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donderdag 28 juni 2012

'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Reveals How it Doesn't End

"Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara doesn't want to reveal too much about the upcoming third season of the show – but he will say, emphatically, how the entire series won't end.

We talked with Mazzara during a crucial day of filming of the third season -- which is set largely in a prison and features a vicious new villain called the Governor. We noted during the interview that there are generally three types of endings for zombie stories. One involves the survivors finding a safe haven, perhaps by taking a boat --

"No," Mazzara interjected, seeing where we were going. "There is no safe haven in this world. I want to make that clear. At the end of our season 2 finale that farm is overtaken and that farm was that last safe haven, and there's no safe haven in that world. I want to be very clear about that. No one is safe. There is no safe haven."

So Rick Grimes and the other survivors can't just catch a boat to France and --

"Nope. Nope. Nope," Mazzara said. "That's against our internal rules here."

So that settles that.

Mazzara and his cast will provide an extended look at the third season of the hit AMC drama at Comic-Con next month. In the meantime, he told us how closely season 3 will follow the comic books that inspired the show (written by "Walking Dead" executive producer Robert Kirkman), and what it was like to take over the series from original showrunner Frank Darabont.

He also explained why the prison where much of season 3 is set won't feel at all like a safe haven.

Without giving anything away, can you give us a taste of what you're shooting today?
We're actually shooting on a major scene for the entire season, and we're shooting on one of my favorite sets on any show ever.

Would that set be a prison?
Yeah. It's part of the prison set.

You've said that this season you'll be getting into the real meat of the series -- Michonne (left), the Governor, the prison. How closely are you sticking with the comics?
We're taking the major tentpole characters and storylines from the comics and adapting them to our alternate universe of the TV shows. So it will be just as surprising to comic-book fans as to non-comic-book fans as to how all of it lays out.

I loved how you stretched out and heightened the comics' Shane storyline. You really got every little bit of drama out of it that you could.
That's a great template for how we intend to use the comic-book's source material. We need to make it our own.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shooting inside the prison for so much of the upcoming season?
The prison itself will be a threatening, malevolent character. It is a challenge to live in the prison. And I think we've really been able to get a lot of story out of it. So it will not feel like a safe corner keeping our characters away from central action. It will really play that they are in a shark cage. Life in a prison is life in a shark cage.

How soon before we meet the Governor?
He makes a surprising appearance. I don’t want to give anything away as to the exact episode, but the audience will certainly be ready for his appearance -- and they won't have to wait too long.

"The Rise of the Governor," the novel last year by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga, made him a somewhat more sympathetic character than he is in the comics. Do you see him as a person who's not necessarily forgivable, but understandable?
We do. I haven't read the novel because I didn't want it to influence my concept of the TV show's version. But we're interested in having a very complex, nuanced, multi-layered character. This will not be simply an arch villain who is committing an evil act in every scene. That's too cartoonish for what we do here. We want that character to feel as real and human and fully developed as possible.

If you stick with what happens in the comics between him and Michonne, it's going to be the most brutal thing on a show that doesn't hold out on violence. Do you feel like you have to temper what's in the comics? Or do you expand on it? Does TV allow you to be more or less graphic?
Certainly there's challenging material in the comic book, and I would say there's equally challenging material on our TV show. I think at the end of season 2 we showed that we don't pull punches … We're not going to get soft now. However, we'll do things on our own time, or when it makes sense for the show. And we're definitely looking at this Governor-Michonne-Woodbury-prison storyline as a longterm arc.

You took over the show from Frank Darabont last season, and in my opinion, the show kept getting better and had some of its best moments. Did you have a sense of where Darabont wanted it to go? And do you ever keep in touch with him through back channels?
We were really focused on breaking season 2. So I think the material that we're using from the comic book, this is our design. I did not know of a longterm plan, so I've used the comic book as something to lean on. I think Robert's done great work there, and we're excited about getting to what I consider the heart of the matter. This Michonne-Governor-prison-Woodbury storyline to me is what equals "The Walking Dead."

There are some serial shows like "Lost," where you think, well, what I ultimately think of this show depends on how they resolve it. Does "The Walking Dead" feel to you like a show that needs a big answer at the end?
That's something that I think about obsessively. There's a component of this show where the audience wants to know, "What happens next? What happens next?" However, this is not a show that is based on revelation. This is a show that is based on character action. And I think as long as we stay true to our characters -- and the show rests on Rick's shoulders right now -- as long as we're true to the spirit of those characters and true to the spirit of Robert Kirkman's original work, I think that's how we should be judged.

It's not about necessarily having an answer that sums it all up with a pretty bow. This show is more about how these people survive in this apocalypse.

I know walkers aren't exactly zombies, but it seems like in zombie movies there are three ways to go: Everyone dies, you find our what caused the outbreak, or they get to some safe haven. You've already said you don't know what created the zombies. It sounds like something you don't worry about very much.
Robert is not interested in proposing a theory of what caused this apocalypse in his work, and that's something that I think is important for us. It's about surviving in this world. We're lucky in the sense that we're able to draw on a lot of great zombie films. And one of the things we really pride ourselves on is adding to that literature. Adding original bits with zombies that no one has ever seen.

When you look at possible endings, I really am interested in finding new territory and a new type of ending, a surprising ending for this series that no one's ever done before, that no one's ever thought of.

Ricky Gervais: "I'm not going to pander to the bullies"

Ricky Gervais has said that he will not pander to "bullies" who may give his new show Derek a bad reception.

The comic was criticised last year for his use of the word "mong" in his material and on Twitter. He later apologised, claiming that he had been "naïve".

Asked if he was worried about the response to Derek, which piloted earlier this year, Gervais told Metro: "I'm not going to pander to the bullies. Comedy is subjective and so is offence.

"There's nothing you can say that won't offend someone, somewhere. You just have to do what you think is right and hope people get it.

"Don't water down an art form because some people won't get it. I'm not going to pander to people who try to impose their views on me."

Of whether people are too quick to take offence, he added: "Yes. Offence can be taken - not given. You choose if you're offended or not.

"I'm not trying to offend people, I'm trying to make a point and the fact some people get it shows it's 'gettable'."

Gervais said that he never tries to be "offensive or controversial", adding: "When I deal with taboo subjects it's to try to make people think.

"I deal in comedy about race, religion, sexuality and disability but the targets are people's attitudes and middle-class angst. Enough people get the jokes or my career would be over."

Shark Week 25th Anniversary Extravaganza Plans Revealed

Amazingly, it's been nearly 25 years since Shark Week first sank its teeth into the public's imagination, and Discovery Channel plans to duly commemorate the occasion this summer with a packed schedule of predator-related programming.

This year's festivities kick off on Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. with "Air Jaws Apocalypse," which picks up where last year's "Ultimate Air Jaws" left off. On the new installment, shark expert Chris Fallos and natural history producer Jeff Kurr travel to Seal Island, South Africa, to explore the great white sharks there. The duo focus on one shark in particular, the 14-foot great white Colossus, the alpha shark in the area.

"Air Jaws Apocalypse" will be followed by "Shark Week's 25 Best Bites," airing Aug. 12 at 10 p.m., which will count down highlights from Shark Week's so-far-unsuccessful effort to capture a breaching great white shark.

Monday, Aug. 13 will bring "MythBusters' Awesome Shark Special," featuring Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman exploring the top 25 shark myths of all time, followed by "Sharkzilla," which will attempt to manufacture a replica of the medalodon, a 52-foot long shark that roamed the ocean in prehistoric times.

"How 'Jaws' Changed the World," a retrospective on the 1975 blockbuster shark film, and "Shark Fight," about shark-bite victims who've devoted their lives to saving their attackers, will air Tues., Aug 14.

"Great White Highway" (Aug. 15), which tracks the movements of the great whites of the Farallon Islands off the California coast, and "Adrift: 47 Days With Sharks" (Aug. 16), about two World War II servicemen who crashed in shark-infested waters and survived for more than a month at sea among the creatures, round out the festivities.

Don't Let Cable Broadband Plans Undercut Streaming Services, House Panel Told

Federal lawmakers should ensure that new broadband pricing schemes being rolled out by the cable TV industry aren’t used to discriminate against video streaming services, critics said Wednesday.

“There’s only one way to get Internet video and that is over an Internet pipe, and there are very few carriers that provide Internet video in some areas,” said David Hyman, general counsel of Netflix, the streaming video giant, during a hearing before the House Communications and Technology subcommittee.

“In some places there is only one carrier, and the ability to have competition in the marketplace is something you guys should be mindful of,” Hyman told the lawmakers.

“The key here is competition,” added Jim Funk, a senior vice president for Roku, a manufacturer of boxes that enable consumers to access streaming video services on their TV sets.

But Michael Powell, president of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, said the new pricing systems -- which essentially allow cable subscribers to buy additional broadband bandwidth each month -- were about fairness.

“You’re being allocated a portion of the costs consistent with your use,” Powell said of pricing models that Time Warner Cable and other operators have been rolling out recently. “And that is a very well established economic principle.”

Also during the hearing, Netflix’s Hyman made clear that the streaming video company remains particularly concerned by Comcast’s exemption of some of its own apps from data caps that apply to Netflix and other unaffiliated streaming companies.

“If you’re going to implement data caps . . . they should be applied equally or not at all, Hyman said.

“ISPs (Internet service providers) also own video services,” added Gigi Sohn, president of consumer watchdog group Public Knowledge. “There’s an incentive and an ability to discriminate against online video competitors.”

“I’m concerned about the potential impact of data caps on the growth the streaming video market,” added Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., noting that it has been widely reported that the Department of Justice is also looking into the issue. “While we don’t know the extent of this (DOJ) inquiry, it falls on this subcommittee to thoroughly examine the issue and ensure future innovation is not curtailed,” Eshoo said.

A Comcast spokeswoman declined comment. But David Cohen, Comcast executive vice president, has said that the company’s handling of its XfinityTV app is completely legal and appropriate.

During the hearing, NCTA’s Powell said the fact that Netflix has outstripped cable and satellite to become the nation’s largest provider of subscription video services offers proof that cable has not been keeping video streaming services down.

“Our policies, caps or pricing, have in no way thwarted the consumer’s ability to watch video stream content,” Powell said.

Under one of the new cable broadband pricing options, which Time Warner Cable is offering in Texas, consumers can save $5 a month for using less than 5 gigabytes a month, Alex Dudley, a TWC spokesman, told TheWrap.

Under this metered TWC option, customers who exceed the 5 gigabyte cap are billed an additional $1 a month for each extra gigabyte they use, Dudley said.

“Times are tough,” said Dudley, who also said TWC customers have the option of subscribing to more expensive monthly plans that give them unlimited bandwidth use. “Customers like options,” Dudley said.

Also during the hearings, which were called to assess whether the laws affecting the video industry need to be changed or scrapped, key Republican lawmakers made clear that they favored deregulating the video industry.

“I couldn’t tell you today what Roku is,” Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, during the hearing.

“In general, we’re better off having less regulation than more,” he added, however.

“Cable operators, satellite providers and broadcasters should be allowed just as much flexibility to respond to competition from the Internet players as we would like the Internet players to have to respond to competition from the traditional players,” added Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., the House telecommunications subcommittee’s chairman.

'Red or Black?' winner scoops record £1.5 million prize

A winner of the second series of ITV1's Red or Black? has scooped a record £1.5 million prize.

The Ant & Dec-hosted gameshow has tweaked its format since the first run in 2011, now being prerecorded and featuring a rollover of the main prize if there isn't a winner.

After two rollovers of £500,000, 30-year-old carpenter Graham won the 50/50 chance-based quiz and took home the British TV record prize fund.

The winner's challenges included predicting the number of belly dancer turns during a Ronan Keating performance and a cricket challenge with England stars Kevin Pietersen and Mark Ramprakash.

Last year's series, which had seven live shows stripped across a week, featured four £1 million winners - Nathan Hageman, Kevin Cartwright, Darren Thompson and Gary Brocklesby.

TV Tonight 28th of June 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

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    Battle of the Brides S01E07: "Series 1, Episode 7"
    Behind Mansion Walls S02E04: "Kiss or Kill"
    Bethenny S01E14: "Justin Bieber"
    Big Brother (UK) S14E25: "BB 13, Episode 25"
    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S04E24: "Series 4, Show 24"
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E34: "Series 1, Show 34"
    Blood Relatives S01E04: "Sins & Spurs"
    Border Security S12E19: "Season 12, Episode 19"
    Brand X With Russell Brand S01E01: "Pilot"
    Breaking Pointe S01E05: "Bad Dress: Good Show"
    Burn Notice S06E03: "Last Rites"
    Cajun Justice S01E06: "Cursed"
    Cajun Justice S01E05: "A Real Drag"
    Chelsea Lately S06E106
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    Come Dine With Me S19E10: "Series 19, Episode 9"
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Jessie J: 'Voice UK tour cancellation is a good thing'

Jessie J has looked on the bright side of The Voice UK cancelling its live tour, claiming that it will allow the acts on the show to "spread their wings".

The 'Price Tag' popstar suggested that taking acts on a tour, like The X Factor, Strictly, Britain's Got Talent and Pop Idol have done in the past, was against the ethos of the BBC talent show.

"It's always disappointing but you know what, it's not a bad thing I don't think," Jessie J told BBC Newsbeat.

"Personally, maybe I shouldn't say this but I will, I actually think it's a good thing. Not that it's been cancelled but that they've now got the opportunity to go out and do their own thing.

"For me it's a bit too similar to other TV shows to do that tour thing."

She continued: "I think actually the artists have the opportunity now to do gigs around London and really learn their craft.

"Going on tour can put you in a bubble too early on. It's now a chance for them to spread their wings."

Jessie J was also coy about whether she would return to the show next year, revealing that the decision would depend on how busy she was with her second album.

The Voice UK returns for a second series in 2013. The coaching lineup is not expected to be announced until later in the year.

BBC Two's 'Line of Duty' tops 9pm hour on Tuesday night

New BBC Two cop drama Line of Duty made an impressive start last night (June 26), topping the 9pm hour.

The hard-hitting thriller, starring Lennie James, launched with 3.35m (14.7%) on BBC Two and BBC HD.

Ranking as BBC Two's best-rated drama in 2012 to date, Line of Duty retained a steady audience from start to finish.

With viewers spread fairly evenly across the terrestrial channels, BBC One came second in the slot with 3.17m (13.9%) for new factual experiment series Turn Back Time: The Family.

Meanwhile, the concluding part of ITV1's Strictly Kosher - a programme following a Jewish community in Manchester - interested 2.36m (10.3%) and 210k (1.2%) on +1.

Gordon Ramsay's new Channel 4 cooking-in-prison vehicle Gordon Behind Bars beat ITV with 2.64m (11.6%) - adding 321k (1.8%) on timeshift.

Import CSI was last in the slot with 1.55m (6.8%) and 171k (0.9%) on +1, but Channel 5 had a solid night overall with 8pm's Killers Behind Bars (1.32m/6.1%) and 10pm's Big Brother (1.28m/7.2%).

Earlier in the 8pm hour, an hour-long Love Your Garden beat ITV1's usual slot average with 3.08m (14.2%) and 121k (0.5%) on timeshift, while Embarrassing Bodies grabbed 1.6m (7.4%) for Channel 4 (+1: 336k/1.5%), and Today at Wimbledon took 1.44m (6.7%) for BBC Two.

BBC Two's peak time share was boosted by early evening coverage of Wimbledon, which had 2.73m (14.4%) between 5.50pm and 8pm for Andy Murray's first round win.

Overall, BBC One topped primetime mostly thanks to the popularity of EastEnders and Holby City. ITV1 followed in second place with 13.5% (+1: 0.7%), ahead of BBC Two's 10.8%, Channel 4's 7.3% (+1: 1%), and Channel 5's 5.5% (+1: 0.3%).

Big Brother gets nearly 1,000 Ofcom complaints for Conor 'bullying'

Big Brother has picked up nearly 1,000 complaints following an incident of alleged bullying on the show between Conor McIntyre and Deana Uppal.

On the Monday, June 25 edition of the show, Conor was shown ranting about Deana and at one point claimed that he would punch her if she threw water over him.

According to Broadcast, the show had 356 complaints after the show finished and the number has continued growing to nearly 1,000.

Conor ranted about Deana after she was the only housemate to fail an eating challenge.

While holding Deana's epilator, Conor said: "Get your epilator and stick it up your arse. We don't give a f**k! Stick it up her f**king m**ge, stupid b**tard.

"I'm gonna play loads of pranks on her. F**king piece of s**t, I don't give a f**k if I'm pulled up to the Diary Room."

Conor was warned by Big Brother about his comments and has since apologised in the Diary Room.

Lydia Louisa has also complained in the Diary Room that she feels bullied by some of the men on this year's show. Deana and Lydia face the public vote and possible eviction this weekend.

A huge number of threads discussing the issue have appeared on the Digital Spy forums with the majority believing that Conor should be thrown off the show.

In a statement, a Channel 5 rep insisted that housemates were "closely monitored at all time" and said that "Conor's behaviour was not condoned by Big Brother or any of the housemates".

They added: "Having spoken to Conor, and bearing in mind our duty of care to the other housemates, we are satisfied that he should continue to participate in the programme."

Alex Trebek Released From Hospital After Heart Attack

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek has returned home after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

A spokeswoman for Sony Pictures Television said Wednesday that Trebek, 71, had been released from the hospital following Saturday's heart attack.

"I am happy to report that Alex has been released from the hospital and is back at his home," she said.

The game-show host had been undergoing tests at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles.

Trebek, who has hosted the game show since 1984, is expected to be back at work when the next season of "Jeopardy!" begins production in July.

Earlier this year, Trebek hinted that he may retire from the show after his 30th year as host and focus instead on charity work.

'Countdown', 'Apprentice' Nick Hewer lands own series 'The Farm Fixer'

Apprentice star Nick Hewer wants to help out struggling farmers with new TV series The Farm Fixer.

Hewer will act as a trouble shooter for small family farms and will aim to boost their businesses in tough economic times.

The Countdown presenter said: "The small family farm is the backbone of the UK countryside. I wanted to use everything I had learnt, over the past 40 years of business, to help them come through this difficult time."

Hewer will offer his expertise to five farms, developing projects such as harvesting seaweed to brewing beer, producing flavoured pet water and entertaining cruise ship groups.

Lord Sugar's close aide's motto throughout the show is "doing nothing is not an option" and he faces stiff resistance from a number of the farms he works alongside.

The Farm Fixer starts on July 9 on BBC Two.

'Spider-Man' star Andrew Garfield 'honoured to be part of Doctor Who'

Andrew Garfield has admitted that it felt like "an honour" to be part of Doctor Who.

The actor - who plays the title role in The Amazing Spider-Man - appeared in two episodes of the BBC sci-fi drama in 2007.

One of the world's most popular characters is back on the big screen as a new chapter in the Spider-Man legacy is revealed in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

"The history of Doctor Who and the heritage and legacy of Doctor Who is huge," Garfield said, in the latest edition of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews on BBC Radio 5 live.

"It was an honour to be a part of that show, absolutely. And I'm so happy that everyone is now seeing Matt Smith for the incredible actor and Doctor that he is."

Garfield - who starred alongside Smith's predecessor David Tennant - called the current Doctor Who lead "a friend" and "a tremendous actor".

"I am so proud and happy for him," he said. "He... is being put to fantastic use, and giving so many people so much joy, God bless him. I'm honoured to be a part of that legacy."

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in cinemas on July 3, while Doctor Who is expected to return to BBC One this autumn.

TOWIE is absolute b*llocks, say 'Geordie Shore' stars

Geordie Shore stars Charlotte-Letitia Crosby and Rebecca Walker have sniped about their rival reality series The Only Way is Essex, declaring their recent summer special in Marbella "absolute b*llocks".

The girls, who are promoting their own MTV show's Chaos in Cancun spinoff, branded the ITV2 series dull and complained that the TOWIE females were too "prim and proper".

"Did you see the Marbella special? I would rather watch In the Night Garden. It was absolute b*llocks," Walker told Digital Spy.

Crosby added: "It was crap."

Walker continued: "When TOWIE is on, how many tweets do we get saying, 'We can't wait for Geordie Shore to be back on' and 'This is boring'?

"The girls in TOWIE are prim and proper all the time. [People] feel more comfortable watching us."

Crosby commented: "You watch our show and afterwards you sit and laugh about the best bits.

"After I watch TOWIE, I feel really bad about myself. I want to go on a diet, I'm not as nice as her, I'm not perfect and you pick holes in yourself."

Joking about the TOWIE girls' 'no carbs before Marbs motto', Crosby added: "Sometime I wish I could do no carbs before Marbs. But if I was going to Marbs, I'd do carbs in Marbs, before Marbs and after Marbs. And by the pool! The best carbs is a burger and a cocktail by the pool."

Don Grady, Robbie on 'My Three Sons,' Dies at 68

Don Grady, who played Robbie Douglas on the TV show "My Three Sons" and was one of the Mickey Mouse Club's original Mouseketeers, died Wednesday.

He was 68.

"My dear friend and TV brother Don Grady passed away today," posted his "My Three Sons" co-star Barry Livingston. "He was an inspiration to me in so many ways." Livingston played Ernie on the show.

Born Don Louis Agrati in in 1944, Grady was best known for his role as the middle son on the long-running series, which co-starred Fred MacMurray and William Demarest. Grady wrote some of the episodes and performed some of his own songs.

He appeared in a number of TV series, including "The Ann Southern Show," "Zane Grey Theater," "The Rifleman," "The Lucy Show" and "Simon and Simon."

Grady, who was signed to a composing, writing and singing contract by Capitol Records when he was 19, went on to a career as a composer following his TV career. He did the music for the  Blake Edwards comedy "Switch," the theme song for "The Phil Donahue Show" and music for the Las Vegas stage show "EFX."

He released two albums, "Boomer: JazRokPop" in 2008 and "Homegrown," via Elektra Records in 1973,

woensdag 27 juni 2012

Hayden Christensen Scores Partial Victory in 'Royal Pains' Lawsuit

Universal Television must have been left smarting a bit over the USA series "Royal Pains" on Tuesday morning.

Hayden Christensen's production company, Forest Park Pictures, scored a partial victory in its lawsuit over "Royal Pains" on Tuesday, as an appeals court vacated an earlier decision granting Universal's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

In its complaint, filed in 2010, Forest Park maintained that it had pitched USA an idea for a series titled "Housecall" in 2005 that bore striking similarities to what would become the USA series "Royal Pains," without receiving compensation for the idea.

Universal countered with a motion to dismiss, claiming that Forest Park's breach of contract complaint is preempted by the Copyright Act, which was granted by a district court. However, on Tuesday U.S. District Court of Appeals for the second circuit in New York vacated the earlier court's decision, finding that Forest Park "adequately alleged a contact that includes an implied promise to pay. Because this claim is based on rights that are not the equivalent of those protected by the Copyright Act, [Forest Park's] claim is not preempted."

USA has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

According to Forest Park's complaint, the company submitted a written treatment for a proposed series, "Housecall," about a doctor who, after "being expelled from the medical community for treating patients who could not pay, moved to Malibu, California" and becomes "a 'concierge' doctor to the rich and famous."

Forest Park says that, after submitting the treatment, it met with USA's Alex Sepiol, who admitted that he had never heard of concierge doctors but "thought it was a fascinating concept for a television show."

"Royal Pains" centers around a doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons to become a doctor for the rich and famous.

In its motion to dismiss, USA argued that Forest Park's complaint was inadequate because the two parties hadn't come to an agreement on price terms. However, the appeals court determined that in California, where the bulk of the meetings took place, a lawsuit can prevail if an idea is submitted with the understanding that payment is expected if the idea is used, and that [a]n express condition or promise of payment is not required."

TV Tonight 27th of June 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

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    A Short History of Everything Else S01E03: "Series 1, Episode 3"
    America's Got Talent S07E13
    American Guns S02E08: "Double Barrel Cannon/His and Hers Revolvers"
    Around the World In 80 Plates S01E08: "Feeding the Demon"
    Australia's Got Talent S06E17: "Semi-Finals 8"
    Baby Daddy S01E02: "I Told You So"
    Baggage Battles S01E09: "Vancouver"
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    Barter Kings S01E05: "Bah-Bam!"
    Bedlam S02E04: "Jude"
    Best Sandwich in America S01E05: "Mid Atlantic"
    Bethenny S01E13: "Bret Michaels"
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    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S04E23: "Series 4, Show 23"
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E33: "Series 1, Show 33"
    Cajun Pawn Stars S02E09: "High Caliber"
    Cajun Pawn Stars S02E08: "Fire Sale"
    Chelsea Lately S06E105
    Come Dine With Me S19E09: "Series 19, Episode 8"
    Coming Home (US) S02E09: "Out Of Thin Air"
    Conan S02E111: "Chris Pine, Anthony Mackie, El-P"
    Coronation Street S53E122: "Wed Jun 27, 2012"
    Dallas (2012) S01E04: "The Last Hurrah"
    Days of our Lives S47E162: "Ep. #11872"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E274: "Episode 1954"
    Diamond Divers S01E02: "Let The Fists Fly"
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E116: "Series 8, Episode 116"
    Dogs in the City S01E05: "Eating House and Home"
    Emergency Bikers S04E07: "Series 4, Episode 7"
    Emmerdale S41E148: "June 27, 2012"
    Euro 2012 S01E34: "Highlights"
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    Figure It Out S04E13: "TBA"
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    Futurama S07E03: "Decision 3012"
    General Hospital (US) S50E62: "#12590"
    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S22E213: "Season 22, Episode 213"
    Haunted Collector S02E04: "Priest Gun/haunted Asylum"
    Hollyoaks S18E128: "June 27, 2012"
    Hollywood Heights S01E08: "Max Questions Chloe"
    Home and Away (AU) S25E113: "Episode 5548"
    House Hunters S50E02: "Buying a Condo for 40K in Atlanta"
    House Hunters International S25E130
    I Almost Got Away with It S05E12: "Got Hammered on a Sailboat"
    Inside Nature's Giants (US) S01E06: "Camel"
    Iron Man: Armored Adventures S02E22: "Rage of the Hulk"
    Jeopardy! S28E203: "Show #6408"
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    Johnny Test S05E51: "It’s An Invasion, Johnny!"
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    Million Dollar Listing S05E04: "Los Angeles: Let's (Not) Make a Deal"
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    The Project S04E152: "Season 4, Episode 152"
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    The Real World S27E01: "Paradise Found"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E98: "Season 1, Episode 98"
    The Soul Man S01E02: "Pastor Interference"
    The Soup S09E26: "June 27"
    The Strange Case Of The Law S01E02: "Episode 2"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S20E111
    The View S15E191: "Terry Caffey, the Jacksons"
    The Young and the Restless S40E67: "Ep. #9936"
    Through the Wormhole S03E05: "What Is Nothing?"
    Watch What Happens: Live S07E09

Ratings: Already Soft 'Glass House' Plummets 20%; NBC, Fox Tie for First

ABC's controversial new reality series "The Glass House," which sparked a lawsuit from CBS due to its seeming similarities to "Big Brother," fell a considerable 20 percent in ratings Monday night from its lackluster premiere.

Meanwhile, NBC and Fox shared first place, with "America's Got Talent" scoring the night's best individual ratings, according to preliminary numbers.

NBC tied Fox in ratings with an average 2.3 rating/7 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and took first place in total viewership outright with an average 7.8 million.

"The U.S. Olympic Trials '12: Swimming Finals" at 8 p.m. posted a 1.9/6 in the demo with 6.9 million total viewers, while "America's Got Talent" the following hour showed a modest ratings increase with a 3.0/8, and drew 10.4 million total viewers (which also made it the night's most-watched program).

"American Ninja Warrior" at 10 drew even with last week for a 2.0/5 and attracted 6 million total viewers.

Fox, which came in third in total viewers with 5.4 million, aired "Hell's Kitchen" at 8, which was down 8 percent in the demo with a 2.3/7 and drew 5.5 million total viewers, and "MasterChef at 9, which was also down slightly in ratings with a 2.2/6 and 5.6 million total viewers.

ABC took third place in ratings with a 1.9/6 and second in total viewers with 5.7 million. "The Bachelorette" at 8 dipped slightly from last week with a 2.2/7 and took 7 million total viewers, while "Glass House" at 10, which last week premiered with a 33 percent drop from last summer's equivalent premiere of "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition," fell to a 1.2/3 with 3.3 million total viewers.

Univision came in fourth in ratings and fifth in total viewers with a 1.4/4 and 3.6 million.

CBS, which drew fifth place in ratings and fourth in total viewers with an average 1.2/4 and 5.2 million, ran repeats throughout the night.

Charlie Sheen Drinking Again

Charlie Sheen says he's drinking again, a year after his alcohol and drug abuse were factors in his firing from "Two and a Half Men."

The actor, who has been through several stints in rehab, talked about using alcohol in a "Good Morning America" interview with Elizabeth Vargas to promote his new FX show, "Anger Management."

In Sheen's termination letter from "Two and a Half Men" last year, lawyers for Warner Bros. TV said Sheen's "drug and alcohol abuse was not only affecting his ability to work on the show, but endangering his life." He went on several high-profile drug- and alcohol-fueled benders in the months before he was terminated.

After his firing, Sheen dubbed his home the "Sober Valley Lodge" and said he was drug- and alcohol-free.

But he told Vargas that's no longer the case with alcohol.

"So you're no longer doing drugs," Vargas asked.

"No," said Sheen.

"But you do drink?"

"Who doesn't?" he said. "You drink?"

"Some people who've been through rehab don't drink," she replied.

"I don't believe in rehab anymore. It's not for me," Sheen said. "It's not a one size fits all. ... We live in a country where it's always Miller Time. It's happy hour somewhere in the world."

Sheen also acknowledged the worries over his health last year, saying he was glad to be alive. "I'm grateful that we're able to sit here and talk about it rather than you talking about me because I'm not here," he said.

FX declined comment. Sheen's new show premieres Thursday.

In a statement, Ben Levenson, CEO of Origins Recovery Centers, called Sheen "one of the last people an addict should take advice from."

"If Mr. Sheen wants to promote his new show, great, but, I respectfully ask that he does not make blatantly false statements about addicts being able to successfully drink alcohol. For a real addict, eventually there’s a syringe or pill or pipe at the bottom of every bottle of booze,” Levenson said.

Also in the interview with "GMA," Sheen backed away from saying recently that he plans to retire after "Anger Management." He said Tuesday he may just take a break to spend more time with his kids.

Alan Partridge's Sky Atlantic show seen by 216,000

Alan Partridge's Welcome to the Places of My Life pulled in an audience of 216,000 last night for Sky Atlantic.

Written and directed by Partridge, the Pear Tree production interested an audience 73 times the population of Hemsby in the 9pm hour on Monday night, the Radio Times reports.

Welcome to the Places of My Life is also 27 times more popular than the Norwich broadcaster's previous digital vehicle, but failed to make it into the day's top 50 multichannel shows.

Military-based quiz show Skirmish aired on daytime channel UK Conquest in 2002 to an average audience of 8,000.

Armando Iannucci's political comedy Veep, which has already aired in the US on HBO, could only muster 95k (0.3%) in the 10pm slot straight after Partridge.

Earlier today, it was announced that The Alan Partridge Movie will be released in cinemas in 2013, with shooting commencing in January.

Russell Brand compares 'Brand X' role to 'Big Brother's Big Mouth'

Russell Brand has likened his new TV project to when he hosted Big Brother's Big Mouth.

The British comedian and actor's new show Brand X will involve audience participation in a similar vein to his popular Channel 4 spinoff show.

The programme sees Brand analyse and lead a debate on the reporting of celebrity and media news stories in front of a live studio audience.

Speaking to What's on TV, Brand explained of the Big Mouth connection: "It's like when I used to go in the audience on Big Brother with that daft wand talking to everybody. It is good to see what people think."

Revealing his belief that he best suits the format, the Rock of Ages star added: "I love being with an audience and I have always done stand-up because I prefer it to anything else.

"It is more direct and fun and I feel like this is what I am meant to do."

Launching in the US on Thursday, June 28 at 11pm on FX, the show will air the following Monday in the UK at 11.05pm on Sky Atlantic.

dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Alex Trebek 'In Good Spirits' After Heart Attack

Don't worry; Alex Trebek will be listening to contestants answer in the form of a question again shortly.

"Jeopardy!" host Trebek is "in good spirits" and on the mend after suffering a heart attack on Saturday, a spokeswoman from Sony Pictures Television said on Monday.  And while the 71-year-old game-show icon is still hospitalized, he has been transferred to a regular room at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles.

"Alex is up and about and in good spirits while doctors complete their testing at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute," the spokeswoman said. "He has been moved to a regular room today and looks forward to returning home as soon as his doctors give their approval."

As reported on Sunday, Trebek is expected to be back on the set when production begins on the next season of "Jeopardy!" in July.

Trebek, who has been hosting "Jeopardy!" since 1984, said last month that he's considering retiring from the game show after his 30th season as host. Trebek told Fox News' Chris Wallace that he may spend his remaining years doing charity work.

'The Newsroom': Aaron Sorkin Borrows a Bit From ... Aaron Sorkin

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Aaron Sorkin sent a big ol' mash note to himself with Sunday's premiere of "The Newsroom."

Vulture pinpoints 14 moments from the pilot of HBO's new series that sound eerily similar to previous Sorkin projects such as "The West Wing," "Sports Night" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" -- and if it sounds like there's an echo in here, don't worry. There's nothing wrong with your hearing, it's just Sorkin being Sorkin. While virtually quoting Sorkin.

The similarities start at the top of the pilot, as Jeff Daniels' Will McAvoy attends a political panel and talk turns to the National Endowment for the Arts.

"I am not happy to pay for a painting I don't want to look at, poetry I don't want to read," the conservative panelist huffs.

Sound familiar? It might, Vulture points out, if you had seen the "West Wing" episode "He Shall From Time to Time," in which a Republican congressman asserts, " I don't know what to say to people who argue that the N.E.A. is there to support art that nobody wants to pay for in the first place."

Vulture also points out that, in "The Newsroom," McAvoy grouses that the U.S. has the highest number of adults "who believe that angels are real," whereas on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," the Matt Albie character gripes that "68 percent of Americans believe in angels."

Even the concept of ichthyophobia resurfaces in Sorkin's latest venture, as it's revealed that the Mackenzie MacHale character (played by Emily Mortimer) has a fear of jellyfish, while "Sports Night"'s Dana Whitaker (portrayed by Felicity Huffman) suffers from a phobia of fish in general.

Maybe Sorkin figures that, if you're going to borrow, you might as well borrow from the best? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

The Return of the Lohan

At any given time, there are thousands of films in production all around the world, from studio pictures crammed with A-listers to indie productions and Bollywood extravaganzas.

And then there’s this little Lifetime movie being shot in L.A. that’s generating breaking news.  That’s right, Lifetime -- the lady channel specializing in Army Wives, Dance Moms and Jennifer Love Hewitt. This suddenly au courant network owes its new notoriety to the trouble magnet known as Lindsay Lohan.

In a genius move that must have required therapy for their insurance people, Lifetime cast Lindsay in "Liz & Dick," their Elizabeth Taylor biopic about her battle royale romance with Richard Burton. Since then, I can’t get away from images of LiLo as Liz and hear about her issues on the set and the subsequent denials. And the re-emergence of Lindsay (I won’t say 'rebirth' until she’s sober at the premiere) made me realize that she’s the sole dues-paying member of a once very active L.A. chapter of the Bad Girls' Club.

Britney, Paris, Nicole: There was a point where every day would bring new antics that supported the 24-hour news cycle -- mug shots, Vegas weddings, meltdowns. When Lindsay pledged, she was on her way to being a true star. While motherhood, maturity and pharmaceuticals have tamed some of these women, Lindsay’s still dealing with “exhaustion,” reduced to making made-for-TV movies and possibly starring with a porn star in a Bret Easton Ellis movie. 

She’s certainly being given some opportunities, but they’re the kind of consolation prizes that you need humility to accept and understanding to process. No one really knows what she’s capable of now. Before, you could see the potential and raise your expectations accordingly.  Now you see the ruins and have to imagine the city that might precariously perch on them.

I’d prefer a media blackout about "Liz & Dick" until Lindsay does the publicity tour, looking clear and speaking coherently and maturely about her experience. Right now, it seems like things could go either way; she could end up closing down the L.A. chapter of the Bad Girls' Club or she’ll become the president emeritus.

I don’t know if Lindsay’s reached the point of Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder resurrections. I know that I could only think of two recent success stories but many more lost careers and lives. I’m hoping that she can be the third. I can never resist rooting for the underdog.

'X Factor' Dermot O'Leary: 'Nicole Scherzinger gets British humour'

Dermot O'Leary has praised new X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger since joining the show.

The talent show host said that the American singer "gets" the British style of humour and has fitted in well with her fellow judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh.

"She's only done one city so far, she gets our sense of humour," he told Daybreak. "She spends so much time with Lewis [Hamilton] I suppose.

"I miss Kelly [Rowland] obviously, but Nicole's brilliant. She's serene. The camera loves her."

The X Factor auditions are currently in Cardiff, which will be the last stop before the bootcamp stage begins.

O'Leary also revealed that the talent has been high so far in this year's ninth series of the ITV1 singing competition.

"The talent has been off the scale. There's been really good stuff this year."

Digital Spy readers recently gave a mixed response to this year's judging panel.

The ninth series of The X Factor will begin in the autumn on ITV1.

'The Inbetweeners' USA cast picture released

A promotional picture from The Inbetweeners USA has been unveiled.

The image shows Bubba Lewis (Simon), Joey Pollari (Will), Mark L Young (Neil) and Zack Pearlman (Jay) in action as the characters made famous by Joe Thomas, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and James Buckley in the original Channel 4 show.

The Reservoir Dogs-esque picture suggests that some key elements from the series, such as Simon's bright yellow Cinquecento Hawaii and Will's infamous briefcase, will also feature in the adaptation.

The Inbetweeners USA has received the backing of Anthony Head, who cameoed in The Inbetweeners Movie as Will's father and whose daughter Emily starred in the original series as Carli D'Amato.

Roseanne Barr to Be Roasted by Comedy Central

Roseanne Barr better slap on the SPF 50 sunscreen, because things are about to get a tad hot for her.

Barr has been tapped as the latest subject of the Comedy Central roast series, the network said Monday.

The special will tape in Los Angeles on Aug. 4 and air on Comedy Central on Aug. 12.

Ken Alterman, head of original programming and production for Comedy Central, said that he hoped the roast would be entertaining, despite Barr's low-key personality and history.

“Although Roseanne appears to be a demure, soft spoken woman eternally committed to the status quo, we believe under the surface is an explosive, trail-blazing cultural revolution. We are honored to roast her,” Alterman said. “Celebrating Roseanne’s unprecedented achievements in comedy and television will surely inspire us to make this roast more reminiscent of the classic roasts, where the intimacy of friends jousting with each other came through.”

Barr also expressed her reservations about the upcoming roast's chances, citing her unblemished record of staunch conformity.

“All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of," Barr said. "I mean, I've never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life!”

Past recipients of Comedy Central's roast treatment include Charlie Sheen, Joan Rivers, Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump.

Barr's new pilot, about the operator of a trailer park, has received an order from NBC.

Jodie Marsh confirms 'Dancing on Ice' interest: 'Stringfellows helps'

Jodie Marsh has confirmed that she would be open to an appearance in Dancing on Ice.

Speaking to Digital Spy earlier this month, before reports of her involvement on the show emerged at the weekend, the glamour model-turned-bodybuilder jested that she would love the chance to put the skills she learnt at Stringfellows to the test.

Asked if she is interested in appearing on Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice, Marsh replied: "I'd love to do one of those, yeah. I used to be a dancer before I got known... I used to do competitions all around the country in dance.

"And then as an adult I worked at Stringfellows [strip club], which is still a kind of dance. So yeah, I love dance, and I'd love to do Strictly or Dancing on Ice."

Departing EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas has also been rumoured for a place on Dancing on Ice 2013.

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden was crowned the winner of this year's series in March, triumphing over Hollyoaks favourite Jorgie Porter.

Ratings: Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom' Premiere Beats 'True Blood,' 'Luck' Debuts

The premiere of Aaron Sorkin's new drama "The Newsroom" got off to a respectable start Sunday night, landing the third-highest series premiere numbers for HBO since 2008 and coming in just slightly behind the series premiere of "Game of Thrones."

The premiere of "The Newsroom," which stars Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston, grabbed 2.1 million total viewers with its 10 p.m. airing. That's a far cry from the numbers for "Boardwalk Empire," which amassed 4.8 million viewers for its 2010 premiere, but is within spitting distance of "Game of Thrones," which premiered with 2.2 million total viewers in April 2010.

"The Newsroom" bow also beat out the series premieres of "True Blood" (which took in 1.4 million total viewers) and "Luck" (which received 1.1 million).

"The Newsroom" pulled in an additional 513,000 viewers with an 11:15 p.m. encore airing, bringing the tally for the night up to 2.7 million.

Sunday night also saw "True Blood" draw approximately 5 million total viewers across its two airings, with the 9 p.m. airing pulling in 4.7 milion viewers and another 324,000 tuning in for the 12:30 a.m. encore.

HBO is also streaming the premiere episode via a number of platforms, including for free on YouTube.

TV Tonight 26th of June 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    After The Catch S06E02: "Ambition"
    America's Got Talent S07E12: "Las Vegas Round (Part 2)"
    Ancient X-Files S02E09: "The Crucifixion Decoded"
    Barter Kings S01E06: "Not-So-Easy Rider"
    Being Lara Bingle S01E03: "Season 1, Episode 3"
    Bethenny S01E12: "Mario Lopez"
    Big Brother (UK) S14E23: "BB 13, Episode 23"
    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S04E22: "Series 4, Show 22"
    Blockbusters (2012) S01E32: "Series 1, Show 32"
    Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp S01E04
    Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp S01E03
    Chopped S12E05: "Pride of New Orleans"
    Come Dine With Me S19E08: "Series 19, Episode 7"
    Conan S02E110: "Russell Brand, Big K.R.I.T."
    Craft Wars S01E01: "Summer School"
    Dance Moms S03E04: "Maddie Has a Secret"
    Days of our Lives S47E161: "Ep. #11871"
    Deadliest Catch S08E12: "Collision Course"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E273: "Episode 1953"
    Design Star S07E05
    Dickinson's Real Deal S08E115: "Series 8, Episode 115"
    EastEnders S28E100: "June 26, 2012"
    Eat St. S03E06: "Purple Carrots"
    Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic S02E07
    Emmerdale S41E147: "June 26, 2012"
    Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files S02E23
    Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files S02E24
    Figure It Out S04E12: "Featuring Drake Bell"
    Four In A Bed S03E37: "Chimneys"
    Franklin & Bash S02E04: "For Those About to Rock"
    Frontline (US) S30E17: "Dollars and Dentists"
    Funny Roots S01E08: "Irene Pink"
    General Hospital (US) S50E61: "#12589"
    Geordie Shore S03E01: "Series 3, Episode 1"
    Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars S01E01: "Episode 1"
    Haiyore! Nyaruko-san S01E12: "TBA"
    Hell's Kitchen (US) S10E08: "12 Chefs Compete"
    Hit & Miss S01E06: "Episode 6"
    Holby City S14E37: "Long Way Down"
    Hollyoaks S18E127: "June 26, 2012"
    Hollywood Heights S01E07: "Loren Has to Make a Decision"
    Hollywood Treasure S02E06
    Home and Away (AU) S25E112: "Episode 5547"
    House Hunters S48E126: "TBA"
    House Hunters International S25E129
    Imagine (UK) S21E01: "Theatre of War"
    Jane By Design S01E14: "The Second Chance"
    Jeopardy! S28E202: "Show #6407"
    Jimmy Kimmel Live S09E272: "Louis C.K., Zoe Kazan"
    Katie S02E04: "Series 2, Episode 4"
    Kendra on Top S01E07: "A Star Is Born"
    Kendra on Top S01E06: "Fore Play"
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon S02E295
    Late Show with David Letterman S19E94
    Level Up S01E16: "The Conspiracy Club"
    Live with Regis and Kelly S29E215
    Love In The Wild S02E04: "Season 2, Episode 4"
    Love Your Garden S03E01: "Hampshire"
    Luna, el misterio de Calenda S01E12: "La Detención"
    Made S12E15: "I Want My Own TV Show - Dana"
    Masterchef (US) S03E08: "Top 13 Compete"
    Masterchef Australia S04E45: "Tuesday - Week 8"
    Mysteries at the Museum S03E13
    Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden S01E13
    Neighbours S28E122: "Episode 6432"
    Our America with Lisa Ling S03E03: "Teen Mom Nation"
    Pregnant in Heels S02E07: "Welcome to Hollywood!"
    Pretty Little Liars S03E04: "Birds of a Feather"
    Real Rescues S08E12: "Series 8, Episode 12"
    Red vs. Blue S15E04: "Episode 4"
    Repo Games S02E13: "To Pee or Not To Pee"
    Retired at 35 S02E01: "Up North"
    River City S10E42: "Episode 786"
    Rizzoli & Isles S03E04: "Welcome to the Dollhouse"
    Storage Wars S03E07: "All's Fair In Storage and Wars"
    Storage Wars S03E08: "The Fast and the Curious"
    Strictly Kosher S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Teen Mom S05E04: "Strike Out"
    The Block S05E63: "Day 63"
    The Bold and the Beautiful S26E67: "Ep. #6351"
    The Catalina S01E05: "Smackdown"
    The Colbert Report S08E82: "Richard Ford"
    The Daily Show S17E120: "Seth MacFarlane"
    The Glee Project S02E04: "Sexuality (Santana Lopez)"
    The Hour S08E183: "Cobie Smulders"
    The Jeremy Kyle Show S07E195: "June 26, 2012"
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson S08E105: "Breckin Meyer"
    The Next Big Thing: NY S01E03: "Season 1, Episode 3"
    The Project S04E151: "Season 4, Episode 151"
    The Real Housewives Of Orange County S07E20
    The Restoration Man S02E09: "Series 2, Episode 9"
    The Revolution (2012) S01E97: "Season 1, Episode 97"
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno S20E110
    The View S15E190: "Elizabeth Banks, Rielle Hunter"
    The Young and the Restless S40E66: "Ep. #9935"
    Tosh.0 S04E15: "TBA"
    Turn Back Time (2010) S02E01: "The Edwardian Era"
    Watch What Happens: Live S07E08: "Denise Richards"
    What Not To Wear (US) S09E20: "300th Episode: Minda"
    Winners & Losers S02E01: "The Happy Ever After Thing"
    Workaholics S03E05: "Good Mourning"
    World's Worst Tenants S01E04: "Liquored Up Landlord"

Alan Partridge's Sky Atlantic show to be emotional, say writers

Alan Partridge's Sky Atlantic programme will contain heartwarming moments, according to the Gibbons brothers.

Comedy writing duo Neil and Rob Gibbons, who penned tonight's Welcome to the Places of My Life, revealed that they have steered away from the tone of a usual Partridge show.

Neil Gibbons told the Radio Times: "We didn't say right, let's crowbar some pathos in. But we did think that to sustain it for an hour we needed to pull back the curtain a little bit more.

"We wanted Welcome to be a slightly more personal journey than he anticipated: another story bubbles away on the side which gives us an excuse to drop the TV presenter act a bit."

Teasing Partridge's presenting style, he added: "It was meant to be more that Alan has seen those programmes and seen them do well. He's thought, I could do that. Alan watches the way the wind blows in broadcasting."

Dylan McDermott's Mother Was Murdered, Police Say

Dylan McDermott experienced a real-life American horror story as a child, police in his hometown of Waterbury, Conn., say.

The Associated Press reports that Waterbury police have determined that "The Practice" actor's mother, Diane McDermott, was murdered by her boyfriend John Sponza in February 1967, when the actor was just five years old.

After reopening the investigation into McDermott's death last year, police said that they had enough evidence to charge Sponza with murder.

Sponza, who according to police had ties to organized crime, was shot to death in 1972. Sponza's body was found in a car trunk in the parking lot of a Waltham, Mass., grocery store.

McDermott's death was initially ruled an accident, after Sponza told police that she had inadvertently shot herself when she handled a gun that he had been cleaning. However, after the actor approached the police with questions, they reopened the investigation and determined that the gun found near her body was too small a caliber to have been the weapon that killed her. Police also determined that the gun had been pressed to the back of McDermott's head.

Waterbury police superintendent Michael Gugliotti admitted that the first investigation had been lacking.

"What troubled me was that there was very little follow-up other than the statement Sponza had given to police," he said.

Gugliotti added that witnesses -- including McDermott -- recalled that the couple had a violent relationship, despite Sponza's characterization.

"Sponza is telling the police that night that he very rarely, if ever, had arguments, yet everyone we spoke to, including Dylan, who was only 5 at the time, remembered very violent, vicious arguments," Gugliotti said. "Dylan vividly recalls the amount of times, not only flashing the gun, but pointing it at the kid, saying, 'Shut up and get out of here.' He's still probably traumatized by that."

USA Network Names Scott Friedman VP for Reality TV

The USA Network named Scott Friedman vice president of production for alternative programming Monday morning.

A former production executive for the company, Friedman's promotion marks a shift toward more reality television programming, which he helped bring tot he network.

The network recently announced a series of "inspirational" reality shows, including "The Moment," expected to air this fall, in which Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner helps people achieve dreams like becoming a race car driver or deep sea diver after abandoning them to work 9-to-5 jobs.

Other reality pilots it's looking at include include "Bride or Best Man" in which a groom and best man try to plan a wedding, and the competition "Romancing the Globe," in which contestants look for love all over the world.

"As we expand our originals to include reality, this is the perfect time to add an experienced alternative production executive to the USA team,"  Mark Binke, Universal's senior vice president of cable and digital production, said in a statement.

USA recently announced the pilot pick-up of "Bride or Best Man," along with the the new series "Romancing the Globe." These follow the announcement of the pilots for two other series, "The Choir" and "The Moment."

Friedman previously produced Morningstar Entertainment, where he oversaw production for numerous shows on A&E Network, Spike TV, The History Channel and The Travel Channel. He also served as vice president of production finance for Twentieth Television, overseeing budgets and production for pilots and series, including the popular "America's Most Wanted" and "Divorce Court.'

A graduate of the elite American Film Institute, Friedman also produced an award-winning short called "Colored Balloons" and also helped develop video games for GTE Interactive.

Big Brother Deana feels 'bullied', Conor warned over aggression

Big Brother housemate Deana Uppal has complained about feeling "bullied" in the house, while Conor McIntyre has been warned by Big Brother about aggressive behaviour.

Following the 'Confusing Cuisine' task, Deana came in for heavy criticism from some of her co-stars and was accused of faking her strong reaction to having to eat tinned ham and hot sauce.

Arron Lowe shouted during the challenge: "It's time for your Oscar, the cameras are rolling!" Meanwhile, Caroline Wharrum claimed that the Miss India UK star had a "stupid reaction" to the task.

After it was revealed that Deana was the only person to fail the task, Arron had a strop in the garden, shouting: "Stupid bitch, keep that girl away from me!"

Luke Anderson offered some rare support to Deana, claiming that she did the best she could in the situation.

However, in the living room the housemates were joking about Deana's epilator. Conor picked it up and shouted angrily: "Get your epilator and stick it up your a**e. We don't give a f**k! Stick it up her f**king m**ge, stupid b**tard.

"I'm gonna play loads of pranks on her. F**king piece of s**t, I don't give a f**k if I'm pulled up to the Diary Room."

When asked how he would react if Deana threw water over him, he replied that he would "punch" her.

Following Conor's comments, he was brought into the Diary Room and reminded about Big Brother's rules on language and behaviour.

Arron and Conor continued to moan about Deana following his stint in the Diary Room, claiming that she should have "sorted her head out" for the task.

"Too many people are in here for the wrong reason, they've come in here to be irritating pri*ks!" moaned Arron.

Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5.

'Made in Chelsea' star Hugo Taylor: 'Quitting show is a big gamble'

Hugo Taylor has confirmed that he is quitting Made in Chelsea.

The PR professional was cast in the show for its first series last year and returned for its second and third runs on E4.

"I'm quitting," Taylor told Now. "It's a big gamble but I think I might have outgrown the show.

"Originally the producers only wanted me as a peripheral character and that's all I wanted to contribute.

"I could wind up having absolutely everything or I could end up with nothing. But I've become lazy and comfortable on the show."

Asked if he was concerned about being branded 'a reality TV star', he added: "I worry about it every day. It's one of my main motivations for not doing a reality show anymore.

"I often look at what I've done and think, 'S**t, did I completely sell out?' Staying on Made in Chelsea and bitching about the colour of someone's dress has started to become unimportant to me.

"I'm 26 - the show works better with people under 24. It becomes harder to do these shows as you get older. I started thinking I need to do something credible that I'm proud of."

Taylor said that he was "passionate" about film and hoped for a career in acting or directing.

"I plan to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute [in New York], which teaches method acting," he said.

"It's expensive and you have to have some talent. I don't think they've accepted anyone from reality TV before."

'Geordie Shore' in Cancun: Two girls kicked out of house in show one

Two girls are kicked out of the Geordie Shore Cancun shared house in episode one tonight after a bust-up with the party pad's boss.

After breaking Cancun Chris's rules and going out partying when they are supposed to be looking after the house, the duo get a shock when they are told to pack their bags and leave.

The MTV reality show's summer specials will centre on the Newcastle clan's partying in Mexico and the relationship of Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio, who ended up getting engaged during the trip.

Other highlights from episode one include Charlotte-Letitia Crosby turning down the advances of her co-star Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan admitting that she still has feelings for James Tindale and a sex position contest between Charlotte and Sophie Kasaei during a beach party.

Geordie Shore: Chaos in Cancun starts tonight (June 26) at 10pm on MTV.

maandag 25 juni 2012

'Doctor Who' star Neve McIntosh dismisses Madame Vastra return rumours

Neve McIntosh has played down reports suggesting that her character Madame Vastra is in line to return to Doctor Who.

The Daily Star recently claimed that McIntosh's Silurian warrior, who appeared in 2011 episode 'A Good Man Goes To War', would become infatuated with Jenna-Louise Coleman's new companion during the sci-fi's upcoming seventh series.

A source allegedly said: "[Showrunner] Steven Moffat loves to shake up the show. What better way than a lesbian storyline?"

However, McIntosh has since taken to Twitter to dismiss the rumours, posting: "Just to say I have no idea WHAT the Star is talking about! No-one's asked me..."

After a fan enquired about the possibility of a return for Madame Vastra, she replied: "I wish... Still thinking up plot lines to pitch to mr Moffat."

When another user pointed out that many Doctor Who fans wouldn't believe her denial, she admitted: "I know cos even if it's true I can't say! But really we're talking about the daily star...."

Moffat previously told SFX that he was keen to revisit the characters of Madame Vastra and her maidservant Jenny (Catrin Stewart).

"I think I might revisit them," Moffat said. "They were great fun to write... I was pleased by the reaction to them, but not surprised. They really cut through as characters, given how little screentime they had.

"I certainly wouldn't be averse to them returning. It's just a thing that worked, isn't it? I love that Victorian setting, and having kicked it out of Sherlock Holmes I can always kick it in somewhere else!"

Earlier this month, the Daily Star also reported that classic villains the Ice Warriors are due to feature in series seven.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US later this year.

Big Brother Ashleigh Hughes: 'Is the UK in Africa?'

Ashleigh Hughes has shocked her fellow Big Brother housemates with her horrendous geography skills.

Ashleigh's love interest in the house, Luke Scrase, quizzed the Essex barmaid about continents of the world, but the 20-year-old struggled to name any beyond Asia.

"Asia, Australia, Australia! Argentinia?" guessed Ashleigh.

When Luke asked which continent they live in, she replied: "Africa? United Kingdom... f**k knows... the world."

Trying to help out, Luke suggested that she thought about the currency of the Euro, but this just confused Ashleigh further.

"What the f**k's a currency? Do you mean the tide in the river?" she puzzled.

'Twilight's Kellan Lutz to voice Meg's crush in 'Family Guy'

The Twilight star will voice a high school jock who becomes Meg's (voiced by Mila Kunis) crush on the animated show, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The pair apparently end up going on a date but it is revealed that Lutz's character is interested in a non-female member of the Griffin family.

Lutz will make his debut this fall when Family Guy comes back for its 11th season.

He was recently cast in the upcoming Tarzan movie, where he will play the title role.

Resident Evil actress Spencer Locke is in negotiations to portray Tarzan's female lead role Jane.

Lucy Griffiths on 'True Blood' role: 'Nora's loyal to Eric'

Lucy Griffiths has opened up about her role on True Blood.

The Robin Hood actress, who plays Eric Northman's (Alexander Skarsgård) sister on the HBO series, insisted that her character is loyal to her brother.

"She certainly has loyalty to Eric," Griffiths told Collider.

"I think she's actually a very loyal character, but some of her loyalties and trusts are misplaced," she continued. "She's selfish in the way that beings are selfish, but she's not in it for what she can get, to the detriment of people around her.

"She is excited by the prospect of the power that her faith will bring her," Griffiths said.

The 25-year-old went on to speak about her first experience with wearing fangs, saying that her mouth is made for the sharp teeth.

"I know this sounds funny, but I think it depends on how your mouth is shaped," she said. "I don't know whether mine was built for fangs or what, but I didn't have too much of a problem. I did get the giggles the first day I put them in, but they're okay."

England Euro 2012 penalty heartbreak watched by over 23 million

England's Euro 2012 exit on penalties was watched by a peak audience of over 23.2 million viewers last night (June 24), overnight data has revealed.

Roy Hodgson's England lost 4-2 on penalties after the game finished 0-0, following 90 minutes and extra time. The audience figures peaked at over 23 million (77% share) for the spot kicks, which ended in heartbreak for English fans after Ashley Young and Ashley Cole fluffed their chances.

The game averaged 20.3 million (68% share) viewers between its 7.45pm kick-off and the end of the shoot-out at 10.20pm. The whole coverage of the event including punditry from the Gary Lineker-anchored BBC team averaged 17.4 million (62 %).

TV critic Ian Hyland joked on Twitter about the huge ratings: "23m watched England go out on penalties last night. That's one of the highest ever TV audiences for a repeat."

Ratings were increased considerably from the first-round matches with Ukraine, France and Sweden, which reached averages of 16.1 million, 12.3 million and 14.1 million viewers respectively.

Last night's viewing figures topped last year's royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which peaked at 19.27 million for BBC. However, the royal occasion was watched by a higher number (26.1m - 92.4%) across all channels.

England's defeats means that the semi-finals on Wednesday (June 27) and Thursday (June 28) will now feature Spain v Portugal and Germany v Italy.

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Sherlock fell for Irene Adler'

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that his character Sherlock fell in love with Irene Adler in 'A Scandal in Belgravia'.

In the first episode of the second series of Sherlock, Cumberbatch's detective matched wits against the iconic character, played by Lara Pulver, who was reimagined as a seductress for the updated show.

Benedict Cumberbatch leaving the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, held at Odeon Leicester Square. London

The 35-year-old spoke about the challenges of shooting the episode, confirming that Sherlock was charmed by Irene and ultimately fell for her over the course of the instalment.

"Well, he's supposedly an asexual, emotionless machine, and has cut off feelings of attraction or sensory enjoyment or interest in the female form other than to gain information," Cumberbatch told Deadline.

"So it was [about] how to get the audience to believe that you could possibly be in a position that was vulnerable - how could he possibly be feeling something for this woman?" he explained.

"But the thing about [Irene] that is very obvious when you read [the 1891 short story by Arthur Conan Doyle] is Sherlock definitely does fall for her and he does lose his cool," Cumberbatch continued.

"He's no longer the logical machine. He fell for her charms. And so it was a balancing act, but it was so deftly written [by Steven Moffat] that it was so easy to do," he concluded.

Sherlock is expected to begin shooting its third series in January.

This Week's Must-See TV: 5 Shows You Shouldn't Miss

There's still plenty of sport on the telly for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing - Euro 2012 continues in earnest and Wimbledon kicks off on Monday, June 25. But for any non-sporting folk, there's still plenty of quality TV to enjoy...

Over the next seven days, you've got some of the very best in British comedy and drama to look forward to, plus some good old-fashioned guilty pleasure television! Read on for all the details...

Alan Partridge - Welcome to the Places of My Life: Monday (June 25) at 9pm on Sky Atlantic
A-ha! Sorry, but we had to - Steve Coogan's genius comic creation Partridge is back, following an extended absence, in the first of two specials for Sky Atlantic. Norfolk's most notorious broadcaster takes us on a "Partridge pilgrimage" or "Partrimage" - acting as a tour guide around his favourite destinations. The appeal of Partridge hasn't lessened with time and Welcome to the Places of My Life is filled with some classic one-liners ("If you get The Guardian, you get a free chocolate bar." "Yes... and you also get The Guardian.") - it's good to have you back, Alan!

Veep: Monday (June 25) at 10pm on Sky Atlantic
It's an Armando Iannucci double bill on Monday night - stay tuned once Partridge has wrapped for the series premiere of the Thick of It creator's new US political satire. Veep stars Seinfeld legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, the somewhat unwilling Vice-President - or 'Veep' - of the United States. Iannucci's razor-sharp scripts and a strong ensemble cast - including Arrested Development's Tony Hale - ensure that the laughs keep coming thick and fast. Plus, a second season has already been confirmed, so there's plenty more to come from Meyer and co. in the future!

Line of Duty: Tuesday (June 26) at 9pm on BBC Two
If you're gutted that Silk is over, worry not - the show's Tuesday 9pm slot is being filled for the next five weeks by stylish cop thriller Line of Duty. Acclaimed Brit actor Lennie James is centre stage as corrupt detective Tony Gates, head of an elite police unit that may be manipulating facts for their own ends. James is backed by a strong cast - including This Is England's Vicky McClure, Sweet Sixteen's Martin Compston, and, in a rare dramatic role, Neil Morrissey - in this solid drama from Bodies creator Jed Mercurio.

The Bachelor: Friday (June 29) at 10pm on Channel 5
Alright, we'll admit it, this is guilty pleasure telly at its worst, but we're so excited for series two of The Bachelor UK! Following in the footsteps of Gavin Henson - who found love... erm... briefly... last year - Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is looking for Mrs Right and we're sure going to enjoy watching as he narrows down his options from 24 lovely ladies to The One! Car crash telly? Certainly. But enormous fun? Definitely.

The Hollow Crown - Richard II: Saturday (June 30) at 9pm on BBC Two
If you're feeling a little dirty after The Bachelor, why not restore the credibility of your TV-watching a little with the BBC's new Shakespeare adaptations? The first of four new films, Richard II stars The Hour's Ben Whishaw in the title role and boasts an incredible supporting cast, including Patrick Stewart, Rory Kinnear, David Suchet, Lindsay Duncan and David Morrissey. Watch out for the next instalment too - Henry IV starring Jeremy Irons and Thor's Tom Hiddleston, who will also play the lead in Henry V. Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall) is executive producer on this classy, absorbing film quartet.