at the stadium cheered on the Aerosmith frontman, others expressed some harsh criticism of the singer on the web.

The AP wrote, “Let’s just say the rendition probably wouldn’t get him to Hollywood.” And Yahoo added: “He most definitely would not have made it to the next round on the show and I am sure Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson would have had some interesting words to say had he been singing in front of them.”

Tyler isn’t the first singer to have a tough time with the National Anthem. During this past baseball season, former American Idol contestant Scott McCreary flubbed the lyrics. And at least year’s Super Bowl, The Voice judge Christina Aguilera also tripped over the lyrics, later explaining that she got lost in the moment -- and lost her place in the song.

All eyes will be on the very first Idol winner on Super Bowl Sunday when Kelly Clarkson will take the stage to perform the National Anthem. Hopefully, she'll have an easier time than the Idol judge handling the arduous task of belting out the opening number for Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5.

Melissa Rivers to mom Joan: Time for 'skintervention'

Melissa Rivers to mom Joan: Time for 'skintervention'

In the second season premiere of WE TV's reality program "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?," Melissa Rivers tries to persuade her 78-year-old comedian mother Joan not to undergo another cosmetic surgery procedure by staging a "skintervention."

Melissa, 44, calls in the pair's circle of friends and employees -- one and the same in the Rivers' world -- but before long Joan has won over the room and is handing out cosmetic procedures like party favors.

"It's like I'm the teacher from Charlie Brown, 'womp, womp, womp,'" Melissa complains in the episode. But her protests may not have gone completely ignored. Joan tweeted on Saturday, "The next time I go under the knife is for my autopsy."

"Joan & Melissa," which returns Tuesday, January 24, follows the day-to-day life of the famously close Rivers duo as they live and work together in California.

Joan moved in with Melissa after the September 2010 launch of "Fashion Police," a comedy program critiquing celebrity fashion, which Joan hosts and Melissa produces. The E! television network announced this month that "Fashion Police" would be extended from 30 minutes to a full hour in March.

New Yorker Joan took over the basement of the Los Angeles home Melissa shared with her 10-year-old son, Cooper, and then-boyfriend Jason Zimmerman, although Joan likes to tell Melissa that she isn't actually living with her but rather "just staying with you four to five nights a week."

After an early screening of their show in New York, the Rivers said they agreed early on that very little of their private lives would be off-limits to the TV cameras, which catch a tear-filled, heart-to-heart conversation between mother and daughter in Tuesday's premiere episode.

"If it's going to be reality, it's got to be the truth," Joan said after the screening. "You can't just show one side."

Joan even expressed delight that the cameras were there at a tough time for her daughter.

"Wait 'til you see Melissa's breakup," said Joan. "So lucky the cameras were in the house when it was happening. We could've been on hiatus."


This season will see Joan getting a tattoo to celebrate her 78th birthday and relieving stress by smoking marijuana. The notoriously raunchy comic's words were bleeped out several times during the premiere episode.

Danny Salles, executive producer of "Joan & Melissa," said Joan's colorful language causes "a fair amount" of footage to end up on the cutting-room floor but insists that "if we put the bridle on and say, 'Don't talk like yourself,' then you don't get the reality. So, we figure say it all and we'll figure it out in the edit room. "

Most of the program's drama takes place at home. According to Melissa, it's home life with her mother, not work, that's a challenge.

"Being her daughter is much harder than being her executive producer because she's a really good talent to work with. She's very prepared, she comes in on time, she delivers the goods every week," Melissa said.

Those who saw the 2010 documentary "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" are used to the elder Rivers' language and mystifying work ethic. That film, about her continuous efforts to stay relevant as an entertainer, as well as her 2009 win on TV reality contest "Celebrity Apprentice," marked the beginning of an upswing for Rivers, whose career has seen many highs and lows.

"I've never stopped performing," Joan said. "Every week when I'm here in New York I perform at a place called the West Bank. I do concerts all over the world, every weekend."

Miami Gets NFL as Sunbeam Declares One-Day DirecTV Truce

Miami Gets NFL as Sunbeam Declares One-Day DirecTV Truce

Sunbeam Television wouldn't make an exception for the Golden Globes and last week's NFL playoff games, but viewers of WSVN, its Miami Fox-affiliate, will be able to watch Sunday's Giants-49ers matchup.

The statiion group has declared a one-day truce in its retransmission fee battle with DirecTV that will allow fans to see the game. WSVN will remain on DirecTV after the game for a special episode of “American Idol” and the station’s late newscast. But after that, WSVN will again go dark on the satellite service.

“We realize that a lot of our viewers are upset about this whole DirecTV blackout,” WSVN general manager Robert Leider said. “So we decided to air this game this coming weekend that’s going to determine who is going to play in the Super Bowl.”

Sunbeam’s Boston station, WHDH, has also been pulled from DirecTV but it's not carrying an NFL game and will remain blacked out. The NBC-affiliate is scheduled to carry the Super Bowl on February 5th, however.

Sunbeam issued the DirecTV blackout after its previous carriage deal with the company expired on January 13th.