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dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Jonathan Ross, Jo Brand, Jason Manford for weekly ITV showbiz quiz?

Jonathan Ross has reportedly signed up to star in a new quiz show for ITV.

The programme will be a weekly showbiz quiz, based on the style of the BBC's long-running show Have I Got News For You, according to The Sun.

Jo Brand will host Oh What a Week, with a pilot episode being filmed at ITV studios on Thursday (January 31).

Ross and Jason Manford will serve as team captains each week, should the programme's pilot prove to be successful.

A source said: "The plan is for Jonathan and Jason to have a celebrity guest on each week and they will cast their eye over the week's showbusiness news.

"Like Have I Got News For You, it will look back at stories from the past week.

"But instead of being about things like politics and normal news, this will be showbiz-focused.

"The idea is that plenty of jokes will be made – and it won't matter which team wins."

A full series will be produced later this year, depending on the reaction to the pilot episode.

Jonathan Ross is also said to be working on a new movie review show for ITV in a partnership with DVD rental service LoveFilm.

He recently worked with Jo Brand on a festive edition of Family Fortunes for ITV's Text Santa charity campaign.