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zondag 25 december 2011

Chord Overstreet Song Leaks: 'Glee' Star's New Song 'Beautiful Girl'

Chord Overstreet Song Leaks: 'Glee' Star's New Song 'Beautiful Girl'

Gleeks, it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Chord Overstreet's first solo single, "Beautiful Girl," has been leaked. After leaving "Glee" last summer, Overstreet went straight to the studio to start working on his acoustic pop debut album, which fans can expect sometime in 2012.

"I got a lot of great stuff done, and I'm really excited about how the finished album is going to sound," Overstreet told AOL TV. "I think I'll be ready to release an album around next year."

Overstreet, who is currently unsigned, comes from a pretty talented family. His father is country singer-songwriter Paul Overstreet, and his older brother, Nash Overstreet, is currently the lead guitarist in pop-rock band Hot Chelle Rae.

Listen to Overstreet's leaked single, "Beautiful Girl," below. Perhaps he's sending a message to girlfriend Emma Roberts. The "Glee" star recently opened up to Ryan Seacrest, admitting that things between him and Emma are great. "Everything's good right now -- we have a blast together."

Listen below to his first single:

'The Exes' Star Donald Faison Talks Weddings And Divorces

'The Exes' Star Donald Faison Talks Weddings And Divorces

"Scrubs" funnyman Donald Faison is back on TV as a divorced man on TV Land's "The Exes," but in real life Faison is getting ready to tie the knot for the second time.

The 37-year-old actor, who is engaged to longtime girlfriend and Jessica Simpson BFF Cacee Cobb, spoke to The Huffington Post about his new show, going through a divorce of his own, and whether or not Zach Braff will make it into his wedding party.

You play a divorced man man on "The Exes." You've been divorced yourself, but were you a ladies' man like your character?

I kind of feel we all go through our phase. If you've ever been divorced, there's that phase where you make up for lost time.

You share a house with a bunch of other divorced guys on the show. Did you do that after you got divorced?

I did share a house with a bunch of dudes. It started off really cool because we would go out to clubs and hit on women and stuff like that. After a while it got to the point where I was like, "Wow, I'm an adult and I really need my own space."

Was the bathroom disgusting?

Yes, it was very gross. You don't realize how important it is to lift the toilet seat up and put it down.

Thanks to your long run on "Scrubs," you're certainly no stranger to sitcoms. Were you happy to jump back into another series?

I was really excited to do this. I've never done anything like this before. I was on a sitcom, but it was a single-camera sitcom and there wasn't a studio audience. When you do a single-camera show, the editors can edit you together really well. When you do it in front of a studio audience, you're getting the immediate laugh.

Are you surprised at how much of a ham you are for the laughs?

At first I was really just hoping to get the laugh, and then when I realized I can get the laugh, I've just gone overboard. [My co-star] Kristen Johnston calls me a "laugh whore."

You just got engaged. Have you set a date?

No, not yet. My fiancee [Cacee Cobb] is not necessarily a "bridezilla," but I do have someone who doesn't know what she wants for her wedding. But she definitely knows she wants a nice wedding.

Are you being included in any of the planning?

I really do not want to be a part of the planning. I want to be a part of her life forever, but as far as the planning goes I'm really not looking forward to it. I am going to be involved though.

Is your former "Scrubs" co-star Zach Braff going to be in the wedding party?

For sure, he's my best friend! When Cacee and I decide to pinpoint the date, he'll definitely be in the wedding party. He'd be upset if I said he wasn't my best man.

One of your first acting roles was in "Clueless," a movie I still love.

I'm very appreciative for being in that movie. I really feel like I wouldn't have the career I have right now if I wasn't in such a great movie.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot hits a snag as script is rejected

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot hits a snag as script is rejected

It's been a little more than a year since Warner Bros. announced plans for a Joss Whedon-less "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie that would reboot the character and story.

It looks like it will be at least a while longer before any such project gets a green light.

Screenwriter Whit Anderson, who was hired to pen the new "Buffy" story, is now off the project, the L.A. Times' Hero Complex reports. The producers are looking for a new writer.

Allow us to suggest an up-and-coming scribe we've heard good things about, name of Joss Whedon.

Anderson's script contained "some great ideas," a source close to the project tells Hero Complex, "but in the end there just wasn't enough on the page."

The site also notes that the entire project may have "lost some steam" -- which would not necessarily be a bad thing, if you ask us. Whedon doesn't own the rights to "Buffy," which is how this all got started, but for pretty much every fan of Buffy Summers and Co., he absolutely owns the story. 

'American Horror Story' Finale: Ryan Murphy Talks Season 2

'American Horror Story' Finale: Ryan Murphy Talks Season 2

Fans of Ryan Murphy's macabre thriller "American Horror Story" were torn after Wednesday night's season finale. For some, the thought of losing the series' stars Connie Britton and Jessica Lange in Season 2 seems ridiculous, but according to Murphy, that was always his intention.

"Every season of the show will be a different haunting," Murphy told The Insider via a conference call. "What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house and the second season of the show will be a brand new home. Or building to haunt. Just like this year, every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and end."

While it may be the end for the Murder House diaries, that doesn't mean that the Season 1 cast, including the Golden Globe nominated Lange, won't be back for a second season. However, you might not recognize them.

"Some of [the actors] will be coming back," Murphy revealed on the call. "We're in negotiations with several of them, but they will be playing completely different characters, creatures, monsters and etcetera. I would have all of [the actors] back in a heartbeat, some of the actors we're talking to will be playing something completely different than they played this season, and something completely different than they've ever played. "

Now, the biggest question yet to be answered is where the second season will take place. Murphy hinted that he's not interested in another haunted house storyline. And the only horror story he wouldn't touch? Don't expect "American Horror Story" to delve into the "Twilight" world of vampires.

So what can we expect in Season 2? If you look closely enough, Murphy left fans a clue.

"There is a clue in the last three episodes where we say what the second season will be."

Merry Xmas from The Lime TV News

Merry Xmas from The Lime TV News

Hope you will all have a great Xmass, and that you will all will enjoy all the amazing Xmass specials today (AbFab and Dr Who).

TV Tonight 25th of December 2011: Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

TV Tonight 25th of December 2011: Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

    Absolutely Fabulous S06E01: "Identity"
    Alan Carr: Chatty Man S07E07: "David Walliams, Ruth Jones, Jedward, Steps"
    Beelzebub S01E48: "I`m His Parent"
    Ben-Tou S01E12: "Domestic Eel Bento 790 kcal"
    Call of the Wildman S01E12: "Dilapidated Death Trap"
    Call of the Wildman S01E11: "Danger in the Distillery"
    Coronation Street S52E260: "December 25, 2011"
    De Pfaffs S12E04: "Season 12, Episode 4"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E103: "Episode 1783"
    Doctor Who (2005) S06E14: "The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe"
    Downton Abbey S02E10: "Christmas Special"
    EastEnders S27E206: "December 25, 2011"
    Emmerdale S40E302: "December 25, 2011"
    Football Night in America S06E16: "Week 16 - CHRISTMAS Special Episode"
    Hunter X Hunter Remake S01E13: "Episode 13"
    Iron Chef America S09E24: "NICA Winner 4 vs. Casanova"
    Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S01E13: "Those Lined Up Above the Horizon"
    Leverage S04E15: "The Lonely Hearts Job"
    Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow S02E07: "Christmas Special"
    Mirai Nikki S01E12: "Outside the Reception Range"
    Nurarihyon no Mago S02E25: "Episode 25"
    One Piece (JP) S06E13: "Fishman Island Collapses!? Shirley`s Prediction"
    Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S01E13: "Episode 13"
    Rude Tube S04E09: "Epic Christmas"
    Snapped S08E33: "Misty Witherspoon"
    Strictly Come Dancing S09E26: "Christmas Special"
    Sunday Night Football S06E19: "(Flex Week) Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers"
    Társas játék S01E11: "Season 1, Episode 11"
    Toriko S01E38: "Episode 38"
    Unique Sweets S02E02: "Decadence"
    University Challenge (1994) S18E31: "Christmas University Challenge Semi Final"
    Под прикритие S02E06: "Season 2, Episode 6"

Jeremy Sisto and Wife Expecting Second Child

Jeremy Sisto and Wife Expecting Second Child

Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto and wife Addie Lane are expecting their second child.

Sisto, 37, appeared on The Talk Tuesday, where he confirmed that he and Lane are having a boy in March. The couple also has a 2-year-old daughter, Charlie-Ballerina.

The actor addressed his daughter's unconventional name on the daytime talk show. "My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren't normally names... I never really pictured myself having a family so it felt strange to name my child after anyone else alive," he said.

"Ballerina, we liked it. But we saved her a little bit, we made it a hyphenated name ... so she can go by Charlie ... Chuck B."

Time Change for Hallmark Channel Original Movies "Fixing Pete," "A Taste of Romance" and "Cupid"

Time Change for Hallmark Channel Original Movies "Fixing Pete," "A Taste of Romance" and "Cupid"

The following Hallmark Channel Original Movies have moved to new times and will now premiere at (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C).

FIXING PETE, premieres on Saturday, January 7 AND WILL NOW AIR AT (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

A TASTE OF ROMANCE, premieres on Saturday, January 14 AND WILL NOW AIR AT (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

CUPID premieres on Saturday, February 11 AND WILL NOW AIR AT (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

Disney Channel Pulls Sitcom Episodes After Demi Lovato Slams Eating Disorder Jokes

Disney Channel Pulls Sitcom Episodes After Demi Lovato Slams Eating Disorder Jokes

Demi Lovato was not singing a happy tune on Friday night as she launched into a Twitter dialogue condemning her former employer, Disney Channel, for making light of eating disorders.

The onetime Disney queen — who earlier this year checked herself into a treatment center to address, among other things, eating disorder issues — was responding to an episode of Shake It Up, a musical/comedy about background dancers on a popular teen show. The dialogue Lovato quoted had an image-conscious character saying, “I could just eat you up — well, if I ate.”

“Dear Disney Channel, EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT,” Lovato said during her series of tweets.

“What are we promoting here?” she asked, labeling the offending joke with the hashtag #notfunnyATALL.
“I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actresses from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about that very disease.”

One of the actress/singer’s Followers claimed to her that another Disney series, So Random, had made similar jokes.

The Disney Channel PR department’s Twitter account promptly responded to Lovato, saying, “We hear you and are pulling both episodes as quickly as possible and reevaluating them. It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders!”

Lovato — who accepted Disney’s mea culpa — also wondered aloud on Twitter, “Is it just me or are the actresses getting THINNER AND THINNER…. I miss the days of RAVEN and LIZZIE MCGUIRE.”

“I have nothing against any specific actress/actor or tv show,” she clarified. “Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with girls who aren’t curvy, I just was stating a fact that there needs to be more variety on television so young girls growing up don’t feel pressured to look one specific way. Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful.”

ABC, Endemol Settle 'Wipeout' Copyright Lawsuit With Japanese Broadcaster

ABC, Endemol Settle 'Wipeout' Copyright Lawsuit With Japanese Broadcaster

The three-year-old litigation over whether ABC's hit obstacle course competition Wipeout is too similar to several Japanese game shows is over.

Documents filed in federal court this week reveal that ABC and production company Endemol have settled a lawsuit filed in 2008 by Tokyo Broadcasting System that alleged Wipeout was a rip-off of several shows, including Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, Takeshi's Castle and Ninja Warrior. A trial was originally scheduled for late this year but was delayed. The court documents reveal the parties settled the case Nov. 30 during a mediation session with a federal judge. Terms of the settlement are private.

PHOTOS: Crazy Cases! 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits

The Wipeout case caught Hollywood's attention because it raised the issue of what elements of a reality show are subject to copyright protection. Tokyo Broadcasting argued that Wipeout is built on the exact format and competitions featured in its popular shows, and that Endemol execs had specifically sought to copy those shows in creating an American version.

In court papers, on the other hand, ABC and Endemol argued that Tokyo Broadcasting System "remarkably claims copyright protection in obstacles and obstacle concepts ubiquitous in the public domain, such as 'rope swings,' 'mechanical bulls' and 'pole vaults.'" The network pointed out TV's long history of obstacle-course competitions, taking the position that Wipeout does not employ any unique (and thus copyrightable) expression.

Many in Hollywood legal circles had hoped that the case would go to trial, eventually providing some legal precedent for how much reality shows can copy one another without running afoul of copyright law. Now that question remains relatively unanswered.