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maandag 14 januari 2013

Black Mirror series 2 to air "quite soon"

Charlie Brooker's satirical, future-gazing mini-series returns to Channel 4 imminently with three brand new episodes...

Den of Geek didn’t vote for its favourite TV episodes of 2011, but if we had, one of Black Mirror’s three ninety-minute stories would almost certainly have made it into the top ten. Satirical, daring, and often savage, Charlie Brooker’s skewed look at the futures modern technology could create was a rare and to-be-celebrated thing: genuinely exciting original UK drama programming.

Series one comprised three discrete ninety-minute stories: a performance artist blackmails the Prime Minister to perform an humiliating, horrific act live on television; a Cowell-esque talent show is the only path to social mobility in a dystopian, unequal future; a mind implant records our every memory.

Black Mirror returns to Channel 4 “quite soon. Weeks rather than months” according to writer/creator Brooker, with three brand new stories. The first, Be Right Back, stars Dredd and Never Let Me Go’s Domhnall Gleeson. The second, The Waldo Moment, involves a new app, a biohazard threat, and features Christina Chong (whom you might recognise as Doctor Who's Lorna Bucket in A Good Man Goes To War), while no details are yet known about the third, entitled White Bear.