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zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Annie Lennox, Lulu 'in running for Voice UK second series'

Annie Lennox and Lulu are reportedly being targeted by the BBC as potential replacements for the Voice UK coaching panel.

Following a drop in ratings during the reality show's live shows, BBC One controller Danny Cohen is apparently considering making switches to the stars on the show, reports the Daily Mail.

Lulu - The singer, currently starring in Strictly Come Dancing, turns 63 on Thursday.

The Eurythmics singer has previously been outspoken about Simon Cowell's talent shows, but it is believed she could be tempted because of her relationship with record label Universal, who work with the show's winning act.

Lulu has previously worked with the BBC as a judge on reality series Just the Two of Us in 2006 and as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Mail piece claims that Jessie J may not return because of her rumoured frosty relationship with producers and Cohen. Meanwhile, Reggie Yates's role as co-host is also allegedly under threat.

Auditions details for the second series of The Voice UK were announced and released by the BBC yesterday (June 7), but the coaches are not expected to be confirmed until much later this year.

ABC's Attempt to Delay CBS' 'Glass House' Restraining Order Shot Down by Judge

It's crunch time for ABC and its upcoming "Big Brother"-like reality show "Glass House."

Federal judge Gary Feess shot down ABC's effort to delay CBS' temporary restraining order against "Glass House" on Friday, ruling that ABC has until 5 p.m. Monday to file any opposition to the restraining order.

Also read: CBS Asks Judge to Stop ABC's "Big Brother"-Like "Glass House" From Airing

CBS filed for its restraining order to block ABC from airing the series on Friday. ABC responded with an application to reschedule the briefing schedule and hearing on CBS's TRO application shortly thereafter.

However, Judge Feess sided with CBS.

Also read: CBS Sues ABC Over "Big Brother"-Like Reality Series

CBS sued ABC last month, claiming that "Glass House" bears a little too much resemblance to "Big Brother," noting that numerous former employers from "Big Brother" are working on the new series and suggesting that they used proprietary information to develop "Glass House."

In the suit, CBS is asking that ABC and the other defendants be enjoined from using CBS' confidential information and surrender all copyrighted material and trade secrets they may have. The network is also asking for $500,000 each from the former "Big Brother" employees for allegedly breaching their confidentiality agreements, plus undisclosed damages, attorneys' fees and court costs.

ABC has denied that "Glass House" is a copycat series.

"We believe there is no merit to this lawsuit," the network said in a statement provided to TheWrap last month. "The differences between 'Glass House' and 'Big Brother' are both fundamental and obvious, ranging from 'Glass House's' interactive elements and audience participation to its deployment of cutting edge technologies."

"Glass House" is scheduled to premiere on June 18. For now, anyway.

Luke Anderson's parents proud of son's Big Brother stint

Big Brother housemate Luke Anderson's parents have spoken of their pride at their son's decision to go into the Big Brother house and talk about being transgender.

Anderson, 31, has spoken to nearly all his fellow housemates about his switch from being a female to a male on the Channel 5 reality show.

Bill and Christine Anderson have told the Daily Star that they never had any issues with Luke's decision to have surgery and switch genders.

"I had lost a daughter - and a gorgeous-looking girl at that. But I had also gained another son and we both knew at last he was happy," said Bill.

"When you are a parent anything your child does, you love them unconditionally. You want the best for them and you carry that through."

Luke is not the first transgender Big Brother housemate. Nadia Almada, who went on to win the fifth series on Channel 4, was born a boy.

'Modern Family' Producer Abraham Higginbotham Strikes Overall Deal With 20th TV

Abraham Higginbotham, co-executive producer of "Modern Family," has struck a two-year overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television, TheWrap has confirmed.

Under the pact, Higginbotham will be elevated to executive producer and will develop projects for 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the ABC hit.

Earlier this week, "Modern Family's" Jeff Richman received a similar deal with 20th Century Fox Television.

Higginbotham has been with "Modern Family" since 2010. His resume includes a stint as a co-executive producer on the Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton comedy "Back to You" -- which, like "Modern Family," was created by Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd.

Henry Ian Cusick Not Returning to 'Scandal' for 2nd Season

Henry Ian Cusick is done being "Scandal"-ized.

"Lost" alum Cusick will not return to ABC's drama "Scandal" for its second season, TheWrap has confirmed.

On the Shonda Rhimes-created series -- which stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a former White House communications director who goes into private practice with a crisis-management firm -- Cusick played Stephen Finch, a womanizing employee of Pope's.

No word on how Finch's character will be handled -- or not handled -- in the show's second season.However, the show has elevated Joshua Malina -- who plays David Rosen on the series -- from recurring to regular cast member for the second season.

Cusick's upcoming projects include the upcoming thriller "The Girl on the Train" about a documentary filmmaker whose life takes a dramatic turn after a chance encounter with a mysterious woman.

Consumer Watchdog Urges FCC to Preserve Viewability Rule

Cable customers should not be forced to pay additional fees for the converter boxes that would be needed for them to continue receiving broadcast TV signals, if the FCC’s viewability rule is allowed to expire, the watchdog Consumers Union said Friday.

As TheWrap reported on Thursday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to eliminate the viewability rule -- a regulation that requires cable TV operators to ensure that all of their customers have access to local must-carry TV signals.

The chairman’s proposal came after pressure from broadcasters who feared that the regulation would expire as scheduled on June 12, hurting smaller independent and foreign-language stations.

Genachowski's proposal would instead phase out the regulations over six months. After that date, cable’s analog TV subscribers would have to use digital-to-analog converter boxes to continue receiving the broadcast TV must-carry signals.

Cable operators would be free to charge customers for the boxes, though the proposal suggests that the boxes be low-cost.

“Put simply, this proposal means higher cable bills for consumers,” said Parul Desai, Consumers Union policy counsel, in a statement.

“Consumers already face mounting cable bills, with many of them already paying monthly fees for their current cable boxes,” Desai said. “This proposal would just add to that, with no guidelines as to what ‘low-cost’ really means.”

The FCC had no immediate comment.

“Ending the viewability rule would threaten the financial viability of scores of local TV stations that are a source for the most diverse programming on television," said Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, which wants the FCC to extend the viewability rule -- established in 2007 to ensure that all 58 million cable TV subscribers have access to local must-carry signals -- for another three years.

"But more importantly, it would reward Time Warner Cable and others for refusing to upgrade their systems from analog to digital," Wharton said. "Requiring millions of people to lease yet another box -- and pay yet another monthly cable fee -- can hardly be considered in the public interest.” 

Not everyone agreed.

“Continuing analog carriage of these must-carry channels will not benefit the vast majority of consumers who want that capacity used for high-definition, faster broadband, video on demand and other interactive services,” said Brian Dietz, a spokesman for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which has been urging the FCC to let the viewability rule expire.

“Cable operators have made clear that they will continue to make available low-cost digital converter boxes so customers can view must-carry signals that are being provided only in digital format.”

Fearne Cotton: 'Grown men who slag me off are bullies'

Fearne Cotton has described people who criticise her work as "bullies".

The TV presenter has been singled out by some for her role in the BBC's coverage of the Diamond Jubilee last weekend.

"People who sit lazily and judge others will never grow. They'll never take a look at themselves or feel content. Shame so many do," Cotton said on Twitter.

"Grown men who slag me off in articles/online are huge bullies. I love my job and wouldnt be doing it if i wasnt any good at it. (sic)"

She added: "Im a postive person who believes in treating people kindly. I dont understnad the mentality of others who think differently. Good vibes and happiness all round."

When one Twitter user told Cotton that she was "pretty rubbish on the Pageant day" and urged her to "find a new career" if she could not see why, she responded: "Right this is what im talking about. YOU=bully. Take a look at yourself. I have been working nonstop for 15 years thank you."

Cotton continued: "Thanks for your nice tweets guys! I was bullied at school so there's no way im having it again as a grown woman.

"Im from a working class family and have worked hard to get to where i am today. Others will just sit and do nothing but judge.

"In my last few tweets i have not said people cant have an opinion. Opinions are one thing, out right bullying is another. VERY different"

The TV presenter and DJ was recently criticised by her BBC radio colleague Huey Morgan following her Gold Sony Radio Academy Award for 'Best Music Programme', though the Fun Lovin' Criminals star later apologised for his remarks.

Cotton has previously dismissed critics of her past work as "odd people" who are "bitter and angry", claiming that they are "famous for slagging people off".

She also revealed that she was bullied by older girls at school for her early TV career in The Disney Club and Diggit.

Grace Jones 'wanted for I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here'

Grace Jones is reportedly on the top of the producers' list for this year's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

The 64-year-old singer impressed ITV1 bosses after becoming a highlight of last Monday's Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Jones's hula-hoop dancing performance has led to an offer of £250,000 to appear in the latest series, reports The Sun.

"We've wanted Grace for years as she is perfect for I'm A Celebrity," said a show source. "We all watched her incredible performance at the Jubilee gig and it reminded us just how brilliant she is.

"She'd power through those Bushtucker trials like nobody's business - or just throw a diva strop. The prospect of Ant and Dec getting to grips with her antics every night would be TV gold."

The upcoming 12th series of the celebrity reality show will air in November, with producers allegedly attempting to bring in some big names to compete with BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing.

"We've got the chequebook out and are in talks," the insider added. "Our only proviso would be that she has to bring that hula hoop into the jungle as her luxury item."

Big Brother's Scott infatuated with Arron

Big Brother's only gay contestant Scott Mason has declared his love for Arron Lowe.

The Exeter University student confessed his feelings to Caroline Wharram while brushing his teeth.

Scott revealed: "I'm gonna love Arron for the rest of my life. And don't worry, I'm going to bring all that 'gay', I'm going to bring that out.

"We've had our little exchange of glances - I know what's going on in that mind. But all I'll say is, I think there's [something between us].

"It's just me in this little imaginary world I'm in, 'Oh, Arron loves me! I love Arron - let's get together'.

"Oh yes, one flick of the hair and a smile at me and that's it. I'm just like a little giggling schoolgirl. Well I'm like that most of the time anyway."

TV Tonight 9th of June 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    8 out of 10 cats S13E07: "Jubilee Special"
    All Girls Garage S01E09: "Under the Hood"
    America's Test Kitchen S12E23: "Southeast Asian Favorites"
    Area no Kishi S01E23: "Episode 23"
    Euro 2012 S01E03: "Netherlands v Denmark"
    Euro 2012 S01E05: "Day 2 - Highlights"
    Euro 2012 S01E04: "Germany v Portugal"
    Beyblade: Metal Fusion S02E44: "Conclusion! Ginga vs. Damian"
    Big Brother (UK) S14E06: "BB 13, Episode 6"
    Big Brother's Bit on the Side S05E05: "Series 5, Show 5"
    Bleach (US) S13E28: "A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Fiends"
    Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures S01E00: "Epic Break-Up, Parts 1 & 2"
    Celebrity Ghost Stories S04E02
    Dan vs. S02E16: "Dan Vs. Gigundo-Mart"
    Deal Or No Deal (UK) S07E259: "Episode 1939"
    Dog the Bounty Hunter S08E26: "Behind the Scenes, Part 1"
    Dog the Bounty Hunter S08E27: "Behind the Scenes, Part 2"
    Euro 2012 S01E10: "Highlights"
    Fairy Tail S03E39: "Labyrinth Rhapsody"
    Fate/Zero S02E10: "The Sea at the End of the World"
    Flipped Off S01E06: "Deal or No Deal"
    Formula 1 S04E16: "Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights"
    How To Be a Gentleman S01E07: "How to Get Along With Your Boss’s New Girlfriend"
    iCarly S06E06: "iBattle Chip"
    Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters S01E02: "The Natural - Part 2"
    Kuroko no Basuke S01E10: "I Can't Have That"
    Match of The Day S47E60: "Euro 2012 - Germany v Portugal"
    Match of The Day S47E59: "Euro 2012 - Netherlands v Denmark"
    My Big Redneck Vacation S02E02: "The Island Of Misfit Redneck Toys"
    My Ghost Story S03E19: "Caught on Camera: #36"
    Oddities S03E20: "Keeping Austin Odd"
    Saint Seiya Omega S01E11: "Protect Aria! The attack of Sonia, the pursuer!"
    Saturday Kitchen S10E50: "June 9, 2012"
    Spike Guys Choice S01E06: "Spike TV's Guy Choice Awards 2012"
    Tanked S02E08: "Where the Wild Things Are"
    The Legend of Korra S01E09: "Out of the Past"
    Thundercats (2011) S01E25: "What Lies Above, Part 1"
    Upotte!! S01E10: "And Then, Upotte!!"
    Victorious S03E11: "Crazy Ponnie"
    You Cannot Be Serious! S01E02: "Episode 2"
    You've Been Framed S19E30: "June 9, 2012"
    Young Justice S02E07: "Depths"

ITV's Prince William documentary attracts 6.1 million

William at 30, a programme documenting the life of Prince William, has become ITV's highest-rated factual programme this year so far.

The Thursday night one-off, airing yesterday evening (June 7) at 9pm, picked up 5.73m (25.5%) and a further 378k (2.1%) on ITV1 +1 an hour later.

Interest in William's life story outmatched that of the Queen, whose ITV programme fetched 5.1m last Friday (June 1).

Over on BBC One, a repeat of hit period drama Call the Midwife could only muster 1.94m (8.6%), but the BBC News still managed to win its slot with 3.2m (16%), beating News at Ten's 2.73m (14.1%) for ITV1 (+1: 225k/2%).

Griff Rhys Jones vehicle Britain's Lost Routes - which faced the might of ITV's soap zone - continued with 2.43m (10.6%) in the 8pm hour.

Big Brother was solid for Channel 5 with 1.44m (8%) at 10pm, prior to which Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars launched with 865k (3.9%). Cowboy Builders had 651k (2.8%) at 8pm.

Great British Menu climbed to 2.09m (10%) on BBC Two at 8pm, then Springwatch (2.03m/8.8%) and Springwatch Unsprung (1.62m/7.2%) held steady audiences, before 1.78m (8.5%) caught The London Markets at 9.30pm.

Phil Spencer: Secret Agent rallied to 1.25m (5.5%) on Channel 4 at 8pm (+1: 165k/0.7%), and The House the 50s Built interested 1.31m (5.8%) from 9pm (+1: 281k/1.6%).

Overall, ITV1 dominated primetime with 23.3% (+1: 0.9%), beating BBC One's 15.2%. BBC Two claimed third place with 7.8%, followed by Channel 4's 4.8% (+1: 0.9%), and Channel 5's 3.8% (+1: 0.2%).

The Big Bang Theory was the most-watched show on the multichannels with 1.22m (5.4%) for E4 at 8pm (+1: 341k/1.5%), while Russell Howard's Good News amused 965k (4.3%) at 9pm and a slot-winning 469k (14.7%) in the graveyard junction of 1am.

Howard's audience at 9pm was over eight times as much as that of ITV2's The Exclusives, which rumbled on with a woeful 118k (0.5%). BBC Three averaged 3.1%, while E4 had 2.4% (+1: 1%).

Becky Hannon enters Big Brother house as wildcard choice

Becky Hannon has won the wildcard vote to enter the Big Brother house.

Hot on the heels of Victoria Eisermann's departure, the bubbly 19-year-old student has joined the original housemates after defeating Bhavesh and Anthony in a public vote.

On being told that she had been voted in, she said: "I am in complete shock."

She was then let loose in the house, shouting "Come on you b**tards!" as she entered.

The new contestant ran screaming through the house and jumped into the pool in her evening dress.

Caroline Wharram then came to the side of the pool and said of the just-departed Victoria: "We just got rid of someone who was very annoying."

She added: "She had these silly viewpoints."

Becky is a self-confessed "nosy bitch" and promised before going in that she would get the housemates "ship shape". She has also said that she will be nominated for "farting and burping".

Lindsay Lohan Released From Hospital After Car Crash

Lindsay Lohan has been released from the hospital after being involved in a car crash on Friday, the actress' spokesman told TheWrap. According to the spokesman, Lohan is "fine" and heading back to the set of her upcoming Ellizabeth Taylor biopic "Liz & Dick."

Read the publicist's full statement below:

"Lindsay was involved in an automobile accident today on her way to the set. She was brought to Santa Monica UCLA hospital as a precaution. She is fine and was released less than two hours later and is already headed back to the set to resume work. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident."


Lindsay Lohan has been hospitalized following a car accident Friday, according to TMZ.

The accident occurred at approximately noon on Friday, when Lohan's Porsche slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway. Lohan's condition is currently unknown.

Photos published by TMZ indicate that Lohan's car sustained considerable damage, with its front bumper completely detached from the vehicle and the passenger window shattered.

Lohan's spokesman has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

The actress, 25, has recently been filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic "Liz & Dick" for Lifetime, which began principal photography in Los Angeles this week. She stars opposite Grant Bowler, who's portraying Taylor's husband, Richard Burton.

A spokesman for Lifetime told TheWrap that the network's primary concern is for the victims of the accident.

"First and foremost, we're concerned about the well-being of Lindsay and anyone else who might have been involved in ths accident," the spokesman said. "Lindsay has been doing fantastic work on the set of 'Liz & Dick,' and we have no further comment."

TMZ cites witnesses who say that Lohan and her assistant, who was a passenger in the car, were both bleeding and bruised at the scene. Her assistant is also being transported to the hospital via ambulance, though Lohan herself was not brought to the hospital via ambulance.

Robert Pattinson Regrets Calling Adele a Slacker

Robert Pattinson might be the very embodiment of perfection to millions of Twi-hards across the world, but rest assured: He's capable of making mistakes.

The "Twilight" star appeared on CBC Television's "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" this week to promote his latest film, the David Cronenberg-directed "Cosmopolis," and revealed an embarrassing moment when he insisted to "Rolling in the Deep" singer Adele that she could really make something of herself if only she'd show a little ambition.

Yes, that Adele. The one who earned her six Grammys last year, and whose album "21" set several chart records.

"I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever said," Pattinson said of the exchange. "I was like, 'You know, you could really just reach for it!' And she said, 'You do realize that I'm the biggest-selling female artist ever?' For some reason, I decided to get into an argument with her about it."


Broaching the possibility that alcohol maybe, just maybe, could have been involved, host George Stroumboulopoulos asked, "How did that happen? Two o'clock in the morning somewhere?"

"Yeah, and then waking up kind of really, really regretting every word I said," Pattinson admitted.

Don Draper Joins the AMC-Dish Battle

The feud between AMC and Dish has just taken a really cutthroat turn: Now Don Draper has joined the fray.

"Mad Men's" resident alpha male is featured in an ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, urging Dish subscribers to raise up their pitchforks and torches and demand that AMC be kept on Dish's slate.

Also read: Dish-AMC Network Battle Heats Up: Dish Pushes AMC Networks to the Back of the Dial

"You should be getting MAD," the ad reads. "Dish Network is dropping AMC. Dish subscribers may miss the highly anticipated finale of the Emmy Award-winning series 'Mad Men.' Tell Dish that you're really mad!"

The season finale of "Mad Men" airs on Sunday.

The Draper ad is the first in a campaign intended to inform Dish customers how they can demand that Dish not drop AMC, WEtv and IFC, and also to ask that Sundance be added back to Dish's service.

AMC and the satellite provider have been locked in an increasingly heated battle, with Dish threatening to drop AMC's networks when their contract runs out this month. And earlier this week, Dish pushed AMC's networks to the outer reaches of its channel listings, forcing fans of AMC to do a whole lotta scrolling if they want to watch "Mad Men" and other AMC-related fare.

AMC has maintained that Dish is acting out of retaliation over a lawsuit with Voom HD, an indirect subsidiary of AMC Networks.

"It is unfortunate that, in retaliation for an unrelated lawsuit, Dish is punishing its customers by threatening to drop the AMC Networks, and with this sudden, dramatic change in channel position, making it extremely difficult for their customers to find and watch some of the most popular and acclaimed shows on television," AMC told TheWrap in a statement.

One can only imagine how Draper's pitch for this ad would have gone if it were pitched on an episode of "Mad Men."

Carolynne Poole makes 'X Factor' 2012 return

Previous X Factor hopeful Carolynne Poole has made a return to the 2012 series of the show.

The singer, who previously took part in BBC's Fame Academy as well as reaching last year's Boot Camp stage of the competition, is hoping to progress further second time around.

Louis Walsh opted not to take Poole through to the live shows last year, controversially picking the eccentric Goldie Cheung instead. When Cheung pulled out of the competition, Walsh brought back Sami Brookes rather than Poole.

The 31-year-old country singer performed a rendition of Miley Cyrus hit 'The Climb' at the start of the competition last year, which was praised by Gary Barlow for being "an amazing audition".

More recently Poole landed a minor role in ITV1 soap Emmerdale.

Poole's celebrity friend Lucy-Jo Hudson took to Twitter yesterday (June 7) to confirm the singer's return to the ITV1 show, posting: "So proud of my bezzy @CarolynnePoole tonight. She was amazing at the XFactor auditions. Fingers crossed she makes it big this year. X"

Poole is not the only former contestant to try her luck at the competition for a second time in 2012. Melanie McCabe, Scottish singer Jade Richards and Joe Cox have all returned for another crack at reaching the final rounds of the talent contest.

Big Brother's Victoria Eisermann on early eviction: "I feel cheated"

Victoria Eisermann has said that she felt "cheated" by her early eviction from Big Brother.

The 41-year-old, who was the oldest housemate, was the first to leave this year after losing in the public vote to Conor McIntyre and Lydia Louisa.

Sitting down with Brian Dowling to discuss her reality TV experience, she said that she felt "cheated" in relation to her nomination on the first night, explaining: "I just walked through the door and I was the last person that actually came in."

She went on: "She (Deana Uppal, who nominated her just minutes after meeting her) has actually said sorry to me... and she wishes she hadn't chosen me."

However, she then said that she was "not actually that bothered" about the eviction.

Dowling asked why Victoria thought Deana had nominated her, to which she replied: "I think it was a little bit of pressure. Also, I do think women as well are going to go for other women, and maybe women that they may think are a little bit of competition."

The plus size model went on to say that the other housemates were "a little bit too crazy for [her]".

Dowling asked why viewers had not seen the "life and soul of the party" side to her, and she responded: "I'm used to being around my dogs. And as boring as that sounds, I'm not used to being around loads of people. So it kind of was like a little bit freaky."

On her kiss with Benedict Garrett, she said: "There was no tongues, it was an acting kiss. I don't fancy Benedict at all, and he doesn't fancy me. It wasn't real, trust me."

Victoria was also quizzed about what she thought of her housemates in general, replying: "I'm not going to be fake and come out here and say I loved everybody 'cos I didn't."

Regarding her dispute with Arron, which led to him calling her a "negative vibe girl" and declaring that he would no longer speak to her, she simply said: "He's not what I thought he was."

The animal rights campaigner finished the interview by saying that she wants Lydia to win.

'America's Got Talent' Contestant Tim Poe Apologizes for Misleading on Afghan Injury

Stuttering "America's Got Talent" contestant Tim Poe, who's been accused of exaggerating his military record during his audition for the show, has apologized for misrepresenting himself -- but claims that he did not intentionally deceive anybody.

“I would like to take the time to tell the American people how truly sorry I am that they had to endure the incomplete facts," Poe told the New York Post in an email interview. "I understand how they feel.”

Poe's emotional back-story during his audition segment warmed the hearts of the "America's Got Talent" judges and audiences alike, as he explained that he'd suffered brain damage from a grenade blast while serving in Afghanistan that left him with a speech impediment.

However, his story has been called into question on multiple fronts. A spokesman for the National Guard unit that Poe served in released a statement noting, “Sgt. Poe’s official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports. The Minnesota National Guard can also confirm that he was not awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds sustained in combat.”

The doubts grew after it was revealed that a photo that aired during Poe's audition segment and purported to depict Poe on duty overseas was actually of another soldier altogether.

FremantleMedia, the production company for "America's Got Talent," has issued its own apology for the photo snafu and emphasized that Poe had provided the photo.

“We sincerely apologize to U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone for using a photo of him in our story on Tim Poe," a spokesman for the company told TheWrap in  a statement Thursday. "It was supplied to us by Tim and used on the show in good faith. It has now been removed and will not be used again."

In his interview with the Post, Poe admits that the injury he claims to have suffered "may not have happened exactly like I said it did,” blaming a faulty memory.

“I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident," Poe said. "I remember a blast going off by my head and being in Afghanistan and telling one of the sergeants.

“It is like a dream," Poe added. "I can’t remember things exactly how it happened.”

Poe provided the Post with his retirement orders, which indicate that he suffers from an “injury or disease received in the line of duty as a direct result of armed conflict or caused by an instrumentality of war and incurred in the line of duty during a period of war.”

However, an Army spokesperson told the paper that records do not confirm the location or timing of the incident.

Poe also admitted to misleading the "America's Got Talent" judges on another front by claiming that he had never sung prior to his injury.

Ratings: 'Take Me Out' and 'The Choice' Premiere Solid - Not So 'Saving Hope'

Fox's new dating shows "Take Me Out" and "The Choice" enjoyed promising premieres Thursday night, while NBC's hospital drama "Saving Hope" got off to a bumpy start and ABC's "Duets" took a hit.

CBS took an overall win, despite airing repeats, according to preliminary numbers.

Running a slate of reruns, CBS took first place in the advertiser-cherished 18-49 demographic and total viewers with a 1.6 rating/5 share in the demo and 6.9 million total viewers.

A "Big Bang Theory" repeat at 8 p.m. was the night's highest-rated and most-watched show with a 2.1/8 and 8.2 million total viewers.

Fox took second place in ratings and third in total viewers with a 1.5/5 and 3.7 million. The series premiere of the George Lopez-hosted dating show "Take Me Out" at 8 posted a 1.3/5 -- up dramatically from last year's premiere of "Buried Treasure," which posted a 1.0/3 -- and 3.3 million total viewers. The premiere of the celebrity dating show "The Choice" the following hour posted a 1.7/5 in the demo with 4.2 million total viewers.

ABC tied for third with Univision in ratings and took second place in total viewers with an average 1.2/4 and 5.2 million. The network's recently launched singing competition dropped 20 percent from last week, hitting a series low of 1.2/4, and received 5.2 million total viewers. "Rookie Blue" at 10 posted a 1.3/4 and 5.4 million total viewers.

Univision came in fourth in total viewers, averaging 3.1 million.

NBC drew fifth place in ratings and total viewers, averaging a 0.7/2 and 2.7 million. Following "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" repeats, the series premiere of "Saving Hope" at 9 posted a 0.7/2, down 30 percent from last June's debut of "Love Bites," and received 3.1 million total viewers. The time-period premiere of "Rock Center With Brian Williams" at 10 also posted a 0.7/2, and drew 3.2 million total viewers.

Dish Chairman Hopes Auto Hop Will Lead to 'More Meaningful' Ads

Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen said he hopes his company's commercial skipping "Auto Hop" feature will spur networks to air "more meaningful" ads that viewers will actually want to watch.

In a rare interview, the Dish co-founder and former professional gambler told the Wall Street Journal that "broadcasters and advertisers have to change the way they do business or they run the risk of linear TV becoming obsolete." The changes might include more specific targeting of ads.

ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC sued Dish over Auto Hop last month, on the same day that Dish sued the networks. Network executives have complained that the feature, which enables viewers to watch previously aired shows with no ads, is a threat to ad-supported television. Dish has contended that it only takes fast forwarding further.

Dish, the country's third largest pay-TV distributor with about 14 million subscribers, has feuded with networks for years over the amount it pays in retransmission fees to air their content. Ergen seemed to suggest in the interview that Auto Hop gives Dish more leverage in those disagreements, the Journal noted.

"If the ad is skipped, the consumer likes it, but it's not necessarily good for me and it's not necessarily good for the broadcaster because I'm in the same ecosystem as him," Ergen said. "So we have to figure out how the broadcaster benefits, we benefit and the consumer continues to feel like he gets a fair deal. So maybe [the consumer] pays a little bit less for 'retrans,' his bill doesn't go up by double digits every year.... That's an interesting conversation to have."

On Wednesday, Dish said Dallas-based Hoak Media pulled 14 stations in six states from its service in a dispute over fees and Auto Hop.

Dish has also said it will stop airing AMC networks this month because they are too expensive and don't generate enough ratings. AMC disputes that, saying Dish is retaliating because AMC won an early ruling in an unrelated lawsuit between them.