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zondag 27 januari 2013

Colin Morgan talks ‘Quirke,’ ‘Merlin,’ and more in latest interview

Colin Morgan is forever grateful to his fans for supporting Merlin and for voting for him to win the Best Actor in a Drama Performance award at this past week’s National Television Awards.

In a phone interview with BBC radio show-host, Alan Simpson, Morgan stated that he was touched by the support he received from fans during the voting stage of the NTA’s.

“It’s a huge compliment to me that the fans all came together and voted for me,” he told Simpson.

The Irish actor also shared his excitement for his upcoming role on the new BBC drama, Quirke.

A new crime drama, which is scheduled to air later this year, Quirke is based off of the critically acclaimed novels that take place in 1950s Dublin.

In the new series, Morgan plays crime reporter Jimmy Minor, who gets caught up in the mysterious disappearance of a family friend.

“The variety and the chance to challenge myself is exactly what I’m after all the time,” the 27-year-old said.

Morgan is doing just that by stepping into the role of Jimmy Minor.

Morgan will be starring alongside famed actor Gabriel Byrne, who plays the Dublin morgue’s chief pathologist and title character.

For more information on Quirke, read our piece on Morgan’s character and the plot of the show.

Check out Morgan’s interview with Alan Simpson, below, and let us know what you think. Are you proud of his accomplishments and what are you hoping for with Quirke?

And did we mention that Morgan also teases listeners about what his next project will be after Quirke wraps? Hope you are as excited as we are!