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maandag 28 januari 2013

'Britain's Got Talent' comedian Gatis Kandis auditions for Big Brother

Former Britain's Got Talent contestant Gatis Kandis has auditioned for Big Brother.

The so-called 'unfunny' comedian has posted his audition tape on YouTube in an attempt to get into the regular competition, as opposed to the Celebrity edition.

Kandis reached the semi-final stage of the ITV competition in 2012 with his purposely-awkward stand-up routine.

The 90-second video sees the 32-year-old Latvian explain to producers why he should be picked for the final lineup of housemates later this year.

Gatis jokes that he likes to interview cows, lives near a Sainsbury's, doesn't listen to Justin Bieber's music on purpose, and likes to count mushrooms.

The comedian previously entered the Big Brother house in June as part of a 'No Laughing Matter' task, in which housemates were not allowed to laugh at his stand-up routine.