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vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Lena Dunham Says 'Girls' Season 3 Starts Shooting in March

HBO has yet to announce whether "Girls" has been renewed for a third season, but that's okay, because Lena Dunham may have done it for them.

The writer, director and star of the critically-acclaimed comedy told Alec Baldwin during his WNYC podcast, "Here's the Thing," that she is preparing to start shooting the next season in March.

"I just finished season two," the Golden Globe-winning actress said on Monday. "We’re starting at the end of March. I’m so excited."

And much to delight of million of the 1.6 total overall viewers that tuned in to watch three airings of the premiere on Jan. 13, Dunham says the episode order may have been increased from 10 to 12.

"Well, we’ve been doing 10," she continued. "I think between you, me and McGee, I think we might do 12 next year."

HBO wouldn't officially confirm the renewal to TheWrap, but Dunham's interview makes it sound like she will call the premium cable network home for years to come. She admits it's "not clear" how many seasons of "Girls" she is contractually obligated to continue writing and directing, but says she's locked in as an actor for six years.

"HBO contractually has me I think as an actor for six years but as a writer and director -- I should pay more attention to my deals, but I’m just so excited to have my job," she said. "I just go, ‘Okay, whatever you say.’"

Another thing she should start getting excited about is the possibility of not just talking to Baldwin -- one of her idols -- but working with him, too.

After she revealed a third season, the "30 Rock" star was quick to add: "I'll be available. I'll come and play your therapist."

"That would be the most fun thing in the world," she responded before later adding: "Working with you is one of my longstanding dreams."