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dinsdag 29 januari 2013

‘Homeland’s Damian Lewis discusses series ending on UK’s ‘Top Gear’

Damian Lewis spent Sunday evening with the Top Gear UK crew and discussed Homeland‘s ending, but what exactly did Damian reveal?

Damian Lewis was Top Gear‘s star in a reasonably priced car over on BBC Two yesterday evening, as the first guest for their latest series.

Host Jeremy Clarkson was quick to jump in and quiz Damian Lewis about how the series ends in the long-haul. Damian was very coy about the whole ordeal and responded with, “Well…I could tell, but I’d have to kill you!” in a very cheeky manner.

Lewis also revealed, “I don’t know how it ends because they [the screenwriters] don’t know how it ends, and yes, it sounds a little avoiding to say that, but honestly the writers write incredibly spontaneously and are sitting down this week to work out what happens next season.”

Filming is set to begin in May for the third season of Homeland, but where will they take the third season? We last saw Brody in one of the final scenes of the second season finale after leaving Carrie Mathison, knowing that Brody is now America’s most wanted man.

Lewis said, “It’s a bit of a surprise I’m still alive, I think, so now they’ve got the headache of me still being alive and to work out what they’re going to do with me.”

What do you think will be happening with Brody now he’s America’s most wanted man?