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dinsdag 29 januari 2013

‘Homeland’s Damian Lewis discusses series ending on UK’s ‘Top Gear’

Damian Lewis spent Sunday evening with the Top Gear UK crew and discussed Homeland‘s ending, but what exactly did Damian reveal?

Damian Lewis was Top Gear‘s star in a reasonably priced car over on BBC Two yesterday evening, as the first guest for their latest series.

Host Jeremy Clarkson was quick to jump in and quiz Damian Lewis about how the series ends in the long-haul. Damian was very coy about the whole ordeal and responded with, “Well…I could tell, but I’d have to kill you!” in a very cheeky manner.

Lewis also revealed, “I don’t know how it ends because they [the screenwriters] don’t know how it ends, and yes, it sounds a little avoiding to say that, but honestly the writers write incredibly spontaneously and are sitting down this week to work out what happens next season.”

Filming is set to begin in May for the third season of Homeland, but where will they take the third season? We last saw Brody in one of the final scenes of the second season finale after leaving Carrie Mathison, knowing that Brody is now America’s most wanted man.

Lewis said, “It’s a bit of a surprise I’m still alive, I think, so now they’ve got the headache of me still being alive and to work out what they’re going to do with me.”

What do you think will be happening with Brody now he’s America’s most wanted man?

‘Boy Meets World’ spin off ‘Girl Meets World’: First look at Cory and Topanga’s daughter!

Fans of Boy Meets World have been clamoring for news related to the spin off Girl Meets World starring Ben Savage (Cory) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga).

Tonight, producers cast their lead girl who will play Cory and Topanga’s daughter!

EW broke news that 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard will take the role. The young actress learned the news herself tonight.

In the casting call we had shared with you in November, we learned what producers were looking for in the daughter character named Riley. “13 years old, indelible personality, an adorable girl on the cusp of whatever comes next in life, and wanting to rush into it head first. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and spends most of her time juggling the obstacles that life throws her way, some of those being her father who is also her seventh grade history teacher, her mother who is Topanga, and her brother, Elliot, who is one grade older in school and in life experience and makes sure to always let her know it. But there is no obstacle in this girl’s world that can dampen her bright spirit and eternal optimism.”

Joss Whedon "would love to" return to Firefly

Joss Whedon confesses he'd love to revisit the Firefly universe once The Avengers 2 is finished...

What's that noise, you say? Only the sound of a million Whedonites crossing their fingers in the hope that the Buffy and Firefly creator's latest pronouncement on a return to the space cowboy series doesn't turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Since Fox cancelled Firefly in 2002, the postscript to many a geek prayer and birthday candle wish has been a revival of Whedon's sci-fi western, and now the man himself has joined the chorus, reiterating his desire to, in his words, "get the old gang back together".

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Whedon said "It's something I would love to do", continuing, "Part of me is like, 'God, it would be great when I finish Avengers 2 to do that'".

"When I made Serenity, I said here's one thing I'll never do again - a movie based on something that some people know about and some people don't, with tons of characters who all know each other and who you have to introduce. And then my second movie was The Avengers."

Referring to Firefly's cancellation, Whedon admitted, "I'll never really accept it. And I always, in the back of my head think, 'What if I could get the old gang back together?'".

However much we, or he, want that to happen, there's the small matter of his current slate to get out of the way. On top of The Avengers 2, Whedon is heading up in-development ABC series Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D., after which point, who knows? According to the writer/director, he'll be down-scaling after The Avengers sequel: "I suspect very strongly that after Avengers 2 the next thing I do will be a one-man show. Possibly one monkey."

Michael Socha interview: Being Human series 5

The countdown to Being Human’s fifth series continues, with a chat to the man behind werewolf Tom, Michael Socha…

Though they've already given their interview, Michael Socha (the actor behind Being Human's naive but deadly werewolf Tom) has brought co-stars Damien Molony and Kate Bracken along with him to talk series five. As their characters do in the show, their company seems to bolster and relax him, helping Socha to make the majority of this chat unrepeatable either due to his frequent, punctuating swearing or the raucous laughter he provokes, usually with just a facial expression, every other question. We've salvaged what we could from it, and left out any of the major spoilers.

(Incidentally, you should know that today, Socha is in costume as an employee of Being Human's Barry Hotel, wearing a white shirt, black trousers, black tie, burgundy waistcoat, and a badge bearing the legend "Ass Man"...)

Who did your badge?

Michael Socha: They did. I’m not to blame. It’s all costume. I quite like it though. I’ve embraced it. The local ass man…

As the longest serving member of the Being Human trio, does that mean that everyone treats you with the respect and deference that you deserve?

MS: Yeah, when I walk in in the morning, Damien’s like on one knee and that. No, none of that. Absolutely not, no [laughs].

Tell us a bit about where Tom’s going this year

MS: This year I think is Tom’s adulthood. He’s got to the point where he’s still a bit clueless in some aspects of life, but all in all Tom is nearly there with normality really, with society. Each series he’s grown up a little bit more and I think he’s now reached his equivalent to a sixteen or seventeen year old.

He gets led astray a bit though. He still trusts very easily, he’s so influenced. He sees somebody he likes and he’s like ‘I want to be like them, I want to have what he’s got. I want a bit of that’. And a new character has led him a bit astray somewhat, a few times that’s happened to old Tom, he gets led astray by somebody he’s very much influenced by.

Does that make him quite easy prey for Phil Davis’ Captain Hatch?

MS: Yep, but I think we all are. I think each one of us is quite easy prey.  I think all of us are sort of wrapped under his spell from the very off.

Can we expect more of the Tom and Hal bromance this year?

MS: Yeah, it’s brilliant fun. Hal’s Tom’s definite best friend, but then they really hate each other a lot at the end, and this time it’s serious. We fucking want to kill each other this time.

Damien Molony: I do think that Hal would die for Tom in a heartbeat, and Hal would die for Alex in a heartbeat. But because we trust each other so much we just don’t expect that, because Captain Hatch is so gentle and so mischievous, that he really creeps under our skin and starts to pull us apart, and everything that we’re doing we think is good to each other, but he has a way of manipulating us that we’re completely taken unawares by.

MS: Tom sort of sees Hal and Alex as his family and it’s like, other people get involved in your life, but you’ll always go back to your family. These other people go into Tom’s life, like Larry, and like Kirby last series and he gets right into it, he’s really with them and he leaves his family for a little bit, he’s like ‘fuck it, I’ve got another ally, I can roll with him’, but then the shit hits the fan and he always ends up going back to his family, he always ends up back there.

DM: When you see the relationship really start to pull away, it’s really sad to read it because from my very first audition I’ve been friends with Michael and you see the fact we have to say these horrible things to each other, and we also don’t even know we’re doing it. Hatch is the puppet master, he’s just pulling things apart.

There’s no more café then, in this series?

MS: No, I’m the Ass Man of the hotel [laughs].

But is there a similar dynamic between Hal and Tom?

MS: I think I was the man in charge at the café. I was the man who could, but this time, Hal is the real ‘Man’, rather than the ‘Ass Man’.

DM: We have a great employee of the month competition which starts with this great montage scene of the two of us getting up with our tool bags of like sprays and sponges, so that really gets us going. There’s lots of that bickering and stuff that was so much fun.

MS: A food fight, that was fun.

DM: For the food fight, I had little sandwiches with cucumbers in to throw at him, and he had these stale four day old scones. The bruises on my body, oh my God!

Michael, how did you find working with Phil Davis?

MS: He’s a legend isn’t he. He’s great as well, playing that decrepit old man it sets it all up for later on, he’s just incredible. When I first saw him in that wheelchair, I thought, how the fuck is he going to play an evil bastard, he’s just horrible, he’s a mess. But then everything he does is so calm, everything he does is with a little bit of a smile, it’s really creepy, it’s great. I like working with him, he’s a great actor.

Does Tom get many transformations this time around?

MS: I don’t and I really enjoy doing them. I don’t get any transformations this time around, the back end I do, so a bit of nakedness but no screaming and teeth. I really do enjoy doing them, it’s a bit of a shame.

What do you enjoy about the transformations?

MS: You just get to have a fucking go at screaming your head off. I’ve never played any part anywhere close to Tom, and I’ve never got anywhere close to doing what Tom gets to do. Transforming is just fucking great, honestly, I’ve said it loads of times. When you finish that scene, you walk away and just think ‘fucking hell, I really, really feel great now’ just let a load of things rip, even personal things, when you scream like that it’s fucking great.

You have to be quite uninhibited to do that…

MS: Yeah, but you do anyway in any acting job. Yeah, I fucking love it.

Are you given the opportunity to improvise in Being Human at all, as you are in Shane Meadows’ This Is England?

Not like straight impro, but thankfully they do allow me to add my own little things in there, because sometimes I find it a lot easier if they do allow me to not say it exactly how they’ve written it. I think that’s the same with all of us isn’t it? If we want to do something we can have a go at it, both the directors, Dan and Phil [Daniel O'Hara and Philip John], will allow us to have a go at it and they’ll say nah or they’ll go, actually, keep that. Yesterday, I think it was yesterday or the day before, it’s all a fucking blur, but I was under the table and I just banged my head on the table and they kept it in, just little things like that. I couldn’t really change the speeches but I’ll add in a little ‘mate’ or ‘like’ or something and put things in different orders maybe. I don’t necessarily stick with the same order, just so it feels nicer for me to say and easier for me to say.

How did Toby explain the character of Tom to you when you first got the part?

MS: He didn’t explain it to me, I just went to the audition and got the part. When I first joined I slowly found Tom, I think that’s how it happened but it was written in the script anyway, you have to kill all these vampires but then he was really fucking desperate for friends and desperate to meet people other than his dad and to live somewhere other than the woods and thankfully, he has.

Tom enjoyed his first ever birthday cake last series, what other firsts can he expect this year?

MS: Responsibility. He’s got somebody to be responsible for this time, in this series. He’s got somebody that looks up to him and who takes advice from Tom, and he really rolls with it, he even lies to them about being engaged to Vanessa Mae, he’s got a commonwealth medal in the discus he tells him, but it’s really fucking sweet. Tom fucking loves it, he takes this parental role, but that ends… that ends [big laugh].

I thought he’d get a shag, but he didn’t get a shag. No shagging for Tom. If Toby wrote a shagging scene for Tom, it’d just be like ‘Tom wouldn’t do that’ [laughs].

But Allison with two ls [played by Ellie Kendrick] is coming back?

MS: [Nods and raises a lascivious eyebrow] And I’ve got the bed made up with rose petals and it’s going to be great. Yeah, she is coming back. But is she really there, is she not? You know what I mean?

How have you found the fan reaction to the cast changes in Being Human?

MS: I’ve never really tried to win people over and go ‘please fucking enjoy it, please accept the new cast and me’, but I think it’s fucking mad basically. My life changed as soon as I started Being Human because I’d done another show and they were both quite popular and then all of a sudden I was getting recognised and I do often speak to fans about what they think of Being Human, because the fans of Being Human are quite hardcore, they’re really into it like, they’ve watched it from the very beginning, and a lot of them just say nah, at first I was a little bit disappointed that Aidan the vampire’s gone, and Russell Tovey’s gone but I think they’re okay with it now, some are even saying it’s improved, well, maybe not improved, but they’re really enjoying it still, if not more.

Katie Price 'bored' of Kieran Hayler marriage after 11 days?

Katie Price is reportedly "already getting bored" of her new husband Kieran Hayler after just 11 days.

The glamour model turned businesswoman tied the knot with male stripper Hayler in the Caribbean on January 17.

The couple only confirmed their engagement four days prior to the ceremony, and are said to have been together for just a few months in total.

Alleged friends of Price have now claimed that the 33-year-old already feels like the breakdown of her third marriage is "inevitable".

"Katie is already getting bored with Kieran," a source told the Sunday People.

"She does this every single time - she says she's in love, she rushes to the altar and then things go wrong."

They continued: "It's only a matter of time until this is over. Katie has already said she doesn't think it will last which makes a mockery of getting married in the first place.

"Nobody around her can understand why she has done this, it is ridiculous."

Price has defended her marriage to Hayler, saying: "It's only my third one. As usual, I get a hard time for my choices because I'm me - I still don't really understand why.

"This is only my third marriage. I did my own Pricey Marriage Survey and discovered I was in good company. Joan Collins has been married five times, Liz Taylor did eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor nine."

Price has publicly criticised the Sandals resort in which she married Hayler, describing it as "more like a smelly old flip-flop" and vowing to sue the hotel for allegedly leaking details of the ceremony to the press.

The reality star was previously married to singer Peter Andre between 2005 and 2009 and to cage fighter Alex Reid between 2010 and 2011.

She split up with ex-fiancé Leandro Penna last October.

Dawn French to play James Corden's mum in new BBC comedy thriller

Dawn French is among a selection of star names who have been cast in James Corden's new BBC comedy series The Wrong Mans.

The Vicar of Dibley actress will play Corden's mum in the new six-part BBC Two show.

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox, Dan Renton Skinner, best known for playing Angelos Epithemiou on Shooting Stars, Thick of It actress Rebecca Front and Him and Hers' Sarah Solemani will also appear in the series.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels actor Nick Moran and Prometheus star Benedict Wong complete the latest castings.

The Wrong Mans has been written by Corden and Mathew Baynton, who will play a duo that get caught up in a conspiracy after they discover a ringing phone at a crash scene.

The original concept was developed when Baynton and Corden worked together on Gavin & Stacey.

Exec-producer Mark Freeland has claimed that the show will mix "comedy with explosions".

Olly Murs 'quitting The Xtra Factor'

Olly Murs has reportedly quit The Xtra Factor.

The 'Troublemaker' singer has said that it is "unlikely" he'll join Caroline Flack on the X Factor companion show for a third series.

"I've had two great years on it," he told Heat. "To be honest, the way my career is going in terms of music and internationally it looks unlikely that I'll be able to do it.

"It's an amazing part of my career and working with Caroline has been great."

Olly Murs shares a snapshot from his work in America

An X Factor spokesperson told Digital Spy: "We'd love Olly to come back for this year's Xtra Factor and we hope we can make it work with his busy schedule."

Speaking to DS recently, Murs said that 2013 is "going to be all about music".

"Xtra Factor is nice to get my mind off music for a while, but for me America is a big step," he said. "I haven't spent enough time out there yet. I need to use that foundation I've built."

Fried chicken craze in Britain gets Channel 4 documentary

Channel 4 has announced details of a new documentary about the recent increase in fried chicken shops and consumption in the UK.

Developed with the working title The Fried Chicken Shop, the show will be filmed in a single shop in South London.

The show will be filmed from fixed cameras, which will capture interviews with customers and staff.

Channel 4 wants the one-off doc to be "surprising and celebratory" and is examining the "cultural and economic urban landscape of modern Britain".

Emma Cooper, commissioning editor at Channel 4, said: "The Fried Chicken Shop will explore the scale of the nation's obsession and increasing love of fried chicken.

"Filmed in one of the UK's popular fried chicken shops and serving the diverse community of London, it has produced a surprising yet exciting and genuinely illuminating film and tells us the story of Britain today through our voracious appetite for chicken wings."

Fried Chicken Shop is being produced by Mentorn Media for Channel 4's flagship documentary brand Cutting Edge.

'The X-Files' Investigations Continue in New Comics

X-Files" fans have wanted to believe that Mulder and Scully's adventures would continue, and now they will -- in comic book form.

IDW Publishing announced on Monday that it has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to create a brand-new series of comics that will resume where the 2008 movie "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" left off.

Also read: 'X-Files' Creator Chris Carter Plans TV Return With 'Unique'

"Few shows have captured the zeitgeist and fans' imaginations like 'The X-Files,' and fewer shows still have left people hungry for more in the way this one did," said Chris Ryall, IDW's chief creative officer and editor in chief. "Our new series will be picking up where the second film left off, which will hopefully be as exciting for fans to read as it is for us to develop."

The San Diego-based publisher will be the third to release "X-FIles" comic books and will reprint classic issues published intermittently between 1995 and 2009. Wildstorm was the last company to hold the license for the beloved property before folding in 2010.

"The X-Files" series aired for nine seasons on Fox between 1993 and 2002, and spawned two films. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson starred as two FBI agents investigating a wide variety of paranormal mysteries, while searching for the truth behind government conspiracies to cover up an extraterrestrial plot to colonize the planet.

Other properties the publishing company has brought to life on the page include "30 Days of Night," "Doctor Who" and "Star Trek."

Top Gear record broken: Homeland's Damian Lewis drives slowest ever lap

Homeland star Damian Lewis broke an embarrassing record in last night's (January 27) episode of Top Gear, recording the slowest ever lap in the show's 'Star In A Reasonably Priced Car' feature.

Lewis was hampered on his lap by blizzard conditions and considerable snow and ice on the show's racetrack.

The Homeland star, host Jeremy Clarkson and studio audience all laughed along as Lewis's attempt to navigate the icy circuit was replayed for viewers.

Lewis's final time of two minutes, nine seconds was 13 seconds slower than the previous poorest performer, ex-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Clarkson said: "I have to say actually that is the slowest lap we have ever had on the Top Gear test track, but - and I'm sure everyone will agree with me on this - by far and away the most entertaining."

The presenter then awarded Lewis the title of 'Fastest Driver' to ever take on the course in the snow.

Top Gear's 19th series is currently airing on BBC Two on Sundays at 8pm.

Next week's episode will feature Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond heading on a road trip in supercars from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, via LA.

This week's celebrity in the 'Reasonably Priced Car' feature is Fleetwood Mac legend Mick Fleetwood.

'Storage Wars' Lawsuit: A&E Strikes Back at Claims Show Is Fake

A&E says in a legal filing that former "Storage Wars" star David Hester concocted a "tabloid-worthy drama" when he claimed the series was faked.

In response to a lawsuit he filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court, A&E said the complaint was groundless and a "transparent attempt to distract from the issues."

Hester alleged unfair business practices, among other claims. He said the show sometimes planted objects in the storage units that contestants bid on in hopes of finding discarded treasures.

A&E's response focused on its defense that the unfair business practices portion of Hester's complaint cannot go forward, partly because he cannot prove a probability of winning the suit. The network says he also cannot prove he suffered sustained injury.

Hester claimed in his suit that he was fired after he complained that elements of the show were staged. His lawsuit claims that, in one instance, A&E planted a stack of newspapers reporting singer Elvis Presley's death. In another instance, Hester said, a BMW minicar was found under a pile of trash.

In Thursday's motion to strike, however, A&E says that Hester was let go after the network complained that he improperly used its trademarks, and after Hester attempted to renegotiate his contract.

Now, A&E says, Hester is trying to obscure the facts by painting himself as a crusader for truth.

"In a transparent attempt to distract from the issues -- and maximize any potential recovery -- Plaintiff's complaint tries to convert a garden-variety breach of contract claim into a tabloid-worthy drama, in which Hester portrays himself as a crusading whistleblower," the response reads.

A&E also claims Hester is no victim, but in fact took part in "salting" storage units with valuable items.

The network is also seeking compensation from Hester for its attorneys' fees and court costs.

In his suit, Hester claims to have suffered more than $750,000 in damages from what he claims was his wrongful firing.

CBB Spencer Pratt, Rylan Clark make up: 'The best man won'

Celebrity Big Brother villain Spencer Pratt has told the show's champion - and his in-house nemesis - Rylan Clark that he is "so glad" he won.

Pratt, along with his wife and former The Hills co-star Heidi, repeatedly clashed with Clark during their stint in the house, most notably when the couple nominated him for being fake.

However, Pratt - who finished second behind Clark in Friday's (January 25) final - has since surprised fans by telling the X Factor star on Twitter that "the best man always wins".

When Clark wrote that he is missing his housemates, Pratt replied: "Missing you also! Hope your rocking the roof on the X Factor tour! #dropmeout."

The Essex-born star wrote back: "it's all love in the end big man x," which Pratt retweeted, before adding: "All love! So glad you won! The best man always wins!"

Pratt then wrote: "Now it's time for the Xtra factor to make you host! #dropmeout," referring to rumours that Clark is being lined up to replace Olly Murs on the X Factor companion show.

The pair's apparent reconciliation comes despite Clark telling Digital Spy and other journalists this weekend that he will "sue the f**k out of Speidi" for branding him a bully.

The couple, meanwhile, told a Sunday tabloid that they feared being killed in their sleep by the other Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

Speidi also claimed to have faked the bedroom fumble that upset Clark, though they revealed in a television appearance today (January 28) that they do want to have children soon.

"I know that one day we're gonna end up having children because Heidi's gonna want them," Spencer told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff. "She's just putting on her poker face right now."

Charlize Theron's 'Hatfields & McCoys' Update Gets NBC Pickup

NBC has ordered the drama pilot "Hatfields & McCoys," a modern-day tale of the famously warring families from a team that includes executive producer Charlize Theron.

The series bears no relation to History's hit miniseries of the same name, which aired last year. But it does trade on the same legend of feuding West Virginia families.

In the new version, the families have moved to nearby Pittsburgh, where a startling death rekindles the feud. The blue-collar McCoys battle the wealthy Hatfields for control of the city.

And no, they aren't fighting over which family gets to not be in charge of Pittsburgh, which is a lovely place, if you've ever been.

The series is written and executive produced by John Glenn, with Theron, A.J. Dix, Dawn Olmstead, and Beau Flynn also executive producing. It comes from ABCS, Denver & Delilah,Tower Hill, Beau Flynn Productions and Grady Girl.

'Made in Chelsea' Binky: Amy Childs wants to set me up with her brother

Essex girl Amy Childs wants to set up Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead - with her brother.

Having met each other on the one-off Made in Chelsea Celebrity Mash Up - which saw Jon Snow and Amy joining the cast for an episode - she said to Digital Spy about the former TOWIE star: "She's a legend. She's so lovely. She's trying to set me up with her brother Billy.

"She's going to take me to Faces nightclub in Essex and set me up with him. We're definitely going to go and check it out. He sounds very much like her."

Shooting a new campaign for Cadbury Creme Egg 'Flings' with Louise Thompson, we asked her who her worst romantic fling had been with.

"It would probably be Jamie [Laing]. He behaved really badly, but he knows that now. A lot of people were giving him abuse on Twitter and I was in a supermarket the other day, and a girl came up to me and said she didn't serve him because of how he'd treated me!

"He's learnt his lesson - and I don't think he'll do it to anyone else, but he's lovely and you can't hold a grudge against him for long. He's Peter Pan and I don't want to go out with someone like that - I want a man."

Talking about ladies' man Spencer Matthews - who just admitted he'd cheated on girlfriend Louise - she said: "They're very happy and still together. I think Spencer's learnt his lesson not to do it again.

"I think he's on his last chance now. If he messes up again - I don't think he will - but he'd be silly to."

On whether Louise should have forgiven him, she said: "It's a tricky one - Louise is very much in love with him and I've been in that position before where you have someone on a pedestal and you're infatuated by them - but it's very difficult to say if you're not in their position."

Talking about her current love life, she said things may happen in future with co-star Andy Jordan, who she appeared to have a one-night stand with on the programme.

"Andy and I are still speaking. It didn't show on TV that we were chatting for a while and we were actually wanting to start something.

"I do like Andy, he's a lovely guy. If anything did happen, I'm not sure how I'd go about it because he has pissed me off a little bit, but at the end of the day it was a rebound thing. We'll see how it goes."

Looking slimmer than ever, we asked her if she ever felt pressure about her weight alongside her female co-stars: "Of course - they're all gorgeous and I have to try and keep up with them.

"It's a new year and a new start, and I feel quite good about myself again. I've stopped boozing and partying so much. I had my confidence stripped quite a lot last year."

Back next series is "villain" Lucy, who ruffled a few Chelsea feathers. Binky said: "She's actually not that bad, she's actually really sweet. She came in, guns blazing and it hasn't really worked for her. You either love her or you hate her."

On former MIC maneater Kimberley Garner and her alleged fling with X Factor winner James Arthur, she admitted there's no love lost between them: "I'm not actually allowed to comment on her because she's tried to sue me 100 times.

"I think you'll know my opinions on her so I'm not going to say anything."

But she is approving of one of her friend's relationships with a high profile musician - Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green. She said: "They're very happy. I think they're moving in together. I haven't seen her for a while, not since Christmas."

Asked if there could be wedding bells soon, she said: "Probably. I hope so. I think they're a good match. I've met him a couple of times and he seems lovely, so I approve."

CBS Orders Surgeon General Drama Pilot From 'Lie to Me' Creator

"Lie to Me" creator Samuel Baum has landed a drama pilot with CBS, an individual with knowledge of the order said Monday.

The pilot, titled "The Surgeon General," is a medical show centered around -- hold your breath -- the Surgeon General of the United States.

Baum (pictured) is writing the project, as well as executive producing. CBS Television Studios is producing.

CBS has been busy on the pilot front in recent days. Aside from "The Surgeon General," the network has given the green light to pilots  for a "Beverly Hills Cop" revamp to be executive produced by "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan; an adaptation of the 2011 Cameron Diaz comedy "Bad Teacher"; the legal drama "The Advocates" from "The Mentalist" producer Bruno Heller; and the detective drama "Backstrom" from "Bones" creator Hart Hanson, among others.

'Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville for 'Mrs Brown's Boys' movie?

Hugh Bonneville is reportedly being lined up to star in the upcoming Mrs Brown's Boys movie.

The Downton Abbey actor is wanted for the film version of the BBC sitcom by creator and star Brendan O'Carroll, reports The Sun.

Bonneville would play Mrs Brown's lawyer who also has Tourette's Syndrome.

The Mrs Brown's Boys movie would focus on Agnes Brown challenging a company that wants to build a shopping centre where her vegetable stall stands.

O'Carroll said: "This barrister hasn't represented anyone for five years because when he is under pressure he develops Tourette's.

"I'm hoping to get Hugh Bonneville for the part. I wrote it with him in mind and couldn't stop laughing - I think he'd be brilliant."

He added: "The movie will revolve around a court case after a politician, developer and banker team up to close a Dublin market.

"They think Agnes's stall will be easy to shut down because she's a widow - but she has no intention of going anywhere without a fight.

"She employs a solicitor, who her daughter Cathy [wife Jennifer Gibney] falls for, and a barrister - which is where Hugh will come in."

Filming for the project is scheduled to begin in August for a 2014 release.

Chuck Lorre CBS Pilot Casts Allison Janney

Allison Janney, who played White House press secretary C.J. Cregg on "The West Wing," has been cast in Chuck Lorre's upcoming CBS comedy pilot "Mom."

The half-hour, multi-camera project stars "The House Bunny" actress Anna Faris as a newly sober single mom trying to pull her life together in Napa Valley, Calif.

Janney will play Bonnie, the mother of Faris' character.

Lorre is writing the pilot with "The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" producer Eddie Gorodetsky and Gemma Baker, with Lorre and Gorodetsky executive producing.

Chuck Lorre Productions is producing in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Bruce Rosenblum 'Disappointed' at Being Passed Over for Warner Bros. CEO

Bruce Rosenblum said he is "disappointed" to be passed over for the top job at Warner Bros., but expressed confidence in newly appointed CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

"Obviously, I'm disappointed; who wouldn't be?" Rosenblum, head of television at the studio, said in a statement. "Warner Bros. is a unique and special place and I know it will be in good hands with Kevin at the helm. I continue to be proud of our accomplishments and I have the most respect and admiration for our amazing team at the studio -- a team that is thriving in an ever-transforming business."

Tsujihara, head of Warner Bros. home entertainment division, beat both Rosenblum and movie head Jeff Robinov for the CEO job. All three were in quiet competition for more than a year, once Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes decided to choose Warner Bros. new chief executive for the movie and television studio from among the three co-presidents.

Many believed that the ambitious Roseblum had the inside track for the job, in part because past chiefs like Meyer and Bob Daly came from the TV business. Rosenblum was named president of Warner Bros. Television Group in September 2005.

Robinov said in a statement he was "truly happy and proud of Kevin."

"We are both good friends and colleagues and I think he's an excellent choice for the job.  The Company will be in great shape under his leadership," he said.
Robinov had no immediate comment.

Rosenblum has led the television studio during a period of great successes -- and troubing situations. Among the highest-profile was dealing with the Charlie Sheen meltdown that eventually led to his removal from "Two and a Half Men" and replacement with Ashton Kutcher.

This season, Warner Bros. TV is producing more than 60 series, including the top-rated sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS and NBC's "Revolution," the top-rated new show of the fall. The studio's other shows include CBS's "The Mentalist" and "Mike & Molly," and ABC's "The Middle."

In May, Rosenblum told TheWrap that he has told his team not to get distracted by succession speculation.

"Our job and what I’ve expressed to everyone on the TV team is we need to keep our heads down and do our jobs as well as we can do it," he said. "We cannot be distracted by speculation, and everything will work out in the end.”

Jonathan Ross, Jo Brand, Jason Manford for weekly ITV showbiz quiz?

Jonathan Ross has reportedly signed up to star in a new quiz show for ITV.

The programme will be a weekly showbiz quiz, based on the style of the BBC's long-running show Have I Got News For You, according to The Sun.

Jo Brand will host Oh What a Week, with a pilot episode being filmed at ITV studios on Thursday (January 31).

Ross and Jason Manford will serve as team captains each week, should the programme's pilot prove to be successful.

A source said: "The plan is for Jonathan and Jason to have a celebrity guest on each week and they will cast their eye over the week's showbusiness news.

"Like Have I Got News For You, it will look back at stories from the past week.

"But instead of being about things like politics and normal news, this will be showbiz-focused.

"The idea is that plenty of jokes will be made – and it won't matter which team wins."

A full series will be produced later this year, depending on the reaction to the pilot episode.

Jonathan Ross is also said to be working on a new movie review show for ITV in a partnership with DVD rental service LoveFilm.

He recently worked with Jo Brand on a festive edition of Family Fortunes for ITV's Text Santa charity campaign.

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