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zondag 13 januari 2013

Nicola McLean on Celebrity Big Brother: 'Rylan is a drama queen'

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola McLean has criticised Rylan Clark's recent behaviour in the house.

The X Factor contestant was shown clashing with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - nicknamed Speidi - during last night's episode, when the Hills stars returned to the house after watching their housemates from the basement.

Speidi nominated Rylan and Claire Richards as the dullest housemates and confronted the singers for talking about them behind their backs.

"I thought Heidi and Spencer composed themselves amazingly when they re-entered the house last night. Yes they said they didn't want to talk about it, before immediately starting to talk about it, but that's completely normal when people have been slagging you off," McLean told Reveal.

"I thought Rylan was behaving like a right drama queen. He was crying and saying he'd just come out of a big show and didn't feel like a celebrity. But what difference does that make? It doesn't explain why he slagged Speidi off!

"Claire said she didn't want to get into a big argument. That's because she's not confrontational. But she is happy to talk behind people's backs. She did apologise though, which is good for her.

"Spencer and Heidi hit the nail right on the head when they said, 'Would you prefer us to be kissing and having sex?' Can you imagine the stick they would get if they were doing that? They are in a lose-lose situation.

"I couldn't believe it when Ryan [Moloney] interrupted the conversation, asking if Speidi actually kiss. What a stupid question! He says he was trying to lighten the mood, but it didn't come across that way to me. I took it exactly as Spencer took it.

"As for Razor, he came across as aggressive. I would have been scared. It was an overreaction. Why did he get involved? The public can say what they like, and are always going to stick up for characters like Razor and Rylan, but who got told off by Big Brother?"