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dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Celebrity Big Brother viewers react to Rylan Clark scandal

Gillian Taylforth surprised viewers of Channel 5's The Wright Stuff today (January 21) when she revealed that Rylan Clark had been regularly exiting the Celebrity Big Brother house to rehearse for the X Factor live tour.

The ex-contestant, who was evicted from the show on Friday (January 18), seemed unaware that Clark's jaunts were against a major principle of the closed-house reality competition.

Channel 5 has since confirmed that Clark has been leaving the house for rehearsals.

Digital Spy readers, our forum users and Twitter followers have been vocal since the news broke of what is seen as a deception.

Former contestant and Reveal Big Brother columnist Nicola McLean said: "I am furious - this defeats the entire point of the show. No exceptions have ever been made before. This is Rylan Clark, not Michael Jackson."

Journalist and TV presenter Grace Dent joked on Twitter: "@mrjamieeast Is it true Rylan comes to your house every night for Shepherds Pie and Malbec? I heard this... This has made my day #rylan."

"Not only does it show a complete lack of respect for the format, but in covering it up they're showing a complete lack of respect for the viewers," Brekkie said.

"Most 'fix' scandals are exactly the opposite of that - but C5 deserve everything they get for this one."

"What?? No way is that fair?! They're meant to be in isolation!!" said Leeya on our forums.

2shy2007 agreed: "This is a disgrace, C5 have no idea how to handle BB, and have ruined it completely."

holly3271 quipped: "Oh no, I feel cheated. Everything about the show always feels so real but now it's fine reputation has been tarnished."

molliepops suggested this was not the first time such actions had occurred, saying: "We have seen people from earlier series going off to do things this isn't new or purely a ch5 problem.

"Not something they should allow IMO but I doubt he saw family and friends he would have been escorted to the show and back with no contact I would imagine."

MadameLaMinx said: "Whilst I dont approve of this somewhat understandable choice not to make that public knowledge and spoil the illusion, there is a vast and obvious editing difference between how C4 handled BB and how C5 handle it ANYWAY.

"Those of us old enough to remember the earliest C4 series will most likely always look back on those as the best - as they were FAR more 'naturally' edited. C5s version is just a step away from TOWIE as far as I can tell."