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zondag 15 april 2012

Why Space: 2099 Won’t Be a "Dark and Gritty" Reboot of Space: 1999

Why Space: 2099 Won’t Be a "Dark and Gritty" Reboot of Space: 1999

Space: 1999 occupies a special place in many of our memories — so when we heard that a reboot called Space: 2099 was in development, many people had mixed feelings. How would this show handle the original show's mixture of horror and kitschiness, not to mention the somewhat nonsensical premise?

We spoke to Jace Hall, the producer of Space: 2099, who explained to us a little about how he wants to make this version of the show more "plausible." He also explained a little bit about what went wrong with his last project, the V reboot.

For many of our readers, Space: 1999 is the show that got them into science fiction. So people are excited at the idea of a new version. How do you deal with the challenge of recapturing fans' rose-tinted memories of a show from 35 years ago?

It's a significant challenge most certainly. When Space: 1999 was released in the 70's there really was nothing quite like it on television, and the bold designs and larger story concepts presented in season one had a tremendous impact on the imaginations of both the young and old. Space: 1999 was released during a time period when the whole world seemed to be excited about looking to the stars, and the aspirations of our human reach into the unknown universe extended without limit. There is real emotion tied to that whole experience, and as you know, emotional experiences like that are very personal and unique to the individual. So part of how we deal with the challenge you describe relates to our understanding and acknowledgment of what Space: 1999 represents and means to the many fans that are out there (which we are part of.)

The goal of our project is not to "replace" or "alter" Space: 1999 or its original memory – our goal is to wonderfully explore some of the great thought-provoking key axioms and notions that gathered and excited people around the original Space: 1999 in the first place. We are very interested in exploring the human condition through compelling individual characters against a backdrop of an epic situation.

Space: 2099's goal is not to attempt to re-tell the specific story of Space: 1999. We are not trying to make some "dark and gritty" version of Space: 1999. There is no reason to re-tell the Space: 1999 story since we already have Space: 1999! However, through our new story and presentation, Space: 2099 hopes to re-kindle and remind fans of those memories of a show from 35 years ago, but more importantly help bring back to all science fiction fans that sense of awe, fear and incredible spectacle that is the unknown, unexplored universe. It is important that we endeavor to bring something new and exciting to the table.

A lot of people want to know if the Eagles will be back. I see one in the poster, so I'm guessing the answer is yes?

Please believe me when we say that we want to answer this question, however we are not releasing any content specific information yet. We leave the posters open for interpretation. We can say that everything seen in the posters is there for deliberate reason.

What fun aspect of the original show are you most excited to feature in Space: 2099?

The near future plausibility of it all. Space: 1999 presented a very near future societal depiction where a moonbase had been established, and the show worked to successfully convince us that it was a reasonable vision to have given where the world was in the 70s. In a similar but much more emphasized vein, one of the key elements in our depiction will be as much plausibility as possible. Since we are dealing with a future timeframe of only around 80 years, there will still be plenty of familiar things around – however evolved they happen to be. It is this kind of projected iteration and future evolution that can be fun to depict as well as very thought-provoking. We consciously understand that a future projection must be comprehensive and not just focus on technology. Corporations, governments, social issues and day to day concerns all must be considered. No one was worried about their Facebook wall activity 80 years ago! My, how things change! It is exciting to imagine the various extrapolations from now until 2099.

The premise of Space: 1999 is one that has a lot of logical flaws. Like the Moon traveling at interstellar speeds without the Moonbase being destroyed. Or the massive amount of devastation that would happen to the Earth if the Moon was gone. Or the fact that the Moon travels fast enough to visit a new planet every week. How can you make this premise more plausible without getting rid of what's great about it?

This is a great question and unfortunately we can't reveal any story content at this time. I would only refer you to my above answer that discusses the importance and focus of our story on plausibility. If something happens in our story, it is very important that the audience feels that it could actually theoretically happen in real life and that situations and characters evolve in ways that make logical sense. This is going to be a consistent and driving force in Space: 2099 and we are doing our homework to support this.

Space: 1999 always felt like it was slightly more horror-focused than Star Trek, especially in its first season. Do you plan to keep the horror aspects front and center?

We wouldn't use the term "horror" to describe any part of the focus. Instead we would choose "real" as the mainstay, because reality of course can be much more frightening. In reality, things that are unknown tend to induce fear. It is a natural human reaction. The more unknown things are around us, the more anxiety it generates in general – and what could possibly be more unknown to us than the boundless, unexplored, naked universe? True fear in many forms will certainly be present, from immediate threats, all the way to some quiet but appalling cerebral implications that characters must face, because it will be a natural part of the total human experience of the story we want to tell.

Maya, the shape-shifter, doesn't appear in the original show until season two. But she's one of the characters everybody remembers. Will she be back in some form? And would you still wait a year to introduce her?

Love to answer this... but can't yet. Please visit to stay informed!!!

Right now seems to be a challenging time for space opera on television — shows like Star Trek and Andromeda have pretty much vanished from our screens. What makes you think Space: 2099 can buck this trend?

It saddens me that science fiction television is so scarce these days. As a fan I am constantly left wanting and jumping at almost any paltry offering only to be disappointed with the lack of real thought behind the story being told. Science fiction may be the greatest story telling platform there is. The sky is the limit and one's imagination can soar! I feel that science fiction can help us see ourselves in critical ways without pointing the finger and that allows us to be open to its message. Science fiction can look at what we are doing TODAY and create a projection of the consequences of collective behavior. It can also give us a vision of a future that we find appealing and create social motivation to decide to work toward it. I could go on and on about this subject, actually.

Why Space: 2099 Won't Be a "Dark and Gritty" Reboot of Space: 1999Space: 2099 is an endeavor to tell an epic story that carries deeply thoughtful and entertaining insights about the human condition that everyone might find of interest, not just science fiction fans. It is not a show about tech gadgets, or spaceships, or computers – certainly those are present but they are just tools – but rather it is a story with overtones that question things like human entitlement by challenging established conventions regarding what we feel our place in the universe is, what are we doing, and why we think it all matters. Stuff like that!

What do you think you've learned about rebooting classic science fiction shows after doing V?

V, oh my… I've learned a lot actually – the primary thing I learned was that it is important to make sure that the people with the creative passion stay at the command position the project. For Space: 2099 this is not an issue, because we are super passionate about this project and we are in a command position that allows us to execute on the vision.

As for V, I think there turned out to be some writing challenges after the V pilot and at the time I was not invited to "drive," so my perception was that eventually things got a little derivative as the network and studio worked to find the right showrunner. It is my opinion that you can't buy deep passion, only expertise. I was the person with the deep passion for V – that's why I wanted to bring it back. At the time, my relative newness to television production at that level just couldn't support me being given the authority to see it through from front to back.

Regardless, I learned a tremendous amount through the entire experience and greatly appreciate everything that Warner Bros. and ABC did to make the project work. Everyone worked very hard. It sucks that it didn't get to continue, but I got an invaluable across-the-board education that Space: 2099 is going to be the beneficiary of!

Celebrity Big Brother: Samantha Brick close to £50k deal?

Celebrity Big Brother: Samantha Brick close to £50k deal?

Samantha Brick is reportedly close to agreeing a £50,000 deal to star in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The journalist became an internet sensation earlier this month after writing a Daily Mail article about the downsides of being so beautiful.

Channel 5 is 'wooing' Brick to sign up for Celebrity Big Brother to capitalise on her infamy, according to The Sun.

Blue star Lee Ryan, who was left out of the last series after apparently demanding more than a £175,000 fee, is said to have been approached by producers to star in the new series instead.

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison has also reportedly agreed a £175,000 deal to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, while Freddie Ljungberg, Bachelor star Carianne Barrow and model and DJ Jakki Degg have also been linked to the show.

This year's second series of Celebrity Big Brother, as ordered by Channel 5, will air in late summer after the regular series.

'Titanic' producer: 'I'm responsible for poor ratings'

'Titanic' producer: 'I'm responsible for poor ratings'

Titanic producer Nigel Stafford-Clark has accepted responsibility for the ITV1 show's declining ratings.

The £12m mini-series, written by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, opened with nearly seven million viewers in March but has since lost over half its audience.

Stafford-Clark admitted that the show's non-linear plot, which sees the ship hit the iceberg in each episode as it focuses on different classes, was his idea, and suggested that this was the reason for the ratings drop.

"I have to accept that people have found it hard to get around. In that sense I am responsible," he told The Guardian.

"The scripts were very good. Julian is not in any way responsible for this. He wrote the scripts over 18 months to two years, it was not done in a hurry. The series was sold off the back of the script."

Executive producer Simon Vaughan confessed that he had no idea Titanic would have such competition when he first pitched a TV drama to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster five years ago.

James Cameron's movie of the same name has been re-released in 3D, while various TV documentaries, such as BBC One's Titanic with Len Goodman and Channel 5's Nazi Titanic: Revealed, have aired.

However, the ITV Studios show is still being deemed a commercial success after being sold to nearly 100 countries. It will be released on DVD in the UK on Monday (April 16).

"As a piece of business it's been exceptional, financially extremely valuable to everyone involved," Vaughan said.

An ITV spokesman added: "The 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking was marked with programmes from all the channels, and we are proud to have offered our audience a new drama that had real scale and ambition."

'Legend of Korra' Creators: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the New 'Avatar'

'Legend of Korra' Creators: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the New 'Avatar'

Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko share behind-the-scenes details about their new animated show for Nickelodeon.

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender have been feverishly looking forward to this weekend: Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko continue the mythology of their Airbender series with Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, which premieres Saturday at 11 a.m.

The new series picks up 70 years after the events of The Last Airbender with 17-year-old Korra, a bender with just one more element to go before becoming a full Avatar. But, she lives in a time when her kind is under attack.

DiMartino and Konietzko give The Hollywood Reporter’s readers a behind-the-scenes peek into creating Legend of Korra with a guest blog. Here are five things you didn’t know about their new Nickelodeon series.

1. Making The Legend of Korra requires hundreds of artists in three different countries. In addition to the artists at the Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, Calif., we collaborated with Studio Mir in South Korea. They handled designing characters and backgrounds as well as all the animation and compositing for the first season. We also worked with a studio in India called Technicolor. It handled the CG vehicle models — all the cars, airships, and other CG vehicles. But even though we use computers to help us make the show, all the animation of the characters and bending effects are still hand-drawn.

2. Legend of Korra Nickelodeon2. The character of Korra's polar bear-dog, Naga, was actually created ten years ago. When we were developing the original series back in 2002, Bryan had done a sketch of a bipedal polar bear-dog creature. We never found a place for it in Avatar: The Last Airbender. But when we came up with Korra's character, we wanted her to have an animal mode of transport and revisited that old drawing. The new model of Naga is modeled after our dogs, who are brothers.

3. Dee Bradley Baker is a voice acting virtuoso!  Not only does he play Councilman Tarrlok in The Legend of Korra, he is also the voice of Naga, Pabu and Oogi. It's amazing to watch him work as he transitions between the human and animal realms. Dee also performed as Appa and Momo in the original series.

4. We had created the character of the next Avatar after Aang in late November of 2009, but we had a hard time settling on a name for her. And this proved to be a really tough one. We already had a certain sound to the Water Tribe names, like Katara and Sokka, lots of "a" and "k" sounds, but we just couldn't find something that we both agreed upon. Mike and I went on a landscape photography trip in February of 2010, right before we moved back into the Nickelodeon studios to begin working on the new series in earnest, and we still didn't have a name. We arrived at the eco-lodge where we would be taking the photo workshop all week, and the owner showed us inside and introduced us to his dog, Cora. My ears perked up and I immediately said to Mike, "That's the name!" Thankfully, Mike thought so too. It is nice and simple, has the benefit of being a "real world" name, and with a spelling tweak, Korra fits right in with our established Water Tribe culture.

5. The idea for Pro Bending developed even before we came up with the character of Korra. Between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, we had an idea for an Avatar story that took place prior to the Hundred Year War where the best of the world's benders of all four elements competed against each other in an arena setting. Once we got into developing the 1920s vibe of Republic City in Korra, that old idea resurfaced and evolved into Pro Bending, a boxing-like spectacle that would be the most popular sport of the era. Instead of having benders of individual elements versus each other, we thought having teams of water, earth, and fire would be a great way to illustrate that the United Republic is a melting pot compared to how divided the cultures were in Aang's time. And the sporting aspect provided us a way to evolve and modernize the styles of bending for some fun variations on the concept in this new series.

Dawn French to judge 'Jesus Christ Superstar'?

Dawn French to judge 'Jesus Christ Superstar'?

Dawn French is reportedly in talks to become a judge on Jesus Christ Superstar.

ITV bosses want the Vicar Of Dibley actress to join Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for the next musical star as head judge, The Sun reports.

A source said: "Andrew is looking for the cream of British acting and showbiz stars for Superstar and Dawn has caught his eye. She is outspoken, someone who connects with ordinary people and has years and years of experience.

"It's early days but she is interested and they have been very taken with her in the initial conversations."

Producers are still finalising the other judges to complete the panel. Jason Donovan and former Spice Girl Mel C have been serving as guest judges for the initial auditions.

Superstar starts in July for a two-week run. Amanda Holden was recently confirmed as the show's host.

An insider added: "The plan is to make it more like I'm A Celebrity, building up a head of steam at the end of the two weeks."

Simon Cowell has previously hinted that he wanted French to judge one of his shows.

Ian Hislop, 'Have I Got News For You' trumps Piers Morgan in ratings

Ian Hislop, 'Have I Got News For You' trumps Piers Morgan in ratings

Have I Got News For You claimed a historic victory over Piers Morgan's Life Stories last night (April 13).

The BBC One panel show, on which Morgan's archnemesis Ian Hislop appears, pulled in 5.74m (24.5%) from 9pm, while Life Stories with Coronation Street's William Roache had 4.22m (18.1%) and 260k (1.4%) on ITV1 +1.

This comes despite Morgan having a lead-in of over 8m from Corrie, compared to News For You's inheritance of 3.53m (14.8%) from Would I Lie To You?

Morgan had earlier predicted on Twitter that Life Stories would "rip Have I Got News For You's ratings apart".

Lee Mack's sitcom Not Going Out returned with a fairly respectable 4.54m (19.6%), a couple of hundred thousand off last year's opener.

At 10.35pm, a new marathon run of The Graham Norton Show kicked off with 3.83m (25.5%), but BBC One's comedy lineup failed to overtake ITV1 in primetime. Overall, ITV1 clung onto its lead with 21.9% (+1: 0.7%) against BBC One's 21.7%.

BBC Two's latest Twenty Twelve amused 900k (4.5%), prior to which 1.16m (5%) watched Brick by Brick: Rebuilding Our Past. Mastermind (2.19m/9.5%) and Gardeners' World (2.19m/9.2%) logged identical audiences in the 8pm hour.

The Million Pound Drop Live dominated Channel 4's primetime schedule, airing between 9pm and 10.30pm with an audience of 1.69m (7.7%), adding 182k (1.1%) on timeshift. Come Dine with Me served up 1.03m (4.4%) at 8pm (+1: 206k/0.9%).

Eddie Stobart's Trucks and Trailers revved up Channel 5's night with 1.48m (6.3%) at 8pm (+1: 133k/0.6%), then The Mentalist took 1.51m (6.5%) an hour later.

BBC Two finished in third place with 6.5%, ahead of Channel 4's 5.4% (+1: 0.7%), and Channel 5's 5% (+1: 0.3%).

Alesha Dixon: 'I enjoy The Voice'

Alesha Dixon: 'I enjoy The Voice'

Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon has admitted that she is a fan of rival show The Voice UK.

The two programmes have been going head-to-head in the ratings and the ITV1 show, which Dixon maintains is "more entertaining", will move to a later time slot on April 21 to avoid the clash.

"I have watched the show. My family come round on a Saturday night and we have some food and get ready to watch [Britain's Got Talent] and obviously we watch The Voice before," Dixon told The Mirror.

"I am a big fan of Jessie [J], I am a big fan of and I love listening to singers so it has been enjoyable to watch."

Speaking of her comments, an ITV source said: "It wasn't the brightest thing to say by Alesha. She is always outspoken but sometimes less is more and ITV and Simon [Cowell] would have preferred her to say less about The Voice, that's for sure."

Dixon also branded fellow judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams "very feminine".

"Simon and David are doing a good job with the camp stuff, we'll leave that to them," she said.

"I think it's going to make for a great live show. People are going to expect the campness from David to wind Simon up and I think he's going to take it well."

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge tipped opera star Jonathan Antoine to do well in the competition.

Ryan Seacrest to Host Fox's 25th Anniversary Special

Ryan Seacrest to Host Fox's 25th Anniversary Special

The "American Idol" host will oversee the two-hour broadcast set to feature cast reunions from "Married … With Children" and "That '70s Show."

Fox is turning to a familiar face to host its upcoming 25th anniversary special.

Ryan Seacrest will oversee the two-hour broadcast, the network said Friday.

"Who better than Ryan Seacrest -- America's best television host and 11-year member of our Fox family -- to lead our 25th anniversary celebration?" Fox president of alternative entertainment Mike Darnell said. "This is going to be an amazing trip down memory lane filled with plenty of surprises that will showcase our hits, our misses and everything in between."

Set to feature cast reunions from Married … With Children, That '70s Show and In Living Color, Fox is making a night of the event, re-airing the pilot of Married, the Ed O'Neill-Katey Sagal comedy that helped define the network during its early years.

Also added to the guest list for the special are House's Hugh Laurie, The Simpsons voice actor Kelsey Grammer and In Living Color's Tommy Davidson.

Fox's 25th anniversary special airs at 8 p.m. Sunday, April 22.

'TOWIE' preview: Arg loses two stone, Lauren gets emotional

'TOWIE' preview: Arg loses two stone, Lauren gets emotional

After a very short break from the ITV2 schedules, The Only Way Is Essex returns this weekend, and there's plenty of drama in store for everyone's favourite tan-tastic reality TV stars.

James 'Arg' Argent has finally shed some pounds and is ready to flaunt his new slimmer look as well as his brand new veneers. "Oh my god, James, look at you, there's nothing of you," says Debbie Bright. "Where's your love handles?"

Mario Falcone, Ricky Rayment and Lil Chris head to the gym and christen themselves "the smooth gang". Gemma Collins introduces her "bubbly" mum Joan to the show and Jess and Ricky continue to flirt like mad.

Meanwhile, Lauren Goodger opens up to Lydia Bright about her fall-out with Jess and her concerns and upset at her weight.

TOWIE returns for a fifth series on Sunday night (April 15) at 10pm on ITV2.

'Strictly Come Dancing' Len Goodman planning harsher judging approach?

'Strictly Come Dancing' Len Goodman planning harsher judging approach?

Len Goodman will reportedly adopt a more scathing demeanour in his role as Strictly Come Dancing judge.

The 67-year-old, the ballroom dancing show's head panelist, is apparently set to become more like rival X Factor star Simon Cowell.

"Len is getting more like Simon Cowell every day," a source told the Daily Mail. "He has started to be loudly booed by the studio audience, which has caused a lot of embarrassment."

Referring to his role on US show Dancing with the Stars, the insider added: "He was heckled during a recent show by fans, who called for him to be sacked after he criticised one of the couples.

"But Len is enjoying the new approach - it's spicing things up."

The BBC is currently on the look-out for a replacement for Alesha Dixon, who defected to ITV's Britain's Got Talent in January.

Goodman is expected to return to the panel alongside Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood.

Ellen Burstyn Joins USA's 'Political Animals'

Ellen Burstyn Joins USA's 'Political Animals'

The Oscar winner joins the Greg Berlanti, Laurence Mark drama project opposite Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino and James Wolk.

Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn has joined the star-studded cast of USA’s Political Animals.

The actress will co-star in the cable network's summer six-hour political drama series from executive producers Greg Berlanti and Laurence Mark.

Animals centers on Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver), a divorced former first lady and current secretary of state, who is struggling to keep her family together while simultaneously dealing with the crises of the State Department. She finds an unlikely ally in a famous D.C. journalist, played by Carla Gugino, who has spent her career tearing Elaine down.

Burstyn, who has picked up Emmy and Tony awards over the course of her career, will play Margaret Barrish, the mother to Weaver’s character. She’s being described as a tough Chicago broad and one-time Vegas showgirl with biting tongue and sharp wit.

In addition to Gugino and Weaver, Burstyn joins Fairly Legal's Brittany Ishibashi (as Douglas' fiancée), Lone Star’s James Wolk (Barrish's cheif of staff) and Gossip Girl's Sebastian Stan (Barrish's son) in the Warner Horizon project.

Burstyn, whose many credits include Big Love and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, is repped by Innovative Artists and The Schiff Company.

Berlanti will write and direct the pilot, in addition to executive producing with Mark. Melissa Kellner Berman will co-executive produce. Animals hails from Berlanti Productions and Laurence Mark Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television

'Walking Dead' producers tease season three premiere

'Walking Dead' producers tease season three premiere

The Walking Dead executive producers Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman have revealed some details about the third season premiere.

Speaking at a TV Academy panel in Los Angeles, Mazzara confirmed that he had just finished work on the script for the episode and dropped a few hints about its content, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mazzara said: "It's pretty dynamic and action-packed with tons of zombies, but also a lot of quieter moments and a lot of heart.

"This is a group of survivors, a family that has come together and they have no good options, no place to go and they're really trying to keep themselves alive, and keep each other alive.

"You can see how desperate they are; they're clinging to each other. It's those moment of human interaction and heart that are important."

Kirkman implied that the season would be a good one for fans of the original comic series, saying: "For comic fans, they know the good stuff is coming. The really intense stuff with Michonne, the Governor and Woodbury [prison] really defined the comic book series and we haven't even gotten to that stuff yet.

"Now that we're getting to that stuff in season three, it's really going to change the show quite a bit."

Kirkman went on to get slightly more specific, teasing that a memorable moment from the comic book series will feature in the premiere, but that it will involve a different character than the comic's version.

He teased: "There will be cases where something memorable... will be displaced and given to somebody else.

"I'll hint that that actually happens in our first episode back in season three - something memorable that happened to a character in the comic is happening in the show in our first episode back, and it's not the same character."

The show's third season will be set in the town of Woodbury, it has been confirmed.

Lauren Cohan will become a series regular for the third season.

'The Only Way Is Essex' Sam Faiers: 'I don't want a boyfriend'

'The Only Way Is Essex' Sam Faiers: 'I don't want a boyfriend'

The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers has said that she is not looking for a new relationship.

The 21-year-old split from boyfriend TJ in February and plans for him to join the TOWIE cast were scrapped.

The Only Way Is Essex stars Billie Faiers and sister Samantha Faiers enjoy a night out at Doll House club, in East London. London, England

Faiers told the Daily Star that the new series of the ITV2 reality show will focus less on the cast's love life.

"I'm still single. The last couple of series of TOWIE have been based around relationships, break-ups and stuff like that. But in the new series they are not playing on that so much. We are not under pressure to be in a relationship," she said.

"I'm not looking for a relationship. Obviously I'll date on the show and have fun but I don't want a boyfriend. I've only been single for a while. I don't fancy Diags (James Bennewith) and Ricky (Rayment) had five girls jump on him as soon as he arrived and I'm not into that.

"Ricky came on the show and he had baggage within two days, so I'm not getting involved. Everyone warned me not to go back to Mark (Wright) but I'm never going to do that. That door has closed."

The Only Way Is Essex returns to ITV2 for a fifth series at 10pm on Sunday night (April 15).

'Titanic' Miniseries: Linus Roache Reveals Memorable Scenes and an Unexpected Acting Challenge

'Titanic' Miniseries: Linus Roache Reveals Memorable Scenes and an Unexpected Acting Challenge

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Julian Fellowes' four-parter airs this weekend on ABC.

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

To commemorate, ABC will air Julian Fellowes' Titanic miniseries beginning Saturday evening. Star Linus Roache, who plays one of the wealthy passengers on the ship, likened this four-hour revisit to 1912 as "event television." As he tells The Hollywood Reporter, unlike James Cameron's movie blockbuster, this small-screen journey will tell the story of the entire ship: "This was playing on the story of all the different lives and like a microcosm of our culture and of 1912."

Researching for the role meant having discussions about relationships, rather than the technical and the historical details, Roache admitted.

"I spent more time with [co-star] Geraldine Somerville, who plays my wife and who is an old friend, and we talked a lot about that period, that era, that sense of entitlement, the kind of lives these people lived, being in high society and social events," he shared, "how many times a day you changed, what was your relationship to your servants, how did you treat them and how many did you have."

Roache spoke about boarding Titanic, recalls the miniseries' most memorable scenes and an unexpected acting challenge.

Who do you play and how did you come to be a part of this project?

Linus Roache: I was approached last year about the idea. It was pitched as a kind of event television to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage and the sinking of the Titanic. Also, I had heard about the idea to tell the story of the whole ship. We love the [James] Cameron movie -- it's brilliant and epic and romantic and delivers on so many levels -- but this was playing on the story of all the different lives and like a microcosm of our culture and of 1912. [My character Hugh, earl of Manton, is] a lord, an earl and a very entitled human being, but he's traveling with his wife and his daughter and their servants across the Atlantic. Although he has that status, I felt he was accessible as a human being and was quite progressive in his thinking, witty and has a sense of humor.

It says that we don't know much about his past. Will that unfold quickly?

Roache: I think it unfolds pretty quickly. By episode one his dirty secret, his dirty laundry comes out, but I think the question will be how does it resolve with his wife.

Especially with the sinking of the ship looming ..

Roache: This is what's part of the narrative style of piece, is that all these lives, their secrets, what was important, what was underneath the surface in the face of two-and-a-half hours to live and in the face of life and death these things come to the surface and do they get resolved or not? It's heightened drama because of the reality of what they were facing.

Did you do any research before filming?

Roache: I did a little bit on the Titanic, but if you think about it, it's not really very important to know anything about the ship because these people are ignorant of it. He could afford the equivalent of $67,000 or whatever it was for first-class tickets and he was traveling on the best ship around. I went to exhibitions and I read about different accounts, but I spent more time with Geraldine Somerville, who plays my wife and who is an old friend, and we talked a lot about that period, that era, that sense of entitlement, the kind of lives these people lived, being in high society and social events, how many times a day you changed, what was your relationship to your servants, how did you treat them and how many did you have. The etiquette and also the accent.

They spoke differently in that time period ..

Roache: Very different. It's as hard as doing New York playing Michael Cutter in Law and Order.

It sounds like you worked closely together to form the backstory for your relationship?

Roache: Oh yes, definitely. We didn't go into great great detail but we managed to get a sense of our lives and we do actually have another son, I think he's mentioned in the story -- he was a character in this piece at one point but he didn't get to travel on the Titanic. Again, it was trying to understand the relationships. Geraldine does an amazing job because you really see someone who's trapped by their class, by their status. There's this wonderful moment where Madame Aubart, who's the mistress of Guggenheim, is sitting at a table and Geraldine wants the table and expects this woman to move and is treating her like a piece of trash. The way she responds is so poignant because you see that she's a total snob and at the same time she doesn't know how to deal with the situation; it's beyond her scope and you feel the humanity in that.

is there a scene that sticks out in your mind that you really enjoyed?

Roache: I do love the scene towards the end of episode two with Maria Doyle Kennedy and Toby Jones, when they make peace with their bitter marriage and all this sense of loss and what they have not achieved. Suddenly she puts her hand out and says, "Let's be friends." For me, moments that I'm in, I love doing a lot of the [action] stuff, being with the guys and trying to get that collapsable life boat off.

Was there anything surprising for you?

Roache: The only thing that was challenging was always running around a set in Budapest wearing a thick heavy winter coat in the middle of summer pretending to freezing cold having just hit an iceberg when you’ve got sweat coming down your neck. That was not an expected acting challenge.

You can't really fake that.

Roache: Exactly, they don’t give awards for that kind of acting. How do you do that?

TV Tonight 15th of April 2012

TV Tonight 15th of April 2012

The daily list in alphabetical order, of all the new episodes airing.

    60 Minutes (US) S44E29: "Remembering Mike Wallace"
    Aida (PL) S01E06: "Season 1, Episode 6"
    Alaska y Mario S02E05: "Season 2, Episode 5"
    America's Funniest Home Videos S22E19: "Season 22, Episode 19"
    Antiques Roadshow S34E24: "Manchester Town Hall (2)"
    Army Wives S06E08: "Casualites"
    Austin & Ally S01E13: "Burglaries & Boobytraps"
    Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S02E03: "Acts of Vengeance"
    Bait Car S05E10: "TBA"
    Behzat Ç. S02E22: "Season 2, Episode 22"
    Big Brother Sverige S08E49: "Del 49 (Veckofinal)"
    Big Rich Texas S02E09: "Bonnie-Plasty"
    Bob's Burgers S02E05: "Food Truckin’"
    Breakout Kings S02E07: "Ain't Love (50) Grand"
    Canada's Got Talent S01E13: "Live Performance Show Week 3"
    Cardfight!! Vanguard S02E02: "TBA"
    Chopped S11E10: "All Stars: Prime Time vs. Day Time"
    Cupcake Wars S05E06: "Yo Gabba Gabba"
    Dancing With the Stars (AU) S12E01: "Season 12, Episode 1"
    Dateline NBC S21E40: "SU2130"
    Eastbound & Down S03E08: "Chapter 21"
    Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. S01E05
    Formula 1 S04E07: "Chinese Grand Prix Highlights"
    Formula 1 S04E06: "Chinese Grand Prix"
    Full Metal Jousting S01E10: "The Championship Joust"
    Game of Thrones S02E03: "What Is Dead May Never Die"
    GCB S01E08: "Pride Comes Before a Fall"
    Girls S01E01: "Pilot"
    Grand Designs Australia S02E02: "Paynesville Industrial"
    Harry's Law S02E17: "The Contest"
    Have I Got a Bit More News for You S44E01: "Series 44, Episode 1"
    Hiiro no Kakera S01E03: "Episode 3"
    Hunter X Hunter Remake S01E27: "Arrival x At The x Arena"
    Hvem kan slå Aamodt og Kjus? S02E06: "Siren Sundby og Camilla Herrem"
    I Survived S06E26: "Angela/Pat/Tricia"
    I Survived...Beyond and Back S02E03: "Teresa, Ray, Linda"
    Ice Loves Coco S02E08: "Baby Got Sundance"
    Inside Nature's Giants S04E03: "Kangaroo"
    Iron Chef America S09E34: "Garces vs. Cowan"
    Jerseylicious S04E09: "Bye Bye Frankie"
    Khloe & Lamar S02E08: "Under Pressure"
    Kidou Senshi Gundam Age S01E27: "The Red Evening Sun is Seen"
    Las Vegas Jailhouse S05E05: "Season 5, Episode 5"
    Loiter Squad S01E04: "Episode 4"
    Long Island Medium S02E07: "Car Crazy"
    Long Island Medium S02E08: "Just Like Me"
    Mad Men S05E05: "Signal 30"
    Masterpiece S42E10: "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"
    Mirai Nikki S01E26: "Initialization"
    Mob Wives S02E13: "What Goes Around"
    Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku S01E15: "Smuggling, Leaving Port, and a Leap"
    My First Place S22E02: "Bidding Sight Unseen in Nashville"
    Nightmare Next Door S02E12: "Double Murder Inferno"
    Nurse Jackie S04E02: "Disneyland Sucks"
    NYC 22 S01E01: "Pilot"
    Oprah's Next Chapter S01E16: "TBA"
    Peking Express S06E03: "Season 6, Episode 3"
    Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S02E02: "Episode 2"
    River Monsters S04E03: "Invisible Executioner"
    Shahs of Sunset S01E06: "Old Friends New Problems"
    Shake It Up S02E19: "Whodunit Up?"
    Silent Witness S15E05: "Paradise Lost (1)"
    Snapped S09E03: "Ellen Snyder"
    Stevie TV S01E07: "Season 1, Episode 7"
    Tangle S03E04: "Season 3, Episode 4"
    The Amazing Race S20E08
    The Apprentice (US) S12E09: "Puppet Up!"
    The Big C S03E02: "What’s Your Story?"
    The Big Quiz S01E02: "Towie v Benidorm"
    The Biggest Loser (AU) S07E57: "Season 7, Episode 57"
    The Borgias S02E02: "Paolo"
    The Cleveland Show S03E17: "American Prankster"
    The Client List S01E02: "Turn the Page"
    The Good Wife S03E20: "Pants On Fire"
    The Killing S02E04: "Ogi Jun"
    The Only Way Is Essex S05E01: "Series 5, Episode 1"
    The Project S04E89: "Season 4, Episode 89"
    The Real Housewives Of Atlanta S04E21: "Reunion, Part 1"
    The Simpsons S23E18: "Beware My Cheating Bart"
    The Voice (AU) S01E01: "Blind Auditions 1"
    Titanic (2012) S01E04: "The Sinking"
    Titanic With Len Goodman S01E03: "Episode 3"
    TNA Pay-Per-View S10E04: "Lockdown 2012"
    Top Gear S18E11: "Compilation - 4"
    Toriko S02E03: "Episode 3"
    Tough Love S04E01: "Welcome to New Orleans!"
    True Life S12E14: "I'm Supporting My Man"
    True Life S12E13: "I Live With My Ex"
    True Life S12E16: "I'm Getting A Second Chance"
    True Life S12E15: "I Have Orthorexia"
    Ultimate Dance Battle, The S02E07: "Liveshow 1"
    Ultimate Spider-man S01E04: "Venom"
    Unchained Reaction S01E05: "Jack of All Trades"
    Unique Eats S04E15: "Brunch"
    Unusual Suspects S03E07: "Murderous Intentions"
    Watch What Happens: Live S06E64
    Wicked Tuna S01E03: "Weekend Warriors"
    Wild Justice S02E06: "Quicksand!"
    Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On S01E03: "Wilson Family Matters"

TV Ratings: 'The Finder' Hits Low, 'Grimm' Improves

TV Ratings: 'The Finder' Hits Low, 'Grimm' Improves

ABC and CBS tied for the ratings victory on Friday evening, but how did Fox's The Finder and Fringe fare?

The Finder reached a new series low for its second week in its new home, averaging 3.4 million total viewers and a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49. Following Finder, perennial bubble show Fringe (2.9 million, 0.9) matched a low for its 18th episode of the season.

NBC's Grimm (5 million, 1.6) fared better, jumping three-tenths from the previous week and winning its 9 p.m. time slot opposite Fringe, a Lionel Richie special and What Would You Do. Dateline (4.8 million, 1.1) was also up slightly from last week.

ABC's Shark Tank (5.6 million, 1.6) nearly tied CBS' Undercover Boss (7 million, 1.7) for the 8 p.m. win, but fell just short. What Would You Do (4.8 million, 1.4) and 20/20 (5.2 million, 1.6) followed Tank.

CBS' Boss was Friday's top-rated program by a slim margin. The two-hour Lionel Richie and Friends concert special that followed drew 7.6 million and a 1.4.

ABC and CBS tied for first (1.5), with NBC following (1.3) and Fox at No. 4 (0.9).

The CW aired repeats.

GLAAD Elects Herndon Graddick President

GLAAD Elects Herndon Graddick President

The former television producer said he looks forward to helping the group’s mission of creating “a culture where there is a welcoming and respected space for LGBT Americans”

LGBT advocate and former television producer Herndon Graddick has been elected the next president of GLAAD.

Officials at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation praised Graddick as a committed advocate for equality and as an inspirational figure.

“Herndon Graddick is already a well-respected leader within the LGBT movement, and we believe will be a visionary and strategic leader for GLAAD’s culture-changing work,” Sheri Fults, National Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, said in a statement.

Since 2010, Graddick has served as vice president of programs and communications at GLAAD, where he helped organize the Stand up for Ellen campaign, launched in response to the group One Million Moms calling for Ellen DeGeneres to be fired as a spokesperson for J.C. Penney because of her sexual orientation.

Graddick said he looked forward to working toward change as GLAAD president.

“Right now GLAAD and our partners in the LGBT movement are making a significant difference at a time when a difference needs to be made, Graddick  said in a statement. “I look forward to working with our dedicated staff to create a culture where there is a welcoming and respected space for LGBT Americans. GLAAD’s work with the media to inspire Americans to speak out against anti-LGBT actions and support equality is needed today more than ever.”

Graddick previously worked as a supervising producer at E! Networks and as the day-of-air news division director at CURRENT TV. He will speak at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles on April 21, where he will be officially introduced as president.

'Paper Giants' sequel being planned by The ABC?

'Paper Giants' sequel being planned by The ABC?

A sequel to historical drama Paper Giants is in the works, it has been reported.

Last year's television miniseries Paper Giants: The Birth of CLEO profiled magazine editor Ita Buttrose (Asher Keddie) as she launched Cleo magazine in the 1970s with Kerry Packer (Rob Carlton).

A follow-up focusing on rival magazine editors Dulcie Boling and Nene King during the 1990s is now said to be in the works at production company Southern Star under the title Paper Giants: The Magazine Wars.

Boling and King were formerly colleagues at New Idea magazine, but became rivals when King moved to Woman's Day.

The ABC has not commented officially, but production sources confirmed details of the project with the Sydney Morning Herald following an initial report on Melbourne's Fairfax Radio.

The Nine Network is working on a spinoff from Paper Giants centred on Packer, with Lachy Hulme cast as the media tycoon.

Paper Giants star Keddie has been nominated for the prestigious Gold Logie award in recognition of her work on the show and on Offspring.

The winner will be revealed at the annual TV Week Logie Awards this Sunday (April 15).

'Don't Tell the Bride' format to air in Australia on Channel Ten

'Don't Tell the Bride' format to air in Australia on Channel Ten

An Australian version of Don't Tell the Bride has been commissioned by Channel Ten.

The reality format, which originated on BBC Three in the United Kingdom, forms part of a new slate of reality and light entertainment programming announced by Ten.

The British programme sees the groom, or one partner in a same-sex couple, given a budget of £12,000 (AU $18,404) to spend while planning a wedding - keeping all but a few details secret from the bride until the big day.

Don't Tell the Bride will be produced by Endemol-owned Southern Star for the channel.

The rights to Come Date with Me, a spinoff of Channel 4's Come Dine with Me featuring single people searching for love, have also been picked up by Ten. Granada Media Australia will produce the show.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Ten's head of programming David Mott said: "For us, this is the start of creating a level of more compelling content - those water-cooler shows, the type of shows that can build the kind of connection with the audience we are chasing. They are noisy shows."

Two new reality competitions have also been commissioned from Fremantle Media.

I Will Survive: Priscilla is a talent competition aimed at finding an all-round entertainer who can sing, dance and act.

Open auditions for I Will Survive begin next week and the winner of the show will receive training in the role of Tick alongside the stars of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert's Broadway cast.

Everybody Dance Now will feature two celebrities picking dancers from an audience of 120 to compete in dance showdowns. Sarah Murdoch, who quit Australia's Next Top Model in late 2011 to pursue new opportunities, has already been linked with the presenter's job on Everybody Dance Now.

'Game of Thrones': 10 teasers about 'What Is Dead May Never Die'

'Game of Thrones': 10 teasers about 'What Is Dead May Never Die'

Hooked by Game of Thrones season two already? Can't wait for next week to get your next chunk of sex, violence and swords?

Digital Spy has the answer with 10 teasers, clues and hints about what's in store in episode three 'What Is Dead May Never Die'. Spoilers ahead!

1. "Thank the Gods, I haven't had a proper s**t in six days." Possibly the greatest Game of Thrones one liner so far.

2. Renly Baratheon is having troubles in the bedroom rather than the battlefield. "Brides aren't usually virgins two weeks after their wedding day."

3. Someone vows to bring Joffrey's head. They won't be the first and probably won't be the last either.

4. Theon Greyjoy gets the biggest slap of the series to date. But from whom?

5. Tyrion's motto "the Queen mustn't know" is spread among the gossipers and power-holders at King's Landing

6. "Every man who has tasted my ******* tells me what a good ***** I am."

7. Tyrion's lover Shae lands a new job at King's Landing as an important person's hand maiden.

8. We are given our first glimpse of Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth. She can definitely handle herself with a sword.

9. Yoren can kick quite a lot of ass, even with swords and arrows stuck in him.

10. If you don't have a stomach for violent death scenes, firstly, why are you watching Game of Thrones, and secondly, you'll probably want to turn off for the last three minutes. There's two of the bloodiest deaths in the show's (very bloody) history.

Amanda Holden feels frozen out of BGT by Alesha Dixon?

Amanda Holden feels frozen out of BGT by Alesha Dixon?

Amanda Holden has reportedly accused Britain's Got Talent bosses of ignoring her in favour of Alesha Dixon.

The actress, who has been on the judging panel since the first series, feels she has been frozen out of the ITV1 show as the former Strictly Come Dancing judge has featured more prominently in recent episodes.

Bosses are said to have re-edited tonight's show to include more footage of Holden following fears she could quit altogether.

"Week after week she has had hardly any screen time while the cameras gaze longingly at Alesha. Amanda isn't usually one to make a fuss but she's been really upset about it," a source told The Sun.

"She had to miss some auditions as she was having her baby so she didn't expect to be in every scene. But even when she's on the panel she's hardly got a look-in. She's made it known that it's not on."

Another source insisted that Britain's Got Talent has "no agenda" and claimed it's just the way the show has worked out.

Holden was apparently worried that Dixon didn't like her after the singer snubbed an invitation to her birthday.

Britain's Got Talent was recently rescheduled to avoid clashing with The Voice UK on BBC One.

Britain's Got Talent: 14-year-old Paige's Bon Iver cover wows judges

Britain's Got Talent: 14-year-old Paige's Bon Iver cover wows judges

Tomorrow night's Britain's Got Talent sees a stand-out performance from 14-year-old singer Paige.

Paige Turley, covering Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love', impresses all four judges and provokes a standing ovation from the audience in Edinburgh.

Her grandfather, watching backstage with Ant & Dec, revealed backstage that he cries every time she sings.

Alesha Dixon said that Turley's vocal ability was "very surprising", while Amanda Holden predicted the teenager has "a bright future ahead".

Simon Cowell had the highest praise, however, commenting: "I think you are absolutely fantastic, you have a really interesting and unique voice, I really really like you."

Britain's Got Talent airs Saturday at 8pm on ITV1.