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maandag 21 januari 2013

Co-star announced for NBC's 'Dracula' series

Can a program based around the story and legend of Dracula work on a broadcast network? NBC is going to give it a shot, as it is developing 'Dracula,' a series that will star Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the iconic figure, with an anticipated fall 2013 premiere date.

Today the network announced his co-star. Australian actress Jessica De Gouw will be appearing on the program opposite Rhys Meyers. She will be playing Mina, a woman studying to be a doctor in London in the 1890s.

Her character is clever, self-sufficient and preparing for her future when she encounters Dracula, an America businessman living in London who wants to integrate modern science into the Victorian age. He falls for Mina, who reminds him of his deceased wife.

De Gouw appeared on radars earlier this year for her turn as the Huntress of The CW's 'Arrow' series. She appeared in a multi-episode arc.

In addition to NBCUniversal, British Sky Broadcasting, Carnival Films & Television and Flame Ventures will be co-producing the project.

I really am not sure what to think of this. This does not feel like NBC fare to me in the least. Rhys Meyers was decent in 'The Tudors,' but can he pull off Dracula? I have my doubts.