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woensdag 30 januari 2013

'Game of Thrones' King's Landing recreated in 'Minecraft'

A Game of Thrones fan has recreated King's Landing in Minecraft.

Built using WorldPainter, it took Reddit user 'pizzainacup' and 100 fellow players four months to build the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

A screenshot of Game of Thrones's King's landing recreated in Minecraft.

The recreation contains 3,000 unique buildings, all with fully decorated interiors, as well as custom trees and landmarks.

The map, which is not available to download, weighs in at 35GB, and is part of a bigger project to create Westeros in its entirety.

The project is said to be approximately 70% complete, and will eventually contain non-playable characters.

Minecraft debuted on PC in November 2011 following an extended beta period.

The subsequent Xbox 360 version holds the record for most first-day sales on Xbox Live Arcade, going on to sell 1 million copies in just five days.

Minecraft was previously named the most popular game on Xbox Live, beating the likes of Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA.

The game has previously been used for UN regeneration projects, while one fan has attempted to recreate planet Earth in-game to 1:1500 scale.

Another fan, meanwhile, is attempting to recreate Ocarina of Time in Minecraft.