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donderdag 10 januari 2013

Syfy's Defiance to premiere on April the 15th

Syfy has confirmed the premiere date for new show/MMO Defiance...

With Doctor Who returning to our screens, and now the premiere of Syfy's Defiance, April 2013 is looking to be a bumper month for TV sci-fi.

A two-hour special will introduce viewers to the world of Defiance, a post-alien invasion drama about one lawkeeper's attempts to protect his small community living in the ruins of St. Louis from alien-related shenanigans.

The twelve-episode series kicks off on Syfy on the 15th of April, and, in an example of synergy worthy of Jack Donaghy himself, is also to be rolled out as an MMO third-person shooter with stories and characters overlapping with the TV series. Defiance comes from executive producer Kevin Murphy (Caprica, Desperate Housewives), who explains the game/show crossover as follows:

“The analogy I like to use is, I grew up as a gigantic comic book geek, and what I loved about comics is that you could love Batman and read Batman’s adventures, and if you happen to also like Superman, if you read both titles, sometimes there would be crossovers in the summer that lent an extra level of coolness to the whole thing.”