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zaterdag 11 februari 2012

'Jersey Shore's JWoww: 'The Situation sometimes isn't a good guy'

'Jersey Shore's JWoww: 'The Situation sometimes isn't a good guy'

Jenni 'JWoww' Farley has claimed that her Jersey Shore co-star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is sometimes not a "good guy".

JWoww accused The Situation of being a manipulator and also chastised him for not treating others with respect in a recent chat with Us Weekly.

"Mike has been crying lately that nobody likes him and he has no idea why, but I do recall hitting him the first season and I did not hit him for no reason," JWoww insisted.

"He puts himself in this position, and I'm kind of glad that he's getting a reality check that he can't get away with what he does to his roommates."

The reality star added: "For so long he's played 'the villain', but people were always on his side. People are starting to realise sometimes he's not a good guy and he needs to take responsibility for that."

JWoww's Jersey Shore co-star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has also been outspoken about her dislike for The Situation in the past.

Snooki claimed last year that The Situation has squandered the money he's made from Jersey Shore, and has now kept up the criticism by chiding him for being immature.

"Mike definitely likes the drama... it's just like high school," Snooki commented. "He's 32 years old. When are you gonna grow up?"

Snooki and JWoww will be starring in their own Jersey Shore spinoff, which will be based in Jersey City.

It was reported on Friday that JWoww and Snooki have consented to being monitored by police at all times while they shoot the series.

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10/9c on MTV.

Zooey Deschanel: 'Saturday Night Live is so much fun'

Zooey Deschanel: 'Saturday Night Live is so much fun'

Zooey Deschanel has commented that she's had so much fun working on Saturday Night Live this week.

The New Girl actress hosts SNL for the first time this weekend along with musical guests Karmin, who will also be making their debut on the late-night series.

Deschanel discussed her excitement to guest host Saturday Night Live during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (February 9).

"I'm so excited. It's really, really fun," she told Jimmy Fallon. "Everyone's so nice. [There's a] great cast, great writers. Nice people!"

Deschanel also told Fallon that she has wanted to host Saturday Night Live ever since she watched the show religiously as a child.

"[I'm a] big fan. I used to tape it growing up and watch the tapes over and over again until the VHS ran out," she recalled. "I most remember the Dana Carvey and Mike Myers (early 1990s) era when I was a little kid."

Saturday Night Live airs at 11.30/10.30c on NBC.

It was announced earlier this week that Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph will return to Saturday Night Live with musical guests Sleigh Bells on February 18.

'Celebrity Juice' becomes ITV2's most-watched show ever

'Celebrity Juice' becomes ITV2's most-watched show ever

Celebrity Juice has earned ITV2 its highest ever audience since the channel launched in 1998.

The Keith Lemon panel game, returning off the back of a National Television Award, pulled in 2.03m (10.4%) at 10pm, beating ITV1's News at Ten (1.85m/9.2%) and all channels except BBC One.

When including the 268k (2.4%) the show had on ITV2 +1, Celebrity Juice toppled Michelle Ryan's Bionic Woman to ITV2's most-watched programme ever.

Meanwhile, Sky1's Mad Dogs climbed to 703k (3%) for its second series finale.

Over on the terrestrial channels, fantasy drama Eternal Law bowed out with 2.95m (12.4%) for ITV1 (+1: 179k/1%), eclipsed again in the 9pm hour by BBC One's Inside Men, which drew 4.05m (17.1%).

Nature series Super Smart Animals opened with a modest 3.8m (15.3%) for BBC One versus ITV's soap hour, while Steve Coogan's Question Time stint attracted 2.82m (22.1%) from 10.35pm.

Elsewhere, Restoration Man continued to deliver decent ratings to Channel 4, grabbing 2.24m (9.5%) at 9pm (+1: 258k/1.4%). Location, Location, Location interested 1.85m (7.5%) in the 8pm hour, and 322k (1.4%) on timeshift.

BBC Two's Raymond Blanc food series, The Very Hungry Frenchman, rumbled on with 1.39m (5.6%) at 8pm, then the audience dropped to 942k (4%) for the last instalment of Putin, Russia and the West.

On Channel 5, Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery Revealed intrigued 1.35m (5.3%), after which 9pm's Winter Road Rescue mustered 1.48m (6.3%).

Overall, BBC One edged ITV1 in primetime with 21.1% against 20.3% (+1: 0.7%). Channel 4 claimed third place with 7.2% (+1: 1%), ahead of BBC Two's 4.7%, and Channel 5's 4.3%.

'Doctor Who', 'Star Trek' comics crossover revealed

'Doctor Who', 'Star Trek' comics crossover revealed

Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation's comic series are to feature in a crossover.

IDW Publishing is planning an event in which The Doctor, Rory and Amy encounter Captain Picard and his crew, Bleeding Cool reports.

Star Trek has crossed over with other comic properties on several occasions, including IDW's recent Infestation series.

Doctor Who has never officially crossed over with another sci-fi property in mainstream comics.

A creative team for the crossover project has not been announced, though it has been speculated that Tony Lee could be involved as the scribe is due to appear with IDW at a London Super Comic Con panel at the end of the month.

The Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover is expected to debut in May.

Matt Lauer wants $30m-per-year fee to stay on 'Today Show'?

Matt Lauer wants $30m-per-year fee to stay on 'Today Show'?

Matt Lauer is apparently asking for a $30m (£18.9m)-per-year salary to remain on NBC's Today Show once his current contract expires.

The news anchor's reported $17m (£10.7m) contract with NBC runs out in December and he has in the past expressed uncertainty over whether he will continue hosting Today.

Sources close to Lauer have revealed to TMZ that he is now willing to stay with Today if he receives a $13m (£8.2m)-per-year raise.

The news comes two months after reports emerged that NBC was considering hiring American Idol's Ryan Seacrest to host Today if Lauer chose to leave.

Seacrest appeared to downplay the Today rumours at the recent TCA press tour when he said he "can't imagine life without American Idol".

If Lauer chooses to exit Today in December, it will mark the end of a 15-year era as the NBC morning show's host.

The journalist already retired his popular 'Where In The World?' travel segment in November after ten years of jet-setting around the globe.

A representative for Lauer has declined to comment on his reported salary demand.

Jeremy Clarkson criticised over facial growth comments

Jeremy Clarkson criticised over facial growth comments

Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire again, this time for his comments about "people with growths on their faces" on last weekend's Top Gear.

In what is becoming an almost weekly occurrence, the 52-year-old has attracted the ire of a charity over remarks made on the motoring show.

In last Sunday's Top Gear, Clarkson likened a new model of a Japanese car with a bulky attachment on the rear to "really ugly" growth.

He also suggested that people "wouldn't talk to [the car] at a party", and then did an impression of the Elephant Man.

James Partridge, the chief executive of charity Changing Faces, said that Clarkson's comments help fuel a "culture of ridicule and bullying" against people with unusual facial features.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Partridge said: "Mocking people with a disfigurement, a facial growth in this case, is irresponsible and extremely offensive.

"People with disfigurements experience discrimination and bullying which occasionally includes violence."

Changing Faces has not written to media regulator Ofcom and the BBC about the comments. It is understood that the corporation has also received 55 complaints about the edition of Top Gear.

A BBC spokesman confirmed that there were no plans to edit Clarkson's comments about growths from the programme, which was repeated last night.

The motoring show has caused offence to numerous groups in recent months, including a complaint from the Indian High Commission about the "tasteless" Christmas special in the Sub Continent.

Clarkson also attracted more than 31,000 complaints to the BBC last year after claiming that striking public sector workers should be shot in an appearance on The One Show. Ofcom is current investigating the programme after receiving more than 800 complaints.

Meanwhile, Clarkson has reportedly turned down an offer of a tour of the Isle of Sheppey, which was extended by a local MP after the TV star described it as a "caravan site" populated mostly by illegal immigrants.

Frankie Cocozza: 'I'd rather hurt myself than try for X Factor again'

Frankie Cocozza: 'I'd rather hurt myself than try for X Factor again'

Frankie Cocozza has hit out at The X Factor, claiming that he would rather cause himself injury than audition for the show again.

The Celebrity Big Brother runner-up found fame on the ITV reality show last year, but was axed from the live stages of the competition after allegedly bragging about his drug use.

"Thinking about going to audition for the xfactor this year #lies," the 19-year-old wrote on Twitter. "i would rather put a toothpick under my toe nail and kick a wall."

However, Cocozza quickly backtracked on his criticism of the The X Factor, saying that he was grateful for the fame it brought.

"I havent forgot that the show done me a huge favour, and i did f**k up," he admitted, adding the cryptic hashtag "#stillunansweredquestions".

Cocozza claimed recently that he has sex "at least four times a week".

"It's so easy to get them to shag you," he said. "After you've been on TV for two minutes everyone wants to get in bed with you - it's ridiculous."

'Parks and Rec' exec teases Leslie election: 'There are pros and cons'

'Parks and Rec' exec teases Leslie election: 'There are pros and cons'

Michael Schur has revealed that the results of the upcoming city council elections on Parks and Recreation have been decided.

The co-creator and executive producer of the NBC sitcom confessed that show execs considered the "pros and cons" of having Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) win a seat in city government later this season, a choice which was only recently made.

"Since we came up with the idea to have [Leslie] run, we've spent a part of every single week discussing the pros and cons of having her winning and her losing, and there are many to both situations. And so we've chosen a path that I think maximises the pros and minimises the cons," Schur told The Huffington Post.

"One important point to keep in mind is that working for the Pawnee city council is only a part-time job. If you're really high up in the government, you can't hold two jobs. So that option is open to us. I'm not saying that's what we're going to take, but it was good to know."

However, Schur went on to say that regardless of the election results, Parks and Recreation doesn't plan to end season four on a "sad bummer" for Leslie.

"Winning the election isn't the only way for her to be happy in her career. There could be other possibilities - people offering her different things that would be better than being a city councillor. That's where losing the election might actually be a good thing or a blessing in disguise or something," he explained.

"Obviously, if she wins, that would be very much in keeping with the tone of the show and with a character who is so driven and passionate about what she does, and is very successful in what she does."

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays on NBC.

James Purefoy joins Kevin Bacon in Fox serial killer pilot

James Purefoy joins Kevin Bacon in Fox serial killer pilot

James Purefoy has joined the cast of Kevin Williamson's serial killer drama pilot for Fox.

Kevin Bacon will star as a retired FBI profiler who finds himself caught up in a serial killer's diabolical scheme.

Rome star Purefoy will play the murderous Joe Carroll, who uses technology to create a cult of fellow serial killers, according to Deadline.

The actor - who also appeared in 2009 film Solomon Kane and 2011's Ironclad - was considering four pilot offers, before finally settling on Williamson's project.

The Vampire Diaries director Marcos Siega will helm the currently-untitled pilot, which will be produced by Warner Bros TV and Williamson's studio-based Outerbanks Entertainment.

If picked up to series, the show's first season will run for just 15 episodes - the shorter running length being a condition of Bacon's contract.

Other drama projects in the works at Fox include a teen spy series from The Playboy Club's Karyn Usher, legal drama Guilty and Josh Friedman's action drama The Asset.

'Homeland' promotes Navid Negahban, David Marciano to series regulars

'Homeland' promotes Navid Negahban, David Marciano to series regulars

Navid Negahban and David Marciano have been promoted to series regulars on Showtime's Homeland.

The drama series stars Claire Danes as a CIA agent who believes that the American Marine (Damian Lewis) they rescued from Al-Qaeda after eight years of being held prisoner was turned by the terrorist group and is now a threat to the US.

Negahban will continue to play terrorist Abu Nazir on the second season, while Marciano is upgraded to a "full-time cast member" as the surveillance expert Virgil, reports TV Line.

Last year, Homeland was renewed for a second season after its well-received debut season.

"Clearly, the overall audience growth from week one to week four demonstrates that this show is hitting a nerve in the cultural zeitgeist," said David Nevins, Showtime's president of entertainment.

President Barack Obama even named the drama series as one of his favourite shows.

Two writers confirmed for Doctor Who series 7

Two writers confirmed for Doctor Who series 7

Series 7 of Doctor Who will have two returning writers back on board, it's been confirmed...

Production is weeks away from starting on series seven of Doctor Who. But aside from the fact that Steven Moffat is writing episodes, that Mark Gatiss is penning one, and that there are well-reported changes that are set to happen in front of the camera, we still don't know much about who's writing what.

At least until now. Today, it's been revealed that both Toby Whithouse and Chris Chibnall are penning episodes for the new series of Doctor Who.

Being Human supremo Whithouse, who some suggest is the heir apparent when Steven Moffat gives back the keys to the TARDIS, is set to write the episode currently third in line in the new series. His The God Complex was one of the highlights of the last run for us.

Returning after a long gap is Chris Chibnall, who last penned The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood for Doctor Who, before going off to be head writer on the now-cancelled Camelot show for Starz.

With filming starting, expect the drip feed of guest star announcements to begun in due course, too...

London riots Hackney Heroine stuns Cowell at 'Got Talent' auditions

London riots Hackney Heroine stuns Cowell at 'Got Talent' auditions

The London riots Hackney Heroine Pauline Pearce has shocked Simon Cowell with her vocal skills at the latest round of auditions for Britain's Got Talent.

Pearce became a well known figure during the riots last summer, when video clips emerged of her berating rioters and standing up to gangs of youths.

A clip featuring Pearce waving her walking stick and shouting, "Why are you burning people's shops they have worked hard to build up?" went viral and she went on to make TV appearances on shows such as This Morning.

At the Hammersmith Apollo Got Talent auditions this week, Pearce performed Ralph McTell's 'The Streets of London' and Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World', which earned her cheers from the audience.

Cowell told Pearce: "You've got a lot of spirit and a lot of soul. You've a fantastic voice."

Earlier, Pearce had bantered with Cowell about her famous walking stick, telling the TV judge: "I only threaten people with my stick. I don't actually hit them.

"I wont hit you unless you're a rioter."

The 46-year-old grandmother is now expected to make the talent show's live semi-finals.

Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV1 in the spring.

Mike Vogel Cast As Lead Of Fox’s Rob McElhenney/Rob Rosell Comedy Pilot

Mike Vogel Cast As Lead Of Fox’s Rob McElhenney/Rob Rosell Comedy Pilot

Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) has been cast as the lead in Living Loaded, Fox’s single-camera comedy pilot from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator/star Rob McElhenney and the show’s executive producer Rob Rosell.

Based on the book of the same name by Dan Dunn, it centers on Dan (Vogel), the loose partying blogger of the popular Living Loaded blog who is forced to change his career plans when he becomes an NPR radio host. For Vogel, who stars on Pan Am, the casting is formally in second position to the freshman ABC drama, which is unlikely to return. Co-written by Rosell, McElhenney and Dunn, Living Loaded hails from FX Prods., where McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton’s company RCG has a production deal.

McElhenney serves as showrunner and executive produces with Rosell, Day, Howerton, Nick Frenkel and Michael Rotenberg. Vogel, repped by WME, manager Geordie Frey and attorney Robert Offer, is coming off an ensemble SAG Award win as a member of the cast of The Help.

Ryan Phillippe To Star In CBS’ Nick Wootton-Greg Berlanti Drama Pilot

Ryan Phillippe To Star In CBS’ Nick Wootton-Greg Berlanti Drama Pilot

In his first pilot gig, Ryan Phillippe is set for the lead in CBS’ untitled Nick Wootton-Greg Berlanti drama pilot (formerly Golden Boy). The project, from Warner Bros TV and Berlanti Prods centers on Clark (Phillippe), a cop, and chronicles his meteoric rise from officer to detective and ultimately police commissioner.

In the pilot, Phillippe joins previously cast Kevin Alejandro and Chi McBride. Phillippe has been one of the most sough-after actors for pilots for several years now. His pilot gig comes on the heels for his signing for a major role on the final season of Damages.

Whitney Houston Approached for Seat on 'X Factor' Judges Panel

Whitney Houston Approached for Seat on 'X Factor' Judges Panel

Sources tell that the pop superstar has been approached for one of the spots vacated by departed judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

Whitney Houston could be staging another career comeback with a coveted seat next to Simon Cowell on The X Factor’s judges panel, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

The pop diva, who actually performed on the U.K. version of The X Factor in October 2009, is said to have been approached to join the Fox talent show, according to a source close to the show.

Mariah Carey has remained under consideration since the initial casting of the show, though Cowell has gone on record with assumptions that the singer is too busy with her family life to participate. Rumors of a $100 million Beyonce offer, however, are just that -- rumors. Cowell was quick to shoot down the bogus report in a recent interview.

As previously reported by THR, Cowell fired host Steve Jones as well as judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger in one fell swoop. Judge L.A. Reid has inked a deal to return for the series’ second season.

Houston was spotted at a pre-Grammy party on Thursday, hosted by singer Kelly Price at TRU Hollywood. The 48-year-old diva is also expected to appear at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party on Saturday, where she will rub elbows with Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett, Jennifer Hudson, Elvis Costello and Sparkle co-star Cee Lo Green.

The singer also returns to the big screen this August in TriStar Pictures’ musical drama Sparkle, co-starring American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.

Reps for Houston and Cowell did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Fox declined to comment.

'Dexter' star Aimee Garcia joins Jason Ritter in NBC's 'County'

'Dexter' star Aimee Garcia joins Jason Ritter in NBC's 'County'

Aimee Garcia has joined the cast of medical drama pilot County.

The NBC project, from Friday Night Lights executive producer Jason Katims, will follow a team of young doctors and nurses at an underfunded LA County Hospital.

Dexter actress Garcia will play a smart new intern just starting out at the hospital, according to Deadline.

Her past television credits include guest roles on Hawaii Five-0, Bones and Supernatural.

Jason Ritter - former star of The Event - will also appear in the County pilot.

Other drama projects in development at NBC include a remake of the UK series Bad Girls and sci-fi pilot Beautiful People.

JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke's Revolution and Dick Wolf's Chicago Fire are also in the works.

Can Being Human survive its latest casting cull?

Can Being Human survive its latest casting cull?

Caroline looks back at the fates of TV shows that have lost key cast members and asks whether Being Human can survive its recent departures…

So we've all seen it now. The slate has been wiped clean for the current series of Being Human, and the departure of Nina and George, on top of the earlier exit from Aiden Turner's Mitchell last year, has not gone down well with viewers. There are of course those happy to roll with whatever decision showrunner Toby Whithouse comes up with, but there’s also a much more vocal faction who have expressed strong feelings towards the slightly clumsy revelation of our favourite werewolf couple's tragic fate.

These are the viewers Whithouse has publicly called out in various interviews, as he reacted to their refusal to follow the show into its new era at all. But is change always a bad thing? It seemed impossible to comprehend at first; how can a television series built around three (and then four) central characters carry on without three quarters of that magic team? As it stands, we're left with original cast member Annie, returning werewolf Tom and newcomer Hal.

Not many fans outwardly hate Annie, but I've not heard of any queues of fans lining up to call her their favourite either. I may be alone here, but I always felt that the series' power revolved around Mitchell and George's relationship, and to have both branches severed within the space of two hours (watched consecutively) could have considerably cheapened that importance in retrospect. I also, however, would rather there be more Being Human than the alternative, and shifts this substantial can sometimes actually rejuvenate a flagging show.

Last weekend's premiere episode proved that there's still life in the series, but such a sudden shift in the dynamic of the cast is hard to take for even the most dedicated of fans. The fact that some are  reacting so negatively is completely understandable, but there have been a number of classic series that have lost a main cast member in a similarly sudden manner and lived to fight another day. But there have also been those that struggled to stay afloat after their stars chose to walk off into the sunset, and it's unclear which path Being Human will take at this juncture.

The most recent example is Misfits, which unexpectedly lost one of its most popular members after its second series. Forced to write Nathan's exit into a web-only short, fans of the show were offered little in the way of reasoning or explanation come last year's premiere, which introduced the similarly hyper Rudy into the gang as a replacement. Series three survived viewer distaste and emerged stronger than ever, but time will tell whether the further departures of Simon and Alisha will spell greater trouble in the future.

At the end of the Misfits finale, left only with Curtis and Kelly from the original line-up, a few alarm bells rang for the show's die-hard fans. It seems that British shows are more subject to change than their US counterparts, which often rely on familiarity to draw disparate viewers into each week's adventure. Just think of Doctor Who as a prime example. Who would have thought, having witnessed the furore that's surrounded Being Human and Misfits over the last year, one of our most popular shows makes a habit of changing its entire cast every few years or so.

The closest the BBC series came to the same violent reactions was with David Tennant's departure on New Year's Day 2011. While I'm sure there are some people who stayed true to their threats never to watch the show again, many more have persevered with the new line-up, and the nation has taken Matt Smith to their hearts to almost the same extent as they had with Tennant.

Skins, too, chose to avoid the post-college slump in its attempt to portray the teenage condition, and thus bravely changes its cast every two years. I'm almost certain that the quality of the E4 show would not have been so high for so long had they stuck with the original generation of teens, and the unique take on keeping the show fresh has paid off.

There are, of course, those series that rely so heavily on their leading man/lady, that a change in the subordinate line-up goes largely unnoticed. House MD, for example, changed its medical team more times than viewers could count, and the current cast consists of doctors collected over its eight year run. Only three original characters remain, Chase, Wilson, and Dr. House himself, and the entertainment value has been all the better for the risks the showrunners dared to take, though sadly it wasn’t enough to save the show from cancellation, as announced this week.

But there are also those series that fail miserably after a member of their cast is removed. Some continuations after a notable departure simply smell of greed, and Scrubs learned the hard way that a popular show may quickly lose favour once your leading man has moved on. The Office: An American Workplace, too, recently lost its Ricky Gervais, in the form of funny-man Steve Carell, and speculation on who was to replace him was rampant. Two and a Half Men seems to have blown through the Charlie Sheen controversy, but not all shows get that lucky.

No one is sure whether Being Human can survive this latest blow, but fans owe enough to the show to at least give it a chance. Lesser series have gone on to have long and successful runs after a prominent or popular cast member is lost, and there are just as many that could stand to lose some of their stale cast members. Would another eight episodes of Mitchel, Annie, George and Nina really have satisfied viewers, or could getting some fresh blood into the bed and breakfast be the best thing to have ever happened to Being Human?

More Development News.....

More Development News.....

THE AMERICANS (FX) - Feature helmer Gavin O'Connor ("Warrior") has been tapped to direct the pilot, a drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington DC in the early 1980's. He'll work from a script by Joe Weisberg who's executive producing alongside Darryl Frank, Graham Yost and Justin Falvey. DreamWorks Television, Fox Television Studios and FX Productions are co-producing. (

ANIMAL KINGDOM (NBC) - Justin Kirk ("Weeds") has been tapped for the lead role on the single-camera comedy pilot, about a veterinarian who loves animals but usually hates their owners. He'll play the man in question, George Coleman ("a debonair veterinarian"), in the Universal Television-based project, from co-creators Alessandro Tanaka and Brian Gatewood and co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo. Said role is not expected to interfere with his duties on the upcoming eighth season of the Showtime comedy. (

ANTICHRIST (ABC) - Max Thieriot and Gabriella Wilde have both been cast in the drama pilot, about "an astrophysics grad student in New York City who learns that he is the chosen one to destroy the forces of evil." He'll play Carter Henderson, the man in question, with Wilde as his girlfriend, Wynter-Lee Cardigan. Roland Emmerich and Harold Kloser are behind the hour, which is set up at the ABC Studios-based The Mark Gordon Co. (

THE ASSET (FOX) - Feature helmer Neil Burger ("Limitless") has signed on to direct the pilot, a drama set in the New York office of the CIA and centers on a female agent. Josh Friedman is behind the hour, which is set up at 20th Century Fox Television. (

BOB FROM CORPORATE (Syfy, New!) - Eric Rochford has booked a potential drama at the cable channel about "a clandestine organization, known only as 'Corporate,' that solves dangerous mysteries caused by science and technology gone awry, topped by an enigmatic leader who operates with a strong moral code and 'a very big gun.'" Jamie Paglia, James Middleton, Rich Silverman and director Matt Hastings are on board to executive produce the Universal Cable Productions-based hour, which Rochford penned on spec. (

CHICAGO FIRE (NBC) - Jeffrey Nachmanoff ("Homeland") is set to direct the firefighter drama, from Dick Wolf's Universal Television-based Wolf Films. He'll work from a script by co-creators Derek Haas and Michael Brandt. Nachmanoff previously helmed the Molly Parker-led drama pilot "Meet Jane" for Lifetime. (

DEVIOUS MAIDS (ABC) - Paul McGuigan ("Scandal") is set to helm the drama pilot, about four Latina women who are maids in Beverly Hills. He'll work from a script by Marc Cherry, who's executive producing alongside David Lonner, John Mass, Larry Shuman, Michael Garcia and Sabrina Wind for ABC Studios. (

DILFS/LADY FRIENDS (NBC) - Scott Ellis ("2 Broke Girls") is set to helm both multi-camera pilots. The latter, from Kari Lizer and Warner Bros. Television, tracks two longtime female friends (Andrea Anders, TBA) who are living very different lives but couldn't live without each other. The former, from creator Charlie Grandy and Jimmy Fallon's Universal Television-based Holiday Road banner, depicts 30-something dads struggling with not being grown up enough to parent, but they are. Ellis also helmed a third pilot this cycle, the Kirstie Alley-led "The Manzanis" for ABC. (

DOWNWARDLY MOBILE (NBC) - Sitcom veteran Gail Mancuso ("Are You There, Chelsea?") has signed on to direct the Roseanne Barr-led comedy pilot, about a lower middle class family living in a mobile home community. Eric Gilliland, John Argent, Steven Greener and Barr are among the executive producers for 20th Century Fox Television. (

THE FRONTIER (NBC) - Jake McLaughlin, Bridget Regan, Al Weaver, Gina Bramhill, Ethan Embry and Megan Ferguson have booked the principal roles on the drama pilot, which chronicles the journey of a group of disparate travelers from Missouri to Oregon in 1840. McLaughlin will play Cooper Hale ("34, strong, driven"), a farmer looking to start a new life with his wife and son; with Regan as Hannah Strong ("a beautiful woman in her late twenties"), a doctor's wife and mother of an eight-year-old girl; Al Weaver as Ben ("sweet and awkward"), a writer assigned to cover the journey by its benefactor; Bramhill as Emily ("a no-nonsense, independent sort"), who's betrothed to a man she's never met, much to Ben's chagrin; and Embry as D.J. Jackson ("late thirties, bittersweet, sardonic") and Ferguson as Peyton ("a Georgia girl, half Scarlett O'Hara, half Tallulah Bankhead") as a married couple who are each secretly gay. Thomas Schlamme is helming the Sony Pictures Television-based hour from a script by Shaun Cassidy. (

GOLDEN BOY (CBS) - Kevin Alejandro ("True Blood") has joined the cast of the drama pilot, which tracks one man's meteoric rise of a uniform cop to detective to police commissioner. He's set as Tony Arroyo ("Puerto Rican, snappy dresser, First Grade detective, pure alpha dog"), a detective "who is disturbed by the new guy's arrival and plots to derail his career." Chi McBride co-stars in the Warner Bros. Television-based hour, from director Richard Shepard and creator Nick Wootton. (

LAST RESORT (ABC) - Autumn Reeser ("No Ordinary Family") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about the crew of a nuclear submarine, who, after disobeying a suspicious order, become fugitives, take over the NATO Listening Post and declare themselves an independent nuclear nation. She's on board as Kylie Sinclair, "a well-educated, charming lobbyist for her family's weapons manufacturing company; contacts all over D.C; very ambitious; looks out for herself." Andre Braugher, Daisy Betts and Daniel Lissing also star in the Sony Pictures Television-based hour, from director Martin Campbell and co-creators Karl Gajdusek and Shawn Ryan. (

MOCKINGBIRD LANE (NBC) - The Peacock has rolled production the pilot, an imaginative reinvention of "The Munsters" as a visually spectacular one-hour drama, to June. Said decision is tied to casting difficulties. Bryan Singer is helming the Universal Television-based hour from a script by Bryan Fuller. (

MY IDIOTIC TWENTIES (CBS) - Chris Smith and Randall Park have each scored roles on the single-camera comedy pilot, about "Jake (Michael Angarano), a commitment-phobic ad agency exec who, after breaking up with his girlfriend Laura, realizes he has to continue working with her one cubicle away." They'll play his co-workers Graham ("25, Southern player, very confident") and Jun ("hipster Korean, like way cooler than you'll ever be") in the 20th Century Fox Television-based half-hour, from writer/director Nicholas Stoller. (

THE NEW NORMAL (ABC) - Nick Kocher ("I Just Want My Pants Back") is the first to be cast in the Adam Sztykiel-penned comedy pilot, about a group of 24-year-old guys who move to a new city, one of them choosing to stay in relationship even though his girlfriend is now 2,000 miles away. He'll play Andrew ("24, a people-pleaser and over-thinker"), one of said fellows. 20th Century Fox Television is producing the single-camera project, production of which is showrunner-contingent. (

THE NEW NORMAL (NBC) - Ellen Barkin is in final negotiations to join the cast of the drama pilot, about a blended family of a gay couple and the woman who becomes a surrogate to help them start a family. She'll play the latter's mother, Jane Forrest ("has six opinions on everything and most of them are fucked-up"), in the project, which also stars Andrew Rannells as one half of the aforementioned couple. Ryan Murphy is directing the 20th Century Fox Television-based half-hour from a script he co-wrote with Ali Adler. (

PRODIGY/BULLY (FOX) - Mike O'Malley has closed a deal to star in his comedy pilot, about Audie Murphy, a young boy genius who uses his brains and brawn to get whatever he wants. He'll play his father, Tommy ("40, blunt, half-muscle/half-fat"), in the half-hour, which comes from John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television. O'Malley penned the half-hour and serves as a co-executive producer. (

UNTITLED FALCONE & DORF PROJECT (CBS) - Ben Falcone and Larry Dorf's comedy, about "a single 37-year-old man who loses everything he has in the real estate collapse and finds himself back home in the house he grew up in... with his parents," has been ordered to pilot. In addition, Falcone himself has signed on to star in the project, which is set up at Warner Bros. Television. Said duo serve as supervising producers with Falcone's wife, Melissa McCarthy, as a co-executive producer. (

TV Tonight 11th of February 2012

TV Tonight 11th of February 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    48 Hours Mystery S25E15: "TBA"
    Area no Kishi S01E06: "Clash! FC vs. SC!!"
    Bakuman. S02E19: "Fate and Star"
    Bayou Billionaires S01E04: "Sitting on Pins and Tattoo Needles"
    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien S02E25: "The Enemy of my Frenemy"
    Billy the Exterminator S04E13: "TBA"
    Cardfight!! Vanguard S02E06: "Clash! Overlord"
    Casualty S26E22: "Confidences"
    Dan vs. S02E05: "Dan vs. The Bank"
    Durch die Nacht mit... S00E92: "Stanley Tucci & Tom Rob Smith"
    Fairy Tail S03E22: "Thunder Roar!"
    Harry Hill's TV Burp S14E02: "Series 14, Episode 2"
    How to Rock S01E03: "How to Rock a Lunch Table"
    Last Exile (JP) S02E16: "Episode 16"
    Match of The Day S47E35: "Season 47, Show 35"
    My Big Redneck Vacation S01E04: "Come On Irene"
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S02E17: "Hearts and Hooves"
    Oddities S03E10: "Seeing Scars"
    Pit Bulls and Parolees S03E13: "TBA"
    Pit Bulls and Parolees S03E12: "Season Recap Special"
    Saturday Kitchen S10E33: "February 11, 2012"
    Saturday Night Live S37E14: "Zooey Deschanel/Karmin"
    Shakugan no Shana S03E18: "Spiral of Conflict"
    Take Me Out (UK) S03E06: "Series 3, Episode 6"
    Take Me Out: The Gossip S01E06: "Episode 6"
    The Dog Whisperer S08E07: "Home-Wrecking Hounds"
    The Firm S01E07: "Chapter Seven"
    The Football League Show S03E24: "Series 3, Episode 24"
    The Jonathan Ross Show S02E06
    The Magicians (2011) S02E06: "Series 2, Episode 6"
    The Million Pound Drop Live S08E10: "Series 8, Episode 10"
    Total Wipeout S05E10: "Winter Wipeout (8)"
    Ultimate Factories S04E14: "Bacardi"
    Vanilla Ice Project S02E06: "The Greatest Great Room"
    Victorious S03E03: "The Worst Couple"
    Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? S02E18: "The Weapon Inside Me"
    You've Been Framed S19E20: "February 11, 2012"
    Zero no Tsukaima S04E06: "A Chaotic Hot Spring"

'American Idol' Has Everything! (Except Singing)

'American Idol' Has Everything! (Except Singing)

Remember how "American Idol" is supposed to be about singing? Not Thursday night's episode, which began with the conclusion of the Symone Black fall drama (she's okay) and spent the rest of the hour showing the contestants doing everything but singing.

Sick contestants, whining contestants and squabbling contestants offered drama that spilled across the rest of the episode, as the "Idol" wannabes were challenged to break off into units for the dreaded group performances.

"Tent Girl" Amy Brumfield had the flu. Black -- who wasn't eliminated post-fall and recovery -- had to deal with her annoying stage dad as she tried to find a group. A cop named Alicia was obsessed with finding people who would sing "Joy to the World." And flu-addled contestant Christian Lopez (pictured) crashed in his room while his group panicked about being unprepared.

More than halfway into the episode, only one thing was missing: singing. None of the groups had performed for the judges and none would for the rest of the episode.

The second night of Hollywood Week turned out to be just a preview for Hollywood Week's third night, next week, and viewers were reminded once again how tiresome and filler-packed "American Idol" can be.

We'd point to a video clip from Hollywood Week night two, but, those looking to be wowed by a musical performance probably wouldn't be interested in seeing Christian hurling into a trash can.

'Roseanne' Redux as John Goodman Signs on for Barr's New Pilot

'Roseanne' Redux as John Goodman Signs on for Barr's New Pilot

Roseanne Barr's TV husband, John Goodman, has signed on to co-star in her new NBC pilot about a trailer park operator who serves as a matriarch to the people who live there, the network said Friday.

The project reunites Barr and Goodman, who played married couple Dan and Roseanne Connor from 1988 to 1997 on the hit ABC sitcom "Roseanne." The show will find the stars again trying to speak for blue-collar America.

Goodman, a staple of Coen brothers films, has since appeared occasionally on television, most notably on the first season of HBO's "Treme."

The new pilot comes as Barr seeks the Green Party's nomination for president. Equal time provisions would put NBC in an awkward position if she receives the nomination -- to say nothing of the crimp it might put in her shooting schedule if she wins the presidency.

'Walking Dead's' Robert Kirkman Joked About Tricking Illustrators -- Then Got Sued by His

'Walking Dead's' Robert Kirkman Joked About Tricking Illustrators -- Then Got Sued by His

Nine months before he was sued by his former ilustrator for payments over their "Walking Dead" comic book and the TV show it spawned, Robert Kirkman made a joke he probably regrets now.

Asked during a podcast how a comic book writer should find an artist to draw his or her stories, Kirkman dryly replied, "Trickery and deceit."

On Thursday, Kirkman's original "Walking Dead" artist, Tony Moore, accused him of exactly that. Moore alleges in a lawsuit that Kirkman, a childhood friend with whom he collaborated on several comics, tricked him into surrendering his rights to them in 2005 in exchange for payments that never came. Kirkman calls the allegations "ridiculous."

But his "trickery and deceit" joke, lighthearted and ironic as it may have been, is almost certain to come under scrutiny if the case goes to trial. Moore's attorney said Friday he was unaware of the podcast comments until TheWrap asked about them.

"As the saying goes, in all humor there's truth," said the attorney, Devin McRae. "And also, I think from my client's perspective, Mr. Kirkman is clearly speaking from experience."

A representative for Kirkman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the podcast remarks. But Kirkman said in a statement Friday that Moore regularly receives payment for his illustrations and royalties for the show.

"We each had legal representation seven years ago and now he is violating the same contract he initiated and approved and he wants to misrepresent the fees he was paid and continues to be paid for the work he was hired to do," Kirkman said.

Kirkman made the "trickery and deceit" joke during a Q&A for the Nerdist podcast. Its host, comedian Chris Hardwick, was later named the host of AMC's "Talking Dead" talk show, which follows new episodes of "The Walking Dead."

The critically acclaimed zombie epic, the highest-rated show on basic cable, returns Sunday night for the second half of its second season.

The appreciative Nerdist audience laughed at the obvious, intentional irony of Kirkman's joke: Of course, his tone suggested, he wasn't really advocating trickery and deceit.

But the lawsuit adds a layer of irony that Kirkman never intended. Especially because he followed it with a long answer about the potential hazards for comics artists of working with new, unproven writers who may or may not be legit.

Starting in 2003, Moore illustrated the first six issues of "The Walking Dead" and drew covers for 18 more. He had also worked with Kirkman on other comics, including "Battle Pope," which they self-published together in 2000.

Clashes between comic book writers and illustrators go back almost as far as comic books: "Batman" creator Bob Kane and illustrator Jerry Robinson disagreed until Kane's death in 1998 about who deserved credit for creating The Joker -- Kane and writer Bill Finger, or Robinson.

Kirkman's remarks during the podcast suggested that he would never cheat an artist. He suggested a jocular familiarity with Moore by joking that when he met him in seventh grade, Moore was "hot" -- and remains so today.

He also explained how they came to work together.

"I lucked out in that I met Tony Moore in the seventh grade, and so after we graduated... I basically went to him and was like, hey, let's do this comic book called 'Battle Pope,' like what up?"

He said self-publishing "Battle Pope" with Moore helped him find other artists' online and win their trust.

"Because I had gotten 'Battle Pope' published, when I went to people online and I was like, 'Hey I've got this thing'... I seemed somewhat legit, despite not being legit at all," he said, with a large dose of self-deprecation. "So they trusted me and I was able to do that and people would agree to do books with me."

He added: "But it's very hard if you haven't done that, because there's hundreds of people that are contacting artists that are on... different websites all the time going, 'Hey, you want to do a book with me?' And you don't know who that guy is, and a lot of times artists get screwed where peole are like, 'Oh, let's do a book together and I'll pay you or I won't pay you... people are a little squirelly."

He ended by repeating his proven laugh line: "So I would advise trickery and deceit."

Moore said he agreed to sign over his rights to his collaborations in exchange for a cut of their earnings. But he said he has not received the earnings, or been allowed to look over Kirkman's books, as they had agreed in a 2005 contract.

In an interview with TheWrap this week, before the lawsuit was filed, Kirkman suggested he welcomes collaboration. He said he was happy to lose fights with the show's writers about what should become of the characters he created.

"I would be the most arrogant person in the world if I thought that something I wrote 10 years ago was absolutely better than anything a room of eight people on top of their game could come up with. That's just absurd,"

Ratings: Idol Ticks Up Again to Fuel Fox Win; Did It Find Bottom?

Ratings: Idol Ticks Up Again to Fuel Fox Win; Did It Find Bottom?

A newly stable "American Idol" climbed modestly in the ratings Thursday to win in ratings and total viewers, according to preliminary numbers. It fueled Fox to a ratings win for the night, though CBS had more total viewers.

The night mirrored the overall positions of Fox and CBS. Fox is the highest-rated network in the 18-49 demo coveted by advertisers, but CBS has the most viewers overall.

"Idol," which had dropped in the ratings from its premiere last month, seems to have found its bottom and begun the climb back up. It rose four percent Thursday from the previous Thursday's episode in the 18-49 demo, earning a 5.7 rating/16 share. It was up 3 percent in total viewers, hitting 17.9 million. Wednesday's show had also made modest gains.

Airing after the 8 p.m. "Idol" at 9, the new show "The Finder" was down four percent from last week for a 2.3/6. It had 6.5 million total viewers. Overall Fox averaged a 4.0/11 and 12.2 million total viewers.

CBS averaged a 3.6/10 -- making it second in ratings -- and 14.3 million total viewers. "The Big Bang Theory" at 8 was the second highest-rated and most-watched with a 5.5/16 and 16.1 million total viewers. At 8:30, "Rob" had a 3.4/9 and 11 million. "Person of Interest" at 9 had a 3.3/8 and 15.1 million, and "The Mentalist" at 10 had a 2.9/8 and 14.4 million.

ABC, with a 2.6/7 and 7.3 million, was third in ratings and viewers. At 8, "Wipeout" had a 1.5/4 and 5.2 million total viewers. "Grey's Anatomy" at 9 had a 3.9/10 and 10.1 million total viewers. "Private Practice" the following hour had a 2.3/6 and 6.6 million total viewers.

NBC was fourth in ratings and viewers with a 1.7/5 and 3.9 million. An hour of "30 Rock" at 8 had a 1.6/4 and 3.9 million total viewers. "The Office" at 9 had a 2.5/6 and 5.2 million total viewers. "Up All Night" at 9:30 had a 1.8/4 and 3.7 million.

At 10, NBC rebroadcast the post-Super Bowl episode of "The Voice." In a testament to its strength -- and NBC's troubles on Thursdays at 10 -- it was up 36 percent over NBC's seasonal average in the timeslot with a 1.5/4 and 3.5 million total viewers.

Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella Join HBO Muhammad Ali Film

Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella Join HBO Muhammad Ali Film

Christopher Plummer and Frank Langella have joined Stephen Frears' HBO film "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight" about the heavyweight champion's conscientious objection to fighting in Vietnam.

Plummer, nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for his role in "Beginners," will Supreme Court Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan II. (He has already won a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for his "Beginners" role.) Langella will play Chief Justice Warren Berger.

Shawn Slovo wrote the script, which recounts Ali's legal case going to the Supreme Court. The champ was arrested, found guilty on draft evasion charges, and stripped of his title, though he was not imprisoned as he appealed his conviction.

During the struggle he delivered some of his most enduring quotes, including, "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong... No Viet Cong ever called me n-----" and "How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail."

Macaulay Culkin's Rep Slams Health Speculation

Macaulay Culkin's Rep Slams Health Speculation

Macaulay Culkin is fit as a fiddle, his spokeswoman insists -- despite what "Entertainment Tonight" suggests.

The 31-year-old actor's publicist has fired back at ETOnline, after the site published a photo of the former "Home Alone" star looking thin on the streets of New York on Wednesday.

“Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health," Culkin's publicist told TheWrap in a statement. "For Entertainment Tonight -- or any other media -- to speculate otherwise is reckless, irresponsible and destructive.” ran the photo with the blaring headline, "Exclusive: Macaulay Culkin's Gaunt Photo."

Characterizing the actor as "extremely thin and scruffy," the site promised more photos on Thursday's edition of "Entertainment Tonight" that would be "likely to spark concern for the actor's health."

A representative for Entertainment Tonight told TheWrap that it will include the spokeswoman's statement in its coverage of Culkin on Thursday night's broadcast.

ETOnline has also subsequently published a story suggesting that Culkin's weight loss may be because he's attached to the military comedy-drama "Service Man" -- though the actor's representative has also denied Culkin's involvement in the project.