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zondag 25 maart 2012

Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2011: The winners in full

Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2011: The winners in full

The full list of winners and nominees at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2011, held in March in London, is as follows:

Actor (Female)
Vicky McClure - This Is England '88 (Channel 4)
Ruth Negga - Shirley (BBC Two)
Emily Watson - Appropriate Adult (ITV1) - WINNER

Actor (Male)
Daniel Rigby - Eric & Ernie (BBC Two)
John Simm - Exile (BBC One)
Dominic West - Appropriate Adult (ITV1) - WINNER

Arena: Produced by George Martin (BBC Two)
Graffiti Wars (Channel 4) - WINNER
The Impressionists (BBC Two)

Children's Drama
The Sarah Jane Adventures (series five) (CBBC)
Tracy Beaker (CBBC) - WINNER

Children's Programme
Horrible Histories (series three) (CBBC)
Newsround - My Autism & Me (CBBC) - WINNER
The Amazing World of Gumball - The Quest (Cartoon Network)

Comedy Performance
Darren Boyd - Spy (Sky1)
Tom Hollander - Rev (BBC Two)
Russell Tovey & Sarah Solemani - Him & Her (BBC Three) - WINNER

Daytime Programme
Antiques Road Trip (BBC Two)
Deal Or No Deal Live (Channel 4) - WINNER
Operation Hospital Food with James Martin (BBC One)

Documentary Series
24 Hours In A&E (Channel 4) - WINNER
Educating Essex (Channel 4)
Fighting On The Frontline (Channel 4)

Drama Serial
The Crimson Petal & The White (BBC Two)
The Promise (Channel 4)
Top Boy (Channel 4) - WINNER

Drama Series
Luther (BBC One) - WINNER
Scott and Bailey (ITV1)
The Fades (BBC Three)

Derren Brown - The Experiments (Channel 4) - WINNER
Million Pound Drop (Channel 4)
The Graham Norton Show (BBC One)

Entertainment Performance
James Corden - (Sky1)
Keith Lemon - (ITV2)
Anthony McPartlin & Declan Donnelly (ITV1) - WINNER

The Life Of Muhammed (BBC Two)
If Walls Could Talk - The History Of The Home (BBC Four)
Dambusters: Building The Bouncing Bomb (Channel 4) - WINNER

International Award
Modern Family (Sky1) - WINNER
The Killing (BBC Four)
The Slap (BBC Four)

Nations And Regions Programme
Frankenstein's Wedding... Live in Leeds (BBC Three)
The Scheme (BBC One) - WINNER
Wil a Cêt (S4C)

Popular Factual And Features
An Idiot Abroad (Sky1)
Hugh's Big Fish Fight (Channel 4) - WINNER
The Great British Bake Off (BBC Two)

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall - Hugh's Big Fish Fight (Channel 4)
Gareth Malone - The Choir: Military Wives (BBC Two) - WINNER
Karl Pilkington - An Idiot Abroad (Sky1)

Science & Natural History
Frozen Planet (BBC One)
Mummifying Alan: Egypt's Last Secret (Channel 4) - WINNER
Stargazing Live (BBC Two)

Scripted Comedy
Fresh Meat (Channel 4) - WINNER
Phoneshop (E4)
Rev. (BBC Two)

Single Documentary
Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die (BBC Two) - WINNER
The Life And Loss of Karen Woo (ITV1)
True Stories: Hell And Back Again (More4)

Single Drama
Eric & Ernie (BBC Two) - WINNER
Random (Channel 4)
United (BBC Two)

Soap And Continuing Drama
Coronation Street (ITV1) - WINNER
EastEnders (BBC One)
Emmerdale (ITV1)

Writer - Comedy
Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong - Fresh Meat (Channel 4) - WINNER
Robert Popper - Friday Night Dinner (Channel 4)
James Wood & Tom Hollander - Rev. (BBC Two)

Writer - Drama
Peter Bowker - Eric & Ernie (BBC Two) - WINNER
Neil McKay - Appropriate Adult (ITV1)
Steven Moffat - Doctor Who (BBC One)

Judges Awards
Laura Mackie, ITV Director of Drama

Charlie Sheen: 'I haven't fallen off the wagon'

Charlie Sheen: 'I haven't fallen off the wagon'

Charlie Sheen has reportedly insisted that he has not relapsed after appearing to be drunk at a recent concert.

The former Two and a Half Men actor has explained that he had never fully quit drinking alcohol after being spotted intoxicated at a Guns N' Roses show, reports TMZ.

Sheen is said to have told friends that the alcohol at the concert hit him "pretty hard".

"This is what happens when you don't drink very often," he reportedly told a friend.

Charlie Sheen's new FX comedy Anger Management will premiere on Thursday, June 28 with back-to-back episodes.

The actor recently apologised to current Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher for saying that he "sucked" in the CBS sitcom.

Kim Kardashian decides to press charges against flour bomber

Kim Kardashian decides to press charges against flour bomber

Kim Kardashian has reportedly decided to press charges against the individual who flour-bombed her.

The reality TV star was at a Hollywood launch party when an unidentified assailant threw flour over her on Thursday (March 22).

Kardashian said that she wouldn't pursue the matter legally at the time, but later revealed that she was considering a possible lawsuit.

Sources close to the socialite have said that she feels the assailant should be charged over the incident, and that she has not done so already because she did not want to leave the charity event early on Thursday.

She will reportedly contact police in the coming week, as she wants to send out a message that says people should not use violence to put their message across, reports TMZ.

The woman who flour-bombed Kardashian was arrested soon after the incident. PETA, who was rumoured as the source of the attack, has denied any involvement.

Katie Price 'suing Peter Andre over breach of confidence'

Katie Price 'suing Peter Andre over breach of confidence'

Katie Price has reportedly sued ex-husband Peter Andre over "breach of confidence" claims.

The model has also named her ex-manager Claire Powell, CAN Associates Ltd and former friend Jamelah Asmar in papers filed at the High Court.

Price alleges that Andre had misused personal information about her, reports The Mirror.

She is reportedly also seeking an injunction against the lawsuit and information used about her.

"Katie has been trying to reach an agreement but it hasn't happened amicably, so she has gone to the courts instead," a source said.

"She's frustrated, but she hopes that they can all reconcile their problems soon."

Peter Andre had previously sued Katie Price for defamation. She later agreed to pay an undisclosed amount and publicly apologised for public interviews about him.

Katie Price divorced second husband Alex Reid after 14 months earlier this week (March 20).

She confirmed yesterday (March 23) that she has got back together with boyfriend Leandro Penna.

50 years of Steptoe and Son: its influence on 60s and 70s sitcoms

50 years of Steptoe and Son: its influence on 60s and 70s sitcoms

Alex looks back at the new wave of realism that swept sixties and seventies sitcom thanks to Steptoe and Son...

Steptoe and Son had an immense influence on British television comedy, and specifically the writers who created some of the finest sitcoms of the last fifty years.

The fact Steptoe and Son depicted a working-class father and son was truly groundbreaking. To put it into context, the BBC in the early sixties and for many years subsequently, tended to commission safe, middle-class family fare for its main situation comedy offerings. 1963’s The Marriage Lines, was a pleasant but frankly, rather dull, comedy about a newly-married couple by Richard Waring. It starred talented young prospects, Richard Briers and Prunella Scales, the series is not widely remembered as both stars eclipsed these early roles with iconic parts in the seventies sitcoms The Good Life and Fawlty Towers respectively.

There was a sea-change in screen drama at the start of the sixties. The British New Wave, which emphasised a raw, provincial realism in film and television, swept all before it. The BBC modernised and the rather stuffy edict that the BBC should invest in drama that was “good for the audience” was replaced by a more relevant, contemporary approach with the appointment of Sydney Newman, who developed the prestigious long-form drama strand The Wednesday Play. In comedy, the newly launched BBC2 saw the debut of a series which embodied the new wave realism. The Likely Lads (incidentally, the first comedy series to be set outside London), was created by a talented young writing team heavily influenced by Galton and Simpson: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

Clement and La Frenais were keen to translate the nascent, northern realism of films like Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, A Taste of Honey, The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner and Billy Liar (the latter two films featured Likely Lads stars James Bolam and Rodney Bewes respectively) The Likely Lads stemmed from a short sketch called “Double Date” which had impressed BBC2 controller Michael Peacock. It reflected the lives of a couple of young working class men, Terry Collier and Bob Ferris, in northern Britain in 1964, in short, it was exactly the sort of programming Peacock felt his new channel should embrace. Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais cite Steptoe and Son as a huge inspiration behind the creation of The Likely Lads and its even more impressive sequel, 1972’s Whatever Happened to… the Likely Lads?

Clement and La Frenais,  like Galton and Simpson, wrote about men under pressure often in very confined conditions, never more so than in the superlative Ronnie Barker vehicle Porridge which ran from 1974 to 1977. There is a powerful monologue from Fletcher in a particularly fraught scene and Ronnie Barker pretty much plays it straight. Fletcher’s sour reflection of what his life amounts to and his disappointment with his own shortcomings lead him to berate the system. He kicks a chair in sheer frustration. Godber, not used to such behaviour from his usually upbeat cellmate, is concerned. Fletcher calms down and explains things just get to him now and again. He then warns Godber not to be like him, suggesting he bides his time and goes straight. The implication being “a man’s chances in life are significantly better if he’s never been inside”.

Carla Lane’s Liverpudlian flatmate comedy The Liver Birds which began in 1969 was ground-breaking for the time, in turn influencing Man about the House, it originally starred Pauline Collins, who didn’t stay with the series too long and was replaced after the first series by Nerys Hughes as the nervous mummy’s girl Sandra, who balanced the relentlessly chirpy Beryl played by Polly James.

When James left in 1975, Elizabeth Estenson was introduced as Carol Boswell, a rather gauche vision in vibrantly coloured tops, high heeled boots and felt ”Lennon” cap. Carol can be seen as an antecedent of wannabe model Aveline in Lane’s later success Bread which also featured the name “Boswell”  Carla Lane simply thought the name lucky. Carla Lane’s writing, particularly after The Liver Birds, tends to replace poignancy with schmaltz and sentimentality. Here the comedy is balanced with wistful reflection in  the excellent monologues delivered by the ever-engaging Michael Angelis as Lucien Boswell, arguably, a direct descendent of the misanthropic Harold Steptoe.

Butterflies, which first appeared in 1978, the same year The Liver Birds ended, starred Wendy Craig, a veteran of several sixties sitcoms and Geoffrey Palmer, at the time recently seen in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and featured a young Nicholas Lyndhurst. Craig’s housewife Ria, was given to internal monologues, something Peep Show would develop but still quite a new concept in 1978. Ria’s frustrations manifest themselves in her lack of cooking skill which provided much of the comedy yet her feeling of being trapped in a loveless marriage gave rise to controversial scenes where she meets another man. Realism is somewhat lost on the children, however, their dialogue peppered with ”cool” and “groovy” seems about ten years out of date for the late seventies. Carla Lane was writing about a common truth that many housewives felt unsatisfied and longed for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Eric Chappell was a playwright. His biggest success was a west end run of The Banana Box about a seedy unscrupulous landlord and his hapless, wayward tenants. Rooksby was originally played on stage by Wilfrid Brambell then later by Leonard Rossiter. Eventually, the play was transferred to TV by Yorkshire Television in 1974 as Rising Damp. Rossiter made the part of the scruffy, rejected-at-the-altar, Rupert Rigsby (as the character had been renamed) his own. He had appeared in just two episodes of Steptoe and Son but it was his performance in the well-loved episode, The Desperate Hours, about two escaped  convicts who discover prison preferable to the Steptoe’s skint lifestyle, that really showcased his comic ability.

As Rigsby, Leonard Rossiter’s heightened performance bounced off the wonderfully understated performance of Richard Beckinsale as long-haired medical student Alan Moore. Don Warrington’s “son of a chief” Philip, often got the better of Rigsby’s racism and gullibility (a rare, relatively positive portrayal of race in seventies sitcom). Frances De La Tour as the sex- starved, highly strung Ruth Jones was the perfect foil for Rossiter. In real life the two had little in common and were said not to get on, yet their shared scenes are something approaching comedy gold. Rising Damp ran from 1974 to 1978 on TV and became a feature film in 1980 made by Hammer films of all people!

Only When I Laugh, which first appeared in 1979, was a very popular three hander-set in a men’s ward of a hospital. Peter Bowles played the slightly eccentric, effete middle class Archie, Christopher Strauli was the fresh faced Norman, who never grew out of taking a teddy bear to bed and best of all was James Bolam as the workshy waster Roy Figgis who, despite his workshy attitude was proudly working class, a TV critic once observed Figgis is simply Terry Collier on a bad day. The series is also notable for an early appearance of Richard Wilson as Figgis’ nemesis, the put-upon Dr Thorpe.

Perhaps Steptoe’s biggest influence was upon the writer John Sullivan. Working as a scene shifter at the BBC, Sullivan had managed to persuade legendary comedy producer Dennis Main Wilson to look at his script about a would-be revolutionary and his band of followers. Citizen Smith starred a young Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith, the leader of “The Tooting Popular Front”. Members included Smith’s understanding girlfriend Shirley (Cheryl Hall) who ran a record shop; peace loving pacifist Ken, played by Mike Grady was Wolfie’s right hand man; nervous Tucker (Tony Millan) who ran a Mexican restaurant dressed as a cowboy and had umpteen kids and vicious jailbird Speed (George Sweeney) who trusted Smith to look after his girlfriend Desiree, a local stripper, when he spent time inside, which was often.

Like Frankie Barrow in Steptoe and Son, Sullivan added a local villain, Harry Fenning (in the first two series) played by Stephen Grieff and then Ronnie Lynch played by David Garfield. The funniest characters were Shirley’s mum and dad. Charlie Johnson, the magnificent Peter Vaughan, was a security guard who hated the sight of Wolfie calling him “that yeti”, his wife Florence was a sweet but rather confused and naïve lady mistakenly calling Smith “Foxy”. Hilda Braid, who specialised in playing eccentric old ladies was perfect casting. She gets to deliver perhaps the best line in the whole series. Having taken a phone call meant for Wolfie, she looks confused and announces:”Either that was someone called “Tucker” or it was one of those obscene phone calls!”…

Doctor Who fans? Here's something for nothing...

Doctor Who fans? Here's something for nothing...

Sylvester McCoy. Paul McGann. Paul Darrow. A strong Doctor Who link. And it's free? Meet The Minister Of Chance...

Without a budget to support it, but still attracting a cast that includes Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Jenny Agutter and Paul Darrow, The Minister Of Chance is a sci-fi fantasy audio drama, with a strong Doctor Who link.

It’s about a Time Lord, The Minister, who was first introduced in the Doctor Who story Death Comes To Time (where he was played by Stephen Fry).

The Minister’s further adventures are already up to episode two, and now, this ambitious production needs your support. The producers of The Minister Of Chance have made the first two episodes available, entirely free of charge, for you to download and enjoy. And you can get your paws on them right here.

And if you like them? Well, perhaps you might chuck a few quid here, and help them in their quest to get the third episode funded and made.

It’s an excellent series, and well worth supporting.

TV Tonight 25th of March 2012

TV Tonight 25th of March 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    60 Minutes (US) S44E26: "Season 44, Episode 26"
    Aida (PL) S01E04: "Season 1, Episode 4"
    Alaska y Mario S02E02: "Season 2, Episode 2"
    America's Funniest Home Videos S22E18: "Season 22, Episode 18"
    American Dad! S07E15: "Less Money, Mo’ Problems"
    Antiques Roadshow S34E21: "York (2)"
    Army Wives S06E05: "True Colors"
    Austin & Ally S01E12: "Soups & Stars"
    AX Men S05E11: "Man Down"
    Beelzebub S01E60: "I Won`t Say Goodbye"
    Behzat Ç. S02E19: "Geçmişin Arkandan Gelecektir"
    Being Human (UK) S04E08: "The War Child"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E31: "Del 31 (Veckofinal)"
    Big Rich Texas S02E06: "Texas Millionaire Manhunt"
    Bob's Burgers S02E03: "Synchronized Swimming"
    Brave 10 S01E12: "The Brave of Light"
    Breakout Kings S02E04: "Cruz Control"
    Californication S05E11: "The Party"
    Canada's Got Talent S01E08: "TBA"
    Canada's Got Talent S01E07: "TBA"
    Coming Home (US) S02E03: "Hula Homecoming"
    Country Tracks S03E35: "Episode 111"
    CSI: Miami S10E18: "Law and Disorder (1)"
    Cupcake Wars S05E03: "Cupcake Couture"
    Dancing on Ice S07E23: "Series 7, The Final"
    Dateline NBC S21E33: "Su2127"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E193: "Episode 1873"
    Desperate Housewives S08E18: "Any Moment"
    Digimon Xros Wars S03E25: "Now Burn Up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!"
    Eastbound & Down S03E06: "Chapter 19"
    Formula 1 S04E04: "Malaysian Grand Prix Highlights"
    Full Metal Jousting S01E07: "A Killing Machine"
    GCB S01E04: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
    Harry's Law S02E15: "Search and Seize"
    Heartland (CA) S05E18: "Candles in the Wind"
    House of Lies S01E11: "Business"
    Hunter X Hunter Remake S01E24: "The x Zoldyck x Family!"
    Hvem kan slå Aamodt og Kjus? S02E04: "Andreas Ygre Wiig og Ailo Gaup"
    Jerseylicious S04E06: "Tracy's Big Test"
    Kidou Senshi Gundam Age S01E24: "X-Rounder"
    Kontoret S01E07: "Ove föreläser på Linköpings universitet"
    Less Than Kind S03E13: "March Fourth"
    Long Island Medium S02E01: "Season 2, Episode 1"
    Lost Girl S02E21: "Into The Dark"
    Luck S01E09: "Episode Nine"
    Mad Men S05E02: "A Little Kiss (2)"
    Mad Men S05E01: "A Little Kiss (1)"
    Mirai Nikki S01E23: "Episode 23"
    Mob Wives S02E11: "Torn Apart"
    Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku S01E12: "A Return from Eternity"
    My Fair Wedding S05E17: "Under the Sea Bride"
    Nightmare Next Door S02E09: "Murder 101"
    Once Upon a Time S01E17: "Hat Trick"
    One Piece (JP) S06E24: "Episode 24"
    Oprah's Next Chapter S01E13: "Gloria Steinem"
    Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S01E25: "Episode 25"
    Rattlesnake Republic S01E06: "The Final Rattle"
    Rattlesnake Republic S01E05: "The Ultimate Snake Show"
    Rinne no Lagrange S01E12: "Until We Meet Again, in Kamogawa"
    Shahs of Sunset S01E03: "Champagne Wars"
    Shake It Up S02E17: "Parent Trap It Up"
    Shameless (US) S02E11: "Just Like The Pilgrims Intended"
    So Random! S01E26: "Destinee & Paris"
    Tangle S03E01: "Season 3, Episode 1"
    The Amazing Race S20E06: "TBA: Leg 6 - TBD → TBD"
    The Apprentice (US) S12E06: "Party Like a Mock-Star"
    The Cleveland Show S03E15: "The Men in Me"
    The Good Wife S03E19: "Blue Ribbon Panel"
    The Million Pound Drop Live S09E02: "Series 9, Episode 2"
    The Real Housewives Of Atlanta S04E18: "Fresh Princes"
    Time Team S19E10: "Caerleon"
    Titanic (2012) S01E01: "Episode 1"
    Tomtesterom S03E06: "Dirigent"
    Top Gear S18E09: "Compilation - 2"
    Toriko S01E49: "Episode 49"
    Ultimate Dance Battle, The S02E04: "Dance Camp 2"
    Unchained Reaction S01E02: "TBA"
    Unique Eats S04E12: "Pasta"
    Unusual Suspects S03E04: "Innocent Bystander"
    Upstairs Downstairs (2010) S02E06: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E49: "Cynthia Bailey"
    Wild Justice S02E04: "Mile High Marijuana"
    Witse S09E12: "Radeloos"
    Worst Cooks in America S03E07: "Kicked Off By Kinfolk"

A New Coach and a New Threat! Make It Or Break It Heads to the Olympic Training Camp

A New Coach and a New Threat! Make It Or Break It Heads to the Olympic Training Camp

If the Make It or Break It girls thought the road to Nationals was tough, wait until they enter the U.S. Olympic training center. 

When the ABC Family series returns, Kaylie (Josie Loren), Payson (Ayla Kell) and Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) are settling into their new digs as they fight to earn one of just five spots on the Olympic gymnastics team. But with a new and extremely tough coach, stiff competition that's whittled down throughout the season, and no one to lean on but each other, the threesome are in for a rude awakening. "We need to step it up and deal with it," Loren says. Keep reading to find out about all the changes to expect when Season 3 premieres on Monday at 9/8c:

A new location
Say goodbye to The Rock. After clinching the gold at Nationals, the girls are headed to the U.S. Olympic training camp where they'll remain all season. "It's like Make it or Break it goes to college," Loren says.

Returning shows: Where we left off

A new coach
The girls will be trained by the extremely tough-as-nails Coach McIntire (Dondre Whitfield) and it takes them awhile to adjust. "He will never be Sasha Bellov," Loren says. "This guy plays no games, plays no favorites and is all about winning. He plays the game with the desire to win and if that means he'll beat you to the ground, he will."

A new competitor
Kaylie, Payson and Lauren are shocked when the coach lets another gymnast named Jordan (Chelsea Tavares) join the training camp. "Kaylie and Jordan have history and she is not a fan of her at all," Loren says. "A lot of conflict arises [because] she's a huge threat, she's a great gymnast and there are only five spots on the Olympic team."

A new friendship
Kelly Parker (Nicole Anderson) may have been the girls' nemesis last season, but after some bonding at the training camp she becomes an ally. "We have to room together eventually," Loren says. "We don't go head-to-head and it's actually really nice. The friendship that blossoms between Kaylie and Kelly is really beautiful."

ABC Family announces summer premiere dates

A new health scare
When Lauren begins to experience dizzy spells, she's forced to see the doctor. The news is shocking when she learns she has a heart condition that requires surgery.

A new love interest
An eight-week training camp plus lots of athletes means plenty of new hookups — especially considering Payson is getting over a break-up and the revelation that her ex is bisexual. Kell calls Payson's new boyfriend "perfect" for her since he has the same Olympic drive and starts to bring her out of her shell and show her a world outside of gymnastics.

FX Considering TV Adaptation of Fargo

FX Considering TV Adaptation of Fargo

FX is reportedly in early talks with MGM Television to adapt the Oscar-winning film into a TV series, Variety reports.

The Coen brothers' dark comedy starred Frances McDormand as a pregnant police chief investigating a series of murders involving an incompetent car salesman (William H. Macy). Joel and Ethan Coen won the Oscar for original screenplay, while McDormand picked one up for leading actress.

Variety reports that it's unclear whether the studio and FX have a writer in mind to take on the adaptation.

Camille Grammer Not Returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer Not Returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

After spending most of last year in the headlines, Camille Grammer has decided not to return for the third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, People reports.

A source tells the magazine that Grammer was no longer willing to expose her personal life to the masses. "She's at peace with her decision," the source said.

In 2010, Camille and Kelsey Grammer went through a very public separation. Divorce papers were filed in a Los Angeles court in February 2011. Kelsey then wed Kayte Walsh Grammer, who is now expecting twins.

Spartacus Episode 9: Things That Made Us Go "Ew!"

Spartacus Episode 9: Things That Made Us Go "Ew!"

Friday's Spartacus: Vengeance episode is titled "Monsters," and there's no word more appropriate to describe the Romans who bring atrocities upon their enemies... and each other.

In the episode, Ilithyia has returned from being Gannicus-napped and now feels fiercely protective of her unborn child. Lucretia offers Seppia a knife so she can wreak vengeance on Glaber for killing her brother Seppius. But as she strikes, Ilithyia takes the knife and stabs her instead, thus saving her ungrateful hubby's life. We did not see that one coming! Meanwhile, Ashur has figured out where Spartacus and Co. are hiding out, and Glaber's so grateful for the intel, he'll grant Ashur his freedom, the former Batiatus ludus and Lucretia after they defeat Spartacus. (Um, not sure what say Glaber has over Lucretia, but OK.) Varinius makes it to the rebels' hideout by Vesuvius first, but gets captured and then killed. As Spartacus' crew exits by a secret passage, they're attacked by more Romans and flee up the mountain. Glaber vows to wait them out, setting us up for what will be a gloriously gory finale next week.

Let's get to those "Ew!" moments, which are only an appetizer for next week's unsettling feast!

The Blood - The painful highlights:

1. As the Egyptian swoops at Oenomaus, our old Doctore friend blocks his face with his hand. Unfortunately, that means we see the dagger impale both his hand and his eye behind it. Double argh!

2. It's not every day you can kill someone by fireball, but as the rebel's camp is under attack from flying projectiles courtesy of Glaber, Crixus steers prisoner Varinius into harm's way. Varinius never had a chance, and when his body falls, we see his head has sort of a half-face on it, like the Terminator, but with charred, pulpy flesh revealed instead of machinery. He won't be back.

3. Ilithyia is a woman scorned several times over, but we were still freaked out by the ferocity with which she stabbed Seppia and then slit her throat. And thanks to editing magic, we got treated to the slow-mo spray of blood that spread fan-like across our screens as the knife parted Seppia's tender throat until it gaped open like a second mouth.

The Bodies - Usually when the violence escalates, the sex scenes start to dwindle, but trust Ilithyia and Glaber -- the self-described "monsters" -- to really bring the sick and wrong late in the season. As Seppia's freshly discarded corpse floats in the bathing pool, the blood-spattered husband and wife are overcome with lust and just can't help getting it on, propped up by a nearby wall. At least it's good they're not cheating on each other anymore?

Spartacus: Vengeance airs Fridays at 10/9c on Starz.

Fringe Finally Answers the Season-Long Question of How Peter Will Get Home

Fringe Finally Answers the Season-Long Question of How Peter Will Get Home

All along, Fringe fans have been asking the question: How will Peter get home?

Friday's episode proved that we've been asking the wrong question the entire season. The truth is, Peter (Joshua Jackson) has been home the entire time. The question we should've been asking is: How will Peter get everyone to remember him?

In the Season 3 finale, Peter decided not to choose one universe over the other, essentially bridging the two in hopes they would work together to find a solution before they both ended up destroyed. Peter then mysteriously disappeared into thin air, with the Observers noting that he never existed. Well, he did, technically, but only until he died as a boy. His future was essentially erased from the minds of everyone he interacted with, which is why the producers insisted before the fourth season began that the last three seasons were not a wash.

Watching Peter struggle with how he could possibly get home was a season-long misdirection. It's as if the producers magically kept the audience so focused on the one hand that we didn't realize the other hand was pulling the wool over our eyes the whole time. The switcheroo also afforded the Peter-Olivia (Anna Torv) 'shippers a second chance to see them fall in love all over again. Sweet? Yes. Needed? Not necessarily.

It feels not unlike the final season of Lost, where the audience spent much of the year wondering what the alternate-timeline was in which Oceanic 815 did not crash on the island. We saw what life would be like had they landed safely in L.A. In truth, the audience was just watching the pre-purgatory, in which the survivors slowly came to accept that they inevitably died and waited for each other in the shiny church to finally move on to... the afterlife? Heaven?

Many of those Lost fans felt cheated, not having received overall series answers. Do you feel cheated now knowing you were asking the wrong question? Or did you enjoy the reveal? Sound off in the comments.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.

Constantine Maroulis Gets 'Lost in Love' in Air Supply Musical

Constantine Maroulis Gets 'Lost in Love' in Air Supply Musical

The American Idol Season 4 finalist and Broadway star of "Jekyll and Hyde," "Rock of Ages" and the "Toxic Avenger" takes on new role in show based on the music of Air Supply.

Constantine Maroulis is heading back to Broadway next month, as the American Idol season 4 sixth place finalist has been cast in the role of Eduardo for a table-read of the new musical, Lost in Love, based on the music of Air Supply.

Graham Russell, who composed "All Out of Love," "Lost in Love" and many of Air Supply's hits, has written four new songs for the musical and is working hands-on with book writer Melissa Bell in developing the new musical, with Robyn Lee to direct.

Maroulis, who is slated to star in a revival of Jekyll & Hyde this fall, will lead the private table reading of the show next month in New York City. He recently wrapped a starring role in The Toxic Avenger (with music by Bon Jovi keyboardist and Memphis songwriter, David Bryan)  at the Alley Theatre in Houston.

The Air Supply-American Idol connection dates back to Maroulis' season when Carrie Underwood wowed audiences with her own take on the group's "Making Love Out of Nothing at All."

Lost in Love is set in England in the early 1900s and has a Downton Abbey feel. As royalty and emerging American wealth collide, a man and a woman must follow tradition or live for love. Maroulis plays Eduardo, a charming Italian prince, in title, but with little means of financial support.

In other news, Maroulis is a confirmed guest for Monday night's "Miscast Gala" at the Hammerstein Ballroon in New York City.

The annual MCC Theater event brings together Broadway stars to perform songs from shows and roles in which they'd never be cast. Hosted by Lewis Black, the show, which begins at 6:30 p.m., will also honor the authors of the musical Carrie — Academy Award-winning composer Michael Gore, Academy Award-winning lyricist Dean Pitchford and screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen — for their "bold, daring, risk-taking spirit."

In addition to Maroulis (Rock of Ages, Jekyll & Hyde), the event will feature performances by Jonathan Groff (Glee, Spring Awakening), Megan Hilty (Smash, 9 to 5), Tony Award-winner Nikki M. James (The Book of Mormon), Josh Gad (Modern Family, The Book of Mormon), Norm Lewis (Porgy and Bess), Jan Maxwell (Follies, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Rory O'Malley (The Book of Mormon) and Nicole Parker (MadTV, Wicked). blasts 'X Factor' culture: 'Cher Lloyd should've been huge' blasts 'X Factor' culture: 'Cher Lloyd should've been huge' has claimed that Simon Cowell's X Factor fails to produce stars.

The Black Eyed Peas singer, a coach on the BBC's new talent show The Voice, believes that 2010 X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd should have been supported more by Syco.

"I love Cher Lloyd - she should have been the biggest star in the world," he told The Mirror. "She should have had the coolest freaking music."

The 'Check It Out' artist went on: "It's like they put them out, juice them, juice them, juice them, and give people something to watch on TV. Then, who is making sure she has the right material? That is wrong."

Referring to his role on The Voice UK, added: "I told every person on my team that I am going to try my hardest to see their career is jump-started or revitalised regardless of whether they win or not."

BBC One's The Voice and Cowell's Britain's Got Talent on ITV are to go head-to-head tonight.

Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen To Run CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Super Fun Night’

Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen To Run CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Super Fun Night’

Former Friends executive producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen have come on board Rebel Wilson’s CBS comedy pilot Super Fun Night as executive producers/showrunners. The deal is for the pilot, with an option for them to stay on if the project is picked up to series. Written by and starring Wilson, Super Fun Night, from Warner Bros TV and Conan O’Brien’s Conaco, follows three nerdy female friends — Kimmie (Wilson), Helen-Alice (Jenny Slate) and Marika — on their “funcomfortable” quest to have super fun every Friday night. Reich and Cohen have been based at Warner Bros., most recently creating and executive producing the studio’s ABC comedy series Work It.

Jaime Pressly Joins NBC Pilot ‘Bad Girls’, CW’s ‘Shelter’ Adds Duo

Jaime Pressly Joins NBC Pilot ‘Bad Girls’, CW’s ‘Shelter’ Adds Duo

I Hate My Teenage Daughter star Jaime Pressly is making a dramatic turn with a co-starring role in NBC’s drama pilot Bad Girls. Adapted from the long-running UK series, the John Wells/Warner Bros. TV project follows the ins and outs of a group of unlikely women in a federal prison. Pressly will play prison warden Melinda, a sexy, ominous woman with a sadistic streak enjoying cat-and-mouse games with her inmates who are terrified by her. The project is formally in second position to Fox’s Teenage Daughter, which also is produced by Warner Bros. The freshman comedy has been de facto cancelled after Fox pulled it from the schedule earlier this week. This marks Pressly’s return to NBC where she co-starred on comedy My Name Is Earl, which earned her an Emmy.

Newcomer Hannah New and Eka Darville have landed lead roles in the CW’s Mark Schwahn/J.J. Abrams drama pilot Shelter. Produced by Warner Bros TV, Shelter is set at historic New England summer resort Shelter Bay where the new and returning staff attend to the practical, emotional and often comical needs of the guests while navigating friendships, rivalries and romances of their own. New will play the lead role of Kathryn Gilchrist, who is at Shelter Bay for her wedding. This marks the first acting gig in her native language for English-born New, who recently graduated from London’s Central School of Speech and Drama with a Masters with Distinction. Fluent in Spanish and Catalan, New began her acting career in Spain where she will next be seen in the 11-part period mini-series El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time Between) on Spain’s Antena 3. She is repped by UK’s Creative Artists Management, manager Stacey Castro and attorney Lev Ginsburg. Aussie Darville, managed by Peter McGrath, will play Bobby Repeta, a local who lives at Shelter Bay year-round and works at the bay as a fisherman. He recurred on Terra Nova and Spartacus: Vengeance and recently wrapped the indie Mister Pip, in which he plays the title role opposite Hugh Laurie.

Louie Spence: 'Chico has no chance of winning Dancing on Ice'

Louie Spence: 'Chico has no chance of winning Dancing on Ice'

Louie Spence has predicted that Chico will depart first in the Dancing on Ice final tomorrow night (March 25).

The skating show judge told ITV's Daybreak that the winner will be either Matthew Wolfenden or Jorgie Porter.

Spence said: "Matthew and Jorgie have some form of dance training, whereas Chico - what does he do?"

The Pineapple Dance Studios entertainer added that Chico has "no chance" of lifting the crown.

However, the 42-year-old conceded that the former X Factor contestant has "not done badly" to reach the final.

Without extensive preparation, Chico joined the show to replace the injured Chesney Hawkes in January.

RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Fringe’ Hits New Low

RATINGS RAT RACE: ‘Fringe’ Hits New Low

Fox’s Fringe (0.9/3) was rusty in its return from hiatus, down 25% from its winter finale a month ago. It was hindered by a weak lead-in, Kitchen Nightmares  (1.0/4), which was inexplicably low for an original, tied with NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? at 8 PM. Fringe also faced atypical competition, CBS’ NCAA basketball coverage, which is expected to win the night.

Or maybe Fringe fans didn’t get the memo that their show was back or were out helping make Hunger Games a rare March blockbuster. Fringe‘s time slot rival, the CW’s Supernatural (0.6/2) also hit a low, while Nikita (0.5/2) was up a tenth. ABC’s Shark Tank (1.5/5) was down 12%, but both of the network’s newsmagazines were up, leading ABC to a five-week Friday high in 18-49.

'Tracy Beaker Returns' bows out with high ratings for CBBC

'Tracy Beaker Returns' bows out with high ratings for CBBC

CBBC's final ever Tracy Beaker Returns pulled in a bumper audience yesterday, early overnight data reveals.

Starring Dani Harmer, the BAFTA-winning series concluded with its highest ever audience of 564k (2.3%) at 6pm, making it the third most-watched multichannel show of the day.

Only The Big Bang Theory (583k/3.1%) on E4 (+1: 193k/0.9%) and ITV3's Midsomer Murders (829k/4.1%) performed better.

Sport Relief dominated the terrestrial ratings with an average of 5.8m (25.8%) from 7pm, down on the 7.8m who tuned in over the same time period in 2010.

Featuring Miranda Hart and the cast of Outnumbered, the charity telethon gave BBC Two its best audience of the night (3.47m/17.5%) when it switched over at 10pm.

As well as ITV's soaps, Benidorm was severely dented by BBC One, plummeting to 4.94m (21.8%) in the 9pm hour. However, a greater-than-usual 435k (2.4%) caught the sitcom's latest episode on ITV1 +1.

Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers held steady for Channel 5 with 1.32m (5.7%) at 8pm (+1: 145k/0.6%), then The Mentalist took 1.33m (5.8%) at 9pm (+1: 115k/0.6%).

Come Dine with Me was Channel 4's best-rated primetime programme with 1.14m (4.9%) in the 8pm hour, adding a further 173k (0.8%) on timeshift.

Overall, BBC One claimed a rare Friday win with a share of 24.9% in primetime, beating ITV1's 21.9% (+1: 1%). BBC Two retained its third position with 7.4%, ahead of Channel 5's 4.3% (+1: 0.3%), and Channel 4's 4.1% (+1: 0.7%).

Will AOL Sell Its “Beachfront” Patents?

Will AOL Sell Its “Beachfront” Patents?

The company’s thinking seriously about it — so much so that it hired Evercore Partners to explore a sale of more than 800 patents and consider other strategic options, Bloomberg reports citing “three people with knowledge of the situation.”

They also tell the news service that private equity firms Providence Equity Partners, TPG Capital and Silver Lake are trying to interest AOL in a plan to go private. The news about the patents follows CEO Tim Armstrong’s comment at an investor conference two weeks ago that AOL’s portfolio is like “beachfront property in East Hampton.”

He added that “when we were spinning out of Time Warner this was a huge negotiation.” The patents involve a wide range of Internet-based activities in areas including e-commerce, travel navigation, and search-related advertising. But last month Starboard Value, which owns 5.2% of AOL, said in a letter to the board that the properties have been “unrecognized and underutilized.” The portfolio “could produce in excess of $1 billion of licensing income if appropriately harvested and monetized,” the investor group said. AOL shares have been steadily recovering from a steep drop in August when it reported that its investments in new ventures, including local news service Patch, contributed to quarterly earnings that were far below analyst expectations. AOL’s -7.4% over the last 12 months, but it’s +22.5% since the beginning of 2012.

Sport Relief raises over £50 million as night closes

Sport Relief raises over £50 million as night closes

Over £50 million has been raised for this year's Sport Relief so far.

Last night's (March 23) telethon closed with a grand total of £50,447,197 of donated money, smashing the last total of £29,323,818.

David Walliams's 'Big Swim' and John Bishop's 'Hell' marathon have attracted increased awareness, with Bishop's triumph raising £3.5m alone for the charity appeal this year.

Fearne Cotton said after the announcement: "What an amazing, stunning total. We always hope to beat the previous amount, but to do it so spectacularly is just incredible.

"Huge thanks to the British public who, once again, have shown enormous generosity to help those in need."

Friday night's BBC One show featured special mini-episodes of Miranda and Outnumbered, as well as a Benidorm/Britain's Got Talent crossover starring Simon Cowell.

Whoawhoawewa! Fake Kazakhstan Anthem From ‘Borat’ Played At Sports Competition

Whoawhoawewa! Fake Kazakhstan Anthem From ‘Borat’ Played At Sports Competition

After the Kim Jong-il ashes-spilling stint at the Oscars, Sacha Baron Cohen is getting more free publicity for his upcoming comedy The Dictator. The spoof Kazakh anthem from Cohen’s 2006 hit Borat instead of the real one played during a medal ceremony at the Arab Shooting Championships in Kuwait.

A Kazakhstan official called the incident “a scandal”, demanding an investigation. After the flap was discovered, the organizers apologized and the awards ceremony was repeated with the right anthem, but the the clip, showing baffled winner Maria Dmitrienko listening to lyrics like: “Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world/All other countries are run by little girls….Kazakhstan, prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course for Turkmenistan’s/Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from plains of tarashenk to northern fence of jewtown/Come grasp the mighty phenis of our leader, from juction with testes to tip of its face” has gone viral.

As a bonus, the incident took place in the Middle East which, of course, is the setting of The Dictator.

Simon Cowell to lead five-strong 'X Factor' panel, says Sinitta

Simon Cowell to lead five-strong 'X Factor' panel, says Sinitta

Simon Cowell will definitely return to the UK's X Factor this summer, according to close friend Sinitta.

The 'So Macho' singer, who starred in last year's I'm a Celebrity, claimed that Cowell is hoping his presence will help the show overtake Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings.

"Simon plans to be back, along with last year's judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh," she told Closer.

Referring to last year's ratings defeats to BBC rival Strictly Come Dancing, Sinitta added: "He likes winning, so he's set on beating Strictly in the ratings."

However, the 43-year-old believes that the Syco boss will not commit to the show in the long term "because he's so busy".

Cowell recently revealed that he is thinking of replacing the X Factor format with something "new" in 2013.

The music mogul had previously outlined his desire to renew the contracts of the 2011 judging panel.

'Doctor Who' Amy, Rory final episode to be filmed in New York

'Doctor Who' Amy, Rory final episode to be filmed in New York

The final Doctor Who episode featuring Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will be filmed in New York.

The shooting location was confirmed at the official Doctor Who convention in Cardiff by executive producer Caroline Skinner.

The fifth episode of the seventh series will be the last to feature the characters of Amy Pond (Gillan) and Rory Williams (Darvill).

It will also mark the return of the Weeping Angels, with showrunner Stephen Moffat teasing: "Not everybody gets out alive - and I mean it this time!"

Jenna-Louise Coleman was unveiled as the new Doctor Who companion earlier this week, with her debut scheduled for Christmas.

ITV desperate for more 'Harry Hill's TV Burp', says insider

ITV desperate for more 'Harry Hill's TV Burp', says insider

ITV has still not given up home of persuading Harry Hill to continue his TV Burp series, an insider claims.

Fans who watched the live recording for tonight's (March 24) episode have claimed it will definitely be the show's final edition.

However, according to The Mirror, the commercial broadcaster plans "many more discussions" with the comic over the next month.

Tonight, Hill will host a "huge" finale for the award-winning clip show, which is widely expected to come to an end after 11 years.

The final episode will feature cameos from ex-EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison, who played TV Burp icon Heather Trott, and Big Brother star Brian Belo.

An ITV source claimed: "Harry has been a hugely popular part of the ITV schedule for many years, and the management would undoubtedly prefer him to stay here.

"There will be many more discussions with Harry over the coming weeks, and we are hopeful a deal can yet be reached."

The 47-year-old is apparently working on a new ITV sports panel game with Alistair McGowan.

Meanwhile, last month a report alleged that Hill is on the verge of signing a £2 million deal with Channel 4 to front two major projects.