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maandag 21 januari 2013

Simon Cowell to help audition actors for 'X Factor' musical?

Simon Cowell has revealed plans to help audition actors for the upcoming X Factor musical.

Harry Hill is currently developing a comedic musical version of the ITV competition, which is scheduled to open in spring 2014.

The talent show judge has stated that he plans to be heavily involved in the audition process, especially with who will play himself.

"We're going to see a workshop on the musical in a couple of weeks' time," he told The Sun.

"What I'm hearing is that it's very funny and very good.

"That workshop will be the time we decide whether we are in or out. We have to wait and see whether it's going to work.

"But the buzz from the people who know about these things is that it's very good."

Cowell added that he is planning an Any Dream Will Do-style audition process in order to find his actor.

"Musicals are not my business but I'm going to approach it like I would a TV show," he added. "The team have spent a long time working on this, and from the very first time I met Harry Hill he was absolutely besotted with the idea, so we'll see.

"Who would play me? We may have to do an audition show. That would be a good idea."

Hill previously said of casting Cowell that he was looking for a person "of a small stature" and with "a great voice".

"We do need a big star. Perhaps the viewers can suggest someone?" he added.